>accidentally release a 5/5 gamehuh

>accidentally release a 5/5 gamehuh

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>>637556146This game is amazingly fun

>>637556146Can i enjoy if i'm a starship troopers lorelet?

>>637556146The Squad devs are huge faggots but the game is alright. What really sells it is the random dudes RPing as troopers on voicechat.>>637556970This is based on the first movie. Lore can be summed up as you're space fascist soldier dude shooting big bug.

how is it performance wise ? And how is the progression ?

>>637557363why are the devs fags ?

>>637557639Support every current political western mainstream thing. (BLM, Ukraine etc.)Sold out to the Chinese (Tencent) first opportunity they got.Support censorship. The say bad thing get banned from game kind.Also Canadians which makes them faggots by default.>>637557438>how is it performance wise? Starts chugging once there are giant hordes of bugs on the screen no matter your PC. Crashes sometimes.>And how is the progression ?There isn't a lot. Most weapons are still locked and in development. There is also only a single map you can play.Devs already said they won't support modding or community servers for this which is also kinda shitty but no idea if they were forced by the license giver to drop that.

>add nothing since the December playtestEnjoy your abandonware

Inb4 pseuds complaining its not accurate to the book

>>637556146Overwhelming amounts of filthy bugs swarming your position? CheckGood responsive firepower fitting for a futuristic military industrial complex? CheckNow does it have NPC troopers that get viciously mauled by the bugs when your positions are overrun?

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>>637559881NPC troopers would be so sick

>>637558638>pseudsMidwit insult for people smarter then them. Before you start coping, I never read the books nor care about the lore.

>>637557363>space fascist>>637559881>futuristic military industrial complexamerican education, not even once

>>637556146It's EA though, is there a lot of content

Show me some gameplay.

>no community serversI don't buy fps games with expiration dates.

>>637556146>Starship troopers exterminationSo this based on book or movie?

>>637558117The Canadian part explains the rest of the bullshit

>>637562849Do you seriously need to ask? Tell what engaging gameplay you could have for a co-op fps based on the book.


>have to build and maintain your own fort>it always gets breached because nobody wants to be the repairs bitch in a horde shooter

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>>637562849Should be obvious when the cover is a squad shooting guns instead of one guy dropping a nuke as he bounces away.

>>637562849Based off the book

Wait is it actually good? I saw the trailer and thought the sound design was pretty good but I figured it would never actually turn out to be a good game.

OP how much did you get paid to post this you fucking jewish shill?


>>637563317Its exactly what it needs to be and not an ounce more. It's pretty jank, honestly but I've always been a sucker for the "play as a grunt in what could have easily been an RTS" style fps.

This is honestly what Darktide should've been

>>637563462if it's at least on the same level as aliens fireteam elite im sold and im sure my buddies will be too.

>>637563072Power armor flamethrower teams. Jumpacks.

>>637556146>"5/5 game">the extent of the gore in this game based on a movie where a bunch of troopers deconstruct giant bugs with lead is a "shot up" variation of the bug modelAnd Holla Forums is praising it..... lmao..If you think this is anything but gutter trash kill yourself, youve been irrepairably mindbroken into trying to fit in on Holla Forums

>>637556146>early accessI'll buy it if the beta test ends

>>637562540YesThis Movie is a parody of the book to spite writer for being right wingers >Verhoeven tried to read the novel but "stopped after two chapters because it was so boring ... it is really quite a bad book ... it's a very right-wing book.">Verhoeven determined that he could use the basic plot to satirize and undermine the book's themes by deconstructing the concepts of totalitarianism, fascism, and militarism, saying: "All the way through I wanted the audience to be asking, 'Are these people crazy?'"

>>637563582>AAA faggot thinks is opinion is relevant

>>637563582What are you talking about you gay retard?

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>>637556146Is this related to that rts game that released? I think it was also about space soldiers killing bugs.

>>637563829Same franchise yeah

hurry up and post some webms shills, I'm enticed enough that webms may pry me from my hard-earned shekels.

>>637563672Paul Verhoeven is the king of trying to make something satirical but accidentally making it badass as fuck.youtube.com/watch?v=CIGHCoVzqtk

>>637563660huuum don't you realize this is the time to buy? the game will not stay at this low, low price of $24 when it fully releases

>>637563672So do you make retarded posts as a job or just recreationally?

I will shill this game.It's a 16 player co-op Starship Trooper games that plays like a mix of Earth Defense Force & Starcraft.

>>637563870just look it up on youtube. it looks pretty mid tbqh. passable, but probably not worth buying for $25 in EA.


>>637560231there's only one book, it's short and worth your time

>>637556146Why would i play this over EDF?

>>637564318It's 16 players.

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>>637564395Implying anyone here has 16 friends.i cant even gather 4 for EDF

>>637564395I thought it was 12 player?

>>637564473It has matchmaking

>>637564473Everyone in the mobile infantry is your friend, son

>>637563719>AAA faggotMy most played game on steam is dyson sphere programTry again>>637563743Cant you speak english you fucking nigger?Whats fun about the movie? The dozen rifles tearing up a hundred bugs with their bits and pieces flying everywhere, an emphasis on targeting their nerve stems instead of their limbs because theyre still effective withozt a leg or two.How the game deals with it - every dead bug looks identical, "shot up" decal on its base model, no matter where you shoot


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>>637556146>5/5Only supreme faggots rate out of five.

