I actually prefer the cult silent hill to the personal nightmare silent hillFight me

I actually prefer the cult silent hill to the personal nightmare silent hillFight me

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>>637579383that's cool, both settings are great

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>>637579383I prefer legs over boobs and ass.

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>>637580927Midriff > boobs > legs > ass

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Head > all

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>>637579383There is no cult SH, nigger.It was Alessa's, Heather+Claudia's and Walter's personal nightmares.

>>637582259You know what I meant

she goes to parties often, most likely a slut

>>637582259Why was Alessa in that position? Perhaps it had something to do with, oh, I don't know, a cult that worshipped her as the mother of their god?There's objectively a cult in Silent Hill, confirmed in all four original games.

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>>637582458She got corrected by Walter

>>637582553>There's objectively a cult in Silent Hill, confirmed in all four original games.In 2 the cult was severely sidelined to the point of being almost an easter egg

>>637579383The cult was a thing only in amerimutt adaptations based on amerimutt movies

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>>637582703Yes, but it was still there. Is that not evidence that it's confirmed to exist? Especially when they went back to it in 3 and 4? Based on what they give us, it's likely that none of the events would have happened had the cult not tortured Alessa to begin with.Also I believe there's a significant overlap between Henry's nightmares and Walter's in 4. I think they're meant to parallel each other.>>637583126Also not true. Replay the games.

>>637583126SH1 came out in 1999 and it was all about the cult. What the hell are you talking about?

>>637583126you remind me of my friend who spews lies on a regular basis

>>637582553>Why was Alessa in that position?Because she's a literal magic child and the town has a vague force only she could interact with (before she corrupted it thus allowing the sequels), that made all her subconscious bullshit real.The "god" was "real" because she believed it was real, due to her religous upbringing, you dim fuck. It was a manifestation of her psyche. >to do withThe games aren't subtle about it, faggot. Half the dialogue Harry has is "AM I DREAMING????" and "THIS IS NOT A DREAM!!!"Because the core horror mechanism of SH, is that it's a nightmare that becomes real. Fucking YTfag secondary.>There's objectively a cult in Silent Hill, confirmed in all four original games.And they objectively have nothing to with why any of the shit is happening, they're completely incidental. The cause of the nightmares realities are a few specific people that are some flavor of crazy or losing their mind.

>>637583271>Replay the gameI played those games, cult was always a meme, the closest thing to reality was in 3 but still, compared to homecoming it was too ambiguous.

>>637583372> all about the cult. Wikifag loretrannies fuck off.>It's being invaded by the Otherworld. By a world of someone's nightmarish delusions come to life.

>>637583597This friend is (you)

>>637583812And what caused those nightmarish delusions to come to life?

>>637583608>Because she's a literal magic child and the town has a vague force only she could interact with (before she corrupted it thus allowing the sequels), that made all her subconscious bullshit real.so you admit that the cult putting it in her head and torturing her lead to it manifesting? so the cult did have a direct role in the formation of the town?well, by golly, if that's true then that probably means the cult is a big reason everything is happening!

>>637583372>SH1 came out in 1999 and it was all about the cult.Loooooool, you definitely didn't played it. Even saying it was all about drugs would make more sense.

Why is Eileen so erotic? Isn't this a horror game? I'm supposed to be scared not horny....

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Ah I want to take off her shirt and look at her chest intensively then touch her face.

>>637584009>Entire plot revolves around a cult trying to make a magic child give birth to a god>"I-it isn't about a cult because...it just isn't OK?"

>>637584132It's a JAPANESE horror game

>>637584307this is true. japanese people are afraid of women.

>>637584132>DOn't go OUT!Well now I don't need to, Waltuh

>>637583958The town, you vehemently retarded loretranny. Fuck off back to your foreskins.

