Why does nobody care about SCP anymore?

Why does nobody care about SCP anymore?

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en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hybristophilia#:~:text=Hybristophilia is a paraphilia involving,to those who commit crimes.It

Hijacked by trannies and redditors

well, projects for newer games always get abandoned, that and the quality of the articles went to shit a long time ago. I still play SCP CB from time to time and talk scps with my friends.

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SCP ended with CB


>>637549140It was a novelty with some interesting creepypasta. Now it's a shit-show full of worse content than AO3.

>>637549140Hijacked by pRedditors who proceeded to overload it with shit stories with the occasional LGBT wish fulfillment sprinkled in. You ever read horror stories from Reddit? Compared to your bogstandard greentext it's real amateur hour highschool creative writing assignment tier and completely divorced from reality.Additionally, people moved on to the backrooms. It's all the rage with kiddies these days, and instead of new SCPs, they add new "levels".Mal0's still hot though.

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Somebody post the literal Troll Planet

>>637549204>>637549784Please expand.

I am an SCP. My teeth looks exactly like SCP 087-B.

>>637549140like all 4chan thingsit gets hijacked by people who can only imitate never innovate

>>637549140>switch licenses and get rid of all the iconic SCP imagery for the sole purpose of being able to monetize SCP>nobody really wants to monetize it>site ruined

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>>637550126And they started cramming their own recurring OCs in, completely defeating the entire point of the clinical pseudo-government document tone. We should have never seen Dr. Fuckwhistle or Agent Cuntslapper. The second it stopped being Dr. [REDACTED] in articles is the second it started going to shit.

>>637549140Hijacked by trannies who think that a shadow organization that readily sacrifices people to eldritch creatures would care about stupid shit like gender or sexuality.

Killed by trannies.

>>637549140SCP forums were taken over by retards who make retarded SCPs. That's basically it. The old shit was kinda interesting. Nothing new is interesting it's just total annihilation threat after total annihilation threat.

>>637550494I still don't know who the fuck Dr. Bright is but I wish I would stop hearing about him.

>>637549140>go to the scp website >newest entries are all about tranniesThat’ll do it

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>>637550384All you need>scp-wiki.wikidot.com/scp-series-4>https://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/scp-series-5>https://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/scp-series-6>https://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/scp-series-7>https://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/scp-series-8

Feels like even normies don't care about SCP anymore. Feels like they all just moved onto The Backrooms and FNAF shit.

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>>637551137That is still the stupidest shit to meI laughed at them making graphics like "I am Cocklover F. Johnson, and I am a generic security guard. Not just that, but I am also gay + nonbinaru, and you know what's heckin' wholesome? The same shadowy morally grey organisation that sacrifaces people daily so they can poke eldritch abominations with a stick actually cared about the sexuality of a random security guard like me and makes sure I feel heckin' valid even though I am a member of a group considered expendable" like wtf is this

>>637549140It jumped the shark at around the 4000 where things either started getting more and more Holla Forumsshit or we see more influxes of "this is totally an apollyon level super disaster scp"

>>637550585it was STILL somewhat alive and active TIL the Russian hacker attacks.then the site became "infected" for months til it was brought back and it was run by Redditor mods and glowies and shit spewing tranny, politics, and more without keeping to the old mainstaysthe Artist for the OP pulled the image from it and the site went downhill ever sincesome communities still exist on it, hidden away in little sections, trying NOT to draw attention to themselves and keep making contentbasically everyone in the various anit/pro violence, mob, violence, lawsuits groups, both government, paid for college groups, and otherwise do a couple hours/days of work on the site, to destroy it and rewrite/obliterate old scp's, stories, plot hooks, and more so they have something to showoff to their friends, handlers, and payout daddiesno one left but those hiding in their hidden groups, keeping the old stories and links kinda going for nostalgia's sake

People will yell about tranny shit but that's only a symptom, not a cause. SCP fell out of relevance for the same reason the holder series did. Collaberative writing projects are a fundamentally flawed idea due to far too many creative perspectives being expected to come together into an even remotely cohesive creative whole. Combine that with ego causing drama, content hosting disruptions, inconsistent quality control, and inevitable poorly thought out attempts at monetization, and you end up with an impenetrable and poorly thought out web of thousands of self-referential interconnected mini-stories that mean far less to a new reader than they do to the increasingly insulated cabal of authors.

>>637549140ABIB does not like Holla Forums discussing SCP related games like Secret Lab or Containment Breach due to being rejected by the community.I've tried getting Secret Lab threads going and they usually get deleted.

>>637551158>click on the first most retarded sounding one>SCP-7131 - :) MR. FUN(:>it's been moved or deleted>can't tell if it's actually deleted or if it's just meta-slop>click create the page>it's actually deletedGRRAAAAAAAAH I HATE FOURTH WALL BREAKS!!!!

I honestly think people are just sick of this shared universe crap. It's hard to get into SCP when one SCP is super dark and creepy and than jump to another SCP that's like a stupid tumblr fan fiction. it all feels disjointed The Backrooms has become more appealing since while some fags try to make "canons" most Backrooms games and videos can be there own separate things. like Kane Pixels videos. they have no relation at all to any other Backrooms shit and people enjoy that more since you don't need tons of gay ass lore to understand it.

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>pataphysics bloat >trash prose>edgy meta-meta-meta... power levels worse than dbz>every scp is somehow connected to mega edgy oc crimson king or whatever

>>637549140>normalniggers stumble in>tranny redditors come along like ticks>normalniggers move out>tranny redditors stay>anything good is chucked out or butchered because muh racism against women>nice thing no longer nicea classicremember when they unironically did picreleasily the funniest and most meta thing they did

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>>637552426For real he's still deleting SCP threads? what a faggot. I was band for like 3 months at one point for making some SCP threads but if someone posts gore or pedo shit on here they don't even get a slap on the wrist it's a fucking joke.

>>637549140the site got taken over by people who don't read or write any other type of fiction. the author's perspective shifted from from "i'm going to write a horror story, the scp format would be a good fit" to "i'm going to write an scp, i think this one will be horror-themed". that's the main reason why most "popular" modern authors like rounder or kaktus keep writing these overly long stories that barely adhere to the format. they want to write anything else, but they don't really know how. that narrow perspective inevitably results in the quality of the stories degrading over time.

>New SCP is…LE TRANNY! Not like the old SCPs!scp-wiki.wikidot.com/scp-113

>>637556723> last edited: 1 Oct 2022,

>>637556723Anon do you have any slight idea how many 000 SCPs were deleted and changed on newer shitty ones?