>early access dreckhuh

>>637563582>some retard has a melty because the gore in a videogame is not "lore accurate" to a movie from the 90sonly on Holla Forums you see this kind of desperate stupidity calling for attention

>>637565107>interprets my frustration with the lack of gore as frustration over lore accuracy instead of total lack of fun in the gunplaySeriously, hang yourself.

Yeah fuck your thread, any of you retard niggers wanna come at me whatever you write down i will shit on you.This game is GARBAGE and you should KILL YOURSELVES

I like it but they need to add better dismemberment of the bugs and faster reactions for them

>>637564395Game's based on the movie.Movie is not based on the book. At all.Please don't try the ol' Hollywood switcharoo where the movie version is an honest adaptation of the source material. The book is great, and Hollywood sucks.

>>637565858gay retard

>>637556146>No servers outside of EU or US>No option to host your own>t. aussieI just wanted to kill bugs...

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>>637566645doubt the game is much more different from your regular life in the outbacksorta like germans spending all day working, and then coming home & playing work simulator

>>637556146The gamemode you unlock at rank 5 seems to be the meat of the game since you can freely explore the map and gather ressources, but it's very chaotic without proper communication and often games go nowhere because you can barely do anything alone besides lugging ore and gas back to base.It's missing some vehicles imo and more content but it's fun. The game definitely needs better feedback when shooting bugs too, EDF is way better in that regard.

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>>637566773We can't do that anymore, the spiders led a coup during the lockdowns, they've taken over the government and we're not allowed to kill them. They're spending our tax money on dumping meat onto the streets to attract flies.I just wanted something help wind down and distract myself from the smell of rotting meat.

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>>637567023so wait, this game actually does have like RTS aspects? do players have to build structures and research new items and stuff?

>>637556146>check steam reviews>WHERE CHINESE ! ! !>WHERE CHINESE ! ! !>WHERE CHINESE ! ! !>WHERE CHINESE ! ! !>WHERE CHINESE ! ! !Should I even spend the money?

>>637567568why would the Chinese want to play a game that's about slaughtering hordes of their own people?

>>637567756it's a national tradition

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>>637567756To be fair the chinese are the best at killing the chinese

I'm about to buy the game. What am i in for?

Friendly reminder that this was cancelled and will never be finished.I'm still so fucking mad.

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>>637567430You have a base where you can build structures and have to explore the map for ressources (which you use to build structures). You can only build stuff around your base and there's no tech tree or research.

>>637568282I was obsessed with this show as a kid. It was so good.

>>637568276chaos, a barrage of movie quotes spammed in voice chat, and constant npc nagging that your base is under attack

>>637568276Pure chaos in a fun way. Prepare to die a lot in the middle of a stampede of bugs breaking down the walls all around you.

>>637558117>Support every current political western mainstream thing. (BLM, Ukraine etc.)How did they end up making a Starship Troopers game of all things

>>637568793I have no idea but the license got a game last year as well.store.steampowered.com/app/1202130/Starship_Troopers_Terran_Command/

>>637568793the starship troopers movie is cool no matter what the intent of the director was. if he didn't want people to like the federation then he shouldn't have made them so goddamned cool. on top of that, it's progressive as fuck and has men and women soldiering in it and the leader of the federation for most of the movie is a black woman so it has a lot of mixed signals.

>>637567756Anon, china has had more civil wars than any other people in history, not just by total number, but by percentage per ten year period

>>637567023>gather resourcesoh no

>>637567023The rank five mode sold me on the game. It lets you plan and spend much more time making a good base, though even the best base can get supremely fucked by a bad grenadier spawn which seems apt for Starship TroopersFor any friends just reaching it, abuse voice comms to convince people to NOT slot in the gas until you have gotten at least all four bunkers built around the ARC. Bunkers are incredibly powerful, combined with well made kill zones out of walls and short walls

>>637563072so you haven't read the book. because anyone who has read the book already knows how fucking fun and awesome a game with the book as source would be to play.

>>637568282this show was amazingthe writing was really good from what I recall

>>637563672that is all press kit and junket rationalising after the fact. all LIES verhoeven made up after the movie came out and bombed due to his ORIGINAL comments.his original story before he had to frantically cover his ass was that he never even read an interns cliff notes summary of the book. he had an already to go script, and just slapped a starship troopers esque skin on it and went with it.his "MUH SATIRE REEE" is just a fucking cope and seethe that everyone hated his movie

>>637570136I liked the book better when it was sci-fi Full Metal Jacket. The actual starship trooper stuff put me to sleep

>>637563672was the writer even a right winger? I thought I heard he wrote books that were pretty left wing and collectivist too?

>>637566645it could be worse bro trust met. japanon

>>637568282it wasn't cancelled. it was sued to death for NOT HAVING THE RIGHTS to the IP

Be kind of nice if they manage to work brain bugs into the game somehow. Maybe make them a possible high priority target in the refinery game mode or maybe a really slow moving enemy that instantly kills players and raises the infestation meter drastically with each player it kills

>>637563672>Verhoeven determined that he could use the basic plot to satirize and undermine the book's themes by deconstructing the concepts of totalitarianism, fascism, and militarism, saying: "All the way through I wanted the audience to be asking, 'Are these people crazy?'"And the hilarious thing is that the movie completely misses the mark.> completely egalitarian utopia with apparently zero social or economic issues that doesn't discriminate against anyone> this supposedly fascistic, militaristic society doesn't even forcibly draft people, everyone joins by choice> non-citizens don't seem to have any downsides from not joining the service, Rico's parents live comfortably in a fucking mansion in Beunos AiresAnd his intent was that I'm supposed to be repulsed by this? Lmao. If it wasn't for the unsubtle PSAs scattered throughout the film or the Nazi uniforms at the end I could have mistaken the film for a ringing endorsement.

