Why do people make earthbound clones about depression?

Why do people make earthbound clones about depression?

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Write what you know.There just so happen to be a lot a depressed losers that grew up playing Earthbound right now.

Why don't people make starbound clones about meira?

>>637550746i hate indie games so much

>>637550746Name five

>>637550968I can't, i just needed an excuse to make this thread.

Why you feel like you have to do this stealth thread?

>>637551950Why not?

>>637550746Because not all games can be about the impossible love between a man and his 2d waifu that are seperated by the endless distance between the worlds.

>>637551987Alright, why stealth thread? I bet it will no even work the way you want it to work.

>>637550746It's unrealistic when depressed boys don't end up suck stating a shotgun

I would marry the fuck out of Parsee

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>>637550746Honestly most of these games have very little in common with Earthbound besides the JRPG essentials like being turn-based or having party members

>>637550746Why is Reisen blushing?

>>637550746Because you're a retard. But it's what I expect from a touhoufag.

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Earthbound is my childhood game. I'm currently developing a video game. It will NOT be about depression because I've never been depressed in my life. Post a Kanmari. She doesn't scare me.

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>>637550746>earthbound clones about depressionWhy did this become a meme? What other is there besides Omori?

>>637553182Even Omori is debatable since it's more about guilt, depression just comes with the territory

>>637553182It's a forced meme snoys made after a similar joke mocking AAA games


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Shota thread?

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No crying until the end.

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>>637552982Post bobs and game

>>637550968>>637553182OmoriBlacked SoulsYEEKUndertaleLisaFear & HungerHylicsYume NikkiWorld of HorrorOneShotDepression QuestCthulhu Saves the WorldArtificial Dream in Arcadia

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>>637550746millenials who peaked in the 90s and won't shut up about it.

>>637554132>Depression QuestHtml files are Not videogames

>>637554329Depression Quest has a win state and a lose state and a scoring system, it's more of a game than any walking simulator

>>637553512I'd prefer a Yuyuko thread

>>637550746>Artificial Dream in ArcadiaWhat

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Because only depressed people would care about earthbound in 2023


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Because it's original, profound, and has never been done before.

>>637552676ok but why?isn't she always Jealous of everything?and doesn't she eat people? like legit Chomping down on someone's leg?

>>637555183yes to all three


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>>637555482Tsubakura would NEVER do that.

>>637555027usami skirt too short

Soooo I like drinking tea while playing perfect cherry blossom. Am I the only one?


>>637555775it's not short enough

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>>637550968>>637553182Nta but there are plenty of rpg maker games about depression(they are not earthbound clones since they don't usually have turn based fighting mechanics), so in a way he is not wrong.

>>637555904I will fuck the zoomer called Sumireko. I will put my white semen inside her delicious pussy. She will like it. She might even scream in delight. An "OH YES ANOOOON" will depart from her sweet lips

Can we please have a "regular" touhou thread now?


Dick size of a touhou fan:8================> Dick size of a len'en fan:8=====>Dick size of a 07 fan:8=>Dick size of a Sarai fan:Discuss.


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>>637556526What would be my dick size if I am female?


Why do people make Wario land inspired Platformers about actual fun gameplay?

>>637554132More than half of those aren't about depression and not even close to Earthbound. Forced meme.

>>637555990Using RPGmaker games shat out by a single guy in a week to define "indie" is retarded

>>637554132I will slap you.

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>>637556956>>637557031Tbh I just like touhou. I don't really care about anything else so could just leave or something?

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>>637557393quirky SMT inspired rpg...

Meira balls


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>>637557482Jarpigs are not RPGs.

>>637556526Dick size of Touhou futa on Len'en shota connoisseur:$$_______________________________________________\_)(__)_)

>>637557393It's just some cheeky banter m8

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>>637558008>8008Haha boobies

>>637558402she doesn’t look like that.

>>637554132YIIK is literally a masterpiece and the correct gif is pic related

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>>637558476was never proven in a court of law

Test sagume

>>637558402Chubby Chirru

>>637558008What about Jarpregs

>>637558402>>637558476>>637558954I look exactly like that and I am a guy.

>>637559031Your mother was pregnant with you at some point.

>>637559049Present those J cups then, sånny Jim

>>637559296No, you pervert


[Intro music plays]Jo'on Yorigami (Jo'on): What's up, fairies? It's your girl, Jo'on Yorigami, and today we have something truly epic in store for you! In this video I'm about to embark on a mind-blowing philanthropic challenge that will change the lives of not one, not two, but a whopping 9,000 fairies out there![Cut to a crowd of excited fairies]Jo'on: Now, you may be wondering, "Jo'on, what's the deal? What's the challenge?" Well, hold on tight because this one is all about learning—specifically, learning math! We're about to take 9,000 fairies who have never experienced the wonders of mathematics and turn them into math wizards! Are you ready?[Fairies cheer]Jo'on: That's the spirit! But wait, there's more! I'm not just gonna leave you hanging with some boring textbooks or tedious lectures. No, no, no! We're gonna make this fun, engaging, and downright magical![Cuts to a classroom-like setup with fairies sitting at desks]Jo'on: Fairies, feast your eyes on this incredible math wonderland we've created just for you! We've got colorful charts, interactive games, and even flying numbers—this place is like a fairytale brought to life![Fairies gasp in amazement]Jo'on: But that's not all. To help us out, we've assembled an all-star team of math experts who are ready to guide you on this incredible journey of numbers. We're talking fairies who have aced calculus, algebra, and geometry like it's a walk in the park![Cuts to fairies dressed as math teachers, looking enthusiastic]

