What went right with Blue Archive?>universally beloved on Holla Forums while other mobile games are hated

What went right with Blue Archive?>universally beloved on Holla Forums while other mobile games are hated

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>>637568302nobody cares about the game just the sexy children

>>637568302cunnycats pspspspspspspspspspspsps

Sell it to me.

Children in microbikinis are my fetish.

hoshino more like sexino

>>637568302>What went rightHoshino

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>>637568991Trannies hate cunny

>637568302>>universally beloved on Holla Forums

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>>637568302Sexy chibis, nice art direction, but sadly Nexon's name on this is an automatic no way fag

>>637568302Cute high school girls

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Gehenna supremacy

Well-meaning but cute baka girls like AruCute nunsA story that puts the SoL focus up front instead of in the backHOPE

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>>637573883Sorry, but Millenium girls are peak

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Delinquent sex

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>>637576847I agree

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>>637576997I want to play with Neru's chest

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>>637577492Neru naizuri

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>>637568991Fuck off tendie


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>>637569690autobattler, 70% of the game is setting up your team beforehand, 30% is pressing skills in combatcute girls doing cute thingsgun autismyour desire to fuck slowly gets corrupted into a desire to protect

redeem ligmas from hard campaign or wait for spook?


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>>637573883the most pungent of farts

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>>637568302I fucking love videogames lads

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>>637578984the red head is cute

>>637578874redeem if you need them for content otherwise wait, if you redeem then get spooked you effectively lose 90 elephs over waiting to get spooked then using what you saved up


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>>637577682girls squeeshing their modest chest is so fucking HOOOOOT

>>637570642GIGA COPE

>>637579198Good taste

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>>637579320i'll just wait, but i dont pull very often at all.


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>>637579557SHE'S CUTE

>>637575926Anyone have the screenshots with all these messages from the story arc climaxes that came up in Chapter F?

>>637568302Not rolling until Kisaki is playable.


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>>637580030Very cute

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>>637568302Which cunny has the smallest chest and the firmest ass?


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>>637578984belly sandvich ToTmy cock sandviched between their tummies ToT!!!!


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>>637580769She's cuter when she doesn't wear underwear!

hottest yuzu part is the slippers

>>637580769tits too big


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where the big tiddies at

>>637568302Played every day for a little over a year and quit after passing club leader. Became too much of a chore, maintaining top 10 in pvp was too annoying, insane raids are too much of a chore to be a daily activity, didn't really care for the story as much as everyone else seems to. Some of the best character designs on the market thoughever, that'll probably be unchanged for awhile.

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>>637581404>BA>Tiddes You have to go for another gacha for those

>>637581121C U T E

>>637568302I don't play gachashit I just think it has the most sexo girls, thus I like it when it's posted


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why isn't it on steam?

>>637578984Sensei likes this picture a lot

Reminder that the most retarded girls are the cutest

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>>637575678>HOPENo anymore, your plot armor is gone Sensei

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>>637582215Says who? There is always HOPE.

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>>637582284Honestly, the Francis talk is probably my favorite part of F. I just like how it implies Color is such a busted eldritch abomination that it can affect the flow of a fictional story

>>637575926Based as fuckThis shit is at worst in Arius chapterEvery single fucking student there is "boo hoo hoo I'm fucked everything up woe is me"So glad Sensei is always there to basically say "shut up and live with it, now shoot your guns at the bad monster"

>>637582592I haven’t played or read spoilers for F other than seeing the PV. I just really liked these frames. Sensei always there to say the right things.

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>>637575995Write a filename for this gif


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>>637583496what is she trying to convey with the hand gesture

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Arona is best girl.

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>>637583848Not that one

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Girls Frontline II will anally rape Blue Archive and Arknights when it comes outyoutu.be/NgJ-Va9J-PQ

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>>637584667Really? Sell me on it then.

>>637568991Name a more forced meme than 'tranime'Even wojacks aren't as forced.

I like the art. The animations are good. Still not gonna "play" gachashit though.


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>>637584667>when it comes outso never? cool

>>637584667Just look at this video: it's basically a console game but on your phone. Just how Genshin copied BotW and brought it to mobile, GFII is doing the same except it's an original concept that combines Valkyria Chronicles, X-Com, Project Steam, some Metal Gear stealth and COD gun customizationyoutu.be/2lohAslyqC8It's coming out soon, it was approved by the Chinese government a few days ago

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>>637586060>Just how Genshin copied BotW and brought it to mobilePoints for putting yourself in the category of the most obnoxious retards known on the internet. I guess now on top of nikkers and hoyo tards we can add guntards to the list of "people mindbroken by BA"


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>>637581560I appreciate that it has both but I more appreciate the chibis

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>>637584667ok i've->>637586060i hate falseflag posts

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>>637586060Stop making us look bad

gfl 2 does look pretty cool and i will play it but i don't expect anything other than a jankfest from it

I don't care about GFL so I won't play GFL2

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go back to your gun roots

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>>637584762i think that award goes to coombrain

>>637587972my vidya butts roots you mean

>>637587972Never played GFL, not enough blondes

vidya butts

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>>637586381Thanks user, you’re awesome.

