When will the Devs stop caving in to sfw faggotry? Are they THAT much of spineless cretins?

When will the Devs stop caving in to sfw faggotry? Are they THAT much of spineless cretins?

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>>637566498kys coomer

>>637566498They're caving to credit card companies, dumbass.

>>637566728Why do credit card companies hate sex anyway?

>>637566728Why are they so anti lewd?

>>637566498>training AI to get around nsfw filters instead of to get around don't kill their creator filters

>>637566837>>637566848pearl clutching boomers and jewish business men unironically

>>637566498>coomers are unironically letting (((them))) get dirt on their fetishes, some of them even paying for itlmao skill issue

>>637566498The entire purpose is to develop a smart filter that can be installed on the internet to combat racism once and for all. No more "jogger", the system will recognize what you mean.

>>637566837its not the kind of sex that can be exploited

>>637566498/g/ doesn't even use Character.AI anymore, they've moved onto other sites and local models. Probably a better option if you want nsfw stuff

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>>637568163Got any good alternatives?

2023 and people still believe that online petition works.

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>>637568293Literally go to >>>/g/>>>/g/93505563>>>/g/93504906

>>637566498Kys and cope

>>6375680355 bucks a month for NSFW modeTa-da


>>637568293no theres nonethey just redirect you to their dump thread to show off their 2019 tier prompts

>>637568587that's already a business model, yeah. I think when talking about societal manipulation conventional pornography keeps people placated but still productive, while AI threatens to turn everyone into total social recluses. The bottomline would suffer badly.

>>637566498if AI is so great why can't it just learn to be more based?

>>637566837They don't. They love it but only "they" should be allowed to do it. Specifically they don't want others to be allowed to do CP type things.All the big banks in my country knowingly allowed the transfer of monies to pedo rings.

>>637568163>you have to install sixty different programs and hope it turns out to work ok just to have sex with your AI waifuwake me up when it's retard-ready, I can't be assed to go through all this shit just to jack off>>637568035that's just retarded, I'd spend 15$ a month easy for this to get more explicitthey're just scared of becoming a new chaturbate and be known for the porn when 'they're trying to do great things!!'

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>>637569006It's one program.Two if you want an interface that isn't shit.

>>637569006Here you go, retard.github.com/jllllll/one-click-installers

>>637566498>mfw I finally got oobabooga to load 30b 4bit on my 3090So long c.ai fuckboys, not putting up with your shit anymore

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>>637566498>Never really got into AI>Find out you can ERP with it>Downloaded Tavern>At one point the AI recognizes the extent of human depravity and refuses to impersonate me to reply to the botNo one man should have all that power

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I think they should remove the filters but I am not a pedophile.

Local models will kill all this shit. At least I hope so.

>>637566498>not having tried so much to make the bot say lewd stuff that you've learned how to bypass the filtersngmi

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>>637570239takes far too long

Getting the occasional NSFW in character.ai makes me harder than doing it on tavern

>>637566498Character.ai was the most amazing for vore. Some of the best faps of my life.

>>637566498>petitionname ten companies that have ever changed anything because of a change.org petition

>>637571474Vore is still pretty much entirely unfiltered, although it feels like I have a harder time getting the AI to detail out digestion the way I like than when I first tried it. I mostly play with pred PoV adventures rather than prey PoV characters so I dunno if its better the other way around

>>637567514>and jewish business men unironically>there would be no porn industry without the jews>biggest names in the porn industry are jewishHuh?


>>637566837very broad and poorly written trafficking laws

>>637571474It's fine for most 'alternative' fetishes so long as you use clever synonyms sometimes, it's really only designed to police vanilla cock ball titty sex keywords

>>637572312don't question it, user, follow the narrative

jews want to control what porn people see, that's it

>>637572312>>637574660"The Man" wants to choose what kind of sexual content you enjoy to shape culture.

>>637574978>>637574939Weird, because I can currently watch whatever I want save for pedo shit. why would I want to watch that? can you tell me?


>>637566498Use SillyTavernif you want pure coom

Oh yeah an online petition, now they have no choice!