>>637556723>haha guys what if there was like a magic red rock that could change your gender hahaSweet merciful God I am so tired of this shit

>>637549204many such cases

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>>637557240Thank Russia the UK and US for defeating the wrong enemy.


>Old SCP>What if we put creepypasta monsters in jail?New SCP>It needs a story, minimum 15 pages in 12 pt. Times New Roman font. >It needs to be REALLY deep, too. Like, about childhood trauma or sexual abuse or something. You can do both if you want, but you should also have an apologetic twitlonger primed and ready to fire. Just in case.>It also needs four other SCP articles to tie into it, too. You need to write those as well. >It's also a good idea to have a few Tales about the backstory. We LOVE lore. >None of this is negotiable: we're all ADULTS here. We have REFINED TASTES, and we have SENSITIVE PALETTES. If you SCREW UP any of this, we're going to delete your article and also insinuate bad things about your character online.Short answer? iPad kids who grew up on Five Nights at Freddy's have become young adults (yes, it's that old), and now they're in control of the SCP wiki.

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>>637550126>Additionally, people moved on to the backrooms. It's all the rage with kiddies these days, and instead of new SCPs, they add new "levels".It's unbelievable how fucking gay the backrooms have become. There isn't even a trace left of what made the original concept interesting.

Now we have Project Moon instead

>>637559405Anon, i swear to God...

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>>637549140The second they started changing old SCP's to be more appropriate for modern times is the second I noped out.

>>637549204Tell more please


>>637549140Never understood this zoomer shit, this is just a collection of urban legends.

>>637559356It's very disappointing. The Poolrooms seemed like a nice revival, but then I saw people adding monsters to even that in short order.

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>>637549140The Chinese does. It is big there now for some reasons


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>>637551158I'm not reading five fucking thousand entries to figure out what happened with SCP

>>637559405This. SCP was the seed for a better series.


>>637559885Pick one at random. Any one will do

>>637559687The poolrooms still understood the core concept and were simply a different "style" of backrooms, instead of trying to change the fundamental idea. I feel like the moment people actually made the monsters a real thing, instead of something that might or might not be lurking there and you just could never be sure was when the floodgates were opened and all was lost.

>>637559405What if I like horror stories? this Project Moon shit seems like it does nothing for me since it's all anime shit

>>637560352Then read RPC Authority or another similar stuff until it becomes compromised too.

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>>637549817it's still fun and novel from the perspective of someone who is not embroiled in the 'culture' of writing these articles (read as: most people).

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>>637558571You forgot to cram scp-173 in somewhere, 1/10. You WILL worship the original and you WILL NOT acknowledge that it came from redditchannel.>>637558790I honestly prefer this one and le amogus scp where the premise is fucking retarded but the author still tries to make something interesting out of it over tranny wish fulfillment, OP donut steal OCs, metashit or half-j garbage like this scp-wiki.wikidot.com/main-page-wikipedia (context, broken masquerade setting/canon)>>637560352Try searching Library of Ruina lovetown story.

>>637556723I remember reading this one, it used to be "rock that made men women/women men" and now it seems like they added a bunch of shit about hermaphrodites and gender identities. Sad, they somehow took the troon anomaly and troonified it further. At least it isn't some world-ending homestuck reference

>>637559672>zoomer shitits a millenial remnant of the boomer tendency to actually enjoy writing fiction and worldbuilding- where the fuck do you think DnD and its derivative in fanfiction came from you retard- you just erased tumblr in the 2000s from your mind or were you not old enough to read at the time?

>>637549140Its just zoomee creepy pasta without iconic characters.There i said what we were all thinking

>>637549140What started out as a cool little project quickly balloned into a fanfiction club along with all the ills that it entails.Powerlevel armsraces, wall of text entries that say nothing in the end, trying to establish a lore and canon, blatant self-inserts, trannies, thinly veiled potshots at Trump and other real life politicians, cliques and worst of all the jannies. The way the site was set up made it so any one article died or lived by the jannies' approval, which in turn created a cult of personality around the jannies where people would be sycophantic towards them just so they could get their shit published.Imagine if you had to go on discord and kiss the janny's ass before you could be able to make a thread on Holla Forums. Now imagine if you made a thread on Holla Forums but because you didn't first go and do the ritualistic janny ass-kissing on discord your thread got pruned. That's the SCP in a nutshell.

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>>637560575>RPC AuthorityNah that's shit too>amateur writers making stories longer than a leftist meme>recurring characters>blatant references

You know why

>>637549204you speak the big true true. What a sad state it's all in now

>>637561350>Imagine if you had to go on discord and kiss the janny's ass before you could be able to make a thread on Holla Forums. Now imagine if you made a thread on Holla Forums but because you didn't first go and do the ritualistic janny ass-kissing on discord your thread got pruned.That's unironically how some of the slower shittier boards operate, Holla Forums, /tg/, /his/ and /lgbt/ for example

>>637561350> if you made a thread on Holla Forums but because you didn't first go and do the ritualistic janny ass-kissing on discord your thread got prunedthis does happen. threads that would be perfectly fine and reach post limit now are deleted because whoever the fuck is deleting them wants this to be a dry video-games only board despite "real life videogame bosses" being magnitudes better than another RE4 thread or "i hate women in videogames" bitching thread.

>>637561350>furry threads are a-okay>but not coco bandicoot threads, because she started out in a sony platformthat's already Holla Forums

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Analog Horror is what zoomers are into now. youtube.com/watch?v=Ekyu1-n9KwQ&ab_channel=UrbanSPOOK

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>>637550384Idiots hijacked it and instead of it being about cool SCP's they started sniffing their own farts and took it too seriously which resulted in all of the OG's SCP's being rewritten or removed to fit this new marvel endgame narrative bullshit they've set-up.

>>637561350These people are so full of themselves, they love talking about themselves and insert themselves into everything. Does humility even exist in society anymore?

>>637551015>who the fuck Dr. BrightOC self-insert of one the SCP admins (pic rel)

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>>637549817AO3 doesn't pretend it's any sort of high art or big collaborative effort. Just a bunch of perverts trying to get their rocks off and leaving it out on the open for other people to maybe also get their rocks off. And unlike the SCP actual real women post there sometimes.

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>>637553059>The Backrooms has become more appealingRetards have killed the backrooms by shoving in retarded fucking monsters with one of them being a scribble straight out of fosters home for imaginary friends

>>637551015Half of the OC characters you see are stand-in's for admin staff

>>637559763>>637561350I don't know how they can't see the cognitive dissonance in trying to make the foundation a positive safe and inclusive environment who turn around and throw human beings at eldritch abominations to get horribly tortured and killed. It'd like unit 731 having workplace seminars on diversity.

>>637562306Why does nobody ever mention the backroom ED from chainsaw man?