>>637570562He explored a lot of different ideas in his writing and didn’t fit into a neat categorical box as far as his politics went.

>>637570562Anything good is inherently right wing so yes.

>>637570562I guarantee you that 99% of people who claim that Starship Troopers is "fascist" have never actually read it., or any other Heinlein for that matter.

>>637571426was the whole "service guarantees citizenship" strictly military in the book like it was in the movie, or did it have like other options for public service to gain it?

>>637570562Stranger in a Stranger Land especially is very left leaning, and that's what great about Heinlein. He doesn't pigeonhole himself and uses sci-fi to explore 20th century social and political dilemmas. People who call him fascist over Starship Troopers are idiots who never actually read any of his books

>>637570562I can’t speak for Heinlen himself, but my understanding is that the book was a much subtler critique of totalitarianism and fascism. Verhoeven is completely allergic to the concept of subtlety, however, so he took the book at face value and just accidentally reiterated its themes in a louder, more obvious way while thinking he was parodying it.

>>637571426most of the political stuff is told in the most obnoxious way possible like the 6 page strawman rant in Stranger where christians are called cannibals. Its always so longwinded and directed at people so weak that I can't imagine its not his true opinions when it happens

>>637571491It's been a long time since I read it but I always understood it to include a broad range of public service. I could be wrong but that's the impression I got. Either way the basic idea is that you need to have skin in the game if you want to be a citizen. If not, that's fine too, you can just be a "civilian".

>>637571169that's because verhoeven is a lying revisionist HACK making shit up after the fact to cover his ass for him being a fucking retard.

>>637567430There's three games modes. The first game mode is basically an objective game mode where you go across the map completing objectives before setting up a transmitter, building a base around it, and then defending it until it transmits some data or some shit before making a rush to extraction. The second game mode is basically a bad defense mission. Basically you've got to set up a refinery, a mobile base, as well as ore and gas extractors. Delivering ore from the ore extractors gives you resource points which you use to build up your base while delivering gas from the gas extractors progresses the main objective. During the course of the match the infestation meter will steadily rise but can be temporarily lowered by killing high value targets that occasionally pop up. Supply drops will occasionally show up too which give you rocket launchers and shit. Once you've gathered enough gas it'll trigger the horde at which point you need to defend the refinery for a set amount of time before extracting. The second game mode feels like it's where the class system really stands out. Defenders are best suited for defending the base and short range patrols since they're a bit slower and the SAW they unlock has very limited ammo, operators are best suited for gathering ore and gas since they can carry two canisters at once, and assault troopers are best suited for retrieving supply drops and hunting high value targets since their jump jets give them the best maneuverability.

>>637571654>my understanding is that the book was a much subtler critique of totalitarianism and fascismCan you elaborate?

>>637571491no. the book mentions any dangerous job where you CAN die as an example of service.

>>637563672>>637571654>this obsessed schizo againthe book is garbage, get over it already

>>637572447this poster is retarded. or a communist. same thing really

>>637572447>Can you elaborate?No, because I, too, have not fully read the book.

>>637567568>Tencent acquires minority stake in the studio>Studio doesn't bother incorporating bug language into the gameHalf of me wonders if they did that just to spite their chink investors

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>>637567756so they can insta kill all the bugs on screen with their cheats

>>637556146its a good early access game, but its built to be a live service game. even squad has micro transactions. so this one will get micro transactions soon

>>637570714No, that was strictly an issue of when Sony tried to sell the show to SyFy and only SyFy lost the rights to air it. The show was cancelled because of budget problems, issues with the 4 different animation studios they hired to produce it which resulted in networks buying a full 40 episodes and only getting 5 a month, leaving them to air them inconsistently and in retarded orders to fill the time slots.

This is barely a game. A clunky and aimless one at that.Zoomoids are retarded.Imagine not only paying money for this, but even going online and claiming it's fun or some stupid shit.Grab an appliance, plug it in and take a shower

>>637573142>zoomoidsST is a millennial franchise, bud

>>637573142You're barely a person, so it evens out

>>637573274time to disconnect the internet for a few days and take a long look at your life if you're still doing these reddit flavors of the month runs. this is an attrociously bad game and older millennial Holla Forums wouldn't touch it.It's zoomers with underdeveloped brains.>>637573393Epic retort by the npc that paid money to play this complete garbage with the rest of the twitch watching mic screamig spastics.Do you think your crappy insult even registers as a gotcha you brain fried moron?

>>637573274"Publication date November 5, 1959"how about BABY BOOMER generation, you fucking retard.

>>637573885the game is obviously based on the movie, not the book, you dolt.

>>637556146How's the performance?I've tried the alpha and it was horrible.

>>637573885The book and the movie have so many differences that they might as well be two completely different things. Shit, they don't even have power armor in the movie

>>637573923the IP is still from the goddam 50's and 60's you retard. just because you're stupid doesn't change reality.

>>637574456Movies* and they have PA in 3, and in the OVA's.

