Why is modern Mortal Kombat like this?

Why is NRS so hilariously prude when it comes to female looks, but they have no problem pushing grotesque levels of violence?

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>>637581476Thats america in a nutshell

>>637581476these games have been gross for so long, who does this appeal to?

>>637581476that was fast, this conversation is tired thugh you can just check the archives from 4 years ago and find the same arguments and everything

>>637581476im a frequent visitor to /gif/'s rekt threads and these games are upsettingly detailed. Fight Snuff game.

>>637581476>borderline snuffKill yourself, niggerfaggot

they hated him because he told the truth about their woke kombat game

>shaved sideshonestly the most offensive thing here

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>>637582390yeah, that dyke cut is disgusting desu

Why does America hate sex/sexual things but loves gore?

>>637581570but calif*rnians seem to be extra anal about it

>>637581570>>637581476Unfortunately those slop lickers will coomsume this trash

>>637582810Militaristic culture. Promoting an image of strength to the rest of the world.

>>637582810Yeah I used to think it was a right winger thing but now that the series is leftist the actually toned down the sex and really uped the violence, I really wonder why

>>637584924Yeah, but American has become more social progressive like homosexuals and transgenders yet it only gotten worse. You would think that during their more warhawkish days this would apply but it got more extreme under a social progresssive doctorine

>>637581476The cut itself was jarring too. It actually had me notice that they skipped her tits.

One word : Millennials

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>Overexposing sexuality and deviancy to children in america>good>Good looking females in video games>BAD

>>637581476>>637581749Jews love this grotesque, hyper-realistic ultraviolence shit. It's demented

>>637581476western puritanical heritage in full-force unfortunately

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>>637581476It's a fighting game. Violence makes sense

>>637581476Yeah, imagine believing your government is good people while your standing ideology is>war good titties bad

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>>637581476Not buying this crap, I'll wait for people to upload videos of all the brutalities/fatalities done on female characters so I can fap to them for free.

>>637585346I'm a Milleennial

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>>637581476Low test faggots allow it

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>>637582390still way better than her god awful look from 11, literally the worst she's ever looked.

>>637581476>Snuff is when fake> -The Retard

>>637581476give it a rest, schizo

>>637581570America is the world's biggest porn producer

>>637587524>we can't have sex appeal in our game, it's disrespectful to real women>meanwhile real women:

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Mileena has very pretty eyes

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America fucking sucks.

>>637581476>Why is NRS so hilariously prude when it comes to female looks, but they have no problem pushing grotesque levels of violence?Holyshit degenerate coomer It's just people find sexualization in general to be boring.

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>>637589093>country bad because I can't see light cleavage (the most you're going to get out of modern MK)go play SF or Tekken

>>637581476>BOOBIES>TITS>I MUST COOM!No wonder why you're so depressed, balding, and have no drive. All you do is care about sex and boobs. Fix yourself.

>>637589310>projecting this hardnow go see a shrink and say the same thing

>>637589126why even play mortal kombat then? go watch liveleak or something

>>637581476ameriblubber audience

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>>637589393Why would I go see a Jewish shrink that will cost $200 an hour? I'm not a depressed faggot on meds. No projecting, I don't watch porn or jerk my beef like you, you balding depressed freak.

>>637588731Mileena is very pretty. period.Even in that one game where she had lips

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>>637589126I'm just so tired of the word degenerate at this point, every time someone types it i can already see a skinnyfat mystery meat teenager with a Roman statue or a crusader as his profile pic

>>637589496>more projectionagain, go see a shrink and say the same thing, maybe it'll help

>>637589310Why is having pretty women a bad thing? No one ever complains about He-Man, King from Tekken or any of the other himbos. But women? No. They HAVE to be ugly otherwise progressive leftie faggots get upset. Kill yourself faggot. No one will miss you.

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>>637589414Remind me what aspect of Mortal Kombat led to the creation of the Videogame Rating Council?

