>common enemy that has the ability to teleport>small, fast, spider-like enemy>hitscan bullet sponge enemy

>common enemy that has the ability to teleport>small, fast, spider-like enemy>hitscan bullet sponge enemy

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>enemy that can only be damage for a limited time when it's in a specific stun animation

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>small, fast, spider-like enemy that rushes you and self-destructs

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>enemy is weak to dark damage>only 2 enemies in the entire game are weak to it

Attached: ARE YOU FUCKING SORRY.gif (292x142, 655.52K)

>enemy that practically can't kill you but has fuckton of health for no specific reason

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>enemy can heal faster than you can damage it>you had to use a bullshit obscure and arbitrary item>devs thinks its fair and fun

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>>637574843>small, fast, FLYING enemy that rushes you and self-destructs

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>>637575115>all of its attacks have knockback.


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>>637575160>also more health than regular enemies

>enemy can stunlock you>>637575189the attack travels instantaneously, like the zombie humans in doom, as opposed to demon enemies whose ranged attacks consist of projectiles with travel time

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>>637574565>Enemy that burrows underground for several seconds during which the player can do nothing but wait for it to resurface

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>tanky enemy that teleports away when taking damage, goes invisible, makes scary noises, and deals very little damage

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>>637575721holy shit that sounds awful, game?

>>637575575>>637575681>>637575721>>637575160>>637575139>>637575115>>637575029>>637574843>>637574745>>637574565If I ever make a video game it will consist entirely of these enemy types

>>637574565Why is his hand backwards? His thumb should be on the other side if its his right hand.

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>enemies deal contact damage and knockback>cramped space with pits that reset your progress>damaging floors

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>Deus Ex spiderbots>Riddick spiderbotsThe worst

>enemy that has homing laser beams that are instant and can bend 180 degrees to hit you from behind

>one enemy is just a smaller version of a regular enemy>they're harder to hit, much faster, and have the same health as a full size enemy

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>>637576753What were they thinking with baby zombies in Minecraft?

>>637576176>If I ever make a video gamePhew, safe

>>637574565did they ever release more of this?

>>637578235there's supposedly going to be a new season late this year

enemy has a 0,1% drop rate of the item you need to complete the last quest in the game

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>enemy has an attack than inflicks Slow statusTHIS SHIT IS ANTI FUN STIP PUTTING IT UN GANES

>enemy turns another enemy invincible until you kill it>you can't reach it until you clear out every other enemy in the arena>they turn the most annoying and deadly enemy in the game invincible

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>enemy can revive dead enemies>also happens to be one of the tankier enemies in the game with a high damage attackannoying as fuck

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>>637579181Ultrakill Divinity Statues


>enemy that applies debuffs also evades ~50% of attacks

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>>637577051Mostly avoiding murderholes but we found ways to prevent these little green niggers from going through our new and improved murderholes anyway so what was the point

>enemies attacks can take money out of your pocket

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>>637574565>floats towards you at random angles>takes zero knockback>the attack it does has insanely high damage>so incredibly durable it takes a series of nested explosive spells to take out in one hit

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>>637581075>enemy can remove levels and XP from your character each time it hits you>it can cause you to lose skills you've unlocked if you level down enough times

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>>637577051That has been the mystery forever.Honestly if it was something else but still had the same attack pattern, I wouldn't hate it so much. A fucking weasel... a passed off crab, making Bane of Arthropods valuable.

>>637575160>also makes the most annoying noises known to man

honestly baby zombies i feel like aren't even that much of a problem. the real problem for me is the absolute dogshit pathfinding that every enemy seems to have.>walks/runs towards you going in like 3 different directions sometimes>stops randomlyshit is so annoying

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>game gives you invincibility frames each time you get hit>there's a single enemy type that bypasses it AND stuns you

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>>637581795woops, meant for >>637577051


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>Ship game>Enemy fleet zerg rushes with shitty swarm drones>All to stall for the main ship repeatedly bombarding yours.


>you can parry a boss's attacks>they have incredibly inconsistent hitboxes so it's a coinflip on whether or not your parry will actually connect

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>>637574565>enemy that looks just like the generic mooks you've been slaughtering throughout the game>it moves in the same way as they do but it's not attacking>if anything it's actually coming closer to you than normal>kill it >the other enemies that have been approaching you stop and stare for a minute>their expressions change from shocked to confused to pity as they start to look at you>they start moving away with some looking back at you with eyes full of pure empathy and sadness>no more enemies on your path>no more ambient music>npcs that are usually always out in the towns are now suddenly in their homes even during daylight>shopkeepers and inns are closed during working hours>breaking into npc homes usually reveals a home that was quickly packed up and moved out with several items being left behind or a family that shut themselves in and are seemingly waiting for something>those that stayed rarely acknowledge your presence and if they do they look just as sorry for you as the enemies did>main quest continues with the needed items you collect being left alone in obvious locations>mandatory story characters quickly explain the exposition and leave the cutscene as fast as they can>they always end whatever they have to say with "im so sorry" or "may the gods make it quick for you">at endgame now>no more sidequests since i killed that thing>mandatory bosses and enemies are still letting me pass and they still look so sorry for me>what did i do anons>what did i do anonswhat did i do

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>>637583359im so sorry user

>enemy or boss has an attack that instantly reduces your health to 1

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>>637575681I was facing some demons an hour ago doing exactly that and it's annoying as fuck because I'd expect to be able to hurt/force them out by planting trees where they dig but it does nothing. Wasted opportunity from the devs.

>>637583723Give me one (1) instance where that hasn't been kino as hell.

>>637574565>unsure if infinitely respawning or just an obnoxiously large amount of enemies>progression is locked behind them with no indication of spawn timing>no way to disable the spawn location either

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>>637575852Prey? There's the mimics, greater mimics, the invisible cunts throwing shit at you and hiding and all phantoms scram when they take too much damage and hide like cowards.

>>637576185Retarded frognigger.