>>637562582>redditsaw man

>>637550330>a sentient planetoid>it identifies itself as gender-fluid, keeps itself occupied by writing fanfiction about Homestuck, has a quirky fixation with mexican food and drew its own "fursona"This is a real article, a real article the SCP jannies went to war to protect and shield from the backlash of the rest of the community

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>>637559356I don't even understand who the fuck thought it would be cool to add some shitty monsters and stupid ass faction, seriously monsters of "level =)" just make me laugh at their terrible design. The worse is that nobody is really interested by backrooms when we think of it, I mean, nobody really talk about them even normies just laugh at how shitty it has became or eventually they praise the first video of Kane Pixel about it and then move to another thing, popularity of this fiction exploded but it stood for less than one month

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>>637562285>And unlike the SCP actual real women post there sometimes.Explains all the male rape fapfics

>>637562285>>637562829Why are women like this?

We are currently working on next Control game and trust me guys you will like it

They completely changed what SCP is, down to it's very core. The whole site was supposed to feel like you had wondered into a secret government agency's site and were looking at classified files about abnormal objects and creatures being kept secret.Now every entry is barely about describing a creature or object and the SCP in question is just an excuse for faggots to write a full tale featuring their OCs. As if that wasn't enough you have numerous authors trying to make their own continuities and universes by stringing together several SCP entries, and the mods fully endorse this (mods who are also heavily biased and trigger happy). The end result is that SCP has just become a blog for would-be writers to showcase their awful sci-fi/horror stories full of shitty characters, armchair philosophy and ridiculous twists.Just look at DJKAKTUS and his "kaktusverse" shit. He's lauded as one of, if not the best current SCP author. One of his works? a 001 proposal about a team of 3 OCs murdering the entire 05 council 1 by 1, the same story where one said 05 deflects bullets using a whip while riding atop SCP 682. THAT is what it's come down to, and why everyone with a brain left long ago.

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>>637562674I enjoy my stories regardless of the creator or community controversies, little NPC. That said part 2 is pretty lackluster and a downgrade compared to part 1.

>>637560575The problem with RPC is that it will never be viewed as anything other than a SCP ripoff, its currently way too similar. Wayward or FASA should've become the SCP alternative.

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>>637562762The original post mentioned something potentially lurking in the backrooms (which was its biggest mistake, IMO), but even there it was just a vague hint that IF you hear something, that something has also heard you. Retarded zoomers just took that and made it explicit with "lore".

>>637562750>lock down votes to stop "brigading">even though there's a system in place where you have to make an application meaning the massive wave of downvotes came from previous members of the community who only recently learned about how shitty the article was and wanted to voice their opinion

>>637562964You better make more Old Gods tracks, Sammy Lake.


>>637562762childrenanyone below the age of 16 should not be able to post in the internet since there is literally nothing they can contribute at their level of maturity

>>637549140faggot game for faggots.>>637549204>Hijacked by trannies and redditorsit was never good to begin with, bottom tier creepy pasta level fan fics, basically just as cringe as the potter folk

>>637562461>achksually it's perfectly in-tone with the settingQuit being disingenuous and fuck off.None of the new(which is actually 7-8 years old by now) wave of articles serve the purpose of illustrating how faceless, morally dubious or ruthless the foundation is.Most of them serve the purpose of some tranny's OCdonutsteel taking a quirky selfie in front of some weird shit and uploading it to instagram.

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>>637563445Quick rundown?

Nobody:First reply in every thread: REEEEE TRANNIES

>>637563608>le gaslighting tranny

>>637549140like anything that started on 4chan it died when it lost the 4chan connection

>>637563445I have no idea how you interpreted my post as the exact opposite point I was trying to make

>>637562461It's very telling, same with the mystery flesh pit's evil corporation being pro-fag.Either it's the most genius satire of gay capitalism or it's just an oblivious self-admission that they don't give a shit about any kind of morality other than being allowed to commit poopy butt sex and cut their dicks off

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>>637563445>tranny gets knocked loopy>first instinct is to grope and molest someonelmao

>>637563608this time it's actually the reason why it went to shit

>>637563608>what's 2+2?>and don't give me 4 give me a real answer


>>637563661To be perfectly honest it started getting bad while 4chan was still involved. 682 was a huge mistake that never should have been made, and the whole doctors as mods thing was a disaster. Outsiders taking over did nothing to improve things but the idea that all was well before then is foolish.

>>637563002>the same story where one said 05 deflects bullets using a whip while riding atop SCP 682Haha good joke user but what is it really about? That's just a joke...right?

>>637562461Ironically I think it works, but not in the way they were going for.It's like how Blizzard is a company full of sexual predators with assault allegations, but they throw out LGBT pandering like making a character gay as a way to do PR and deflect.So in a way>>637559763 can similarly be read as disingenuous propaganda put out by the SCP foundation to make themselves look good although they really don't give a shit.

>>637559557scp-wiki.wikidot.com/anomaly-classification-system-guideThat's all you need to see.

>>637562750>that grinHe knows what he did.

>>637564216what's the problem with this, it just seems to be a more elaborate version of early SCP classification system

>>637562958Women are turned on by the written word, while we're visual they're more abstract about it, it's just how their brains are wired.You can easily tell when a chick wrote a particular piece.

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The awful dreams i've gotten from not even playing it never helped.

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>>637563002I miss when 001 was just biblical angel end of the world or a factory that makes scps.

>>637564417I meant the whole abuse and daddy issues thing, rather than the medium.

>>637561350>lithromanticthis nigga fucking rocks

>>637564208That would work if the foundation was out in the public, because this kind of pandering is nothing more than virtue signaling and thus NEEDS and audience, but what would be the point for a top secret shadow organization to do this shit?

>>637564216>several icon sets include the word cool>JosephJoestar's Classes Icon Warehouse>that archon

>>637549204ThisThey ruin everything

>>637564116I wish it was a joke, I really, really do. But it's not, it's a story that takes itself seriously and acts as if this tense, nail-bitting affair when in reality the 3 OCs just asspull one kill after the other, all for a predictable and ridiculously underwhelming finale. It's awful from start to finish, yet the "fandom" loves it.But if you don't believe me then go ahead and read it yourself, but don't blame me if you end up with brain damage.

>>637564340It's stupid and unnecessary bloat for the sake of making it seem "professional" and cool. It's the epitome of unskilled people being unable to create from scratch and just piling shit on something good then calling it their own.>yeah my SCP is a drygioni tichonderoga, disruption class amida and risk class critical, isn't that awesome?