>>637573956So far it's good for the most part. The only time I've really noticed my framerate drop significantly is during the horde sections towards the end of the missions

>>637574541>the IP is still from the goddam 50's and 60's you retardand?nobody fucking cares about that dusty ass old book idiotwhen the modern normie hears "starship troopers" they are thinking of the 90s movie.

>>637574643lolno. book is superior, book came first. movie is shit and crap

>>637573956I'm on an i7 8700k and an RTX 3080 and I've been getting ~100fps on the highest settings at 1440p... until the massive horde at the end of missions where it drops to 40fps.

>>637574734>book is superiormaybe>book came firstyes>movie is shit and crapmaybenone of that changes the fact that the movie is still way more well known and that this game is based on it and not the book.

>>637556146shill thread for goyslop fotm game

>>637574639The OVAs are based more on the book while the movies kind of do their own thing for the most part. Never watched the third movie. After watching the second movie I decided to skip over 3 since the second movie was an absolute dumpster fire and felt more like a low budget Thing rip-off than a Starship Troopers movie

>>637575027the OVA's are a stealth rebooty/retcon to get as close to the books as they can make the movie setting get.


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>>637575548>this is the 30 euro 5/5 game with "fun" gameplay he's been shilling grim

>>637575548looks kinda shit. a warrior should die from only a few hits to the central nerve cluster. magdumping isn't how you take out bugs

>>637556146This game is a cashgrab the core gameplay mechanics simply are not thereEverything is floaty and moving at cockroach speedIt seriously looks worse than any half life mod from 10 years agoThe starship troopers theme is just the bait

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>>637575548>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>no recoil

>early access

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does it have klendathu drop in it?

>>637576017there is MASSIVE recoil in the game, the player is controlling it

>>637576146no movie score, but original music pretty close to it

>>637576017There's a fuck ton of recoil. Good luck hip firing the SAW when just a couple of shots jerks your aim around like you've got full body tourettes

>>637556146can i shower with denise richards in this game?

>>637556146The devs just need to work on it and not go the way of Darktide where they just fuck off for 3 months with no updates.

>have 2070 and basic i5>game runs well, even with lots of arachnids on screenRunning on high, too. Game is fun, none of that mission looter shooter bullshit you see flooding games nowadays

>>637576483>get the rights to the IP>the jews keep their kits on the score, the only worthwhile partTypical

>early access>25 burgers>no server browser

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I always preferred the Roughnecks series to both the book and the movie desu. I will never stop being mad that it got cancelled at the last few episodes, though it's understandable with how badly it was managed.

>>637568793because lefties think it's leftwing and righties thing it's rightwing when it actuality both perspectives are heckin valid

Are there any mods that replace the in-game version of Klendathu Drop with the movie one yet?

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Looks underwhelming

>>637565858what's for lunch?

>>637577370Devs are fags and have stated that there will be no mods

just play the Squad modyoutube.com/watch?v=kQ8inKhlpNY

>>637563672Yeah bro he never read the book and the movie should be considered a completely independent IP/universe. There's almost nothing in common, except for three names of things.

>>637558638the book is greatthe movies are greatthe games are now greatstarship troopers is a blessed franchise

>>637577997Hows that RTS that came out like a year ago, it seemed to come and go, and is more expensive than this game even.

>>637578149I was curious about that too. just looking at a few early trailers it looked very basic and mobile-ish but I never heard a thing about it once it was out.

What guns are in the game besides the basic assault rifle?Are there shotguns?

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>>637563121Then you be it.

>run around an empty map shooting repetitive bugsIf this is the standard we allow then it's little surprise to see the state of gaming today

i get like 40 fps during the finales

>>637578601Rifle, LMG and sniper, with 2 pistol types and a rocketlauncher. If this sort of thing is a problem I would just wait, there is big "work in progress" over a lot of things, of which would include a bunch of weapons not implemented.

>>637556146did it release already?

>>637578601Assault rifle, carbine version of the assault rifle, marksman variant, heavy machine gun, rocket launcher, and a couple of pistols so far. I think shotguns and flamethrowers are coming eventually.

>>637579072>early accessno buy

The Squad mod is betterThis is just soulless cartoony chink shit

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>>637556146I wish it wasn't an Early Access game. It looks fun

>>637571426It's definitely a little militaristic and nationalistic. I read it in bootcamp and it's breddy good. Lots of cool sci-fi talk with the power armors and roasting aliens.

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>>637571602That book really became a hot mess after Mike stopped being a sperg.

>>637563672>>637570562>>637571491>>637571654The book was just a story about a kid doing enough push ups to get into a mech suit. It's super different from the movie, the only things that are similar are the names of characters and factions, and a human vs alien war. It wasn't about fascism, that was Verhoeven's lazy excuse for not reading it fully. The system of government used isn't fully explained, but it seemed any government service job grants you "citizenship", which only really gives you the right to vote, which is even deemed worthless because it made no real difference to the average person's life, everyone was already comfortable and happy because all borders and nations are gone. Politically the book is a mix, funny enough if it came out today it'd probably be considered a lefty book because of the "globohomo" government and it has a lot of female empowerment (women make superior pilots and drivers because they have better necks or something)The only reason libs probably seethe about it today (aside from the movie) is because there's a part about child discipline, and it blames societal moral decay on people not spanking their kids because it would hurt their feelings. And then everyone spanked their kids again and society went back to normal. This is the same part where Rico gets whipped for fucking up. (IIRC he hit a superior, or fucked up hard in a simulation, can't remember) Either that or they're idiots who think any army = fascismAlso there's nothing wrong with liking the movie or anything, just pointing out that they're not the same and anyone using the book for either side politically is retardedtl;dr: Book has no fascism, it's about "wow cool robot, join the army today"

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>>637580574>or they're idiots who think any army = fascismyes

>>637574734book sux like most sci fi books. the concept is cool but everything else sux about it.

