The Elden Ring Killer

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>>637574864What's it really gonna kill is Deck13's self esteem. Imagine failing at copying a popular game so bad that someone else reboots your copy and makes a better version of it to show how it's done.


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>>637574864lol lmao the game that failed and so they had to reboot it from the ground up.

>>637574864didn't this shit already come out and was bad?

>>637575223not a gif :(

My wife

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>>637574864>thinking calling your game "the X killer" doesn't sound like a fucking joke after these couple decades of "the X killer"sEmbarassing

Something I noticed about this trailer is that the camera is a lot more centered on the player and there's way more simple swinging and dodging.It kinda looks like Dark Souls now. Are western devs finally learning that over the shoulder bamham combat and flashy automated combos are boring?

>>637575417that was before the reboot yes they're trying it once more

The first one was alright, hopefully this one will be better.

>> first game was like that, but the combat flow was absolutely horrible. This game seems to have been made by an entirely different team and even though it's a rush job to try and steal some of Elden Ring's market share (just like the first was an Asylum-esque attempt to steal Dark Souls' market share), it looks like there's a much greater degree of care taken to actually copy what they're riping off rather than just assuming "Slow and clunky" is 100% of From's formula.

>>637574864>another souls sloppass

Why are they playing Iron Maiden on the trailerWhat year is it

>>637574864>going for Dark Souls dark and gritty>obscure lore with high fantasy designs >puts Iron Maiden in the trailer instead of a fitting symphonyit's a flop fr no cap

>>637577863This. There's no passion. It's just "throw in whatever is popular".It's directionless.

>>637576420We're so fucking

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>>637577863the aesthetics and tone are clearly Heavy Metal inspiredIron Maiden IS the fitting symphony

>>637574864Wasn't Lords of the Fallen released forever ago? I could have sworn it was one of the first big non-FromSoft Soulslike games.

>>637574864>Lords of the Fallenso they just used the same title as the previous game? I really wish it had been good, but god damn was the first one awful. So bad I really don't have any hope for the sequel.

>>637580960They decided at some point to pull a Suicide Squad/THE Suicide squad and take the 2 off the game. Prior to the trailer this logo was the only news we got on the game for a long time

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>>637580960>>637581118A different studio is making a reboot and it looks a lot more competent than CI games' commercial failure

>>637575003What will really kill Deck13 is their new game looks like more open world slop. having to delay it after just announcing the release date doesn't bode too well

>>637581830Is this game open world because it seems so far to be designed more like a traditional Souls games with specific stages one after another

>GAME>GAMEholy shit, why not rename at this point

>>637575760android killed iphonechrome killed internet explorer(edge included)internet killed printed newspapers

Old Fallen looked better - it had better more distinct art direction. This is just a generic Souls wannabe with some scenes being copycat. And the music is unfitting - ruins the mood entirely. Im not even a soulfag to be hostile to other games, but this is a letdown.

>>637575760dude, stop talking like a roastie hag

>>637574864>lords of the fallendidn't this already come out? or am I thinking of something else with as generic of a title?

It showed very little unfortunately for being an "extended" gameplay trailer.Didn't want uncut gameplay but even a bit less cut and showing actual parries/bits of movesets would have been better.It won't be up to From but I hope the boss/enemy design is decent, with fast enemies using some moves that can be avoided by walking/running/attacking. I also wonder what they'll do with shields

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>>637574864Will it have countless time wasting trash dungeons with the same enemies, the almost same layout, the same boring traps and copy pasted bosses protecting a shitty reward that doesn't work with your build? Will it have copy pasted shrines, ruins, castles, swamps?Will it have absolutely zero interactivity with the world other than fighting shit?Will it have mediocre and empty zones at the end of the game to artificially inflate the gaming time?If not don't talk like it's even remotely close to Ubisoft Ring.

>>637584751>protecting a shitty reward that doesn't work with your build?What the fuck for you expect retard? Not every item can fit every build.

>>637584751It has been 16 months

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>>637585352I don't care you could have more rewards in your dungeons than one item + crafting components because seeing how lame they are I'm certainly not doing them because they're fun but just for the loot.When I talk about this fromdrones tell me to read a guide and pick whatever dungeon holds what I want. Way to fail at understanding the problem and offering a bad solution. There's nothing fun in making a checklist of what's interesting to grab and kill the exploration and the surprises in the same move.It's just not a very good way to make an open world. It's formulaic, boring and devoid of soul like if the map and the minor dungeons were done by an algorithm. Only the legacy dungeons are alright.

>>637585641Tendie level of cope.