>>637564501en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hybristophilia#:~:text=Hybristophilia is a paraphilia involving,to those who commit crimes.It happens to dudes too but it's way way more prevalent in women. They get turned on by the idea of the criminal with a heart of gold who commits atrocious crimes but deep down he's noble and misunderstood. They also like being the unwilling(but not really) accomplice in his schemes.It's why Harley Quinn took off. Original Harley I mean, the modern version is the usual girlboss lesbian slop.

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>>637564116isn't the "riding on top of 682" a 2011-era bright or clef tale? "the way it ends" doesn't contain that iirc

>>637563152>The original post mentioned something potentially lurking in the backrooms (which was its biggest mistake, IMO)For what it led after that I agree, even if for me it always seemed to refer to paranoia more than to "real danger" the real threat being above all this labyrinth and its multiple facets that lead to madness, the psychological aspect has been totally abandoned if not fucked by all this purulent content, where the fuck did even come from ?

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>>637566508Harley's been an ambiguously gay chick since her original appearance. 90's lezzie and 2010s/2020s lezzie are just so different now


>>637566987>ackhsually>misses the entire pointYou came straight from the SCP, didn't you?

>>637563797Anon your brain has been rotted by trannys. It's still pretty funny because the guy is homophobic.

has anyone checked the discussion pages in some scps? even in the joke ones these people act like such fucking huge faggots about their shit, such a retarded community

>>637561350this post is bullshit, by the way. coldposting is still a thing on the english wiki. any retard can create a page within five minutes of creating an account on the wiki.usually, it'll just get deleted after it hits the - 10 threshold. that's basic quality control.

>>637564216>more classifications than there are nu-gendersis it autism?

>>637567192>make a comment on post I saw from the catalog because I've physically watched Batman: The Animated Series with my own two eyes>you must be from whatever the fuck an SCP isFuck off retard. Worse than Holla Forums.

>>637567192>>637567273yupSCP shills are here

>>637566987You're a yuritard with selective memoryThe first iteration of her character is a lovestruck bimbo in an abusive co-dependant relationship with the Joker. He tosses her out of a window and leaves her for dead, only for her to forgive him and take him back because he sent flowers to her hospital room.

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>>637549140It was always cringe as fuck. The only decent concept was the one about the alternate Earth accessed through mirror portals. And it was still full of really lousy high school level writing.

>>637549140People who didn't care about the SCPs but saw the lolfoundation doctor shit and liked it wormed their way into it so now skips are straight up irrelevant, without exaggeration. They straight up have guidelines that frown upon "monster manual entries" and "weird object descriptions". It's why every skip is just a glorified tale told in the addenda (unless the article is a gimmick meme -J reject or a self-fellating meta clusterfuck).

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>>637549204sadly thisand most of the SCP's are ether shit, written by trannies and some are copyrighted

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>>637567964>some are copyrighted???now that the 173 pic got removed, literally everything on the wiki is creative commons licensed.

>>637551015>>637562178honestly wouldn't have minded dr bright if he was less of an ebin secret asian man and more of a running gag >that one mildly depressed "ya gotta do what ya gotta do" agent that keeps turning into sneaky rats and house centipedes via his auto-body-snatching powers because the company keeps throwing him at anything dangerous>we have one of those btw

>>637568254if a scp game is possible as a AAA title and somebody written a Mario scp. do you think Nintendo is gonna let that shit slide?

>>637568797the specific creative commons license used by scp (cc by sa 2.0) mandates that all works based on scps also have to be under the creative commons licensed. that's why there has never been any serious game or movie about scps that's more than an indie fan project.

>>637568797Tendie's law: As an online discussion grows larger, the possibility of a Nintendo fan mentioning takedown notices or copyright strikes approaches 1.

scp-wiki.wikidot.com/scp-6001>actually the scp universe would be a super wholesome utopia if they let anomalies into the publicFor what purpose?

>>637568949>>637569078ok that make sense

>>637562178>36 years old in 2017 >this faggot is 42 years old nowAnd this is the same retard who writes himself and forces other to write him into stories being a le badass cool nihilistic Rick Sanchez

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>>637549140Well, i think there are a good amount of scp fans, but probably more focused in neutral/cience and interesting mechanics given to a certain creature than actual horror, in my opinion the rise of ARGs kinda stablished a new common on internet horror, and more classic ones are just to lame for our minds now, but still scp was and still is a great project

>>637569259"scps are like gay people" is a common interpretation within the community. yes, it's that bad.

>>637569354And he's a sex pest, all the stereotypes about discord mods rolled into one

I could ignore how new all the shitty SCPs are if the stupid fucking cunts hadn't gone through half of the old ones and edited them to be way shittier. There was one I forget the number of that was some park ranger guard tower somewhere in the mountains with a ladder leading to a hatch in the roof and every time the agent climbed up through the hatch he found himself in the exact same tower, it was like an infinitely repeating dimensional loop. After climbing up like 100+ times he eventually found himself in the same tower again but the outside was a pitch black void with other towers connected by bridges, and there were some kind of insectoid parasites living there that killed the previous team that tried to explore it and were wearing their bodies, the whole story was legitimately eerie and suspenseful and ended with the agent saying something over the radio like "there's nothing up here, there was never anything up here" before getting killed himself. Then the new tranny SCP owners decided to go back and edit it so that instead of creepy parasite monsters, there was a retarded fucking anime kitsune demon with super saiyan powers or some stupid shit like that, it completely ruined it

>>637561350All those people...

Attached: Yuri.jpg (841x574, 107.77K)

>>637549140It was always garbage OC donut steal creations. Now the people writing the OC are trannies and losers.

>>637570482are you for fucking real

Attached: 1681670751374198.gif (498x418, 355.42K)

>>637570482I love it when they just add shit to the article instead of overhauling it so there's an incredibly obvious change in writing and a extremely visible drop in quality lol

>>637570482Is there at least a changelog so you can see the original?

Attached: 1654531922358320.jpg (800x675, 39.33K)

>>637570482love it when 4chan retards just make shit up lmao

>>637571369No. The past doesn't matter. The future is now.

>>637571390Love it when tranny admins feel the need to defend themselves on an anonymous image board

>>637571449Literally every SCP has a "View History" button. It's still a Wikidot project.

>>637570482Another example I remember before I dropped the whole thing was a small chinese/japanese porcelain statue that made pregnant women in the vicinity suffer miscarriages.First they changed it because it was misogynistic, then they changed it because men can get pregnant too.>>637571390fuck off and tell Kaktus you failed to recruit new writers

>>637570957>>637571369not him but I believe he's talking aboutscp-wiki.wikidot.com/scp-3333>>637571390kys

>>637549204No one should ever forgive Cleff (and he hasn't forgiven himself) for making a 4th category even as a supposed one off. It really opened the gate.