>>637582810the entire country was founded by schizophrenic christian ultra-puritans that were chased out of europe for being mentally unhinged

>>637584924the image of strength is control and restraint- otherwise you look like a big dumb retard, even china, japan and the soviet union has historically paraded around its beautiful aspects and gentle hand-whats even weirder is that the US is the arguably the biggest obsessor over fat tiddy and every single classic live action media entertainment property is glorified by the masses by "how hot x looked" in it or "how badass y was"its not the militaristic aspect its the pseudo-christian morality ingrained in it. The claim is that theres a segregation of church and state but political prose is always prefaced by and includes allusions to God and Divine Right so it only follows that crusade tier violence is fine but unclothed breast is the devil incarnate

>>637589970You didn't answer the question

>>637589126I find the disgusting gore porn to be boring.

>>637589310Give me a single reason on why tits and sexual stuff is bad.

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>>637589902>same schizo in all the threads spamming the same imagesthis board is a lost cause


>>637590117I'm NTA. Only a zoomer would think people play MK for coom fuel when it was always about the gore.

>>637590214Welcome to 4chan newfaggot!


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>>637590162Because he chopped off his balls an thinks taking estrogen will magically make him a "real girl" now.

>>637590280It's always been about bothyoutu.be/hJ_Tk60BY6c

>>637590280It was actually "about" both. Old MK was campy and like a chinese kung fu movie. Modern MK is woke, sterile, gross and boring. Big difference.

>>637586620the ratings and censorship of media is not based on what genre it is or "what makes sense". the argument is that nudity, male or female is abhorrent, morally wrong, abusive and corruptive but a game featuring a soldier or other combatant tearing the organs out of their enemy and laughing is a-okay and can be sold freely.it doesnt make logical sense to argue against even the basic hints of one and allow the other. having naked women in a caveman game is frowned upon but it "makes sense" in a fighting game to let bones be used as bicycles?

>>637590285Modern MK is literally the definition of goyslop.

>>637582810Our culture is top-down from the incestuous government and corporation unibeing, and they don't want us seeing boobies.

>>637586620? Not that level of disgusting detail. You're a psychopath. Get help.

>>637590398>always been both>posts deception lol

>>637590460It's rated M

>>637590280this argument makes no sense whatsoeverwhy would you want gore when there are better alternatives out there, like porn for coomers ?

>>637590612>rated M>all women must be ugly, flat-chested and wearing burkasWhat "logic" is this?

>>637589970So what? Are you telling me that the game tha invented the MATURE rating shouldn't have boobies because porn is available somewhere else?

>>637582390Same.I don't care if it's a new character but on Mileena? Please just don't.

>>637590280>>637589970It's always been about both gaslighting troonMK was always about the fanservice, and now it's being neutered to pander to mentally ill permanently online freaks like you.

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>>637590676With your logic why play video games at all? Why play CoD when you just go shoot real guns? Why play Dark Souls when you just go to some to some fantasy larp fest? MK is a fighting game focused on gore like it originally was in the 90s. It's not a porn game.

>>637581476>Mileena blueballs user againMany such cases

>>637581476Kek, Mileena obviously has some cleavage which is why they literally made a jump, how mentally ill and insecure someone must be to be triggered at some cleavage holy shit

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>>637590953>It's not a porn game.and revealing outfits is not porn you fucking retard

>>637590864>tranny pic>gaslightingZoomer, opinion discarded

>>637590953>Attractive women=PornAmericans are fucking braindead

>>637590953>/fit/ mystical azns from Kung Fu land looking sexy = PornAnswer why people looking sexy is bad, your logic is retarded.

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>>637590676Why do anything? Better yet, why the fuck do you care what he does, little faggot? Kill yourself. You are nothing but a cancer on this earth.

>>637591050She even has a thong paint in her pants, seems like even the designer was tired of the burqasThe shaves sides are awful but still better than that dumb haircut she had in 11>le dykePlease no, I was afraid when I saw the tanya shit. Mileena seduces men

>>637591065The outfits in MK11 and the new trailer are as "revealing" as they were in MK1, MK2, and Mk3. The only retards that think otherwise never played MK or only played MK9.

>>637591145I'm from 95 but regardless of anyones age, at least they didn't chop their balls off and started complaining about how women look too good in fucking fiction.

