Your romance options...

your romance options, sir>busty jew who tried to whore herself off to a foreign glownigger>your childhood friend who gets walked home gently by the only black guy in the continent>cunt duchess who accuses you of rape to save her hide>token gothic 600 year old loli that will move in with you regardless>totally not casca from berserk: depressed alcoholic edition>ugly old bastard who sells you periapts>his piglet daughter who doesn't look older than 12>caxton>mr I want to fuck off from this village despite the fact that I can't look after myself pls give me 'erbs>a gaggle of unimportant NPCs who have like 3 voicelines each including a bunch of kids for some reason

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>brown tomboy knight or lolilegitimately difficult choice

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Give me my piglet daughterwife, thanks.

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>>637571227>busty blonde >>>merchant

>>637571227I've never played the game, why is the blonde a Jewfu?

just to be safe DD2 wont have romance

>>637572595yeah that's a given

>>637572715>>637572595that's like saying that a new harvest moon game won't have romancethat doesn't make any sense, it was one of the main mechanics of the original

Any news since 10th anniversary stream?

>>637573203no, but the 11th anniversary is in like 3 days or something

DD2 is not real.

>>637572858>main mechanics of the originalnot really

>>637572531She does anything and everything to make money.

>>637573485yeah it's not like the final trial before facing the main antagonist of (most of) the game is choosing between facing the dragon or sacrificing your beloved of choice, no wayand certainly this aspect isn't brought up elsewhere like the duke's basckstory or the lore of bitterblack isle, nah

>>637573726>of choice

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>>637573726they could force you to a canon choice without losing anything

I'll take the busty jew, thanks

>>637571227>give Aelinore the ring because I have shit taste>get max relationship with Selene and Mercedes to keep my options open>my beloved ends up being Valmiro because I helped him out on his side quest>my reward is a gay sex scene with ValmiroI will never forgive this game.

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>>637571227>your childhood friend who gets walked home gently by the only black guy (me) in the continentMade for me (me).

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>>637571227You forgot Julien

>>637574080the game would certainly lose a lot of charm if the only possible beloved was the princess

>>637574609I agree, and while I still have faith in Capcom, it would not surprise me if they end up removing that. Every game is getting sanitized

>>637574080>>637574609Aelinore is basically the single canon love interest if you think about it. That one final cutscene of hers is jarring as fuck and I can't believe more people don't comment on it.

welcome home user

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>>637571227>token gothic 600 year old loli that will move in with you regardless>totally not casca from berserk: depressed alcoholic edition>his piglet daughter who doesn't look older than 12I accept any of these.

>>637574306I mean, it could've been worse.

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>that one loli in Cassardis that wants nothing more than to marry and be a breeding sow>she can be your belovedThat'll do Capcom, that'll do.

I choose the merchant

>>637575004you can two by finishing the first one's questline and marrying the other

>>637574753>it would not surprise me if they end up removing that.Doubtful, RPGs are somewhat safe if the team making them isn't trooned out like the Dreadwolf thing. Even 2077 still had romance with some bizarre shit that I'm surprised they didn't get more flak for (the good ending being restricted to hetero/male MC).

>>637571227I romanced my sweet & tender with just 14yo Phillippa right there in the sewers, eventualy saving her life and giving her a home, since the sewers turn into the everfall

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>>637574306Dragons dogma is the only game where I use save editor/ 3rd party tools and only to adjust affinity because I got tired of FUCKING UP AFFINTY when I decide to go for she goat. Her quest ends rather early compared to Deny Salvation so if you happen to unwittingly do one of multitude of quests that just lmao caps npc affinity Grigori will pick some random NPC over mercedes because if you have multiple NPCs capped game just picks the first NPC who has max affinity from NPC ID list and Mercedes for some reason is near to the bottom of that list.>inb4 arisen's bondBond is just caps NPCs affinity to you and does nothing else.

>>637576694>hey player, fuck this destitute orphan teen or she'll fucking DIEjesus

>>637572531She's obsessed with money, to the point she picks up stray coins on the road. She's a traveling merchant, former/grew up a prostitute, so she's determined to never be poor again. At one point she tries to sell you out to a foreign agent, and then also tries to sell herself to that foreign agent. He thot patrols her.Nothing a good hard dicking won't fix


>>637571227Jewtits > Cos > Shegoat > Goth Loli > Infinite Periapts > Masterworks > Ailingwhore

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Dutchess romance is canon

>>637572000I like both these girls too much.