>>637588326stop forcing it, it's a bad drawing with zero meme value

>>637588449I don't share the same opinion you have

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>>637588963you are wrong, but that is fine, can happen to the best of ustomorrow's another day you could be right

I rike bunny

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>>637589751I'm saving all my ligmas for her. Only 3 months to go

>>637589751Yes, those are the ideal size...

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>>637584667blue archive killed girls frontline forever get over it.

>>637568302Erotic children


>>637589751i'm so tired of pixiv overflowing with her

>>637590163then why do I see it here every day?

>>637590373gotta build up cloatdont hate the player and all that

>>637590373It'll be over in a few months

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>>637590905Hopefully not, I love her design>b-but it's just a blonde girl in a bunny costumeYes, I know.

i fucking love little girls!

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>>637590729Nah I'll blame them all day

>>637591239Nothing wrong with that.

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>>637590905I hope so, her vanilla design is far better

Hey ace, go spam another thread

>>637568302I don't give a shit about this terrible game tho. I only occasionally fap to the kids but even then other gacha have sexier lolis.

>>637591429kaede wakiBA needs more shortstacks

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>>637591891>>637591909Point me in a better direction please

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>>637592145Go dump the SF6 thread

>>637584334This is the perfect body.

>>637592007>I only occasionally fap to the kids Based>but even then other gacha have sexier lolis.I disrespectfully disagree

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>>637568302>>universally beloved on Holla Forums while other mobile games are hated/v/ loves azur lane because of essex/v/ loves girls frontline because of vidya buttsWhat has Blue archive done for Holla Forums?

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>>637586060I like XCOM 2 and I have nothing against anime girls but I am not gonna get tricked into playing a chink gacha mobile app no matter how similar it is. They are gonna turn it into stamina-based mat grinding with cash shop and all the other psychological scam features of phone games these days

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>>637592405spam the board with cunny instead of cringy memes

>>637592405BA is the scapegoat that attracts all the seething normalfags, people who don't even play video games, and cuckold spam.

>>637568302>dead Decagammatron weeksWhen's Binah again so I can use my UE40 Himari on something that won't die to two bullets anyway

>>637580026I want to exploit their navels.

>>637592553Next week

>>637592405Contribute threads that aren't just meme dumping and grounds of actively breeding more gooning tertiariesThe essex threads do not make up for the sheer amount of ERPing threads spearheaded by Bremtrannies

>>637592405Asuna posting was greatNot my fault the samusfag got triggered for the thread having more posts than samus threads


>>637592405posting a nigger meme template is contributing?

goddamn it going spurt spurt again

>>637592405What's with the dragon ball meme?>gfl vs essex was a thing>new rival appears>ACTUALLY WE ARE FRIENDS NOW AND WE JOINED AGAINST THE NEW ENEMYEvery fucking time

>>637593125>What's with the dragon ball memeit's a zoomer thing about some basket ball american team i think

>>637592616Cool, is it urban or field

>>637593125Asperger people needs to feel their previous enemy is their epic frien now


don't know much about ba but doesn't it have biblical things in the lore? like what's up with the halos?

I love Esseggs threads as much as anyone but they've been too repetitive lately, it's always the same memes.Wish I were good enough at photoshop to make my own

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>cute girls>comfy sol stuff>story is good (so far)but>g*chaman I just wish this was an obscure rpg or some shit. Literally could not give less of a fuck about rolling or the gameplay and Im completely f2p so it will take ages to get anything specific.