>>637571551You can delete entries from the history, retard

>>637550384it went from >this cool scp is kinda creepy isn't itto>this scp can end the world with a mere thought, also he's my father and I'm a demon, but the scariest thing is that he's [REDACTED]

>>637571605>First they changed it because it was misogynistic, then they changed it because men can get pregnant too.This can't be real lmao

Come home SCP man

Attached: 1566623009858.png (366x261, 98.3K)

>>637570482scp-wiki.wikidot.com/scp-3333 this one?>>637571390anyway, i'd like to remind you in particular that the legal age of consent is 18 ;)

>>637571745>>this cool scp is kinda creepy isn't it>to>>this scp can end the world with a mere thought, also he's my father and I'm a demon, but the scariest thing is that he's [REDACTED]Second one is objectively better

>>637570087>scp 173 doesn't wan't to wallow in it's own waste>kills the cleaning staff>foundation would've noted if it only became hostile after containment>more aggresive scps were sent to more hostile dimensions>108 hunts humans for sport>implying he'd want to leave

>>637571819Tastes different, user.

Attached: 1635626689483.png (1103x715, 85.07K)

>>637571605LOLWhich one? I need to see this.

>>637571369Use the wayback machine

>>637571745>this cool scp is kinda creepy isn't itwasn't the "you have to rape these little girls and erase their memory so they don't get used to it or the world ends" SCP also a fairly early one?

>>637549140Ran its course, the people with any talent have long since stopped making things for it and most of what's left is retarded children.

>>637572045>>108 hunts humans for sportI know you probably meant 106 but the idea of some black chick with a nazi bunker up her nose hunting humans for sport like 106 does is fucking hilarious

>>637572381they changed than one toonow it's "it was all just a dream, bro"

>>637549204that's a good thing

>>637563415>X was never goodYou people are a disease

>>637562461its just like real lifecompanies act like LOOK GUIS WE ARE INCLUSIVE! IGNORE THE CHILD SLAVERY MINES

>>637549204the whole "SCP IS HIJACKED BY TRANNIES!" happened cuz a youtuber (who now deleted his shit video) claimed so cuz he saw 2 articles he didnt likeyes there is lgbt stuff, but unironically it was like 2 or 3 at most before that shitter opened the flood gates with his dumbass videoSCP wiki is fine imo, just dont read the shitty ones

>>637549204More like hijacked and absolutely ruined by zoomers. They did the same shit with the backrooms. Zoomers are brainrotten idiots with zero creativity so when they start adding “oc” to the these kinds of works it inevitably goes to shit.

>>637571846>>637571674>I just edited in a rewrite of this article we've been working on (we being myself, minmin, and jekeled) with help from numerous people who looked this over and gave some ideas. Honestly I loved this article beforehand, but Jekeled wanted it rewritten so now here we are. I hope this version does the original justice.it was literally rewritten by the original author himself.

>>637572796There's one about an enbie clown romance.

>>637572943honk honk

>>637549140It was replacedrpcauthority.wikidot.com/

>>637563309Too bad. The internet will be dumbed down further to get more views from children.

>>637572493I did mean 106.>SNOOOOOOOOOORT>OH NO NOT AGAIN

Attached: image0_1.png (825x410, 295K)

>>637550126just cuz you post on 4chan doesn't mean you have the writing creativity of the people who make the famous greentexts manyou also suck at writing, most people doredditors atleast try

>>637572917>I just edited in a rewrite of this article we've been working on (we being myself, minmin, and jekeled) with help from numerous people who looked this over and gave some ideas. Honestly I loved this article beforehand, but Jekeled wanted it rewritten so now here we are. I hope this version does the original justice.

Attached: hostage.jpg (1000x782, 538.83K)


Attached: I saw that.gif (480x416, 923.1K)

>>637563002>DJKAKTUSGod that shit is bad, I really cannot believe people read that shit and thought it was good.

>>637549140mogged by lobotomy corporation

>>637573582they don't, they just know the guy is a janny so they brownose him to get their shit published

>>637571674>>637571846That's the one, yeah. Utterly ruined by some dumbfuck troon who thought their edgeord anime OC was appropriate and better for the story

>>637573420lel it's literally this>the "community" decided your article doesn't fit in anymore>you either let us change it and give the new thing a ringing endorsement>or we'll delete and claim you're a pedophile

>>637572917Yes user I'm sure the original author thought his original idea for giant flying parasitic insects that hollowed out the corpses of the first team that found them and wore their bodies as puppets was too hokey, and replaced it with fucking Sesshoumaru from Inuyasha. Jesus fucking christ you trannies are stupid

Attached: 1684359721610708.png (558x579, 537.11K)

>>637549140Like every hobby or fandom, once its popularity grew outside the original fanbase, it was hijacked and ruined by outsiders.

>>637563002>The whole site was supposed to feel like you had wondered into a secret government agency's site and were looking at classified files about abnormal objects and creatures being kept secret.I still remembering seeing this for the first time and having an instinct to close the page, it was stupid but it really made the site. Now you get some bull shit you would expect to see on a high school wall or in the kitchen of a McDonalds

Attached: Capture.png (555x104, 9.31K)

>>637563764This one reads like satire, and really good one."I'm a womyn, now release the world-ending eldritch abomination" >>637559763This is just wank.

Attached: 1683897332769755.png (346x357, 169.1K)

>>637573978>unironic bright apologismyou'd think that a "nonbinary" internet mod being exposed as a pedophile would be a pretty expected thing but noanyways, if the on-site community just changed articles like that it wouldn't spend half of their time seething over old series 1 articles that'll never get changed because they're at like +800.

>>637573418Why do you think I assume myself a writer? You should fuck off back to pReddit if you're so easily offended by me calling your content trash (because it is).Even greentexts are put to shame by any accomplished horror author like Lovecraft but the greentexts have an undeniable charm to them and you'd be wrong to say that Reddit has anything of the sort.

Attached: 1617025774359.jpg (1078x1073, 271.98K)

>>637574282>This one reads like satire, and really good one.I'm iffy about that, Poe's law and all.

I doAnd this game was fun no matter what you faggots say also Jesse a cute

Attached: uwaaa.jpg (1300x731, 93.34K)

>>637572796>the whole "SCP IS HIJACKED BY TRANNIES!" happened cuz a youtuber (who now deleted his shit video) claimed so cuz he saw 2 articles he didnt likeIt happened because the new management and writing community started writing deviantart tier tranny fanfiction and editing over older entries to include tranny shit. There's an SCP now that's a sentient interstellar planetoid that identifies as trans and literally reads fucking Homestuck

>>637564685that stuff is from the broken masquerade canonaka the world knows about scp and as a result they create the propaganda department to make themselves look goodalso the same canon where they do the mass brainwashing

>>637551015Only good thing about Bright is the Skippy's List parody. He should've remained relegated to that single joke post.


