Obsession with Graphics and Pointless Elements in games

Yes, i know i know "muh e-celebs and streamers" but holy fuck. This is basically the audience nowadays:>twitch.tv/cohhcarnage/clip/CoweringVenomousOctopusWholeWheat-91WKoC1XejXY5Wml>When i think of other games i could play, i don't like playing this game. It is not pleasurable for me to look at it, the framerate is poor, the graphics are not that good. Uh, for a company of this size, the fact that it's not like you know, fully voice acted is a huge... like, we give Nintendo a lot of passes. We give them a lot of passes. And frankly, i know a lot of those passes are fine with you, i'm not really on board with all of them. I think when you have this many resources and you're this big of a company, i think you can do a lot better than this. A LOT better than this. So this, in my opinion... i mean yea, the mechanics are cool and things like that, but this is kinda phoning it in, in my opinion. It's just not up to quality standards, of most games.How can industry be better if all that people and their idols demand are muh graphics and hearing the same shitty voice actors over and over in their games.

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>>637554997Nintendo is lazy, the game is just a reskin

>>637554997tendies still seething that not everyone is fellating their game.

>>637554997nintendo shovels out low quality slop, it's true.

>>637554997How is he wrong? They‘re one of the biggest developers that took 6 years to make a sequel that reuses the map and it both looks and runs like shit. Any other dev would get humiliated for that

Game is fun and honestly graphics are the ruin of this industry. BUT the framerate and hardware is indeed subpar to the company of the size of Nintendo.Its almost the same song and dance as Pokemon minus the part of retarded broken buggy game in the equation.


>>637555460>looksit has different artstyle>runs like shitit's literally bug-free which is more than literally every other AAA dev out there that release unoptimized garbage that keeps crashing and has horrible bugs and jankthey released a consistent quality title, which is more than anyone can doall those AAA games are basically "magic tricks", you will show one good shot because it's a scripted cutscene made to look good, but then it snaps to gameplay and it's a jankfest with horrible shadows and actually uncanny looking graphics

>>637554997>framerate is a pointless element of a gameIt's not like it's even running at 60 and dropping. It's dropping from fucking 30 and they knew exactly what hardware everyone will be playing on

>>637554997of all the dumb shit this retarded shill has ever said you picked exactly the one time he has been basedweak bait thread

>>637554997>Sounds like DSP

Even if he is 100% right, those aren't issues.99% of that shit can be fixed with a next-gen release. Hell, maybe even emulation and mods will do it (except voice acting). So game will eventually run with stable 60 FPS and higher resolution/crispier graphics and textures, as Nintendo does release remasters for their games and they did so for almost every mainline 3D Zelda.Meanwhile, nothing will fix games that have fundamental issues like GoW's combat, walkie talkie sequences, hidden loading times with elevators/squeezing through gaps etc.

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>>637554997Nintendo didn't cut him a check like CDPR did.

>>637554997why does this faggot type like a woman?

If TotK did a Cyberpunk and came out and as a false advertising shitshow, with blatant lying, shit gameplay, glitches and bugs everywhere, not even working properly on consoles and forced Nintendo to refund the game, maybe it would be up to "industry standards" or whatever.The fuck is this retard smoking.

stable framerate is essential

>>637555714>it‘ll be fixed laterThis is exactly why games are going to shit

Man how are Americans educated to become so averse to reading text instead of having it read to them like fucking illiterate toddlers

>>637554997framerate is not graphics

This is the dumbest rant ive heard in a while. I guess if a game isnt some AAA pile of shit like the 30th asscreed or yearly edition of madden that requires a 4090 to run its just fucking garbage? A game that doesnt just fucking throw a bunch of sub par voice acting at you to fill out 40 hours is bad? A game doesnt need to be stuffed with a bunch of bullshit that isnt required to be fun it just has to be fun and totk is just that. Its botw but better in almost every way. The ONLY downside is the switch holds it back as far as performance but it never becomes unplayable.

Nintendo has proved that you can sell gamers overpriced slow hardware for high premiums and they won't complain. Sony and MS wish their fanbase was this fanatically loyal.

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>>637554997He's right

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>>637554997Quite possibly the most retarded rant I've heard in awhile. He's basically admitting he just wants AAA goyslop to slurp up.

>>637555993>30th Assassin's creed bad>100th zelda good

>>637554997Yes, game devs drama, fps, "celebs" are all may mays that ruin gaming

>>637554997>game needs good graphics>game needs full voice acting>the mechanics are cool I GUESSsounds like this dude just wants movie games

Didn't that faggot shill Fallout 76 and Cyberpunk?

Basically to people like this if the game isn't some realistic movie game voiced by celebs then it's "not up to quality standards."

>>637555257Zelda deserves better, not the bullshit they got

The problem with TOTK isn't the graphics, they're actually charming.It's the fact that the majority of the content is 1:1 reused from BOTW.>more shrines, korrok seeds and bad "cook me a carrot" town sidequests>shrines don't a allow you to use devices, but they give you everything you need on a literal plater, making puzzles extremely obvious>dungeons are just 5 shrine puzzles back to back>the sky islands are a total afterthought, making up 5% of the map and each if them is just a "move green crystal" puzzle>the depths, while big, are full of reskinned enemies and bosses, they just exist for farming 900 Zonaite to get a single battery>menus break up the flow of gameplay, especially for special arrows>just like before, the combat can be called mellow at best, flurry is still broken>infinite healing in a pause menu, again>very few new enemies and the ones that they added are always found on their own, isolated from the camps or shrines>not a single new weapon "class" with different moves>6 years, 70 bucks

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>>637556289There is nothing wrong with smaller games. But the Japs a charging full price for their AA game.

>>637556289Nah, he plays lots of niche games with objectively bad graphics and enjoys them. All he's saying is he expects more from a top-tier AAA game with a massive budget.

>>637554997He belongs to the MCN that constantly pushes woke agenda. The same MCN as Asmongold btw

>>637554997What is the hard-on everything being voice acted? I would ask if it's a zoomer attention-span thing but that guy is like a 50yo. And I will take cel shading and ~30fps on calculator hardware over running like shit on NASA supercomputers for muh realism like every other AAA game.

>>637554997Out of context and applying this logic to all games it seems like a shit opinion but he only means that Nintendo can do better, but won't. This guy in particular plays a lot of different stuff and even praises crap like Pathfinder games so it's not that he thinks every game should be fully VA and photorealistic, just that Nintendo is cheap.

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>>637556202There are probably less Zelda games than AC games.

>>637554997Having a playable resolution and framerate is not graphics.I'd rather play some 90s games at high res/framerate than an eyesore on the switch at 20fps.

>>637555714>99% of that shit can be fixed with a next-gen release.Completely irrelevant and stopped reading there. When i buy a game, or when ANYONE buys a game, i expect it to work the moment i boot it up. Maybe fiddle a bit with the settings, maybe tweak the controls slightly but it should work.

>>637556302He shills whatever you pay him to shill. Only game he rejected was Hogwarts.

hate this cuckold so fucking much please god never post him again

>>637556023the switch is cheap af. Snoys pay 500 dollars for a brick with no games.

>not good graphicstoo video game-y, not cinematic enough>not fully voice actedtoo video game-y, not cinematic enough>mechanics are cooltoo video game-y, not cinematic enoughTOTK is the perfect game to hate if you don't actually like video games.It's a fine opinion, but there's other games you can play, like TLOU and GOW. Maybe a walking sim.

>>637556302> Didn't that faggot shill Fallout 76 and Cyberpunk?If by shill you mean sponsored to play them. He also shit on them for all their problems.

>>637556346nin toddlers will eat up anything and ask for seconds? Why bother?

What's retarded to me is that how people can defend Elden Ring after this title.That game has maybe 5% of mechanics of BotW, no physics whatsoever besides from basic bitch ragdolls on death, is completely static with outdated quests and it STILL was a total buggy jankfest on release with missing content that had to be patched in later.

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>>637556543switch uses decade old hardware and runs games like shit, it's overpriced for what you get

>>637556202Asscreed hasnt moved past the most basic of its basic gameplay elements and is the same fucking game as the first one except this time you are on a boat or have a bird. Zelda as a franchise has actually done different things and went in different directions. You cant really compare skyward sword to totk but the comparison between the first and last asscreed is extremely clear. >>637556351>It's the fact that the majority of the content is 1:1 reused from BOTW.Now do this with literally any other franchise. You can cry about reusing content but the fact is even though the map is similar in tolk its not "the same" and even though mechanics carry over its all shuffled and handled slightly different. There is more diffences in totk in a sequel than there is in most AAA garbage DESPITE the fact it takes place on the "same" map. If you are arguing thats wrong you never fucking played either.

