Friendly reminder to never get your hopes up

Friendly reminder to never get your hopes up

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>>637571827Just the average western game launch

>shitting out something to save your IP rights

fucking grosstenteils

>PVEwhen will BO2 finally release on PC?

>>637571827shitty f2p remake of the original game with worse graphics, microtransactions like a mobile game where its all a grind, practically shit out within a year so they could keep the rights to the franchise

>>637571827>PvP focused game with shitty PvE component>dies>returns after almost a decade>lol it's PvE only>actually lol it's early access because we couldn't even implement co-op on the release so it's a F2P singleplayer game with microtransactions for now, enjoy!

Nooo not the grobtenteils negativNot for Hawken my beloved

>>637571827Western game.

Is it true it has ai art?

>>637577463seems very likely it does

come to hawakening, brotherswe sometimes play online together with the pax build


>>637571397>Game flops>"LET'S DO IT AGAIN BUT WORSE!"Amazing

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>>637582564they could have literally sold it like a normal game and it would have become a cult hitfree to play killed the first one, and will now kill the "reboot" even faster

>>637577463Just looking at the pictures in the steam page, those ad boards definitely have AI generated stuff in them, and those fucking clouds, jesus

>Literally 1 (ONE) dayHOLY SHITIt's genuinely impressive how quickly it dies

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>>637573779But the original was a f2p game with the same microtransactions, I don't get the hate for this if that is the real reason?

they really made the worst fucking mech game in recent years how do you fuck up this baddid the publisher come to them and say "armored core 6 is coming and we KNOW you're making trash so just put it out now to die"???like how do you willingly make a game designed this bad in every single aspect? It's like not a single person with good taste was in that dev team, everything was done and chosen by fucking idiots

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guck off Franz noguns cuck

you know what our pvp mech combat game needs?slide show cutscenes with comic sans dialogue boxes, shitty voice acting, cluttered visuals that reduces combat to "shoot the glowing infantry helmets", hold F to jack off terminals, collecting materials, reduced mech customization options, and following waypoints every few incheswatch out fromsoft! the new kings of mechkino are in town

>>637585987the first one also had annoying mtx and was F2P but it was playable and had SOMETHING going on. The movement was fun, the gunplay was alright, the artstyle was interesting... you COULD have fun in it.This is a shitty fucking reboot that's single player online (but always online with client-side server based input lag) PvE only borderlands like and everything looks like FUCKING DOGSHIT. Gameplay sucks too. Like it's a straight downgrade in every single possible area and reminder, if you aren't playing that private server client or playing on console, you can't play the old Hawken on PC anymore.

>>637586064what game is that ?

back to playing MW4Mercs on repeat until AC6 comes out I guess

>>'m playing like shit because I'm bad its not my faultI've been shilling random itch io mecha games for people to satisfy their thirst until ACVI comes out instead of getting depressed over this garbagealso try this if you like Gunvalkyrie (yes there's english) try this if you want to play Muv Luv made by one cool guy in fucking MS try this if you liked Armored Core For Answer. The current version is paid and has more

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>>637571397Game is rough as guts, the story missions are "return to the mission area" tier aids every time you dare dodge or flank an enemy, but i'm somewhat enjoying patrol mode and just grinding shit out, trying different builds etcOnce you get good at bouncing and boosting you can get some fucking insane momentum and speed going, the controls do need a lot of work though.Mouse sensitivity is absolutely fucked, my mouse lets me change it on the fly, but even at it's lowest setting and set as low as it goes in the game, it's still a touch too high.The drone enemies are 100% using mech AI and rather than flying, they're just "leaping" from point to point and hovering at a constant height when they land, so fucking lazy.I don't know if everything is running off a server on the other side of the planet......but it feels like there's almost half a second of lag on hit detection for everything.UI in game is a fucking mess, UI in the menus and workshop etc are a fucking mess, half the time it doesn't seem to even be updating stats/mech variant names etc correctly until after a mission/patrol.They *really* should have done a closed beta or some shit without the cash shop until they got the core fundamental stuff really well sorted and polished, then opened it to the masses. Ammunition drops seem poorly balanced, running a rifle and grenade launcher and i'm getting 1000X more explosive ammunition for the grenade launcher than the rifle, I can just fire the grenade launcher non-stop and never need to worry about ammo, I also don't like the fact that you can pick up ammo for weapons that you've already got max ammo for.With a LOT of fucking work, it's something I could see myself playing on/off, but as it is, fucking yikes.

