Why are you not playing Dofus right now?

Why are you not playing Dofus right now?

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Fucking hate MMOs but playing as a Sacrier in Wakfu was dangerously kino.

last time I tried it rushed me through the lower levelsso i quit

>>637575434because it's trash since 2012 and its 2023give up already faggot it's over

Is it good, fun and playable without inserting money?

>>637575434I played Wakfu for a whole year, and it was the most terrible gaming experience of my entire life, I regret it 200%

quit when they gutted osamodas for the nth time

>>637575953The subscription offers a lot of benefits but you can grind for money to pay for it. It's one of those games where you might have to invest a bit of money into it at first but eventually just playing the game pays for itself, sort of like the WoW token system.

>>637575434>no cute boy classespass

>>637575434>nearly every female character has midriffbased

>>637576365Good. Faggots don't deserve eye candy. Also, there's a board for your degeneracy, I suggest you use it.

>>637575434The games aren't worth playing at all.But the cartoons & movie are absolutely worth watching.

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>have an amazing fantasy IP>waste it on shovelware and making the same mmo 3 timeswhy is ankama so fucking retarded

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>>637576691they're French

>>637576365Eliotrope boy a cute though

>>637576691mmo whales letting them get away with it

>>637576691>have an amazing fantasy IPLOL

>>637575434because I'm not a dofus

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>>637576929Dofus universe is genuinely super interesting, and has a great balance of whimsical quirkiness and serious mystery.

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>>637577170one of the best character designs of all time IMO.

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Are we excited for Waven? Supposedly releases this year.

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The new classes ruined the game. 2.0 ruined the game. No multis ruined the game. Never trust a french person

>>637577564why did you give her a fat man's body?

>>637577170>>637577575>evil as shit>falls in love with a righteous guy>after he dies she goes even more insane and evil>plans to sacrifice hundreds of people to revive him>using his underwear as a catalystI love it


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>>637577575God I love girls with beautiful shapely noses.

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>>637577576>deckbuilder slopdo not care

>>637577859>yet another (best genre of all time)why do zoomers hate srpgs?

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>>637575434Because it's shit.

>Deleted the gathering area in the starter zone where everyone put up shops and dueled, actively removing socialization>So many Osa nerfs, the only class remotely unique and worth a damn>Playerbase had alt accounts for years to party with themselves, Ankama sees this, "Oh we'll add an official system for that so you can use your alts with you as a legit system!", people actually hype>Proceeds to introduce a system where you have to pay to use your alt chars on the same acct, but is so limited it might as well not exist, players pissed and continue to use alt accounts insteadThey keep making such stupid decisions, the only reason it still exists and hasn't been bought by Gamigo is because the Baguette Anime is good.

>>637575434Already did. Got the 6 eggs, killed fate and received an invitation to the inglorium.Just waiting for Dofus unity or Wakfu mono account server.

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>>637577641if this isn't bait, then it's because she's pregnant (watch the show). If you are baiting, then fuck you nigger

Which one is the dead one again? This or Wakfu?

>>637578645They're both deadDofus slightly less so because it was the better game

>>637576929He is right though, Ankamas Dofus/Wakfu universes is the closest the west has ever come to recreating the same type of whimsical yet harsh fantasy worlds that Studio Ghibli were famous for.I'm saying this as a person who have never played the (shitty) games but that have watched their shows/movies and have read their comics. Nox from their Wakfu animated series were only around for 1 season and never had the character development he needed to be an actually well written character, yet the writers and animators pulled off his climax (and mini episode) so well that I'd argue that he is a perfect tone setter for their entire fantasy setting

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>>637578645Wakfu, because it sucks ass. Dofus is really old but it still has thousands of players and receives new updates semi-frequently.

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>>637575434Too many ugly characters to play

>>637578843I remember when I first found Dofus and it was a fucking zip file with an HTML instead of exe, and graphic files needed to play it, shit was wild back then.

