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I prefer the real Raiden

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>>637575040There goes 100k sales right there, good job.

Americans are so obsessed with race it's unreal

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>>637575040Everyone in mortal combat is aisan, its made by asians

Epcarbros we lost

>>637575040I thought that was Kung Lao, is MK1 actually doubling down on the pozzed shit 11 had?

why are people pretending to give a shit what race he was

>>637575040LK decided to make veryone asian even johny cage

I don't care about nu MKs in general, but pretty sure he was an Asian in MK1 already. Too lazy to boot it up right now.

MK was always an American fever dream impression of a mishmash of East Asian tropes, and that made it wonderful.

>>637576112>but pretty sure he was an Asian in MK1 already

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>>637575998>Why do people CARE about their favourite characters being completely changed into something else!? It's a mystery...

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>>637575040White Raiden got burka'd

>>637575353America is a failing country who’s citizens hate each other more than anything else.

>>637575040Hasn’t raiden always been Asian outside of the movies? He wears the kung Fu pajamas and a rice picker hat.

so are they turning Kano into an abo or what

you guys wanna laughRaiden was mexican the whole time

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>>637575040Stick to your dead forum, tranny faggot

>>637576436>Hasn’t raiden always been Asian outside of the moviesNo

>>637576462Makes sense, his charge voiceline was backwards spanish

>>637575608Always knew he was a secret Korean

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>>637576243>Kang the Conqueror heh. really though, do they think people will think Zeus and King Arthur were black? or are they betting that retarded kids will just believe it?

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No ________, no buy!What kharacter for you user?

ACKSHUALLY there is 3 raidens

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>>637576462He's white in America.

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Is this the white genocide I've been hearing about?

>>637576436He's never looked Asian in any of the games before this, no. See >>637576240 and >>637576462 plus pic related. He's always been a white dude in Asian clothes, and generally like a more distinguished Ed Boon.

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>>637575040Holy fucking shit, not al of them need to be asians, they are literally ALIENS

>>637576243Why complain about MCD being Kingpin in that daredevil movie but not hear a peep about how shitty Colin Farrell was in that movie, or how shitty Ben Affleck was in that movie, or how shitty Jennifer Garner was in that movie?

Welp, go woke, to broke.

>>637576963Because shut the fuck okay? Seriously though anyone complaing about black kingpin when MCD was the perfect size for the character is retarded

>>637575040i know that's his hat but is that raiden? i just assumed that was the great kung lao since>scorpion and sub-zero>kitana and mileena>liu kang and shang tsung>kung lao and raiden?doesn't make sense, and the great kung lao was teased in liu kang's ending. i know raiden is confirmed for the game but some are theorizing that they're doing retarded multiverse fuckery where both endings of aftermath are canon and in shang tsung's ending raiden is his servant, so maybe that's the raiden we're getting. doesn't make sense for raiden to be kung lao's counterpart, then again you could argue that liu kang and raiden just swapped places.

>>637576963Cause they were entertaining? Like when Colin kills the granny on the plane with a peanut because he couldn't tolerate her talking.

>>637577026>wokewrong racego wok, go bok

>g*mers are mad that the character with a Japanese name and conical straw hat is Asian

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That's called movie synergy dumbfucks

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>>637575040I thought Raiden was always supposed to asian but he just never looked it?

>>637577227There's no confirmation that's even Raiden. It could be a new character.

mortal kombat being woke is like a fundamental contradiction

>>637577327this is true but this board likes to seethe in impotent rage about non-white characters to fit in with that Holla Forums board they idolize so much

>>637576845why is he a white dude in asian clothes though? It's always been kinda weird, I think that's just the actor they had on hand to model the sprites after and no more thought was put into it. He should look like whatever race supposedly worships him in the lore

Raiden was Asian in MK1, MK2, and MK3.

>>637575998the same reason you do

>>637577381HAHAHAHAH you're so fucking stupid.


>>637577227Why does that guy have three eyes?

>>637575040Liu made him in his image. Liu Kant is rice washing the world!

Wow. who cares. Y'all have 99 percent of the rest of the cast being white men

>>637577548nigger did you play MK11? It's a whole new fucking time line.

>>637577120They turned Kitana Asian, and that ResetEra account before the other questioning is an official NRS developer.

>>637577643Its only Cage now lol.

>>637575998because if i wanted to play a different fighting game with different characters i would do sobut you keep defending shit companies redesigning characters and ruining gameplay

>>637576790NO BURKANO BUYA

>>637575998Because if we go an hour without being triggered by something fucking stupid we'll dieJust be glad it's this and not the women not dressing sexy like the last 3 MK games

>>637577470>why is he a white dude in asian clothes though?because it looks cool

>>637577315Didn't this shit flop hard after making Mileena a sheboon? Looks like they're even keeping her black hairstyle.

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>>637576751thisgive me TRI-DEN

>>637576537UCHA BALELE

>>637575040No hot sexualized female characters with coomer outfits, I'll pass on this one, call me once the west grows a pair

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>>637577669>They turned Kitana AsianDo you retards not read what you write?


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>why are all of these Big Trouble in Little China characters Asianyou must be 18 to post on this site

>>637577448>Holla ForumsGo back to bunkerchan.

>>637577470>negro is asian clothing >"yoo lit ultra dope lol amazing we wuz samurais n shiet!!">whitey in asian clothing>"NOOO THATS CULTURAL APROPROPRO SOMETHING MUTT BUZZWORD RACISM AND NOT COOL!!"Americans need to get nuked with their negro worship. Inshallah.

>>637577315>synergySynergizing with a failure?Dude this game's sales are going to be a hilarious dip from MK11's.

christopher lambert is the only real Raiden

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>people are now starting to gaslight Raiden into always being AsianAHAHAHA it's already happening

>>637577778Yes,but Resetera trannies run NRS now so its fridgebodies for everyone now.Fridgebody comes with the complimentary burka of course.

>>637577026It's get woke go broke.

>>637576845It's what made him striking visually. A massive square jawed white guy in a rice hat and gi.


>>637577843>No hot sexualized female characters with coomer outfitsgo back to your gachashit chang

>>637577778in what way is that straight hair a black hairstyle?

>>637575040thought he was always asian?

>>637577948Fuck me, what a nightmare.

>>637575040>more race bending>women still desexualizedLaugh at the idiots who thought WB would have learned anything after making ten times more then the previous games by putting women in Burqas.

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Raiden was never an asian. He was a mortal chosen to be the storm god and he donned asian clothes, that's it. People defending this are damage controlling.

