Bethesdabros how are these gooks doing open worlds better than us????i fear for Starfield goty chance

Bethesdabros how are these gooks doing open worlds better than us????i fear for Starfield goty chance

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>>637575313>Bethesdabros how are these gooks doing open worlds better than us????They aren't, but nice try tendie

>>637575313The only truly immersive, alive and interactive openworlds I've experienced so far are: fallout/tes, and to a lesser degree RDR2 and kingdome come deliverance...nobody else comes close sorry, especially japanese games or the ubishit/playstation formula

>>637575313jap open world games are soulless and just blindly copy western open world game design

>>637575313>i fear for Starfield goty chance>feardumbfuck.

>>637578106the only grammatical error in that sentence is the lack of a 's after starfield

Shartfield will flop harder than Redfall and flopspoken combined

>>637577885RDR2 illusion breaks down when you realize just how scripted everything is. there are no random gameplay moments whatsoever.

I really hope this isnt the case, but I think this game will be a shitshow at launch. Dont get me wrong threads will be fun but I actually want this game to be good enough as a mod base

>>637581341gee what gave it away

>>637575313>how are these gookswhich games?

>>637581341It's fucked up just how everyone is trying to TORtanic every new game not just Starfield. Cyberpunk did a number on gaming communities and they never recovered

>bethesdrones will play this garbage and exclaim yo this gameplay is FIRE

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>>637578297I think that user is saying that it's retarded to care about the goty viability of a game nobody's played, even if >it's 70% ironic no really guys I'm only joking except I'm spending an hour of my day, again, false flagging :3

>>637581661>he thinks Cyberpunk was the first AAA flopLet me tell you about Diablo 3


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>>637581708This looks fine though? Sometimes I wonder if a lot of the things posted on this website are elaborate attempts to troll me personally.

>>637575313Like it or not they had a big audience for normalfags who play on ps

>>637581708yo this gameplay is FIRE

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>>637581295Glad you didn't play the game.

>>637581843D3 wasn't what people wanted, and it was buggier at launch, but come on. It wasn't half as bad as cp2077. That game wasn't even halfway to the bullshit destination it had in mind, and it still isn't. At least D3 does what it's trying to do.

>>637581843There were many flops behind it. But Cyberpunk was a galactic scale flop that everyone heard about

>>637582025Looks better than totk desu.

>>637581980Funny because PS was always the inferior platform for their games>Messy performance for PS3 titles>No complex mods on PS4 because Sony is afraid of security breaches

>>637575313Bethesda open world games, and this one especially, are just boring as shit

>>637582253>and this one especiallyit's not even out...

>>637575313>he thinks you have to chose between Starfield and Zeldalol

>>637582253As oppose to what open world that isn't?

>>637582043nta but i stopped playing RDR2 a few weeks after it came out on PC. I had been enjoying it, then I took a tab of acid, and I had the epiphany that the game actually didn't look good enough for me to be constantly affirming to myself that it looked good because I wasn't actually having fun. Most of what I'd actually been doing was walking around and larping as a cowboy, and since RDR2 is like a 300 hour game with few meaningful gameplay mechanics hidden after the intro, that's a lot of time to invest. I uninstalled. Thanks for reminding me that a good game is supposed to be fun as a game and not a horse shitting simulator, drugs.

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>>637581884All of these ship parts and combinations showed suck ass holy shit. Slapped together dogshit. They're all blocky lego looking turds. Not at all smooth and sleek like ships from Star Citizen.There better be fully premade ships too.

>>637575313>implying it ever had a chanceCute. It won't even be better than FFXVI, let alone TOTK.

>>637575313starfield will be in the running for geoffy's goty list for sure, but autism will ensure that zelda winseither way i get to play both games and will likely enjoy starfield more, since it will have better things to find and domost chests in zelda contain junk weapons or resources you don't use

>>637582471>Not at all smooth and sleek like ships from Star Citizen

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>>637582480what game won goty 2011 again? it wasn't skyward sword

>>637582305The initial E3 Skyrim demo was more entertaining than the snoozefest demo they did for Starfield just last year. Todd is behind the times.

It's not even going to be the best RPG this year, BG3 early access was more exciting than anything Bethesda has done imo.

>>637575313TotK is an entirely different open world experience. No other dev can seem to do the very specific experience bethesda provides and Zelda isn't even attempting it. It's like comparing them both to RDR2 just because they are all open world doesn't mean they are all the same experience.

>>637582437Lost all credibility there in an instance. Enjoy your shallow life half assed druggie.


>>637582673You're among people who keep comparing TotK Nuts and Bolts or Gmod, you think they're capable of thought beyond silly memes?

>>637582560Or pretty much any other IP that features space ships. Well designed and thought out of the box > > > > > slap your own boxes together design.

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>>637582471>he paid for JPEGStopkek

>>637582673>No other dev can seem to do the very specific experience bethesda providesVampire the Masquerade did it as good as Bethesda's best games, and this was under an intense time crunch with 1/100th of the resources Bethesda currently has. It absolutely can be done.


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>>637582471>All of these ship parts and combinations showed suck ass holy shit. Slapped together dogshit. They're all blocky lego looking turds. Not at all smooth and sleek like ships from Star Citizen.

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>>637582471>Not at all smooth and sleekGood, that shit is so generic and bland at this point.

>>637581661We've had like 3 big flops in the last 2 months alone.

>>637582807>he bought star citizen

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>>637582847>Vampire the Masquerade did it as good as Bethesda's best gamesNo, if it did more people would play it more consistently. It does not do what Bethesda games do.

>>637575313Zelda won't have sex mods. We will.

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>>637582721>acid>druggieKEK Tell me you know dick about drugs without telling me. What's it like sucking down all the koolaid 70-year-old conservatives are sandblasting down your throat?

>>637582807I'm glad Starfield is doing actual spaceship designs instead of stupid planeslop.

>>637582991It does. >if it did more people would play it more consistentlyIf only the world were as simple as it needs to be for your retarded take to be true. Google "brand loyalty" then come back.

>>637582807Bro you're pointing to a fucking COD game to say that this cookiecutter shit design is supposed to be good?

>>637583007>tfw you will be able to mod zelda into the game and fuck her but can't in TotK

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>>637582437i dropped two tabs and wandered around tall trees for like five hours fending off grizzlies and cougars and it was incredible.