I liked the "anime" because it was in french and watching it made me feel fancy and cultured

>>637575434i do. been playing over 4 years. Still havent reached lvl 100 with my eniripsaalso im too lazy to convert my steam account into a normal ankama account

>>637575434>>637577576I'm planning on getting to these games at some point. I just don't really have the free time right now to do so. I figure I'll run through all three to see how they are.I've already played Krosmaga so might try that again.

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Waiting for that Wakfu mono server... Any fucking day now

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>>637575434These assholes are still alive? I thought Wakfu's failure killed them.

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>>637575434Solo is garbage and I don't get to bring friends

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>>637576691>>have an amazing fantasy IPKEK>>>Holla ForumsNo one cares about cartoons, user.

>>637575434Because I realised I was only interested in the pornography and cartoons, and not the actual game(s).

>>637579667you get to pay 4x more monthly so you can play by yourself however

>>637579787>The real friends was yourself

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>>637575434>start the game>play Sram>mobs see my invisible traps>uninstall

>>637575434I can't play MMOs anymore, they're too much of a time sink.

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>>637578792I miss him...

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This shit deserved more love. God I wish huppermage women where real

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>>637580354>the Cra are named that because it's Arc(bow in french) backwards and they use bows>the Sram are called that because it's Mars backwards and it was the devs' favorite candy bar

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>>637580547beautiful nose

Why are french so based?

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>>637577397It just works as baby's first fantasy

what's the diference between wakfu and dofus?

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>>637581006wakfu is a shit game that requires multiple accounts and botting to progressdofus is not a shit game

>>637580547rata SEXO

>>637580620They're all puns or references, aren't they?Xelor -> RolexOsamodas -> Sado/MasoSadida ->AdidasIop -> Poi is french for pea, they're pea-brainsEniripsa -> Asprin

>>637580828Every country but the USA is fine with sex and good looking women.The reason most shows and works are being neutered is because investment companies are in their majority, American and they finance most companies US and EU companies.

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>>637580828They like to fuck, and 1500 years of Catholicism hasn't changed that.

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>>637581324America just needs to collapse already desu

>tfw no huppermage wife

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is the card game dead as well? never had the chance to play it but the intro was cool.youtube.com/watch?v=dNB_XqyUK6AAlso, arent french fires ahsame of showing pic related to kids?

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>>637576603Lightweight that get's drunk off wine, I'd still fuck her.

>>637575434I’m not gonna play a dogshit game just for the elder god tier artwork. I can just look at it someplace else.


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>>637575434>wakfu>dofuswhat's with the stupid sounding names?

>>637581928it has like 10 players on steami tried it on release and it was OK, really good art as is typical of Ankama but the gameplay didn't grab me. i remember the monetization being kind of shit as well.

>>637582209I just want a PC singleplayer SRPG by Ankama>>637581928Kids love tits though?

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>>637581324Too bad that their women likes sex so much that France outlawed paternity testing, if they didn't, most of the young men in France would rage so hard that it would grind France as a country to a screeching halt as men everywhere start arming themselves to kill their neighbours


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>>637577576gonna check it out on mobile, currently got nothing on nothing on my phone but sudoku because every mobile game is dogshit, hopefully ankama doesn't fuck it up


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I played with that /vg/ guild way back when they did those mono account serversthe game was a lot of fun, but i remember it devolving into people just doing solo dailies

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>>637582519>not AI tranny shitWhat a breath of fucking fresh air


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>>637575434This game is STILL up?

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I tried to play Dofus for a month four years ago, there's people but it's very hard to find a group to do dungeons in, 95% of the time you end up being carried by someone with 100 more levels than you. It's a shame, I remember starting to play WoW around 1 year before WoTC and I still managed to have fun dungeon runs. Ultimately Dofus is practically a solved game.

>>637583013Never doubt the Xavier

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>>637575434I’ve played since I was like 13

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Reminder that the duck is finally dead

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>>637582947>>637583114>>637583354Do actual French women look this good, or is it just wish fulfillment.