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Anybody here makng MMD animations?Haven't used the software since 2013, are there any plugins or tools that assist or make the process easier because no fucking way I'm doing FK shit in 2013+10

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>>637559594Jo'on: Now, here's the deal, fairies. We're gonna take you from zero to math heroes in no time. We'll start with the basics—addition, subtraction, multiplication, division—building a solid foundation for you to conquer any math challenge that comes your way![Fairies nod eagerly]Jo'on: But here's the twist—every time you solve a math problem correctly, we've got something special for you! It could be a magical fairy wand, a glittery crown, or even a never-ending supply of fairy dust![Fairies cheer with excitement]Jo'on: That's the spirit! We believe in you, fairies! And guess what? When we reach our goal of 9,000 math-savvy fairies, we're gonna celebrate like there's no tomorrow! We'll throw the biggest, wildest, and most epic fairy party the world has ever seen! You don't want to miss that![Fairies cheer louder]Jo'on: So, fairies, are you ready to unleash the power of math? Are you ready to join me on this incredible journey of learning, excitement, and making history? Let's do this![Fairies cheer and start solving math problems][Outro music plays]Jo'on: Thank you, fairies, for being a part of this extraordinary adventure! Remember, the power of knowledge is within each and every one of you. Together, we can achieve anything! Until next time, stay magical, stay curious, and keep learning![Video fades out]

>>637559594Mr Beast is the antichristJo'on is satanic

What's Reimu's tax policy?

>>637559594>>637559671This made me cry

>>637559689>characters that deal with moneysatanic>characters that have horns and are from hellnot satanic

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Junko isn't my favorite character, but her stage 6 boss fight and bullet patterns is the greatest in the series. I cannot beat her on legacy mode because of how often I shout "HOLY. FUCKING. KINOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO." while attempting to dodge her danmaku.

>>637559931I bet you'd love Len'en4


>>637559884Is she pregnant?

>>637550746It's not only the easiest story to write, but also it sells the most

>>637559931I like her having a goofy smile while in reality being the embodiment of revenge and purified resentment

>>637559990Suzumi isn't half as kino as Junko

>>637560021yeah, by me

>>637559884Suika is a watermelon, not a demonkasen is a hoor

Ancient Sumisexyanon Kokoro

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>>637560124>Got to watch the moon people get literally clowned onIn her state I'd be smiling too.

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>>637559931>spell that kills you if you don't guess to stand in the middle portion of the screen>static spell that consists of pressing left and right over and over again with nothing else going for it>dodging the same curvy laser pattern for a minute straight, more if you are low on [P]>the most bland timeout in the series, making you draw a square for another minute>a final spell that only gets hard for the last 10 seconds and makes you redo the easy part over and over again if you are playing the "intended" way HOLY KINO

Good morning, gaming ballers. Let's not be soulless as the quirky Earthbound inspired jarpiggy about depression.

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>>637550746Can’t you fags stay in /jp/?

>>637560548I have a question for you. Do you smile when you wake up? Are you happy to be alive?

>>637560548>16:05:21Stayed up gaming all night?

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>>637560548we need a quirky 2hu inspired shmup about schizophrenia

what even is the point of these threads?

No, Kasen is cute

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>>637560862what even is the point of your life?

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>>637560656They told me to leave /jp/ because I confessed my smelly balls fetish.

>>637560835That's basically Len'en BPoHC

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>>637560656>can't you fa-ACK ACK ACK ACK GULP GULP ACK GULP GULP GULP ACK>*splurt*>*splurt*>gulp>PICHUUN!!

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>>637561181>user gets stuck in Rumia's meat locker again

Sex with Shion

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Beeheeeheeegood joke Cirno! Behhheeeehheee. it’s so nice to spend time with you behehehehe yeah

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Do you remember when I said that I was gay? It was cap

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>>637560721Yes, why wouldn't I?>>637560784I'm still not fully well, motor skills still a little fucked but I'll be okay. So is my sleep schedule.>>637560835SA extra.

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>>637561598sex with the giant meira fumo

>>637561179youtu.be/pLsN30h2wWw?t=3089GOTHIC. ATMOSPHERE. EDGEKINO.

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>>637550746>omori flavored touhou thread>no feetWhat the fuck

>>637561887I know a lot of ballers that suffer from depression. Take care.

>>637561598Fumo sex with giant Meira.

>>637562047Bro that's ballers!

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Why can’t someone make a game inspired by Earthbound that’s actually like earthbound

>>637562223Already made, it’s called dark souls.