Starfield is going to make this website unusable for half a year. It will likely ruin youtube too with every parasite having massively ranging hot takes from the game being an utter masterpiece to the game blending five million kittens every hour you play.Both extremes are fucking stupid.

>>637583015>It's not a drug cause... it's just not okay!Whatever you say junkie

>>637582775You're a retarded. What the fuck are you talking about? Starfield ships look like SHITCall of Duty IW for example had the right idea. Fighters look like 6th gen concept jets but in space and capital ships have aircraft carrier borrowed designs and beats.>>637582818>>637582987I didn't. Just took it as an example.>>637582929Look up the Space Shuttle and Buran. Looks smooth and fucking amazing and exactly what I'm talking about.>>637582963Everything about Starfield looks like an asset flip from the Unreal store.>>637583019Dumb cunt. Look up the Space Shuttle.

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>>637583170And Todd wins in all cases.

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>>637583170I can't name one game where this has ever happened, definitely not recently.

>>637582471Is it actually just Scam Citizen trannies that are shitting on it. Move on dude, it sucks you dropped so much money on it but Bethesda is actually trying to release a game

>>637583093V:TM does not offer the same expansive roleplay opportunity nor as vast and interactable a world as ANY Bethesda game. Not even Arena or daggerfall. Not only that, but Vampire does not even attempt to do that. Vampire is a linear RPG. You are comparing an apple to an orange because you are fucking stupid.

>>637582807>>637583232Do you think posting the most generic "fighter jet but in space" design will convince anyone you're right?

>>637583303>Is it actually just Scam Citizen trannies that are shitting on it.Yes. They paid thousands on dollars for a game that will never be complete. Meanwhile Starfield will have endless mods for free.

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>>637583232That’s just a fighter jet man

>botw open world>goodlol nice one

>>637583093>muh dialogue treesis not gameplay, user. vtmb is very good but it's a very different game from anything bethesda makes, and the systems at play don't even come close to matching what you find in a bethesda game

>>637583119>>637583361Fine. Mass Effect then. THIS is how you design a memorable space ship.>>637583432Yes and it looks much better. Like the Space Shuttle but adapted for a smaller military fighter in space.

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>>637583232No wonder Scam Citizen made so much money, their advocates are all codbabbies with zero taste.

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>>637583232Spaceships don't look like fighter jets user. They also don't need to look "Sleak"

>>637583158>two tabsMeaningless datapoint w/o knowledge of microgram per tab. 200 ug ain't much unless you're new.>wandered around tall trees for like five hours fending off grizzlies and cougarsYou won't have vivid open-eyed hallucinations at 200ug unless you're a baby.>>637583208Acid has been empirically demonstrated to not be physiologically addictive. I do it maybe twice a year because it's fun to do at music festivals or on an offday when I'm on a skiing trip. You can stop pretending to understand drugs. It's clear the extent of your familiarity is what they tell you in DARE.

>>637582235weirdly, skyrim's PS4 audio is the highest quality of all skyrim releases. nexus has a great mod that just replaces the PC audio with the PS4 files

>>637583510Boring, generic, sleek sci-fi design done a million times. It's only iconic because Mass Effect was popular.

>>637583015Just because it "isn't addictive bro" does not not make it a drug. It's just a supposed shortcut to something profound or feeling good, just like any other drug out there. Sure it's nice to experience it but my guess is if you were thinking about rdr2(a game you profess you don't even like) while tripping, then you mist be doing something wrong.

>>637583518I didn't give SC a dime. Again, that's just an example because it has so many good looking ships. I brought up Mass Effect and even COD next.>>637583541>>637583603Much better than being lego boxes.

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>>637583518>pay real money for digital paint jobswtf is wrong with these people

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>>637583561>Acid has been empirically demonstrated to not be physiologically addictiveSpoken like an addict

>>637583509>the systems at play don't even come close to matching what you find in a bethesda gameCompared to the games Bethesda was releasing in the early 2000s? Not really. What was so mechanically marvelous about Oblivion that you can't imagine another company on the planet mimicking that? All they'd need to do to adapt that to modern Bethesda titles is dumb down the RP massively and invest most resources into making the gunplay acceptable for an FPS released in 2012.

>>637583561>You won't have vivid open-eyed hallucinationsHe's describing the gameplay you brain-addled junkie retard

>>637583701>What was so mechanically marvelous about Oblivion that you can't imagine another company on the planet mimicking that?The size of the game world and that every NPC had a voice and schedule.>All they'd need to do to adapt that to modern Bethesda titles is dumb down the RP massively and invest most resources into making the gunplay acceptable for an FPS released in 2012.So why hasn't anyone attempted that? The game that did was the Outer Worlds and no one even remembers it.

>>637583019>planeslopI hate you so much.

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>>637583510Yeah it’s also not customizable and exists for the sole purpose of being a stealth ship. Ships in starfield can be designed with different uses in mind. You’re not gonna use a slick small design to haul cargo likewise if you want it be a certain way design it that way

no one does open world like Bethesda, evidenced by the fact that they are the only ones who can make games like theirs. skyrim is one of the biggest games ever, every normalfag has played it, and yet no one has even attemped to break off some of that audience in the intervening 12 years. because Bethesda has a stranglehold on their niche

>>637583093>It does.What the fuck user. I know it's a good game, but it's a lot more like some Deus Ex-like game, or Fallout 1-like at best, rather than Elder Scrolls.

>>637583614>Just because it "isn't addictive bro" does not not make it a drugIt is a drug. I never claimed it wasn't. I'm only saying that calling someone a druggie because they dropped acid and realized they hadn't been having fun playing RDR2 is disingenuous. If you had friends in college, you've probably been around people who occasionally took psychedelics. Anybody talking about it the same way jaded 70-year-olds do gives off massive balding fat man energy.>It's just a supposed shortcut to something profound or feeling good, just like any other drug out thereMost drugs out there don't interfere with your thinking processes to such an extent that you'd consider things you normally wouldn't when sober.>if you were thinking about rdr2(a game you profess you don't even like) while tripping, then you mist be doing something wrongTrips last like 12 hours on acid. Are you gonna pretend you never think about consumer products in the span of 12 hours? Am I only doing it right if I take a hammock out to the mountains and noodle on my guitar?>>637583662>no rebuttalI accept your concession.