>>637584462cant wait for Blasphemous 2 kinoludo

>>637575003it’s not even made by deck13 you retard. deck13 is working on Atlas Fallen

All of these Soulslikes have fantastic looking trailers and prerelease material, and then end up being complete slogs or outright disasters once they release.

>>637574864>fear of the dark starts playingLMAO who though boomer rock was the right choice for their dark and visceral fantasy game?

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Are they really giving this shit another go after how badly their first attempt went?

>>637586059>tendieIt's literally the same schizo spic seething at any Souls game because they are popular but he is too shit to have fun with those

>>637575003They are not the devs. They actually developed the excellent The Surge games

so, a soulslike following the cargo cult trend

>>637586728>>637587439Seek help lol

>>637574864>Expecting anything but another souls wanna be flop90% of the budget went into securing these music's licenses for the marketing

>>637585641>criticism = seething bad playerretard spotted

>>637584462The run speed seems slow which is worrying

>>637587785you're right that criticism does not necessarily mean seething, but it's also extremely clear that the post that user was replying to was abject seething.

>>637587785Imagine being so utterly useless as a human being your FOMO makes you seethe against an entire genre, Pablo

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The Surge was the closest one to understand souls and this game is made by them so it looks good.

>>637574864>first human face you see is a niggerFucking dropped, holy shit.

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>>637588770These are different devs, Deck13 only made the first game. Deck13's new game is Atlas Fallen.

>>637588972>seething over double A shovlewarehope you find happiness some day

>>637588972this lmao

>>637577863>a fitting symphonyStringslop and choirrhea needs to go. I'm not saying there aren't good tracks in recent games, but From's music started to slump into a "safe", uncreative, & uninspired zone with DaS1, and is only barely picking up with a few Elden Ring

Just remake Quake already. Fuck.

>>637588972hopefully you mean it and you don't enter any more threads about the gamethe more filtered retards the better

>>637574864But what's with the booming scifi TPS rifle noises?

>>637589378>Le Demon's Souls fart noises musicKill yourself youtuber redditor

>>637574864I wasn't onboard until Iron Maiden started playing. Can't tell if they're being self-aware or completely tone-deaf. Either way, hilarious.

>>637587560are you hyped by this trailer?do you think is could be indeed a "elden ring killer"?

>>637574864>google>says this is a 2014 gameI ain't buying no remake garbage.

>>637587413>excellent>The Surge

>>637590703>>637590828>>637590941Meds, Pablo

>>>Lords of the Fallen is an action role-playing video game developed by Deck13 and CI Games. It was released in October 2014 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows.

>>637585954The main reward for me was always the crafting components and the runes granted by beating the boss. Fighting the bosses was fun for a while when I hadn't seen them in the overworld yet. Occasionally you also got things like armor, weapon arts and spirit summons which can be used with a wider variety of builds.I always saw the minor dungeons as a place to grind, they are not the main content of the game. But the open world format is pretty

>>637592101Posted incomplete reply by accident>But the open world format is prettyI meant that the problem is caused by the game being open world. You have to fill the empty world with something

>>637585954>It's just not a very good way to make an open worldThe reward in most open world games is just exp and money. Which this game also has

lords of the fallen is for 30+ year olds who wear flaming skeleton shirts while listening to five finger death punch in their used f-150

I actually think it looks good.

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I don't even care about this game. It will probably suck total ass.But I genuinely hope it outsells Elden Ring and I will happily spend $100+ for it and likely never even play it. I will do this because Fromtrannies are the most obnoxious and detestable people on the planet. I have 1000+ hours in Souls games, and if you told make I could magically replace all those hours of fun I had with boredom watching paint dry, in exchange for Fromdrones never existing, I would do it in a heartbeat.

>>637592495>30+ year olds who wear flaming skeleton shirts while listening to five finger death punch in their used f-150Sounds pretty rad

>>637586675IT'S KINO

>>637592495oh hey, that's me!

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>>637575003this isnt made by deck13 which is actually the reason i dont care, the surge games are actually competent souls-bootlegs unlike pretty much everything else out thereno deck13 no buy

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>>637587130Idk this sounds like more of a schizo take to me, or an extremely desperate cope because you refuse to believe that more than one person might have criticisms of a series that has been legitimately mediocre since 2014

>>637574864>niggerlol no

>>637574864wtf is that music choice lmao

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>>637586675What? Boomer rock is THE dark fantasy music. Like, more than half of it is dark fantasy themed. Hell, it should be the in-game ost.

>>637574864i wish we saw actual gameplay and not schizo edited nonsense. Since paid advertiser are on this board promoting the game, why don't they come out and leak a few interesting details? And I don't want generic shit like confirmation of starting classes and invasions.