>>637577868They did him already

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>>637577925why do adult swim shows make multiple christopher lambert references?

>>637575040that's kung lao

>>637577947Is Raiden a white name?

>>637577843>he posted it again

>>637576240That's Carlos Pesina, he's not asian. Also that's from Trilogy not 1.

what is wrong americans and race you really buy into that master race shit?if your skin was swapped to brown guarantee most of you would just be another nigger or pajeet

>>637578092Because he was the highlander

>>637577975You sound pretty woke

that was dank as fuck, let me guess, Holla Forumsremlins are having every problem on earth with the trailer?

>>637576243You do realize they're doing this for no other reason than increased profits, right? If it sells (it does), it's the smart thing to do.

>>637575040People actually still play Mortal Kombat? Dude kill yourself lol.

>>637578103Raiden is the title of the god you dipshit.

Screencap thisSonya is the love interest of Jax

>>637578178No, i'm not just going to have a schizo meltdown because a character wearing asian clothes in an asian setting with an asian name was changed to be asian in the reboot, assuming it's even the same character.

>>637578215Which white god is called Raiden?

>>637578048This is dangerously stupid reasoning, the woke fatigue set in at the tail-end of MK11 with the burka fridgebody dykes, this shit is coming in upfront, they've actually doubled down on all the annoying shit, amazing.

>>637578158is that the only reason? athf definitely referenced the highlander multiple times but the venture bros didn't really get into that, just made rusty a lambert fan trying to be his friend

>>637577778I miss the mkx design so much...

>>637578125subsaharan africans, people from guinea, and australian aboriginals are not Homo sapiensyes, race matters, and people of different races have differently strengths and weaknesses and react differently to different things. It's real.

>>637578185It doesn't sell, it's a demoralization campaign run by jews to facilitate white genocide.

So because Liu is now a god in this timeline, Liu's mommy pops out Raiden instead? The fuck kind of sense does that make?

>>637578185But all of those nigswapped characters flopped! They don't need money when their (((race))) prints the money.

>>637578271This one

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>>637578189MK is literally the best selling fighter franchise zoomie.

>>637575040it's funny because now just because a character has a name based of an Asian character means they are asian now.Just like anyone with the name Tyrone is black or irish

>>637578268Burkas aren't asian, retard.

>>637577909And 11 wasn't even that good of a game to begin with altogether compared to X.

>>637578231this is probably the one case where i would be fine with it. but black people would hate that and black people like MK, so i don't see it

>>637578312>It doesn't sellDespite how shit mk11 was it sold millions.

>>637578215He's Thunder God Raiden. Thunder God is his title Raiden is his name.Is Liu Kang the title of the god "Fire God Liu Kang"?

>>637576686bring back bug bitch you cowards

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>>637578189Oh c'mon lad, you can do better than that.

>>637578271You don't even play the games or know the lore and you're defending raceswapping. Typical.

>>637575040Does that mean they're finally going to pronounce his name correctly?

>>637578103>Names must have race attached to itIs Quan Chi Asian? No, bit they will 100% make him one now since they made Raiden asian.

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asian or white?

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>>637578376Anon, your geography?

>>637578376In the UK they are

>>637578312Ed Boon is white.

Thread Theme>

>>637575353I'm not sure if that's just proof that multiple races can't live together in one place or if the establishment purposely brainwashed people into making everything about race so they won't band together to revolt against the elites.

>>637576662the point is to gaslight the general populace enough.the weak minded one will eventually believe it, and the weak minded are the majority of the populace

>>637578497For me, it's far left.

>>637578368fighting games are gay dudeLearn another combo while I fuck your mom fag lol

>>637578413Raiden literally means "god of thunder and lightning" in japanese you fucktard. In MK a mortal is chosen to become raiden and protect earthrealm every few thousand years.

>liu kang now has two proteges>will give them each a different elemental powerwooow its like ed boon planned it from the very beginning

>>637578468answer the question

>>637578275you're not old enough to remember this, but retards like you were making this exact argument about MKX designs

>>637578303>are not Homo sapiensyet all regions of the world can interbreed and produce valid offspring no matter the distanceyou're a troglodyte

>>637576374that's exactly why it'll continue on because Americans are incentivized to keep other americans outside of their state or shuffle aroundamerican history is literally chock full of "man I hate those guys""at least they're 1000000000000 miles away"

Why wasn’t Tekken #1 trending?

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>>637578409>Despite how shit mk11 was it sold millions.Yes it did, but hear me out, just because the one sold millions, that doesn't mean everyone automatically loved the weird as fuck burka shit and censorship and you should go full on resetera retarded on it, it'll blow up in your face big-time.

>>637578649No longer part of the definition of species.

>>637578231Please don't joke about thatJax can stand on his own instead of being Johnny's cum sock

>>637578649>valid offspring

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>>637578631suck my nuts culture warrior

>>637578493quan chi isn't even human, he has no race

>>637578631Raiden was a mortal who was chosen to be the god. And that mortal happened to be a white man. Question answered?

>Raiden, Kitana, and Quan Chi were never asian before NRS went woke!How long until people start claiming Kung Lao, Liu Kang, and Shang Tsung were never asian?

My god this thread has gotten retarded already. There was nothing inherently "woke" or "cultural warrior" shit about the trailer and yet people are already forming narratives.When people call Holla Forums and resetera different sides of the same coin this is what I mean, you both suffer from some societal brain rot that makes you ravenous internet shitposters that can't focus on something infront of you without thinking about made up political implications of the thing.

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>>637576240He literally was Asian in MK1Look at those eyes

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>>637578728>Implying humans aren't a race

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>>637578647NTA but maybe that's why everyone forgot about the game?>>637578704This. It's like one of the least liked games in the franchise. Even the paid streamer shills abandoned it quickly.

>>637578606>Raiden literally means "god of thunder and lightning" in japanese you fucktardnot that user but what you know about japanese does not apply to the MK franchisethey've also been pronouncing it "ray-den" since the first game and movie, although you can blame acclaim for that rather than boon

Liu Kang made a new timeline and turned most characters Asians like him.

>>637578664Because Tekken 1 was years ago. We're on 8 now.

>>637578856No but I would be okay if they made him asian (asians are honorary whites)

Wasnt point of raiden that hes this white dude who chosed asian culture as appreciation because he loved it so much when he was chosen as a god? Like now hes just another old asian kung fu dude lol. Certain characters using and taking themes from other cultures are sometimes core of those characters. Making another white dude as a knight wouldnt have impact as asian euro inspired knight.