>>637571426>>637571491The book is pretty cool. I honestly barely remember the fighting parts, I mostly remember the way this the super militarized society was formed. I might be wrong and misremembering, but it went like that>Basically, bugs attack>World government mostly shits the bed, but some military higher ups pull through>Said higher ups become super popular and basically become world government>War with the bugs continues, it's a slog>Generals in charge of humanity come up with "service guarantees voting rights" thing, with the reasoning being "If you aren't willing to endure and endanger yourself for the good of the country then you don't get a say in how to govern it"Pretty cool, but only makes sense in context of the book, because bugs are an existential threat, and fighting them is "good". IRL wars rarely done for "good", more for enrichemnt of government fucks.Anyway, "moon is a harsh mistress" was a more fun Heinlein's book. but starship troopers is good too

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>>637578912horde shooters have barely evolved beyond L4D. what did you expect?

>>637575548looks dogshitdoubt it'll improve much over time

>>637556146>Early accessEvery fucking time.


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>>637581350>>637581709show an example of good fps then

none of my friends want to commit to getting the game, are people talking a lot in game chat? or am i doomed to quietly kill bugs if im a solo player

>>637581709it's not generic, it has heckin' fortnite building

>>637582059If you call people screaming the movie quotes over proximity voice chat "talking"

>>637582059they talk a lot. the voice comms are people fucking around spamming quotes from the movies

>>637582059it's like a dam. Once one or two people start chatting, lots of others join in. I've had a few quiet matches, but for the most part, I'm ten hours in and recall lots of banter and dialogue, including a match wehere we were all screaming at a japanese guy for slotting the arc gas early, and then turned it around and got a 16/16 extraction

>>637582241that sounds pretty based ngl

>>637582295It's half the fun of playing the game

>>637582241Movie quotes are fantastic. People are enjoying themselves, having fun, hamming it up as injured guys.Beats the fuck out of faggots trying to talk tactical or screaming about game meta

>>637563923Or maybe you just are that stupid?

>>637582059This has been the most active voice chat game I’ve played in a good long whilePeople shout movie memes, communicate and Cal out what objectives need help, someone started role playing as a federation news crewThe combination of a proximity chat AND a global teams comm makes for fun talk.It is pretty bare but if they keep to their “early access for one year” tempo and deliver steady updates with more weapons and biomes and enemy types then I can see the game being a golden egg for coop horde shooting


>>637582117PR had FOB building even before fornite

>>637582442I'm tempted to buy it just because of that, I miss playing multiplayer games where everyone is just having fun.

The framework of the game is good, the huge lack of content is not

>>637575548So its just a free mod from squad but now they charge money, no thanks chud I'm good with shit optimised squad

>>637582781they tried to sell mods as standalone games two times before this LMAO

>>637575548those hitmarker effects are ridiculous

>>637582543Thats fine, just make them good.

>>637575548eeeh hmmm, normal mode?

>>637579849Militaristic, sure - I mean it's about a kid joining the military to fight an interstellar war, so that's sort of inherent. But nationalistic? There aren't even any "nations" in the book that I remember, it's basically a united Earth government.

>>637558117Canadians=I will automatically not support them. White Canadians are filth and a disgrace to all people in all countries. They are brainwashed garbage and human scum of the earth that worship their own genocide. Fuck them. I am not buying this strictly on the basis that they are Canadians by default.


>>63757984980% of the book takes place in a classroom. wtf are you talking about.

>>637562540>education de la America meme>from a book written by an AmericanAs the other user said this is based on the movie by an overrated Dutchman, where they did only portray the Earth as a facist military because he just hated the book. The problem is the Dutchman is retarded and much like with Robocop he made it so cool that the audience didn’t give a fuck about his message.

>>637570562You can’t apply modern ‘right wing’ or modern politics in general to the past. But Heinlein did think Greasers would cause societal collapse so he was a hardass at the time.

>>637556146>Got some good memories of watching starship troopers with my dad when I was a kid.>There's a recent influx of good games based on it.Cool.

So is the game more fun than deeprock? all the comments in the store page is that the game is full of bugs but somehow even those comments have a thumbs up.

>>637584591>So is the game more fun than deeprock?I haven't played it yet but I highly doubt it.

Would the movie be better or worse if Rico was Filipino?


The main thing it feels like the game is lacking is humans getting dismembered. I get the revive mechanic kind of fucks that up but they could probably get around it by making it so certain bugs like the tiger elites and tankers just outright kill and dismember you (and if they implement the flamethrower shit the tankers did in the movie, fucking melt you)

>>637558117>TencentShame, had it on my wishlist for a while but ain't gonna support that shit.>canadiansOh that explains their other faggotry too.

>>637581952Quake 1

>>637584591I think it will be eventually, when it is more polished and has a lot more content. The gameplay is already awesome. But it's unpolished and severely lacking content so yet. And they aren't really that comparable beyond being coop shooters with giant bugs. This is more like if Killing Floor 2 had base building.