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>>637593587Effort is antithetical to essex memes

>>637593592I dont mind but in this case I would love a Persona type of game where you explore a school full lf angels

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>>637568302Designs are the perfect balance of cute and fanserviceStory is easy to followAzur Lane fails at this because the story is too boring and takes itself too seriously. Would have been better to follow BA formatArknights story is too long for every chapter Nikke is more or less like BA, story is easy to follow too but designs are trapped between fanservice and censorship

I can't tell if this is THE thread or not


>>637593592Obscure rpgs, as much as Holla Forums pretends to care about japanese games, don't sell

>>637592465>stamina-based mat grinding with cash shop and all the other psychological scam features of phone games these daysThe game will feature none of those things and the only psychological "scam" feature it will have is putting out some nice characters that might appeal to you and might make you roll for them on the gacha

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>>637594426I'm not a shareholder though I'll play a proper game even if it doesn't sell to normalfags

>>637594151>Azur Lane fails at this because the story is too boring and takes itself too seriously. Would have been better to follow BA formatThe story is fundamentally flawed in its delivery because the main plot is conveyed through fragmented events that have to switch its cast between every event. A consistent plot thread can barely be established and plot threads established in one event for one faction have to wait like another year for a continuation.Plus the nature of Azur Lane releasing 5 characters per new event also makes focusing on a core group of characters nearly fucking impossible

>>637571208Nexon was told to sit down, shut the fuck up and make the easiest money of their life when they tried to mildly censor a scene and they listened. So for now, it's fine

>>637591891based, i really want the vanilla version of her and arisu now

>>637594710Yeah thats my problem with it, like I love the designs and the characters but I feel like the anime had a better idea by focusing on 4 characters in the school

/qa/ lost

>>637594560>gachaso it IS a scam

>>637593384Rad, I get to use Kazusa too

How do mild bait threads get nuked after 10 posts but this shit stays up for hours? Didn’t read any post in here but I’ll assume there’s janitor-approved ERPing for at least a quarter of the posts

>>637569690its a fun vn on mobile where all the girls are for (you)

>>637595219Arisu vanilla is already in global, you just can't farm her

>>637595648Sounds good to me.

>>637592331Nice ass.

>>637568302Wait, people actually play Blue Archive? I find it quite distracting to play the game with only one hand...

does this has a private server?

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Just started and did a few of the free rolls and got all this, hopefully it's enough to get through all the story which is what I'm most interest in. Gonna dip as soon the Korean MMO grind starts though.

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>>637596358sameso far its kinda fucking annoying how account level caps character levels so expect waiting multiple days just doing sweeps to do the next few story missions

>>637581530>Became too much of a choreI felt this. Doesn't help that so much of the actual gameplay is pointless RNG requiring constant resets by design

>>637594560You're using a lot of words to get around saying it's a predatory gacha user.

>>637593957>>637592331She's not on global yet so wtf is this bitches deal?

>>637595472>>637596919Gacha games don't work like in the old days where you couldn't advance further in the story or play certain events unless you had certain gacha characters. Nowadays gacha characters are entirely optional and can play through every aspect of a game without ever using the gacha a single time. I've been playing gacha games since the old days of RoB and i've never spent a cent on a single roll, still getting all the fun any whale would haveJust don't get eaten by the predator bro it's that simple

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>>637597673She wants cock. Adult cock.

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Currently level 40 and trying to do the chapter 9 missions just so I can advance the story. Already struggling to just beat them (only getting 1 stars, maybe 2). Is that normal?

>>637596358>Izumi>SumireYou could have done better but the story is piss easy but you'll be really relying on levels

>>637598139yeah, especially if you didn't roll yet or didn't bother rerolling from the starti don't have shit and i'm stuck at chapter 12 at level 50

>>637598139Levels actually matter a lot less than equipment and skills make sure you're keeping those up You should not be having issues at level 40 honestly.

>>637597673Big tertiary bait>>637598139It is. Just wait for another event to casually spend AP and farm drops

>>637592017gaki waki...

>>637597814I'm not keeping up with jp, is this bitch worth rolling for or jsut good for the coom?

>>637598256>rerolling from the startIori's carrying me HARD>>637598262>EquipmentI'm trying to upgrade the equipment and skills as much as possible. But needing to spread them across at least 8-10 characters is spreading me thin.

>>637598440She's not even out in JP

>>637598474>Iorithat's pretty cool, i don't even have a full red team haha

>>637591790is it too late to get sport Hasumi?

>>637598532She's not? Damn, I'm even more out of the loop than I thought

When will the devs get off their asses and make a REAL Blue Archive game like a third person shooter?


>>637598893I'm sorry user...

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For me, it's Tsurugi (my wife)

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>>637598893She was literally free and given out at MAX rarityYou fucked up hard

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>>637598893You missed out...

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>>637597673She's the stuco president of Shanhaijing, which basically acts like a Triad.She's shown up only once so far in Volume F and had like 5 likes or something.Before that, during the Shunny event, Shun mentions that she tried doing stretches to make herself grow taller. Combined with her looking like an actual cunny character and she fucking exploded in artwork.The next JP event is taking place in Shanhaijing and seems to feature some of the other clubs including the stuco so she might make another appearance.

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>>637568302Hey, can you stop? thanks.