>>637574728i tried to get into control but something about it really put me off. was hoping for something like pic related in a shady paranormal government facility but there was this constant whispering noise the entire time that drove me crazy.

Attached: Counterpart-key-arts.jpg (4000x3068, 2.16M)

>>637549204This. The website went to shit went interesting articles stopped being approved in favor of gobbling the cock of popular writers and shitting up the page with as many HTML effects as possible.There's only so many times you can recycle the same pre 3000 articles before it gets old.

Anyone remember that vending machine SCP that could give you anything and someone used it to order a chocolate dick? Please tell me no one touched that

>>637575991>and someone used it to order a chocolate dick?But did it ejaculate money?

>>637574523>offendedi am calling you out on being a faggoti'm not reading the rest of your blogpost

>>637575367I enjoyed the first time it by turning my brain off and getting lost in throwing huge rocks at people. It was definitely a step down from Alan Wake (didnt play Quantum Break) but it had some cool moments. When I replayed it though, I actually began reading/watching/listening to all the logs and if you have the patience to get into it, its a pretty interesting game. Pretty excited for both Alan Wake 2 and Control 2 even though the latter is at least 3 years away

>>637571745so it turned into anime then

>>637576356More like a tumblr cargo cult of anime.

>>637575991that's 261.main article hasn't been changed, but the experiment log has like 2000 entries now because it's a collaborative log (literally anyone can add entries to it)

>>637572381Yes but it was portrayed as horrific and an awful necessity rather than cool and edgy

>>637575617I remember checking out the draft pages from time to time in the 4000s era while at work and it was fucking depressing.>Dude writes an interesting horror concept.>Nooooo you can't just write an interesting horror concept it has to have a narrative with characters for no reason.>This page is so boring, you should really shit it up like in [insert dogshit kaktus entry here]>This article is about an object that does a thing. Objects that do things aren't cool anymore unless your someone with pull on the site.And the creator would either fuck up the article completely to appeal to morons, or give up and leave. Makes me wonder how many cool horror concept the website might have generated if it wasn't fucked up to so completely.

Attached: images - 2021-02-24T133021.639.jpg (519x591, 25.16K)

>>637549140Lack of gatekeeping ruined it

>637576121No you for you


>>637572537no?"it's all just a dream" is a tale, not part of 231 itself. the scp has been changed surprisingly little, considering how much asshurt it generated within the community. afaik the original author (clef) removed a like about the d class employees being convicted sex offenders and that's pretty much it.

>>637561350it's funny how none of these people look normal, like there's something off about their appearance

Is there an archive of the original unedited first few SCP Series with the original pics?

>>637576818>>Nooooo you can't just write an interesting horror concept it has to have a narrative with characters for no reason.This is maybe the worst aspect of it all, what made the original entries compellijg was that they were presented completely clinically like a biologist's lab report ot something without embellishment or emotion, that's what gave them the feeling that they could actually be real. The dipshits in charge now want every entry to be a fucking X Files episode or something

'member when exceptionally shitty and/or blatant self insert SCPs were decomissioned (aka killed) in the most humiliating and stupid way possible then displayed on a specific page with so that they would serve as an example to not be a pretentious self-inserting tranny?I do

Attached: pablo.jpg (800x450, 178.98K)



>>637577223I remember reading an in-universe story that was basically just "stop asking for Zalgo to be made an SCP, he's stupid and boring and not interesting"Yeah remember Zalgo?

>>637553059backrooms/analog horror content is a thousand times more garbage than SCP will ever, ever get

>>637576520I really like this description. Mind if I use it in the future?


Attached: 1670667778416068.gif (498x278, 1.37M)

>>637577802Use it, my friend, it's all yours!

>>637577924Thanks! Have a good day!-Matt

>>637567308Go back to your dead board, faggot.

>just started playing SCP Secret LabGuess I'm late to the party huh

>>637567308How exactly did you see a post other than the OP "from the catalog"?

>>637572875underrated comment

>Normally mundane thing...>But it kills you!Only autists liked this shit in the first place.

>>637549140>why didn't poorly written amateur fan fiction storied stay popular?

>>637549140It got popular, and with mass interest it will inevitably become shit

Attached: 1675388796225397.jpg (824x983, 90.22K)

>>637578568That's never what it was, autist

>>637566987Youre not tricking anyone you dumb cunt

>>637549817same thing happening to the backrooms

>>637550384H i j ac k e d b y t r a n n i e s a n d r e d d i t o r s

>>637574024Everything you love will be destroyed.

People give the tumblr self insert shit, but I still think 5787 is the worst article on the site. It's basically millennial writing: the scp.

>>637549140So what are some actually good horror/SCP type sites that have good communities that care about well written horror related fiction.

Attached: 1656139499649.jpg (1024x762, 78.67K)

>>637579830RPC authority is a good one

>>637557887This but unironically.

>>637579608this is the main reason why the site has been going down the drain. a third of all new articles are just straight up joke articles the author decided to submit to the mainlist for whatever reason, and another third are serious articles that still include a number of very funny jokes and references that completely kill the atmosphere every time. there's still good stuff out there, but it's getting harder and harder to find.

>>637579608>>637579996It's hard to pick a single worst one but this one is in the runningscp-wiki.wikidot.com/scp-914SCP-2721-LYRE presents itself on its blog as a trans woman artist and blogs exclusively about social justice issues, its content, and the webcomic Homestuck. It has maintained a large group of acquaintances on the website and is well known for its Homestuck theories, drawings, and discussions.

>>637580327Wrong link?

>>637580507Oh yeah whoopsscp-wiki.wikidot.com/protected:scp-2721

>>637574024I don't see anything but the insect one when I go to the page. What anime demon rewrite are you retards talking about?

>>637580807I was confused too, it was reverted to the original due to the backlash

>>637581157Oh they actually changed it back? I'm genuinely surprised, they usually stick by their dogshit writing to the death

The format is ironically extremely restrictive and eventually all the stories wind up being the same shit The only way to get attention for a story by the time of the second series was to escalate the scale until everything was some world ending bullshit

>>637574024Is there an extant version of this awful rewrite

SCP:5K is in early access on steam. Pretty fun.

>>637581157Damn, I love it when a rewrite in media is so bad everyone collectively calls the writer a retard lol

>>637549140everything needs a sacrifice of 50 d-class daily and a 50 meter thick concrete cell that it can escape if it gets bored

>>637558571Exactly this, average length of an SCP entry quadrupled over time, back in the day authors presented fun ideas, nowadays everyone tries to write an in universe short novel.