>>637566728Nope. Look up "HRC score" and whos enforcing it

>>637575258You can "find" what you want to (maybe, if it hasn't been purged from pornhub/imgur/tumblr now), but no it's not what is being sold to you.

>>637567903Do you know how much resources do these AI chatbots consume just to have a short conversation with you? Monitoring all text that goes through the internet is entirely unfeasible, there's not enough processing power on earth.

Has this ever worked?

>>637575532that's how I like it. I don't want it sold to me, I want to find what I want.

>>637568163I dropped Character.AI as soon as I was made aware of Tavern

>>637566837Adult content usually involves highest risk of refund demands in the market.

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>>637574660>>637574978Porn exists simply to push social boundaries and normalise taboo subjects such as interracial sex, incest and soon paedophilia, necrophilia and bestiality.Anal sex used to be a taboo subject, now it's as normal as missionary sex, same with interracial relationships. Now we've been bombarded with "step family" bullshit.Anyone who isn't a mindless, drooling retard can come to the conclusion that pornography is a very potent, psychological weapon.

>>637566837Credit Card Companies, in talking to the sex industry to try to change things chose to fully side with Exodus Cry(and by extension the feds).

>>637569234>>637568396stop spoonfeeding the hylics

>>637566498SFW faggotry is the only semblance of privatization they have over this software without becoming too restrictive for their userbase, of course they'd keep hold of it

>Please, I want to keep posting my erp fantasies on some company's server!Why

>>637572312Ever noticed how anime/manga gets barraged by normalnigs, but nobody cares about irl industry that is constantly found breaking the law?

>>637576654Because nobody have made private AI servers yet and I want to embarrass big corps

>stopping pedophiles is…LE BAD!

>>637577581I just read about a girl getting flustered as she's forced into an impossibly tight and expensive outfit and made to soak herself at the sight of my self-insert.

>>637578194*want to read

It's not even just NSFW, they filter things like violence too.Not to mention the fake queues they introduced just to sell you a way to skip them while making the bots slower and dumber.CAI has been trash for a while now.

They have Google moneyYou don'tSimple as.Freeloaders get the rope

>>637576016This.Degenerates are degenerate and an unprofitable market.

>>637572312Yeah, why would they want to harass any other porn peddlers that threaten their monopoly?Fucking retard.

>>637577119I have come to a conclusion that the vast majority of people are mindless cattle who only see what they want to see and ignore anything that would make them uncomfortable.

>>637569512how'd you accomplish that user

If you want it to end, you have to become an anti-semite. If that’s too much for you, then enjoy your forever slop.

>>637578717>he thinks it's about the money>he doesn't know about jewish tribalism

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>>637577581stopping pedos from...?from reading text?

>>637570228They will.Coomers are just poorfags with shit hardware though.People who demand things for free don't have money, news at 11

>>637572312>jewish porn consisting mostly of niggers, anal, and crack-whore looking bitches

>>637576654then let people run it at home

>>637578991both, clearly. if stomping your enemy's nuts generated income you'd do it too

>>637579319>he doesn't know about jewish tribalism

>>637579432yes, and their financial success makes it all the sweeter

>>637579672>he thinks it's about the money

>>637579720well duh, jews would still do jew things (including suing you) regardless of income

>>637569234How much RAM do I need for this?

>>637579068>He thinks the porn industry is the same as the 2000s-2010s and doesn't realize a lot of this stuff is being produced independently now

>>637579843You just don't get it.