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>>637578779>. There was nothing inherently "woke" or "cultural warrior" shit about the trailerAsian Raiden unforetunately is 100% culture war fodder. White guy in a rice hat is a core part of the MK identity.

>>637578787KEK, holy shit user that's actually true. I stand corrected.

All anti-SJWs deserve to be arrested as accessories to the murder of Chloe Sagal.

>>637578787That's debateable.

>>637576243Lancelot always gets a chuckle out of me. The mighty Black Knight.

OH NO HIS EYES ARE SLIGHTLY SHAPED DIFFERENTLY WOOOOKEI hate woke shit but this is obviously a false flag trying to paint anti globo homo people as ridiculous

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>>637578376>Burkas aren't asian>the burka comes form the middle-east>the middle-east is in asia

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>>637578561based, looks like a lovely lady.

>looks white in 99% of games>always voiced by white mankys shills

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>>637578779Woke means women and minorites. Everyone knows this.

>>637578742>Raiden, Kitana, and Quan Chithey werent>>637578742>Kung Lao, Liu Kang, and Shang Tsungbad faith argument

>>637578879Ray-den sounds better than Rye-den

Omedetō, dudes!

>>637578919Americans will hear this and plug their ears and scream. >but culture>but racism>but nazi

>>637578989You're making shillanon very upset right now.

>>637578787>He literally was Asian in MK1>Look at those eyesFixed

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>>637578537It’s really just niggers honestly. Jews use them as their golem to cause havoc amongst the goyim. If niggers disappeared over night 90% of America’s racial tension would also be gone. If you’re from a country without niggers, the only way I can describe it is to imagine releasing a bunch of hungry pit bulls into a children’s nursery and you have some of the pit bulls owners wearing tiny hats egging the pit bulls on.

having a white dude named raiden was always retarded weeb shit though it was kinda funny that they doubled down on pronouncing it wrong so hard they spelled it as rayden for a couple of games

>>637578989I guess Sub Zero is white because white men voice him

>>637578916>Wasnt point of raiden that hes this white dude who chosed asian culture as appreciation because he loved it so much when he was chosen as a god?no.

>>637578705the definition of something doesn't change just because it doesn't support your weird racism

>>637578964This isn't a falseflag, this is just how far the anti-sjws have fallen. Holla Forums is exactly the same way.

>>637577843this, I want to play chads and staceys, not ricels and fully-covered she-boons

>>637578964Did you miss the whole white to yellow part or were you too busy staring at his coinslot eyes?

>>637579082Think shillanon is sleeping, dude's been at it for a good 12 hours now.Just to be sure:BURKA KOMBAT

>>637577684uh kano? or are aussies not white to you now?


>>637579120Sub Zero has always been depicted as asian in every piece of media. Raiden has always been depicted as white even in live action movies. This argument is stupid.

>>637578493Nah, he's a bad guy, he'll be white

>>637578964>I hate woke shit butshut the fuck up

>>637578926>Anti-SJWsSo normal people who's tired of all this culture war political correct shit.


>>637579120you casually glossed over the entire first point as though it didn't exist just to make a laughable comment about the second. Send better people.

>>637576764>Hey, this is a pretty minor crime, but if I put you in the book as black they'll jail you for like 3 year instead of a minor fine, so mind if I put you down as white instead?

>>637579010why do you think acclaim forced the change, user?

>>637578928>>637576462And even if Raidens actor was a spic that's still some degree of Asian since they're half breed from indios which were just the asiatic Indians moving south.

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>>637579278>Sub Zero has always been depicted as asianhe's white in MK3

>>637575040Can't have a white guy wearing a rice hat, now that would be inappropriate.


>>637579183Yeah, it changes because genetically different animals can interbreed, as has been observed repeatedly over the past 70 or 80 years ago. The old definition was from hundreds of years ago.Do you even know about horizontal gene transfer? Whole different can of wormsWhat I've said is not even slightly controversial, in a just world, you've just been brainwashed to think a certain way.I mean, really, what do you know about taxonomy and evolutionary biology? I'll take you to task on any associated subject

>>637578534Do you know who owns Nether? Warner , do you know who owns Warner?Advance Publications (8.16%)The Vanguard Group (6.79%)BlackRock (4.74%)Do you know who owns Advance, Vanguard and BlackRock?

>>637578989nothing personnel, faggot

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>>637579218>are aussies not white to you now?I live somewhere where Australian tourists are prolific and I can assure you that their skin might be white but their souls are nigger dark. God made a mistake when he painted Australians.

>>637579305Normal people don't spend every second of every day crying over black people, gays, and women

>>637577948You should definitely kill yourself>>637578275still going to sell millions

>>637579348>Mexicans are Asians

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>>637578185>increased profits


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>>637579152Then i though wrong i guess and he always was another corny asian old kung fu dude.

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>Holla Forums has been so cucked by SJWs they now defend race swapping because "white dudes in asian clothes were kinda cringe ngl frfr"Can't make this up.We didn't gatekeep enough. We could've prevented Simu Liu's Burka Kombat.>>637579214Careful you're giving him nightmares.

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>>637579348yeah yeah and attractive black people are just tanned people with white features

>>637578916no he was a god that fell from the sky right into a mental asylum, killed himself, respawned in china town and stole a hat

>>637579389>The Vanguard Group (6.79%)>BlackRock (4.74%)Fuck me, that explains so much.

>>637578779>woke reacts insanely to white male, I SLEEP>any one reacts to non-white male, REAL SHIT

>>637579278>Sub Zero has always been depicted as asian in every piece of media>except MK3 where he's a maskless white dudeanon... have you even played these games?

>>637575608If it was made by Asians all the characters would be white lol

>>637579373American's poison everything that they touch and they just cannot fucking help themselves but inflict their stupid ideologies on everyone around them. A broken people.

>>637575040Unannounced racial draft what the fuck?

>>637576462They made the game in california with shoestring budget so they just pulled random mexicans off the street. Still Raiden has been canonically white for 20 years.

>>637579447Oh really? So explain why Bud Light has lost 11 billion in a single month after making that tranny ad. I'd like to see you weasel your way outta this one.

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>>637578497in what fucking universe this can be considered white?

>>637579447Because they have been Brainwashed for the past 70 years

>>637579492He's lying to you. That was exactly the point.

