>short(er) male>tall femaleOk...but who asked for this?

>short(er) male>tall femaleOk...but who asked for this?

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me (on the left)

Yo wat are they remaking Dantes Inferno?

>>637576697Souls manlets Soulslets if you will

>>637576697I think its traniggers trying to make being a gag inducing gangely giant stork of a "woman" is normal and hip and cool dude!Instead of a geneti abnormality catering only to men who's mothers beat them and they loved it.


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>>637576697me, short people (below 5'11) should be represented in video-games

man they really did a female version of the armoured dragon slayer armor huh?

>>637578148It's Maleniartoriarmour

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the original lotf art direction was much better than this which is literally just dark souls copypaste

>>637577287yea I'm thinking kino

>>637579261>the original lotf art direction was much better than thisLol a generic dark souls copy-paste looks better than the first LotF. That game's art looks fucking horrible, dude.

shill thread. do not reply

>>637579661>stop talking about video game in my video games board!kys

>>637578830They are going all out on being a dark souls ripoff I see.


>>637579661What else do you want? More cuck bait threads and off topic Holla Forums shit?You know what board you're on, right?

Which one?

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>>637576697Anyone above 6' will have absolutely no issues with thisIt's only the manlets that need to feel taller, if only in video games

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>>637579357no it was soulful and the thick ass armors looked dope

>>637580760Both. I choose to bang both. Preferably at the same time, with me in the middle

>>637576697Humans are going to be genemodded into a species of small men and tall women in the not too distant future

>>637579661a Zelda thread died for this!

>>637582384>fetishposterkill yourself, preferably now

Ok, but why did he nail himself to the chair?

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>>637582808You wouldn't get it.

>>637582808because someone at a high level of development looked at Blasphemous and said "hey that looks pretty cool, copy that" to the art team

>Lords of The MIDlenTo be fair nobody asked for that game.

>>637582808you had to be there

I asked my mommywife to order it for me

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>>637579931>every third person action game ever made is a Dark Souls ripoffMy favorite Soulslike was Ocarina of Time

>>637582808Mortification of the flesh.

>>637576697>>637577287She big.

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>>637583339even you don't believe this post

What do you guys think of the bosses and enemies shown so far?

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>>637582808for the luls


>>637582532It's true though, genetic engineering is going to be used to make men small and athletic and resource inexpensive and women tall and fecund and good at making a lot of babiesBiologically and economically it is the ideal form for humans

>>637581821Warhammer tranny

I want a tall, dominant wife.

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>>637583969>larpnoose, now

>>637584135Cry more, there is no larp and you aren't importantI am actually a geneticist and I am actually telling you what is actually going to happen

>>637580760>>637576697>attractive women>in a western gamePicking this up

>>637584243you are a nobody who'll never amount to anything, posting about your imaginary fetishized reality on an imageboard

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It looks cool but I hope it doesn't copy Souls stuff too much.I'd rather more developers just try making their own styles of 3D action games instead of only copying Souls.

>>637584548CopeWhy are you so angry at large women and small men being biologically ideal? Get the fuck over it.

>>637576697That has to be the most badass fucking armor I have ever seen in a fantasy setting

>>637584773We're not the ones who should get over something, it's you, retardIf people already have such visceral reaction to your presence, then you should consider fucking off to some discord bubble where you'll get constant stream of asspats for being a larping degenerate

>>637583969pretty sure I literally read a fetish fic about this on AO3 the other day

>>637576697Let. Me. Marry. Her.

>>637576697only way this game could work is if it doesn't take itself too seriously with the generic dark fantasy shit. cutscene at the beginning was kinda retarded but the rest might be going in the right direction? I dunno,

>>637584967Nope, I've been posting here for years and most people do not have visceral reactions. I've literally been posting since before I even entered graduate school. Stop pretending like you're the majority, most people like the idea of a world with larger women than men.Why are you so angry at what I say?

>>637580760gib golden glass-eyed goddess gf

>>637576697How the fuck do they see with those helmets on that obstruct their vision?


>>637584290That's what I'm saying.

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>>637582808he's taking the chriscelpill

>>637585312Lots of practice>>637584869The poster set is fucking sick. I'm glad he uses a two handed sword as well.