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It just looks fucking boring. They lost the thread, and have no idea what made MK fun in the first place. MK was all about OVER-THE-TOP EVERYTHING. That's why MK9 was so good, but by MKX it was going downhill fast.It's not about tits and asses specifically, it's about women with over-the-top, cartoonish female proportions, and men with equally over-the-top cartoonish male proportions. The """""chinese""""" mythology/mysticism/martial-arts themes were loose and stereotypical at best. The costumes were the stuff of Hollywood fantasy and wild imagination. The backstories were half-assed because they didn't matter. Above all, everything was over-the-top COLORFUL, EXPLOSIVE VISUAL SPECTACLE. You knew it was MK when out of the corner of your eye you could see the BRIGHT YELLOW guy vs. the VIVID BLUE guy, with GLOWING ORANGES and NEON GREENS in the background, and all those BRIGHT RED sprays of blood everywhere.Now it's:>Realistic brown/black/grey/beige robes and bandages for costumes>"Realistic" curveless bodies for all the late-30s, tired-eyed "single mom" female characters, because fuck deviating from the mocap model's body/face at all>Every character is blatantly (fantasy) Chinese unless distinctly American, with REALISTIC Chinese actors' faces (see: "woof")>Chinese everything, must actually look like Journey to the fucking West now, less and less "uncultural" fantasy elements>Every character needs to be RELATABLE and BELIEVABLE and SYMPATHETIC and have a FAMILY and a SEXUALITY (and not the MK kind) and have EMOTIONAL PLOT MOMENTS, like they aren't all about to get their heads pulped>BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWN>G(R)AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY>DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSTY>DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARK, so dark in fact that you can barely see what the fuck is going on but WOAH HOT DAMN LOOK AT THAT LIGHTING/SHADOW ENGINE OH WOW!!!They have the ultra-violence and the exaggerated male bodies, but that's it - they lost and sacrificed everything else.

>>637591153All that estrogen replacement has destroyed his once 85 IQ.

>>637587875>it's disrespectful to real womenmake no mistake, it's not because it's "disrespectful to real women". It's because femfatties don't like seeing skimpy hot chicks with a body they know they can never achieve.It's the same reason you see a bunch of knockout 9/10s or 10/10s posting in skimpy bikinis all the time on istagram with comments from fatties saying that the instagram models are being disrespectful to women and aren't even that hot and are just supporting sexist pig men.

>>637591153You chinks only think anime gachashit is attractive so you can go choke on a dog

>>637591323Hey look, the>only people who never played MKshill is backTell me all about the burkas and how the DLC fixes them faggot!

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>>637581476If you're wondering how leftists are puritanical yet degenerate at the same time, the reason is that they only despise what is traditionally attractive to straight men, but are fine with all the other shit that appeals to others. So they scream and shit their diapers about big tits, while also applaud a male character in a thong or a morbidly obese female character having big tits and wearing a strap on. It all comes down to hating straight men and destroying whatever they find attractive

Nice game you got there.

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>>637585339It was likely edited last hour, you can notice the camera was slowly showing Mileena

>>637591452Femfatties don't even play the game. Most women do not like the over-the-top extremely realistic gore in MK. No, they are doing this to appeal to trannies (who are not women and never will be) and ESG-funding.

>>637588731>>637589523That's the point - she's supposed to be the "Penus Flytrap" character type - lures you in with her sultry beauty, then literally chomps your fucking face/cock off.

>>637591470No wombNo ovariesNo childrenNo life after 50

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I’m pretty excited for this. Hope goro is back

>>637591470I don't like anime

>>637588731God I miss when Mileena and Kitana weren't asiansSexy white women in asian clothes is underused as fuck

>>637591515>he calls ninja masks burkasHey nigger, you do realize every character has multiple outfits and piece of clothing that are changeable right? Thanks for proving you never played any NRS MK.

>>637590953>With your logic why play video games at all?it's your logicI'm not sure why "gore" is the only element that can exist in this franchise at any time but I'm guessing autism has something to do with it

>>637591517It's the Progressive Stack. The first shall be last and the last, first. In their worldview, the evil are the following: white, straight, male, "cis" (i.e. normal). So the opposite is naturally good - gay/"queer", non-white, female/non-binary and trans.

Why does mileena look like a lesbian now? Also how the fuck is mileena even in this time line?She shouldnt exist should she? She was created by shao Khan using katanas blood. But shao kahn isnt there now (did Lui kang erase him from history?) So how the hell is she there??

>>637591697You don't understand, people from another realm needs to respect the races of earth :^)

>>637591452Actually Mileena became incredibly popular thanks to her Deception design, she was like the juri and harley quinn of mortal kombat which girls like a lot

>>637591651No need to remind us what you think about all day.