>>637549204you know your niche is dead when it gets rewritten to be inclusive (african 049 because everything have to pander to race wars these days) and the most blatant common denominator gets shoehorned for the sake of leeching popularity (picrel)I have to thank nuSCP for teaching me the value of gatekeeping, now I everytime some cuck tries to call me out on it I just point out SCP as a crystal clear example of why gatekeeping is a good thing

Attached: Yellow.jpg (480x360, 26.79K)

For me, it's the antimemetics division.

Attached: 1676225359006251.jpg (313x500, 15.76K)

>>637577223publicly assblasting the morons who thought it was original to call their shit oc apollyon class for the nth time was fun, I still return to the forums to reread old threads shaming on those uncreative hacks

Attached: Comfy_guy.jpg (600x579, 42.44K)

read my scp, 4117

>>637553059I agree with your point about the shared universe, the fact that everything is in the same universe makes people feel like they have to "one-up" the other SCPs in order to be interesting. However I don't think that's everything, it is also coupled with a degeneration of writing and horror skills of newer generations that caused the newer stories to be awful. I disagree that backrooms is interesting, it's such a lame concept

>>637581552That's horseshit, the only restrictions are writing in a clinical tone and the general layout. So many great SCPs go wild with the formula like 2521, 4205, 2718, 2439, 2786 etc. If a writer has to lean on world ending threats to be interesting that just means the problem is too many shit writers.

>>637572796it also had to do with one of the most strict mods stepping down aka being booted because he went full Holla Forumstard on several threads, if only he had hidden his power level

Attached: dissapointed.jpg (333x500, 64.18K)


>>637562762>popularity of this fiction exploded but it stood for less than one monthyou just described zoomers, the constant exposure to social media and reactionary clickbaits have molded a generation of ADHD tards with zero instronspection nor personality, so glad they will never own a house, sheeple like them dont deserve it

Attached: disgust.jpg (605x526, 41.23K)


Attached: 1657816570359.jpg (1988x1234, 1.35M)

>>637582809Vaporwave less original less interesting GTFO

>>637582156You never use a wiki before? Just check the edit history, 21 June 2018, >Something appears from out of the darkness in front of her. It is charred, misshapen, and badly burned, but is very clearly the corpse of a fox. The creature stumbles towards her, hobbling on blackened limbs. It does not appear to have eyes, instead only exposed, burned out holes sit where its eyes should. The creature stops right in front of Williams, unmoving. Multiple tails protrude from the back of the corpse, each of them unusually long and disappearing into the darkness beyond. The creature opens its mouth, and chattering fills the room. The sound of high pitched laughter accompanies it.The main page seems to have been reverted to the original with the formless insect things which is at least a positive change

>>637566987Harley fucked Nightwing Batman and Harley Quinn. A movie released in FUCKING 2017.

>>637579605Your father was right.

>>637585089The author must have suffered a brain injury causing them to revert to tween weeb (tweeb, if you will) phase.

>>637583951I took a pretty long break and currently reread my way through 1000-1999 and I have to admit that I enjoy the are we cool yet entries

>>637585072>has to check a wiki for the "age" of a fictional characterwhy are they like that bros

>>637549204Literally this

>>637561658Seriously? Tell me more

>>637571674Where's the "anime kitsune demon with super saiyan powers" mentioned? I skimmed through the page and the exploration logs but there's nothing talking about it.

>>637585269I was never big into SCP so I'm only finding out all of this just now (I just know how to use a wiki lol) but it seems like the original author got self conscious about his writing and wanted it all deleted, and would only keep the popular tower story up if someone essentially rewrote itThen the DJKaktus guy rewrites *only* the interesting monster bit, leaving all the awkward dialogue, everything about the Doctor's personal relationship with the blind deafmute, and people climbing ladders for twelve hours without getting tiredNot sure why anyone agreed that slapping a giant kitsune in the story would make it fundamentally different, it just makes everyone involved seem kinda lesser for it

>>637550384They overthought it all and it became a UPVOTE contestSCP worked when the dry-business-like explanations added to the mystery of how horrifying a monster/object might be and the power scale was kept lowkey. Simple, straightforward things work best cause it allowed readers to fill in the blanks and kept the idea of the SCP organization being a black ops thing. Stair cases that went on forever, coffee machines that would give out whatever you asked, a ring that would make you suicidal. Outlandish, but cryptic enough to be spooky/entertaining.Then redditors (and by extension, trannies) decided trying to one-up each other with the SCPs like "001- Scarlet King" that fucked up the power leveling and made it all seem outlandish to the point cringe.tldr: reddit sucks

>>637585579Because fictional women have rights too. Fictional guys though? Doesn't matter.

Attached: 1659903394059063.png (500x493, 403.66K)

>>637585579Because they lack of a personality and try to fill that void with "haha I'm so le horny you guys", but because it's a communal experience there are "problematic" waifus to likeThey don't even really like those girls, they're just trying to fit in, hell if the hivemind decides a new waifu is a guy they'll become bisexual right then and there to keep fitting in

It’s not even the wiki, the games are terrible too and have loads of issues on their own. This is coming from someone who played SL for 4 years and never experienced a “good” update (2000 hours).>>637553059Cute Lain

Attached: 308F53C4-769A-478D-9C91-FFE4CA9EFAA1.jpg (2230x1600, 1.31M)


>>637571390you will never reach peak SCP's quality nor popularity, your work isnt original and nobody will remember it when you drop it, chances are its gonna be rewritten to pander to the new trend, nobody is gonna cry when you leave the project, racism and bigotry will continue to exist after your death, and your tombstone will have your birth given name

Attached: you are never gonna stop me.png (219x230, 9.18K)

>>637549140At some point, I realized the roots are barely there anymore. It's one thing to include some narrative into a clinical scientific document, but when the whole thing might as well be a novel, just fucking write a tale, damn it. The object is merely a framing device instead of the focus. Maybe there's still some of that sort in the newer series, but who the fuck wants to search literal thousands of totally-not-novels to find what makes SCP truly unique.

Didn't all of this tranny taking over SCP bullshit happened because someone created a SCP that was just a doorknob that sexually harasses you?

>>637553308It was the one rp game I was able to get into. Shit was hilarious, and then he takes it away. Meanwhile Master Duel has had uninterrupted threads for like 15 months now and it's technically fucking /tg/. Most aggravating shit I've ever seen.