>enemy plays by your rules>he can CC you>he can heal >he can buff

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>a "big" boss from the first chapter just teleport/run every time you can kill him/her>you need to wait until middle or even late game to kill him/her>enemy X can bypass or is immune to damage from Fire, Ice, etc while normal weapons deal less dmg Jesus fucking Christ, hate this shit.

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>>637574565>enemy can only be damaged by a certain attack using a certain itemfucking Kingmaker swarms filtered me hard

>>637574565>enemies are your mirrorIt made sense in Vampyr since you're both Ekons. Thankfully they don't have access to ALL of your powers at once.

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>>637574565>enemy that's entire gimmick is being durable and running fast>add fodder enemies that are 2x as fast and deal 2x the damage New serious Sam game makes me mad

>enemy uses PVP tactic

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>>637574565>enemy is Bandit with shit armour and shit weapons and gets killed in a single hit>another enemy has the exact same shit armour and shit weapons but is named Bandit Berserker and has 400000 hp and one shots you

>rpg with a class dedicated to status effects>far easier to nuke 90% of random encounters>boss monsters are immune to effects as wellwhat's the fucking point of doing this?

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>Enemies have random abilities>Certain combinations can create a completely invincible enemy>That moves 20x faster than you and kills you in one hit>There's no strategy around this, you just have to hope it doesn't happen

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>enemy is fast, hits like a truck on crack and is immune to all forms of damage except a very specific spell you can missLegend of Grimrock 2 i love you but you cant do that, come on

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>>637585361When does this even happen outside of pokemon randomizers.

>>637585963It's pretty common for Diablo clones or roguelikes like TOME

>new quest: obtain 25 [quest item] from [enemy in a dungeon]>complete dungeon with no drop>maybe just bad luck>try again>still no drop>reread the quest just to make sure you're in the right place even if the indicator says so>right place right enemy>try a third time >again no drop>maybe it's a bug>ask the forum>no problema with the quest>one last run>clean the dungeon with no drop >about to give up >kill the last enemy >1/25only 45 minutes :^)

>little shit enemy with small hitbox and spastic movement>little shit enemy that die in one hit but also deal tons of damage or inflict debuffs>little shit enemy that comes in swarms in a game with no aoe

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>>637574565>Middle of the game map>Underleveled squad>Kill half the goons>Game suddenly spawns 3 end game bosses>Objective: Run Away>You can actually win the battle against all 3 of them>But it takes a long time and a lot of luck>Game directly calls you autistic for doing it>Gives you some of the best weapons and armor in the game afterwards

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>>637585963Path of Exile

>>637574565>Binding of isaac has all of the enemies in this thread with mods

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>>637586737Name the game

>>637574565>Enemy that tanks hits until and can survive at 1hp just to explode>Enemies that explode after death>Enemies that can explode turn 1

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>>637574843Fuck platinum games for constantly putting these in games over and over

>>637587494Super Robot Wars OGs2 Scenario 22Not a secret i would recomend to be honest, it takes too long even if the reward is great

>Platforming based boss who tries to insta-kill you during his death animation

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>>637574565>enemy stands in the distance firing projectiles at you while you're busy fighting >projectiles are explosives that stagger you

>>637575029That’s the pathfinder games in a nutshell, you get classes that have only focus on bonuses against devils, fae and dragons but you only encounter 2-3 in the whole game.

>>637574843>Fat, slow, humanoid enemies that walk towards you and self-destruct

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>hard mode turns enemies into bullet sponges

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>>637588765>enemy inflicts poison debuff>poison staggers you and interrupts everything you do on the damage tick

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>twin enemy that you have to kill both at the once or they'll fully heal themselves instantly

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>>637575240>>637575115He hates your guts

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>>637589139>hard mode turns enemies into bullet sponges>Enemies move faster>Enemies can one or 2 shot you>Enemies can dodge>Enemies can healCan't think of such a game and i hope it doesn't exist.

>>637576409>Its damage is enough to 1 shot you and proc's every single FRAME you are touching the laser

>enemy has a parry like you>it is completely impossible for you, a human, to predict and if the enemy chooses to do it, it will always work

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>>637578550>Enemy has a 5% chance to spawn

>>637579220don't forget>other monsters can't infight with it>really fast>even if you survive the blast it can throw you into an inescapable pit

>enemy has a fuck ton of health>enemy can also block most of your attacks>enemy does a large amount of damage and can even combo you>enemy pretty much always spawns in pairs>games loves to spams them at you towards the endgame

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>Flying enemy in a predominantly melee-combat game that hovers just out of reach of 90% of your attacks.

Attached: 5-11.png (512x550, 356.31K)

>There's a timer ticking down >Boss doesn't do anything >It just stays invincible for 90% of the fight>And constantly teleports around just to annoy you

Attached: 1652934600539857.png (584x530, 628.76K)

>>637575681>doesn't even leave a trail for you to see where it's going

Attached: lump.jpg (100x57, 2.46K)

>enemy has accurate homing projectiles that deal lots of damage>they have high health too

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>>637589139That's almost all shooters right?>even basic enemies have headshot immunity>sniper rifles and rockets don't even break through their armor in one hit>enemies are given ungodly accuracy>an unironic coinflip if you die or have 0.2 seconds to react to a hard-mode exclusive sniper when you round the corner

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>Dog enemy

Attached: b25lY21zOjNjOGFjNmI2LTIwNDktNGYwMS1hYmMwLTk3YWM5MDBhMWIyZTpmMTBiMjFmMS1iZTk1LTRiNWQtODc2OS0yM2I1MzMzYzlhNTc=.jpg (640x467, 25K)

>enemy can steal items from you.>you lose those items permanently, even if you kill that enemy.