>>637556609>TOTK is the perfect game to hate if you don't actually like video games.This. However this user >>637556351 Also has a point. I'll still play it over Sony moviegames or Xbox Gamepass trash despite having all platforms, but man do I expect Nintendo to do better with the next Zelda

>>637554997It's easy to quantify graphics, thus it is easy to say>This game has this and so graphical improvementor>This game utilizes x and yInvestors love that shit, as do soulless cretins (not that those two are exclusive). Things like aesthetics, novelty, intent, and other abstract elements are, well, abstract, and thus it is harder for someone to quantify and compare, because you really can't due to the subjective nature of such qualities.Another far simpler reason is that most people are, even if they might deny it, shallow, and judge things on a superficial level.

>>637556682It's almost like the games are different style of games despite both being open world.

>>637554997Seethe tendie

>>637554997Damn, I always thought this guy was just a completely spineless shill who never rocks the boat. Gained a lot of respect for him for stating the obvious truth despite knowing the rabid fanbase and that he was most likely going to get harassed for it.

>>637554997E-celebfag or not, he's 100% right and the only reason it's accepted is because it has the Zelda IP name. Same thing with Pokemon and Gamefreak, they have not put out a good product since the DS days and people just eat it up because of muh childhood franchise and Nintendo dick riding. It's about time people are calling out this dogshit company. If you take the same quality of the newest zelda game or newest pokemon game and try to release it without the IP name go behind it, people would absolutely devour those developers for putting out a product so shit.

>>637554997based brotherman

>>637554997Haven't played Zelda so don't really care about defending it, but this is a weak argument. You can allocate resources to actual game design that other studios would allocate to graphics/voice acting/shit that looks good in a screenshot or trailer but isn't normally impactful to actually playing the thing. And you can criticise Nintendo all you want for a myriad of things, but their games are actually designed and are more engaging to play than the average Sony or "core" AAA property. I've played dozens if not hundreds of games that looks like total ass, are riddled with jank and look ugly and dated that are still MUCH better experiences than something like Uncharted.I mean, buddy here was in Cyberpunk and as much as I love that game, all of the amazing screenshots you can take of it don't distract from bugs and gameplay flaws.

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>>637556682I don't like crafting and building gimmicks. Elden Ring is simply a much better action RPG, which is what I care about. I don't want to spend dozens of hours gluing rocks to sticks and building contraptions to traverse an empty open world. Elden Ring has good combat, far superior enemy and boss variety and far superior level design and dungeons.

>>637557092The graphics argument is a strawman. Nobody cares about resolution, but 60 fps would have improved the actual gameplay far more than any gimmicky shit they added in TOTK.

>>637556705> the comparison between the first and last asscreed is extremely clear.You're absolutely clueless. Assassin's Creed is an open world RPG now. Valhalla is extremely focused on melee combat (that doesn't play anything like the early games) and assassination is an after thought.

>>637554997He is correct, this game would be fine from a medium sized dev but for 6 years from Nintendo (not to mention the extreme asset reuse) it is absolutely embarrassing. It is immediately jarring when the already bad voice acting stops after 1 minute in the intro and gets replaced with bizarre grunting.

>>637556705Shrines are the same style of content, nothing new compared to BOTW.Most Koroks are identical, 30% of them have the new "bring me to my friend"Weapons are identical in terms of moves and properties, you just fuse shit to get different damage numbers and elemental damage.Dungeons are similar to the Divine beasts.Caves and wells are new I guess.Underground is new but there's just not much to find besides farming ore and finding a bunch of costumes.If this game came out in 2019 and cost $40 as an expansion, I'd get the praise but 6 years for an enhanced remix of the base game? lol

>>637554997He's absolutely right. This game looks woeful in every single department and the only ones who defend this garbage are the Nintendo cultists.

I hate zelda, but I hate graphicsfags more than anything else. People who watch digitalfoundry videos, people who complain that their game is only 60fps, people who justify a game having bugs that brick your hardware because "it looks so good though!" are at the forefront of why video games are so dogshit nowadays.

>>637557208NTA but I agree with yousadly it took me a long time to realize that no matter how powerful hardware gets devs will do retarded shit to make games run at 30 fps or lower because they value graphics more than smooth framerate and input

Really coping with getting filtered by a Zelda game.

>a man has to explain himself because he doesn't want to play a gamewhat the fuck?

>>637557558there's zeldafags in twitch chat who harass streamers who aren't playing/beating zeldaI've seen it with my own eyes, they're unhinged

>>637557450I thought the industry moved in the right direction, with games like Jedi Survivor, Wild Hearts and Redfall coming out, running like shit and everyone was rightfully calling them out for the horrendous performance and that sub 60 fps is simply not acceptable anymore. But then TotK comes out and apprently 25 fps is perfectly fine again.

>>637554997never post that faggot again

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>>637556202>44 zelda games over the span of 34 years, including remakes and ports>versus 29 Asscreeds over 16 years, excluding ports

The audience is 10-year-olds. They can't play Witcher, Elden Ring. Maybe Hogwarts. This game being a success with younger audiences is a good thing for the industry. If this game didn't come out, they would be playing phone crap.

>>637555587>it has different artstylehuh?

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>>637558060kids aren't putting down roblox to play zelda. this game is for adults

i dont even plan on getting zelda but this guy is a faggot,there have been so many more games that have come out lately that want you to pay top dollar and hardly even fucking work,yeah the switch is a underpowered piece of shit and nintendo is going to need to eventually decide to pull it's head out of it's ass but god damn theres so much worse out there

>>637554997The only thing I can agree with is that no game should run like shit, stable framerate, be it 30 or 60 FPS should be the most basic thing in vidya. Interactivity is the heart of video games and when the game dips, it's just muddering the lot.For the rest this guy is an absolute faggot. Graphics, voice acting and shit just made everything worse. Because any good scene is subject to bad acting and can just tarnish what could have been great. There are already movies for that anyway.And graphics are a terrible money sink that doesn't replace a good art direction. If this guy can't make the difference, it's concerning.Also it's very ironic that he is spitting on Nintendo while also starring in a Yakuza game considering how janky Yakuza games can be.

>>637555587>it's literally bug-free literally kys

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>>637555714>99% of that shit can be fixed with a next-gen release.True! After all It's not how you launch, it's what it becomes!

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>>637554997>Yes, i know i know "muh e-celebs and streamers"fuck off

>>637557558these streamers have chat mods, just ding dong bannu the retards and move on. giving them a cuck tier explanation is just pathetic. I don't play games i don't enjoy and that's all you have to know

>>637556682TotK goes wide, it has a lot of mechanics but they lack depth. The first real boss most people will fight in Elden Ring, Margit, easily has more depth than all the bosses in TotK combined. TotK lacks the mechanics to even try and produce a fight like Malenia. TotK is a great physics sandbox but that's about it

>Irrelevant boomer e-celeb doesn't like a video gameThanks for the update OP

>>637554997He's not wrong. Zelda on the Switch is unplayable, but nto just because of craphics and much more because you can't even reach 30 and have constant dips to the 10s. Playing on Ryujinx on the other hand was a pleasurable experience and I understand that streamers can't stream emulated content.

>>637559527>easily has more depth than all the bosses in TotK combinedelden ring enemies have zero depth though, it's also wideit's all about how much they can stretch enemy attack pattern memorization, every time

>>637554997>"Poor framerate">"Graphics are not that good" (in relation to the first statement)>"Not fully voice acted">"We give Nintendo a lot of passes">"I think Nintendo can do A LOT better than this"He is literally not wrong on a single one of these things he said. Everything is 100% true. If Nintendo fans weren't such retards that gobbled up pure garbage, then Nintendo could easily be making some insanely good games.

>>637560061>enemy attack pattern memorizationthis is the signifier of someone with poor reaction time

>>637554997This nigger dumped all his money into some vaporware MMO why are you listening to his dumbass?

>>637554997High frames do matter in gaming, everything below 60 is devs spitting in conaumers faces

>>637554997He won't play Zelda get the FUCK OVER IT!!

>>637554997cyberpunk shill says what

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>>637560291>Nintendo could easily be making some insanely good games.but they just made one of the best games ever, retardkeep seething

30 FPS in 2023 is unacceptable

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>>637561934>but they just made one of the best games ever, retardIf you genuinely think that TotK is one of the best games ever, then I truly feel sorry for you. I can't imagine how mindbroken of a "person" you must be to truly think that.

>someone criticized my favorite nintendo slop gamecry about it faggot, he's right

botw was never good

i own a switch lite but i will never buy a first party nintendo game...i just can't justify paying 70 bucks for these gamesit's my dedicated indie games handheld - games that are often cheaper and way more fun

Just got the snip

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asking for more than 720p 23fps in fucking 2023 isn't "muh graphix"

Cohhcarnage is a fairly open minded guy, he just didn’t stream totk because Nintendo didn’t pay him to shill the game.


>>637562746He removed the videos on his YT though

Graphics aren't the issue. Most PS5 games have an option to play 1080p 60fps consistently, and if not, usually a method of locking the fps on 30. Games are designed to hit this performance standard fairly regularly now to the point where if you don't, you're likely getting some heat for it.Nintendo chose to release and sit on 7 year tablet hardware. Fine. That doesn't give them an excuse to release a game at 720p that can barely hold 30fps, on top of reusing a FUCKLOAD of assets, on top of having the gall to charge $70 for it. It's poor graphics, poor performance, at high quality asking price.