>>637577359you canĀ“t get more KINO

>watching the GOAT lose in the duel, then creep up on while she is crying and vulnerable, because i am a Holla Forums chad I know exactly how to make her wear feminine clothing and become a woman again and then have missionary position sex to make my child with her

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>>637577570>At one point she tries to sell you out to a foreign agentWhat makes you think that happened? Madeleine apparently isn't even sure of what the info she's passing to Julien is about.

Jewtits is the only one that says she loves you, so she wins by default.Though that dashing devil Fournival is a contender

>>637578639not the way I'd go about it but maybe the ends justify the means?

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>>637571227Making literally anyone marriageable is a pretty ballsy move honestly

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>>637579919>that last panel>like a father that has to explain to his paraplegic daughter that her dream of becoming a ballerina will never come true

>>637576694>>637579919I hope yu can have multiple wifes in Dragons Dogma 2 just like Fable

>>637579919>mfw 300+ hours and I've never seen this Cassardis loli a single goddamn time besides the intro

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>>637571227fucking based caxton

>>637579919>make shota sorcerer Arisen>stacked Amazon mommy fighter pawn to /ss/ with>have this loli as my childhood sweetheart fucktoyGoddamn my Arisen was living every boy's dream

>>637571227I'll take one busty jew, please.

>>637571227She-Goat only. I accept no substitutes.

>>637581961I accept some substitutes

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>>637571227>mr I want to fuck off from this village despite the fact that I can't look after myself pls give me 'erbsHis final quest is honestly extremely fucking kino.

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>>637579919>I want a husband and children >makes her marry and have sex with a lesbianfuck off yurifag

will save me from the angry villagers user

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>>637577570I didnt know she was actually a prostitute

>>637583802where the fuck's your eyebrows bitch

>>637571227>DD threads now infested by shitposters shitposting about the plot despite obviously not actually reading any of the textTake me back to 2012 DD threads.

>>637571227Why is she-goat such a funny moniker

>>637584701There's something special about insulting people by calling them animals.

>>637571227>your childhood friend who gets walked home gently by the only black guy in the continentMason is a total bro and would never cuck the Arisen. He's also a man of the Church and a romance option himself so the entire idea makes no sense, not to mention that if you do romance Quina she never makes it through her trip since she's immediately kidnapped by the Dragon.

>>637584504I don't think it's ever actually explicitly said

>>637584504She's not actually a prostitute, but i think it's more that since he seems rich and ready to part with a lot of cash, she thought she could use her wile to make even more. She clearly thinks too high of herself to just sell her body to anyone, but for an handsome foreign knight?

>>637572129Legal in Gransys I guess

Daily reminder that Magick archercucks lost while us mystic knightchads stay winning

Will pure melee classes suck dick once more? Make ur bets

>>637585467she's actually terrified of having to use her body to have to make ends meet but most people just think she's a whore because of that Julien scene without ever seeing her other dialogue or reading her backstory

>>637586961The only class that sucks is Warrior. Fighter does perfectly fine and everyone else has ranged options.

>still end up with fournival anyway no matter what I dowell ok game fuck you too I got mercedes drunk as fuck

>>637587530Hear ye, hear ye! Ser Mercedes dead from alcohol poisoning!

>>637587530you have been sentenced to 50 years in the fournival sex chamber for trying to take advantage of an undisposed royal knight

You know, thinking back, everything outside of gameplay is kinda trash in this game. >inb4 and that's a good thing.Yeah I guess so. I don't know, the game overall just feels awkward. It tried to tell a story, but it just felt rushed and unfinished. From what I understood, Capcom never really felt confident the original game would took off, right? I hope DD2 feels more "complete".

>>637587653>>637587867dumb bitch is weak to cloudwine

>>637587441>Fighter does perfectly fine He doesn't have any ranged options so he literally can't beat certain encounters and some just become incredibly tedious. I hope DD2 will have proper throwing mechanics so that you can actually aim the bombs etc, that would solve the problem.

