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Get them bottles and wines out lads. What wonderful gems are we playing on our Linux machines?

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Gronch with randoms, pretty fun.

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why is dx12 such a bitch

>>637571886what's a dx12?

>>637570868Yakuza Ishin on my steamDeck.

Our year

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>>637570868nothing because it doesnt work

>>637571886Because its purpose is not to be good but to make linux gaming harder and receive nvidiabux

>>637571886wait until you learn about Media Foundation

>>637571886Works fine on AMD. Enter --my-next-gpu-wont-be-nvidia to continue.

been playing some baba is fuck you, I find some concepts are introduced in a more straight forward fashion than others

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>>637573029Isn't that solved with glorious eggroll?>>637573109I always seem to have weird issues with 12 even on amd gpu

dota 2 and tears of the kingdomryujinx has gotten to the point where i'm not seeing any graphical glitches in totk anymore, it's pretty nice

>>637570868>bottles and winesI've been playing native games though. And games with unofficial native engines.inb4 the good old "but some probably outsourced and abandoned native ports are broken so I use Proton for everything and you must do the same so that I feel validated!"I mean that's cool but the Linux versions of Super Meat Boy still works on my machine and I'm definitely not going to run stuff like GZDoom or Raze through Wine like some kind of computer-illiterate normie.

Getting near the end of King's Quest 4. For the most part the puzzles had been on the sane side, though anything that requires real time actions like outrunning enemies or climbing whale tongues can go fuck itself. It had some obvious "buy our manual" baiting with correct solutions that don't succeed until they randomly do, but nothing too excessive. The dark cave that's just the character sprite against a completely black background where every screen has an about 50% chance to land an insta-death random encounter and on the final screen a sudden>OH NO??! A CHASM!!!! - GAME OVERwas pretty funny.

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>>637574468Sounds like soe bullshit designs, as expected from old adventure games

>>637572958>My entire knowledge of Linux comes from one Linus Tech Tips video

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>>637573109I'm using an Nvidea RTX 2070 super on X Server and have had zero problems on ubuntu. Plays better then windows despite my specs not being optimal for Linux gaming.

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>>637576709Do you mean zero problems as in:No lag when dragging or resizing windowsVideo acceleration works in browsersV-sync doesn't peg an entire core at 100%No random freezes and warnings about power management in dmesgUndervolting is possibleCard performs within 90% of an AMD card in the same price tierCard idles at less than 50 WNo stuttering in DirectX games when compiling shaders/pipelinesNo breakages when updating the kernel or X.orgNo tearing without the full composition pipeline (that causes latency and stuttering, terrible solution)If all of these work, then NVIDIA might truly be back on Linux. Of course I didn't mention Wayland but you know, according to some people that's still in beta.

>>637571886Is it? Works on me machine.If you mean in general, it's usually devs being bad at their job.

>>637577646>Card performs within 90% of an AMD card in the same price tierThis one made me laugh since every nvidia card is 300$ more expensive than the amd equivalent so no matter how bad nvidia gets on linux only an insane schizo would ever pretend they even perform the same on windows to begin with, the nvidia card always loses at the same price on every OS

I will switch to linux right now if all the anticheats become compatible.

>>637578305Then you won't switch to Linux ever

>>637578290OK, let's just say performance tier, but that has a Windows bias since that's what most reviewers use to rank GPUs. For example, why does the 6800 XT outperform the 3080 Ti on Linux? (source: Phoronix)

>>637578305So "all the anticheats" are used in the multiplayer games you're actively playing right now?If you want to reword "I'll never use Linux" as "I'll use Linux when all software supports Linux" then that's your choice, but if you genuinely have an interest in Linux then you're doing yourself a disservice by worrying about "all games" or "all anticheat shitware" instead of the ones that you would actually play.

>>637578820He's here only to bump as a part-time job, he doesn't actually use linux.

>>637578305Were that to happen you'd move the goalpost like everyone else.Just stick to Windows. Nobody is asking/forcing/etc you to use Linux.

this part is pretty hard as sorcereralso I suck at the game, that doesn't help

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>>637580039don't let the succubus distract ou, bro

>>637579895I am a man of my word. I will do but when shit like this exists how can I. what if my friends suddenly want to play a game that is not compatible on linux. May not be a problem for you though.