>>637584683>filipino joining foreign army to get citizenshiplel

>>637586392>foreign armyisn't Earth a one world government in Starship Troopers?

I have a question for you bookfags. is that whole thing with Mormon extremists a thing in the book too? I always thought that was such an odd and random thing to include.

>>637558117they are an American studio in Canada because tax exemptions and grants from the govt

>>637585258Also bugs should move faster instead of staying still while attacking you also dismemberment for bugs too since it's a major plot,since they can still fight and be effective 70% without a leg

>>637586781No, that's something the movie invented. I think they were trying to imply that humans caused the war by encroaching on bug space, but even that seems flimsy because what justifies dropping an asteroid on a planet killing millions just because some colonists unknowingly settled on your turf?

>>637586245>This is more like if Killing Floor 2 had base building.Eh, I'd compare it more to L4D. Killing Floor's gameplay simply boils down to killing all the specimens in each wave whereas here it's more about completing objectives. Also they never stop spawning and in the ARC game mode if you just sit around jacking off and killing bugs instead of completing the side objectives and collecting gas for the refinery you're eventually going to get absolutely fucked since the infestation meter steadily climbs in it. The last ARC match I played was a fucking nightmare because nobody bothered to hunt high valued targets or complete side objectives and just dicked around until the infestation meter capped out. We still completed the objective but only three people who had mostly been dicking around outside the base made it to extraction while everyone else was buried under a fucking tidal wave of bugs

>>637572475Lying fuck being a postman counts ffs

This game has zero depth, variety, or quality/care. The people shilling this early access shit have shit taste and you'll get bored of it in 2 hours unless people doing whacky roleplay over voice chat is all you need for entertainment.Jingle those shiny keys.

>>637575402>reboot/retconWait are we talking about the same thing? The one I'm thinking of is the Japanese anime based purely on the book and that came out almost a decade before the movie

>>637589102To be fair, I'd imagine being a postman in the Starship Troopers universe could count as a dangerous job if you're doing interplanetary deliveries. You're traveling through the cold vacuum of space in a ship where just about anything that could go wrong could get you killed

>>637556146Does this game have single player or a single player horde mode?

>>637556146>Early Access it's going to be abandoned as soon as this little hype they're getting dies down.

>>637575548>Zoomer X hit registrationI hate this shit>Iron SightsMovie inaccurate

>>637589445just play until it leaves early access and then refund

>>637582950Hitmarkers are a fucking plague. Why animate responsive reactions to fire when they can just flop over and have a big X?

>>637589152Them keys sure did jangle good because I had lots of fun

>>637589624I ain't spending a dime on something incomplete. no thanks.

>>637589382I meant a terrestrial postman. There is a big part of the book that explains the philosophy of the setting and applying for service is your right, but you only get the one chance and they'll do their best to get you to quit. The example was if a blind cripple wanted to serve they'd have him count the hairs on a catapillar or something. Additionally the recruiter in the movie wasn't wearing his normal replacement limbs on purpose and was placed there to scare people from joining MI.

>>637589152The game only has to keep you hooked for 2 hours till refund time is over, once the yelling memes into the mic ends which will be soon you are left with the shitty squad devs that have not kept there promises and made that game worse with every patch also squad is unoptimized like this game is

>>637566450This is one of the rare cases where the book and the movie are both great, in spite of the director of the movie being a complete faggot to the book.

>>637566645>t. aussieJust go outside then

>>637581317>"moon is a harsh mistress" was a more fun Heinlein's bookhell yeah.

>>637558117>Also CanadiansUnironically was about to buy it

>>637589182NTA but you're talking about the based OVA while he seems to be referring to the CGI movies that made the cast look like MGS in space

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>>637581074Just go read Armor en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armor_(novel)

Is this good compared to the EDF games?

>>637571654No, the book was Heinlein's vision of a free futuristic peaceful society and of how much he hates commies.Maybe read slower next time.

>>637576954>No mods so you can't put it back in

>>637576723Jacob Zuma?

>>637586130Awful soundtrackPlays better with Quake 2's OST

>>6375561461. Modding Support will not be added2. Community Servers will not be added3. Server Browser will not be addedShit will be dead within a month, especially without bot teammates and only a 16 player mode

>>637567398Can confirm

>>637582295Round starts>EVERYBODY FIGHTS NOONE QUITS!Player does some dumb shit>IT ATE HIS BRAINSRun to extraction>TO THE UNISEX SHOWERS AND GREEN SPACE VIOLINSYeah that sounds fucking great actually

>>637570685i played with some japanese dood the other day it was so funny hearing him yell movie lines in broken english

>>637563672It's Archie Bunkers disease.>retarded lefty thinks he's mainstream and that right winged beliefs are obviously wrong>makes media to try and demonstrate how insane and evil right wingers are>everyone identifies with the evil right winger character(s)/position(s) >he's now butthurt that his media had the exact opposite effect he hoped for>this is clearly the fault of everyone else and not his shitty beliefs

>>637591552quote them as best you can in text


>hey this looks fun>No OCE serversi hate living on this shitty fucking island

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>>637588585protip :there was no asteroid humans did it themselves to promote the war the movie is very subtle but it has lots of little things like that

>>637592373That was also an invention of the movie. In the book, it was 100% the bugs.