>>637584040>skyrim is one of the biggest games ever76 map is bigger

>>637583942>Yeah it’s also not customizableI don't care. Read >>637582807 >>637582471

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>>637582610Skyrim demo had an audience behind it and it was live gameplay instead of jank clips stitched together. there's a second, bigger demo coming

>>637584174in terms of popularity

Compare this beauty >>637583510With this BLOCK SLOP >>637583518

>>637584276Starfield ship looks better. No idea what you are going on about.

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>>637584257>popularityno, the ingame map itself is larger than skyrim

>>637584356Fuck off Todd.

>>637584193Imagine getting mad that Bethesda is doing their own style and not copying every other generic piece of sci-fi


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>>637584431What style? It's just badly slapped together lego ships with no rhyme or reason.

>>637575313>gooksthey're nips or elevens you zoomer

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>>637584094I genuinely don't understand what you guys think is so special about Elder Scrolls games. Look at Skyrim. 90% of the time, dungeons aren't going to have anything meaningful in them, so they're effectively the base-clearing content you'd find in ubisoft games. The dialogue system is sparser and less meaningful than what you'd find in The Witcher 3 or KC: Deliverance. Most open world games have skill trees nowadays. The only thing I can think that Bethesda games excel at consistently in comparison to the competition is mod support. That's it. That doesn't mean other companies can't or don't make games that successfully ape the Bethesda design philosophy.


>>637584276Normandy always looked too flimsy for its size. I get it fits the design idea of a next gen stealth ship but it never really felt like a space ship.That's the issue with these generic sci-fi designs. Everything is waved away by phlebtonium so designs default to the most basic shit imaginable. The only way it could be worse is if it was all glossy plastic with blue hologram controls.

>>637584120Oh don't take me calling you a druggie too seriously bud, this is Holla Forums after all. All good.

>>637584602i can't explain it either. obsidian would be eating bethesda's lunch right now if it were possible but it's been 20 years and no one has cracked their audience

>>637583510Funny you posted the Normandy because every other ship in the game looks retarded as fuck. not like Bioware had an interesting art style to compensate for

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>>637583756Then it's off-topic because I never played RDR2 while tripping. Who the fuck plays games on psychedelics? I just had a passing thought at one point while tripping that I hadn't really been enjoying the game, and I remembered that feeling the next day and still felt it, so I uninstalled.

>>637584679You people are schizophrenic.Not ONLY are the Starfield designs the most generic shit imaginable, they also don't look like ships either. Worst of both worlds.

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>>637584602Anon. There is ONE game that makes something like a Bethesda open world and that was KC: Deliverance. There is nothing else like it. Anyone who tries makes utter dogshit like the Outer Worlds.We are not making the argument that other companies physically can't make a Bethesda style game, we are saying that almost every time they make the attempt they fuck it up. That is a fact. If it was untrue we would see a ton of Bethesda style games made because they print money.

>>637584602Emergent gameplay.

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>>637584890>He says as he posts more figher jet planeslopSeriously, post an actual SPACE SHIP.

>>637585014Read >>637583232

>>637585005Me with the FAT shirt

>>637585090Don't pretend like the fighter jets you've been posting (which you clearly have an autistic obsession for) are anything like actual space shuttles.

>>637583701>Compared to the games Bethesda was releasing in the early 2000s? Not really.disingenuous reply, considering vtmb doesn't even have half the world simulation shit, quest lines and dialogue options that oblivion hasno one remembers two worlds either

>>637585005I'm the guy between the fat shirt and space waifu shirt.

What gook games do it better??

>>637583232The space shuttle is a complete joke and set space exploration back for decades. Planes in space is fucking retarded.

>>637583232This is what an actual infinite warfare ship looks like btw

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>>637575313Fallout 4 didn't win any GOTY awards and neither will Starfield. It's not 2008, open worlds aren't impressive any more and Bethesda's borderline indie-tier quality and production values won't win modern audiences over. Add to this the fact it's a new IP when people only really care about TES and Fallout and it's a recipe for a sea of 7/10s.

>>637584890You just can't call something generic when you post shit like this. Come the fuck on man.

>>637585708Very Starfield-esque. almost like is if they had similar direction, hm

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>>637585475>GUISE THIS GAME IS SO GOOD LOOK THEY EVEN USED AI GENERATE A MASSIVE EMPTY LANDSCAPE SO YOUR TIME IS WASTED WHILE YOU COMPLETE GUILD QUESTSI’m not even one of those contrarian faggots who pretends oblivion was bad, but saying>VtM is nothing less Oblivion because its scope is smallerIs a double-digit IQ take. The reason Oblivion was fun wasn’t the fact that it had the nasty habit of hiding your birthday present in a 10 ft x 10 ft room filled floor to ceiling with golf balls. That’s filler, and if that’s why you play Bethesda games, you’re a retard.

Even No Man's Sky, with the sentinel ship update, has better looking ships despite being a game for

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>>637584602Skyrim isn't a dungeon crawler, a visual novel, a skill tree grinding game, or anything any other game could be defined as. It's a grand immersive sim with a lived-in world where you're simply free to take a role and do anything that's made possible by the game mechanics. It's a sum of every little RPG and sandbox feature. Most people don't even play the main quest, or any of the quests at all.

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>>637586014Stop posting reddit scientific-fantasy planes already, no one wants this. At least post Elite Dangerous designs which were obviously inspirations and do a good job at looking grounded in actual space engineering.

>>637585708It takes beats from real life military ships. That one is obviously a destroyer because it has those WW2 cannons. It's amazing and it looks cool.Pic related is taking elements from real life aircraft carriers because it's a carrier. Look at that angled landing strip like the Nimitz. Fucking awesome.Starfield ships on the other hand look like formless slapped together turds you find in the junkyard.

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>>637586410ED ships look like trash but at least they're designed out of the box and not this schizophrenic shit Bethesda did.

since when does CoD even have spaceships? what the fuck is happening with that franchise and why is this CoDbabby spamming this thread with his generic shit?