Attached: 1683624344905542.png (800x839, 815.23K)

>First enemy encounter in the game>A tiny little slug>If it hits you then you are stunned for seconds at a time>It takes less than a second to bite you againA classic jape

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>>637581447Yellow wizard... has LOST a level

>>637589329>shield nigga>tons of hp >shield covers entire front>turns fast, have to bait attacks to get hits in>shield is either inderstructible or a bullet sponge that regeneratesJust a bigass time waster really

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What is the most bullshit enemy you have ever encountered in a game?

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>>637574843I like tickers though

>>637574565>arena is filled with water and slows you down>water hides pitfalls that are instant death>water also hides enemies that cause status >ranged enemies are everywhere and attacks home in on you>those same enemies are guarded by by others that will rush you down

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>>637591724Shrine of Amana can actually suck my fucking cock

>Ranged enemy that aggos from 3 miles away

Attached: 1515018080425.jpg (597x597, 35.35K)

>>637591724shrine of amana is just grrrrreeeaaaattt :)love that random dragon rider on the small bridge who can use sweeping attacks and knock you off into the void in one hit from a decent distance away

Attached: no ulterior motives.gif (498x458, 1.9M)

>>637584661i tried playing vampyr but i think i did something wrong because the game was unreasonably hard for some reason.i was able to beat a good chunk of it but then i got stuck.

>enemy that splits into smaller versions of itself when killed

Attached: 1616817361849.png (810x688, 451.52K)

>>637574565>enemies that can't be attacked from the front and must be dealt with in a special way>in a massive group of enemiesFuck you Bamham tazers FUCK you>>637579220>has the highest pain tolerance in the entire game so you MUST break LOS or it's guaranteed to finish its animation>rarest enemy in the game, including Icon of Sin spawns, by a massive margin>modders still flood their shitty wads with them

Attached: 100 percent cringe.png (900x900, 803.19K)

>>637591659There's probably more I'm not able to remember, but these were awful.>>637591724Pre-patch shrine of amana?

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>>637592083>Enemy that splits into smaller versions of itself in order to stay alive

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>>637583359Name 23.5 games

>>637574565>enemy is swarming, aggressive, persistent, does little damage, and is placed in a mandatory area early in game

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Attached: doubt.jpg (536x800, 60.45K)

>Enemy can read your movements and use this information to leave traps not just directly in your way but also behind you in-case you try to dodge

Attached: k_nuckles.png (282x426, 269.69K)

>Enemy can just start ignoring hitstun and break out of your combos whenever it feels likeLooking at you, Yakuza bosses

Attached: chrome.jpg (167x169, 22.41K)

>enemy that rushes you has a rapidfire shotgun and can delete half your health in a second

Attached: 1506697943045.png (240x143, 21.01K)

>>637593179Fucking GTA IV cops


>>637575115>that big faggot blocking your path after the shrine of amana bonfire>poses no threat at all but has 99999999 hp>and destroys your gear if you get close so you need to plink him down with ranged weapons every single time

Attached: 1541274053743.jpg (247x284, 25.02K)

>>637592064It's pretty piss easy at first but you will get your shit rocked when you fight Mary if you've just been coasting without really learning the combat or how to synergize abilities. Fucking bitch filtered the shit out of me for the first few attempts. After that everything seemed harder, not as hard as that fight obviously but I couldn't just sleepwalk through shit anymore.

>Enemy has no practical crowd control>Still effectively stuns you by body blocking your movements.

Attached: 1347910335171.png (720x479, 621.7K)

>>637582652>enemy has big dodgeable looking moves>has fake ass lingering hitboxes that don't adhere to the model, particle effects due to being disjointed and oversized and lack directionality, allowing you to be hit retroactively after dodging an attack or having never actually been in the way of it to begin with>the devs could have chosen to make the vague geometric shapes that determine your getting hit adhere more closely to the visuals and deliberately chose not to, disconnecting both you and their nebulous intent from visual gameplay, because clearly you shouldn't try to not be hit by not getting hitgod I fucking hate your overhead slam Bloodletting Beast, I don't CARE that it can be trivially backdodged from the front I want to BREAK YOUR LEGS and can FUCKING SEE ME NOT BEING HIT BETWEEN YOUR LEGS OR EVEN TOUCHED BY YOUR STUPID LITTLE HEAD, YOUR ARMS ARE PANCAKING THE FLOOR OVER THERE NOT HERE I'M NOT BEING HIT SUCK MY DICKand fuck you too Watchdog, your neck isn't your mouth, you're biting in the opposite direction of me, fuck you, if Hackazaki wanted me to be hit standing in these places he should've made sure there was verisimilitude in my being hit or given you a different move to protect that position (and bloodletting beast HAS stomps for this already so ???)

Attached: what'd you say bout old blood.png (2666x2162, 3.9M)

>Game has a parry system>Can get through 96% of the game without relying on it too much>Second to last boss has attacks with super wonky wind up animations>If you haven't aced the parry this boss will wall you without fail.Listen I just really don't like parry systems in games.

>Enemy will attempt Jihad if it see's you killing its friends

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>>637591659Revenants in elden ring>Fast as fuck>Tanky>Attacks dont stagger it>Never stops attacking>Can teleport>Has projectilesI fucking hate these things so fucking much.And yes i know you can use healing magic on them but good luck if you're not a faith build.

>>637589308Hate those fucking faggots

Attached: spooky scary ghosts.jpg (1280x720, 92.38K)

>>637581176>enemy has random player weapon>can instakill with no warning

Attached: Monster_playerghost_stand_full.gif (78x126, 1.55K)

>>637592237do you wanna fight a wall of barons with a super shotgun over 1-3 extra arch viles?

>>637574565what the fuck does hitscan even mean?

>>637589308>Theres 3 of them

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>enemy decreases your max hp if you're in line of sight>hp doesn't refill after recovering

Attached: HankHillChemoraged.png (420x420, 225.52K)

>>637594443Neither is fun but at least archviles can't res other archviles to my knowledge. It's worse when they put archviles in fucked up positions.