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>>637592373Protip: No, fuck off. We had this discussion several bazinga times on Holla Forums and you're wrong. The movie opens after the asteroid and the newsreel in the beginning was about defences to avoid a repeat of the attack.>B-but space is big!It's a setting with confirmed psychic humans and giant bugs that co-ordinate entire combat swarms and other bugs that shoot down spaceships with their anus. Get over yourself.

>>637556771is it really, though?

>>637571169>Rico's parents live comfortably in a fucking mansion in Beunos Airesexcept Buenos Aires was flattened by what is likely a false flag

>>637592961Yes>build a fort with your squad and get to defend said base>aliens breaking down walls and slicing troopers apart>that frantic evac dash as people fight, shoot and heal to try and get as many people out as possible>no stupid mtx shop with shitty skins and selling basic colors as content>no destiny perks and stat bullshit to grind for the same weapon but incrementally better>people coordinate at just the right level, no tactical milsim wannabes, just corny movie lines

>>637593685>slicing troopers apartThis thread confirmed there is no dismemberment, humie or bug>no stupid mtx shop with shitty skins and selling basic colors as contentTheir last game had one and this can easily change. How is this a selling point or fun?

>>637593685im gonna be honest, the fact that everyone is playing while RPing and yelling out movie lines sounds like the most fun and soulful thing about. I might buy it later tonight and check it out.

The carbine really needs some balance tweaks. Right now it's just the Morita except it does less damage and runs out of bullets quicker. The least they could do is give it a larger magazine than the Morita or make it so you move faster with it

>>637556146>5/5 game>early access

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>>637593685>>no stupid mtx shopthey are absolutely going to add that, its the reason there are no community servers, and even Squad already has mtxs LMAO

>>637594160I wouldn't be surprised if that's what the quarter master tab is going to be for. It's either that or weapon attachments

>>637593685>no stupid mtx shopIf Tencent invested in the game, it doesn't have MTX because they're waiting to spring that on you when the game comes out of EA.

>>637563672>B-but the author wanted to-He utterly failed at depicting fascism, he couldn't even depict a truly dishonest media. They're literally standing there broadcasting raw battlefield footage.

>>637566450The movie is great though

>>637594158It's on a /10 scaleCapped on 5 because of EA

>>637583650white canadians were responsible for the freedom convoy, which was the first domino to fall that lead to the breakdown of the retarded covid narrative worldwide. you're welcome, braindead faggot

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>>637594923actually for those paying attention it was when the virus decided that BLM riots were exempt but Trump rallies were superspreaders

>>637571491>did it have like other options for public service to gain it?Yes. The book is very clear the whole point of service is to earn the right of citizenship by proving you are willing to make a sacrifice. It's not strictly military.>"You can't all be real military men; we don't need that many and most of the volunteers aren't number-one soldier material anyhow...[W]e've had to think up a whole list of dirty, nasty, dangerous jobs that will ... at the very least make them remember for the rest of their lives that their citizenship is valuable to them because they've paid a high price for it"

>>637592961it's pretty soulless

>>637595050if you want to go that route, it was even earlier when the CDC did a complete 180 on mask usage. the freedom convoy woke up the normals

>>637584591>is the game more fun than deeprock?Other than having bugs to kill, it has NOTHING remotely similar>Is Mario Kart better than Gran Turismo?>Is it better than Baldur's Gate?>Can I eat styrofoam?

>>637556970The lore is that you are a soldier from the human federation (Who has some facist points) fighting a genocidal war against the bugs (Where humans are the victims)

>>637595575For me it was Hug-A-Chinaman day, and yes agreed about the normies in as much as they ever woke up to it


>>637556146>early access>not even any offline contentIt's fucking dead

how do I change my character's voice? or is it random? please tell me it's not some rust shit where my account is perma marked as having a female voice.

>>637581317>>637590573based and moonpilled

Attached: on-the-moon_moon-is-a-harsh-mistress-cover_v4_900.jpg (875x1201, 1.13M)

>>637597713Every mission the voice of your character changes I kinda like it, adds to the faceless mook feeling

Didn't expect a book club meeting on Holla Forums

>>637581317>If you aren't willing to endure and endanger yourself for the good of the country then you don't get a say in how to govern itAnd this would be evil because...?

>>637597715based moon flagpole

>>637598992Because people can only imagine the interventionist america who happily involves itself into every war possible at the behest of various greedy and evil elites and not the old isolationist country which would let you do your business unhindered even if you were a 'resident' and not 'citizen'.

>>637598992It's not? It's just another one of Heinlein's political speculations in sci-fi. He does that a lot. Makes perfect sense in book's context

How does it play? Does it feel like PVE squad or have they managed to eliminate that weird janky Arma feeling?

>>637598992>endangerNever implied. The book speaks only of service.

>>637556146what happens when the playerbase dies and theres no custom/private servers

>>637599792Okay, sometimes only endure and not endure and endanger. Point is, in the book, if you want a right to vote you gotta earn it, if you don't, carry on

>>637600096Not only that but you get one shot and they want you to wash out

>someone got the penta-zeroes a couple minutes ago

>>637600021Move on to the next game, chud.

SAW or assault rifle for the heavy class? I'm not 7 yet, I assume the perk makes the SAW a better option.