>>637579349>>637579540>white in mk3that was a different sub zero iirc, im talking about the original one, the asian guy

>>637579298>>637579210Nigger unless he's under a flashlight he's gonna be white yellow blue green orange whatever depending on the environment he's in since east Asians are pale enough to have their skin reflected the only way to be sure is to see If their dick is dark and I ain't gay enough to do that without it being JAV porn

>>637578989not that you don't have kind of a point but he was definitely meant to be asian in 1 and 2 as far as the player would be aware.

>>637575040>RAIDENIsnt that Kung Lao?Wasnt he the new champion of earth?Guess its a soft reboot after 11 timetravel where Liu Kang became the new god of time and changed things around.

>>637579507kys schizo

>>637577778>Didn't this shit flop hardleave it to outrage addicted doomers to just assume shit because they think everyone is mentally ill enough like them to care about stuff like that

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>>637579625ask yourself who drinks Bud Light

>>637579507This board is infested with twitter,resetera and reddit tourists just like it is with polturds. I mean OP is literally one and wouldnt be suprised if its another falseflag and hes defending this change.

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>>637579625There's a couple of companies that's still gonna walk that gauntlet, people are beyond fed up of this shit, holy shit Bud Light is getting wiped out, grim.

>>637579810Normal people

>>637579108As a Brazilian I would take the niggers over our native population any day

>>637579740He wasn't they had no budget and they hired a bunch of mexicans to do the graphics in the first two games. By that logic all of the characters that are asian now should be mexican.

>>637579470Is this a Filipino or a Mexican? The answer may surprise

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>>637579348Spic bro that’s a Native American lol

>>637579717>I can't tell what race you are could you show me your penis so I can be sure?>I also have a very tenuous grasp of the English language please be patient with me.

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>>637579470>what is ancestry

>>637579740>not that you don't have kind of a point but he was definitely meant to be asian in 1 and 2 as far as the player would be aware.As someone actually old enough to have been there, EVERYONE regarded Raiden as a white guy. I don't know anybody who actually thought that he's Asian. Even Scorpion and Sub-Zero were white guys to players.I'm fairly certain you'll disagree based on the nonexistent history you have with the franchise, that you're gonna make up now.

>>637579813Yeah, how come whenever I see shit like this: >>The Vanguard Group (6.79%)>>BlackRock (4.74%)The insane chatgpt-tier troon shilling is through the fucking roof.

>>637579470You'd be surprised

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>>637579507>Simu Liu>Now just a moment Simu, just a moment. Says here you donated to a crowdfunded AMWF pornography picture. Now, let’s not mince words here Simu, I wait for the missus to leave like any other shmoe and rub one out, that’s right, rub one right out but see…the thing that bugs me is that you had to pay some chinaman to do the deed and didn’t bother covering up your name or credentials. Now what do you make of that Simu?

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>>637576963Because the current discussion isn't about that and there's not enough time in the day to dissect each failure of every show in that list like we're compiling an RLM supercut.

>>637575608Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade and Jax will all be Asian in this reboot.

>>637579782OH NO BRO HE'S STILL UP

>>637578964>>637578779lmao, shut the fuck up>Kitana>Mileena>Raiden>Sub-ZeroAll characters that were not played by Asians in the previous games. The whole "edenian" race was turned asian in the lore as well. Scorpion and Sub-Zero were cool masked men, now they're two asian dudes. The ninja women were persian belly-dancers, now, stubby asian women. I can't think of a game that has been rice-washed as much as MK.

Attached: 1635440745897.jpg (662x796, 51.46K)

>>637579709sub-zero in mk3 is kuai liang but he's still played by a maskless white dude

>>637576243>>637576963>shitting on real life giga nigga Michael Clarke Duncan as Kingpin RIP>shitting on crazy Farrell as crazy Bullseye, even though years later Punisher Max also pulled something similar (although objectively way better)>shitting on DaredevilEarly '00s comic hero movies were way better than the shit we had later with the MCU. And even Daredevil was the second weakest of the bunch, you can't deny it was actually really fun (despite the damn soundtrack, fuck Evanescence)If you go to every action movie expecting Oscar-worthy performances you are really dumb. Main goal is to make an entertaining movie, and Daredevil at least made it.

>>637579973Blackrock says he's Asian now, he's Asian now, get fucked or get out, know your fucking place, chud.

>>637579113geese is "retarded weeb shit" too and people like him, you just make up issues on the fly, no one ever had issue with raiden being white, dumb nigger

>>637579917>muh eslWhiter than whatever the fuck you are 3rd world faggot

>>637579845And yet their market cap only dropped 5% when the SPY hasn't moved much in the past 6 months

>>637575998false flag op with false flag posters tricking retards into thinking they care to keep up the illusion that everyone is more racist than they actually are so we have someone to blame for actual hate crimes.


>>637580097They should rice-wash all of the women and then have Stryker impregnate them all.

>>637579218kano was half-japanese in original trilogy, they probably gonna de-retcon him this time to fit with the narrative

>>637577975Wait so why did they make Kitana Asian even tho her mum is white and her real dad and step dad are both white as well

>>637580142My blood is Pict and my name can be traced through history. What's your dads name?

>>637580097I mean its insanely obvious they cucked out after cultural appro something americans bitch about. Its clear as a day.

>>637579381why would I debate someone who clearly doesn't know what the fuck they're talking about? that definition isn't invalid, and you offer no definition to replace it other than an arbitrary exclusion of certain groups even though those groups are genetically distant from one another>in a just worldin a just world, you wouldn't be a retard, yet here we are


>>637575998>>637580180Because people are sick of neolib race bullshit.Raiden is fucking white. People like him being white.If Liu Kang was made into a black trans woman people would also be upset.

>>637580264More like an inbred from Pitcairn island

>>637577315not my movie

Attached: maxresdefault.jpg (1280x720, 152.09K)

>>637580152Idk what you just said at all, I know is they lost 11 billion and counting. Normal people don't like trannies or LGBT. Why do you think none of them support the writer's strike?

>>637575998the implication is you dont give a fuck when a character's race is swapped for no reasonand I dont buy that, bait-kun

>>637575040>chinese ninja warriorit never ever made sense, sharts are retarded.

>>637579791yep it flopped

>>637577778I hate this shaved sides shit so fucking much, it looks so fucking badplease let it fucking die already

Attached: 1649489366242.jpg (725x710, 21.01K)

What if they made Liu Kang indonesian ?