>>637562223Try fangames, there is a touhou one called Touhou Mother. I didn't play it though

>>637562047I suffered years back, now I'm better. I appreciate the concern still.

>>637561887Hahaha a月gus

>>637561887>>637562415Please play Among Us. It’s touhoulike kino.

>>637554132None of those play like eachother, you're a faggot

>>637561179>>637561890I like the mechanic of having different teams with the order of characters influencing dialogue and gameplay (basically IN done right). But the long ass stages with copypasted patterns make me want to kill myself.

>>637562508Some of them do though. They really do.

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>>637562564It's a game with many highs and many lows, i love how ambitious JynX got with the bosses but the stages are way too long and don't have enough armies/events to make it fresh. Especially with how many times you have to play the game to unlock the Extra, and after that the REAL Extra. I also appreciate the amount of banter he added to give each character a personality, something ZUN doesn't bother with. But yeah, he got too ambitious for his own good and to this day is still burnt out. If you didn't know there is a BPoHC "remaster" in the works, adding a Mitori/Sanra/Thefrogslugguy team and changing some stuff about the main game. JynX promised changes to the system at least.

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>>637562223omori actually fucking nails it without being a straight up clone like Oddity

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>>637552676I thought Parsee was from a different series altogether for the longest time. Probably because she lacks a hat.

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>>637562391*hugs* We are here for you. If you don’t have a family or friends you can always share your less private problems with us. I hope you won’t have to deal with anything similar in the future.

>>637563113I have pancreas issues and I can't digest waxy things like lettuce or tomato skins

>>637563854You are not missing that much

Would you watch a youtube video where a guy(me) tries to do every touhou dance portrayed in gifs and memes while wearing a kig?

>>637563854Digest this *Plap plap plap plap plap plap*

>>637564941No.But I would absolutely watch a video like this but for Touhou.

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>>637564978thanks, I HOPE YOU LIKE MARBLECAKE!

I see Meira as a challenge, more than anything. Here is a woman who, in every single aspect, is absolutely revolting - her exterior AND her personality - yet I can't help but wonder what would be like, to plunge balls-deep into her repeatedly.That's right. BALLS-deep. With no protection.I won't lie, I'm extraordinarily-hard while typing this. I want to grab this... thing... and that's what Meira is, let's not delude ourselves, a "thing"... by the hips and ram mercilessly in and out of her quivering, malformed cunt with the force of a gladiatorial chariot, while she makes stupid faces and contorts orgasmically, unable to control her bodily reactions even if she wanted to.I would erupt violently inside that corrupt and corrupting womb as though the entire fate of humanity depended on my seed penetrating the foul walls of one of her ovaries, the electrical fusion from this coupling creating the Antichrist, as our combined, guttural, Chewbacca-like roars shattered glass and walls alike around us, the house toppling down while we lay there in a filthy, disgusting mess.Yeah. I reckon Meira does it for me

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Was there an earthbound clones that talks about being happy?

>>637565108I would watch this too as long as its more than just reading the 2hu wiki aloud

>>637565395UndertaleAlthough the sequel is about depression


>>637565378BasedFinally someone gets it

>>637564941Only if you're cute.

>>637565740You wouldn’t know how I look behind the kig and my body is not that cute.

ludo server when?

Host Doom deathmatchNOW

>>637565868Amazon sells fullbody latex suits with penis pockets and fake vaginas

>>637550746who's the one on the top left and the one next to her with cat ears?

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>>637566383Shes blue and flies

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>>637566217My gfs

>>637566383She had a miscarriage so now she acts like a retard to hide her pain

>>637550746This weird thread again, deja vu

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>>637566383if you melt her down and drink her you will become her

>>637566649>maids are now a Sarai referencewoah

>>637566217Flandre.I assume the cat ears are actually a ribbon and its Yukari.

>>637566948but Flandre is already to the right of Satori too?

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>>637550746>>637554791Rimming Dream Reimu

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>>637566785Don't you know? Sarai invented zigzag patterns and maids, anything that copies Sarai should have reparations due to Sarai being the alpha and omega of any creative content.


>>637567267ops wrong quote im new lol>>637566989

>>637566764I don't want to be a baka fairy

>>637567194>Sarai invented zigzag patternsBros...

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The guy who made Sarai should have stolen a bunch of stuff from ZUN.

>>637567154What is the entirety of Touhou is just Sanae's imagination after taking LSD

>>637550864They’re the same old recycled garbage.

>>637567119Idk, maybe she's using her clonification ability

>>637567371it's okay newfriendwe all make mistakes

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>>637567835That's cause you're dyslexic user-sama

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>>637567803>yellow, blue and red (with horns) maskZUUUUUUUUN

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pic related is why.

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>Mindbroken already

I was doing work and accidently typed Meira.

>we have Meira roleplayers nowGood job. This will surely raise the quality of Touhou threads on Holla Forums. It surely won't incentivise mods to continue deleting Touhou threads on sight.These threads were some of the best just a few years ago. Thanks for dragging them through the Discord mud. Good job.