>>637598992OK imagine your country's leader is saying that with a big nose tribe man behind him wringing his hands suspiciously

>>637602017>He doesn't know the backstory and has an opinion anyway

>>637602102The user he was quoting had already established the justification of the book being an existential threat (which justifies everything naturally) so I assumed he was bringing the discussion to real life

>>637602268The bug war was recent in the book too, no version of Johnny Rico ever joined in outright wartime. It was the skinnies first, of course. No arguments on existential threats however, you should see the fags on Holla Forums defend the bugs against the awful mean humans.

>>637575548>this is a 5/5 in Holla Forumsongland

It's alright. Needs a lot of polish and a lot of content.

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>>637603104its only one map rn innit?

>>637603354No, I've seen at least three separate maps. Also, you can literally press F to pay respects to your fallen comrades, and it gives you (a tiny amount of) exp.

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Is this just a FPS co-op Tower Defense like Sanctum with a Starship Troopers skin slapped on?


Attached: early-access.jpg (800x537, 309.25K)

>>637603748i'd be happier if instead of EA they just called it a beta and released it as such, or alpha depending on how far along it is

>>637603748Not anymore, sweety :)

>tfw baby sitting a wall in the base during an ARC mission that the bugs just really seem to fucking loveI swear to fucking God if you got XP for repairs I would have gained several ranks just from repairing that bitch of an entrance

Attached: Shitty waw.jpg (1280x720, 202.63K)

>>637603748it just means that they promise to do more for free.

>>637603681No. Defending is only the final step of a mission, and even then, it's nothing alike to a tower defence game.

>>637603979There's only been a handful(out of the hundreds of thousands) of early access games that the developer actually does a good job.

It’s good but needs more weapons and enemy variety. There’s no fire beetles, plasma bugs, or hoppers.

Does this really need to exist when we already have Earth Defense Force for our military-based giant bug extermination needs?

>>637604434Yes. In EDF, humans are every bit as bullshit overpowered as the aliens are. In Starship Troopers, you are dead if you are alone.

>>637602624>you should see the fags on Holla Forums defend the bugs against the awful mean humansIn the movie humanity was the aggressor though.

>>637580574> there's a part about child discipline, and it blames societal moral decay on people not spanking their kids because it would hurt their feelings.to be fair the discipline described is public flogging but then again youth gangs were a problem during the time of writing, so it could be the authors commentary on that

>>637595815>Who has some facist pointsnone exist

>>637595815oooo this post reminds methere should be some good seethe here soon that this game came out. some kotaku journos bitching about it missing the point of muh fascism parody movie and that it shouldn't exist or something.

>>637556146Okay so is this actually any good? And if so is it good enough to be worth 25 bucks?

>>637606534>is this actually any goodeeehhh, it's fine>is it good enough to be worth 25 bucks?fuck no, not right now for sure. wait 3 years then ask again

>>637606534It looks passable in the context of an early access game from what I have seen so far. I would wait a little bit personally to make sure the devs are fully committed and that it improves as needed.

>>637606534Wait until they reveal how the game is going to be monetized.

>>637605614They're evil murdering space bugs, user. Don't be stupid.

>Bug apologists>On Holla ForumsI'M FROM BUENOS AIRES AND I SAY KILL EM ALL

Attached: BUENOS.jpg (1900x984, 178.54K)

>>637606676>>637606994>>637607106Gotcha. I'll wait a month or two (or for it to go on sale) and see what it's like then

>>637563672> "All the way through I wanted the audience to be asking, 'Are these people crazy?'">completely silent during the LBGT cult takeoverYep, I'm thinking he's a fag.

>>637607135They're space bugs but in the dumb canon of the movie they're objectively in the right. Humanity attacked them to deflect from a political situation back home. They expanded into abandoned border worlds then space mormons got uppity with them and killed for their troubles.Buenos Aires was a false flag.

>>637575548Why do zoomers need super fast adhd reload animations? Might as well just have the gun disappear off screen and comeback at that point and skip the animation altogether

Attached: 1265.jpg (465x279, 22.94K)

>>637607526>they're objectively in the rightNo. They're literal monsters. Do you think the giant cockroaches that serve the Brains do so willingly? Holy shit user get it together>Buenos Aires was a false flagNo. We've been over this.

>>637569139literal retard who is gonna be cannon fodder in ww3

>>637607526They'reFuckingSpaceBugsYou don't break bread with space bugs, they should have started firing on first contact on fucking SIGHT. Imagine feeling safe in a galaxy where those things were out there, plotting and skittering and spreading their diseased forms across otherwise habitable planets. You are a human being. We are better than them.

>>637603559Something about that image looks so inherently shit is it that DLSS garbage I keep hearing about?


>>637607809Remember, shilling guarantees citizenship!

>>637607526>bug lover

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>>637571169>Hundreds of thousands of soldiers get pointlessly killed in space iraq in a war they didn't even need to fight.>Complete disenfranchisement from meaningful contribution to society unless you serve the MICNigger what?The book is a badass sci-fi adventure, but its a utopian presentation not grounded in the reality of what most fascist states exist as.Just look at Myanmar or any of the other niggerhead third world countries ruled by their military.

>>637607526Enders Game mindbroke so many dumbasses lmao

>>637607809>I came here to earn citizenship and kill bugs>and i am all out of citizenship

Sell me on this, is it just bigger squad EDF? whats the appeal?

>>637607767you could replace bugs with sand people (arabs) and thats basically how the US recruited for iraq and afghanistan



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