Who would you say is your Holla Forumsideo game Waifu?

Who would you say is your Holla Forumsideo game Waifu?

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And if you’re wondering I’m not a haremfag. My Waifu is the beautiful Neo the Ice Cream girl!

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Lilith a cute

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I love my wonderful wife Nepgear! She's so adorable!

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>>637575280Yes she is.I never played binding of Isaac, but I’ve heard it’s a good game, should I play it?

Lily, one with the wind!

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>>637574964Fairy leviathan

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Blanc is my wife and I love her more than anything in the whole world.

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I love my wife Seele!

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>>637575726That’s a cute outfit. Dunno why but women wearing yellow clothes is hot to me


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I love Neptune!

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I love my beautiful wife Byleth!

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>>637575413If you want to, go for it

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>>637574964>Holla Forumsideo game waifus

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>>637574964>KazooieUhh bros?

My love, Dolce.

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>>637574964i liek my woman old and with orbs

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>>637577083Where is she a receptionist at?

>>637577371The local clinic.


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For me, it's Juri>TFW no dominant martial arts gf to use me as a speedbag

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>>637576479Based and same.

>>637577434What drugs does she prescribe?

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I love Totooria Helmold!

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I loev Laetitia

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>>637578748I don't know, but there's surprisingly not a whole lot of art of her in a nurse outfit considering where she works and lives. I found this unfinished drawing where she's wearing Nancy's outfit.

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I love Brigid!

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>>637574964My wife remains my dearest Passionlip.

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>>637574964I have a problem

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>>637574964I love the edgy bunny and she will probably not get in smash

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>>637580351I don't believe you

Nurse waifu

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>>637580351I believe you

>>637580529Maybe she's learning from Compa.

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>>637580489Believe it>>637580709This one believes

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>>637580529Waifu's former occupation

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>>637580351Check this out!

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>>637580529dr waifu and gang>>637580351there's something alluring about very short ladies ain't there

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>>637580529waifu is a SCIENTIST, not a doctor

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Seems like it's fun-size hours around here.

>>637580529Along with her mother.

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>>637582110Smol=extra huggable

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>>637580529>>637580713I trust them!

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>>637574964R. Mika or Samus, desu.

>>637582110Yes it is

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I love Red Riding Hood

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Seggs with waifu!

>>637583989Yes, Haru

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>>637577475Only zoomers and groomers play Ultimate though

Like I would tell you….

>>637574964My hahaue.

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>>637574964My cute transwife manon!

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>>637584497Manon seems a little on the nose for a trans characters name


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Mine likes to rape and make a family with me where I have no choice.

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>>637574964The nigger goat

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>>637585308PL is based

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>>637585923is this some kind of weird /vp/ meme i'm too normal to understand

>>637586037Just /vp/ lolcow

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I love Reisen!

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>>637586613based desu


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>>637587085quit calling yourself based it's weird

Seele already appeared, no need for repetition; have her instead.

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>>637587225I’m not the guy posting leaf? Just respecting the clear amount of time and energy this guy has devoted to his waifu.

Megumin, my beloved.

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Mythra my beloved

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>>637589521How do you feel about the whole REX'ed thing?

>>637587149Cute artwork!

How come there’s so many TOTK coomer threads on this board right now whether it’s gay trap or straight?

>>637589740Who cares

>>637589997Yeah I guess your right

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>>637589740Nintendo games have always been allowed have coomer threads


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>>637590165waifu agressively waking you up

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>>637589740Better than the Elden Ring spam that plagued the board for months

>>637574964are these really video game characters? I dont recongize almost all.peach, samus, bayonetta, the pokemon, and the splatoon thing in the corner. literally have no idea who the rest are.

>>637590734It's all the female characters in Smash

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>>637590734>Holla Forums poster has never heard of smash brothersI love summer!

>>637590734Jesus fucking Christ, user, wtf

>>637590248Why? What draws coomers to their characters?

Post shyfu

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>>637592097She loves making me treats

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>>637592097Though easily flustered and almost chronically embarrassed, my wife is rarely shy. She is brazen and direct and sincere, and simply endures her embarrassment without covering herself. Her passion is too great for timidity.

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>>637593695Cute outfit!


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>>637574964Lara Croft>90s and 2000s era only>pic related (from Anniversary, part of the LAU trilogy)anyone who likes 2010s trilogy or the shitty 2018 movie or the upcoming Amazon Games shit or etc., then gtfo

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>>637574964They look like real party animals..

>>637592097That's rare, but it's cute.

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>>637592471Always get a good chuckle out of that screenshot.

>>637594528My wife is always cute even when she is a clown

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>>637594757Cute indeed

>>637595070SameAlso, waifu living in a society.

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For me, it's Towa.

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Good lord, so much weebshit. Anyway, best waifu coming through. Yes, I can fix her.

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>>637595163Yo, Neofren, here it is. Hope the little details are visible

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>>637595313Waifu is part of society's most oppresed group: Gamers.

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>>637594725Kill yourself.


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>>637595163>>637595543>>637596089>>637596198>>637596583Now there's some cute maids for sure!

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>>637596419My wife's game IS about living in a society

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>>637596328>complains about weebshit>posts AI

>>637594631Strictly speaking Tamamocat is the maid, but my wife is now an apprentice to her in trying to learn culinary arts.

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>>637574964Samara from Mass effect. Tali might be best girl. But Samara is best woman

>>637574964My wife that I'll finally be able to play against actual people without the shittiness of online after a long time! ...At a local. ...That doesn't meet until next month....>>637582110Always!>>637578748Waifu always encourages things that can be found in nature first and foremost.