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>>637554997He is a retarded sboy that only consumes western trash.Not surprised he only cares for grafix like a retard.Go die for israel, goy.

>>637562920don't care - just pointing out that you are talking bullshit

>>637556202Yes, westerners can't make good games.

>>637556486So, a literal shill?And his opinion is being taken seriously?What a joke.

>streamer bullshithe's upset that nintendo didn't pay him to play the game or he got less views from playing it thus less money. it's all business. that's it. these retards are paid marketers now.

>>637554997He is not wrong

>>637560625/threadalso he shilled Cyberpunk because he was in it, it was embarassing to watch the clips of the game literallyAll you really need to know about him

>>637556682different kinds of games, TOTK is an adventure game with action elements whereas ER is the other way around. you can see the difference in appeal between the two by how the replies you've got are laser focused on combat since ER has jack shit else to offer.

>quality standards, of most games.Oh? Name them.

>>637554997this man is responsible for the Blackwater trainwreck dungeon in Wrath of the Righteous

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>>637562920He removed them because he was being a whiny asshole and that goes against his le wholesome streamer man image. He's quite possibly the fakest e-celeb out there.

I only watch twitch.tv/britbonglive non tranny, based and entertaining streams, I heard cohcarnage was a pedo.

>>637554997Should've hired the no education or experience ideas guys. Not kidding.

>>637564904>non tranny, basedManletTears is the most tranny and least based human being ever.

>>637554997TotK is fun, which is more than I can say about 99% of AAA slop

>>637554997Based Brotherman

>fully voice actedVoice Acting killed RPG's. He can fucking kill himself. Fucking faggot. Die.Thankfully AI Voice Acting might bring back actually well thought out and deeper scripts instead of basic YES NO MAYBE

>wow latest AAA slop the publisher paid me to play is "REALLY FUN GUYS!" make sure to pre-order from my affiliate link or my keystore to help a brotherman out POSI VIBES

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>>637565438Totk is quite literally the latest AAA slop

the level of insecurity in this threads , especially when what he is saying is objectively true. the only point up for debate would be the voice acting.

>>637554997how this retard ever got a following I'll never know. total personality void, total retard.

>>637559965>10fps>unplayable Why are zoomers such drama queens?

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>>637566651It's almost as if different streamers have different audience demographics. Zoomers are not part of his.

>>63756627296 on Metacritic, higher than any recent AAA slop

>>637559965Super mario 64 and Ocarina of time both ran at 10-15fps in a bunch of sections yet you faggots love those games

>>637556682>That game has maybe 5% of mechanics of BotW, no physics whatsoever besides from basic bitch ragdolls on death, is completely static with outdated quests and it STILL was a total buggy jankfest on release with missing content that had to be patched in later.yeah dumbass, the difference is that the mechanics in Elden Ring are good and fun, on the other hand anything done in ToTK is done better in minecraft and portal. shit game.

I haven't even played totk and I have no idea who he is since I don't care about streamers but his youtube channel is covered with videos of him playing actual worthless garbage like V Rising so I can safely disregard everything he says.

>>637554997What's wrong with what he's saying? Or is it just that he isn't schlrpr glop schlopschlopschlopping your low-effort trash botw dlc?

>>637567123Tells you a lot when he‘s willing to finish garbage like v rising and redfall but totk is too much.

>>637554997>i mean yea, the mechanics are cool and things like that>but because im a graphics fag I cant appreciate thatWhat a faggot. No wonder OP likes him

>>637567123He loves western triple A slop. Especially if he gets paid.

>>637566908That score is the quintessential proof of the nintendo bonus. If this game was made by ubisoft it would sitting at 85 or even less.

>>637567190>What's wrong with what he's saying?Literally nothing. It's all 100% objectively true, but Holla Forums is Nintendo toddler central, so they are crying in anger now.


>>637554997Oh god, are you zelda white knights STILL mad that he didn't want to keep playing TotK?Don't be fucking weird about it.

>>637566908Elden ring was just last year, and i don't know why you think anybody would take these score seriously here .

>>637555714>those aren’t issues>they can be fixed next genAverage Holla Forums-tard

>>637567509So just business as usual, huh

>>637567424>get tower>map floods with 900 points of interest>can no longer see the actual map under all of the markers>sense of exploration is completely gone>cash shop inserted to speed up item collection and to repair weapons>Every quest you do is a trailing missionWould deserve 85 desu

Isn't this the guy who shilled Cyberpunk despite it running at like 5 FPS because of all the memory bleeding it's broken ass caused?

>>637567841forgot pic

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>>637567862No, he was very critical of it.

>>637554997Hes right. They’re one of the richest companies in the world and all they put out is low quality slop because they have a rabid fanbase that eats it up. Just like Pokemon games, the quality gradually decreases every time because what’s the point of putting in effort? As long as you have the mascot character there, everything will be fine

>>637555714Bot post

>>637554997Anon these people are irrelevant. They are a virtual friendship service.The games literally do not matter to these faggots.That why the most popular cunts all switch to react content once they hit critical mass.

>>637554997>the mechanics are coolThe mechanics are what make TOTK a GOAT game. And they’re not easy to implement in such a bug-less, polished way. And Nintendo are the only ones that have done it in this scale. This guy is completely clueless about game development, and he only cares about visuals because he’s as shallow as a puddle. Plus he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, I think he didn’t even get past the tutorial islands.

>>637554997>Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.I block twitch in DNS. Fuck that noise.

>>637554997He makes some good points, some bad points. In general, it is a luke warm take that would only ruffle the feathers of the most diehard tendies. Yes, the Switch is shit tier hardware, yes, Nintendo can be far up their ass sometimes, yes, people excuse them a lot of shit, especially if they ask AAA price for a game. Nothing he said is controversial, he just said some banal shit and then added some shit takes on top of it.Why is this a thread?

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>>637554997>basedjack opinion while wearing a cybershit 2077 tee

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>>637554997I agree with him with the voice acting, its still jarring to keep hearing characters just grunts or say on of their lines during their dialogue, only to hear fully voiced stuff in cutscenes.

He may have a point but the fact is Nintendo goes out of their way to create underpowered systems with gimmicks. That’s been their thing for a while. Personally I don’t really get it because they’re not even that much cheaper than the competition and their products hardly ever go on sale. Funny thing people ignore is how TOTK already leaked and runs better on PC. All in all he has a point but Nintendo would have to put out new hardware and shit to even get somewhere better and by that point, is it even worth it? Then there’s the point of why should I care about a little more graphic fidelity. Games are all wastes of time and if you care about graphics you should be on pc with a big boy build. Nintendo is for normalfags and children. Cohh no doubt has a beefed up gaming rig.

>>637568472How about you read the thread and see the tendies losing their shit so you can understand why it was made

No voice acting? This game has no voice acting???? A GAME COSTS 60 GOLD AND HAS NO VOICE ACTING?? Like yea this is not advertized as an indie or small studio game so why the fuck is it like that then? It's EXCLUSIVE SHIPFLAG GAME.

it's 100% true that graphical fidelity standards are lower for nintendo so finesse in graphics comes off as more impressive. tears of the kingdom is impressive when put in the context of it running on the switch, but when you play the game on the switch it is apparent how much the hardware is haggarding it. you can see the compromises they had to make because of the hardware. if the game was on the ps5 shrines would have no loading screen, it would work just like rift apart's portals. if the game was on ps5 ascend's loading screen would be lightning fast or near non-existent for sufficiently small jumps. if the game was on ps5 you could full speed dive from the sky islands into the depths without the system being forced to pause the game while it loads the geometry/lighting of the depths for you. that the depths is completely dark is clearly something done to lower its effect on the game's graphical load when you're down there, it's not just a mechanical consideration but a hardware one too.if the game was on the ps5 you could have all 5 sages out fighting a monster battalion without the game chugging to 20. when reviewers said the game didn't have performance issues they were patently lying. what some of them DID say is 'the game has performance issues but it doesn't really matter because our expectations is that it wouldn't run at all (tiny console specs) but it does, and it runs miraculously well considering everything going on physically'. speaks to what cohn is saying. i don't think the hardware should excuse the performance. but it does help that tears of the kingdom is coming out and having better performance than competing games on the ps5 or xbx (your jedi survivors, forspokens, redalls)

Frame rate is god, so he is right about that.The rest is the image of the current developer who has no idea what make games good.The graphics in TOTK are perfectly fine, especially playing on the PC with higher resolution, the only problem was the artistic decision to make all the colors washed out. I hope they fix this in the emulators.Voice acting is ALWAYS bad in any game except, I don't know, visual novels? The player who waits a line that he has already read because there is an actor talking over is the kind of person who should not be playing video games in the first place.

>>637569867If the game has to run 360p-looking resolution on their system then the graphics are not fine. Trying to brute force so hard just makes it look more ass than a game that was designed with low specs in mind.