>>637586176Remember back when we called Skyrim babies faggots for gushing from every orifice about the game that simplified WRPGs so much that you can now play then with absolutely no goal in mind other than>im a bow guy i shoot arrows and crab walk everywhereor>im a melee man i slap everyone hard with my bladeor>im a caster and im basically the same as bow guyRemember when games could mechanically be more than that because zoomers weren’t around to open-mouth kiss Todd every time he released a game that spends 90% of its development time trying to make the game look deep and immersive rather than actually being deep and immersive. Everything you’ve listed about Skyrim is smoke and mirrors. It’s a very simple game for very simple babies with small brains.

>>637586431Do you just want fucking everything to look like shit we already have but in space?

>>637586176The main quest can go fuck itself.I'mma do ALL the faction quests and decorate this random pirate ship with my all spoils.

>>637586608>zoomersbethesda is a millenial company and skyrim is a millenial staple. next you can tell us about how much you hate halo because it wasn't as good as half life, and how it's "babby's first fps"

>>637586431Oh you're just a military autist who wants to apply your obsession to space, to the annoyance of space autists.

>>637586608>im a bow guy i shoot arrows and crab walk everywhereor>im a melee man i slap everyone hard with my bladeor>im a caster and im basically the same as bow guyThis has been what Elder Scrolls is since the dawn of time. Skyrim was nothing special in regards to the formula.

>>637586014You are getting desperate at this point because none of your examples were actually good. time to look up movi- oh, it's the same blocky design from Starfield

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>>637586608>numbers in menus good>numbers presented as immersive and diegetic parts of the world badTES games have absolutely never been about numbers and systems, even Arena strived to be immersive and keep numbers away and Skyrim is simply a continuation of that.

>>6375753131. Make Goyslop2. Casuals and stupid people buy it3. Make money4. Repeat

loved elden ringloved totkwill love starfieldsimple as thatkino is back on the menu boys!

>>637587124>loved elden ringNice>loved totkGood>will love starfieldLMFAO!!!

>>637586884Skyrim is the first game I remember my little cousin being excited over. He’s 20 now and still playing modded Skyrim. He and all his friends are zoomers. Face it, user, you’re playing a game that’s design to appeal to teens and children. Why else would FO4 and SF share so much of their design with Skyrim? Bethesda’s modern releases have basically the same approach of gluing janky shallow mechanics together until enough 9th grade beta testers say>WOW this is so immersive I’ve never played anything like this beforeYou just so happened to be that for Skyrim when it came out. Or you’re a palateless sheep who unironically consoomed Skyrim despite being old enough to know better. You’re a retard either way, and I’ll be you’re mouthbreathing right now.


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>>637587282>Why else would FO4 and SF share so much of their design with Skyrim?They all share a uniform design philosophy Bethesda has had since Morrowind. Why do you pretend Skyrim was somehow massively different from their previous games? You better give Morrowind and Oblivion the same amount of shit.

>>637587282>Why else would FO4 and SF share so much of their design with Skyrim?Because they're made by the same studio that has had the same design philosophy for two decades? How has that never occurred to you?

>>637577885WOW > Silkroad Online > Minecraft > No Man's Sky > TES > Fallout > everything else

>>637586561Infinite Warfare is a 2016 game bro.And YOU FUCKING WISH Starfield had IW style guns and armors and ships. Pray someone ports these assets. >>637586648I mean, the stuff we have IRL look like that for a reason and we're already accustomed to it. People who like military stuff like how these things look and adapting them to sci-fi is fucking great. Makes your brain connect these things.Starfield isn't some space opera or high sci-fi shit. It's not zany like DUNE or whatever. It's pretty grounded. I mean, the first weapon they showed was a space P90. >>637586954Space autists are retarded in this case because Starfield is neither realistic nor fantastical, so it just sits in a shitty generic corner with no good designs whatsoever. >>637587067The most popular TV ship is the USS Enterprise which is exactly what I've wanted. Sleek and unique. All Star Trek federation ships fit this criteria.

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>>637587692WoW is only immersive on a full pre-cataclysm PvP server. Beyond that, you're basically playing a phone game.

>>637587289BASED. Finally someone sane.This is what I've wanted.

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>>637578359They will probably sell enough pre-order copies before 6th of September.

>>637587749>I mean, the stuff we have IRL look like that for a reason So we should just design spaceships to look the same but for NO reason at all.

>>637587282>same design philosophygee, you think? they're all made on the same engine ffs

>>637587282>Why else would FO4 and SF share so much of their design with Skyrim?Because they share a design philosophy with Morrowind, Daggerfall and Arena. TES games never really had huge shifts in direction except for the spinoffs. They progressively went away with procgen and abstraction to focus more on handcrafting and physicality, the biggest shift might be from Daggerfall to Morrowind in fact which is exactly the kind of "simplification" a small-brained person might perceive without realizing why they decided to not have gigantic procedural dungeons, towns and wilderness.

>>637587996Again, Starfield is not hard science shit. It's stylized. I'm just saying its style is generic and shit. And it's better off to go with military but in space style.

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>>637587282even japan recognized skyrim's majesty you turbosperg

>>637588164See: >>637585810

>>637587749No one cares about your retarded off-topic slop you stupid zoomer, you even stopped pretending to care about the planes and started posting generic military gruffmen instead as if that was even remotely related to the thread.

>>637587749>And YOU FUCKING WISH Starfield had IW style guns and armors and shipsDrop the contrarianism for a minute. Infinite Warfare isn't even a good example of a coherent sci-fi art style.

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>>637581708They scraped it gave the hand to Id Software.

>>637587749>The most popular TV ship is the USS Enterprise which is exactly what I've wantedSo you want sleek and generic space opera shit that's been done for OVER FIFTY YEARS

>>637582471You will never be a real man.

>>637587647>You better give Morrowind and Oblivion the same amount of shit.You're not the boss of me, but I'll give them varying amounts of shit. Oblivion dumbed down leveling, gear, and environmental storytelling quite a bit. The game was designed to be digestible to console players first-and-foremost, and it shows. It's still a better game than Skyrim because less of the experience is reliant on the fleeting "wow the music and mountain landscape is so hecking pretty" cope.Morrowind is only a reduction of the formula if you only ever wanted the franchise to be procedurally generated dungeon crawlers like Daggerfall. That simplification made sense and genuinely improved the experience for everyone who played MW. Oblivion is the first game IMO that sacrificed a substantial portion of what made the previous entry good in order to appeal to morons, but Skyrim is the first time that most of what's left is meant to appeal to morons.>Because they're made by the same studio that has had the same design philosophy for two decades?How's high school going, user? Anybody saying Morrowind has the same design philosophy outside the barebones expectation that it's an WRPG with a dialogue tree doesn't know what they're talking about.