>>637580927cheryl looks like that? damn

>>637584494Oh sure. I'm certain it had nothing to do with a cult force impregnating her with a pagan god and she being burned alive

>>637584494>natives worship the town for ages before whitey comes in and nothing happens>settlers merge it with christianity to create a funky little cult>funky cult tortures a little girl and forces their idea of reality to manifest, twisted by her own nightmares>hrm. must be the natural state of the town...


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>>637579383It's not cool to fight against mentally disabled retards, so I'll refrain

>>637580927I will now watch your game.

>>637583992>So you admit to [nothing passingly resembling what you said]Keep seething YTfag secondary. You can't even comprehend the basics of SH, fags like you are the reason the shitty movies exist.Fuck off back to Resident Evil 4, that's more your IQ, nigger.

where did she put the broom, Holla Forums?

>>637584964You're a very angry little boy. I wish you the best of luck in your perusing of youtube video essays on the topic, but meanwhile I will actually play the games.

>>637584989She used it to (unsuccessfully) fight off Walter when he came to give her the dicking of a lifetime

>>637583992>Waaaaaaaa. Why can't all silent hill games be like the one my favorite youtuber told me is the best?

>>637584589> cult force impregnating her HAHAHA Literally the most basic mistake only a stupid loretranny would make. KYS.> she being burned aliveESL tranny to boot. Fucking foreskinlord over here.>>637584640>literally describes the vague force of the town>literally describes Alessa's psyche causing everything>"it was the cult"Culttranny secondaries are subhuman

>>637585376>ESL tranny to bootAlright my EFL friend. Tell me what the grammatically correct way of expressing that statement would've been

>>637585113Take this back. She is a pure virgin and saving herself for Henry.

>>637585095>YTfag secondary projects his wikinigger behaviourLollmao even> I will actually play the games.you never did and you never will, faggot.

>>637585621Hey. She tried to fight him off. But Walter's ghost dick was just too powerful for her

>>637585376I'm not arguing that the cult is the SOLE force responsible for the events of the games, but I am arguing that they're a primary cause as to why it got so bad in a short period of time, as well as directly leading to the long-term events of 3 and 4.Why does it have to be black and white with you fellas? Are you incapable of critical thought? And you keep claiming that my opinion comes from a video essay, but I think it's unironic projection. I played all the games multiple times and before watching any videos on it (not that I have to prove my le ebic credentials to you), and I've yet to find one I agree with. I have, however, found dozens with the exact opinions you're spouting. Your posts are also riddled with buzzwords. Have you ever had an original thought?

>>637579383I used to think that way too As i grew up and got stuck over guilt/shame depressed that's when i understood what sh2 story was really about. James is in hell, being stuck in guilt and shame is hell. Forgiving and accepting himself which is hard af is only way to free from that hell, many kill them selves rather than to confront that or accept that. Sh2 is James travelling around his subconscious to confront his mistake which he has hidden deep within. The things we resist or supress isn't going anywhere it's buried deep in our sub conscious that affects literally everything we do, it's like a disgusting putrid rotting rat that you didn't want to clean out that's stinking the whole room. Now you have to eat it to get out of this suffering. That's silent hill 2. Esl out

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>>637582106Imagine the bodyjobs...

>>637581989Face>Midriff > ass>boobs > legs

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>>637585782>"I played the games, but I didn't notice Harry saying dream and nightmare 800 times in 5 minutes"Yeah no, nigger.>wikitranny dilating about le buzzwordsI'm sorry you were forced to go to church on Sunday mornings, making you chop your dick off in your adulthood.The cult is incidental and you're worthless fucking secondary.

>>637587868why are you baiting about something so basic? It's like saying there's no turtles in Mario.

>>637587868You're boring.

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I want to be in a cult worshipping a cute girl.