>>637591840That's the worst comeback I've heard, playground tier

That was it? that is the mk threads?Thats just a bunch of schizo rambling about trannies, jews and goyslop and the aw burka faggot

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>>637591742>>637591840Seethe cope and dilate

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>>637581570>rent freeCommieforina deserve to be glassed over.

>>637591797You could say she is a cameo

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>>637591990How cute, it's trying to fit in!

>>637591990thats all fighting games threads these days, all made by people that never touched a game of the genre before.

>>637591961The amount of hypocrisy from your post is hilarious. All your insults are about trannies and you post that? Fucking kek.

>>637591997I hate tendies using tekken to attack other fighting games


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>>637591990it's all one guy

>>637591990It's reflective of what the games are today.If they kept making fun, colorful, crazy MK games, you'd see fun threads full of jokes and fatality videos and fan art.

>>637581476>Why is NRS so hilariously prudeHave you SEEN Sindel.

>>637584924this is the best reasoning I've seen

>>637581476how is that "borderline" snuff?

I feel like modern Mortal Kombat's design is at odds with itself. They want A Plot and Recognizable Characters but said characters are punching each other's limbs and organs out. They're doing a reboot so they can ignore the clusterfuck time travel plot of the last few games but what's the plan now?

>>6375922795 guys actually, eating burgers and fries>>637592342>Have you seen manjawed 60 year old DLC?lol

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>>637592530>fat tits>Fat lips>Fat assDon't you have another episode of sword are online to watch, since you only want anime characters.

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>>637588731>>637581476Twitter troons harassing those fags to add her in the last game was probably the only good thing to ever come from that platform. And hopefully some day she will look like pic related.

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>>637592470They should just have characters survive death with no explanation until the plot calls for them to die for real. This is basically what MK11 did and it worked fine, even if the writing was a mess otherwise.

>>637592148eat shit and die

>>637592470>said characters are punching each other's limbs and organs outthat rarely happensif characters die in cinematics it's usually some extremely tame shit compared to what you see during fatalitiessimilarly when they fight in cinematics they fling punches like kids in a kindergarten

>>637592758>cuckimeI don't watch it, keep crying bitch

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>>637592530So naturalCan't even tell

>>637590864arch.b4k.co/_/search/image/YkEMeyw6KOUc_0kqBi9u_g/Been active today, huh, sharty-kun? What happened to make you so uppity today?

>>637592758typical the mk 11 fags spammed mentally fuckin ill amounts of futa porn for the only hot female in the game, like they smoke meth and crank out futa porn for them because their brains are melted butter.

>>637592953Damn, that was an even worse effort than before!

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>>637581476What are the gore essential games? Dead Island 2 and Moron Kombat obviously need no mention but what else?


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>>637593232Dead space I guess

>>637593271Someone's triggered todaya little bit of losing the culture war?

>>637591380Actually good postLack of coom factor is just one of many problems with modern mk




This thread is worse than the average /dbs/ thread or twitter screencap thread and that’s saying something

>>637581476Violence is a stimulant, sex is a sedative. The fat cats want everyone to be hyperstimulated so they work their ass off at making money for the megacorps.

>>637593406Commit suicide, carbonfaggot.

>>637581476I laughed so hard when they removed Johnny Cage's "ok" emote thing

just want to say I had umk3 when I was literally in preschool because my older brother bought it for me for my birthday, and I figured out how to go in tournament mode and beat player 2 over and over again and watch the supreme demonstration and would giggle with joy watching all of the fatalities. my neighbor who was around my age told me later he had dreams of scorpion chasing him through his house lol. my mom threw it away though when I showed her the supreme demonstration one day while I was laughing at it, but then I rebought it a few years later. anyway mk 11 is shit, fuck everyone who made it. but mk 9 and x were based. don't reply to me if you're a tranny faggot that played mk 11 for more than 10 minutes. and if you didn't play umk3 in preschool like me you're gay.

>>637593926>it a few years lateractually idk why I said a "few" years, it was a lot of years later

>>637593004You haven't played 9 recently haven't you.

>>637593127No one mentioned anything about dicks but you, user.


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>>637591618>Femfatties don't even play the gameHow is that relevant?

I wish I could say that mods will fix it but modding scene for mk11 was pretty much non-existent, so I don't have much hope.

