Why do Gerudo Women always have a thing for Link anyway?

Why do Gerudo Women always have a thing for Link anyway?

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>>637565021brown chicks always have a thing for white dudes

>>637565151Based and bleachpilled


>>637565021Why tendies keep spamming /trash/ threads instead of playing the game they shill so much?

>Gerudo are just another Safe Horny design.

>>637565268How many near-identical Zelda games have there been? I imagine it must get quite boring.Pornposting is way more exciting in comparison.

>>637565021>be Link>handsome hylian dude>can skillfully wield any weapon he gets his hands on>also the hero of time

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>>637565298> Safe horny design.*

>Urobosa is gone forever in ToTKIt’s not fair, it’s not right

>>637565298Fuck off retard.

>All three of those Voe and You girls want Link.

>>637565298What the fuck is Safe horny?

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>>637566912zoomer tranny buzzword to justify posting porn of Nintend𐐬 products

>>637565021Do the Gerudo actually have a thing for Link or male twinks in general?

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>>637565021amazon position

>>637565021Medium brown soft features tall and in shape but still soft and squishy

>>637565021They don't, he's too short

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>>637567342All men are short to them

>>637565021The Hero's seed will make strong children

>>637565021See these posts are why there’s an influx of ntr porn. Kys self inserting faggot

>>637566912Degenerates whining about lack of loli fanservice and other things that would make them a social outcast if anybody in real life ever found out they liked it.

Heroes and redheads always go together for some reason.

>>637565021It is what it is. Also, it goes both ways.

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>>637565021strong heroic genes>>637566912twitterslop forced buzzword

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>>637566912According to the archives, a buzzword that first started being used around 6 days ago at the earliest almost exclusively on Holla Forums and /fit/.

>>637567342They prefer shorter dudes because they're so tall, they like being taller than the guy.

>>637568041I wish Riju was my personal toilet.

>>637566912Little zoom zooms new buzzword for when official art makes them tinkle but is still considered unsexualized. Or you know just art, but between everyone having an onlyfans and watching porn all day, people really have been brainwashed to think sex sex sex. Then it's all a new conspiracy to make people thirsty while being sfw. Like South Park didn't do a Jonas Brothers episode a decade ago.

>>637565298>Safe Hornykys

Its not just Gerudo women.

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>>637568741That's nasty.

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>>637566912My schzo side said to me that this is social engineering to promote this body type that will lower fertility rates in women or something.

>>637565298Riju is unsafe horny because she's underage

>>637565298Safe strangle yourself.

>>637566912word to be ran into the grown by retardssafe horny is just politically correct but "lol watch me force something into Holla Forums's lexicon of spam"Gerudo are far from safe horny anyways

>>637566912>Bad horny: submissive women meant to appeal to dominant men>Safe horny: dominant women mean to appeal to submissive "men"

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>>637570283How do you call dominant women meant to appeal to dominant men?

>>637570417Patrician horny.

Genemodding is going to be used on humans to make all women tall and all men small in a few years

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>>637569689It's Japanese, their standard social engineering over there is to increase birth rates because they're in the decline. It's a commonly talked about fact. That is a delusional thought. But people seems to have a hard time understanding they don't need to accept something just because it pops into their head, you're only delusional if you believe the delusion.

>>637565298>safe hornyif my sister in law witnessed me ogling pics of lady domeritsu I'd be asked to no longer attend family gatherings.

>>637565021Capable men who get shit done, it's not that complex that a tribe of strong women would be attracted to a strong male that can best them.

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>>637570869Yea that user has it completely backwardsLarge women and small men are the future because large women can gestate litters of babies at a time, which increases fertility while reducing pregnancies, and small men require less than a third of the resources to live but are superior to large ones in modern military and economic labor etc.Big women and small men are going to be shilled hard (we're seeing the beginning of it starting now) because of the opposite reason he's giving. They have greater fertility rates while actually using less resources than modern dimorphic humans do, so it's superior in every way. This isn't just for Japan though basically all developed nations with the infrastructure for genetic modification are going to do this

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>>637570464Hmmmm, the fact I have booped people before and used to give my sisters head pats despite not being autistic is a frightening realization about media's influence on me.

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>>637566092>>637566371>>637566912>>637569027>>637569812>>637570008>>637571181I am convinced in every thread where this is posted, the replies are just samefagging.If not, you should consider suicide.

>>637572262What kind of media makes people boop noses and pat heads? What the fucking kind of shit are you talking about?Reminds me that I sometimes booped the nose of a fellow classmate in college. She had a very cute small nose, but was very self-conscious about it.