>>637582519>I just want a PC singleplayer SRPG by AnkamaIt's a constant mystery why they haven't made something like that. They have the artwork, the setting, the classes... and their setting is still so loosely defined that they could pretty much do whatever they wanted plot-wise.Instead we get the upcoming One More Gate game, where they aren't using their artwork, and Waven, that's yet another multiplayer game.Just make a singleplayer game, use your beautiful artwork, let me roam around the world with a party of wide-hipped waifus.

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ive always hated the name of these games"dofus" is like the old way of calling someone a retard."wakfu" sounds like something Klonoa yells out

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>>637575434looks too anime for me

>>637583551actual french women dye their hair pitch black and chain smoke all day


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>>637580847What would second fantasy be? Third? Fourth? Final?

>>637583845That's also fine. Ms. Spider from James and the Giant Peach was my first waifu for a very good reason.

>>637575434Been busy playing Double Dragon lately.

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>>637583551Do anime characters look like Japanese women?>>637583678I guess Anakama would rather cheap low effort mobile games.Fuck, I'd even take a browser game, just not an MMO grindathon.

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sadidas feets

>that scene where theyre trapped in a time accellerating bubble>and his fresh toddler grows up to be hotshould have stayed permanent

>>637575434Is Dofus still alive?


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>>637583013your days are numbered TRANNY drawslave...GO back to tumblr or twitter to try to cancel it FAG.YOUR DAYS ARE GONE QUEER

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>>637584130in france

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>>637584130More alive than wakfu

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>>637584006>Do anime characters look like Japanese women?Well, depending on the art style, yes. Listen, all I'm asking is if there's a non-zero amount of attractive gallic women willing to be payed at by a fat American like myself, or would I have to go and storm Normandy again.

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>>637575434Didnt the french just ban any "problematic" 2d porn?

>>637584205thats the one. man literally couldnt believe how hot his daughter got

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>>637576556>projecting your faggotry on fujosspotted the newfag

>>637580847Same could be said for Tolkien.

>>637585012The Hobbit, sure, but most 5 year olds aren't sitting down to read LotR and the Silmarillion.

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>>637584802>non-zero amount of attractive gallic women willing to be payed at by a fat American like myselfAs long as you have money, yeah

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>>637585751their commercials are something else

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>>637580547Man i need more -fu or -fus no matter what. Where is S3? They want money? I'll give 'em money. Cmon give me something.

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>>637581137Akschually Iop is a reference to a french yogurt brand

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>>637583936Fucking based.You should check out double dragon neon if you haven't already. It's amazing.

>>637585936Season 3 has already been released and Bakara is from the Dofus movie, not the Wakfu series.

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>>637585192Kabrok is such a lucky man

>>637585751MWUAAAH...The French animation has always been celebrated for it's horniness. There is a California animation by Zone-Sama, inspired by that same French horniness.

>>637586204He is a good husband too but with that piece of ass for a wife you better be.

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>>637586083Wait hol up maybe i am confunding numbers, which season was the one with the temporal cuckholding and in the end they go through a portal and ends in the cat god realm?


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>>637586430>haha k just like haha lol xd tfw so sad no gf haha so lonely am i right fellasgosling posters deserve what's happening to them, no one cares kys

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Can the USA ever be saved?

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>>637586891you will die alone just like me femanon.

>>637583854Are the DDL links everywhere dead? I'm extremely out of the loop and didn't expect to find Bluray rips on Nyaa.

Because it's called doofus.

>>637581137Sacrier is a portmanteau of sacré (sacred) and crier (shout).

>>637575434Can you also customize how hairy they are down there? I mean it's a French game

>>637587125well, yeah I'm here on this website, so of course I'm lonely and I will absolutely die alone, but you don't see me bitching about it 24/7


>>637580620Only snail eaters would think mars bars are any good

>>637577576I played the beta and enjoyed my time.