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>>637583563You faggots are literally calling sci-fi first person shooters "soulslike". Your opinion and judgement hold zero value.You are a subhuman NPC, an animal of herd and a creature of programming, not a human being. You are closer to an object than a man. We are not the same.

>>637585312the dude has a lantern

>>637585493>immediately moves the goalposts when called outyou are not acting with sincerity, and dishonor the name of your father

>>637576697Literally Gutslenia

>>637577287>all those cute girlsKneel FROM. A new sovereign ascends the throne.

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>>637586149You're probably going to have to kill them

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>>637577287is that morgott's VA?


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>no shorter females with even bigger tits

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>>637586604That's Code Vein's forte

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>>637578830Holy shit that literally is just Malenia + Artorias

>>637586438>we need an cumers audience

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is the first one worth playing? its got mixed reviews and denuvo. had it in my library but never started it

>>637586454Anthony Howell, yeah

>>637578830>>637586785It's literally just Striga who is literally Artorias who is literally GutsI will now buy your game because tall girls in armor do things to my cock

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>>637587034well, there goes my evening again

>>637587089it's by far the weakest of the euro soulslikes with every animation feeling like moving through mud but its not god awful as some people call it

>>637583674They look cool but the animations could use some work.

>>637586528>>637586149>>637586438>>637577287>>637576697holy sex

>>637587089Fuck no. It's awful.

>>637584290Poland is central

>>637577287This looks pretty uninspired honestly.

>>637587089Worst Souls-like I've ever played

>licensing iron boomerWhere do they get their budget?

>>637577287>the moment when the musical intro of fear of the dark soundedAt that moment, I felt like an excited onions degenerate who saw the trailer for the new "Star Wars". In my defense, it was unexpected, after the shit Blizzard showed in the latest trailer for DIablo 4.

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>>637587345>>637587709>>637587849thanks, ill skip then

>>637587823The devs are in Barcelona.

>>637587034Should I recognize her?

>>637586438Il kill them with kindness

>>637587089It's okay. I liked it and had fun with it and no amount of butthurt tranny whining can tell me I didn't.

>>637584127that's a man

>>637588294CI Games must be confident.

>>637582808The keeper of the Hole of Glory

>>637585312By playing in third person

Here is Maleniartorias's Lothric/Miquella/Maiden Astraea.

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So you're playing the knight and nigquistor and are fighting your tall friend at some point?

>>637589380I'm guessing dark man the black finds and recruits you. No idea why you have to fight the tall lady, but I'm assuming she becomes sympathetic towards >>637589280 and fights to protect her.

>>637577287>visualized AOEsFromtrannys would never

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>>637589280>the brilliant refers to the great

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>>637583969Holy fuck, I remember you

>>637589502or corrupted by the demon lord.when i saw her design i was expecting another speedy bitch but she seems more heavy and purposeful, from the little shown in the footage

>>637589502Oh, and I assume the black guy is going to be like Oscar of Astora, so he's probably going to die.

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>>637577287Ok fuck it, I'm sold.

>>637582808why not?

>>637577287Wait what the fuckIsn't Lord's of the Fallen literally that one Polish Dark Souls clone released in 2014?

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>>637590801It's a reboot

>>637590007Or be the real final boss, like Oscar was supposed to be

>>637590929Oscar was more of a bonus fight at the end, but I get what you mean.

>>637590875>Reboot of a one off game??? I don't get it.There's nothing to reboot

>>637591041I have no fucking idea either. Don't remember the plot/lore of the first LotF, so I don't know if they're just in the same setting or something.

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>>637590801different devs than the first apparently, the original ones made the Surge games I believe.

>>637590007>the black guy is going to dieNo shit sherlock

>>637590875>>637591041>>637591204It's not a reboot.

>>637591394How does this one connect to the first one? Genuine question.

Game looks cool as fuck however so did the first one and I couldn't stand playing it for more than 2-3 hours. I'll buy this on sale or I'll play on Game Pass unless it gets 8/10 across the board. I also hope nothing terrible happens, like Miyazaki deciding he will drop Elden Rings DLC on the same month as this.