Attached: raid.jpg (772x929, 46.27K)

>>637579709all umk3 ninjas were played by john turk, they are ALL whiteshang tsung is also played by him, so he's white too

>>637580396You are making up stories

>>637578742Kitana Was played by a white Cuban women in the original also her mum and dad are both white

japs have been seeing mortal kombat like americans seeing metal wolf chaosnobody would complain about it at this pointi'm not sure they do but if they try to make it less offensive for the first time after 30 games, that IS stupid

>>637580567>white Cubankek

>>637579636they're slavs

>>637578303>subsaharan africans, people from guinea, and australian aboriginals are not Homo sapienslook man just because you got laughed out of /sci/ doesnt mean you can come around here spouting dumb shit and expect... well at least me to believe this lmao

Attached: 1629998895813.jpg (480x660, 30.55K)

>>637579507>>Holla Forums has been so cucked by SJWs they now defend race swapping because "white dudes in asian clothes were kinda cringe ngl frfr"Holla Forums has been infected with this shit since tumblr days but in those days we all called it out the moment we saw itzoomer influx changed thingsnow everyone calling this shit out gets bombarded with "gb2 Holla Forums" copy pastingits not even off-site anymore as all of /lgbt/ is constantly brigading other boards

>>637580441>Idk what you just said at allyeah I wouldn't expect a retard to understand how the market works either. Bud didn't even hit anywhere near their 52w low when that tranny crap happened yet retards act like their stock crashed.

>>637578419they made dvorah too much of a mary sue who was supposedly there slightly off screen since MK3, and kills multiple important characters


Attached: Screenshot_20230518_114156_Kiwi Browser.jpg (959x1050, 505.72K)

>>637578964>i hate thing >BUTsociety

Attached: 10294985432435.png (589x613, 665.53K)

>>637580635negro, these are chinks, slavs at least resemble europeans somewhat


Attached: 1682109509361154.png (1024x1024, 318.63K)

>>637579120He is half white half Japanese

>>637577778>nrs>flopI don't think that word means what you think it means.

>> really

>>637580816I can't be moderate antiwoke?

>>637580849Are you a schizo who seethes impotently at a wildly successful fighting game franchise on an irrelevant video game image board all day, for days, weeks, months, even years on end? You should KILL YOURSELF

>>637580928he meant quality-flop, obviouslygames sell like burgers, nobody is denying that

>>637580483>flopped>literally in pre production for the next movie with kano playing johnny cage

Attached: file.png (613x580, 310.81K)


Attached: 1611754546477.png (905x624, 82.74K)

I refuse to believe people are being this retarded over MK. Who the fuck watched the trailer and then gets a conniption over them being asian now? Like I genuinely don't understand how you people come to these emotional conclusions.

Attached: 1416097191567.webm (264x312, 140.46K)

>>637579883Mexicans have south East Asians from immigration

>>637578497Why they are posing with Philips rice cooking machine?I'm serious, what's the context?

>>637581043How would you feel if you hadn’t eaten breakfast this morning?

>all of the people in defense of these wokoid changes dont even play mk and just posting "DOOD WYDYU EVEN CARE" and the rest are just spamming leftard memes like gb2 Holla Forumswhat a flop lmaoSTOP GIVING NRS MONEY

>>637580849>He posted IT again too

Attached: 1436233001927-2.png (469x483, 243.57K)

>>637581043you clearly a tourist nigger, people are upset because they radically change established characterskitana was NEVER a chink before MK11raiden was NEVER a chink before MK12do you see what the problem is? or your chimp brain can't handle it?

>>637581035Why do you come on Holla Forums to complain about Holla Forums? Go to Holla Forums to complain about Holla Forums.

/mkg/ is back baby

What's wrong with pre CCP Chinese culture and people?Only a Tankie chink or a inbred KKK faggot who hate thatI'll take Hitlers opinion that they're are based over some amerimutt shitposter

Attached: d2at097-20f6a71b-b1d1-4bcc-bc8c-8d04c3f45463.jpg (439x642, 79.25K)

>>637580630Over 65% of Cubans are from Spain recently

>>637581183I usually don't eat breaktfast in the morning. Just a cup of black coffee and that's it.

Attached: 1445906517922.jpg (348x333, 39.45K)

>>637581043/v/ I'd overran with idiots who use this board as a political soapbox.

>>637581224pre-ordering the kollector's edition asap, seethe

>>637581338you dont even play this shit you just circlejerk with your tranny xisters on retardera

>>637581043anon these people dont even play these games. this is just a reason to stroke their outrage boner, just like them crying about SF6 """pandering""" to black people (the audience of fighting games) instead of them i guess

>>637580996Are you a schizo who bravely defends the honor of a wildly ridiculed fighting game franchise decline on an irrelevant video game image board all day, for days, weeks, months, even years on end? You should KILL YOURSELF

>>637579875they didn't have a mexican guy play johnnycage for a reason. mexicans in asian garb are asian passing for the purposes of a low res digitized sprite.

>>637580996>>637581035Go back to your containment board tranny and let us discuss how shit MK is in peace.

Attached: 1684336469657423.gif (600x600, 1.72M)

>>637581043you don't play mortal kombat, and the others replying to you don't either

thread is inundated with leftist culture warriors gaslightingnot even worth discussing it here

>>637581264>Holla Forumsshit is posted on Holla Forums everyday but never point that out!

Attached: 1678032142059210.jpg (239x283, 40.48K)

>>637580934You are confused and you are using fantasy to fill the hole in your understanding. To try and win an argument no less.

Attached: saitama.png (777x765, 473.11K)

>shillanon actually posts in several MK threads at the same time How does one function like this? Isn't it exhausting?And all that for a fucking video game?

>>637581254>people are upset because they radically change established charactersYou're way over exaggerating to a retarded degree. Especially when it comes MK characters and their actual dumb writing.

>>637575040I already lost interest during that breast reduction scandal. This is just the icing on the shitcake. Shame!

>>637575040He was always asian.

>>637580459funny thingthe Lin Kuei are based on a group of the same name purported to exist by one "Li Hsing" (aka Randall Brown) who claims to have been taught by a Lin Kuei master, writing several citation-less books on how they're the ancestors to Japanese ninjas

Attached: Jade MK9.webm (1920x1440, 2.99M)

i thought he was just some mystic dude, raceless


Attached: 1650570191618.jpg (640x480, 143.34K)

>>637581630>Discussing how they raceswapped a character is Holla ForumsI bet you will complain if T'Challa got race swapped by a white man.

>>637579507boon bent the knee to esg and blackrock. he's getting deep pocket money so long as he pushes blackrock propaganda.