>>637574864I feel like I'm watching BluePoint remake of Elden Ring.

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>>637594924>You will never have a medium/fast-paced third person dark fantasy action rpg where you use a flaming sword to duel a skeleton king who also has a flaming sword whilst AC/DC riffs jam in the background>it will always just be discordant wailing and unharmonious garbage strings because that's the slop that's in Souls Feels bad man

>>637577863it's pulp grimdark fantasy which fits perfectly with classic metal

>>637594418Meds, Pablo

Unreal engine is an ugly ass engine. Looks like a "FROM HIRE THIS GAME" video. That framerate and the post processing effects are attrocious.

>>637595442can you imagine the licensing costs?on that note, i'm amazed that Brutal Legend even exists as a game.

>>637594924>>637595442i just want a game with this soundtrack

why even latch onto this IP? it's total poison. it's a single ugly game that was a commercial flop and is total garbage. any association should be totally avoided.

>>637574864what's with the beta male version of Malenia?

>>637595790this is one of the few UE games i've seen that doesn't look soulless

>>637595790Pablo calm dowm

Finally, Zanzibart... we're home.

>>637574864it couldn't even beat DS2

>>637595989>>637596123You are being too blatant Pablo, wait a bit more than a minute

>>63759577>everyone who disagrees with me is actually just one personMeds indeed

>>637574864Too cheesy and American in tone, and i love Iron Maiden but using real everyday music like this in video games trailers is just lame, but at least it's not shitty rap again as usual

>>637574864>music in the trailer not niggerspeak

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>>637595989>commercial flopNot at all, it sold extremely well and turned quite a profit considering the budget, which people tend to forget was quite small. The only flop was critically, not commercially.Though you are somewhat correct in that the strategy of latching onto a flop is of questionable value, even if the game itself is good. Example: Two Worlds 2

>>637574864this has to be one of THE worst trailers of all time.>haha look at our ironic song choice>the game itself? it will take itself super serious and be super generic high fantasy edge, why?i am so glad that this will flop

>>637596964>fear of the dark being attached to knights fighting in swamps>ironicYou don't know what irony means.

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>>637574864Yep, its a western game alright.Cant even escape to medieval gothic fantasy anymore.

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>>637597962Isn't that a player generated character?

>>637598276Let me feel outraged in peace!

>>637597962If JimmyBob can be in fantasy games, don't see why Tyrone can't.

>>637598276>>637598345What kind of nitpicking to my argument is this?Fucking Shills i swearYes it is generated, Yes they still put him in the trailer front and center for those brownie points and ESG score.Fuck you.

>>637598276niggers don't sell these games. quite the opposite in fact.

Will we be able to save her this time?

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>>637585949This but completely unironically

>>637598513I'm sure jews are promising finential compensation to the companies, if they comply with the propaganda, they get bonus money.

>>637598605yeah but it doesn't help their future endeavors nor does that matter on the consumer end.

>>637596759wow i'm actually surprised to learn this. man that game is total slop, just straight up garbage.

>>637598464Yeah, but we haven't seen a single porch monkey in the game proper. You may not have to endure any.

People have been trying to kill souls games for nearly 2 decades. Still nobody has.

>>637584462Is hollow knight worth playing if I liked dead cells?

>>637598996I think elden ring did it for me. I'm not interested in their next game if it's open world slop with the same combat formula. Sekiro 2 when

>>637599086those games are basically nothing alike

>>637599086Their similarities end at being 2D sidescrolling platformers.

>>637574864Wrong pic, user.

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>>637581830>open world slopI'm convinced people who hate open world games are autistic in some way and can't cope with the idea of not being told exactly what to do and where to go at every momentlinear hallways are not good gameplay design, read a book or watch a movie instead

>>637599693Is dark souls 1 an open world game?

>>637574864>fear of the darkBased. Still not playing soulslop though.

>>637599740Nah, it's laid out like a 2d metroid vania

>>637599901Is it full of linear hallways telling you where to go?

>>637584462>Soulframe>Literally just a Warframe reskin>It has "soul" in the title so it must be a "souls-like"!What retard created this picture?

>>637584462How the fuck is Silksong a Soulslike

>>637599997It's a Souls-like according to its makers (also you have stamina and can't move while attacking)

>>637599086Yes, but it's not similar in the ARPG and surely roguelike structure. Hollow Knight is more metroid than Castlevania

>gameplay trailer>trailer is 30% gameplayOkay.

>>637598545You literally save Millicent in her quest>>637599997It's a Souls-like

>>637599948No, that's demon souls. Dark souls is a series of spokes.