>>637591456It takes place in the same universe but hundreds or thousands of years into the future. That's what the devs said, anyway. I don't even know why they would bother with that, it isn't like anyone cares about or even knows what the story to the first game is.

>>637592118>>637591456I just looked it up, and Adyr is the demon god in game 1 as well.

>>637589835Hello user how do you do

>>637591394it's a soft-reboot

>>637592290No it isn't, it's a direct sequel.

>>637577287Is that Varre's voice?


>>637592317It's actually being referred to as a spiritual sequel by the devs themselves

>>637591394Who the hell makes a sequal/prequal with the same fucking title then?

>>637592531CIG figuring so few people care about the original that they can get away with it, obviously.

>>637580760Give me blood Valkyrie cutie.

>>637592430No it isn't, unless you have a link oft hem saying it that I can't find. The only references to "spiritual successor" comes form polygon and they aren't even quoting the devs. The game takes place in the same universe and the developers have openly referenced this on their website, it has the same overarching characters. It's a far future sequel, it isn't a spiritual successor or an actual reboot.

what is the purpose of this thread?

>>637592268Doin pretty good I would say, and yourself? Still spreading your gospel?

I think it's a little unfortunate that they decided to also copy Dark Souls' aesthetic. I think the """genre"" is sorely missing a game with a high fantasy setting since they all try to be grim dark.

>>637592531It's 'sequel' and 'prequel', ESL bro.

>>637581821Retarded football player thick armor never looked good. Only soiifaggots wow players think it’s cool. Specially with the spaulders that might as well be horseblinders.

Here's your final boss. She reminds me of my wife.

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>>637589682But Elden ring is literally full of shockwaves.

>>637593338I wanna hug her

>>637593338Blasphemous did it first

>>637577287Dialogues written by gpt 3.5 (c)

>>637577287Fucking hell when they said tall i didnt think fucking huge

I need a tall warrior gf

>>637576697A new dev is making this game I hope its better than the first but i still had fun.

>>637593338>Here's your final bossonly in the bed ending if you team up with the evil succubi from the trailer or whatever she is

>>637593741>Bed endingNice

>>637593741Same person, I think.

>>637593189Spotted the homosexual

>>637593126I'm anonymous so I don't give a shit how stupid my spelling looks as long as my point gets across. But a Twitter fag like you wouldn't know why you're anonymous here in the first place

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>>637592531Something about refreshing the trademark or something like that

>>637588294First game sold very well.

>>637593038Nice! Things for me are also going well. I started posting the gospel on Holla Forums again when it was shown that zelda is taller than link in the new game. Otherwise I've been on /sci/ like always.

>>637576697>WE WUZDropped.

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>>637594552Death to yellowfever chuds.

>>637594552>>637594694I agree with both

>>637594552do you just want 0 black people in games? lucky more than half the cast isnt some tone

>>637594758>do you just want 0 black "people" in games?not him but yeah

>>637594552It's okay, he's dying first.

>>637594694>Death to yellowfever chuds.

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>>637577047even as a shitpost this is more than a stretch. utterly fatigued by the entirety of Holla Forums revolving around a boogeyman.

>>637594758>do you just want 0 black people in games?Yes, if that possible, please.Even more in this kind of context, where jews are pushing and forcing them everywhere.

Attached: LORDS OF THE FALLEN - Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer - YouTube.png (854x480, 250.53K)

>>637594758>Do you want 0 niggers in your European Medieval Fantasy gameYeah

Attached: Come on Now.gif (640x428, 2.93M)

>>637594758>do you just want 0 black people in games?Yes.

>>637594968>>637595005>>637595009>>637594874I just think its not likely. I'd rather rn that they just keep a token character that probably dies in a cutscene.

>>637595130Play more games.

endlessly amuses me bonafide shills chose Holla Forums of all places, for a souls clone of all fucking things


>>637595130Would you eat a beautiful fruit with a little drop of poison on it?

>>637595256The marketing has been pretty good so far and it looks pretty alright visually thanks to Unreal 5 and competent art designers.That's more than enough for people to give it attention considering the absolute state of AAAshit nowadays.

