Are you chums with the dungeon keeper, Holla Forums?

Are you chums with the dungeon keeper, Holla Forums?

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The hand of evil certainly did strike again.


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Get this fucking garbage out of my board. That's right. MY BOARD.

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>>637583818>>637583782>>637583729this board is fixed in time in 2012

>>637583682I present buns to the dungeon keeper

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>>637583682>tfw no dungeon keeper successorI sleep

>>637583870I wish, my tits wouldn't sag.

A+ grade cringekino, they just don't make 'em like that anymore.

>>637583870Well, EA hasn't changed in the last 10 years, even if they don't get talked about as often.

>>637584020Sure do, you didn't see the tenacious d VIDEO GAMES video?

>>637584020The problem wasn't so much the video and more the game it's attached to.

War for the Overworld was worth 500 hours

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>>637583947wasn't Dungeons such thing? it even had two sequels

Now imagine if mobile games weren't 100% cancerous adware

>>637583682this is the most disrespectful thing in vidya.never has their been a more mutilated franchise.any contenders?

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>>637583729>>637583782switch up the syntax


>>637584993ake away the "p", see? I deliver imp slaps


>>637584179>someone wins in the Casino>"Disco Inferno" starts playing>all the monsters dancingthey don't make them like they used to

>>637584592Jagged Alliance

>>637584592BoF 6 was a pretty bad one but I don't think anyone can top EA when it comes to absolutely fucking up franchises and desecrating its corpse in the worse ways possible.Remindr that C&C got the mobile treatment as well with Rivals and that was after the already dreadful C&C 4.

>>637585212Jagged Alliance 3 looks alright, no?>>637585485i thought about C&C aswell but they didnt timegate the most basic shit like destroying walls which can be sped up with money.

>>637584592yeah, many series went to shit, but I can't think of anything that would be this level of spit in the face

>>637584059i actually wonder why that is. did blizzard take the throne?

>>637584318yup, sequel did greater job as DK successor. There is also roguelike Keeper, "ncurses" version is

>>637584318>>637587301yeah, Dungeos 2 was pretty goodDungeons 1 is also not a bad game but despite the visual similarities plays very different so may not be your thing (and the DLC was atrocious)

>>637583682> /vg/ forgotten licences no one cares about general

>>637584592SimCity 2013 is a contender.


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>>637584592FlatOut with 3



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>>637589112Cities were really small, game mechanics were super dumbed down, it was always online and on launch day the servers crashed so nobody could play the game, then it was really buggy on top of that.

>>637584592I'd say Dino Crisis 3 but I think there was a genuine effort to make a good game. It just didn't work.

>>637589426Ah fuck i remember now. Yeah that is a contender!

>>637583682el diablo

>>637588747I played flatout2 and liked it. what happened?

>>637583870Apologies. As an AI language model, my training data only goes back to 2012. Can I help you with anything else?

>>637583682it's been so fucking long since my last dungeon dose, docI almost died

>>637583682I'm still convinced the devs made that app icon out of pure spite towards EA

>>637584592Nope it wins. No contest.

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>>637587301Looks neat, will check out

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>>637584318There's a fourth one coming.

>>637583890Did anyone ever think this guy was anything but massive cringe?

>>637592720really? for a second I wondered why it made it to 3, it wasn't a very popular series afaik

>>637584592supcom II

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>>637594219i hate this shit but also find it funny as fuck that it's a devil guy presenting it to you

>>637584592RollerCoaster Tycoon World

>>637584592I think you could argue that Fallout is one such series, how it turned from top down perspective RPG into 1st person shooter with each new iteration of the game stripping down the RPG parts of the game.


>>637588498>Redditbob Go back

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>>637594219Whats wrong with Supreme Commander 2? People seem to like it.

>>637589423Thats a good one. How was the original?

>>637589998Outsourced to a shitty Dutch studio that nly made shovelware



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>tfw we will never ever have a Dungeon Keeper game again that actually takes itself halfway serious and uses dark dungeons with creepy atmosphere and a great soundtrackIt was all downhill from DK2 onwards.