>>637588885pretty cool user, thanks

>>637588885Based beyond all comprehension.

>>637585987The first game had a cancer store but the CR-T starter mech, as goofy as it looks, was actually a contender for one of the better mechs on the roster. The TOW launcher and the SMG were all you needed and it had the best medium active skill in the game.As well, just grinding out F2P currency in matches wasn't actually that hard.

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>>637577463>Is it true it has ai art?The cringe as fuck storyboard cinematic sequences use AI for every person and it looks awful.AI is a tool for artists, not a replacement for artists. You can't expect AI to be consistent with shit, just look at the earrings etcAlso whoever did the storyboard cinematics has absolutely no fucking idea what they're doing, they're just random panels half the time, usually of the same shit just zoomed in etc

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>>637589598damn. I hate how much the hand stands out and is exactly the same on both pictures

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>>637591143>>637589598it's ALL AI ARTHOLY SHIT

>>637591143>>637589598>stethoscope completely different between frames

>>637589598>>637591143I really wasn't paying super close attention, but the whole "hurr the character is mute, we'll have to cure him if we want to find out what he knows" might be the single dumbest thing i've ever fucking heard, as if the art of "writing" has somehow been lost.

>>637589598>>637591143SIRS? THEY ARE CATCHING ON.

>>637589197>but i'm somewhat enjoying patrol mode and just grinding shit out, trying different builds etcPatrol mode + Titanfall 2 mechanics/controls would be my dream game.

>>637571397>never get your hopes upLast time I had hype for a game was Fallout 4, it was shit. Never had high hope for a game since.

>>637591796This is hilarious. Instead of making him just amnesiac they say he can't communicate not only mute-like but also by any other means because bullshit surgical stuff was made to himLike what the fuck is with that justification? why even justify something like that? and why do it in that dumbass way? What' you mean he can't communicate? is the pilot a mumbling retard? what you want him for then?And the forced story NEVER SHUTS UP. They never shut the fuck up. Talk and talk and say dumbass cringe dialogues like a race against time. Trying to break their Cringe Per Minute mark.

>>637589197this is AFTER the closed beta LOL

>>637592231for me, it was mgs5.


>>637592686The writing is absolutely god awful, some of the story mission dialog comes across as if the only literature the writers have ever been exposed to is b-grade porn scripts because the writing is just fucking weird.


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>>637593367iIt might be true, it reminds me of Destiny 2 writingThese people only had the influence of already diluted and retarded writers

please just let me play hawken on pcI don't care if it never gets updated again

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Jesus Christ, not like this.

>>637573779Wasn't it F2P before? I remember being extremely disappointed about that or something because it was one of the first F2P game I ever heard of.

Why did the first game die? I think I played the alpha or whatever they released at first but I changed my toaster and didn't play it again.

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>> online, with bots, can even host your own server etcI'd wager the Hawken Reborn publisher will probably try and see it shutdown soon, so get it whilst you can.

>>637589598>>637591143So uncanny. Total lack of emotion

>>637571397awww Holla Forums you broke my heart. I loved Hawken in its prime

>>637589598>>637591143AHAHAHAHAH what the fuckthis is a new level of lazy

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>>637593367Maybe it was AI generated too

>>637594804the pax build can be hosted by anybody, the 505 spaghetti niggers can't do SHIT about it.

>>637571397What about the Starship Troopers game? Has like 93% positive reviews so far.

>>637589598>>637591143an aibro thought he was an actual artistkinda sad

>>637589531>just grinding out F2P currency in matches wasn't actually that hard.wasn't that hard that they had to increase it many times since the beta.faggotõ, the current game is shit but the generic pvp one wasn't that good either.>>637589598>>637591143>using AI artkek, put me in the screencap.