Attached: 10989524366324.png (540x360, 244.08K)

>>637581689By the way, I don't mind Asian characters at all. Pai Mei type Raiden would be sweet. It just feels like an intentional SJW PR shit and leaves a bad impression with me. Too lame too woke


mk has terrible gameplay so i do not care

>>637577120Nothing says that they're all rivals this time, everyone but Liu Kang were killed by Shang Tsung in the trailer.

>>637578110anon has every right to say that he doesn't wish to purchase a moralfaggot homosexual game

Attached: cover that woman.png (1210x886, 1.94M)

>>637581630Go spend time with your nig boyfriend, loser. The adults are talking here

>dude i totally dont get it>people explain it>dude you're overreacting, its just a stupid game lmaoAbsolutely fucking retarded.No surprise you posted Jay "its just a movie who cares about continuity" Bauman

>>637581752>>637581965Wasn't asking, you must go back. No fags allowed on Holla Forums it's the rules.

>>637580846Are you retarded? Do you not know anything about Russia or central asia in general?

>>637575040I have no problem with this.If it were up to me I would face scan the Highlander but eh.

>>637575040as long as they keep his kino voice and not some broken engrish gook shit idgaf. still an absolute downgrade

>>637582294>it's the rulesthen you've gotta go.

>>637581650I think you are the one confused friend. You misread the 23 and me DNA test and thought the results telling you are from a tiny island of inbreds meant you were from white iron age civilization.Sorry to break the news to you

>>637582291most people literally didn't even notice that Kitana was more asian in MK11. Since most of the characters are asian themed most people just assumed they were asian and didn't look too closely at how white they looked (masks helped by the way)Other people in this thread already posted how they assumed Raiden was already asian Again you people are acting like this is a MAJOR race change to the level of being black race swapped when in reality most people didn't even notice it or already assumed it.This is why people are telling you to calm your sperging down.

Attached: 1533534162328.png (444x440, 311.49K)

>>637582219>Design now getting more mature and respectfulYuck.

>Raiden character completely based off asian culture >after several years of being whitewashed they finally cast him as an Asian as it should be, he shouldn’t have been white ever

>>637580398>Raiden has no eyes>Lambert is practically blind

Attached: Fpr2P2CWIAAS_Lu.jpg (828x720, 79.46K)

>>637575040...wait he wasn't before?

>>637575040Raiden deez nuts


Attached: 1679948189912291.jpg (1214x1239, 356.28K)

>>637582891literally nobody is saying that here, you're just feeding the schzios paranoia here and hoping to demoralize them into going meltdown mode so they spam this board.

Attached: 1533530297846.gif (203x200, 205.81K)

>>637583118If they get demoralized by this, then they are truly weak willed morons.

>>637579120i dunno about sub zero but scorpion never had slanty eyes so I never thought of him as a chink. I was never invested in mk and it has been shit for a while, if they want to kill it with gookwashing I think it'll be a pretty funny way to go

>Franchise milked dry >Reboot it... AGAIN

>>637582629In your reality Picts sailed from Norway right past the great British isles to australia. Raped a bunch of abbos and all turned brown. They then came back and only after sailing the length of the world found Germany right beneath them? And they did this with their entire population of just over 5000 all on boats? They just left the entire north section of europe empty and all turned brown in Asia? Who the flying fuck is teaching you?

>>637575040Raiden is a God of Thunder.

Attached: Raiden.jpg (732x411, 21.68K)

>>637579108you have fallen to the brainwashing, congrats

>RetardEra screencap threadWhen will this be a bannable offence?

>>637583262I'm pretty sure the goal of shitposters nowadays is playing psy-ops and doing small demoralization campaigns until it adds up to a bigger meltdown in the future. There's no other reason why you'd have so many different discord groups focusing on just shitposting this board if that wasn't the case.People are always way too caught up in taking the bait to not fall for the mental damage getting done to them that's the goal of most of these shitposts.Just think about it, why else is it that you see A LOT more schizos and genuine mentally ill posts from this board than in most others?

Attached: 1545885003532.png (1496x2222, 161.11K)

>>637578185no they just hate White people also ESG

where's mommy?

>>637582629Just look at those brown faced children of Norfolk

Attached: 92349749237592694.jpg (533x800, 84.26K)

>>637580392that is nowhere near the same you retard. Acting like some god being asian in an asian setting is an outrage is fucking stupid and you have brainrot. This change for once makes sense

>>637582891>>Raiden character completely based off asian culture>>after several years of being whitewashed they finally cast him as an Asian>as it should be, he shouldn’t have been white ever

Attached: 1681071174205806m.jpg (1024x576, 71.02K)

>>637583117Couldn't even muster up any words? Pathetic. Nice chat, hope you find a brain at some point.

Attached: 1662500413305335.png (1636x853, 197.12K)

>>637583669When I fuck your ass in front of the other anons

>>637575040I swear to fucking god all these characters look exactly the same; if it weren't for the color of their shirts you wouldn't be able to tell them apart.

>>637575040Ummm, isn't his white power line going to seem a bit weird now? He WILL still have his white power line won't he? The game can't be THAT pozzed... right?

>>637583404>>637583807Either you don't know what the fuck Pitcairn Island is or you legit think an island of 50 people breeding for 2 centuries won't produce retarded inbreds.

>>637579340Keep telling yourself that. most niggers get harsher penalties because of repeat crimes.

>>637575040>Not a single White person in the trailer and women are all covered.I hate Americans so much it's unreal

>>637583462There can be only one!

>>637584101I think 2 retards produced you user

I get the complaints over raiden, him being a mythical being, but scorpion and subzero being white with 8th gen assets would have been goofy.

>>637584338And I still got better chromosomes then your daughter fucking ass.

>>637584698Ah. Another story, I remember tales of my ancestors who sailed on cruise ships from Asia back to discover central Europe thousands and thousands of years ago. That's a tall tale.

>raiden is asian>sub-zero and scorpion are asian>johnny cage is black>women are all covered up but gore is at an all-time highWhat are they hoping to accomplish with this?

Attached: 1653335529065.jpg (659x573, 24.6K)

>>637576243The kingpin one was alright.

>>637576662You know Hollywood literally brought out a movie about one of King Arthur's knights and made him Pakistani?

Attached: 1622282957441.gif (444x250, 3.73M)

>>637585228>>johnny cage is blackI hope they do this so WB Games finally shuts down. They're absolutely terrified of Suicide Squad flopping since they'll lose money so they keep delaying it.