>>637568146no it dosent i can tell it has way too much sauce

>>637568252the post number is *right fucking there* you retard.

ZUN is not bussin anymore. I used to think he was kino but nowadays I think he is no longer based fr

>>637568546Nigger, where are you even seeing Meira roleplayer?

>>637567953I like how he is much fatter than his profile pic

>>637568697Of course he's not fr, he's jpfucking idiot

>>637568697he fell off no cap on god

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>>637568870If you post that one more time I will play among us.


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>>637569029not any of the people you're talking to but you can find the date and time WITH the post number.

>>637563379Why can't fkey make touhou art like this anymore?

>>637568146(You) look delicious

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>>637569215>Nobody will know the date and time unless [way to know the date and time]Retard

ENOUGH TALKRoster predictions!?

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Good evening, Yocchaners.

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>>637569215>Nobody will know the date and time unless they put the post number in the archive to find it.how are you going to complain about not being given information when you know exactly how to get that information

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>>637569290MY BONES

>>637569290Sumi>that makes no sen-I don’t care, Sumi or I plap ZUN.

>>637569360Good morning Moon Meira!

>>637569360It's not evening yet, Yocchanneler.

>>637569380Didn't read lolPost one more

>Behold, a man!

Attached: MANmizou.jpg (1536x2048, 696.86K)

>>637569380You're the kind of person who habitually embarrasses yourself, aren't you?

>>637569290Orin the sex catClownpiece the sex fairyKagerou the sex wolfReisen the sex bun

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>>637569290Parsee the sexless youkai

Good job, you guys mindbroke Sarai schizot hard

>>637569538Do evenings really have to start at exactly 18:00?

>>637569620that's a fat woman though

>>637569842Still would

>>637569842A man with a fat man face

>>637569901Haha gay

>All this schizopostingYou know what is a good outlet for mental illness? Drawings!!

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Attached: FivSg5LXEAc9S-y.jpg (1536x2048, 352.5K)

>>637570163i cant draw


Attached: 123368.png (249x254, 28.57K)

>>637570053Sorry I haven't been on 4chan for a while because of work related stuff. Is there some infamous Sarai user now?

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>>637550746Yeah, nowdays depression, anxiety, well the mental deseases that we all see being common now, are a point of maybe a point of interest among teens and overall the gaming comunity, but still i don't understand and don't like at all.Even the ending and plot of omori, why de fuk fake the suicide of your own sister dude and in the end feel good about telling that absurd truth ?! XDLike any fucking thing you want, just don't bother other people. that's what i think

>>637570186I would any kig. I love kiggers so much it’s insane. I might marry one


>>637570618Ehhh?! So just buying a kig would net me a marriage...?

>>637570676Yes. You do have to wear it a lot though

>>637570676I would marry you if you put on the Sanae kig

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>>637570902not mindbroken btw

>>637550746I want to be Satorin's horse husband!

>>637569290Tsukasa with a rocket launcher

>Saraiposter having a meltyIf only he could channel his anger and autism into more productive endeavors

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>nowEveryone says that.

So... where are these kigmers you speak of?

ERP with each other instead of sperging out, nerds

Who wants to play some PoFV?

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>>637571292change another pixel me too! me too!

>>637571493Not me sorry

>>637571440>off by 11111111Dumb Faerie

>>637571373ERPing is too straight unironically. I used to do it with my ex and a bunch of randos. But Holla Forums is not for straights.

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>>637571679that is blatantly a fucking child you sick freak

>>637572191So was my ex but legal in my country.

>>637572191Out of 10!!

>>637571340Kigs cost too much

>>637572191She's an apple and 90% sugar by weight

>>637571902/tg/ mods are the most awful mods on 4chan.


Attached: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.png (1049x801, 1.11M)

>>637571902damn it died so fast even the archive sites didn't have the /tg/ thread nabbed. what was going on over there?

>>637572191Ringo is a soldier so she's legal

trans right general

>>637572601Astronomical levels of asspain

>>637572679yes and?

You know posters like these >>637572542 end up on the rapelist

>>637572601Cirno get

Attached: cirno get.png (1898x655, 191.17K)

/jp/ drawfag delivered.

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>>637572818Kanako... looks like this?!

>>637572818>draw a boy>call it a girl


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meira i..........................

Attached: 1676536391625772.png (450x345, 91.74K)

Got this from /jp/Would you put your nose in there?

Attached: 1684358959997234.png (1200x850, 346.72K)



>>637573617I would not put my nose up Youmu's trap cock

I take it this ain't the thread.

Attached: 1682574869926844.jpg (850x892, 73.85K)

>>637574338What thread? Thread for the suicidal Japanese boy?

>>637574338>I take it this ain'*plaps you*

>>637574338Cute trap, would make a lovely pair with Youmu!


>>637574338This is a different bait thread, sorry.

Is it evening yet, Yocchaners?

>>637574652suck a dick, fag

>>637574924It's morning.

It is evening here.

Attached: 1670248418977654.png (1416x2000, 1.09M)

>>637572818Lovely abs!

>>637575071Why don't the moonbitches wear pants?