>>637569867>The player who waits a line that he has already read because there is an actor talking over is the kind of person who should not be playing video games in the first placecan you speak more on this because i agree but i want to hear your take on it

They should have put him in the game, then he'd give them more of a pass.

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>>637554997I want to take this time to point out the fact that twitch is going the way of mtv. mtv was about music television and ended up some drama shithole that had nothing to do with music, twitch was a video game playing website that focused on games and is turning into a e-thot drama filled shithole. If you saw mtv in the 80's you got to enjoy the golden era of mtv. If you saw twitch in 2015 you got to enjoy the golden era of twitch. That is all.

>>637570162I played it on PC so I don't know how bad it gets on Switch. I know that some Switch games have anti-aliasing that is terrible when coupled with low resolutions and if TOTK's resolution really drops to 320p, then yeah, the graphics should suck. The question is, does the resolution really drop that much? BOTW ran at 900p more or less most of the time.>>637570510If the game is based on text boxes like Zelda, voice acting just gets in the way. You have redundant information, a person reading out loud what is written for you on the screen that you can read more quickly.But I expressed myself wrong, voice acting is not ALWAYS bad, because there are games that are not based on text boxes. In TOTK, during cutscenes, you have subtitles instead of text boxes, and in this case voice acting is OK because you have the cinematic experience instead of fixed boxes waiting for you to read the text to advance.I understand that in visual novels there are people who like the idea, even if they are also based on text boxes, but there is a more or less decent justification, a lot of visual novels are based on relationships and people want to hear the voice of the people they are relating to or some shit like that.

>>637571372he gave a couple grands to the game's kickstarter and they let him make a quest

Boomer here, voice acting killed video games. Also games don't need to look any better than FF12, MGS3, or Silent Hill 3, literally PS2 games.

what's with this voice actor autismnever in my life have I thought 'wow I sure wish this game was just a bunch of text boxes instead of having actual voices'must be a nintendo fanboy thingnintendo must be the only company on earth that gets to make these kind of cut down rehash games and charge $70 for it without getting any backlashhopefully the price of switch 2 games is $99

>>637571932Partially this. VA as a standard hurt vidya, but it's not always a problem. Graphically all we've been doing for the past 3 console gens is polishing PS2 techniques, so I see no reason to progress past it other than selling trash to retards.

>>637571932okay..... Just imagine MGS without voice acting.

>>637555587>it's literally bug-freeUltrahand tebds to lock up my camera and even tapping the button tends to open thr menu. Don't sit here calling this game bug free.

>>637554997>the framerate is poor, the graphics are not that good. Uh, for a company of this size, the fact that it's not like you know, fully voice acted is a hugeLiterally legitimate complaints

Attached: 1683308744904827.png (180x198, 4.34K)

>>637555714>Have to wait until next console generation to be able to play current console generations games properly>This is okay in the mind of Nintendies

Attached: 1582835911561.png (872x752, 507.89K)

>>637572389Did you misread OP or something? The eceleb was bitching it isn't fully voiced.

Graphical fidelity isn't important to a game being fun, but art style is. And the art style in this game just isn't good. Granted, I'd much rather play it than some Snoy movie game with ugly lesbians.

This nigga played Redfall and Cyberpunk on release to completion and then goes "we give Nintendo a lot of passes" lol.

>>637554997Graphics are as good as they could be on switch. Draw distance and grass is even better than Elden ring in some cases, if you climb towers they hide everything with fog in that game, but you can see the whole map in totk. I only agree that they could have voiced all the dialogs, it would cost them literally nothing to do that. Make them a downloadable option if you are scared to make game take too much space.

>>637573984being playable in at LEAST 60 fps is more important than both

>>637554997I don't read or watch any reviews. I go on youtube, type in the game's title, sort by date and pick a video with

>>637554997>CuckCarnageWho the fuck cares what some paid shill has to say?

>>637565368>Voice Acting killed RPG's.I know this is bait and nobody has replied to you in over 2 hours, and if i don't, nobody will because your post is just too low quality, even for this board. But i will use your post as an example for something that pisses me off in RPGs in general. If your game doesn't offer full voice acting, for any reason really, it should offer the player the full spectrum of choices with consequences because voice acting is what usually limits world reactivity. Zelda being a game without full voice acting, what choices and world reactivity does it offer then in exchange? It's a rhetorical question because i don't expect anyone defending this game to ever actually reply to this post. Just read it, which i know you will, and maybe think about it if you even can.

>>637555882Why do you need more than two frames, nigger? You only have two eyes

>>637560484>this is the signifier of someone with poor reaction timenta but you are an absolute liar if you are going to claim that bosses like Morgott and Malenia are anything but simon says bullshit where you learn tells and "react" accordingly. Frankly, reaction isn't even built into Fromsoft's systems anymore, every weapon is all about how long it's animation disables your ability to roll and leaves you open to whatever attack is coming next in the endless string. Dark Souls hasn't been about reacting since 2.

>The embodiment of CONSOOOM >The Lord of Boredom himself is out here saying the game is dullI have seen this fucker play Fallout 76 on release and complain that people were being too negative.Did he not get his cheque from nintendo or something ?

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>tfw actually want to play both BotW and TotK (I tried the first one on my friends switch and had fun)>but don't want to play it with such poor performance so waiting for next nintendo console>no end in sight

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>>637574856>>but don't want to play it with such poor performanceI don't really have a dog in the race (I literally haven't touched my Switch since BotW came out) but the performance really isn't that bad. Maybe I just have a stomach for it but I'm enjoying the game just fine, ever now and again it gets somewhat choppy but it's never gamebreaking and shouldn't be news to anyone who stomached Bloodborne or Gravity Rush or really any 7th gen title, something like that.

>>637575109True enough, I was able to force my way through BB because I had fun with the game. At this point in my life, though (with my choices of games nowadays) i guess I just got too used to 144 fps etc. It's like the first time you get a second monitor. It's impossible to go back.

>>637574253It really isn't. 30 FPS is more than perfectly acceptable for anyone that doesn't have autism.

>>637574856You could emulate botw with cemu on a fucking toaster.

>>637575495>30 FPS is more than perfectly acceptable for anyone that doesn't have autism.If you accept 30 FPS in 2023, then you're like the one with autism. Which would explain why so many Nintendo fans put up with this shit constantly.

>>637575756Not that user but I still emulate ps1 games sometimes and playing Crash and Spyro in 30 (or 25) is not really that bad. But of course I get steady fps, on Switch if it's 30 cap with drops to 20 yes sure that is jarring.


>>637554997Why the fuck people got obsessed over this poor bastard? just because he doesnt suck nintendo's dick? incredible.


I'm shocked to hear him actually say something bad about a game. He and Lirik basically never say negative stuff about games.

>>637576313In the late 90s, 30 FPS was perfectly acceptable. ~25 years later in 2023, it's not acceptable, especially when the game isn't even graphically impressive or intensive in any way.

>>637576518If you are a streamer you must dickride nintendo.

>>637554997He's 100% right. Why are tendies seething?

>>637554997TotK is a bad game because of the lack of features and reused content, the graphics and performance are just salt to the wound.

>>637554997The graphics are perfectly fine. The perofmance is poor. I just do not know why companies just do not make smaller open world games where they can have better experiences in. It is even better to have a semi open world game with a few areas that feel great. They could have had 3 zelda games out in the 6 years instead of making that bloated open world trash.

>>637554997Why is harping on graphics and framerate such a superficial opinion to have? It's like these people get off on the superficial "I have more frames than you" shit, what the fuck

>>637576808Because it has better draw distance and grass than elden ring, yet runs on 4gb ram ancient hardware. It is a miracle of optimization. I have my issues with the game, but they are not graphics related. I just play on emulator and it looks fine. He is only about voice acting.

>>637556351I don’t find the 15 foot draw distance to be very charming.

>>637554997He's right and anyone who disagrees eats shit on behalf of a corporation that's happily taking advantage of them. Stop eating shit.

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>>637560291>Nintendo could easily be making some insanely good gamesI honestly don't think they're capable of that anymore. We're never getting that golden age Nintendo from 20 years ago ever again

He's right. Any other AAA game with this level of laziness would get crucified.

>>637556483>i expect it to work the moment i boot it upWhich is what Zelda does :)

Tendies are something else.

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>>637568118>all they put out is low quality slopAs much as I agree with the sentiment and that six years and millions if not billions ofdollars shold get more than this, this *is* what that level of company can put out. This *is* the best. Not that that best is really any good and it can be better, sure, but Sometimes you get gems of games (like outer wilds), but then it's not a mainstream success. There's a spectrum you have to accept, anons. If it's mainstream and big, that means there's a big company behind it and it will be 'slop', but having an indie or smaller company make it means it will be a perfect game (in the 'game' sense) while not being widely known.

>>637555714bot the game released now not next gen

>>637554997>cyberpunk tshirt ayyyy

>>637573493DON'T SAY THAT! It's a 100/10 game of the decade because it let me build the peepee man!