>Boss removes from you all of your gear and stats>He also removes your team mates>His own gear and stats are comprised of the total of everything he stole

Attached: 1342223777728.jpg (401x357, 21.88K)

>>637594854dude, you were supposed to keep your shittiest equipment and solo him

>enemy attack destroys your metal/iron equipment

Attached: 1683806509678494.jpg (679x665, 69.6K)

>>637591659Elden Ring Revenants are fucking gay.>entire body is a giant hitbox>flail around randomly, never stops attacking and if you get hit once you're eating the entire 485584985589329848 wombo combo>spray fucking poison>they can teleport>if you try to snipe one from a roof or something the fucker will literally teleport next to youThey are fucking cancer. Only slightly less gay are the giant hands that lurk around Carian Manor but at least you can fuck them up with fire pits which are accessible to everyone. If you're not running faith you just have to bend over and take Revenant cock up the ass

>>637595042I was?

Attached: th-1153705051.jpg (474x266, 15.96K)

>>637595398maybe you were, i was talking about another game

>Enemy has a single weakspot on it's back>Can do a 180 turn instantly

>Boss is weak to X element>X element spells are so shitty it's better to not hit for weakness

Attached: file.png (390x280, 154.85K)

>>637595714was it the blob mimic in Elden Ring? Because you were absolutely right in that case.

>Hitscan enemy that insta-kills you the second you step out of cover.

Attached: 1566531914687.jpg (500x426, 9.55K)

>>637596031oh, that too. i just bonked that nigga like normal. probably cause i'm shit at the game

>>637594550Hitscan projectiles don't have travel time

>>637579181>>637580350>the two idol'd mindflayers in P-2

Attached: 1455533415337.jpg (500x354, 49.16K)

>>637596250you mean like instagib?

>Enemy has a shield that only takes significant damage from a specific weapon type that fires actual projectiles with travel time and likes to hop back and forth between cover, dodge roll out of the way, can kill you instantly in melee range, and, despite using the same weapons as you, has its projectile speed at least double yours which do substantially more damage than your own>Or you can just punch them in the back

Attached: 1683046983348933.jpg (256x256, 24.04K)

>>637596603hitscan is like the opposite of a projectile. You pull the trigger and whatever is in the crosshair takes the hit instantaneously as opposed to sending a projectile from the player to the target.

>>637574565>enemy is so miniscule and fast that its actual hitbox is practically a crumb dancing around on your screen and grazing the hitbox causes minimal damage>enemy causes bleeding to stack up with every attack, can quickly destroy your armor if you allow it to attack several times>enemy is also generally found in swarms>in these swarms, each enemy consists of gigantic collisionboxes so they don't stack up on each other for easy kills but instead push each other out of the way while you try to aim at one>said enemies also spawn in swarms from the bodies of extremely tanky host enemiesVery few people will know this exact, specific pain. The host enemies they spawn from are an even worse design

Attached: 1603039868480.jpg (828x1792, 102.49K)

>>637574565>Small obnoxious enemy who is nearly helpless when caught on its own, but exists solely to supply obscene buffs to bigger and stronger enemiesBonus points if it outright makes its allies invincible, so you can't even git gud your way through the buffs, you just have to beeline them down.

>>637574843you rang?

Attached: Glyphid_exploder.png (874x1046, 772.83K)

>>637596813you mean, vidoe games actually simulate a projectile path instead of just giving you a percentage to hit? i don't believe you

>>637596972I instantly pop sprint the moment i hear their mating call.

>>637574565You're talking about Hrot?

Attached: hrotspider.png (304x406, 81.14K)

>>637591554Additionally>If you sneak up on one you can intantly remove them or at least tear a huge amount of their health out instantly.>they're never placed anywhere in the game where this is a viable option

Attached: 93337 - 1boy artist_unknown colored engineer team_fortress_2 text.png (1322x628, 395.8K)

>>637597006I don't think you are understanding. Maybe it's how I put it.youtube.com/watch?v=IPeisHLfX-0

>>637594260>>637595383There is probably not a single enemy i've ever hated more than these fuckers. They should have atleast made them able to be staggered if they're gonna be that fast.

>>637594550no physical projectile, no travel time. When the enemy decides it's going to attack you, it happens immediately

>>637591659These guys on GMGoW from recent memory. Fucked me longer and harder than any Fromsoft fight. Serves me right for playing an unbalanced mode on a garbage shit design game, but I got it for free and fuck if I'm getting filtered by nuGoW of all things. Must have taken me over fifty tries.

Attached: Svipdagr_Top.jpg (814x458, 81.87K)

>>637591659the one that comes to mind is the handymen in Bioshock Infinite>tanky>hits like a truck>fast>spastically jump around>when it gets close to you the screen starts shaking heavily making it very hard to aim properlyalso special mention to the Drakekeepers from the Dragon Shrine in Dark Souls 2, in particular, the ones wielding great hammers, they attack stupidly fast and theres practically no window of opportunity to hit them back if you dont have ranged weapons

Attached: Handyman1.png (894x860, 1.2M)

>>637597278so, what's wrong with hitscan then?

>enemy can only be killed with enviromental traps.>barely enough traps, missing one is practically game over

>>637596776actually, kinda good. Just make sure that the enemy is even more dangerous in close range, to make it high risk-high reward option.

>>637597735It's basically dealing with aimbot snipers unless the devs specifically made them have high spread weapons or slow reaction speeds.

>>637591659The "Spawn" monster from Quake 1>Bouncing all over the place so its dificult to kill>Explodes on death>FAST>Weak attack but follows you everyone and doesn't stop>Even worst underwater>Has a chance to be IMMORTAL>Always more than one if it appearsAt least its a very rare enemy

Attached: 1461840968515.jpg (636x651, 39.25K)

>>637591724amazing how everyone recognizes the Shrine of Amanafor me, is that asshole Peculiar Kindalur, flanked by by a priestess, fun

>>637597735Any game that uses a hitscan system will also incorporate a "handicap" that stops the machine from hitting you with perfect accuracy. Because that wouldn't be fun.If you have ever played a game like counter strike and encountered a "aim-bot" that's what that is. It is a piece of software that enables the player to read other players movements and hit them without any handicaps. AI enemies need that handicap but some games are far less lenient than others and it makes for a jarring and un-fun experience.