>>637575270They want easy access.

>>637575305They're married.

>>637575270>being forced to wear state-mandated thingsLet me guess your surname is Cucky.


>>637575365They're surrounded by horny rabbits.

>>637575270>>637575365Poorly designed whores.

>>637575750But enough about your 2hu.

>>637575270Only dykes and boys wear pants

Attached: 1500444867756.jpg (2124x3025, 2.51M)


>>637575750Poorly designed who- POMFBUTT SLAM

Attached: 1657019859738997.png (1250x1000, 1.88M)

>>637558553BasedWe can't stop winning Yiikheads

>>637576042Why would Tocchan do this?

>>637576042Canonically a mother.

How come the mere mention of Touhou in a thread causes it to rapidly spiral into actual insanity?I mean, Im grateful you trashed this low quality bait thread, but holy shit you people are scary

Attached: 1666392033647825.png (622x493, 68.28K)

>>637576042res.No amount of fanart will change that fact, specially when it's non-canon(lol the irony) in that.

>>637576235That’s just how it’s always been every time you see a touhou image with a. Question chances are it’s supposed to be a touhou thread since mods don’t like when you make a blatant touhou thread so masquerading the thread is needed

>>637576235The truth is...this thread was rigged from the start

Attached: 1578914824043.png (1048x1200, 443.56K)

>>637576235>How come the mere mention of Touhou in a thr-*PLAP PLAP PLAP PLAP*

>>637576432Why not go to /jp/?

>>637576562because /jp/ is gay

>>637576235OP hereI made this as a stealth thread

>>637576235>Make a legit Touhou thread with an accurate gameplay OP or a popular 2hu in the OP>Insta deleted>Make a shitpost thread with a vaguely related Touhou image in the OP>550 replies and 239 images hiddenDon't blame the player, blame the game

Attached: 1514861467295.jpg (5000x5000, 1.09M)

>>637576596No it isn'tt. /jp/ user

>>637576235>mere mention of Touhou inI wish Touhou hijacks still existed, these threads are made by the same people who participate on it and everyone knows each other

>>637576562/v/ is more chaoticyoutube.com/watch?v=0DW8CGXy2WQ

>>637576596/v/ is fucking homo gay faggot too.

>>637575270>>637575878Only the best girl wears pants

Attached: 1664900787325610.jpg (850x652, 162.01K)

>>637576562Because mentally ill simp janny turned it into unusable twitch chat.

>>637577193I HATE YOU

>>637576901>it’s been 3 monthsWhere the fuck does the time go

Would you let Yocchan tuck you in?

Attached: Yorichanbed.jpg (500x700, 207.04K)

>>637577525No I hate moonies

>>637577305I LOVE YOU

So what's with the cat?

Attached: 1661106483480.gif (498x326, 455.37K)

>>637577525Only if I'm in bed with Tocchan.

>>637576696And that's the way is should be, shitbird

>>637576901>3 MONTHSALREADY??

>>637577758You fucking idiot; It's Mari's cat. If you played the goddamn fucking game you would've known that.

Attached: 1659175504308351.png (626x626, 568.41K)

>>637576696>>637576235It's because there is a Discord clique centred around a handful of drawfags and roleplayers who only ever post in threads that pertain to their interests. This is why you see the same, incomprehensible "jokes" spammed over and over, nonsensical focus on inconsequential characters, people asking "draw xxx" out of nowhere with no drawfag even in sight, etc.Just wait it out. They'll get bored, jump onto the next thing their resident e-celebs latch on to, and these threads will go back to normal. It's happened before. It's all par for course for post-2012 Holla Forums.

Attached: 1653805953509.jpg (743x427, 43.45K)

>>637578030where is it then? Did mari eat it or what?

Draw Narumi quadruple amputee


>>637578204Oh yes. How could I forget to mention ritualposting. Thank you for the kind reminder.

Attached: banki_lazy.jpg (1000x500, 212.99K)

>>637578061These threads have been going near constantly since 2020 due to /jp/ shitting itself, complaining about shit being "incomprihensible" and "discord" is a way of outing yourself as a newfag.

Attached: reimu.png (487x327, 86.29K)

>>637578061>Just wait it out.Yeah, user. Just wait 20 years *giggles*>b-butI will be here even after marriage.>B-BUUUTEveryone will.

>>637578406Don't even bother replying to the schizo, he's been at it trying to drag drawfags/ritualposting to the mud for months to no availQuiet grumbling is the best he can do nowadays and you should be glad this is what he became after months on end of "lad" posting and trying to falseflag the fuck out

>>637578406>>637578474You'll go back to your private little chatroom and find something new to defecate on. I guarantee it.

Attached: 18f055380885005d21c84847028be982.jpg (1480x680, 228.9K)

>>6375786852 more weeks right?

>>637566017Search "meira balls" in Doomseeker and connect with Zandronum 3.1.

Attached: 1680976429012524.png (508x330, 221.95K)

2 threads

>>637578608poor lad is mindbroken there's memes he doesn't like and drawfags get attention

>>637578608>months on end of "lad" postingIs this "lad posting" in the room with us right now?

