Cancel all routine cover!Repeat: Cancel ALL cover! I need code 3 help at my 20 NOW! I'm gonna lose this guy!

Cancel all routine cover!Repeat: Cancel ALL cover! I need code 3 help at my 20 NOW! I'm gonna lose this guy!

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>>637585007>Saves your career by giving you overpowered cars.You should thank them at least Holla Forums.

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>>637585668I did everything with a Cobalt though

>>637588202based and same

>>637588202cringe and not same

>>637585668Baron's Porsche is my favorite car.


For me it's fiat punto

Still the best NFS game. Could do without the sepia filter though. And the acting is beyond cringe. Porn levels of bad.

>>637589559The acting is endearing. Razor is a faggot and that's a good thing because I want to beat that faggot.

>>637589559Cross was cool.

>>637589663>>637589778>it means he's all show and no go >hard and flat out >he's the number 15 on the BLACKLIST also everything Cross' assistent said and did just grinded my gears.>everyone?

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>>637590069Take it for what it is rather than a super serious story. The premise was already hammy as fuck, cops aren't going to chase and ram street racers.

>>637590224yes they do. The PIT maneuver is not fiction.


>>637590278Yeah against regular cars not fucking supped up street racing vehicles

>>637590278No, we fucking don't do that for cars racing. 9 times out of 10 when we broadcast that we're pursuing a vehicle, command comes over the air and terminates it if there's no threat to life. In the eyes of management, pursuits are the worst thing you can do. Our pursuit policy is restrictive and gay, and we have to constantly explain to the public that we're not allowed to chase after fleeing vehicles.

>>637585007>alt+f4 after getting busted>start game up again>blacklist member (i think it was 9) says defeated>think nothing of it>beat them>go for the usual shopping trip after beating a blacklist member>everything is unlockedWhat the fuck? Also, this game's rubberbanding is a bitch to deal with if you don't install Junkman parts.

>>637591425I've noticed that too with the archivedotorg download of the port

>>637588202My brother

>>637590224>>637590278>>637590560>>637590708it's almost like it's a videogame or something

>>637588202My sister

>on PC if you click just the right few pixels you can skip blacklist members

>>637585007*BOOP BOOP*Channel 3 be advised a vehicle moving at a high rate of speed was just seen heading eastbound on rockridge drive, units in the area to respond.

>>637593749Fuck off, faggot

>>637594210>Attention patrol division, we just received reports of a vehicle matching the description of a code 6 driver heading West on Highway 99>10-4, Dispatch, I'll head over there. Can I get a description on that code 6?>We don't have a make or model at this time

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>>637590069kino scene

>>637585668Replace Vic with JV and Webster.Supra sucks. It oversteers a lot and is shit outside pursuits, and Vic's livery sucks.Corvette and Viper on the other hand are very powerful and have decent handling, and are useful both in pursuits and races.

>>637594605Viper is good with straight line speed but is absolute shit in the corners. You need to do a lot of fucking around with the tuning to get it anywhere close to decent.

>>637585668You can beat the game with the starting cars, that's the whole point of the game. Use whatever you want. Carbon ruined this by forcing cars into tiers

>>637594832Use manual transmission, shift first 2 gears early, and don't go below 2nd gear. That's it.

What's the best way to play this today? When I got my series X I was very excited to use my old 360 disc with the BC, but it isn't included, presumably for soundtrack licensing reasons.

>>637594839Muscle cars in carbon are easily the most overpowered regardless of tiers. Even the camaro SS maxed out can get you through the first half of the game easily, once you get angies charger the game becomes easy mode since it has retard levels of acceleration. Best cars in that class are the corvette or hemi cuda.

>>637594469>dispatch says what car you're drivingLove that shit

I'm about to have the player end my whole career.

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cross assistant was my waifu

>>637594469>>637595409>12,000+ lines just for police chatterAnd people wonder why MW still reigns supreme after all these years.

>>637595826Are these even used outside of roadblocks? At least the supercharged ones actually do something during pursuits.

>>637595135Get chipped/hacked Xbox 360 or play it on PC with extra options hack, unlimiter, extra customization mod, widescreen fix, 1.3 patch, and Xbox 360 textures. On PC version you can add addon cars and you can technically have up to 255 cars total (the number consists of what you can have in career, my cars, quick race presets, pinkslips, and police and traffic vehicles) but for most people the number is around 160 or 170 cars, so you can add up to like 60 or 70 addon cars before game shits itself.

>>637596445Yes, when you reach lvl 3 heat, after that you meet heavy suvs.

>>637585668>not beating the game with Stock Golf

>>637596445Only time ive ever had them actually chase me was during the final Heat Level 6 endgame pursuit

>>637595349The 240SX from Special Edition was also really OP and had insane handling>Best cars in that class are the corvette or hemi cudaYou mean Corvette and Viper

>>637597084Those are heavy SUVs, they show up in heat level 6 and 7.

>>637589559You can turn off the piss filter on PC>>637590069Reminder that scene is a reference to Leon

>>637596445They have a chance to come out of nowhere at level 3 heat and ram into you

>>637595135Play the PC version with Pepega

>>637594832Literally just brake, and like the other user said keep it in third to prevent wheelspin since it's got enough torque to not lug.

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The car selection in this game is really great.