>>637588113>what is a golem as any magic class>what are specters as any melee class>what is living armor as any non-hybrid class

>>637586961Give me fists or give me death

>>637587931Besides the main story being kinda shit my biggest problem is the fact that you can miss so many quests by completing the most random "main" quests. I know the game is designed to have you replay it but it's still really fucking obtuse. Obviously this won't be a problem in DD2.

>>637587530I think you *need* to do her questline properly in order to wed her. Let her fight Julian without intervening.

>>637588651who knows, people masturbated elden ring's obtuse quest design endlessly even before they added map markers for NPCs

>>637588795If DD2 doesn't have a main/side quest menu I will eat my balls. Also side quests won't suddenly fail if you progress too far besides maybe random events Capcom doesn't work that way anymore.

>>637571227>he only black guy in the continentWho is a literal agent of the church and one of the few people at the capital that has actually been completely forthcoming and sincere towards you.

>>637589389mason is based as fuckuntil you forget to do his quest and he disappears forever only to find him at the church and you still cant do his quest and then he fucks off forever lol

>>637572000>legitimately difficult choiceGiga based. Would take both.

if dd2 doesn't have a casca clone it's dogshit simple as

>>637589795>Would take bothand you CANisn't it wonderful?

>>637588469>>what is a golem as any magic classsorcerer dabbing on golem with exequy, the hybrids are yknow hybrids and >playing mage>>what are specters as any melee classdunno bro the sorc pawn usually kills those for me >>what is living armor as any non-hybrid classsuffering, but thankfully very optional

Best thing about DD? We really don't have many schizos or children shitting up the threads. I hope it stays the same once the sequel comes out.

>>637590883The sequel is going to bring in all kinds of dregs. I have a feeling Dragons Dogma 2 is going to be a very big thing

Why is she like this?

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>>637571227I always romance Quina because childhood friends never win, and she did everything for (you).>can't romance your pawnNow this is unfair.

I hate how the game forces you to use certain weapons depending on your class, like I can't make a guy who can use magic and wields a greatsword because no fun allowed

>>637585127doesn't she offer herself to julien?

>>637590883Yeah, that's not gonna happen. Threads were already chock full of shit after the initial announcement of 2, they've only calmed down now that we have no new info

>>637592625She knew julien had the gay and used that to her advantage

>>637592112isn't that pretty much every game with a job system

>>637593507not pathfindergood rpgs always let you make your own build

>>637592636I saw nothing but excitement right after the announcement though

>>637586961I loved the fact that I had an option to use 1h swords and ditch shields with the Assassin.Here's hoping we get another 1h-sword-focused class, maybe with fun options for the off-hand, like small crossbows, pistols, or and off-hand dagger.I want to be a fantasy pirate/duelist so bad.

>>637592112Mystic Knight will get you close to that but if you specifically want to use greatswords and cast magic then play Stranger of Paradise

>>637596584mystic knight is more like a paladin that shoots balls, it's very lame

>>637596708switch main weapon to staff, you can carry more than one

>>637597025that's even more lame

>>637597128>here's a solution>but I don't wanna do that!!quit crying then

>>637597298it's not a solution it's copethe game not letting you have fun with weapons and skills freely is utter shit

>>637597392no, cope is what you're doing now because there's an easy fix to your problem but you simply don't want to accept itif the game isn't fun for you play something else instead of whining that DD should be more like something else

>>637597645dd should absolutely be more like something else >it's ok if the game limits my freedompeak drone mindset

>>637597748>dd should absolutely be more like something elsenah, you can simply play whatever it is you prefer and gtfo here>it's ok if the game limits my freedomcase in point, get that ass back to modded skyrim

>>637595372Along with bandwaggoners and OHNONO posters and whatnot, yes

>>637598110based drone justifying poor design decisions

>>637598463based boi crying about game not catering to his specific taste instead of playing one that does

Have the game, never played it. It it better with m+kb or controller

>>637575012When this happened I instantly shut the game off. I was romancing the homeless woman who sits on the bridge. Suddenly Joker with the face of a pedophile is my one true love? The game was admitting to trolling me

>>637598839only way that could happen is if you gave Feste a lot of undue attention, sounds like BS to me

>>637598714either way it's fine, i think you have more shortcuts to items with keyboard

>>637597298>>637597645>>637598110NTA but I haven't seen a more blind defense of a megacorp developer since that time google linked me to a reddit thread.Those fucking fags will lunge at your throat the moment you even say anything that could be construed as criticism of their precious game/company, who are obviously perfect and flawless.