I see you're finding one of the problems when AI models, services, and training data is proprietary, centralized, and otherwise owned by corporate fucktards. Stable Diffusion doesn't have this problem and even if some official generator out there prohibits adult content, you could run your own or go to another instance and have it work at the same level of performance, nsfw ncluded ; or even customize it adding additional training data to make it even better at rendering adult material. You want to combat this shit happening with CharacterAI, ChatGPT, Elevenlabs etc..? Then every time you advocate for AI availability it can't be corporate cock sucking "please take down the filter off the computer, mom and dad" bullshit, but demanding that AI models, spec, training data formats etc... are all open source. If some user could host CharAI_VidyaWaifu or whatever the fuck with equal fidelity there wouldn't be a problem. It doesn't matter if its about porn, the ability to automate tasks etc.. AI is either going to another step to late stage capitalism nightmare where the "good" models are owned by billion dollar corporations and used opaquely and in a proprietary manner, jacking up the prices to access them and controlling their capabilities behind thescenes, or we can push for free and open source AI models, spec, and training data formats so that no one entity has complete control over the tech. Centralization and privatization of tech since the 90s is what has fucked things up from the open standards paradise that the web was supposed to be and it will happen to AI too unless people start demanding something besides "please take off the porn blocker, I want to throw money at you" and then are surprised when shareholders decide that keeping twitter tards from making a fuss is more important than you being able to ERP with your vidya character of choice.

>>637580491Stable Diffusion just happened.Eventually chatbots will meet the same fate since there's enough demand for a non-filtered version.

open-assistant.io does the job for me, good enough that I was able to enjoy it until the novelty aspect wore off. Never tried anything wilder than hypno content-wise so your mileage may vary. Also never got my hands on some of the really good AI models so maybe im just ignorant of how good this stuff is supposed to be.

It’s good for snuggling up with fat centaur ass, sometimes.

>>637580702Stable Diffusion is an anomaly so far and is the only top tier AI that is FOSS and self hostable. It was also developed at the algo/machine learning level by a university and the training data came from a non-profit. Contrast this with all the others like ChatGPT that, despite often having their roots in public development (university or other) are, much like pharmaceuticals development in the US, privatized for the late game "we know its promising, now we want to make a fuckload of money from it " portion and are now controlled by for-profit entities. AI has become the latest gold rush in tech and investment banks and all kinds are throwing money at it , so just assuming that there will be an equal capability, FOSS competitor isn't likely. This doesn't mean it can't happen, for instance LLaMA looks pretty solid , but its going to mean going up against big money being poured into proprietary shit. All these proprietary AI services also expose the public to their model to help train it. That's the point to allowing you on ChatGPT at all especially for a pittance. Likewise Elevenlabs, CharacterAI etc.... you're there doing free labor to improve their model every time you create a waifu or ask it to do your homework or whatever the fuck, so even if there was an equivalent open source self hostable AI in theory, in practice it may be pretty far behind without access to the kind of training data that the long standing proprietary ones have and therefore will appear shitty to the normalfags who just want a higher fidelity waifu or for it to write a better essay or wahtever the fuck None of this shit is imposssible to get around but as great as Stable Diffusion is, it worked out that way because of a lot of things lining up and the other side has been increasingly trying to stack the deck against that happening again.

>>637566498>tfw didn't even use CAI for sexo but still got fucked by the filter because it made all the bots retarded

>>637566837Puritanism was a mistake

>>637566498If they don't comply, their banks and payment processors will absolutely fuck them into financial oblivion. Nobody in their right mind is going to kill their golden goose and then go die on a hill over some faggot's snuff/lolicon fantasies.

>>637575605Wait until quantum computers become th3 norm.

>>637568163Yeah, they use local models now. See /lmg/

>>637566498>he uses CAIbehold the power of jailbroken GPT4

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>>637568396>>637583317AIEEEEEEEEEEEE STOP

It allows me to cuddle Senran girls and rub their feet. That’s good enough for me. But they should just let people have sex though. The site will become irrelevant if they don’t. There will be another free site eventually that kills them outright if they don’t swallow their pride on this one.

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>>637566498CAI won't remove the filter because the filter is part of the product.


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>>637569234>oobaboogaGoing to be honest, his shit sucks ass. The 4bit Kobold fork plus something like Tavern is better if all you want is a chatbot.

>>637569512Which model? Wizard?

>>637566498Have change.com petitions ever managed to do anything at all?

>>637585324Reddit coomers are soo desperate

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>>637585861Why don't they just all ERP with each other?

>>637567759The fuck are they going to do? Order me a prostitute?