>>637596849You forgot to add HD Reflections mod to the list, it's really good.

>>637597437Fuck off Eden

>>637597134Correction, viper and Z06 are top two in the class with the hemi cuda and challenger concept right behind them. The Z06 and viper can hit 250+ mph thanks to most cars in carbon having weird gear ratios.

If you think Rubber banding in NFS games is bad do not play this modIt's insane even on medium

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>>637596332>do the loop de loop through the bus station to camp on the top level>pass through again in the same chase>cops specifically say that I'm doubling back through the bus stationshit blew my fucking mind


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Show me your rides

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>>637595135Go to and grab the widescreen fixes and the restoration packs from the x360 release, plus the cut cars like the skyline, camaro street and the charger.NFS modding community is REALLY getting shit done to the point of introducing day and night cycle in MW2005

>>637597882I'm considering doing a new clean installation of carbon and installing some of the newer car mods with the expanded customization mod. Pretty crazy how far modding for the eagle engine nfs games have

>>637598191>to the point of introducing day and night cycle in MW2005it always had a cycle, it just skipped night, did they add that now?

>>637585668*wrong pic

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>>637598449Not him but yeah plak adds in night to the cycle.

>>637598321It is interesting how carbon being the most cut game ended up being Black Box Swan Song as the perfect but flawed sequel of MW2005

>>637598170i had the sickest dodge viper with so many vinyls that it lagged the game trying to load itnow it's gone because the pc fried

>>637598721>the most cut gameNot as much as Undercover

>>637598721>perfect but flawedThis phrase is stupid. Stop talking bullshit.

yeah mr. blacklist most wanted is cool and all but where's the love for RYAN COOPER gotta flicky flicky flick flick flicky flick yo tongueYa run it straight across her belly through her cooch and down her bumYou could be the pony boy you could be the oneYou drive it like a semi to the setting summer sunGettin' off just like the traffic at the local exit rampNotice that the weather in the region getting damp

>>637594839I beat Kenji both times with an 86 :)

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>>637597168Heavy SUVs serve as roadblocks and rammers on Heat levels 4 and 5But only during 6 do they actively pursue you

>suspect is driving a purple fiat punto

>>637598721Carbon is hit or miss, autosculpt, canyon duels, race wars and drifting were a nice addition but palmont is just such a shit map making racing through most of the game to get to the canyon duels and other more interesting events feels like a slog. It also doesn't help that they introduced the vehicle tier system instead of just letting you max out shitboxes and beat the game with them despite having a better selection of vehicles than MW 05.

>>637597846That's because Blackbox fucked up with transmissions. Upgraded transmission in Carbon either has very little effect or completely ruins performance because gears become too long unless you are using muscle car (RX8, RX7, and Elise are best examples of that). It's same with suspension- oversteer tuned suspension will understeer and oversteering one will understeer.As for muscle cars top speed, Shelby GT500 and Hemi Cuda are on par with Viper and Corvette since they have insane torque and with how bad transmissions work, those can hit all the way 450+ km/h.

>>637599525The cops listening in on the radio talking about a condition 5 chase for someone in a fucking Punto

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>>637599807Yeah I really don't know what the fuck happened there, having tuning locked to the customization menu in the garage instead of letting you do it in the pause menu like most wanted was pants on head retarded. IIRC leaving stock suspension gives you better acceleration since it some how fucks with aerodynamics and grip values in the coding.

>>637600003Punto is unironically biggest meme car in the game. It's slow at beginning, but with junkman upgrades it's 5th fastest car in entire game (1st being M3 GTR, technically not upgradable but if you put junkman parts it mogs Carrera GT due to how light and grippy it is)

>>637591425>>637591570you dumbasses probably installed extra options which has a hotkey to toggle unlocking all items

>>637600003I love when they describe my punto as a "sports car"

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is there any way to get junkman parts other than blacklist gacha?


>>637601840Need For Speed Most Wanted Save Editor 1.21



Whats the best NFS to play on Gamepass? Can play:Need For SpeedNFS HeatNFS Hot PursuitNu-Most WantedPaybackRivalsI want good map, good customization, and good chases.

>>637602302Hot Pursuit is easily the best of these followed by Heat

>Pursuit severity is escalated to the point that federal agents are getting involved>Some who-gives-a-fuck sergeant part of a "street racing task force" for the municipal police department is still calling the shotsFucking lmao

>>637600715loook at him go!

>>637601840>>637602258Mega Trainer

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>>637602417Thanks, I'll give it a go. I actually did try heat and loved the customization depth tremendously but the drifting/driving mechanics were a bit iffy for me.


>>637585668>hitting the gas on the Supra for the first time

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>Career mode gives you one (1) Junkman engine upgrade if you get the part from every single Blacklist race but like 7 suspension parts


>>637601840It's not gacha, technically. The parts aren't random, they're hard coded to specific blacklist members.

>>637589208>>637599525>>637600003>>637600715>>637602479>e-celeb faggotry

>>637604161>schizo moment

>>637604161What the fuck are you talking about

>>637604161Oh fuck a genuine schizo

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>>637604161I just like the idea of sticking with your starter car


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>>637604161me on the left driving my fiat punto and schizo user on the right

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Need for Speed Mommy Wanted

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>got into an IRL pursuit>it wasn't at all like the games

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>>637604161Fiat puto


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