>>637578608>drag ritualposting to the mudIsn't ritual posting a bad thing?

>>637579038People hardly cared about wheelchair posting, don't be a disingenuous faggot

>>637578770Give me a few minutes.

>>637578685Go to the archive and look at a 2-3 year old thread. See if it's any differentSee if it will ever be any different

>>637579143I didn't pick up any examples

>>637579256I've been here since 2005. Things have been different and they'll change again yet as time goes on. Whether it is for the better or for the worse remains to be seen, but I remain - foolishly - hopeful.

Attached: 1423088062354.jpg (849x596, 385.55K)

>>637578685Touhou threads on Holla Forums have always been that way, what you are looking for is /jp/

>>637550746What I want to know is WHY NONE OF THOSE EARTHBOUND """CLONES""" HAVE A ROLLING HP METER. By far the best and most unique feature of Earthbound's gameplay and ripe for so much innovation and perfectionnement and yet none of those so-called clones bother to implement it. It's as if none of those so-called "Earthbound Fans" have actually played the fucking game.

>Metafaggottery Wow this is so much better!

>>637579521>Touhou threads on Holla Forums have always been that wayNo, they have not. True, they've been exceptionally bad for the last 3-4 years, but they did use to be better. And there's a fair chance they'll become a little more palatable once the Discord/whatever else it is kids use these days crowd finds something new to roleplay and suck each other off over.

>>6375793782hu threads from 2008 on old.sage.moe werent that different

>>637579649Unironically, it is.

>>637578770Sorry. We're too far away for this to work.

>>637579963Ah well. Thanks for coming anyway.

>>637579859It's not even touhou related.

>>637580043Neither is spamming "Meira balls" like it's supposed to be funny or congruent.

>>637550746what earthbound clones about depression are there?I just know about omori and Lisa what else is there?

Meira balls

>>637579710I remember the threads before and after TH17 release were fine as people were discussing about the new gameBut I also do remember that by that time the regular anons you see here started to appear

>>637580140I see, so shitting up the threads further is supposed to make them better. Disingenuous faggot

Meira balls

>>637578139Mewo was very, very bad.

>>637580315Look at it like this: if it weren't happening consistently, including in this thread, I wouldn't have brought it up. Wouldn't have had a reason to.Now count how many posts it took for one of the things I complained about to happen. Just you fucking count them. I'll wait.

>>637578406I miss this CDS artist, it was funThe closest we'll get to ZUN art in manga form

>>637580525what does that even meanit didn't look anything like ZUN artdo you even think about these things before you post them

I feel like people make up boogeyman's as an excuse to shit postBut this time it's not a boogeyman but an actual schizo so they feel like what they do is the righteous thing

>>637580315Again, a singular faggot. You'll notice how there isn't even superplayer posting and "lad" because he's spentMeta bitching on hopes a janny will get fed up and kick it to Holla Forums is the best he can doOh, and on top of pretending to be le oldfig which didn't see actual ERP and e-celeb worship blatantly schizo self-fellatio which is somehow worse?Makes you think

>>637580627I didn't mean it looked like ZUN art, but because it was amateurish, like ZUN art

>old 2hu threads weren't just random heaps of shitposting, imagedumps and the rare game tal-old.sage.moe/v/thread/2902384/

Attached: 1678734373734.webm (960x720, 695.33K)

>Personally I love the games, but at the same time they inspire despair in me.>I can beat Embodiment of Scarlet Devil on Easy, but then if I want to play the final level and get the real ending I have to play on Normal, which kicks my ass. Perfect Cherry Blossom on Easy, I run out of continues about one in every three plays. I've 1cc'd Imperishable Night on Easy with all four teams, but when I try the Extra stage I lose all my lives in seconds.>I think fanart is the only way I'm ever going to see Flandre Scarlet or Yukari Yakumo.>But damn, it's still fun trying.

>>637580872What the fuck are you even talking about? Are you sure you're in the right thread?


>>637581238Man, it's almost like the same people are all still here.

Bros....... are we back in 2007?

>>637581238>The composer has never listened to anything but jap shmup BGM and as such everything he's ever done is derivative of something else.So close, yet so far.

>>637581931I wish we still had all the pictures. Or at least the file names.

2uhtards + yuritards × Holla Forums ÷ waifutards= mental illness^99

>>637582719*plaps you*PICHUUUNNNN!!Continue?Yes/No



>>637583293What does sarai have to do with music?

Hey anons what are your thoughts on THIS thread??? Is this 2hu Holla Forums culture?!?!files.catbox.moe/xhirnu.png

Recommend me some rpg maker games that is not about depression or other artsy stuff.

>>637583078Now this is true Touhou culture. Metafags can fuck right off.

>>637583443I made 2 posts in it

Attached: 1684416767274.png (800x600, 26.32K)

>>637583584Touhou something of fangames


>>637583443No. It has AI art. AI art will never be 2hu culture.

>>637583739Get with the times, luddite.

>>6375507462hu thread?