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>>637588282>t.ranny(you): "GAY IS MUH CULTGAY">"no">"REEE YOU SAID THERE NO CULT!!!">637588293>no argumentgg no re

>>637579383There's only so much you can do with the former, I feel. Heather's story worked because it was intrinsically related with Harry's, and SH3's Cult mentions several times how it's different from the original one because Harry essentially destroyed that one. SH1 works because of the mystery surrounding what exactly is going on, once players are in the known there's only so many things a new The Order could do to surprise you or so many attempts at reviving their god exactly like they already trying in the 80s with Alessa then the 2000s with Heather. With SH2 Team Silent went for personal mental horror, with SH4 they wanted to show "horror in familiarity" by fearing the very walls you live in and you should be save in. For Silent Hill 5, their plans were to try and show "the fear of daylight">We are interested in playing with the idea of 'light'... as in 'daylight' and shadows. Ever since the pre-production of SH2, we wanted to start a SH in a normal environment - daylight, people going about their business, just normality. What happens when you make that normality rot all around you? It is possible to make a normal sunny day really creepy. Just look at films like the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre or even one of our favorites, Jacobs Ladder.>It’s a hard idea to explain, but you really have to look at the scene to understand. In a way like the Resident Evil 5 trailer where it was not the middle of the night and the vision was clear but the fear was still there. It will not be the same but that is an explanation of the idea of having fear in daylight. It is a concept that we are working on at the moment stillPoint being, the cult kinda limits what you can do by needlessly tying it to some very clear preconceived notions and geographical area (else you end up with Shepherd's Glen)

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>>637584640>natives worship...That wasn't vaguely established until the second game, and only explored in the fourth.>settlers merge it..No, they didn't. They were Satanists. SAMAEL=LUCIFERIt was established in later games they corrupted the spiritual power already present, this notion wasn't present at all in the first one.

>>637585495I'm just hoping he wasn't implying the Boiler Theory to be real

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>>637589176I agree. I've noticed a lot of people online hard favoriting one position or the other, but I think the truth is that they both told the stories they needed to tell and they did great doing it.When it fell off the deep end, people started blaming both sides of the fence for the decline and now, after a million video essays and forum regurgitation, we're here.On a different note, do you have any hope that Silent Hill f will be good? >>637589581They merged it with Christian concepts of God and demons. I'm pretty sure that SH4 has some document somewhere that mentions it too, so my statement still stands. And if we're looking at all four original games, it's fair to assume that 2's native history is relevant to the discussion and canon.

>>637589968>do you have any hope that Silent Hill f will be good?I desperately want it to be good so we can get out of the Silent Hill 2 Tribute Act we've been living in for decades now. Won't actually know until we see anything besides a CG trailer, but so far setting it in 1960s Japan gives me hope that it might try and do its own thing with its own direction, and be might get a good horror game out of it.

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>>637590916>Japan>Retro>Old Village>Red WaterSo it'll be just Siren.

>>637591630Anon, that pic *is* Siren not Silent Hill f

>>637590916I'm in the same boat, I guess. I'd like to at least have hope for a video game one more time in my life, even if it lets me down, so I think I'll choose to believe it'll be good.

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i have no idea what the fuck is going on this threadjust like the games lmao

>>637579383Making it more ambigous, with multiple levels of antagonists (Alessa, drugs, the cult, Dahlia, the Town itself) was the best thing about the original instead of making it all about the main character like all shit Silent Hill games.

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Silent Hill 4 is still the best one. The others kinda get less interesting with age when you mature past the 2deep4u stuff. Spooky ghosts and scary apartment worlds somehow have become more interesting and fun to me.

>>637579383Since the remake is confirmed to have "at least" two new endings, place your bets. Here's mine: >The "Rebirth" ending becomes fleshed out, and a main one.>James leaves alone, and turns himself in.>James leaves with Angela, and they become killers together.>Plot twist - Maria is James's actual wife, whilst Mary is the one born from a wish. James couldn't handle the lust/shame conflict of having a slut wife, and created a perfect tulpa, along with a romantically melancholic storyline.

best way to play all the silent hill games now?

>>637593345ps2 or emulator

>>637579383Why though?

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>>637579383Then SH3 should be your favorite because it has both. Only retards don't understand that.