>Small, fast, monkey-like enemy that shoots you from a distance, can climb any surface, and one-shot kills you if it hits you>travels in packs of at least 8How do you win?How do you win?

>>637598135>that one room in the pain maze

>enemy spawns another enemy when they die>this enemy also turns your own units into this enemy when they kill them>when you kill that enemy, another one of the original enemy spawns

Attached: help.jpg (600x826, 34.83K)

>game introduces extremely fun melee mechanic for the first time>immediately throws you into a cluttered city environment full of one hit kill snipers>death animation is a slow motion 360 view of your character gradually being vaporized

>>637598361so hitscan isn't even the problem. or more like, hitscan is the new word used for aim botting?

>>637598634not a blue milk run after all

>>637598641You are completely misunderstanding and no.

>>637598525run nigga

>>637598705let's stop talking about hitscan then.

>>637574565>enemy starts attacking your MPor worse>ENEMY CAN STEAL LEVELS

>>637575029>game lets you inflict status effects>you can only use them against trash mobs that die in one or two hits>any enemy it would actually be useful against is immune

Attached: 1679025255447525.png (542x472, 406.52K)

>>637584502>Boss heals to full ,mid fight>your character complains about this>boss calls out your hipocrisy, pointing to Our healing move and PC relentsMGQ was absolute kino front to back

>That fucking Castle Crashers forestIt's fine, it's not Ilke I wanted to move anyway

>>637598361Halo takes a fun approach to solving this issue by simply allowing the humans and the player to primarily use hitscan weapons (AR, SMG) whilst relegating the enemies to projectile based weapons (plasma rifle, needler). The real fun starts when you encounter the flood who also use hitscan weapons however they are coded to fire no more than a few shots at a time. You're real problem starts when you have covenant enemies with hit scan.

Attached: H3_jackal_sniper-525534811.jpg (1536x1152, 275.18K)

>extremely fast and difficult to predict enemy that does insane damage>completely trivialized by, of all things, healing spells which deal massive damage from range

Attached: 1667227880194289.png (487x487, 214.85K)

>Shoot someone in the head>Slash someone's head / neck>They don't dieSeriously?

What are some teleporting enemies that are actually good?

Attached: Mindflayer.png (350x397, 99.89K)


Attached: 3452523234.png (1266x1080, 2.07M)

>>637591554>>637597250git gudI miss spiral knights

>>637583723>Bloodborne>it actually works in your favor, since the boss is locked into a long animation and you heal through attackingbased japanese game designers

>>637586363>get 20 rabbit feet>kill rabbitmfw only get one rabbit foot.

Attached: Download.jpg (225x225, 7.97K)

>>637598641hitscan is any ranged attack that has no travel timeif youve ever played doom, is the difference between a zombie human firing his gun and an imp throwing a fireballwith the zombie, it doesnt matter how far you are or if you move or not, once he fires his gun, you either get hit or he misses, thats itmeanwhile an imp fireball flies through the air, if you move around, you can evade it, so keeping your distance is actually an advantagehitscan isnt inherently bad as long as the game is well balanced around it, usually bullet sponge hitscan enemies are bad because they take longer to kill, so they have more opportunities to fire their gun, which as stated before, you cannot evadea prime example is the chaingunner in Doom 2, he fires a chaingun rapidly, so he has a good chance to hit you, he also has a good deal of health, so he has more opportunities to firebadly placed chaingunner can make Doom 2 levels awful

>>637591129>enemy can steal key items you need to progress

>the final boss attacks again in the middle of the credits

Attached: 2021-06-20_20-35-18.jpg (327x312, 28.41K)

>>637594429>Killed by Mina's explosionThis fucker rolled a nuke wand on the second layer I was flabbergasted

>>637599372so, i got it afterall. i don't get the complaint about it tho

>>637599274SK Trojans are just an example, warframe nullifiers and eximii also fit the bill

>>637599303>Kill rabbit>Get one rabbit foot>Get five rabbit ears and seven rabbit tails

Attached: 1683542306940000.png (563x563, 403.71K)

>>637574565this show was weird.Like the guy can tank nukes.But then gets hurt by a regular punch that wouldn't even level a city.They really need consistency.

>>637599056What the fuck was their problem?

Attached: 4236492342.jpg (1280x720, 692.93K)

>>637588673Not platforming but in crystal chronicles an early boss self destructs at like 1/3 health. You either gotta run for it, perfect parry the explosion or be the race that turns intangible while blocking. Absolute bullshit and i love it>>637589139I think it was WET that had several hardmodes with the enemies doing more damage and having more health than the one before. Until you get to golden bullets mode. >Everything has 1 hp. Good luckWas the description if i remember correctly


>>637576176>If I everPhew. You had me worried there for sec

>>637582652>you can parry a boss's attacks>they get stunned if you parry an entire sequence of attacks>the first parry gives you too many iframes to parry the rest of the sequence

Attached: new record.png (333x189, 5.29K)

>>637575681Fuck antlions.

Attached: file.png (1920x1080, 3.33M)

>>637599152technically not a teleport, but it is in practice, the swap toads in legend of grimrock 2they can steal your weapons with their tongue, and can jump high into the air, landing either left or right from your current positionthey have a very unique behaviour, but its predictable and they are very slow, as long as you are aware of your surroundings, you should be able to run circles around em

Attached: LoG2-toad.jpg (268x306, 20.05K)

>>637599648It's all down to how well the coders can handicap it without it feeling too easy. Because keep in mind, with no handicap the enemy can magdump any hitscan weapon from any range at any time at any part of you and you WILL die. It's not inherently a bad thing.