>>637588164>I'm just saying its style is genericSo what other pieces of media have the same style if it's generic? I can think of two at most, while the milslop style is in everything.

>>637575313Bethesda has been the greatest RPG developer for DECADES.

>>637588254Of course it's related to the fucking thread. Starfield has armors and space guns too. It's just that they look like fucking shit and are also nonsensical for the sake of retardation.Like that square shotgun holy shit.>>637588325Tried and true > > > > >> > stinky dogshit that just happens to be new>>637588270It is. Looks better than SF.

Attached: space pirates.jpg (2254x1500, 1.05M)

>>637588671It's not related, go make your own thread to post alone in instead of spamming off-topic garbage here.

>>637588228>the japs liked it, so it must be good

Attached: R (1).jpg (1232x1600, 296.89K)

>>637588236>>637585810Starfield is generic AND shitty looking. Slapped together and half assed.Star Citizen is perhaps generic but at least it follows some sound and aesthetic design choices.

Attached: Crusader.jpg (3661x2480, 637.56K)

>>637588490>Anybody saying Morrowind has the same design philosophy Sorry but it's the same shit. You're deluded.>play as some kind of warrior, mage, thief, or a mix of the above by choosing what skills you prioritize and grow>talk to people in towns for quests,>all quests only vary between generic fetch quests, generic talk to a guy quests, generic dungeon dives, etc.>minimal choices and consequencesElder Scrolls has always been pure class fantasy roleplaying.

>>637588671this space pirate is way cooler than the ones you posted

Attached: R.png (1920x1080, 1.69M)

Well, I have heard Japan has a crazy work ethic, even by American standards. But I'd also bet it has something to do with the profit motive. I'm a capitalist through and through, but there is a consequence to profit at any cost. They may re-invest more into their companies? Or maybe they hire people who actually give a shit? Don't they have less women than men over there? So doing well and getting to the top would be a huge motivator to get a wife and a family. I know they have less problems with minorities and identities, which holds back corporate America like you wouldn't believe. Just bullshitting off the top of my head.

Starfield is a trash game


>>637588490>the first simplified TES game I played during my formative years GOOD>the other simplified TES game BADAs much as I liked Oblivion I cannot in any kind of shape or form pretend it's a better game than Skyrim, you're absolutely retarded. You can't even properly formulate your opinions and you handwave it away as "experience" which is inherently personal.

>>637588767It's related.

Attached: john ting.jpg (1000x1415, 1.62M)

>>637588805The degree to which I have control over these decisions and their outcomes is what makes older bethesda games interesting. I don't consider it an even trade to swap most of that freedom for the appearance-first-gameplay-last mindset every post-Oblivion game has held. Sorry, Todd. I won't be buying Skyrim again, nor FO4, nor FO76, nor SF. You can forget about it :)

>>637588868im like 90 percent sure the one that the other guy posted is some artist ripping off the EVA helmets from Halo

>>637588868I actually really like that Crimson Fleet helmet. It's pretty good.But these holo helmets are insanely cooler. Hopefully someone mods them in.

Attached: space buccaneers.jpg (3000x1688, 1.23M)

>>637588671>Generic blue holograms>>637588803>Generic glossy plasticHoly shit you have ZERO taste just as I said >>637584679

>>637589019>The degree to which I have control over these the exact same as it's ever been.

>>637589129Both that ship and those suits are better than what Bethesda slapped up. Modders will prove me right.

>>637586013>not even comparing the systems when the entire conversation is about the number of systems at play in each gameanon, you're a fucking retard and you've lost sight of the argument entirely

>>637589019I'm sure you're a big fan of that Daggerfall main quest flowchart and didn't realize that how it's presented in the game is literally just a time limit that will randomly brick the whole thing you if you happen to fuck with one of the NPCs related to it, it's horrible game design and not interesting when you actually experience it instead of theorycrafting about it.

>>637589213Given how modders went with the most generic shit for FO4 I think they'll prove us both right.

>>637589213The problem is, you never provided an actual good example. I would've never engaged with you if you posted one image from Halo yet you picked the most generic sci-fi military game in decades and hailed it against Starfield

Attached: ODST.jpg (1600x900, 223.19K)

>>637588956>You can't even properly formulate your opinions and you handwave it away as "experience"You spend so much time theorycrafting what I mean by things. If you have a question, just ask. That's how conversations go, retard.>As much as I liked Oblivion I cannot in any kind of shape or form pretend it's a better game than SkyrimOblivion is trying to be an open-world list of quests with progressively more interesting scenarios in which you slowly rise the ranks in a guild of your choosing. Dialogue is janky but fun to explore. If you play the game without a guide, your first few playthroughs will have plenty of narrative surprises. Skyrim by comparison has a lackluster story with few worthwhile faction quests. Dialogue is completely benign. The whole experience is 75% of the way to being an ARPG rather than what you'd expect when you say "Bethesda RPG". The fact that FO4 was literally just a looter shooter with a functionless dialogue system proves my point.

>>637589405I thought about posting Halo too. Halo fits exactly what I'm talking about.

Attached: destiny 2.jpg (1920x1080, 388.2K)

>>637589213Ah yes the modding community, known for its taste and perfectly sound design decisions.

Attached: 1661936878612292.jpg (385x216, 36.56K)

>>637581341Pretty much, with the state of triple a games these days. Redfall was made by a studio owned by Bethesda and that was a mess. Hopefully they aren't retarded enough to make their new flagship gam actually functional

>>637589510Yet you didn't. it's too late now since you are posting everything you come across at this point just to prove your point


>>637589473Oblivion has better writing for sure, you're still a lunatic theorycrafting if you though that would make for a better game and you're obviously speaking from nostalgia.