>>637580486Boobies though...I figure my best chance is to run around the corner at the start, because if I stand still casting more than two spells while surrounded then I'm fucked.Dealing with enemies with lots of resistances while using the sorcerer is obnoxious. I guess I'm playing the game wrong by not using the warrior. It's been a while since I tried multiplayer but sorcerer is probably better as support for a another player that can actually tank some hits. What I'm saying is the game seems unbalanced for single-player but then again I suck so it's probably just that.

It speaks volumes when Ally lists Windows as a selling point. A couple years ago Windows would just be the assumed default.

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>>637581063If you need to live in constant preparation for jumping into any online game at a moment's notice then yeah. Don't use Linux until developers stop deliberately blocking Linux users with "Wine is not supported" pop-ups.

>>637581063>2 eck reports and 6 PCgood to see linux people have good taste

>>637581347well, they made a microsoft deal so they have to publicize windows and gamepass

>>637581347Microsoft is funding them so not surprising

>>637581430>If you need to live in constant preparation for jumping into any online game at a moment's noticehave u ever played a game with a group of friends? or are you someone who needs to fit meetings into your schedule book.

>>637570868Autistic job sims today, Electrician Simulator and PC Building Sim. They run okay so far, though I broke my xserver settings trying to manually update nvidia for Electrician's to work. Took me 3 hours to fix and bring the gui back...Among the ones I played in general, Car Mechanic 2015 felt the best and the most chill, even if taking off wheels and brakes every time got old quick. Had to temporarily delete it though because I was running low on space. Can't wait to get back to it eventually.

>>637581883>have u ever played a game with a group of friends?Yeah but I don't always buy a game just because they're playing it, and I was never that much into online gaming. Not everyone is. It's fine that you are, but since you are, developers choosing not to allow Linux users to play their games will continue to be an issue for you, assuming you have any actual interest in leaving Windows. If you want to try Linux and you don't want to leave Windows then you could always dual boot. It doesn't require elite hacker skills. If you don't see the point in dual booting then you don't actually have any real interest in Linux and there's nothing more to discuss.

>>637573219Patrician choice, been playing it on my phone. Lovely house is NOT a lovely level.

>>637581430it's a good thing i always hated post-myth bungie but i can't get over their stance on linux

>>637581883>have u ever played a game with a group of friends?Yeah, my friends usually enjoy good online games instead of the latest goyslop.

>>637583507Fifa is dogshit, but you will never experience getting to division 1 with the lads. Only something a male can do.

>>637581347Last I saw people were blaming Windows 11 for the horrible performance and battery life of the ROG Anus Ally

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>>637583046Give me a distro to use. I'll try it this week. I've used ubuntu before but I dislike gnome. I saw Artix or Nobara. I got really no idea which distro to pick. Also, how is the performance. I have a shitty gtx 960.

>>637583927Microsoft is already using financial mercs to attack Valve, there's that patent troll company named immersion or something by rosenberg kvetching about haptics feedback and wants to sue them. It's no coincidence that a windows based handheld comes out and then a patent troll comes up to suppress the Deck.

>>637584134you could use kubuntu so you don't have to look at gnome

>>637584134>I have a shitty gtx 960.Mint, install only the official nvidia drivers from nvidia and make sure it's a stable version and not necessarily the latest thanks to Nvidia's decades long practice of trying to quietly cripple old GPUs with driver revisions, don't touch the open sores version.

>>637583927I've also seen it fucking up people with more than 1 monitor. The screen just turns into a messy static and you need to unplug the thing several times to fix it.

>Unofficial Patch got Linux features and a new installer addedHas anyone tried it?

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>>637584134seconding Kubuntuif you're used to Ubuntu it'll just be that but with KDEdo note that on most distros you can just switch DEs at will at the login screen (display manager) if you install multiple

>>637584331Anybody recommending Kubuntu should be recommending KDE Neon. And at that point you're halfway to a rolling distro.