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>>637574964your mom

>>637582110Calling waifu fun-size!Waifu not appreciating the sentiment...

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>>637582110All the better for hugin

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>>637597689Waifu running late! (You) also running late! Colliding with waifu! This goes on for like 3 years because neither of you actually goes to school in time.

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>>637596398Thanks homie! It’s very nice! You really are a great artist!

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which way western man

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I want to hold her hand and put a ring on her finger.I almost considered posting something different today.

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>>637600591What was it?

>>637598146Waifu calling (You) fun-size for a change.

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>>637600591Does it have anything to do with Smash Bros?

>>637600947It's more cringey than usual, but something about kissing her forehead.

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I love her dearly.

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>>637601392That's not cringey at all

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>>637601392You mean something like kissing her on the forehead as she’s sleeping

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Kissing waifu is cringey?

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kissing waifu in the forehead ______after seggs ______

>>637574964Samus for sure. I never used to think so, but I noticed one day how much more frequently I save pics of her over anyone else. I've never played XB, but Pyra and Mythra are S tier. Nintendo has a lot of good ones.

>>637602084Those eyesThose are the eyes of a girl who knows what she wants


>tfw can’t post from phone when not at home because some guy got your cellphone network rangebanned for racism on /int/

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>>637574964for me, it's Samus

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>>637574964My Waifu for as long as I can remember

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My wife's hair makes kissing her forehead not that appealing but I can kiss her not-nose instead

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>>637602402She wants a seaside rendezvous

>>637599408I do kind if wish I had a pic of her running with toast, but I guess Nepgear isn't the type to be late.

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>>637602675lol can her hair be lifted or does hse not have a forehead at all?

waifu happy

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Why does your waifu fight?


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>>637602434>Waifu was using your phone again

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>>637603083for team magma's dreams and the development of humanity, which for a while was a little nonsensical with the whole 'boil the oceans up a little to make more land', but i think they've sorted themselves out a little now>>637603013

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>>637602675Her hair looks a lot like Ryuko’s hair from Kill La Kill but with green sections instead of red sections

>>637603083To survive >>637603013

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>>637603083To save (Me)

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>>637603083For freedom

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>>637603083To save her tribe and follow in T. Hawk's footsteps!

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>Daisy Circuit datamines in Tour seem to be all but confirmed at this point>There's also hinting of the Tour it is part of being a Wedding TourI swear to god Nintendo, if you dare feed that group I will lose it. I know they seem to only do one new character/alt a Tour these days, when they do add something at that, but it still doesn't stop my mounting worry and frustration.Even if it would mean official wedding art.

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>>637602875Seemingly those hairs start from the forehead so it's no forehead I can really kiss>>637603083monsters invading planets and stuff>>637603509I like the green better

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>>637603509I have an idea but I don’t know if I should share it

Luci's voice warms my heart when nothing else will.

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>>637603083To defend the stuoid Japanese society and honor the memory of her late father

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>>637574964>waifu thread is the best thread right now.A bit surprised. Have fun dudes.

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>>637604034>A long time agoRyu and other SF2 characters are still alive so it wasn't that long

>>637604171I bet it’s a cute idea

>>637603083The memory of her deceased friend and caretaker

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>>637603083For goddess and country!TL Note: She is the goddess and it's her country, but it's mostly out of the goodness of her heart.>>637604171Not him but waifu cosplaying Ryuko sure would be something.

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>>637603083To protect her friends. Also pic rel.

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>>637603083Originally it was to destroy that which she loves and that which she hates. She is bound by the principles of Love and Hate, and cursed by the part of her that is Brynhildr (the valkyrie who kills the one she loves) and Durga (goddess of destruction).However, as she matures, she resolves simply to protect that which she loves. She can't change her nature but she can channel her composite's other qualities, embodying Brynhildr as a shield-maiden and Durga as the goddess of protection.

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>>637602675You can kidd her ont he cheek and she'd get as, if not more embarrased

I love my wife 2B with all my heart!

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>>637603083Initially, she chose to attend a military school despite her lack of combat ability because she wanted to know exactly WHY Erebonia's history and culture is so warlike and power hungry. Later on she gets more personal reasons for fighting, like her friends getting involved in the main plot and trying to help/save them. She feels like she was a burden in Cold Steel 1 so she redoubles her training in CS2 to be on the front lines... only for her to go right back to being a sideline NPC in 3 and 4. God Falcom are dumb sometimes.

Attached: TowaWar.png (1277x718, 1.36M)

>>637603083Pick your poison -A.) A literal saint stole the world-ending crystal, so we have to clobber him and get it back.B.) She was chasing a giant banana across the world, because SS6 decided that Cham Cham only has one character motivation for what they probably thought was going to be the last game in the franchiseC.) She was playing with the world-ending crystal and a goblin stole it, so she has to get it back before her family finds out and gets mad.

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>>637605523Blue hair is cute!

>>637606021>Implying giant bananas aren't a good motivation for a video game

>>637606021Who's your favorite SamSho final boss, Chamfren?

>>637604751Like school uniform, transformed, monster Ryuko?

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>>637584162not true, I dropped Ultimate the second they announced that last fighter for pack 1

>>637603509>Kill La Kill

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My love Claire

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>>637601972Well, that, but also when she's awake, and she would get flustered and embarrassed with me.>>637603083For revenge, for a long, long time, but not anymore.

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>>637603083To free herself from the clutches of 2 fingers and greater will.To seize her own destiny.

Attached: moon_witch_ranni_by_andrerb_df1e3ze-fullview.jpg (900x1374, 152.13K)

>>637607430>but also when she's awake, and she would get flustered and embarrassed with me.Cute