>>637593926>and if you didn't play umk3 in preschool like me you're gay.i was too busy playing MK1 in grade 2.

>>637594790NRS and Warner bros pander to them to virtue signal

It's not a coincidence that videogames became more prudish right around the time they broke out of the nerd ghetto and became a mainstream hobby. Mainstream tastes are controlled by women and women only like sex appeal when it's on their terms. They're ambivalent about violence, so it didn't get reined in to the same extent.

>>637595098>They don't do it to appeal to fatties that don't play the game, they do it to appeal to trannies and ESG-funding>They pander to femfatties to virtue signalWhich one is it, exactly?

>>637581476American culture, in college i had a marketing class, there was a whole chapter that can summed up as "In America Boobs=Bad, Gore=Ok".

>>637591797I mean they literally brought in some time queen bitch and brought back shao kahn and others in MK11 so they're just gonna dragonball whatever dead characters they want to put in the games.

>>637586620That level of detail? No, its not. Last MK games have honestly crossed into nasty with how much detail they have.

>>637595904BothThey get paid by ESG and can safely pander to a new demographic while pissing off everyone else.

>>637593113>gachafagmost likely a chang

>>637581476Why do I get the feeling I'm going to image hash search this in like a month and you'll have posted it 200 times?arch.b4k.co/v/search/image/OvhiR571RhTzwn1k7g1DCg/

>>637596203And that's the part that leaves everyone feeling a blatant disconnect within the games, as if two entirely separate studios were in charge of the story/characters and gameplay respectively.>We're going to make all the characters into RESPECTABLE, REALISTIC portrayals of REAL WOMEN who WORK HARD FOR THEIR FAMILIES and have REAL MOTIVATIONS and look like ACTUAL, REAL ACTORS AND ACTRESSES, you know, OUT OF COMMON HUMAN RESPECT AND DECENCY just like YOU should have, you FILTHY GAMER>And then let you torture-murder them in the most ludicrously hyper-violent, nasty, gory, over-the-top bloody and messy ways, that would be straight-up cartoonish if we didn't put that same level of realism into the blood/viscera effects, now with REAL SCREAMS OF HORRIFYING PAIN AND AGONY!It's like... who the fuck is their audience anymore? Do they even know?

>>637596689Who fucking cares.You turbo autistic 4chan detectives are just as bad as the spammers, always trying to prove some bullshit that literally no one except you schizos give a fuck about.

>>637581476How many fucking threads are you going to cry about this

>>637596775I certainly give a shit about spammers flooding a board I browse, just like that goodra fag years ago.

>>637587840Again, America in a nutshell. Literally schizophrenia if it took the form of a country. Americans are the most cognitively dissonant people on Earth. You could probably go down a checklist of common conflicting beliefs and find that >90% of Americans hold at least one set of beliefs that are incompatible with each other.

>>637596775Spamming your own low quality "OC" is trash posting for trash posters.

>>637581476>focus is clearly on her weapon before showing her face mouth, the 2 most known things about the character>schizo has a melty and thinks hes being robbed of tittiesthis might just be the biggest proof that people like op LITERALLY dont play the games and spend more time making this shit LMAOOOOOOOOOOO

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>>637591653if shang tsung is back i expect goro and shao kahn, but this isnt the thread for discussing that this is the thread were schizos have a melty about a game series they forgot exists and dont play

>>637597712It’s the MK sex appeal schizo. He does this everytime MK announces something

>>637597712>>637598130They literally cut the camera up shot before her tits and instead skipped directly to her face.Are you fucking blind?

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>>637598362Calm down you retard

>>637596985Why?Just filter or big boy ignore it and move on with your life.

>>637598416>>637598549>No, stop criticizing my favorite brand!Pathetic>It's one person>It's spam>MODS PLEASEPathetic

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>NRS tranny shills already seething and damage controlling this hardAlways funny to see

>>637598362>show mileena>"oh shit mileenas alive again">cut to face>"YOOOO SHE STILL HAS HER WEIRD MOUTH"there i just summed up 99% of reactions to this. no one but you thinks theyre trying to hide boobies simply because they showcase the 2 main thing the character is known for

>>637598638>pathetic Buddy the only one who is actually pathetic is you

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>>637598638>>637598645>invade and make threads about games you dont play and shit up the catalogue>people trying to talk ask you to stop being a faggot"HUUUUUUUUH??????? WHAT ARE YOU A SHILL WHY ARE YOU SEETHING???"2020 somehow killed this board harder than 2016

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>>637598702>>637598845>>637598945>Camera literally panning up to show her face>Jarringly cuts straight to her face before her torso is shownYou Twitter tards have the self awareness and eye for detail of a fucking goldfish.