>>637581075>Enemy steals from you one turn and if not slain immediately runs away with your loot.

Attached: 1684287356746042.gif (500x500, 2.95M)

>>637600005>YOU'LL NEVER GET AWAY WITH THIS!It's my favourite kind of bullshit.

Attached: 654164651651651.jpg (1800x1350, 711.15K)

>>637600290>enemy can detonate itself to deny you it's loot

Attached: Ice_Cream_Seller.png (894x720, 477.32K)

>>637600290>enemy is the fastest in the game

Attached: 1391630.png (598x558, 283.34K)

Enemy is fas

Attached: 13325673523099.gif (550x400, 24.87K)

>>637597637What the fuck? Does the game really look like that? It looks awful.

>>637599956>1 sniper headshot>2 sniper headshots>3 sniper headshotsJUST FUCKING DIE

Attached: HReach_-_Sangheili_General[1].png (600x940, 543.35K)

>>637600883Believe it or not, in halo 3 the elite player models in multiplayer had no hurtbox inside their neck. You could hit them and watch the bullet pass straight through.


>>637599648>I don't get the problem with the player being unavoidably damaged at any time from any rangeYou should be a western game dev

>>637574565>RPG that forces you to really think about elemental buffs/resistances/damage and status effects>every boss is immune to all of it, reducing them to a boring, tedious game of whittling them down with normal attacks

Attached: Screen_Shot_2016-08-01_at_12.34.21_PM.0.0.1470069300.jpg (1400x1400, 177.7K)

>>637575029>filenameI lol'd

>none of the enemies have voice lines or any audio cues>they're just dead silent husks that shoot you >even the slow suicide bomber enemies just quietly levitate towards youPlaying Control put me to sleep with how lifeless the combat was. It really made me appreciate enemies with personality and sound design in shooters more. What an awful game that was.

Attached: 1675645309805740.png (555x569, 241.14K)

>Enemy is sitting inside his blue bubble>Cant be hurt until you use the blue attack>blue attack is otherwise useless

>>637574565>trash mob that if hits you downgrades your stats

Attached: 1657380424284.gif (500x391, 2.05M)

>fast-paced action game with rewarding combos and quick reactions for enemies>introduces a shield enemy>all pacing when the appear grinds to a halt as you have to perform some specific esoteric combination of attacks to remove their shield and attack them>the entire time they are without shield they scurry around at 2.5x speed to pick their shield back upI am so fucking SICK and TIRED of this bullshit.

Attached: angery.jpg (800x795, 47.91K)

>>637598634I noclip through Nar Shadda and have zero regrets over it. I beat that bullshit as a kid, I have zero patience for it as an adult.

> be me>play on a pixelmon server>server has an EV training roomNeat> go to train HP>the trainer for HP has 6 pokemon that are level 1, have a focus sash and the move destiny bondevery one of those fuckers tank my first hit, use the "if i die, you die" move and i cant train my shit this way. Called the mod responsible a faggot and got banned

>>637601584>Suicide enemy screams while it runs at you>You can hear its feet pounding the earth>Panic sets in

Attached: 1443023853636.jpg (226x255, 17.07K)

>>637596776Halo does difficulty right in literally every game except for the second. It's incredible really.>Halo 2 AI has inhuman reaction times>they fire faster than it's physically possible to>they have perfect accuracy regardless of distanceFucking cancer

>>637574565>Smaller and way faster version of a normal enemy>Hits just as hard and is also just as tough>Spastically moves around you when you're trying to kill it>Knocks you around whenever you get hitWhich enemy am I talking about?

>enemy can duplicate>enemy has RIDICULOUS counter-attack damage>enemy can only be properly dispatched with one type of attackPre-patch, these fuckers were the worst.

Attached: all my homies burn poolman.gif (400x570, 412.15K)

>>637601206nigga, its you who doesn't get what hitscan is

>>637601826>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHI love serious sam

>>637600883The Ultras with their FUCKING CONCUSSION RIFLES were the worst>when you use it, it might as well be a wet fart>when the enemy uses it, it nukes vehicles, OHKs allies and kills the player in 2 hitsFucking absolute bullshit

>>637582652fucking insurrectionists in ultrakill, the only attack of theirs that feels consistent to parry is the high jump rock throw

>boss fight is an ordeal>die 3 times >look it up, because I must be doing it wrong>it's just a skill issue

Attached: 6E1160B8-2E60-40C2-93EC-F6B419A56A31.jpg (545x531, 38.91K)

>>637601815You did the right thing, user.

Attached: good job.jpg (500x581, 53.94K)

>>637601584Good sound design is a slept on art and many games would be unfettered dogshit without their sound design being as good as it is.

>>637602090>Impacts anywhere near you>Tosses you around like a ragdoll and completely covers the screen

Attached: 1677352246574303.png (567x629, 90.69K)

>>637602275It's honestly quite impressive how good sound design can even carry an otherwise dogshit game. Darktide is a recent example that comes to mind.

>>637602252>boss has two phases>first phase is piss easy>second phase is ball crushingly hard>if you die you have to not only fight the first phase again, but you have to watch TWO completely separate unskippable cutscenes before fighting the second phase again>finally defeat the big bad boss>1XP

Attached: 1684420505576133.jpg (680x381, 25.53K)

>>637602275The mental imagery of someone trying to put shackles around a pile of dogshit gave me a chuckle.

>>637591659This faggot.

Attached: 54748.jpg (570x317, 30.18K)

>>637601584You also forgot how all the enemies have the same color scheme and most of them have the same basic humanoid shape. It's legitimately baffling how bad the visual variety of enemies is in Control.

Attached: 1573166480100.jpg (400x402, 20.11K)

>>637602413Darktide is a good game buried under a mountain of dumbass decisions and technical problems. It fucking sucks man. You can tell they poured their love for Warhammer into that game, only to blunder at the finish line.