>>637576616Why was it playable back then but not now? Did humans really evolve so fast that they get motion sick for 30 fps? No. You just got used to new thing. Now old thing no good. Need new thing to feel good. I play on 144fps1080p so I have high frames in pretty much every pc game but I still am not going to call ps1 games unplayable.

>>637573493How would you make a game with better graphics on switch? How is it a legitimate complaint?

>>637554997This is exactly why GTA IV gets praised by zoomers and retards, because they played it and thought it was the "coolest shit maaaaaan!!!" and it didn't look like garbage like the PS2 GTA games.

>>637572389>wow I sure wish this game was just a bunch of text boxes instead of having actual voicesI haven't thought that, but I was a bit put off of getting the SMT Nocturne remaster when I found out they were putting voice acting it. When I played the original I remember specifically thinking it was good that it didn't have good voice acting because the lack of anybody speaking helped lend a solitary feeling to the world. I wouldn't be surprised if that was not the intent, but I think it works in the game's favor all the same.

>>637581949Older games looked better. They're trying to fit in too many polygons and far draw distances into a potato. Textures would also look more crisp if they were just lower res, pixelization looks better than smudge.

>>637554997>linking to some faggy ecelebkyswhy is this thread still up?

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>>637554997Why he look like Mr White from the bottom of his face down frfr

>>637554997I have no skin in this TotK dogfight but this guy's opinion is retarded

>>637554997He is right. I will never understand how Zelda fans could disagree with what he is saying, considering everyone who actually likes the game would benefit from Nintendo pulling it together.

>>637584071dont pretend to give a fuck about abortion

>>637554997this facial hair style makes me seethe

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>>637556481You may be right. I'm counting>Assassin's Creed: 22>Zelda: 20

Attached: wee-bey-reaction-gif.gif (288x288, 1.88M)

>>637554997>framerate is LE BAD30+fps on emulator and machine :)>graphics are le badlooks good on emulator and machine :)>not fully voice actedgood, total voice actors death :)>when i think of others i could playgo back to your movie games then :)kill ecelebs

>>637554997Based thread. Brotherman

>>637555714GoW Ragnarok, as a sequel, destroys ToTK in every catergory. Ragnarok is a direct improvement, ToTK is DLC.

>>637585052Don't think anyone did. It's just fucking weird to dissociate because a person publicly records their opinion on a prevalent topic. Expresses sorrow for the employees he'll be directly boycotting. Schizophrenic ain't it? Sorry old yeller, got to put ya down.

>>637554997Yeah its getting to the point where I agree with him. I can't believe how Nintendo gets away with all this outdated shit. Did everyone forget about Pokemon S/V? Put the Switch out if its misery already...

>>637556609I like videogames, i just dont like $70 DLC. Zelda is the perfect franchise for people who want to pay more for less.

>Industry standardYeah God forbid it doesn't have 15 special editions, a battlepass, always online, considerable bugs, and $500 dollars worth of DLC!

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>>637589248don't pretend BotW didn't have shitty dlc, the fact that they charged for hard mode (and a really shitty/lazy hard mode at that) is appalling

Attached: aonuma.png (1322x948, 578.88K)

>>637590689You're right. Nintendo needs to embrace seasonal content, battle passes, cosmetic dlc and ToK should have been always online. Oh I would also love to see some gacha mechanics too!

>>637591453or maybe they could try not releasing awful hardware and having people play at sub 720p 20 fps in 2023 or not have dogshit voice acting

>>637591750Agreed. We also need more diversity! Where's my strong black woman on the cover and neon foetnite lights to show how epic and badass our characters are? After all, graphics, voice acting, a fuckton of GaaS features and diversity are entirely what makes a good game!

Attached: Redfall.jpg (1280x720, 185.53K)

>>637592134>you don't like X you must like Ymindbroken tendie

Literally who? And why should I care about his opinion?

>>637554997>"Zelda along with Nintendo just doesn't meet my modern standards>*Proceeds to buy Diablo 4 Battle Pass*

>>637592319What do you mean, user. These are industry standards after all! I love that Halo Infinite charged us money for basic primary colors.I love that Call of Duty and any other competitive game has seasonal battle passes!I love that games are always online like Diablo 4!I love that I can roll for characters with my hard earned money on Genshin Impact!I love that there's exclusive pre-order bonuses for games that you'll miss out on if you don't get it!I love that remastered games are being out sourced to the lowest common denominator for as much profit as possible!I love the GaaS model and the fact that I don't own my games! Overwatch 1? What the heck is that LOL Gotta' love that industry standard hahaha!

ITT Nintendies still coping and making excuses. Glad I am not a third worlder and have to play childrens games on a toaster.

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he should take the emulator pill i mean its still looks like shit but with 60 fps i managed to finish this slog

What's amazing is Xenoblade 2 came out 6 years ago on the same system and has 10x more world detail and there are actual textures in it!I know Monolithsoft is under Nintendo but there's no way XB2 had even 1/3 of TotKs budget.

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>twitch e-celeb cancer threadjust rangeban everyone please

>>637592784>and have to play childrens games on a toasterI'm sorry you have to do that, user.

>>637554997What are you even on about? Different people have different tastes. There's plenty of your idols who don't give a rat's butt about graphics. I mean, they DID create the new Zelda didn't they? Or just take a look at Minecraft and the cult classic appeal it has. Nevermind the hundreds of extremely successful indie games that look like something straight out of the 80's.To me personally graphics matter a great deal. As does music, gameplay, dialogue choices, character depth, and a few other things. A really good 9/10+ game needs to have all of them. I've been a gamer since the early 90's and I just can't immerse myself in a game that looks like something out of my childhood anymore.But any person who is dense enough to think everything has to be like they want and fuck everyone else, is just an idiot. The very thought of playing Minecraft or Noita or any pixel trash really makes me want to vomit. But I'm glad they are there for those who like them. The industry as a whole benefits from there being many different kinds of games. As they all influence one another in various ways, and together push gaming forward. More importantly, someone else having fun doing something I wouldn't like, has no impact on my life. Why would I want to control them over that?

>>637592914He wouldn't be allowed to play the game on an emulator on his stream.

>>637592319You can't talk to cultists. Don't bother with him.

>>637593558>no rebuttalExplain to me how that's not industry standard.

>>637555714>even if he’s 100% righthe isn’t though, he’s a garbage eceleb with shit opinions.

>>637554997>uh, umm, ughh... pffftmmppplplpl... derp derp... hhuuhhffff huughh... i mean... uhgghgffpppflfpfpppff

>>637555993>>637556172>>637556289Damn, I volunteered in my early 20's to help kids with special needs and even they had better reading comprehension then most of you stupid fucksThe literal ONLY take-away from that excerpt is that Nintendo is a billion dollar company that produced a literal carbon-copy reskin of a game that took 6 years of developement, uses the same map, the same assets, the same engine, and is running on the exact same hardware as the first game but runs at a very unstable 30 FPS and looks like a PS2 game in several areasWe really need some kind of mandatory yearly testing for things like reading comprehension and the like so you idiots would just get euthanized when you so blatantly fucking fail

>>637554997>i mean yea, the mechanics are cool and things like that, but this is kinda phoning it in, in my opinionreducing the entirety of the gameplay to "and things like that" while complaining the game doesn't have voice acting all over the place.framerate concerns are valid but nintendo has never targeted framerate or implied that they do, whereas shit happens like the PS4 devs said "60FPS minimum" and look how that turned out

If you released a ps4 exclusive today and it looked like absolute garbage, ran 480p, 20fps would it too be eligible to get 10/10's from reviewers?you're not reviewing THE GAME after all, you're just accepting the platform limitations despite the year it comes out and the competition around that you could play instead

>>637556682>What's retarded to me is that how people can defend Elden Ring after this title.In 37 years of history Zelda never came close to even the left foot of any soulsbornekiroring game in term of combat, enemies, bosses.That's how people can defend Elden Ring after this title.Drooling mongoloid retard tendie.

Attached: 1659638285852961.png (640x480, 334.2K)

>>637554997Fuck off brotherman

>>637584071Didn't know he was a bitch like this.Unfollowed.Spread this shit.

>>637556947He was even harder on the Fire Emblem game in January.

>>637554997>wears witcher 3 shirt>complains about fun game because it runs at sub 4klollmao

>>637595795>game was """"fun"""">10/10Now tell me about other games that you played on your high end pc

>>637595795yes 720p is sub 4kkek

>>637594830>That's how people can defend Elden Ring after this title.so you're saying that people literally only conceive of gameplay as combat and not navigation, problem-solving or puzzles? good to know

>>637593683>bro this other game sucks so it's fine that the game I am invested in sucksThere are good games. Some which are made by literal nobodies.

>>637595919Yes, but the point is that it means he values graphics over gameplay.

>The Twitch streamer X who got payed 20k to play the game X told me the game is good and he likes it.The absolute state of the people who daily watching and giving money to this streamers

>>637595941>so you're sayingI'm saying what i'm saying.Do you have problem reading?Is that why people consider you mentally retarded?