>>637596476Too few maps and weapons so far. It's shaping up nicely, but it still lacks content.I haven't seen any Mobile Infantry either and I have no idea why. You'd imagine that Power Armor would be a great draw to the game.

>>637596231>Maybe it was AI generated tooGood chance honestly as there is something really off with a lot of the writing and voice acting. Not one aspect of the game feels as if someone made a real effort or had any passion for what they're doing.

>>637589598>>637591143Incredible, Maybe the entire dev studio got replaced with AI, kek.

>>637596565It still wasn't that hard. I'm not saying the monetization wasn't garbage, it was, but the actual bones of the game were great. They just couldn't keep themselves from fucking it up.

>>637573594ÄäÖöÜüßhere you go.

>>637597634if it wasn't then it would not require the rates to be increased, this souless version tries to keep itself alive with the skinnerbox addicts they hope to take from destiny/warframe, as much as i see pvp glory chasing faggots seethe about it, even pcgamer faggot bitched in such a generic way about the game it was fucking funny.if this souless version manages to do the feat of fucking up pve then you can say hawken IP is perdita due to radioactivity, last thread yesterday there were four glory chasing comp faggots bitching about the game and ignoring how it was fucked up for twitch zoomer shit, turning it into another generic trash that deserved server closure.

>>637594804Everything I see about it says it's Offline only

>>637598163if you want to LAN you need to get the PAX version which is like a prototype ish game but you can only find the link on some discord server.

>>637585987the first one's microtransactions were changed after we complained about it

>>637583920first one died because it was put exclusively on xbox



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>>637598163It has LAN, which means you can host a LAN online for anyone with the room details to join.

> particular model known for making a game fail fucking hard (f2p and micro transactions)> yea sounds great let's do it

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>>637589598>>637591143>this is what happens when pAIjeets convince others about their delusionsAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

>>637571827The art they used for cutscenes is a.i. generated.

>>637571397Fuck this gay ass lazy greedy kike shit, i'm making my own game.

>>637571827>Release a game in 'early access' for an indefinite amount of time >Make sure to include microtransactions in your early access title >Generate your art with a.i. see >>637591143>BUT BUT IT HAS A ROADMAP!>Yeah the vague roadmap that lists the same thing twice with no actual indication as to when it's going to release is Phase 2 next week or in three years?

>>637600575good morning sir, did you do the needful sir?>>637603950>muh roadmapwhat is funny is that even basic core shit isn't in this thing, it genuinely feels like some alpha tier crap.

>>637597946Einen hast du vergessen brudi ẞ

>>637603950>>637604121The roadmap is everything they should have done before releasing this dogshit into early access.I'm hoping the game still gets another year of solid development at the very least in the off chance they can make something decent, but with the absolute beating it's taken on steam in terms of reviews I can easily see whoever is in charge just killing the project outright.

>>637594416stop clinging to shitty gameslet it die

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>>637605332>but but b-but my zoomer adhd pvp!! how else am i'm going to gloryfag in Holla Forums?

>>637591796What if the script was also AI generated?

>>637605332what game is this and why does it look like it's running on the same engine as swg?

>>637588885king of Holla Forums, have this (you) and this thread deserves a bump. based

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>>637605879It's a MMO game that has been on early access since 2014 (9 years)No it is not good and no you will only find one guy playing it with a good luck

>>637571397>having hopes>for hawkenthis game has been dead to me ever since the VR developer died. every time i'd install it i'd see some insane fucking bullshit, this is just further confirmation of what i always knew about this game and its developers. its community can also go to hell. and besides titanfall is a lot more fun and polished.

>>637571397That implies I had hope to begin with.

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>>637571827It's not even the same game. It's like a group of underpaid pajeets saw the original Hawken and decided to try and copy it as much as possible. The result is some kind of mobile game abomination that looks and plays like an AA game from 2002 at best (except for having a money shop lol it's the only thing working right now). It's like a zombie trying to wear the Hawken title as a skinsuit.