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>>637596506And I trought that Magna Cum laude was a bad one.How fucking wrong I was. They had no fucking idea of what they doing.

>>637595340>>637596506good contender


>>637594219i honestly believe that it's a genius ploy to get people to go along with it. the ad for the game is so unbelievably trashy and in poor taste and the microtransactions for this game are so anti-consumer that only a demon could have come up with the ideas for themi'm sure it's just a coincidence, but it's a coincidence that follows a lot of patterns

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>>637598019meant for>>637594946

>>637587038Its because Ea has done nothing interesting to get mad at since battlefield 2042 its all standard ea fuckery but it give it time and we will be bitching about how shitty ea is again around the time the next dragon age comes out that looks to be a disaster

>>637596506The only reason you could argue this is not more disrespectful then dungeon keeper 3 is its "technically" a actual playable game and not just trying to bilk you of all your money.

>>637598932>look for upcoming ea games>baseball, f1 and something i never heared abouthow do they even make money without fifa?

>>637596506Quick rundown?

>>637599673truly a mystery

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>>637593237I liked Dan

>>637584592Silent Hill

>>637600317>are you retarde->Origins>Homecoming>Shattered Memories>Downpour>HD Collection>Book of Memoriesok, i think you might have a point

>>637599857Its a ugly unfunny unplayable boring mess and despite being about a porn studio is afraid to actually be remotely sexually appealing

>>637599673every one of those games is a microtransaction riddled cheaply cobbled together mess

>>637584592Dead Rising 4

dungeon keeper franchise should be fucking dead rather than what's happening nowluckily Dungeons 3 took all the good things about DK2 and extended it...well except the le funny story

>>637602131is it still its own thing or very mzch like dungeon keeper?

>>637583947War for the Overworld captured the spirit quite well.

>>637601096Origins and SM were good

>>637584592this piece of shit

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>>637584592Alone in the DarkFrom being survival horror pioneer to having awful movies, one crap game and one abhorrent game Illumination

>>637602520>Imagine dungeon keeper without dungeonsNo it didnt

>>637602520It didn't.

>>637602745Eh, whatever.

>>637603060>>637603086What the fuck you talking about?How does War for the Overworld not have dungeons?

>>637602893Well, on a personal level I agree but it's still popular with a certain demographic.

>>637602401in core it is just like DK but is adds lot of new and actually clever thing in terms of gameplay,even though it's missing unit possession (imo best ability) I think its the best DK game out thereif youre looking to 1:1 DK in newer graphics I suggest War for the Overworld

>>637597165It never took itself that serious in the first place.

>>637583682>IM HORNY

>>637603224sorry i mixed it up with Overlord. War for the Overworld was even worse.

I love this song so much bros...

>>637603224Second user. I did only campaign and it is shit. I hate the 3 research trees and every how every map has gems spot leading money management to nothing. The "revive all heroes" mission was extra shit that tries to be some sort of WC3 misson

>>637603617>every map has gems spotYou sure you weren't playing My Pet Dungeon?

>>637603516>War for the Overworld was even worse.How so?

>>637583682Everyone post>yfw you're horny

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Deeper dungeons were bullshit.

>>637603987its been some time but i remember playing 2 missions, got bored and thought this is not my promised dungeon keeper.Overlord at least kept me playing till the end. wouldnt recommend though.But i will download WftO again now since that other user recommended it aswell.If it is shit, i will forever be on a shitpost rampage.

>>637604624Sounds like you went in with shitty mindset.I find it to be a great successor to dungeon keeper 2, so if you didn't like dungeon keeper 2, yeah you'll hate it. In my opinion Dungeon Keeper 2 is great. So unless you hated that, I'm confident in saying you should give it another chance.

>>637604878nah i like dk2 but i just saw that WftO had a shitload of updates. i played it near release. maybe thats whats up.

>>637594219It is bad but not quite to this extent. Maybe 70% as bad.


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>>637584592Not so fast! A contender? Sonic always wins baby!

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>>637605395feels like yesterday