>>637595256Well Elden Ring is one f the most popular games on Holla Forums

>>637595362No but when do we ever get what we want, Its up to the twitter/reddit with names and faces to decide.

>>637595362everything's poison if you consume too much of it.

Brightened the still of the blood angel babe to see her better.

So what does this do different from Souls because that trailer looked pretty boring

>>637593351Yeah but are they clearly defined AOEs?

>>637595642Or we can see it this way:This drop of poison is not going to kill you, go ahead eat this beautiful fruit, you will just get used tho the poison and find it normal, its part of the fruit now. Normal fruit will be the strange ones now. "Wow a game without any blacks in it?! How is that even possible?!"

Attached: LORDS OF THE FALLEN - Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer - YouTube.png (854x480, 331.24K)

>red hairlame malenia ripoffmake that same exact character have black and white hair and you have my soul

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>>637577287>Fear of the Darkdamn I used to have a black metal cover of this song that I listened to all the time when playing WC3 customs, haven't heard it in ages. I think I first listened to it because it was on limewire listed as a Cradle of Filth song (the band was actually Graveworm).

>>637595672Are you going to post it?>>637596090She seems to be more strength oriented. I think Lorian might be a better comparison.

>>637581821WoW armor has and will forever be fucking gay.

>>637595885i mean, Mason from Dragon's Dogma was black and he was fine.

>>637595885You faggots need to stop whining. I've had white guy fatigue for half my life now and I don't have autism meltdowns whenever another game has a white guy main character. Not even on japanese made game can you escape that garbage.

>>637591456The way I'm looking at this is that it's essentially what happened with Arkane and Prey. They were probably doing their own thing and the publisher told them to use a name they already owned for recognizability.

>no game character can ever have a character have orange hair or else it's just ripping off from softWhy are souls drones like this?

>>637596338Well then you would be wrong. >>637593017

>>637576697can you play as the femGuts? The trailer makes it look like maybe that's a selection of 3 different protagonists

>>637596254Times have changed.The context evolved.>>637596292> I've had white guy fatigue for half my lifeOk.

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>>637596532Unlikely. You play as the Dark Crusader guy, who is customizable.

Attached: DARK Crusader.webm (900x506, 3.65M)

>>637596292If a game was based on medieval European fantasy and history I'd rather not see anyone other than whites in it. If this game took place in Africa I'd think shoe-horning whites into it would be stupid, too.

>>637596745If you bothered paying attention to the dialogue you would know this probably isn't the case. You play as a recruit, probably the guy on the right. The negro is the MC's superior and you can tell it's the same voice from the same persona s well referencing your character.

>>637596745Its always sad to see that a simple stain of shit can fuck up a beautifull painting.

>>637577287>'gameplay reveal' is nothing but quick cuts of the player doing a BB dash or half a swingRed flag.

>>637596532>>637596745the steam page says the MC is fully customizable (and there are 9 classes) so it's gonna be both dudes and chicks.

>>637596784Spain (where Hexworks is situated) had a lot of strife with the North Africans over the centuries. It's generally one of the blacker Euro-states.

>>637596942>dudes and chicks.More like type A of type B, or select body type, some jewish shit like that.

>>637596890You are definitely the guy on the right, given that he's wearing the cover armor. There's a scene where black dude is looking down at you that looks like him finding you after you come back to life, and I assume that is where the game starts.

>>637596292Then push for more stuff set in Africa instead of replacing whitey in European settings with niggers you fuckwit.Imagine a movie set in an isolated African tribe and somehow there's a bunch of white dues that are somehow part of the tribe and wearing the same gear, and everyone pretends this is just how it was and is.It's the same fucking thing Blood Diamonds was cool, The Gods must be crazy was cool, Wakaliwood is cool.I want more of that instead of this fucking amerishart garbage pretending like niggers are a staple of European culture.

Attached: The Gods must be Crazy.jpg (218x300, 26.11K)

>>637596981The dude clearly looks sub-saharian, not north-african.You are fooling no one.

>>637587843dude KYS contrarian miserable fuck. You don't even like games anymore.