>>637600102>>637600291Looks like if Rebecca is not attached to a project DE can't do anything right. Dropped.

>>637574864Lords of the Fallen has always been superior to Souls games. It's only because of weebs and bad press Lords of the Fallen didn't get the praise it deserved.

>>637600302So there is obviously a middle ground between open world slop and early 2010s hallway corridors. So why get mad over something you made up in your head about people who dont like open world?

>>6376003348/10 I could almost fall for it

>>637592775i am kinda on the fence, it looks a bit more fast paced than formsoftware souls, and some of the characters/enemies look wicked but in other areas it looks kinda rushed?idk i will have to see more of it i think

what the FUCK was this awful trailer. it starts introducing itself as a fromsoft clone with a serious and dark tone. 1-2 minutes later: the ebin hollywood cool action music. Anitclimatic and garbage. Hope the guy who directed this loses his job

>>637600843top kek this spic is seething over music. thats how you know your brain is full spic slop. ARIBBA ARIBBA

Am I going crazy or wasn't it supposed to be THE Lords of the Fallen now?

>>637600910AI generated post

>>637600843retarded zoomer

>>637600910You're dumb. This is no different from the Diablo 4 trailer with that cringe ass music. It's so out of place. One of those dumb non-gamer marketing interns came up with this brilliant idea to put their favorite music in a game trailer. It doesn't work.

>>637601095says the retarded zoomer who will fall for the same soulless slop again and then wonder why he wasted 70$ on an unfinished game

>>637601238Sounds like a bunch of projection to me

>>637601347why do you defend this trailer?

>>637601168>>637601238Pablo calm down

>>637601168>>637601060ARIBBA ARIBBA

>>637599693How are arcade games like movies you disingenuous retarded zoomer? "Infinite freedom" is pointless cause it always boils down to the same tired shit.

>>637601548this dude ate that open world slop hard, my bros

>>637595974>RhapsodyOh my childhood.

>>637600843The music was the only redeeming part of this trailer, you can already tell it's gonna be the same floaty bullshit where spacing doesn't matter and all your attacks magnetically gravitate to enemies.

>>637601723ummh but i dont like it and im mexican and this is OUR board now

>>637574864It's kinda nuts that not a single souls clone has ever even came close to being as good as souls lol

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>>637600063>Same currency system + death mechanics>Same interconnected world>Same NPC quests

>>637574864Is that a soulslike after my NPC brain started like souls games like everyone else?I'm gonna consoooooooooooooooooome

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>>637600063soulslike is like rogueslike. It has no meaning, it's a marketing word to sell games.

>>637575794It doesn't matter, souls games will be buried here for 6 or 8 years>>637574864It looks beautiful

>>637601875>>637601970>Bloodborneâ>That Steam languageOH NO NO NO NO NO PABLO

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>>637602279It's Bloodborneâ„¢ because I can't be bothered editing the fucking sfo file or whatever to properly name the game when I mod it

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>>637589378>Stringslop and choirrheakys

>>637595974Fuck i miss old power metal days ;_;

>>637598693It honestly was not that bad.I wouldn't call it great or even good but it was definitely mediocre and playable and there are absolutely worse AA/AAA games out there. I am a guy who will drop a game after 3 hours if it's bad, even if I paid $60 for it, and I finished it and sufficiently enjoyed LOTF, and I am not the only one.I don't regret my time with it, but I also don't know if I'd do it again.

>>637598996They killed themselves because theu arw teash


>>637585949same lol. zoned out for the rest of the trailer after this and listened to the awful boomer rock. guaranteed flop.

>>637574864Lmao this thread>BUY OUR NIGGER GAME!!!!No.

>>637601029They renamed it to just Lords of the FallenI'm pretty sure it was Lords of the Fallen 2 at first before it became The Lords of the Fallen

>>637604303>>637604363Your blood pressure Pablo, you are too fat to get this angry

>>637574864The tryhard grimdark aesthetic isn't sticking the landing for me. Also the animations look horrible, picrel. >twists torso sideways like an automaton>legs dont move at allOtherwise it looks kind of cool. Will keep an eye on it

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>first face you see is a fucking niggerno thanks

So does this game take place in the fantasy equivalent of the Unite States with a variety of different ethnic groups?

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>>637605608>le missing link face

>that music

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>>637574864I don't like Souls games but it looks great. Why are they reusing the name of a game that kind of just came out to okay reception?

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>>637606835Yeah, Fear of the Dark is fucking kino.

>>637607150it's a reboot lol

>>637607405If it's a reboot why aren't the original devs involved?