>>637596038I'm just saying it's retarded that eceleb fag says the game isn't living to industry standards. I agree the performance sucks. I don't really give a fuck about voice acting personally but can see why someone would.ToK for me is a 8/10. Performance is middling especially in handheld mode but the game is enjoyable and certainly better than AAA tripe released these days.

>>637554997he's partly right. there's NO excuse for nintendo to not be able to achieve 60fps as a standard. I could understand if this was a third party studio's first attempt, and they were unfamiliar with the limitations, or, perhaps even outright incompetent, like gamefreak, but that's not the case. they KNOW how weak the hardware is, they KNOW where the limits are, and they STILL fucked it up.

>>637596041Only a game with good graphics and good gameplay, good voice acting, music, plot etc. deserve best scoresIf you got most elements well done good job, heres a nice 9/10 as a consequence.If you fuck up visuals, then you fuck up voice acting, plot is for children and will never be even mentioned because its so throwaway, mc looks like a tranny but gameplay is okay you prob dont deserve the highest scores.

I don't care about graphics but the game is ugly and runs like shit and that is bad

>>637596160>mentally retarded?Nta but as opposed to what? Are you fucking retarded?

>>637554997>the framerate is poorPerfectly valid and understandable statement

>>637596359>Only a game with good graphics and good gameplay, good voice acting, music, plot etc. deserve best scoresGood graphics != graphical fidelity or 4K

>>637554997He's 100% correct.


>>637596554resolution isn't even that important but framerate absolutely is. a solid 30 is fine for a handheld but 60 is basically mandatory on bigger screens.

>american has a retarded opinionsky bluegrass green

>>637554997I could understand the argument somewhat if he complained about the lack of gameplay in garbage like sony games but he doesn't so his opinion is worthless>Oh no the video game didn't do the movie parts good but did the gameplay good so it's garbageWhat kind of retarded logic is this?If a song sounded like how i sing in the shower but the music video was directed by tarantino will any sane person call it a good song? nopeGamers are the only group of people that hate the main part and attraction of their hobby.

>>637556682Because you're an obnoxious piece of shit and I don't even want to defend Zelda if it means sharing a thread with you? I will gladly be contrarian against everything, if you are a part of the fandom.You console warring fanboys make me sick to my stomach.

>>637554997There is a bar that has been set with graphics. We really shouldn't be tolerating these blurry pieces of shit that come out now. The webms I've been seeing of the new zelda are so blurry they look almost PS2. Then the framerate is just... are we making better hardware or not? I'm sick of this shit, are we making better consoles or are we repackaging N64s because why the fuck do they still run like shit?

>>637596859performance(fps), story and gameplay(combat) are the 3 pillars of vidya. if a game does 2 out of 3 well it's a good game.

>>637596859You know people own hardware and can play games that look goodBut more to the point why is this dlc that reused first games assets full pricedThis would literally never fly if done by any other publisher.

ToTK is $74 (AUD)Street Fighter 6 is $99Diablo IV $75I don't get you guys' arguments about pricing

>>637597265Terraria is objectively better than all of that trash, and it costs only 10 dollars. lmao @ AAA movie games.

>>637556682souls games have actual gameplay unlike retarded nintendo kiddie shit

>>637597053Nope gameplay is more like 75%>fpsDoesn't matter much, it's not a competitive shooter.>>637597058>dlcHas more mechanics than all sony first party walking sims combined> full pricedIt doesn't matter if it's reused assets or if they made it while shitting on toilet and wanking, it's a great game that shits on the majority of modern games so it desrves the full price

>>637597601I hate the retards who say that fps only matters for competitive games. Like what the fuck the fluidity is directly tied to the visuals. If fps is higher then it is graphically better too. Like try to imagine your irl "fps" being reduced drastically. Would you just tell people that eh it's fine I don't do competitive sports lol and be like nothing happened??

>>637597601I have to assume people shitting on other games only own a switchModern games look incredible, we got raytracing, its fun to experience really immersive and beautiful environments.

>>637597759Don't bother arguing with these cultists. They hate all non-nintendo games and don't even own PCs. It's not like they have any position to argue from, as if they had any kind of impartiality.

>>637555714the post that destroyed the Snoyggers

>>637597759Because it doesn't really matter, fps only matter when you really need that split second reaction time, do you really need that in Zelda?>>637597932I literally never owned a nintendo console and emulated all their games with pc, it's just fps truly doesn't matter much with games like zelda>>637597897>Modern games look incredible, we got raytracing, its fun to experience really immersive and beautiful environments.Gameplay?

he doesnt say graphics only, he literally points out theres only 1 voiced line per npc within the first 15 minutes of the gameyou stupid fan boys omfg

>>637598083>I literally never owned a nintendo console and emulated all their games with pc, but I hate every single PC game ever made and only Nintendo makes good gamesImagine saying this kind of stupid crap and expecting people to take you seriously.

says that while wearing his cyberpunk shirt, which he gave GOTY, and said it was a great game

>>637598229let me guess you never played cp

>>637597601>Nope gameplay is more like 75%Okay but if the game is even somewhat action-y FPS is directly tied to the gameplay. Trying playing any bullet hell game at 20fps.

>>637598181>but I hate every single PC game ever made and only Nintendo makes good gamesWhere did i say that you fucking retard?but in this era only nintendo and fromsoft and to a lesser extent capcom make good games.

>>637598393>where did I say that you fucking retard>proceeds to say exactly thatSee, the problem with your statement is that you need to prove that you've played every single game released. If you haven't, then you're quite literally complaining about games you've never played.



>>637554997He's right, the least they could do is add voice acting. Most of the voices in the game are the same shit as Hollow Knight, an indie game. When voice actors are used they are trash like Zelda rather than kino stage actors like From. From is not bigger than Nintendo. Surprised to hear this from Cohh but he's right. Nintendo is lazy and greedy.

Attached: 20230517142319_1.jpg (2560x1440, 340.37K)

>>637598369obviously yeah but i only said competitive shooters it's the only popular genre that needs the very high fps.>>637598576Where did i say in that post that every pc game is shit you fucking retard?my top 10 isSekiroMGS2SH2FFXElden ringGTA IVMajora maskRE4God HandTotkBut sure i'm a nintendo fanboy that hate pc games somehow

>>637598324me? no never haha thanks for a-asking mr glow

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>>637598776I haven't played Breath of the Wild or Tears of the Kingdom, so I don't know about them, but I would not want voice acting in Hollow Knight. Not everything needs to have it.

>>637598897You said Pizza Tower is shit because it's not made by Nintendo, so everything you said goes right in the dumpster.

>>637599035I'm not saying it needs it, Hollow Knight is a gigakino for the ages, but TotK uses the same system despite being a supposedly AAA game from Nintendo. It's just laziness. Even if Shitendo fixed the game I still would not play it because link is an androgynous blob not a heroic male and that's what Aonuma wants.

>>637592951Xenoblade 1 and the conclusion 2 are such good games, shame we only ever got those two Xenoblade games.

>>637554997>Uh, for a company of this size, the fact that it's not like you know, fully voice acted is a hugeIs full voice acting really that important to people. It's not really something I even think about.I guess with how stupid the general population is becoming, reading a few lines of dialogue would be seen as a legit hassle.

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>>637599131Are you lost or something? your post is literally the first time pizza tower is mentioned in this thread>>637592951There's 0 interactions with the world so this comparision is dumb

>>637599370AI will save us, we don't need to pay shitty liberal voice actors anymore. I wish AI would take over and only allow humans who offer utility to exist.

>>637599370Its something you dont even think aboutIf a character speaks to you its voice acted, obviously. UNLESS you cant afford it because you're an indie dev.

>>637598897>competitive shooters it's the only popular genreno, not at all. the only genre that doesn't need high(more than 30 fps) framerates is something like telltale adventures.

>>637599370He's a streamer, he doesn't want to read text out loud, you'll hear his stutter and he'll feel embarrassed.

I think he is right however he at the same time loves diablo IV and other companies that are worse in every regard he pointed out just to mention a few, Cyberpunk 2077, mass effect Andromeda, Fallout 76, etc. So he is just looking for excuses to not like the game and just trow a sad explanation to justify himself. he could just say I don't like it not my game and be over with it.

>>637554997A rare good Cohh Carnage take. Nintendo is a shitty lazy company.

>>637556685Only if you are a graphics whore. If you do not care about mah graphics and are reasonable about performance it just works.

hey brotherman thanks for the dono bomb

>>637599458>but in this era only nintendo and fromsoft and to a lesser extent capcom make good games.You have a really short term memory.

>>637592951If you did a similar 4k screenshot of totk it would look better.

>>637599476>AI will save us, we don't need to pay shitty liberal voice actors anymore.My point is I don't see why games need to be fully voice acted. That's more of a presentation choice, imo.>>637599506I honestly can't tell what you're trying to say. You think all dialogue in a game should be accompanied by voice acting if the developer can afford it?