>>637596981>North Africans>Niggers>Spain is one of the blacker Euro statesAmerimutts and Geography mix as well as water and oil

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Anthony Howell is probably the best voice in gaming right now.

>>637588341>MFW I watched Fear of the Dark play live on stageIt was as good as I hoped it would be

From the trailer it looks alright. But it's just that, a trailer.

>>637587843people just unironically just consume, taste is dead

>>637597318yeah, I said it, and I'm not wrong; North Africans and spaniards are niggers. wanna fight?

>"whatev just use the same title again"A bit weird.Aside from that it certainly looks as if they're... trying, even if it is "just" Souls with Blasphemous art in 3D.

>>637596469>making your own game>publisher says you have to relate it to other piece of shit game>add a couple details to relate them>publisher pushes it on their website for the gameWow

"Congregator of Flesh"Reminds me of Tree Spirits

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>>637596361It's more about the timing of it>DaS exists>LotF released, very WRPG looking souls game with basic mechanics (in addition to avoid/dodge, go here to not die to this special attack, attack the enemy from this side)>not received very well>ER announced>People like the tall redhaired warrior lady>LOTF 2 gets announced>Very plain cinemactic with buttrock, next to nothing shown>tall redhaired warrior lady gets a fuckload of porn>a year after ER's release, LOTF 2 shows a tall red-haired warrior ladyit just feels noticeably derivative and if your plan is to not compete with Elden Ring while targetting its audience, then a year should be enough time for a decent enough team to make a few bosses. It just feels too on the nose for inspiration, you know? I know great artists steal, but they should have stolen more, because it looks like all they did was steal Malenia, when they could have stolen other things to throw into the pot

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Attached: lol515995214044.gif (176x176, 213.67K)

>>637597847i was reminded more of pontiff beasts from DS3

>>637597847where did you get this picture of me?

>>637597847for me it looks like a fusion of the rotten from ds2 and the gaping dragon from ds1.

Looks cool, even if the aesthetic is a ripoff of souls. The tall pope dude was kino. And the ladies are cute too so that's another plus.

>>637595885there has been a token black character in quite a lot of games over more then just the last 5 years

>>637598073Another good comparison. I'm browsing through their Twitter to see what other information I can gather.>>637598189That's me being held.>>637598215Really? I don't see that beyond it and the Rotten being a pile of corpses

>>637598230>aesthetic is a ripoff of soulsI hate zoomers so much it's unreal.

Studios who add niggers in their games because they cant do otherwise should add a disclaimer like "we where forced to add them otherwise we would not be able to get the foundings to make the game"

Attached: 1679174093399332.png (630x630, 517.74K)

>>637597863If anything it's Guts+Malenia because her armor looks a lot like Guts' berserker armor. Not that I care because everybody takes "inspiration" from someone, it's just pointless to keep crying about it.>People like the tall redhaired warrior lady>tall redhaired warrior lady gets a fuckload of pornPlease, she's not even the most popular girl of her game and Radahn is far more interesting. Tho I do wonder why did From choose her as the poster "boy" when she barely does anything - the plot would be 99% the same without Malenia.

>>637586438I will give them the little death orgasm

>>637598541La petite morte

>>637598462Nobody cares about plot, normalfaga care about memes. Malenia is the superboss, guaranteed memes.

>>637597617No, I don't fight with people with severe obesity and genetic defects.

Attached: Amerimutt wyatt.gif (1000x1000, 1.47M)

>>637598647There's barely any memes about Malenia tho. I only recall the "ROTUSSY" spam and the>Dear, it's time for your 5 o'clock dick flatteningetc.

>>637596981>It's generally one of the blacker Euro-statesmutt hands typed this

Attached: GLL0M9y.png (986x1118, 851.31K)

Would you?

Attached: file.png (1919x1080, 2.98M)

>>637598419The way I see it is that this is probably such a prolific church that their influence has spread world round, and so they have lots of priests from over the world. It's kinda like how the Catholic Church has a lot of Hispanic cardinals in the Vatican. If the Catholic Church spread more to Africa, you'd have more black Cardinals.

>>637587034>The cleric is a irl whorePottery

>>637598235This is not token anymore.Just like in movies and advertisement etc...