>>637586608>because zoomers weren’t around to open-mouth kiss Todd every timethey just do it to Miyazaki and Elden Ring, a world that you can't interact with at all except stare at it

>>637589629>if you prefer a franchise as it was before it became mainstream and needed to appeal to literally everybody to fund the company as it now exists, you're just a nostalgiafagWhat a depressing outlook on life.

>>637589510>planes... but in SPACE!!!I blame Wing Commander for this shit. I would say Star Wars too but they actually do a good job making weird ships that are obviously meant for space rather than aerodynamic sleekness.

>>637589585I swear to God I wanted to post Halo Reach Sabre. It's exactly what I want.

Attached: Sabre.png (1020x720, 465.24K)

This is what they should've gunned for. NASApunk.

Attached: combat astronaut.jpg (1767x2500, 532.09K)

>>637588671>>637589110>space buccaneersall just a cheap rip off of Emile

Attached: emile.jpg (1600x900, 221.37K)

>>637589816TES has been mainstream since Daggerfall and yes people would rant about Morrowind simplifying things too at the time, stop trying so hard to seem unique when you aren't.

>>637575313>he thinks nintendo biased game journalists will let Zelda not be GOTYlmaoooooooooooooooo

'ate science fantasy'ate military sci-fi'ate sleek and shinyluv the Nostromoluv the Serenityluv the Rocinanteluv me chunky spaceshipssimple as.

Attached: Concept - Stelaris HC-46.jpg (3840x2160, 2.68M)

>>637589827Yes.jpg Aerodynamics are fucking awesome and pleasing to the brain. Get Shōji Kawamori for this shit.

Attached: macross.jpg (1920x1080, 222.18K)

>>637590016>NASApunk.fuck off

Attached: starfield-journey-begins.jpg (1920x1080, 163.4K)

Attached: Concept - RS-2556 A.jpg (3840x2160, 666.39K)

Attached: Concept - Drifting Ship Resize.png (2880x1620, 3.76M)

>>637590045>TES has been mainstream since DaggerfallNormies didn't play daggerfall.>yes people would rant about Morrowind simplifying things too at the timeAnd it did, but it did it in a way that ultimately improved the experience I want when I play a Bethesda game. I don't play Bethesda games because the actual gameplay is good. It never is. It's jank as fuck. When all the mechanical complexity is stripped away, the story is dumbed down, and all I'm left with a bucket of hastily made toys, I can't shake the feeling I'm playing a game that's psychologically optimized to appeal to the ADHD-afflicted energy-drink-fueled youth of today.>stop trying so hard to seem unique when you aren'tI've outlined exactly why I think what I think. Stop being intellectually bankrupt by insisting my argument is just "UHHHH GAME BAD NOW BECAUSE NEW WHY CANT BE OLD". There are plenty of retards who actually argue that in every thread on Holla Forums, and I'm not one of them.

>>637590016But NASApunk is literally what they gunned for and it shows, people wear very bulky pressurized suits and ships have more in common with KSP than fantasy slop like Ass Effect.

Attached: Concept - Frontier Sulfur Pit.jpg (3936x2215, 555.58K)

>>637590236>>637590406Don't post Bethesda concept arts. The final product is always infinitely shit. Just look at Skyrim and Fallout 3.

>>637590412Your entire argument boiled down to the quest writing which is the most basic bitch opinion possible that everyone who actually plays the games is aware of, everything else was just pathetic attempts at trying to be seen as some hipster series veteran unaware of the actual popularity of the games.

>>637590520We've already seen what the ships look like and they're not at all different. They may look better as a piece of art vs in game model depending on your taste but design wise it's the same.Still, I'll switch it up. I was nearly out anyway.

Attached: Ship - Ghost 1.jpg (1920x940, 191.09K)

>>637590626>Your argument consisted of a commonly held pointYes.>And everything else you said is just contrarian hipster garbageQuote me.


Attached: Ship - Heavy Cargo.png (1697x955, 1.38M)

This is what a spaceship looks like and I'm tired of planes in my space games. Starfield is still too planey but a step in the right direction.

Attached: 1668474213410616.jpg (1192x670, 94.4K)

>>637590415>But NASApunk is literally what they gunned forWell they've failed.

>>637590754That thing is fucking massive. You can see from the size of the airlocks. Looks like a uniform design too so I wonder where it is ingame.

Attached: Ship - Frontier 1.jpg (3840x2160, 948.14K)

>>637591098>>637590881>>637590942What a mess of shit.

>>637591095The Ghost is one of the default Crimson Fleet designs, we see one one the planet's surface during the gameplay reveal and then multiple of them during the space combat.

Attached: Ship - Ghost 2.png (1697x955, 1.11M)

i desire to know the absolute limits of the ship making tool.

>>637590846>quote me>Normies didn't play daggerfall.>psychologically optimized to appeal to the ADHD-afflicted energy-drink-fueled youth of today.>before it became mainstream>How's high school going, user?You tried really hard to argue from seniority while simultaneously being unaware of how people actually perceived the evolution of the series, especially when comparing Daggerfall to Morrowind. Then you argued that Morrowind's simplification was good which is obviously a matter of opinion and what you got used to first.What irks me the most is how you actually tried to pretend Morrowind was ever some kind of obscure game, it's pathetic.

This is what we want.

Attached: Dropship.jpg (2500x1723, 744.36K)

>>637591448No it isn't.

>>637591448You can have that in like 6 different franchises

Even some of the space stations have their own thing going on.

Attached: 1656527405915.jpg (1920x1080, 160.35K)

>>637590754I love how they made it actually look like something that has flown for a considerable time with all the weathering, I don't know why other games make everything so perfectly polished.

>>637591709Degradation over time and the need for refurbishment as a mechanic would be cool. But to have every part look weathered and rusted even if you buy it brand new is just pure shit.

>>637591829Probably shouldn't get your hopes up but there was interesting post I saw where images of the player wearing the same jetpack had different levels of weathering.No idea if it's an actual system, or if it applies to spaceships, but it'd be pretty cool even if just cosmetic.

It looks better than Elden Slop

Will you play this game with a HOTAS controller? Do you think the space dogfighting mechanics will be complex enough to warrant it?