>>637582961Were you on the other server? I remember a split happening on launch due to discord faggotry. We were the none discord faction. Was pretty fun, but some autists wanted to be way ahead of the pack, and some didn't resub after a month so I lost interest and stopped playing.

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> Why are you not playing Dofus right now?

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>>637587571It's just a chocolate caramel waferIt's an alright sweet to eat in a pinch between work and working out.

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>>637588096Caramel is dogshit, second only to white "chocolate" when it comes to candy.

>>637586997The big studios? No. But there's a million horny artists out there making a living drawing cheesecake.

>>637587426If you're not fat and have a job, I'll marry you.

>>637588278>Not liking caramel>Not liking white chocolateSubhuman>>637588420I just want said big studios to collapse already or for there to be an opening for said artists to make stuff they want.

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>>637581137Ecaflip = Pile-face, a card game.

Played Dofus forever ago, it was fun until my guild leader started dating some girl in another guild and lost his mind over it. Wakfu was pretty shit overall. OG political system was just Bonta steamrolling everyone and it turned into high school because of the low pop playerbase.Also Hatespawn you're a faggot. It's been ~10 years since I played that game but I know that waste of life still does. Probably the most immature nobody I've ever crossed paths with.

>>637575434They changed sadida and I stopped caring as much.How's waven? Still in "pre-alpha"

>>637588557The is an avenue, its called crowdfunding. Shovel out 2 or 3 pics of the flavour of the month waifu for your backers on patron, and then spend the rest of your time writing the sexy elf epic you always dreamed of.

>>637589408True, but it's still very niche

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Wasn’t aware there was much more to this universe. I tried watching Wakfu years ago and like it but never did finish. Besides finishing watching Wakfu, what else should I read or watch?

>>637575434wakfu brats make me cry continuously!~

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>>637589678>very nicheThe artist subscriber numbers on kemonoparty would disagree.

>>637589869grr! damn kid needs correction!

>>637589856Dofus movieDofus The Treasures of KerubimThe Nox OVA

>>637589869>>637590102shes a child you sick fucks

i played on Shika during 1.29 times and leveld up a panda to 199, then quit because a fellow guildmate hacked my shit. Still, this game was absolutely fucking magical, to me its literally the best mmo experience i've ever had.


>>637590082Just a couple thousand, couple decades ago you could find women being women and there was no issue.

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>>637590592*in mainstream works of American media

>>637590136What about Ogrest?

>>637590748Yeah, that too. Honestly forgot about it. There's tons more material if you also read the comics.

>>637590592There were absolutely losers seething about Jessica Rabbit, they just weren't dictating policy.

>>637583551French women look better than bong and burger women, but that's not saying much.Frogwomen just mainly look tired. Especially city dwellers.

>>637575434I don't want to give any more money to jewkama, I bet the game os still full of bots.

>>637576603Amen to that, Ankama should only do animation, unfortunately it looks like video games are bringing them more money.

>>637575434Same reason I don't play Maplestory. These are old busted games that needed functional updates years ago. I'm not playing a game that has grid scrolling and inconsistent artstyle quality. Ankama also don't seem to understand how to make good games if Wakfu or that failed PvP game are any measure. They have a surface level understanding of game design

>>637582367thanks doc

>>637588982>Pile-face, a card game"pile ou face" is literally just "heads or tails"

>>637591124>mainly look tiredBaller, tell me more.