>>637591659Absolute Virtue. Back when it was still literally impossible to beat. More like Absolute Bullshit.

Attached: AbsoluteVirtue.jpg (860x856, 499.45K)

>>637591659I hated these things so muchHOLD STILL YOU STUPID NIGGER

Attached: thisfaggot.jpg (550x697, 62.83K)

>>637591659GET FUCKING DOWN!

Attached: kbSlV6x-3811789916.jpg (1920x1080, 408.39K)

>>637602252>boss fight is an ordeal

Attached: ordeal.jpg (640x480, 36.15K)

>>637591659I know it's a meme answer, but unironically Halo 2 sniper Jackals. It makes playing Legendary a fucking chore even more than it already is because they not only spawn in insanely large groups, but they have perfect accuracy, kill in a single hit and have insane reaction times to the point where you die the literal nanosecond you round a corner.There are even more bullshit enemies I could list but these niggers are a start

>>637602663It really is a shame. It'll go like Vermintide with any luck and be the next best co-op shooter available in a year or two.

>>637602057>approaching a hill that blocks your visibility>[muffled aaaaaa in the distance]>climbing hill>[aaaaaa intensifies]>crest the hill and look down>there's like a hundred of them streaming at youAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

>>637602663>only to blunder at the finish line.Blundered way before the finish line. There is a supreme lack of content even so many months into the release. Reeks of unfinished slop.

>beat Boss in fight>he survives and flees despite having zero health>have to fight him two more times>you cant heal between any of these fightsI love FTL but fuck the flagship, pure RNG whether you win in the end or not

>>637574565>generic robot enemy>not satisfying to shoot>takes forever to finally explode>a minor annoyance at best>copy-pasted a hundred times to pad the game>its mere inclusion makes combat worse

>>637602057Give him a hug

Attached: 0F8EBD6B25FF1C893BF0E4EEEF7AB903494F6862-3735775182.gif (1080x1080, 1.61M)

>>637601395Pretty much divinity original sin 2.

>>637583359I swear I've read a creepypasta like this before, what is this from?

>>637602494>Boss has three phases>First phase is ball crushingly hard>Second phase is ball crushingly hard>Third phase is ball crushingly hard>Need to grind your way through them for hours just to become consistent enough to get practice time for the third phase, not even considering a full fightThis is why I fucking, FUCKING hate multiple phase boss battles. Just make three fucking fights, you clearly want to. Why should I waste my god damn time basically fighting the same bosses over and over until I get a chance to fight the REAL boss?

Attached: 1669051869209895.png (469x560, 510.46K)

>enemies randomly double in health a little more than halfway through the gameThanks Bioshock

>>637603338Sounds like the counterstrike bot creepypasta.

>boss literally ignore game mechanics>cant be stunlocked like normal opponents>has unblockable, undodgeable moves>all of his moves hit like a fucking truck>if playing campaign, have to beat him with a character you may be shit withFuck this cheating nigger

Attached: Mk9-shao-kahnmk.png (700x1250, 671.16K)

>Beat boss>cutscene plays, boss is not injured in the slightest and your character is wounded and gasping for air despite ending the fight on nearly full health>boss escapes> Boss actually gets ripped in half when he tries to escape at the last second by your character

Attached: sullivan.jpg (1261x547, 45.47K)

>>637603359>shield enemy>get it down to 20% health>shieldwalls>healsI swear to God, the people responsible for that kind of enemy deserve to be dragged out into the street and publicly flogged.

Attached: HarrimanGray1 (1).jpg (351x478, 33.93K)

>>637603709>Time to SPLIT

>is the best designed enemy in your path

Attached: 1677565548718886.png (651x960, 391.96K)

>>637591659Could be alot of things but what pops into my head are payday 2 snipers. Not only are they unique in that they ignore armor gating so on higher difficulties they can oneshot even anarchists but sometimes they just insta fuckin shoot you as soon as you leave cover giving no counterplay. Not to mention the fucks can have spawns super far away and near impossible to hit.

>>637575681Ghostwire Tokyo had the swimming cunts. Holy fuck I hated that shit.


>Enemy has damage that scales with the games performance

Attached: 1338778003828.jpg (268x200, 9.21K)

>>637603991Didnt DaS2 do this?

>>637604041You got it in 1

>Enemy spawns behind wall>spams bullshit explosive fireballs that phase through walls and linger around for several seconds>even fires from far offscreen>immediately teleports to a new spot the quarter-second after you damage it

Attached: blaze rage.png (654x680, 557.2K)

>>637604084>attacks can hit through "thin" walls>no visible damage to said walls after attackHate this shit

>>637602612>>637591659Speaking of darkest dungeonIm currently playing the black reliquary mod, which is overall great, but holy shit, some encounters are pure bullshitTheres a faction of enemies called " kvarotz " which spawn at low light. Part of their gimmick is that they can eat bodies to cause devastating attacks or buffs. Which creates the following situation>2x small vase looking enemy>tiny fuckers that will deal 25 stress almost every turn if not killed asapspawning alongside a>giraffe looking enemy>generic and not strong, but if it eats a body, it gains a large heal and in the next turn it hits your whole party with a fuckoff aoe explosion for high damage, high crit chance, huge stress, and un-ripostable>builder enemy>generally spams attack that disrupts your party formation>if it eats a body, it can spawn either a shitty skeleton or an exploding head>>the exploding head has super high speed and dodge>>first turn is a single target low damage + stress move, and second turn is a huge self aoe fuckoff explosion for high damage, crit and stress>>>IT SPAWNS A BODY WHEN KILLED>>>INCLUDING BY SELF DESTRUCTION>>>NOTHING STOPS IT FROM HAPPENING SEVERAL TIMES OVERSo you have the following options.>try to kill them slowly with blight (theyre immune to bleed), youre going to be slow for both killing the giraffe / builder (due to their high hp) or the stress spam vases (due to their high dodge and difficulty not to accidentally kill them) which may make you eat too many stress attacks>try to attack the enemies directly with blight finishing them off, which is unreliable because of severily rng damage>using corpse clear skills, which is actually extremely unreliable because speed is a diceroll, the corpse needs to be dead basically immediatelly after the og enemy is killed>just yolo it and risk being repeatedly raped by exploding heads

>>637601584It should be a legal requirement for exploding enemies to have extremely distinctive noises that immediately cause the player's anus to shrivel up the second they hear it.