>>637555714>GoW combatThis new zelda game doesn't even have actual combat mechanics, please someone post the webm of a guy beating every enemy with a club.>walkie talkieAs opposed to near zero voiced sequences for any story segment in ToTK?>hidden loading timesWhen a game has actual assets to load, it requires little tricks like that to make the game more seamless.

>>637554997I don't give a fuck what streamers have to say. They're always the dumbest assholes. Just stick to making loud noises and overreactions. Perform like a clown.

>>637599764>I honestly can't tell what you're trying to say. You think all dialogue in a game should be accompanied by voice acting if the developer can afford it?Its just something that happens with modern development standards.Theres no design philosophy where you forgo voice acting to make the game better.

>>637599614>he's right, but he's not rightShut up nigger.

>>637598776I totally agree, but it's not a game breaking thing. And he is wrong about graphics, some things like volumetric fog, physics, grass and draw distance are better than in most modern game. Sure, lods change too close, textures are too blurry, but what they did is great for a switch hardware.

>>637598083>fps only matter when you really need that split second reaction timeBUT IT AFFECTS HOW FLUID THE IMAGE IS. How is that not directly related to the image quality = graphics!!? Also I am not saying that you NEED high fps. I am saying that IT MAKES THE GAME LOOK BETTER.

>>637599940>I can't read.

>>637588579Ragnarok is a noticeable step down in practically every conceivable metric compared to GoW 2018.

I hate GRAFFIX but FPS should be a priority. Consistent 60FPS should be the industry minimum in my opinion.

>>637599992>>637600017it all comes down to reviewers giving the game a pass because of the platform limitationsbut the game is still RELATIVELY worse than other games with better visuals, fps, resolution yet it still gets 10/10 because they ignore that it is literally worse

>>637599938>Theres no design philosophy where you forgo voice acting to make the game better.Are you implying AAA devs choosing to not focus on voice acting inherently makes their game worse? That's silly.Again, it fall more in line with choice in presentation, like a game's artstyle, or how the devs choose to tell a narrative.

>>637555587Dude it runs like ass

>>637600327>Are you implying AAA devs choosing to not focus on voice acting inherently makes their game worse? That's silly.What AAA devs do that? AAA means all dialogue is voice acted.

>>637599513I don't think i would do better in zelda with fps higher than 30, souls definitely need at least 45 but more than 60 wouldn't matter, character action don't know i played dmc5 at 60 and bayo3 at 30 and i was better at bayo3>>637599708i'm talking about real big companies like EA Square, bllizard, sony studios that constantly release games, there's a lot of good games released by smaller companies likeHades, ori, signallis, cuphead and more>>637600017The thing is graphics don't matter, maybe if sony or xbox release games as good and look better i would understand, but they don't so you're just complaining about something worthless.

>>637600318But it not worse. It has better grass, physics, draw distance and fog than most games like elden ring.

>>637600318>better visuals, fps, resolutionIt's your hardware issue, get a better cpu.

>>637554997>hordes of tendies defending dynamic 720p 20fps in 2023 ITTjesus christ

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>>637600517 post a screenshot example to illustrate your point? thanks

>>637600327Don't they actually have voice actors in this game? But it's just that they say few lines and then the rest is just "huh" "hmmh" "aha" with text. That just tells that they had voice actors but instead of paying them to voice all lines they cheaped out.....youtu.be/2yNsJDqAdzw?t=76

schizo thread

>>637600514>all non-nintendo games are dogshit!>um... I mean that only these companies make good games>um, I don't hate indies, I promiseYou cultists are insane.

>>637600401>What AAA devs do that?Nintendo, I guess. But again, that's a more a presentation choice on their part.>AAA means all dialogue is voice acted.AAA is just the general scope of the budget, not a dictation on how a game's presentation should be designed.By your logic all AAA games should also be aiming for hyper-realism graphics.

>>637600816I wouldnt call a game that looks like totk an "AAA" game like I wouldnt call any ps2 looking game release today an AAA game. Its just not up to standards you expect from the industry in general.You can call it a presentation decision but if players hate it, it doesnt really change the fact its lazy.

>>637600658>That just tells that they had voice actors but instead of paying them to voice all lines they cheaped out.....Sounds less like "cheaping out" and more like they thought it would make the localization process easier if most of the voice acting consisted of universal mumbles.

>>637600816WELL if a game has bad graphics and no voice acting then it is not on a big budget. But yet they sell it for 60 moneys... Nintendo is basically selling B studio games as triple A.

>>637601186And also skipping localization isn't cheaping out? aha ok.

>>637600636It would take me too much time to setup emu on this pc right now. Just enter any regular cave and hit fog with a weapon. It reacts to movement like physX fog. Most modern games don't do this stuff anymore. Grass in zelda is simply better than most modern games, where you clearly see multiple flat sprites with barely any movement that doesn't even cover the ground. And physics do not break when you glue stuff together and even realistically bend sometimes, again that's too much for most modern games.

>>637554997It's a song as old as time, "my favorite platform can't compete anymore so all games should look like shit so I don't have to upgrade"

>>637600626It's one of the most technically impressive video games of all time running on ancient decade old mobile hardware.And somehow despite being roughly 2x the size of BOTW, and being on the same hardware, it runs better than BOTW.

>>637600716>all non-nintendo games are dogshit!literally never said that, i said totk shit on the majority of modern games which it does so it desrves the full price.>um... I mean that only these companies make good games>um, I don't hate indies, I promiseWhen people say gaming is shit they always mean big companies you fucking autist

>>637601512not true, BotW never hits the framerate lows TotK does with ultrahand unless we count the wiiu version which no one cares about

>Holla Forums is so contrarian they are actually defending and agreeing with CuckCarnage, the king of goyslop and shilling himselfGrim state of affairs on this board.

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>>637601603>have opinion>find out that someone else has the same opinion and I don't like themOHNOOOOOOOOO

>>637601552>but in this era only nintendo and fromsoft and to a lesser extent capcom make good games.>ONLY >ONLY>ONLY

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>>637601024>I wouldnt call a game that looks like totk an "AAA" gameAgain, AAA is about budget, not looks. This just sound like an underage mentality.>if players hate it, it doesnt really change the fact its lazyHow do those two aspects even correlate? Would the choice to not chase realistic graphics also be considered lazy?>>637601235>WELL if a game has bad graphics and no voice acting then it is not on a big budgetA game can still have a AAA budget without the bloat that comes from funding voice acting and chasing high-tier graphics.

>>637601603wtf are you even talking about? he takes money from stupid game companies and then shits on the ones he hates. seems pretty based to me.

>>637601324It's not if the budget that would have allocated for said potential localization is used somewhere else. That's how game development works.

>>637601597Ultrahand lag only persists the first half a second or so that you activate it. Other than that, TOTK has better frame pacing and performance on the whole. It has better draw distance, it has better shading, it has better shadows. You bring up quite literally the 2% of the time that the game is slightly worse than BOTW, while ignoring the other 98% of the game

>>637601603>NOW game journalists and e-celebs are badWhere was this attitude in the threads jerking off edge and kotaku for their TOTK scores?

>>637601919bro we've seen the digital foundtry video, we know that's bullshit

>>637554997the truth people are afraid to hear, as he isnt a shill

>>637601920They are always bad faggot.

>>637554997he literally had to delete youtube videos cause of people commenting "why dont you like this game?"

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>>637601781I would call AAA a standard of presentation. I dont play or experiene a budget, I experience the presentation. Aka visual fidelity, density and quality of assets, systems, voice acting, cinematic direction, you need high budget to achieve those but if you get a high budget and fail to meet standards other triple A games set it doesn't mean the presentation is AAA quality just because you wasted a lot of money.

>>637602124>except when they give my favorite game high scores :))))))

>>637601781>A game can still have a AAA budget without...So where does that budget go then lol? Into their own pockets?

>>637602141He pulled them because he was acting like a whiny asshole.Goes against his wholesome streamerman grift.

>>637601603>this guy is bad therefore he is wrong.Shut up. At least he is not wrong about voice acting, there is no reason why nintendo couldn't do it. Larian is a much smaller company, but do it for a gigantic non linear rpg with a 1000 times more dialog lines.

>>637601727I honestly don't know if you're trolling or that fucking dumb but heredictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/only>used to show that there is a single one or very few of something, or that there are no others>Only Sue and Mark bothered to turn up for the meeting.>only nintendo and fromsoft and to a lesser extent capcom

look at this when you think games aren't reviewed by paid shills.>Deathloop

Attached: 1669244305527016.jpg (1080x1080, 912.1K)

>>637602221You mean he moderated his comment section and cba dealing with a bunch of screaming children? Yeah, what an asshole.

>>637602351>DeathloopI honestly forgot that game existed. It came and went like a bad fart. A lot of my friends were super hyped and people talked about it like it was the second coming of amazing games then it just disappeared.

>>637602345So why didn't you even bother to say that indies also made good games? You purposely excluded them, and you got called out for being a shitposting fanboy. Don't get angry at me.