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>>637598702The fact is every male gets shown fully and females are not, cope, seethe and dilate

man who fucking cares you're gonna be seeing her naked on a 'booru anyway, shut the fuck up.

If only NRS wasn't so shit nowadays...

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>>637599560>Game known for fanservice>HUH JUST LOOK AT PORNNo

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>>637599646Disgusting and unrealistic. Just watch porn.


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>>637599157>You Twitter tards have the self awareness and eye for detail of a fucking goldfish.Nice to you have the brain of a goldfish

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>>637599991it's "known" for people being ripped apart and women that look like men.any version of any character you'll be jacking off to is going to be a model corrected by a porn artist to look less like a tranny while ironically probably having a 9-inch dick attracted to it.Shut The Fuck Up.

>make a funny spectacle out of literally ripping bodies in two>"nah man, naked woman skin will definitely harm the psyche of our audience"weird fucking freaks

>>637600156I repeat: Just look at porn. Stop forcing your female fetish into games.

>>637600008>>637600475>porn addict has trouble telling a difference between porn and simply good looking female fighters

>>637600008I don't wanna look at porn you stupid fucking nigger, I want characters in this video game to look as cool and sexy as possible.


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What's up with all the posts equating sexy characters with hardcore porn. Really fucking weird.



>>637600475Die in a fiery car wreck.

>>637589984>>637582810>puritans get kicked out of europe for being too insufferable, but euros are too pussy to just purge them instead>puritans among first settlers in the new world (NA)>anything remotely pleasurable or sexual BAD>will engage in extreme levels of violence toward anything they disagree with, including burning people alive or crushing them to death under stonesIt all makes sense now.

>>637601026It's all coming from trannies and redditors. They use that argument constantly there. No sense of nuance whatsoever, everything is either white or black with modern leftists.

>>637581476They have been toning down the sex apeal since MK X. almost 10 years ago. Yet you guys still complain about like they’re going to change after 2 games without titswhy don’t we talk about games with sexy girls instead?

>borderline snuffwhat an absolutely retarded take. how the fuck is fiction borderline snuff i.e. real gore lmao

>>637601491I agree. mk is largely dead now anyway.

>>637594974ok based

>>637586808doesn’t the USA have an huge porn industry?

>>637581476Both are bad if you're a christian like meCooming is commiting adultery of the heart and makes you a disloyal weasle, while murder is hypocritical if not done righteously.

>>637600962Ah so you’re saying shit for (you)‘s


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>>637601026>What's up with all the posts equating sexy characters with hardcore pornbecause 90% of "ITS CENSORED" posts are from people who dont actually care about the game, just the porn. just like when schizos spent a week saying DOA of all things was censored. these people are brain rotted coomers

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>>637592330>sf6 is a cool looking game with sexy females>thread are still full of schizomaybe Holla Forums is the problempeople are free to shit on the new MK game but it’s already 3 thread talking about the same shit about the same issue the last game faced

>>637601985>coomersAnd there we have it, the Discord tranny outs itself

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>>637581476>wokeal (lack of) coombaitlol, pass


>>637600475>men liking attractive women>a fetish

I don't see the appeal of Mortal KombatWhy would you want to see all that gore and shit?

>>637602161>d-discordah yes the default trump card when you cant actually refute an argument. coomers/porn addicts/gooners whatever you want to call them just dont play games anywhere near as much as they spend time crying about how a game is woke because the girls arent wearing pick related instead of a fucking Black Tape Project bikini

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The reason this site is so shit isn't because of raids or spammers, it's because the average user is too fucking stupid to spot bait. Get a clue retards.

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>>637602874>Sex is badThat's not refuting an argument, it's just you being a puritan little bitch.

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>>637603150>Sex is badthis nigga is either dumb as shit or baiting, because nowhere in any of my posts have remotely implied sex is bad

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>>637603473>IF YOU WANT SEXY CHARACTERS JUST GO LOOK AT PORN YOU FUCKING COOMERS>what do you mean I said sex is bad? I never said that!