Attached: dogfight.jpg (2503x1400, 1.6M)

>>637591397>>Normies didn't play daggerfallThey didn't. Pick any random socially adjusted teen from the late 90s. Most had never played DF. Skip ahead to today. Grab any random socially adjusted teen. They've played Skyrim. They've played FO4. They will play SF. Why do you think that is?>>psychologically optimized to appeal to the ADHD-afflicted energy-drink-fueled youth of today.>>before it became mainstreamAnswer the question above then come back because I don't think you really understand what I've been saying.>>How's high school going, user?KEK is your skin really that thin? Can't take someone facetiously calling you a child online?>You tried really hard to argue from seniority while simultaneously being unaware of how people actually perceived the evolution of the series, especially when comparing Daggerfall to MorrowindYou're speaking so nebulously. It sounds like your issue is that I've been acknowledging the fact that a larger portion of the overall population has started playing Bethesda games in the past couple decades. Feel free to find the error in that mindset because as far as I'm concerned, that's reality.>Then you argued that Morrowind's simplification was good which is obviously a matter of opinion and what you got used to firstYes. Everything stated here is a matter of opinion. I'm glad you wasted bits on this site's backend to remind us.>What irks me the most is how you actually tried to pretend Morrowind was ever some kind of obscure game, it's patheticWhy are you conflating "Morrowind could be less streamlined because it wasn't trying to appeal to every person on the planet" with "Morrowind was an underground indie game that you totally haven't heard of but I have because Im smarter than you >:)". Total psychosis.

Attached: 1681849059599996.jpg (1200x628, 69.81K)

>>637591521It's a portfolio piece meant to look as generic as possible to fit as many clients as possible, I don't know someone would actually want that but CoDanon seems very passionate about making things as generically militaristic as possible.

>>637591709Weathering and greebling take time and a bit of craftsmanship, sleek and glossy is easier to create. It's why spaceships go through cycles of designs with periods of overlap:>Sleek back when they were mostly illustrated or handcrafted>became bulky and complex when models were being used >went back to more sleek with the rise of CGI>has been returning to bulky as CGI could render more and more complex details

>>637582471>Ships need to be aerodynamic in... space?

>>637592107Honestly from what I've seen dogfighting seems like an afterthought and they didn't even try to hype it up much, just wait for the inevitable Complete Immersive Spaceship Combat Overhauls.

>>637582471It's Goyslop! What did you expect???Actually good spaceships???

This thread is retarded, just mod what you want in. That’s the benefit of Bethesda games, it’s impossible to cater to every little autist out there so they give you the tools to do it yourself while they handle the making foundations of the game

Attached: 82280CD8-CF38-4470-A696-DA9962B859DD.jpg (400x400, 17.12K)

>>637592161It does seem well made. As much as I'll shit on planeslop when someone tries to say it should be Starfield's design style I do like this rise in grounded military sci-fi in other media, mixing cyberpunk and milsim design together.

>>637592107Fuck HOTASS and all the tryhard simfags, I hope it plays exactly like Freelancer.

>>637582437>retarded faggot has to take acid to realise RDR is a cowboy simI never played the campaign and just ran around online killing people with melee and throwing knives. Game was actually playable cause a hacker dropped in and started morphing into a robot and trying to kidnap me then dropped me a shit ton of gold crates. Fuck that garbage ass grind. Rockstar games are pretty shit especially what they did to GTA online and they don't update RDR2 online at all. Maybe for the best. Im surprised there aren't war wagons with turrets and shit you can buy yet.

>>637575313I get the shitposting culture but I truly don’t understand how people doubt that this will be a fucking shitshow mess when it launches.

>>637592080Uncalled for. Don't kick my hornet's nest bro.

Attached: 1684351866579665.jpg (824x983, 90.22K)

>>637592663The last "shitshow" release from Bethesda was Oblivion and even then they were just growing pain gamebreaking bugs like save bloat and some broken systems especially later in the game. The most obvious outcome is that it will have a bunch of broken side quests and fairly shallow gameplay but that's acceptable compared to the absolutely broken, unplayable garbage many PC releases are nowadays.

I like playing bad guys in TES games.If Starfield allows me to be a space pirate and kill/rob people then I'll be happy.

Attached: 1662007440924517.jpg (3296x2500, 1.3M)

>>637593204You'll be able to join the pirates but like a undercover UN nigger or whatever. As the "good guy".

>>637593204You'll be railroaded into le whimsical multiculti exploration guild where you accidentally release the space dragons that threaten humanity and you get to learn space dragon shouts but it's a bethesda game so just ignore it, I'm sure there will be at least the standard crime system and maybe even space skooma smuggling on par with Elite (1984).

>>637593627That's an option, retard.

>>637581708God damn they could at least try to disguise this game is a reskinned fallout 4. Same fucking gun and everything

Attached: 02187693.jpg (800x629, 36.28K)

>>637594348Still not the same gun no matter how hard you try to push this. It's loaded from the bottom, not from the side like F4's laser rifles.

>>637593204Don't worry. There will be a rape dungeon mod on love labs within in a couple months. There always is.

>>637594348Well shit if all square guns are the same then clearly that pic is a bolter.

>>637594348wow is that a gun with a flat top? the fucking nerve of these lazy devs

Attached: 1678150710063796.png (1000x1000, 210.69K)

>>637578359It'll be shit but don't be retarded, there's no way it'll be a flop just because it has Bethesda in the title.

>>637578359I wish consolewar shittery didn't infect Starfield but here we are, we'll be getting nothing but disingenuous shitposting for a while. I miss when Bethesda was considered its own thing rather than some corporate politics and PR tool. Even Obsidian vs Bethesda shitposting was more tolerable.

>>637581904Not really, it looks pretty mediocre. That said the footage in the background of the release date trailer looks better.

>>637582897I like Tears but I don't understand the people pretending it's got a good combat system. It's easy as fuck and the fusing just makes it easier.

>>637594736not him but it fires exactly like and has a similar profile to the institute gunthe institute gun was comically large though, like literally 50 percent of the screen was just the gun in fo4. this is better? but its still massive

>>637594736It's uninspired

>>637581708The problem with these types of games for me now is that Destiny has pre-emptively mogged them all.

>>637596743It's clearly inspired by the Fallout laser rifle, idiot

>>637597204Dumb plastic weapons!Gimme steel or at least wood.

>>637597204Which was an uninspired design, what's your point?