>>637593345emulator until you find your favorite ones, then consider shelling out hundreds to collect them physically so you can goon to them at night

>>637587406Absolutely based. Though I prefer small (but legal) boobs.

>>637593810Christ, I'm glad I bought my copy of SH2 (superior Greatest Hits version) back when it was like $20.

>>637584132Eros and Thanatos...

>>637579383obviously the magic/cult setting is better. it's rational.the "psychological" setting is just an excuse for retards to not have to think to hard about justifying their emotion-based arguments>hurr it doesn't matter how stupid it is as long as I can find some vague semantic relation to one of 10 trillion made-up pseudoscience words I picked up from a filosophy book I read that one time

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Is Hulett still around?

>>637593616It's referencing a FtM tranny

>>637593742>Then SH3 should be your favorite because it has bothIt actually is

>>637592662I liked Kaufman's character. I don't think he fully bought into Dahlia's schizo shit and just played along so he could keep dealing drugs and stacking bills.

>>637595992Please kill yourself

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God damn i avoided SH4 like the plague after reading such daming reviews for it. >Finally play it>Best in the series scare wiseAlways felt like i was in danger and constantly freaked outPart 2 was only good in the hour and the last hour of gameplayPart 3 was nice looking but your too powerfulPlayed it on a Original Xbox

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>>637596791>Part 2 was only good in the hour and the last hour of gameplay>Part 3 was nice looking but your too powerfulStrange. I always found 3 the most difficult and 2 is the easiest survival horror game I've ever played

Eileen shaving

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>>637597407I use female razors for my head. They work far better in that area than regular razors

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>>637597407who the fuck shaves in their bedroom

The other tenants know im a footchad so they let me know when the getting is good

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4 was good and I'm tired of pretending it wasn't.

>>637598598>>637597407after comparing the two, the widescreen one looks scretched. Not a proper widescreen. The dresses on the wall and bunny get wider when they should remain the same size if the widescreen is done proper.

>>637596312Not to mention turning cute nurses into sex slaves with drugs. Guy was a chad.

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>>637598772La puta

>>6375988734 is going through the same process as the star wars prequels when people saw how awful the disney sequels wereThat being said both SH4 and the SW prequels were always goodPeople were just retarded

>>637579383don't mind me, just necrobumping

>>637596312>>637599173There's an X Files episode called Die Hand Die Verletzt where the dweebs in picrel are part of a Satanic cult that's been running a sleepy little town for decades. But over the generations, they've slacked off and don't really believe in it or follow the rituals anymore. Which worked fine right up until some retarded actually managed to summon the devil/his servant to the town and they all get fucked. Kaufmann always reminded me of those guys.

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>>637579383I like both, but being a huge fag for Lovecraft and stuff inspired by him, I have to agree. Love me some weird ass evil cults

>>637580927Ultra based, nothing beats nice legsFeet are disgusting though

>>637579383Both are good, but objectively they only ever did the Psychological story well once. Every other time they tried it was a lame retread. The cult has more consistent quality, even if that still only means three good stories (1, 3 and 4).

>>637603412Is that the episode where teenagers start getting killed in the woods by something involving satanic shit and a lot of it ends up being related to the town highschool?


>>637584132Voyeurism and LEGS

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Are the movies worth seeing again? I saw the first one when it came out in theaters and remember it being a CGI fest, but barely found out they made a part 2

For me, it's Heather Mason, who's toes I want to suck on while I play with her pussy and her nipples. For this reason, her game is far superior and the best one in the series.

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>>637606710They're both awful, but 1 at least has some neat visuals. The town itself looks spot-on, and the otherworld transformation was pretty cool. 1 also has music from the games, a rarity in film adaptations.

>>637606770post more lewd heather bro...

>>637606515I wish she was a giantess

>>637605693Yeah, one kid gets mutilated in the woods at the beginning then another kid is compelled to slit her wrists. The cultists are actually part of the school administration I think.

>>637606770With Heather it is all about the pits.

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>>637606770>>637608092its all fun and games till someone gets hepatitis.