>>637585228>>sub-zero and scorpion are asianshut up

America needs no longer be a super power

>>637585656don't we literally lead the world in debt

>>637578302MKX was shit in a lot of ways but character design wasn't one of them. Old LK and KL both had amazing designs that unfortunately weren't cannon, Raiden looked great, Kotal Kahn is the coolest character of the 3D era, they even managed to make Bo Rai Cho look decent

>>637575040I hate how the MK characters always look like completely different people in each game

>>637576243It always pleases me that most of the pictures you posted are flopped massively

>>637585228johnny is still white thoughkill yourself

>Raiden is

>>637586190And what do you know, he's the exact same he's always been.

MK9 was the last game with a fun aesthetic

>>637581043I genuinely cannot understand the outrage over the fucking NINJAS and dudes in cone hats being asian now, like what the fuck? That's where you draw the line?



Attached: 1677716326615969.jpg (853x1000, 109.24K)


>>637583882Here's some words: the fact a good chunk of this board live their lives to reflect political bullshit and memes is pathetic.

Never gonna get used to Raiden being an ordinary fuck now


Attached: 1678364661346160.gif (300x186, 445.1K)

if it was someone like johny cage being raceswapped i would understand but laiden literally uses a rice farmer hat, or and scorpions name is literally hanzo they are as chink as someone can be

>>637585632>>637586165don't be so quick to take obvious bait anons>>637586713It's genuinely one of the stupidest complaints I've ever seen assuming it's not bait. It's like people here have never heard WOAOAOO CHINESE NINJA

Attached: 1668297291717815.gif (244x248, 110.95K)

Who the fuck is gonna replace Richard Epcar?

holy mother of headcannon raiden was always asian

>>637578787>HE'S GOT NO

>>637575096jack sex

>>637587023This is the kind of insane cope that would get you physically fucked up in a bar, don't do it.

>>637575608Reiko is a girl's nameRaiden is pronounced RAI-DEN and not RAY-DEN

>>637586773I like the new material at least


Attached: 080-2266169440.jpg (550x633, 34.05K)

>>637575040>JobdenWhen ANYTHING that he has done ever mattered?

>>637587030Like seriously. Here's Sub Zero in MK2 (I know he was actually portrayed by Pesina but whatever). Shang Tsung was asian in MK1 and 2. Both were replaced by John Turk in 3. It's a total non-issue.

Attached: file.png (395x254, 110.62K)

>>637585228I don't like Scorpion looking Asian because Scorpion should just be a skeleton. When he has an actual face it's gay.

>>637588370Now that's a legitimate criticism. I don't like that and I also don't like how Reptile's reptile-ness became so much more blatant.

Attached: file.png (1000x563, 825.55K)

>looking through the wiki some more>Smoke is from the Czech Republic????

Attached: smoke.png (290x637, 87.87K)

>>637586749Who was Asian apart from 2 people the rest are white and half white

Don't care about raiden anymore, Netherrealm will cuck out and remove his "SHALIBABIAE" gibberish because of cultural yada yada pc crap

>>637588037Sub zero is half white half Japanese

>>637575040>Liu Kang is a God that created this whole universe>Makes Raiden AsianOMG OMG OMG I'M LOSING MY FUCKING MIND RIGHT NOW!!!!!

>>637576462So was Kung Lao

Attached: kung lao actor.jpg (1280x720, 85.79K)

>>637589658Nigger, he's Filipino. They often have Spanish names. My straight up Filipino friend has an Irish last name and his first name is Pedro.

>>637589829What's the difference?

>>637589658>everyone with a last name in Spanish is actually Mexican Lol Americans

>>637589928Philippines is in Asia and Mexico in America fucking retard

>>637590079Not an american.>>637590115So? They aren't white, it doesn't matter where they are from.

>>637581320You go straight to his question without so much as thinking about the nuance of it, you're 12 or very stupid.

The series was inspired by Big Trouble in Little China. They should all be Asian except for characters like Cage, Sonya, and Jax.

>>637579416What are you talking about?

Why would the God of lightning in MK be white? Raiden isn't Thor or Zeus.

>>637581145perhaps donation they're doing

>>637576243they blackwashed fucking Jet? lmfao

>>637590914They should all just be white. Asians wouldn't be caught dead playing a mid game like Mortal Kombat

>>637579479What paintings?

>>637576374>a failing country since the 1800sSoon™

>>637575040wo long fallen dynasty 2 looks good

only played MK 1, 2 & 3always thought his ethnicity was some sort of Asian or mixed Asian

>>637591825This.Considering most eastern countries don't allow this level of gore/violence in games, who the fuck are these niggers catering to???

why does this thread have 400 posts

>>637592880He literally didn’t look Asian in any of them

>>637578185It sells only to jewish billionaires that print infinite money for themselves and pay these companies to make propaganda.Actual market hates this shit.

>>637576462all of this is terrible except for kingpin

>>637581043>Me not care about race>Me don't understand why other people care about race

>>637576649Ed poon

>>637576473have you forgotten your medication on your way from discord to here?

>>637576243i wouldnt mind if there was more variety and the new ones looked half as good

>trannyera or some other gay forum post>twatter post>plebbit post>jewish gayming news headline>they all reach bump limitI'm so fucking tired of this faggotry.

Attached: 1661232154369965.jpg (329x399, 43.57K)

>>637594568if it was blackwashed I'd see your point but this is an already asian themed character being turned more visually asian so... who cares.

>>637595758>>637596087people are saying that mk12 looks kind of gay

>>637596087I don't care about blackwashed or something else washed. That's the funny thing, idiots like you used to say that we just hated black people and wouldn't complain if it was other sort of raceswap. But evidently people who care about race care about race period.Race matters, it is integral to who you are, there are people who understand it, and people that don't, it is what it is regardless.Raceswap of an established character therefore is always an objective negative to me.And this isn't Raiden, he just shares the name and other characteristics.But i don't really care about MK. Or honestly at this point in my life, there isn't a single western media i do care about.I just thought your point was retarded, so i made sure to let you know that. That's all.

>>637578976It's called middle because nobody wants it.

>>637576243whoever's the retard who made this picture: couldn't you have made a god damn square and put everything in it instead of making it a fucking phonenigger streak of an image?