I'll give it another 5-6 years. Until then, Windows is still more convenient and less hassle.

>>637584998I'll give you another 20 years. Shit, make it 100.

>>637584571Been meaning to replay vtmb. Dunno why wesp5 would add a linux installer though, last time I used the patch it worked fine.

>>637585292you don't even have 20 years to give

>>637585583Then why are you in the thread?

>>637585805because what I do doesn't depend on your life expectancy

>>637585912You don't do anything. Everything is done for you as you're coddled.

>>637584571unofficial patch worked fine for me in proton a while back without much fafftested it last year for an user but never played

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>>637584278Is the zog ally out yet? The hype seems to have fallen off a cliff.

>>637571886Because it is poorly coded and has the same shader issues as fucking OpenGL.But a vulkan wrapper with enough grunt probably can fix it's issues.After all, valve managed to do it with elden ring

>>637586674they let reviewers publish their shit and unveiled the price, the only thing you can do right now is preorder

>>637586779pretty much all recent DX12 pc ports that had complaints about stuttering were completely fine on Linuxgo figure

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>>637587012It's the shader cache problem, I think it's more annoying on Windows.

>>637570868Duke Nukem 2

>>637587341As far i know, vulkan is just faster at compiling shaders because it use a "half of the way" solution called spirV.Converting the code from C like to any sort of assembler is slow as fuck, but converting "generic assembler to GPU specific assembler" is a lot faster.And OpenGL and directX12 does the former.

>>637588409Which is precisely why all recent dx12 ports stutter on windows, but not on linux. No one fucking knows how to build the shader cache before the game actually starts.

>Gamescope can upscale your low res game without shitting your main resolution and also can limit your fps if you wantValve is so fucking good, it's unbelievable. I wonder if Windows has anything like this. It's genius. >>637570868Skullgirls, HL2Mmod, DC Super Hero Girls, Super Mario World, sometimes Borderlands 1 with a friend. I'll probably get the new Warhammer fps game, looks alright.

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>>637590880gamescope is pretty handy for those old games that only run at 640x480

>>637589696There are quite a few games doing this now.But that's an 5-30 minute "loadtime" because building shaders from scratch is still very slow

>>637593140Especially considering how old games (HLWON too) changes resolution in main menu. Also it's probably the best way to limit fps on high hrz monitors.

>>637570868Been playing Cult of the Lamb and AM2R. Pretty comfy on Pop OS.

>>637594224mangohud can also liit framerate btw>>637593462I actually wonder if anyone has benchmarked how long it takes to compile shaders in different cards and drivers

>>637576247It's not that bad though, at least the game has no pixel hunting whatsoever. Anything you need it will usually warn you about after one look/examine command, it tries to get you back on track with warnings and hints when you attempt something really dumb, and it flat out won't let you lose items that would get you into an unwinnable situation hours later. Compared to the first KQ where 5 minutes in a random encounter could steal an item from you permanently, this game is a masterclass of player-friendly design.

>>637594476Mangohud is a better framerate limiter since you can choose the method, to prioritize lower latency or more stable frametimes.>>637593140Gamescope is basically a more modern version of wine's virtual desktop. It's cool for downscaling but not useful for much else unless the game is peculiarly broken.

>>637590880>I wonder if Windows has anything like this.Aren't there AMD/Nvidia equivalents to this? Like virtual resolutions?

>>637590880Gamescope is one of the positive things we got out of Wayland. It can be a godsend for misbehaving games. It's also a great for old japanese games that run at 640x480 or something since it has integer/nearest scaling.

>>637570868tux racer

Accidentally broke my system doing shit on the AUR againAh well I needed an excuse to reinstall my arch btw from scratch

>>637597069Me? I just load from the snapshot that was made automatically before I installed a new packageThanks, BTRFS!

>>637597237My /home is still on ext4 because I was scared of losing data after reading up on btrfsBut I suppose I'll use btrfs on this install and just backup important shit with Rsync or something

>>637597336You should have backups either way, no filesystem will save you from hardware failure or fire


>>637598574And no backups will save you from me

Is it possible to install shit from the AUR on a different distro?