>>637581324>Every country but the USA is fine with sex and good looking women.Counter argument, muslim countries.WHY THE FUCK IS IMGUR BANNED YOU FUCKING ISLAMIST GOVERNMENT DOGS

>>637591124is it true that French girls tend to smoke a lot? I have smoking fetish

>>637592176me too i love it when girls have coughing fits that last for minutes

>>637592338imagine one of them taking a big puff from a cig then giving you a smoky blowjob

i really hope the artist/designers get to make a real fucking game before they die

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>>637592176Not that much compared to other countries desu>t.frenchfag

Because it's called Dofus

>>637592462penis cancer

>>637592679>"sir you dick has lung cancer"

>>637592762imagine a penis smoking a tiny lil cigarette while wearing a beret

>>637591056Funny that the moment that liberals became the main cultural force, they became more authoritarian that conservatives.>>637592034SNK is doing fine under a Saudi companyEvery company I see that's toning down sexualization is either American, owned/funded by Americans or panders to Americans.

>>637590136And their last project Lance Dur, It's really good, old adventurer gathered again for one last quest, the end was quite surprising youtube.com/watch?v=D4ORhjG81No

>>637583551What's wrong with wish fulfillment?The idea that art improves the closer it gets to reality is a fallacy.Creating representations of what we think the world ought to be will always be more soulful than trying to reflect reality as it is.

>>637593229Relax, I never said it was bad, I just was wondering if my French brethren were drawing from real life inspiration when they made a kids show full of blonde elves with high, firm breasts and hourglass figures.

>>637575434i think i lost my hope for the world watching the development of this couple of games through the years so much wasted potential

>>637584936>>637584809>>637584674>>637585192>>637585581>>637586396hi respectelves when's the next miranda comm

>>637594660I want to eat off Mirandas fat cat ass

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i want more of THIS!

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>>637575434I have Dofus installed on my laptop and Dofus Touch on my phoneI also grew out of Cra phase, I'm a Sram man (woman ingame) now. I also tried Sadida, but that was long ago and things changed so much Sadida doesn't click anymore.Osa is also a cool class

>>637595739ew fucking gay

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>>637595739That zone animation needed more futanari.

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I would fuck the shit out of Amalia and her green pubes


This is from an educational french cartoon for toddlers

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>>637596261so true!futa on female is the best

>>637595739Joel Jurion

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>>637596580Literally the only good thing about the show. The entire rest of it is just an endless stream of "dude penises sex LMAO XD"

>>637596541It's canon.


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>>637596248uugh brown loli... too erotic...

>>637583551they're mediocre looking and dye their hair brown/blonde/dark with roots and strands in the og colorthey're also hairy and some stinkt. see them foreign frenchies on campus daily

>>637575434Sram's got gutted and are no longer about tossing hundreds of traps on the field.

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>>637596868>>637596868>The entire rest of it is just an endless stream of "dude penises sex LMAO XD"Yes, and it's hilarious.

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>>637592835>>637591056>>637590592>>637590082>>637589678>>637589408>>637588557>>637588420>>637586997Bro I got a solution to all your problems

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>>637580847What do you recommend (other than Tolkien) as a cool serious fantasy universe for adults then?>why not tolkienBecause everybody is aware of and appreciates Tolkien, it's just implicit that if you like fantasy you enjoy Tolkien

My gf drew this on her phone. She loves this faggy game

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>>637597545What a coincidence!So do I!

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>played in like 2014-15 with Holla Forums>borrowed a monkey pet from someone in the guild>had to go on a weeklong school trip>came back and the guild was just deadstill feel bad about taking that guy's monkey

>>637583980>>637584341>>637596830>>637597047>>637597240>the hottest girl in the entire cartoon>only shows up for one episode>her people later in become living diving suits or somethingGood ol' General Crazy Tits, looking up art of her is a pain in the ass

>>637582519>singleplayer SRPGnot Ankama, but picrel is really good, scratches that Dofus itch really well

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>>637597707Have her wear elf ears and talk dirty in French to you. It's what I would do.

>>637597707baset artgf, tell her to draw some frida>>637596830

>>637597956Thanks for the rec anonBut I want an SRPG with Xaviers art

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>>637598187Don't we all.

>>637597747Peepoodo. And make sure you watch it in french.

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>>637594660It'd be a tad bizarre to see Miranda in-between all the Holla Forumsposting.