>>637598783I don't even mean it as specific jokes, just that people are guaranteed to talk about her, she'll be the relatable struggle. Radahn relies on trivia, if you didn't fight him early game pre nerf, he's not very remarkable, but everyone knows the Malenia struggle. Even summonfags probably died a lot more to her than they usually do, hence shit like Let Me Solo Her.

>>637576697for a very short second I thought all three would be playable>normal guy>giant woman, slower but with far longer reach and higher poise, can grab and throw normal enemies or whatever>"zap godless muthafucka" clericThat would have been something.

>>637598997Its more like jews using the power of their money and influence to impose this bullshit to everyone.

Attached: 1683829517172231.gif (245x188, 837.14K)

>>637580760second bitch looks derpy tbhtbh

>>637599307While I usually find this stuff stupid, a Church is probably the only way I could accept it actually happening. But only if they expressly have the character have an African accent and he has a backstop that states he came there from Africa.

>>637598952oh jesus he is all turned around, thats actually kinda cool


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Every trailer for this game has been using rock and metal music. If the game doesn't use metal and rock for its soundtrack I will be incredibly disappointmented.


Attached: 1503375975728.webm (360x360, 826.4K)

This looks soooo bad. i don't know if it's the amalgamation of so many styles yet not sticking to one and executing them all poorly, the soulless unreal engine lighting, the puke worthy animations or the abhorrent models...

>>637599702>Deluxe edition says it uses orchestral musicBros...

>>637599843Is the poster armor a deluxe edition exclusive? Or does it just let you start with it?

Attached: 6f4d8748243817a1c1c48a3ef50799ed854d308054c1f611.jpg (1440x810, 366.21K)


>>637600165The latter, I'm pretty sure. There's no way that the poster armor will be exclusive to the deluxe edition. No company is that stupid.

>>637597847I love this fusion style of body horror anons, really creeps me out, gives me some good spooks yknow

>>637600165It lets you start with that "iconic" gear - imagine starting DS1 with Elite Knight set, kinda like that. I mean, we don't know for sure but I imagine it's something like that and not locking 1 out of 9 classes behind deluxe crap.

>>637600368Same, user. It's why I really liked Godrick.

>>637592118some of us liked the first games lore no matter how little there was theres like 12 of us i think

>>637600165Since this is lords of the fallen the first game did have different starting class's and gear maybe this is locked behind a paywall lmao.

>>637600165Probably just starting with the armor as opposed to having to find it. I mean... they wouldn't be so fucking dumb to put it as exclusive to Deluxe.

>>637599718>all crestfallen and emasculated during the day>gets his dick utterly and irrepparably destroyed by wild giantess sex during the nightthis is a man people will both chuckle at in public yet jealously seethe at in private

>>637594758yeah ill take what i can get i dont mind him and i like his hat

>>637600165>market game with rock/metal>full game has no rock/metalTHEY CAN'T KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH THIS

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>>637600165I'm 99% sure it's just the Elite Knight set of this game. You'll find the armor set in the third level, it will have a couple endgame spells that aren't that strong early on, and it will start with a zweihander, or some shit.

I will name my character Guts.I will plan on using this boss's armor.I will have spec'd into a full magic build by the time I reach her.

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>>637600972>Third pointBased

>>637600919I really cant blame game devs for that It costs an arm and a leg just to play a few songs copyright is a bitch nowadays.

>>637600165I really don't want to have to preorder to get that insanely badass set but I will if it is my only option

>>637601094You most likely will get it in game, and the game isn't worth getting if you can't.

>>637601045I don't need them to license real music, make their own. It doesn't even need lyrics in it.Idk if the combat pace would be fast enough to really warrant it though, but that would be up to the devs.

>>637600972The game seems to have a lot of swordspell/battlemage stuff, i.e. weapons made out of magic and sword beams

>>637600972>Trailer shows her accompanying the player character.>Also shows her placing her hand on someone's shoulder, I'm assuming also the player character.>Still fight her.So, is that just a really intense sparring match or will she betray us at some point?

>>637601824I'm assuming the inquisition and angels(?) are gonna become the antagonists later down the track.

>>637601824That looks to be some loli infected by a disease. I assume that's why she betrays the order.