Attached: __xp_tan_os_tan_drawn_by_namamo_kura__c68d529997ddf9f020ed81b27561a2a1 (1).jpg (577x1024, 82.89K)

>>637583816Imagine a guy who shits in the street telling you to get with the times.

>>637563379>probably because she lacks a hatnah, probably because you don't play the games

Attached: 1659415911525.jpg (1092x1092, 269.49K)

uh huh, no gameplay here either

>>637583739don't discriminate

Attached: 101713689_p0.jpg (1328x1240, 850.75K)


>>637584112I love discriminating.

Attached: 1483065022541.png (914x604, 408.51K)

>>637572818holy based

>>637583586>*kicks your balls*>AAAAAIIIIIEEEEEE>*maniacal laugh*This is just childish, not culture.

>>637584512Let's see some mature 2hu culture for sophisticated adults like myself.

>>637584617Please, show me sir.

>>637584512*seizes your balls*PICHUUUNContinue?Yes/No

Attached: Meira about to seize the means of reproduction2.png (1174x1384, 990.58K)

Attached: Big meds.jpg (453x560, 32.61K)


they think it'll heal theirs if they 'talk' about. the only thing it does is manifesting it in something real.learning to forgive (yourself) and foremost forget is a special skill.

Attached: 1676841816441841.jpg (904x1024, 63.55K)

>>637583646Which posts?

>>637584512Wait. First you scream and then you laugh? Why?

>>637583443>files.catbox.moe/xhirnu.pngWe should do this more often

>>637585759Doing ironic ERP? Better than meta discussion. I'm in.

Attached: 0acf40e736ddf83d84b77245bd4366cb.jpg (870x580, 224.22K)


Attached: chomvp.jpg (388x388, 39.69K)

Doujins hosted on rapidshare?

>>637585713The pain awakened my inner power and I was able to reach my final form, unfortunately I was PICHUUUNed yet again and lost the battle.

>>637556526Oh wow, haha.

Attached: 1681668800997926.jpg (245x274, 35.48K)

>>637556526Only 8 cm, really?

>>637586189There should be more doujins where Junko's fat cock pumps a liter of babies up in Reisen instead of the other way around

>>637586189What part of it wasn't ironic, bro?

>>637586906All of it

>>637583443I wish someone would lust for me like that...

Attached: 585cf7dd8241b0868b637f005ffa397bf6dae156.png (395x494, 97.28K)

>>637583443>Hey anons what are your thoughts on THIS thread??? It is Video Games!

Attached: Yama (legit).png (400x400, 34.12K)

>>637588042Yama mia!

>>637588003Stop being gay and posting Remi at the same time. It make the mistress look bad.

>>637588003Posting Koishi AI pics has its upsides I guess

>>637588042the Yama demands a pound of flesh from each male

>>637583443The walfas vs gyates conversation is funnier desu.

>>637588042Bribed with steaks.

>>637588646I can provide as much pounding as she wants and then some.

Attached: df1b4d1b83ebb46e2f2b01e7a7ff321f.jpg (1366x2048, 234.12K)


Attached: 1670292800110067.jpg (1507x861, 117.13K)


>>637580872Where is the ladguy anyways? I still eagerly await his response on how to get consistent on grudge bow timeout.

I wonder if that guy that wanted Koishi AI user's ass still browses these threads

WAIT i just noticed Eiki has not posted in this thread yet...

Attached: 1659661031184607.jpg (265x274, 76.04K)

>>637590258because earthbound clone about depression IS a videogame...

>>637590258she got plapped

Consume chicken

Attached: 1668517890039400.png (1238x900, 2.81M)

>>637590258Eikianon is sleeping. Please understand.

>>637590720I only consume chicken and Blue Jays for I am a god eater


Attached: 74601957_p0.png (900x850, 406.08K)

>>637590258This sort of thing is video games

Attached: 863693023eda659981748eecf2106eb3.jpg (1236x1305, 210.07K)

>>637590258Eiki is monitoring /a/'s loli vampire thread...


>>637562223Yakuza 7?

>>637550746A cheerful and happy story with a satisfying conclusion rarely will be remembered.Depressing stories or stories that end with big mysteries are the ones that will be remembered for ages.

How do I convince SpaceZin to start drawing PC-98, bros?

>>637594367Does he take commissions?

What happened to Mspaintanon?



Goodnight, Yochannelers.Just realized that Yocchan -> よっちゃん -> 4chan. Holy fuck. Yocchan is THE 4chanhu. 4chan Meira if you will.

Attached: 1667833532628828.jpg (1450x1100, 218.12K)

>>637595584Kyouko is the 4chanhuWe're all green, loud, and obnoxious.

>Read niy doujin>Suwako dabbing all over the tengu without even lifting a finger>Sekibanki actually talk back to Suwako>Satori turn a literal god into a crybaby just with a few sentenceHoly KINO

>>637595723>Satori>doing anythinglol

>>637595584a cheap copy until the endhow unfortunate and sad

>>637595723Satori is a jobber

Mugetsu :D;DDDD

>>637595993What does cirno have to do with anything

>>637595035Probably banned for another month knowing how janny hates him

What happened to Koishidrawbabuanon?