>>637598714I prefer controller but keyboard gets hotkeys so you don't have to open the inventory to heal.

>>637599287>blind defense of a megacorp developerI mentioned that being a mystic knight and carrying a staff can get you close to what that guy wanted and then suggested another game in SoP to try instead, sounds like you're the blind one here.

>>637599287it's funny because dd is a very flawed game with huge potential but its fans are absolutely rabid and will attack anyone who wishes for improvements to the formula

>>637581171pretty based

>>637572595I don't mind. not interested in that bit the least. also attracts lots of paedos and freaks to the playerbase.

>>637599553>a staff is similar to a greatsword

>>637599572>improvement>make it more like ______just play ______ instead, DD has a cult following because it has it's own kind of weird to it

>>637599814So that guy wants to wield a greatsword and a staff at the same time?lmao

>>637600052what's your IQ user

>>637600152What's yours? What does wielding a greatsword and using magic have to do with a staff being similar to a greatsword?

>>637598986I gave the duke the ring as a goof iir. Or someone in the court that wasn't slut princess

>>637600298your reading comprehension score is below 0

>>637600429Says the guy who can't even explain why a staff being similar to a greatsword got brought up

>>637600625I can't explain why you're dumb as a brick

>>637600775>you're dumbI'm not the one who brought something up and can't explain why

>>637600840keep at it, maybe you'll understand one day

>>637600990more like you'll never be able to explain it

>>637571227>tits so big they cant be made with the character creatorI dont give a fuck if she's a whore, give me those tits I need them

>>637601349they were even bigger in the concept art too

>>637600328>Or someone in the courtif it was Feste then you shouldn't be surprised since that puts whoever you gave it at the top of the priority list for beloved and then all you have to do to keep him there is make sure he's the last person you've talked to before completing the quest Deny Salvation


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>>637574306Same happened to me on my first playthrough except I romanced the SHIT out of Selene all game long, given her lots of gifts, gave her the Arisen's Bond ring, made her move in with me... but I bought some items from Madeleine before setting off to kill the dragon so guess who turned out to be my OnE tRuE lOvE!?Ending up with Jewtits certainly isn't the worst possible outcome but it still feels shitty.

>there is literally no good porn of this character madewhy?

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Will Pragmata before or after this game?

>>637604627pragmata is this game

>>637604627were half into 2023 with no news

>>637571227And I will marry jewtits every single time.

>>637604627>>637604908Pragmata actually got a trailer though so it should be closer to release unless they just decided to cancel it and not say anything

>>637605371Just a reminder that Pragmata's first and only trailer was first shown three years ago.

>>637571227Both the loli and not Casca are excellent picks.

>>637605573They re-aired it during the big Monster Hunter + RE DLC stream a few months ago (the one a few days before the DD2 reveal). I'm not letting off the copium.

>>637571227>>your childhood friend who gets walked home gently by the only black guy in the continentMason is a cool fellow despite being a church nigger who glows only metaphorically, I don't like the implications of your greentext

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>>637605731>a few months ago >(the one a few days before the DD2 reveal)we're coming up DD's 11th anniversary in a few days so that would be almost a year actually

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Pragmata could easily reappear during one of the upcoming game showcases with a new trailer and a concrete release date.

>>637605708>>637572000>>637578195>>637589795my brethren

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The goth girl is a free girlfriend who moves in after completing her quest, so the real answer is Mercedes and Selene.

>>637573726Ah yes the love of my life, the weapon shop guy

>>637606016Crackhead theory is that they are going to show something for Pregmata and DD2 at the upcoming SoP, the DD account went completely silent a few weeks ago.

>>637606829I don't think they're going to be present at the PlayStation showcase.I feel that Dorito Pope's fest could be the event where they will return under the spotlight.