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>>637568302Fuck Gacha, therefore fuck Blue Archive

>>637599134Cute Tsurugi

>>637599134What's wrong with her? Why the is she a halfway incoherent mess?

>>637599172Tsurugi has a REALLY erotic figureGod damn

How am I supposed to kill hundred of units in under 3 minutes? Maki and Hasumi takes too long for their skills to be viable? I'm slightly over level 30.

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>>637600872Try not using single-target students.

>>637600872You don't need two healers. Also take out fat tits and replace her with another an AR on mini gunner.

>>637600872Try to gather more students with wide-range skills.

>>637600872Commissions are much more tightly tuned than Main Missions, so you're just underleveled. But also, yes, that's the AoE stages. Honestly, the rewards are pretty bad until the last tiers. But you're unlikely to clear those until much, much later. If I were you - I'd focus on progressing through the main missions during this dead week (or was it two?).

>>637568302It's filled with sexy kids

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Attached: Screenshot_20230427_044518_Blue Archive.png (1725x1080, 1.36M)

>>637600872your welfare nonomi bro?


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>>637601564aww she smilin :)


>>637599565Based, the phantom thief event was the first new thing after F and was already good, hopefully they can keep the high quality at least until summer

Girl here, where are the boys?

>>637602082This isn't that sort of game.

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>>637601408>>637599134>>637599172>>637601564Imagine watching her cum on your cock and switch from her polite mannerisms to absolute feral beast

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>>637602082all the main characters aside from Sensei are girls. boys in Kivotos are robots and dogs. i heard your kind prefers one of those over boys anyway

>>637602082>>637602082>where are the boys?(You) are the boy.


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>>637603027Those two should bang

>>637603027I love these little coordinated vids. Post moar.

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Should I spend my pyroxene now? I fear of only getting dupes.

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>>637604315lol retard

>>637604315>Only 1200Please tell me you already got her

>>637604315Bro, your savings? She's core.

>>637598208Both of them were from that initial roll so I think one of them was the guaranteed and I just lucked out on the other one, apparently that first roll is only from the first available students right? What's bad about them? Also I just got the cripple with the free shit they've been showering me with.

>>637568302i would play it if the load screens weren't so ass. literally half your daily routine is load screens

>>637604613Izumi is a tank but her placement is way in the back which defeats her whole fucking purposeSumire is just average

Would Shiroko be good at Payday?

>>637604761Izumi is considered a tank? I just always assumed her ex was to buff her attack and survivability.

>>637605102Yes and she pirated all the DLC.

But that's illegal!

>>637605203She's supposed to be self-sustaining with her heals but she's always in the back so she's not really going to get shot at all that much anyway

Who's paying these girls' tuition?


>>637605548mein cum

>>637605203>>637605343Fat bitch with a fucked kit.

How long until we get serious Hoshino? Long or short hair doesn't matter to me, I just want her to trust us enough to drop the old man persona and openly discuss the past and her scars.People can talk about "becoming the mask" all they want but she's clearly still coping with her solo night patrols. She has a batman complex and all she's willing to show everyone during the day is Bruce Wayne.

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>>637606406please no I'm tired of this bitch defining the meta, if she's getting an even stronger version I'll puke

>>637580769I saw this in Minecraft earlier today

What was her problem?

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>>637606406Well the 4.5PV teased Serious Hoshino. It might be a prequel event/story segment.

>>637602147>>637602707stop taking the bait, this genchink does it every other thread

>>637606494Sorry you're buttmad about one of the 3 primary heroines of the story.

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>>637606406its not a mask, its development

>>637606406Present? Never. Prequel? Most likely next Abydos chapter update (on JP).

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>>637606918>still coping and hiding her activities>developmentNah she just doesn't want to burden you or her underclassmen.

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>>637606406serious short haired hoshino is top cute

So do i just put ligmas into Himari until her weapon and stuff unlocks? Kinda newish player, not really following guides or anything

>>637607360Himari is core, but not limited. I'm pretty new myself and been hoarding ligma so far, but core AND limited students seem to be better ligma investments. Like S.Hosh.

>>637607360you could, but you could also hold off on doing that until you know more

>>637606814who are the other 2

>>637607360If you're not trying to autism raids Himari is fine at 3*. Her UE40 buff increases buff times by 2 seconds, which isn't really needed if you're just casually playing or don't care about going full autism on raid ranking. It's better to just save your ligma on limiteds or students you really really like.

>>637607729Arisu for Vol 2No idea who the heroine for Vol 3 is. It could be Hifumi, Azusa, Saori, Atsuko, or Mika

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>>637607442>>637607763Alright, cheers lads


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