Revelation timeMeira = futabaYorihime = 4chanKotohime = 2channelVIVIT = infinitychan (rip)Sannyo = 420chan (rip)Konngara = /ghost/

>>637596825Revelation time Holla Forums hu anons are like this >>637583443

>>637595584Goodnight. Do let the bedhimes bite.

>>637596486Still alive, just posts much less for whatever reasonShame

What happened to 103?

>>637550746This is not Video Games.

Attached: Janitor Eiki.gif (810x992, 127.81K)

>>637598303Hi cutie

>>637598303now the thread is official

>>637598074Actually deceased

>>637590258Eiki gave up. It's over.>>637352040>>636995385

Attached: 1669658666562009.jpg (600x923, 115.86K)

>>637598794Eikianon sex

>>637598870Only after hanification.

Attached: janny corrected.png (959x1244, 44.65K)

>>637595723the Ran doujin is understated kinono flashy scenes, just chen sacrificing herself for ran after an untold amount of time

Attached: page_20_s_3367788_2girls_animal_ears_cat_ears_cat_girl_cat_tail_chen_comic_dress_fox_ear.jpg (1280x1808, 331.63K)

>>637598074Died in bakhmut

>>637598074Who cares?

Attached: 1664708154431294.png (1354x1127, 288.58K)

How long of a dick would I need in order to perform a self-plap?


Attached: 1662759679800050.jpg (1014x1016, 113.93K)

>>637598303Eiki-sama was napping while Komajanny was working so hard

>>637600019That was a good doujin

Attached: 8540e27e47cda9849f997a460033ee84 (1).png (800x960, 619.17K)

>>637595723>Satori turn a literal god into a crybaby just with a few sentenceYeah that was pretty brutal

>>637550746I just want more games about kids fighting aliens and some shit. No philosophical themes about depression, suicide, and anxiety. You want to play that shit go browse Reddit or ResetEra all day long. I want games about throwing boomerangs and laser beams at tentacle monsters.

>>637601301all of Niy's doujins are greatthe banki ones particularly show that he put a lot of work into the setting when he didn't really need toI know that /vhu/ has a general sort of disdain for youmu, but the youmu vs meiling doujin is really good as well

Attached: page_18_s_3524453_2girls_absurdres_ascot_braid_comic_doujinshi_greyscale_highres_hong_me.jpg (1280x1821, 354.49K)

>>637595723Snoozetori has to hit the inhaler if she walks 15 steps

Let's play cap or no cap. Write a touhou related fact and anons will say if it's true or not. I'll start: Ran is the only 2hu with a 3 letters long name.

>>637601301Hehefuni cade

Attached: 1664249419843955.webm (1280x720, 189.67K)

damnthis thread sure was shit

>>637601635Niy, the Nip LOL

>>637601958fucking earthbound threads are always shit

Attached: 1672723779861969.gif (600x600, 100.44K)

>>637602039truly, your genius knows no bounds

>>637602698You made me blush. I hope that was not sarcasm!


Attached: 1666798848668644.png (600x500, 36.33K)

>>637602698>>637603025You have my permission to plap each other.

>>637603098Look at this >>637583443

>>637589515Every time you've posted this phrase it's not me you're replying to.Seems like you're terrible at your job.

Holidays are coming.

Attached: 1681915766740018.png (1800x2200, 513.8K)

>>637603903ON HOLIDAY

>>637603903my hand will never be that tiny...

>>637579631Lots of them use RPG maker so implementing rolling HP requires changing the entire combat engine

>>637603903you know what they say about girls with tiny hands

>>637552982Cute heca


>>637601635Idk why but when Meiling said she was married I got hit with the sudden realization that these youkais girls also have/had a normal life tooSuwako throughout all of his doujin seem like she is always missing her past (She is also pretty cute and I can see why she have a child with a human)

>>637604615Huge cocks

Niy draw the best Sekibanki

Attached: Sekibanki CUTE.jpg (850x1209, 122.55K)

>>637607072I just realized none of the drawfags have ever drawn sexybanki.

Attached: youkai dislikes watermelon but can't stop eating it.png (600x600, 314.67K)

>>637607186traditionanon drew niy's sekibanki like a year ago

Videogames? Oh, I'm a big fan. You play The Sims, right?

Attached: __kochiya_sanae_touhou_drawn_by_raptor7__991d02d5229219a5186c7420020d5fa6.jpg (2301x3370, 1.9M)

>>637607381Only 3

>>637607381Only with ATF mods installed.

Attached: 93546e1848aaad8044a9bc79e730b8d6.jpg (2893x4092, 800.44K)

>>637607381Sanny plays real video games.

Ok but which artist draw the best Parsee? I nonimate the Sangetsusei artist

>>637607381I once spent like 6+ hours making Gensokyo in Sims 4 and then proceeded to play for like an hour and give up

>>637607707Sanny plays Factorio and Oxygen not Included!

>>637607978>Oxygen not included

Attached: 1675361237869726.png (1043x1100, 1.35M)