>>637601997>That looks to be some loli...you've got some wierd fucking kids in your country user.

>>637576697>Lady Dmitrescu >Gerudo women>Malenia >thisWhy are Amazons more popular than ever? The tallest living woman in the world isn't even 7'1" and it's the result of severe deformity.

>>637602325You know, the armored lady's giant height might be throwing me off

>>637594552WE WUZ is only for when the black person is inserted conspicuously for obvious virtue signalling, while the opening shot of him tittered on that, overall impression of a black robed gospel priest/vampire hunter is true to a tenured lineage - that's been a character type in fantasy for decades, from the 60s or 70s at least. Gets a pass.

>>637602380Today's world is filled with fatherless manchildren who want a "mommy" to take care of them because they never learned to take care of themselves.

>>637602380gym culture leaking out to women, who began working out more + heightened exposure via social media leading to many dudes realizing they like buff womenthat's just a guess, though

>>637576697>>637578830>>637585412>>637586149I hope we can romance them

>>637601997>>637602325>>637602426that "loli" with a fucked up face is some other character

>>637602535pseudo-psychology Freud trash answer>>637602380It's because giant women with giant fat asses and breasts are hot and being smaller than a woman is hot

>>637599535Why does Africa have to exist in a fictional setting.

>>637602750If they are to have black people, they must come from somewhere.FF16 doesn't have any and that's just fine too.

>>637600165Just from this alone I am not buying the game.>>637601094The absolute state of modern gaming standards. You are the reason why modern games are shit since you're willing to pay for stuff that should be available in the game in the first place, without paying extra for it. There's no reason for pre-order bonuses to exist, especially if it affects gameplay. Have some standards.

>>637603101Pretty sure it's just a way to get it early. Don't overreact so much.

>>637602724>and being smaller than a woman is hotmanlet cope

>>637602724lol, found the fatherless manchild

>>637597039oh so just like Elden Ring then

I fucking forgot the name of the Bloodborne area this reminds me of. Not the forbidden woods, the one where you find the Witches of Hemwick.

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>>637597039>>637596942I'd prefer if a game straight up said dudes and chicks over type a and b.

>>637596292>white guy fatigueholy shit amerimutts are so brainfucked

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>>637603297How is it a cope? I like hooking up with taller girls>>637603487Wrong. I'm in graduate school and I'm smarter than you

>>637603283That's still retarded. I despise pre-orders, deluxe edition and whatever other bullshit greedy corporate kikes have come up with to lower the bar and make a couple more shekels off the consumer.>>637596292Nigger.

>>637602380>I dont want to be abducted and forcibly bred by a muscular yet shapely AmazonianWhat are you, gay?

>>637596292Then ask for more games set in different locations instead of inserting other people into European settings.>>637603813Stuff like art books and OSTs are pretty standard for deluxe editions.


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>>637604012I prefer Tiche

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>game>game 2>GAME

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>>637604174Even worse>Game>Ten year gap>Game (sequel to Game)

>>637604276>>637604174Um... actually it's>Game>Ten year gap>The Game (very loose sequel to Game)

>>637604503They took out the "The" for some reason

>>637594552thanks. saved me from even watching the trailer.

>>637602464Doesnt get one from me, the global context prevents me from accepting this.

>>637603626Are you antisemitic?

>>637603616Hemwick Charnel Lane

>>637576697 (OP)>>637586528>>637586149>>637586438>>637577287The character design is very cool.

>>637605308Thanks, user

>>637576697Picked the fuck up

>>637593338Ok, ok. However.

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>>637587089its ok i would say yeah its worth a playthru

>>637605308KINO area desu

>>637601824You know, rivals are not a typical storybeat in these kinds of games, I wouldn't mind if she's a boss you fight a couple times over because she doesn't think you're worthy.>>637587089It is a hard 5/10. Can you appreciate a B-list movie? Pisswater beer? It's like DaS2 but western. There's some traces of good ideas (actually using the boss arena to fight the bosses), but it's really held back in many regards, like how insanely overtuned some enemies can get and how that's their idea of difficulty and saying "come back later" and their rigid class system.