>>637597902always crying like a faggot addicted to estrogen

>>637579340You are actually a fucking moron>try to rob someone at gunpoint>he tries to flee>you shoot him 8 times>19 witnesses say you're guilty and you confess>lawyer calls it racism>you get off scott freePlease tell me more about how the justice system is unfair to black people

Attached: 1636592652861.png (923x806, 577.48K)

>>637575040I have 0 interests in identity politics,but raiden looking like your chad math teacher in a halloween costume is infinitely more soulful.There is a time and place for faithful representation of a culture.And the hilarious campy edgefest that is Mortal Kombat isn't one of them.

Attached: america wrestling in walmart.jpg (2048x1152, 353.51K)

>>637579883i have the same dilemma as well and i'm palepeople don't know if i'm latino or filipino sometimes

>>637575998it's one of the most important things in the world. not only is it who you are, it's what you aret. jomon east asianpeople who say race does not matter have something very evil in them whether they were coaxed into believing this or not.

>>637578989I met Richard Epcar at a con. I didn't realized he also voiced Akuma He told me he's still waiting for that call for that mk vs sf game.

>>637575040Always was

Attached: vy13eu6n7en21.png (1280x720, 1.16M)

>>637579883I don't know but I'd let him suck my cock.No homo.

>>637579108stormfags are such schizos its unrealyou live in la-la-land right next door to far-leftoids and their powerfantasies

Attached: 1677590533371216.jpg (580x450, 32.69K)

>>637576243>Niggers make up 13% in America and in European countries, they make up less than 5%.>Yet because niggers and white libshits are such bitches and moaners, niggers make up half of our entertainment cast and advertisements.

>>637592072Nigger that's the nature of empires. They always drag on because the last strong arm will always be the tyrannical one built specifically for empire building and population control.If you're american and feeling mad over this, don't. If america goes down the other empires will be fucked too by the power vacuum and lack of a strong economy to trade with propping up their bloated spending. Your countrys "death" will fuck over euros and ruskies so fucking much

>>637575040That's fine, he still looks white.Refocus efforts on where the fuck is Johnny Cage and why is everyone wearing Manbuns and can't look American?

Sub Zero used to be whiteRaiden was whiteMileena and Kitana were middle easternSindel was whiteNow literally everyone is Chinese. Ironically the game is less diverse now.

>>637582263>also videogames

Attached: america and the rest of the world i feel bad for you.jpg (500x838, 258.72K)

>>637599586As for the pic that says "Raiden is not Raiden anymore" well wtf? Why? That's gay. It sounds like they are mad with Elon Musk.

>>637581852I this point I think it's all gaslighting.

>>637577843I'm with you user, the West doesn't appreciate femininity anymore. No wonder there is no idol culture, western cunts would not allow at the height of girl groups in the west we never got anything this refined towards male tastes. The inferiority of whites is truly on display in 2023.

>>637577843All coomers are literally trannies and forfeit growing a pair. It's not about women, there shouldn't even be a single woman character to choose from to represent earth. WTF is your problem, you don't send a woman to fight demons.

>>637600069Which brand of cope are you on? Low test cope? Small dick cope? Female cope? Well? Dickless freak.

>>637598719That’s how Asians look wow welcome

>>637575040Its not Raiden, its fucking Liu Kang you nigger, did none of you actually play MK11?

>>637600069Cowardly little faggot.

>>637575096That sequence in mgs2 when he was naked made my peepee feel funny when I was a kid

>>637575040Earthrealm has fallen…its over.

>>637600151>>637600986The altright/far right is literally the ones wanting to compete with women's sports and is simply the equivalent of KKK Confederates which is the same thing that trannies fight for. Kill yourself tranny.

Attached: CharacterSelectMK1.jpg (1920x1080, 571.54K) little demon shit, the Devil fucks your ass where the worm dieth not.

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>>637579348By that logic everyone is african.

>>637575040>asian man makes a new world in his image>everyone is asianNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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>>637575096i prefer this one.

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>>637576649Pure Jomon

>>637581145Probably graduating and gifting that to their homeroom teachert. from that region

>>637579934So in your logic all the world population is Africans.

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>>637576686No Erron makes this game an error

>>637575040If anything it's weird ''RAIDEN'' wasnt a chink

>>637603247Why indo Aryan people lived in China and brought that fighting style

Why did this thread blow up? he was asian in the movie....

>>637603247This, I always thought of him as Asian anyway with his bigass rice farmer hat.

>>637604067racially and ideologically obsessed retards that need to be mad about something.

>>637577778>most viewed movie on HBOMAX>flop

>>637604186Uninformed retards like always, if anything NetherRealm's just made him more oriental.

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>>637582219only 3 of those aren't alternate would know that if you actually played the game.

>>637575096Cute abdomen.

>>637576845pic related doesnt look white. Not asian either but more like some combination

>>637579973>As someone actually old enough to have been there, EVERYONE regarded Raiden as a white guy. I don'tsounds like bias. As long as Raiden didnt have a stereotypical asian accent and heavily slanted eyes you would just assume he's white because that's what's closer to you. Same way you might view anime people as white while japanese see them as japanese unless they're stereotypically white or black

>>637599817The west keeps pushing feminine men and masculine women for some retarded reason>>637600069Faggot>>637600151This>>637600986This

>>637580310more like white people assumed people in masks are white because that's what they're used to. It's ok to be wrong

>>637575096Based. Based. Based. Based. Based. Based. Based. Based. Based. Based. Based. Based.

>>637578537>the establishment purposely brainwashed people into making everything about race so they won't band together to revolt against the elites.yes. also endless money flowing into the mic and pic.

Mortal Kombat is one of the biggest examples of the "normal people dressed up as heroes" phenomenon, but I guess it makes sense in this case. The first game was literally low-budget actors dressed in low-quality clothes, digitized to become the characters in the game.What's kind of painful is to realize that basically every modern western game is going this way, but with 3D models. God of War's Odin is 100% a costumed actor, you can't look at him and see a mythological god instead of a bac actor acting like a mythological god. And in the case of that game, there's no reason to do that other than total artistic bankruptcy where nobody knows how to create characters anymore and it's all about dressing up some underpaid actors and considering the job done.

>>637575040I prefer the real Raiden

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>>637578185>If it sells (it does)lollmao even

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>>637597902Anon it's been growing for years so it can't be square, it just gets longer and longer

>>637576243>whites complaining now when its done to themhey at least now u know how whitewashing feels

>>637607345looks like beggar

>>637576243thank god asians are taking over entertainment. i watch more anime and play games from asia, AND THAT'S A GOOD THING

> white man wearing a rice hat named raiden


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