>>637598187A Wakfu Dragon's Crown clone would be cool, but the dev's hate fun and money.

>>637598663>2 postsrent free

>>637575434I speak english.

>>637597876She's obscure. Holla Forums was the only place I've seen anyone talk about her.

Attached: Wakfu.S02E25.1080p.Bluray.DTS.5.1.x264-Bernd_Lauert.mkv_snapshot_01.15_[2018.08.08_16.37.48].jpg (1920x1080, 857.64K)

>>637598187>he had a kickstarted but it ended two months agorip

>>637598983My condolences

>>637597082Disappointing. Maybe I should try Belgium or Switzerland instead.

>>637576691The French only make good art. They can barely do anything else right.


>>637599237Food's pretty good, so long as you don't buy into the haute cuisine meme.

Ankama's biggest problem is being located in France.It gets all the government grants, subsidies and funding it could ever want so job security is never a problem, they'll never go out of business. This in turn means they're free to drag their feet for anything and localizing to other languages is never a priority.

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>>637575434Had my fill of Dofus and Wakfu, especially after the latter got completely gutted.

I've already played the shit out of Wakfu with a Osamodas and coomed my dick to death to all the girls in the franchise so i need a breather.

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>>637599658They get free money? What?

>>637575434this game looks french, it reminds me of wakfu

>>637599658>It gets all the government grants, subsidies and funding it could ever want so job security is never a problemDo they really? Last I recall they got fucked incredibly hard by the channel they aired their stuff on essentially annihilating its animated components, not unlike WB/HBO recently.

Will season 4 deliver or be just okay like season 3?

>>637575434But I am playing Dofus right nowholy fuck glad there's a Holla Forums threadAMA

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>>637577957I discovered Zone thanks to Wakfu.One of the best animation ever created.

>>637580620Sram means "I make a shit" in polish

>>637599891most governments have arts grants.

>>637575953You need to insert money to enjoy the game - until you can somehow grind Kamas to afford a subscription. The game has a subscription based model. While it turns people off you should all be adults with a disposable income, the subscription is relatively cheap compared to every other kind of game and the game has for the most part avoided any P2W elements exclusive to real life currency.>>637576365Literally all of them>>637576691they're Frenchthey need to stick to one game>>637577170I prefer Missiz Freezz>>637577576no lolI am for Dofus 3 (Unity) though>>637578645Wakfu is deadDofus is more alive on monoMulti-acc doesn't matter because people play with themselves

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This is your ally for tonight.Say something nice about them!

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>>637599891It's pretty commonA bunch of cartoons are made in Canada because the Canadian government mandates that X amount of their TV programming has to be made in CanadaTons of movies are filmed in the state of Georgia because they give lots of funding for films

>>637599891>>637600347Wouldn't be surprising if Ankama got free money from the government to produce "French Media".

>>637600365>Multi-acc doesn't matter because people play with themselvesOh I'm sure they do.

>>637600126>you've got your wood out>bow jobthey knew

My Xelor coldwife

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>>637599891>>637599962The french government extensively subsidises "the arts" as long as whatever they make is made in french and for french audiences.So you can make a quiet and safe career catering only to your fellow francophone countrymen and never look to other markets because why bother?

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>>637600039How packed with MTX is it?

>Create your character>The characters are already there to be selectedI hate genderlocking so fucking much.

>>637577576What happens if I cum on those bandages?Can you even cum inside a xelor?

>>637600692It's not, just pay for the sub and you're good. Probably the least p2w f2p MMO out there.

>>637600692It's better to take a look for yourself but in my experience:There are real $ things but I think most of them can be bought for in-game currency at INCREDIBLY cheap conversion rates. One of the most needed things to "really" play the game is a GPS potion which you feed to your mount which allows you to just autopilot to destinations which is incredibly useful. It costs like 1mil Kamas but it's infinitely reusable so it's a 1-time payment for something everyone has and it's resellable.Otherwise cosmetics can be cheap or expensive depending on your tastes. Class change costs $$$ and can be very expensive later. There's no "okay bonus stuff for you!" if you pay AFAIK beyond Subscription which isn't P2W in it's nature.