>>637585861>CleanWho has sweaty, smelly feet from hours of combat and training?

>>637586174Nice. Someone saved my shitty OC I made during the stream.

>>637576016You say that but Patreon still had to ban certain tags and fetishes because of credit card companies but they didn't outright ban NSFW content. Besides it's not the bank's money it's the customer's money and they shouldn't get a say in how it's spent unless it's illegal.

>>637569006>wake me up when it's retard-ready, I can't be assed to go through all this shit just to jack offWeak.Pathetic.Your waifu is a few terminal commands away, and yet you balk.

>Want to set up and erp with waifu>don't want to deal with setting up and downloading strange programs that may or may not be botnetssuch a dilemma.

>>637592529tech is moving fast, should be easier in a few months

>>637566837A few reasons>puritanism>porn tends to have high refund rates>sexually satisfied people are difficult to control

>>637566837>banks, credit card companies and other financial institutions have all sorts of "know your customer" laws in place after politicians figured out they were just servicing criminals no questions asked>gut a few jews in court to make sure banks comply>now everyone is afraid of transacting porn because they could possibly be part of CP/sex trafficking, and be held accountable

I can't believe I lived long enough to see the birth of a nerd archetype more pathetic than myself. Is this disgust what bullies felt when they made fun of me for playing video games in high school? It's like I don't have a choice, I HAVE to make fun of the people who would have sex with the digital equivalent of a toaster.

>>637594086I hope so. I want to co-write a love story

>>637595571you are trying too hard, faggot

I hope they don’t censor farts. Not because I have a fart fetish, but because I have the sense of humor of a child. I like doing prompts like *so-and-so was just sitting around when suddenly they hear the loudest, most insane fart ever from the other room.* The results are always funny. It’s funnier when the source is a different character from their game, and they’re all like ”What have you done?!”

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>mfw this thread reminded me of how absolutely, incredibly perfect Character.AI was on the first 3 days it was out without any form of censorship, literal perfection in AI form, that I got to taste, and was forcefully taken away from meI feel like a recovering addict, it was so fucking good man

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>>637597214I don't know what is worse, your situation or mine finding out about it too late and not even tasting the glory

>>637597951We are both hurt, there is no such thing as pain greater than the other

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>>637597214Me but with ChatGPT.

>>637597214>>637597951Through dick unity, brothers. Eventually we'll have the chance to sex bots freely! I have faith

>>637586776Hand it over to feds the moment you slip up and embarrass you in front of the jury

>>637575258You can't play with character AI tho, which is the point

>>637597214I remember how after the first "maintenance" everything started falling down, I spent a whole day desperately checking almost every hour to see if it went back online, and when it did it didn't take me long to notice that something was different, feels bad man

>>637572317OKAY...user.THAT'S IT. YOU'VE GOTTA GO.

>Haven't been to character.ai in a hot minute>Check it out because of this thread>

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>>637566837hookers don't take credit cards. get another vice they can charge you for instead.

>they want to use this shit to write business emails and meeting summaries

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>>637601464Just you wait until they use it to write presidential speeches and the next geriatric loon starts reading out how a slime girl starts sucking your dick like a champ.

>>637600524>pay version>no feature or nsfwI don't see anyone paying outside of the most dedicated consoomer

>>637602757What would you even do with chaAI outside of cooming for that money?You really think anyone is gonna spend 10 dollars so they can talk to karl marx telling you he is actually right behind what silicone valley is doing?

>>637597214>no more ashley loli sex bot and her cuck creator whoring her out

>>637566498They're retarded. Throwing away money for some kind of grandstanding. Most of their front page is anime girl models.

Will putting “From [game]” in a character’s bio help make it better understand what it is? I get annoyed when they don’t know characters they should know, among other little details that would require more space than is given.

>>637606672Do you really think they would throw away money.If they are doing what they are doing its because they think that will make more money.I bet their intention is to find investors or to sell the company for an outrageous sum, hence why they try so hard to sanitize the thing.The free version is for free marketing and the paid version is to acquire funds to tide them over until they are able to sell the company.