>>637555714>walkie talkie sequencesI fucking hate these. Just give me a cutscene I can skip. It's not even about ignoring a story. Sometimes I don't even want to replay a game because it's filled with these while being unskippable.

>>637602141>This game didn’t grab me but Redfall did

you know, it's funny: the best "games" of 2023 will probably be pizza tower or armored core 6. not TOTK, not Starfield, not Diablo 4.


>it's that one cyberpozz faggot that has an NPC in the gaym

Attached: [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fy8a40m.mp3].webm (720x480, 2.9M)

It's time to admit Majora's Mask was a much better "sequel" than TOTK is for BOTW.

>>637602532That's a given because game journalists won't even give them the time of day, and since they're gonna be multiplats, console warriors hate them too.Infact, there isn't a single Zelda fan on this entire website who likes Armored Core. "it's too videogamey" and "there's not enough waifus, fucking SJW shit" according to them.

>>637602532>starfield>coming out in 2023

>>637602151>I would call AAA a standard of presentation.You can keep saying that if you want, but, again, AAA dictates the scope of the game's budget, not your personal opinion of what a game's presentation is supposed to be like.>>637602215It goes into other aspects of the game and the tech behind it, I imagine.

>come to Holla Forums>sony fans shill TLOU2 as the best game ever, it's not>nintendo fans shill TOTK as the best game ever, it's notwhy does no one here have honest discussions about videogames?

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>>637601603Games running below 30 fps should not be accepted in todays age. Get your head out of your ass your retarded niggerfaggot.

Attached: 1683953409227575.gif (214x205, 17.3K)

>>637602784Where in the FUCK do you think you are?

>>637602664Soulsniggers have never played AC either dumbass

>>637602532true but those 3 will make more money

>>637602497Because again you autist, when people say modern gaming is shit they always mean big companies, i don't have to list all the rare indies i liked before saying it

>>637602784Most Holla Forums users are children who follows specific brands as religions.

>>637555714Facts, I hate these snoy movie nigger games that people on here pretend to like. Order 1886 was chalked full of this bullshit and its why not a single person on this board even remembers it. Yet it was all "graphics" back then.

>>637602784totk is the best game ever if you cant afford to buy a modern gaming systemNo other game exist for switch owners to compete with it

>>637602895But you don't like indies. You literally called me a retard and an autist, just because I liked Pizza Tower.oops!

>>637602903the only Holla Forums threads i've seen that are not fanboy bullshit are Subnautica or KCD threads.

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>>637555148Yeah, don't complain about the graphics or muh voice acting and muh cinematic experience. Complain about being forced to pay full price for a glorified expansion pack.

>>637602532And BG3

>>637602784Tell me what's your best game ever.

I mean, it's a hardware issue. I can emulate botw at 4k 120fps with extra draw distance and better anti-aliasing no problem. I don't have some state of the art computer or anything, and the game looks and plays beautifully. I try to always get games on their original hardware, but what's the point in this case?

>>637554997HOLY BASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!!!I only watched clips of this dude before, saw he had some good taste in vidya, but this? God damn man. I fucking kneel.Too bad that I think he isnt big enough that this comment will actually bother Nintendo babies, but still pretty based and a 100% true. Nintendo been selling games by names alone for like a decade now. If it didnt have Zelda, Mario, or Pokemon in the name it wouldnt sell shit.


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>>637602961it's not even the best zelda game you can play on a switch, that's still OOT.

>>637602784the honest discussions tend to die off because they're too niche

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>>637603429The point of playing and hyping games is to enjoy the community around it so only recent releases apply.

>>637602784I hate consolefags so much. I like some things about totk and tlou, and hate other, but can't discuss it here, everyone either calls me a snoy or a tendie.

>>637603541One long term issue on 4chan is there not being a dedicated pc only boardNo need to shill your console exclusives there, but you do on Holla Forums

>>637554997These retards only care about voice acting since it means they don't have to read out text and keep their audience engaged. They only care about games in the context of "stream value" as entertainers.

>>637602141I mean that would obviously happen. Nintendofags cant handle anyone criticizing their perfect games.

>>637556131No he’s not.

let's be objective here:god of war ragnarok is basically the same game as the first, and is not worth $70.TOTK is basically the same game as the first, and is not worth $70.Diablo 4 is basically Diablo 3 and is not worth $70.

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>>637603758How having a voice over would make it a worse game? They could make it an optional download.

>>637554997There's literally nothing wrong with what he said.

>>637603976Just don't buy them if you think that price is too much for you. I only bought re4 and bg3 in the last few years, pirated the rest. Still, I enjoy emulating totk.

>unironically still giving Nintendo your moneyI havent since I got a WiiU. Never again. If theres a game I am curious about, I just emulate it.I did spend 80h on BoTF (half those hours were probably climbing walls tho), and from what I have seen this ~sequel~ is just the game map but with Gmod building system?Nah. I can spend the time playing actual good games.

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>>637603995Why do you need voice acting so badly. Are you a part of the rising brown generation that can barely read?

>>637604138it's not the price, it's the recycling.

>>637604252Maybe I have a bad sight, or I want to hear cute girls asking me for help, or maybe I am a streamer and I don't want to spend hours voicing over characters, etc. It would cost nintendo literally nothing to do it, stop defending them.

>>637604510I'm not defending Nintendo, I'm making fun of your underage illiteracy.

>>637555714>99% of that shit can be fixed with a next-gen releaseI agree. I once bought a car whose engine died the first day. The salesman told me not to worry because eventually engine production will be perfected.

youtu.be/6mkDl7-nGnI?t=845Aris said it best, price is part of the problem

>>637604470recycling is fine if you then sell the game for a more reasonable price since the gamers already saw the places and its objectively less valuable for them

>>637554997starfield will release with all the bells and whistles and wont get nearly as much praise

>>637604785this 100% should have been DLC. But why sell $30 DLC when you can charge $70?

>>637601603even a broken clock

>>637604595You lost your argument, so the only thing you can do is to make things personal, what a loser.

>>637605424My initial post >>637604252 was already "personal" you retarded ape. Work on your reading comprehension.I guess that's why you need voice acting so badly.


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>>637605668Yeah, you lost it back then, niger. Don't reply to me.

>>637605793couldnt they just release switch 2 alreadywhat SoC are they waiting for? 3nm?

hes one of those fags who thinks its not "real zelda" not sure why he made all these excuses. they will never make another OoT again the formula burned out long ago.

Seems retarded to expect any of that on Switch. You saw the game this is a sequel to already, the one that uses the same engine and is on the same console. Why would you think it'd be a generational gap performance on that same underpowered console?

>>637602532Pizza Tower and Wario Land 4 blow. Straight up worse games than Wario Land 2, 3, or Wario World, purely speedrun bait.

>>637554997Yeah, weird for a company to work under a reasonable budget and make a consistent profit. They should go balls deep into graphics and pay out the nose for all 100+ unique and named NPCs to be voiced by individual celebrities. Surely ballooning the budget to 3x the size will result in a 3x increase in revenue and will DEFINITELY be worth the extra year or two of collective salaries.

>>637558145Jesus christ this game is ugly


>>637556609>too video game-y>too video game-y>too video game-y>you don't actually like video games?

leave 2023 to me.

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>>637602532>Fromfag has to bring his faggy ass out to suckle on Miyazaki's tiny Asian penisYikes.

>>637607059why are you so obsessed over dicks user

>>637554997Indeed. The audience is retarded. While i agree that their hardware could be a little bit better, their focus is making games with new mechanics, interactions and make it fun. They understand what their audience likes, and try to make it as best as possible. These kinds of games require you to be immersed and focused on it to complete it. To think, explore, wonder.The modern low IQ normie cannot comprehend this, all their tiny brain can think is "MUH GRAPHICS, MUH WALK AND TALK AND TALK AND TALK", have a big checklist for them to sleepwalk through as they listen to a streamer or stupid youtube essay on the second monitor.I don't even have a switch and pirated BoTW, but was blown away by it.

>>637600514The thing is graphics don't matter, maybe if sony or xbox release games as good and look better i would understand, but they don't Microsoft released Ori and the will of the wisps and looks miles better than any 2D game ever released, has native 4k and 120fps support on Xbox series X. Things you can only dream about on switch or even most PC. How about that?

>>637554997I sort of agree but kind of don't at the same time. Games don't need better graphics, art style does most of the heavy lifting, what we need is engines that developers are trained properly to utilize. Games need to target a specific resolution and guarantee it can hold 30 or 60 depending on which resolution it targets. Graphics themselves mean nothing if the game struggles with producing a clear image in motion, or if played on a panel size it was never intended for. 720p is perfectly fine for very small screen panels while also being much easier to run, but once you blow this up onto 1080/1440/4k it loses an absolute ton of it's quality and looks terrible. On top of this developers like to hide imperfections with fog and motion blur so the end result is basically a garbled blurry mess. It is embarassing that the industry is focusing on reinventing the wheel with realtime lighting and shadows when developers and their offered hardware+software combinations cannot even handle producing 720p30 or 1080p60 reliably across the board. The priorities are completely backwards.