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>>637600647I'm sure they get something, but I very much recall them having major money issues, which is why S3 ended up as half a season, with S4 originally meant to be part of it, as well as the reason why no further Dofus movies were made, even though the "Book 1" tagline very much implied Julith was only supposed to be the first, with more to follow.

>>637583547>They actually personalized their pubeslol

>>637575434i don't want to play dofus you doofus

*rapes you*

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>>637583547>>637601139Deepest lore

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>>637600246for its time yes, but ever? no lol

>>637575434>enjoy being a noob in the early days>quit when 2.0>give an opportunity>have fun>quit again after xelor nerf (fav class)>go back to 1.29>game got boring after lvl 195>then quit againboring shit full of multiaccount autists.

>>637601837play mono account, retard

Can I play as the censorship duck? If not, I won't play.

>>637602007This is the closest you'll get

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>>637602192That is moderately tempting because I was not expecting an actual answer, let alone proof of such a thing even existing in the game, but I'll have to resist. Close, but not enough to motivate me to play it.


>>637599658Subsidies come with a lot of restraints, for example the second season of Last Man ( pure kino by the way ) was only aired exclusively on France TV ( french national web channel ), only during restrictive hours, basically it was really hard to watch.Stayed a long time on this fucking website only french ip could access, but now it's on ADN ( the french crunchyroll )Hope they will localize to english like the first season, it's so good, nothing come close ot it in the anime industry, it's that special.

>>637599658so Arcane got bankrolled by Macron too?

>>637601567Holy shit ahahahFucking frogs

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>>637581137Eliatrope is reverse for the French word for portal IIRC.

>>637601567now we're talkin


>>637602615No, because it was comissioned by an american company(which in turn is owned by a chinese company) and its main audiotrack is in english.Maybe they got some money for coffee and cigarrettes for the franch dub but that's a big maybe.

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gonna fap to wakfu for old times' sake

>>637583450what is this body type called?


>>637602753>It's realHot

>>637596376>>637596580they look like they fuck shotas


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so the international server is kind of dead right? which classes are the best for solo play? thinking Osamodas, Sadida, or Huppermage since i'm a big fan of summoner guys and huppermage looks neat

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>>637605180international is french only and they will mock you for speaking english, dont play on that shitSadida, Sacrier, Pandawa are prob the best solo classes

>>637605180Sram, Iop, Cra, Elio or Panda are the best solo.Elio and Sram can cheese endgame bosses by themselves easily.Osamodas is ok everywhere and Sadida has some problems for some endgame solo quests.

>>637575434Because the game became trash.0 low level content everyone get PLed to lvl 200 (in 2 days or less).The economy is controlled by the big players. You can make billions if you have a 8-account team farming all day.Also the game still uses flash, no matter how powerful your PC is, you WILL lag. t. frog with 20 lvl 200 characters.

>>637597764Kiwifarms lostLiz Fong-Jones wonmald

Wakfu is proof that Europe isn't Western, but a Central Earthican

>>637606097>0 low level contentWrong>controlled byIt's a free market, retard. You can't "control" the economy as big as this.>8-account team farming all dayPlay mono. Also if anything I heard things are cheaper in multi-acc servers.Yes it does unfortunatelyYou can do some tips to optimize it but you'll need to clear your cache every so oftenDofus Unity will hopefully fix the performance problem this year>froglol opinion discarded

Which game is better, Wakfu of Dofus? And Wakfu is related to the show, i loved it as a kid

>>637607196Dofus is betterWakfu is newer gives means better graphics and optimization but has a lower population and significantly less content overall. It also does not have a mono-account server I believe? Despite being relatively newer Dofus also tends receive more updates I think but I don't play Wakfu.

>>637607357I went full ESL