Attached: sploders.jpg (511x600, 151.21K)

>enemy ignores entire game mechanic that you have to follow>said enemy is the guy that can attack twice in a single turn with zero counterplay>reboot thankfully fixed this issueName it

>>637578550>Last room before the final boss in an rpg>No music, just the sound of your footsteps>You can actually encounter enemies but the encounter rate is so low that you would never know>Enemies drop the final gear

>>637603814THE MOOSE IS LOOSE looking ass

>don't get the best, most fun weaponry until very late game>no NG+I fucking loathe this bullshit

>enemy has an instakill move>completely fucking you in the ass>look up strategies>"just hope he doesn't use it"

Attached: 1650145827626.gif (296x315, 1.51M)

>enemy disables pause and exiting to menu

Attached: IMG_20220614_232721_115.jpg (1280x720, 172.07K)

>Final boss is bullshit overpowered>first run of the game, you have no idea that you actually have infinite time to grind>go to fight the boss>instakills everyone except for two characters that can actually hurt him>inevitably lose>game lowers the difficulty of the boss for you until you can beat himT-thanks Rance

>>637604548>there is a counterplay to his instakill attack>it's a frame perfect parry or dodge

Attached: 1624557638225.png (205x99, 27.71K)

>Enemies cause contact damage>They can also teleport directly on you

>enemy just flies across the scream>just flies from one end to the other>that's all they do>it's a platforming section>they have knockback

>>637591659Ticks in Northern Journey>hide in high branches of trees, surrounded by the foliage, drop down on you if you're close>small and fast>lunge at you and slowly start sucking up a good quarter of your health, with no way to interrupt this>their body inflates to take up a good chunk of your screen, blocking out the sight of any other enemies around you>once done they run off at lightspeed to spawn more ticks>have to spot and kill them instantly, because having more than two active is basically a death sentence>your introduction to this new enemy is a forest filled with dozens of them

Attached: yamero_cat.jpg (604x402, 31.36K)

>Enemy simply crashes your game if you win>reboots your game in another language

>boss fight is so utterly bullshit you start to think it's a forced loss story thing>it isn't

>platformer>level where you get chased by enemies that perfectly copy your inputs and will kill you if they touch you

Attached: 1579190082191.png (617x485, 225.28K)

>game can crash in the boss intro cinematic if you're running at 60FPS or higher

Attached: 1681804349996322.jpg (670x690, 47.01K)

>>637605149youtu.be/5CjS6azrMlkAlso the Total War AI is responsible for crashing a game after a hard fought victory

>>637605285>GPU drivers can crash in the boss intro cinematic if you're running at 60FPS or higher

Attached: 1337580782699.jpg (900x900, 347.84K)

>>637579220>>637592237>>637594853>Mod Author hides Archviles behind inaccessible walls as enemy resurrectors

Attached: 1671906443579.jpg (800x790, 418.71K)

>>637605391That's egregious. I was personally talking about a scripted event thankfully. Vampire survivors has a boss that CTD's you and boots the game back up in russian.

>just use silver weapons bro

Attached: wotw.jpg (320x256, 7.42K)

>>637591724>ranged enemy aggro radius is bigger than their draw distance>meaning if you try to snipe them back, you can't. Their models are invisible.


Attached: 5524be1122d969120b41e0ce84a30174.png (685x626, 695.37K)

>>637605469This is the exact kind of shit I hate. Fuck archviles so fucking much.

>Enemy possesses you temporarily>Can make you kill your love interest

Attached: 1614624067700.jpg (274x237, 18.06K)

>>637585569God I hated that fucking area. Still need to beat that game at some point despite dumping 20 hours into it already.

>Enemy is taking a kicking>Really low health>Switches health bars with you


Attached: Ginyu.png (351x316, 176.9K)

>>637594260>>637595383>>637597414>Walk into room*eldritch noises*WREEEEEEE*teleports behind you*WREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*thwump thwump thwump x32*UGH AGH ughhhhhhh*vomits poison over entire room**teleports away with invincability frames*何?*drops from ceiling on top of you*WREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*thwump thwump thwump x32**stance broken*WREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*thwump thwump thwump x12**wooosh woosh woosh*>respawn at far away marika statue or even farther away statue of grace?>Run back>Walk into room>

Attached: royal-revenant.jpg (1920x1080, 515.54K)

>Game gives you access to a large set of fun abilities to use>Enemy has the power to disable all abilities

Attached: 1667112855391657.jpg (534x677, 222.93K)

>>637605647What happens if you were already playing in Russian?

>The enemy will slowly regenerate the health bars of all other nearby fodder

Attached: 1472271243688.jpg (1088x1088, 536.03K)

>>637606826Changes it to Ukranian

>>637591659In Terraria:>jungle tortoises>jungle bees (when you break hive blocks)>jungle hornetsYou know what, just fuck the jungle

>>637606920Aren't they practically identical?


Attached: 1619953232428.png (1330x850, 384.65K)

>>637606826That's a good question. I'm not even sure if there was any rhyme or reason it chose Russian the first time other than to maybe confuse me. The achievement you get is called "I can't see anything..." if you care to check any guides.

>>637607032that was the joke, i guess

>Enemy has no way to physically attack you>Just sits there and does a little bit of damage over time>Its also underwater and you can drown>It has so much health that it takes multiple people to break it or it will simply repair itself>The reward is near worthless

Attached: bonkclonk.png (500x354, 300.48K)

>>637575370By far the most anoying enemy to find