>>637572558So these thing's became meme's because they were ridiculous but fun, it's not like everyone comes up with it themselves and then laughs when they realise everyone else does it. People start sharing some fictional thing, then you imitate it. You wouldn't if you didn't see it all the time as 'a thing'. So specifically if you're asking what kind of media, anime and video games effect on internet culture lead you to giving people real head pats and booping. Ergo media has influenced your behavior.

>>637573253>Ergo media has influenced your behavior.No it doesn't. I booped that specific nose without any influence of anything and haven't done it ever since.What the fuck are you even babbling about, that people haven't booped noses and patted heads before anime and vidya?

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>>637573531Well who knows user, maybe you really did come up with it yourself. Maybe you saw it somewhere and didn't actively remember it. I know I'd seen those things prior to me doing them, and stopped after they became meme's. Seems pretty obvious I'd of never had the idea without seeing them somewhere else. Might not be a rule for everyone, but it seems to be for my own behavior.


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>>637565021There are no men among Gerudo, so when their whole thing is finding a fitting mate for themselves, is it really wonder they'd be attracted to hero who gets shit done? Even most Hylian girls note how handsome Link is.


>>637567651This is how she should look in game

>>637566912Characters that media outlets that normally bitch about sexualizing any woman openly thirst for like Lady Dimetrescu.

Ahem.Marry your Gerudo. Enjoy your honey moon with your Gerudo. Cherish your Gerudo all day. Take your Gerudo out on a date. Kiss your Gerudo awake. Make breakfast for your Gerudo and bring it to your bed. Hold hands with your Gerudo. Go on a stroll through the park with your Gerudo Gift your Gerudo some flowers. Massage your Gerudo. Spoon your Gerudo before falling asleep. Make sweet love to your Gerudo. Proudly proclaim your love for your Gerudo infront of others.

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>>637571975I'm not going to lie. I kind of hope this is true.

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>>637565298Nothing "safe" about them lol

>>637565021Link is 10/10 blonde twink. Why wouldn't they have a thing for him?

>>637571975>>637576046Uhh, well I don't think you guys are going to hurt anyone so I'll leave you to it. Go find an amazon and be happy. Most of the special forces guys I saw were manlets so I'm sure you'll do fine with your fetishes.

He keeps killing their king

>>637576805Why don't you join us?


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Hylian men and Gerudo women..

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>>637566912new discord raid meme

He looks weak, only looks

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do they ever comment on the hylian female seething gerudos must cause?

>>637578845>breaks 4chan only by postingBased or what

>>637565021He's small, cute, and cuddly like a puppy

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Link has zero interested in them though. It’s hilarious that link prefers Zelda even when she’s a dragon. Also the wandering gerudo when she encounters link states that he isn’t looking for a mate anymore. Why? Because he already has Zelda.

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Alternate Destinies - Afrobull

>>637572262Do people actually like headpats?

637565298Not even giving the (you) twitfag.

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>>637565021Why do women have a thing for the man posessing the spirit of a dozen Heroes before him, literally the more courageous man in Hyrule, and the only hope for defeating literal Satan? Man, I have no fucking clue

>>637579003Im gonna make an edit of pic related

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>>637582053B-but he's a cute short twink! It's impossible for women to like him!

>>637580230I don't think so, I specifically started doing it to piss them off that I had gotten taller than them. But I guess it eventually just became a habit because when my sister told me she was pregnant I patted her head and she was like "See I said he'd do that."

Are the Zonai natives to the sky islands or are they literally aliens?

So is this the "Sex with Gerudo Women" thread?

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>>637572410It's either samefagging or a coordinated discord op.>>637566092 - First there's this post>>637566912 - followed by this post to entice discussion (and it wouldn't surprise me if those replies are also either samefagging or other discordtrannies cooperating) about *CURRENT MEME WORD*. Everyone knows what "safe-horny" is at this point, what's the point of forcing it even further?

>>637565298Ok I'll play along. Some yes, some like Urbosa probably not so much. If she shows skin, has notable booba and is conventionally attractive she's not 'safe'.

>>637565021Basically every non-married woman in Tears of the Kingdom gets thirsty for Link shortly after he meets them and stands there with his hands on his hi-s for a minute.

>>637584316I can't tell if the game is trying to pander to women with how hot Link is or if it's wish fulfillment for manlets.