>>637597458How the fuck is the fo3/fo4 laser rifle an uninspired design. Did you want a laser AK?

>>637581295This. If you ignore 'random' events they just repeat over and over again until you relent an do them.

I hate plastic weapons.

>>637598527>He says as he bumps a Starfield thread on page 8inb4 "It was sage I swear" we know your tricks, shill

>>637597537I want the fallout 1 laser rifle.

>>637598851You mean the reskinned sniper rifle?Lmao, yeah that's inspired.

>>637598851>not the turbo plasma rifle

Attached: 1452502196510729645.jpg (1280x720, 86.52K)

>>637581884> Color 1> Color 2> Color 3I hate this shit, just give me good paint presets.

>>637598661Steel supremacy!!!Fuck plastic weapons!!!


Attached: 1816413200_mordaxt_pollaxe_mittelaltertBX3kcTvtHkfS_600x600.jpg (429x600, 15.32K)

>>637599723Kill yourself namefag

>>637599849Dude, your weapon is literally made from flimsy plastic!STEEL WEAPONS RULE!!!!

>>637600015Do you ever get tired of being a retard in a thread about shit you don't care about?It's not off putting if that's your intent, it's just pitiful.

>>637590942I dare suspect that closest real thing to the Starfield ships will be SSTO and those are somewhat plane-like. It would be nice to have specialized ships: for getting to and from the orbit, for exploring planets, for interplanetary and interstellar flight, but I don't know any game that does this and I doubt Starfield will try.

>>637575313eh, i'm not really into space games.

Starfield is going to blow away all these slant-core vidyas just you wait.

Attached: 1682634816486738.png (843x846, 512.43K)

>>637581661Cyberpunk is one of the best selling games of all times, it has positive reviews everywhere now, the only people that don't like it are the one that are mad that genital choice doesn't change the game.

>>637581904If all Starfield is going to be is a mediocre FPS that has poorly implemented mechanics borrowed from space sims and poorly implemented basebuilding mechanics borrowed from survival games and the same shit narrative quality we've come to expect from every Bethesda game released since 9/11, why would anybody buy it except zoomies who haven't developed a palate yet? That's what people are talking about when they look at one of the most hyped upcoming releases, see that it's nothing special, and say "yeah, this looks like shit." Let me know if you need any more help, zoomie.

>>637603183Yup, that's a pretty elaborate attempt. Didn't work however.

>>637603560>anybody whose opinion doesn't validate my own = troll>anybody whose opinion validates my own = not a trollIt must be pretty easy floating through life thinking you're right about everything when you've got a military grade lobotomy.


>>637604310The only person acting like a merely pretending retarded troll is you. Go back to your zoomieslop, faggot.

>>637604456See there you go again with bait. I told you it's not going to work.

>>637604579>>>>>>anybody whose opinion doesn't validate my own = troll>>>>>>anybody whose opinion validates my own = not a troll

>>637604820Who are you quoting?

>>637605012Your worldview.

>>637605236I never said that

>>637575313starfield never had a chance anyway. if totk didn't come out this year, goty would be jedi survivor.

>>637605361>i never claimed to be a retardWhat a rebuttal.

>>637605432It's a fact, do you have proof to the contrary? (I know you don't)

>>637602676yeah, and watch as the sequel comes out three-four years from now and is an even larger trainwreck than the first game and watch how everyone will praise cdproject red to the skies when they apply patch number 299348239 to it a year later. people forget so soon, these days. makes me wonder if there maybe is something to the npc meme after all...

>>637578359Harder than Fornegros is plausible but Redfalls all time peak is 1500 players, thats lower than fighting game numbers. More people than that will buy it even if its shit just to laugh at this newest rendition of >16 times the detail

>>637605510>prove i'm a retardSomeone posted jank SF gameplay. You replied by saying it was fine and questioned whether people who disagree are trolls. I explained why people don't like it. You disregarded what I said and called me a troll. There. You're a retard, and I proved it mathematically.

>>637605756>You replied by saying it was fine and questioned whether people who disagree are trollsI never said that

>>637605906>Sometimes I wonder if a lot of the things posted on this website are elaborate attempts to troll me personallyThis was in response to somebody posting footage of a game that looks mediocre to many on this board. You can't be this braindead.

>>637606048It's not my post

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>>637585005Me in the I love Todd shirt

Attached: 1679097127985334.gif (498x373, 1.53M)


Attached: 1682840553224503.jpg (567x561, 38.66K)

>>637577885>hundreds of NPCs>only half a dozen voice actorsyeah real immersive

Attached: e30474b8abb1ffa2b9cbb144392a29fc.jpg (1366x768, 168.46K)

>>637606930>>only half a dozen voice actorsCould thing they're fixing this in Starfield by hiring over 300 VA's

It will be a disaster at launch, but it will eventually morph into a masterpiece with patches and mods. This has been the case for all Bethesda open world games since Oblivion

>>637607110Source -

>>637607242>1 year agohow have i not seen thisalso>japanbasedfor some reason japan really likes bethesda games, even fallout surprisingly

Attached: japane.jpg (1280x1830, 373.88K)

>>637607134>It will be a disaster at launch, but it will eventually morph into a masterpiece with patches and modsI expect SF to be good in its own way eventually, but saying all post-oblivion games have been masterpieces with patches and mods is false and homosexual. A masterpiece is called such because it embodies the peak of a craftsman's skill. A beautiful canvas or a symphony can be masterpieces. Something shat out half finished and patched to be slightly better that's still not worth playing without mods is not a masterpiece. Fallout 4 isn't even worth playing with mods as far as I'm concerned. SF might be better because it sounds like it's going to focus a bit more on worldbuilding and RP than the dogshit story, but I doubt it could be said to be a masterpiece either.

>>637606207Aren't you Anonymous? And this is your IP? I found this IP with this post so it must be your post.

>>637607613>That Argonian Maid Cute

>>637607613>No amount of struggling will make-it possible to create cute characters.>That is western games for youKek

>>637607110>>637606930Skyrim had plenty of voice actors, the problem is that most of them voiced a single unique NPC each and then 95% of the characters you interact with everywhere shared as limited a pool of VAs as Oblivion.

>>637607948>why won't this dragonslaying viking sim let me create a cute gacha schoolgirl? dont they know im transitioning?

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