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>>637581476You sex fags have been seething about this for god knows how long and will continue to seethe while us violence chads continue to eat good



>>637604019>one character has something on her head for one costume>LE BURKAS!!!

>>637596775>nooo don't make fun of my autism

I am soooo H-Y-P-E-D


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>>637581476Violence is okay as long as you don't disrespect women.

>>637596775This. In fact, I’m starting to like this guy. Burkabro has a point and makes the chuds SEETHE because frankly, he’s righr!

>>637581476>people exploding into a million gibs>borderline snuffeh?

>>637584924But the rest of the World think all americans are just fatties

never forget

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That jump cut to her face was so awkward, it can't be like that in the actual game. Keep your expectations tempered, but we don't know if the entire female roster still has A-cups and shitty, boring outfits or not. Again, I wouldn't bet on a big improvement on that front, but they intentionally left that question open here.

So is it ancient time? Raiden and Shang look very young.

>>637581476Mortal Kombat is for literal faggots


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americans are mentally ill

>>637582390Why is it so popular among modern women and men? Where does it even come from? Hitler youth? African warlords?


>>637605760I want blood and I want tits

>>637605760Blame #MeToo


>>637605810based honest male


>>637581476She looks like she has trimmed hairy armpits, trimmed hairy pussy and trimmed hairy asshole.

>>637606215>no full, musky 70s style bushno buy

>>637582810Americans hate everything that can lead to joy. Entire nation uses fearmongering as a fuel.

>Mortal Kombat (1992)>Mortal Kombat (2011)>Mortal Kombat 1 (2023)Fuck you, really

>>637600008>unrealisticIt's a game about magic ninjas ripping each other to shreds

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>>637581476modern games constantly sexulize shirtless buff man but never women.modern gaming sucks

>>637606490What about MK 1995 and MK 2021?

>>637606520Short and to the point, well done.

>>637584245NRS is in Illinois.

I will jerk off to every woman and pretty boy in this game being murdered every which way and by GOD I will cum buckets, whine all you want about the outfits my dick will NOT go unsatisfied god they're gonna get fucking torn apart it looks so good that fucking eyeball push UNF

>>637585346Nah, just jews and normies. I'm a millenial and hate woke trash and censorship.

I could understand if MK was trying to tone down to hit a larger demographic or lower their rating, but they keep upping the gore level with each release. It's dumb to think the level of gore they show is acceptable, but sexy outfits are inappropriate. May as well go all out with both.

>>637605810I have the perfect game for you user youtu.be/W7knQxnKz6M

>>637606851they removed the gore and you got injustice which was gay

>>637589126This always baffles me. I like beautiful females 100% of the time, not only when I'm horny. And that fact actually makes people like you angry, there is something wrong with you, you might be mentally ill, if you become angry because of people wanting to see sexy females all the time, not just like jerk off fuel.

Violence and sex are always in some kind of balance board on what gets censored in the end because boomers think both of them influence real world behavior. Who remembers when Mortal Kombat first came to consoles and got a version where beating on people just made them sweat?

>>637592092No, your shithole deserves it. Afterall, every state and country dumped their shit on us first. You reap what you sow.

At least you guys still have your onlyfans girls

>>637589126And their dull outfits aren't even more boring?

>>637582810America loves sex/sexual things as long as it's gay sex. No pandering to striaght white cis male scum.

>>637581476Chimpanzee society vs bonobo society.

>>637581476the only selling point of the old mks was the gore. it's always been just a shitty beat 'em up but low iq npcs bought it because "dude it's so brutal xDDD"

>>637589902Based>>637590214>same schizoWrong, cope

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>>637593271What a spineless faggot

>>637591452This says it pretty well. Women absolutely seeth if they see a midriff that isn't rolling over a waistline, and will go on and on about how unrealistic it is to have a flat and toned stomach while watching Lucifer run around hunting demons and angels with one hand down their pants and texting their friend about how much they want spitroasted by the cast with their other.

>>637600008Found you

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>>637584245Blue states hate sex because it's "demeaning"Red states hate sex because it's "satanic"Both were molested as children and now associate sexual pleasure with being raped.Neither can please a woman.


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