>>637599016yeah it's called flatpak, snap, appimages, nix, compiling from source, a pre-compiled binary, OBS, etc.AUR is nothing

>>637599016Use distrobox.

>>637599238that's interesting

>>637570868TOTK on Yuzu

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>using Linux Mint because lazy>have Rise of the Triad source port from Mint repo (installed to /usr/games/rott)>it changes screen resolution when I run it and doesn't change it back when I close it>want to use gamescope>not in Mint repo obviously>only PPA that looks current is maintained by some random Russian>there's a Flatpak but that's useless for running /usr/games/rott unless I do some complicated shit because Flatpak can't see system /usr>too lazy to install Flatpak versions of all the shit I'd want Gamescope to playoh well.Is Gamescope really the only way to keep games from maliciously attacking my display settings?I can also run ROTT in windowed mode but it's a very small window.

>>637601623there should be some --dont-fuck-up-my-display option when running the gameworkaround could be to use Lutris where you enable "Restore resolution on game exit" in game config options.

>>637602506>there should be some --dont-fuck-up-my-display option when running the gameyea that's gamescope

>>637599016meh it's non-standard. just get some alternate package manager like nix (or guix if you're feeling really adventurous).the one downside is that you'll get duplicates of system packages.

>>637601623yesi think the only thing it can't handle is games that fuck with your gamma settings like Quake III.

>>637577646>Card idles at less than 50 Wis this acceptable to you people now? my 290 idles at 17W

>>637602506Unfortunately the only built-in display options are fullscreen/window, resolution, and ... enablevr? lol.The largest valid resolution option (800x600) is exactly half the height of my display (1920x1200). So it could upscale nicely if I did use Gamescope. (Pixel-perfect upscaling makes my dick hard.) I just don't know if I should be adding random PPAs to my package manager.

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>>637604602you could use a script to launch it, play it, then when it's closed and script execution resumes call xrandr.

>>637601623>linux portDoesn't surprise me. Windows games run thru wine + gamescope don't have this problem unless you can also enable gamescope on that game.

>>637604357What the fuck? My 6750xt idles at 6w.

ext4 or btrfs?

my intel igpu idles at 0.5w :3

>>637604357my 6600xt idles at 3W.Problem is, on linux it goes up to 20W unless I specifically create a custom EDID with a modeline at 144hz (on a 165hz monitor) and load it. I'll never understand what's done on Windows that I can have it idle on 165hz.

do people really obsess over idle watt usage? this is a video games board why the fuck are you worried about idle power consumption when the card will be blasting upwards 300-400W in a game

>>637606239>blasting upwards 300-400W in a gamenot if I limited the TDP to 50%

>>637606316what's the point in buying the card thenjust stick with a lesser card or integrated lmao

>>637571123Based Gronch enjoyerAre you in &tg?


>>637606354to have the headroom when I need it. it's not a permanent 50%, but in some cases I lose less than 50% performance despite reducing the power consumption by's case by case.

>>637605952ext4 if you're jackie chan and want no trabble

>>637605663What an absolutely moronic post.>>linux portNot the problem. The same shit has happened to me running Windows games through Wine.>wineNot the solution. See above.>gamescopeThis is the only relevant part of your post, and it's useless, because you're literally replying to a post that was all about how Gamescope would fix the problem. What do you think you're contributing to the discussion?>unless you can also enable gamescope on that gameYes, you can use Gamescope with native games.

>>637606239My GPU reaches 145W and that's itMy worry is not watt usage, it's heat and noiseMy 6600xt can sometimes go well above what's recommended in temperature

>games changing desktop resolutionsThis actually isn't all that uncommon on Windows

>>637607543its designed to throttle if you go above a dangerous threshold and OC itself otherwise to reach that threshold of heat, power limit, etc.

>>637607543What do you mean by recommended temp?

>>637606412>&tgSorry don't know what that is.

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>>637604602The true power of ____x1200 resolution is pixel-perfect aspect ratio correction of 320x200 to 4:3. No longer shall my ScummVM games look like ass like they did when I was using a 1080p screen. Now if only I could erase my memory and experience Full Throttle for the first time again.

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