>>637584524>women cannot possibly like someone not taller than meCope

>>637584524Cope lanklet

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>>637565021The Gerudo are tall desert amazons for whom all Hylian men are manlets anyway, and this particular one is both handsome and a walking one-man-army, literally the greatest warrior of his age who already died once single-handedly holding back a gazillion murder bots, only to come back and kill satan. He's also an accomplished horse-rider, is friends with basically every important/rich person in the continent who owe him their lives, can cook, hunt, is proficient in wildlife photography, is a homeowner before hitting 20 and now is also an accomplished mechanic and aeronautical weapons engineer.

>>637584524I'm sorry bro but short dudes get laid too Source: short dudes still exist and haven't been bred out of the human population

>>637580230headpats are an autist thing.headrubs are better

>gerudo thread starts to turn into manlet vs lanklet warwhy?

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>>637587114Because this board can't have any threads without arguing about something.

>>637587114Everyone wants to have exclusive love from the Gerudo


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>>637587471Not most of the gerudo, just Urbosa and Riju since they are the most attractive due to being notable characters.

>>637588374Good, I thought I was in the wrong place

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>>637565021legendary herohe managed to stop the Apocalypse, defeated Big Nigga, gave the people of Hyrule hope, regained control of the Divine Beasts, could beat every Gerudo woman in armed combat and he's white.Gerudo are a warrior culture through and through and that means the best warrior gets to impregnate all the women if he so desires, which makes Link the harem master.

>>637565021>>637565989>>637566912>>637567651>>637570360>>637571975>>637572364>>637577016>>637582853>>637587114>>637589275Where is it?Is she tucking?

>637589518kys futanigger

>>637589518Anon, there's a thing called women, they exist, and they are born without penis or testicles.Troons have poisoned your mind.

>>637565021anytime i see a muscular woman, all i can think about is her raping me with her 14 inch futa cock.is that normal?

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>>637589779No that's literally what muscular women were built for.


>>637565021they dont. the 3 girls from the class in botw (now set out to find a man/voe in totk) see link as a manlet who couldnt possibly be the hero.

>>637565021They like to be in charge, and being around a twink like Link makesJDK8R them feel powerful

>>637589857damn, so true.

>>637590663That's weak, a real man desires to dominate strong women not be dominated by them.

>>637590372>3 girls are confused>this means all gerudo don't like LinkWhy are you such a retard?It's obvious that this is just about you seething that link is short. Why do you care so much that link is short?

>>637565298>Safe hornySomehow zoomers manage to make make even dumber sounding expressions and phrases then us millennials

>>637590975Everyone has preferences, faggot.

>>637590975A real man doesn't spend time posting about fictional women in a children's game on a Mongolian basket weaving forum but here you are

>>637591281I'd call you a faggot but by how threatening my post might come off as, you'd probably get turned on by it.

>>637567051>zoomer tranny buzzword to justify posting porn of Nintend𐐬 productsNo it was from srteet fighter/cammy shill threads dumbass

>>637572410The only one bringing it up is that one twitternigger who's trying to force his new ebin buzzword.

>>637592381it originated from twitter

>>637566912twitterspeak for attractive character

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>>637565021He's strong, he comes in and proves his worth and ability. They like that.

>>637565021They have a thing for capable men. And Link is the hero of Hyrule. The most capable man in the kingdom.In BotW and TotK they don't even know what the Hero of Hyrule looks like. Because Link only interacted with the Gerudo through crossdressing and hiding his face.

>>637596284Love her

>>637565021everybody has a thing for link.

Why isn't their town completely surrounded by camps of horny hylian men? This is barerly realistic

>>637589275wish gerudo women were this thicc and even taller

>>637565021He's courageous and strong. Obviously that's going to be appealing to a race of warrior women.


>>637599228Nips have a known fear of women that are taller than them, look at franchises that appeal to horny Asian men like senran kagura, I thought they'd be like average woman height but so many of them are 5'2 and below womanletts with few exceptions. A lot of games made by Asians are like this too, to them a woman that can look like she kick their ass is something weird and funny because they want their woman to look as threatening as a squeak toy even if they're actually some ninja super assassin or some shit.

>>637589779>Sees a muscular woman>Imagines them with a penisYou're allowed to have your tastes but I wish it was an even balance. Feels like it's hard to find male on female musclecow, especially if they have brown skin.

>>637604648because brown musclegirls are made to have massive futa cocks and fuck white men with them, obviously.

>>637604824I'd rather ryona them with a clawhammer. I mean this lovingly.

>>637603068Meanwhile every single romance manga with a short guy/tall girl couple I know has a female authorJapan is weird

>>637566912A new term that pokes fun at the "le quirky" things that people hornypost about, like "muscle dommy mommy" and "she has a dick even better" gay bullshit. It also highlights the hypocrisy of these people because they are the same ones sperging out over any depiction of a conventionally attractive women