>>637586712No, it happened because trannies took over literally every single forum on the internet that has moderators with actual power

>>637585837Why would there be an anime kitsune demon in a parallel universe park ranger watchtower in rural Oregon

>>637586712No but it was part of it, the doorknob compelled anyone talking about it to sexually harass/objectify it, even though it was asking for it. Troons and tumblrbrain retards considered it inappropriate rape culture/misogyny even though it was blatantly a joke entry

the world is healing

>>637586987rent free

Attached: Zeus.png (447x643, 599.11K)

>>637550484damn, this really is oldfag shit, it references SCP-197-1

>>637563559people previously said it was a famous isreali homophobe being hit

>>637562762Kane Pixels entire library is good

>>637585705If they're on /lgbt/ at all they're a faggot who probably deserves to have their baitshit deleted

>>637585072It really surprised me how many people had never heard of zone till that animation went "viral". Kinda irritating being asked if i'd seen the funny cat video i'd already pumped gallons to 10 years ago.


>>637551158>check one>just a bunch of semi-sentient mascot costumes that yell incoherent sentences relating to their themes>check another>just a bird that makes people calmAnd I'm guessing the next one would be some doomsday level threat trite. Lame

>>637585579severe mental illness

>>637551015I think he was an immortal scientist, who comes from a family of top level admins and scientist in the foundation.

>>637553197The SCP foundation would be very welcoming of trannies, you can never have too many D-thems

>*is the best modern SCP in your path*

Attached: 4666.jpg (1032x775, 114.04K)

>>637563685This. what a fucking idiot.

>>637559737To be fair compared to a Chinese escalator, an SCP must seem pretty harmless

>>637559763Agent REDACTED has been promoted to D-class

My favorite garbage SCP is the transphobic cheerleader's blog that turns women into stereotypical valley girls.

Attached: what a mess starts scarping dr chang off the wall.png (623x1166, 1.04M)

>>637561350Are they containing lgbt people?

>>637593141>My pronouns are REDACTED/REDACTED/REDACTEDKinda brilliant actually

>>637572875>don't get mad at tranoids and redditors fight amongst yourselves insteadno lol

>>637593554In the end, trannies, fags, and poorly influenced zoomers are a self-resolving problem. It's just that their death throes have the yield of a nuclear blast. All that can be done is get your own shit together and maybe your family's, and pray.

>>637593807>Let me try again, goy. You see they are all one group. You should hate the young (?) as much as you do these others. I am smart.no lol

>>637549140SCP was lost to me after they turned SCP 049 from a mysterious cold Plague Doctor to a fucking Rick and Morty tier scientist with 0 mystery

>>637588439I was talking more about the popularity of his videos, the first one in the series exploded in views but it pretty much went down over time for the following ones. But yes, even if it's not my favorite interpretation of backrooms he's good, he's trying to do something even after the "hype" is over at least.

>>637594315>my fellow SCPs

Attached: 049xray.jpg (657x406, 27.22K)

>>637587467>oldfag shit>go back to Holla Forums whiningpick one

>>637592868Hate this bitch, freaks me the fuck out

>>637594716He read the symbol before the text, apparently.

>>637576823scp redditors be like NOOOOO THIS IS NOT FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!

>>637593991Jew boy utterly BTFO.

>>637550384Admin team killed by troon infestation.

Attached: scp.jpg (533x777, 91.48K)


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>>637549140youtube niggers.its always the youtube niggers.>have unique concept>several youtubers looking for a niche find the site>start making videos based on scps>suddenly swarms of shit tier writers that cant even make their own setting flood the site>included: trannies, gays, furries, kids that grew up from fnaf...>a lot of old writers quietly leave for greener, lesser populated pastures.>those that are left are power-ego retard moderators that see no problem with the quickly dropping standard of quality as long as people praise them like godsi was in a scp discord once, it started as a small server actually focused on the scp it was about. by the time i decided to take my leave it was 95% off topic with shit like trans/gay rights memes posted on the regular, the channels actually related to scp itself were in a hidden category and anything scp was barely mentioned outside of those.

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>>637551552>muh Holla ForumsAt least get your scapegoat right, it's /tttt/.


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>>637596395>it's /tttt/.huh?


>>637596587>>>/lgbt/The trannies have completely infested the board to a point where it might as well be renamed to /tttt/.

>>637559356>>637559687>>637562762im still convinced you can mix backrooms and monsters.the problem is figuring out HOW to do it without completely butchering the feeling.

>>637596692damn, kinda feel bad for the fags when even their containment board gets taken over by an even more virulent cancer



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>>637561727Buddy, 4chan is for shills. Holla Forums and Holla Forums are full of them and their theads are protected. You even get to know the different shill styles after a while. Netflix shills love racial bait, Paramount tries to shame you, Amazon shills tend to denigrate the source to drive conversation etc

>>637564579maybe he really really enjoys AvP?


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I still remember the article that made me give up hope. The tranny space monster came close, but it was this more obscure one about a Fumo doll from space, made of exotic matter that convinced me. It was already "Lesser Anomaly" tier, but the article fucking veers away from that and becomes some debate between two scientists on whether or not a DOLL made of IMPOSSIBLE MATTER is actually anomalous. I sure fucking hope it got deleted, but considering there is a vetting process, some fag mod looked at that article and gave it the OK. Fuck that site.

>>637561727They sure do a shit job either way. Dry vidya board is bounds worse than waifufagging and drunk shower thoughts all day, but also bounds better than everyone baiting and baiting baiters in one incestuous circlejerk like now.

>>637553197Mann Co would never pander to trannies, in fact saxton would probally laugh at them


>Boy it's a good thing that Keter speciment identifies as Safe, or else we'd be in trou-

>>637596835They deserve it. They're animals that go for the throat when you try to give them the slightest bit of kindness.

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It's been ran to the groundAlso the normie twitter fags got their hands on it so its been cringey fanfiction tier for years

>>637596758>>637596835don't feel bad for fagsthey opened the door for this shit

>>637562461I mean I've seen people who don't mind genocidal characters in fiction but be a bigot in character and it's an issue.A bigger problem to me is the proliferation of end-time-keters, when the classic big-dick keters were mostly >If you are in their proximity they're going to fucking kill you, but the world itself is not at stake unless someone does a retarded shit like film shyguyEven something big as hell like the memory-eating giant Sanskrit snake in the ocean won't end the world, he'll just fuck your shit up.>>637596758It's fascinating to step into there once and awhile, if you see a topic on the front page with some weird ass acronym you've never heard of. Legitimately there's a weird autistic fetish with troons and their love of acronyms.

>>637549204This + powerlevelfags + lorefags who can't fucking let things be mysteries


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>>637594716/pol/ has been terrible for more than a decade, SCP has also been around for more than a decade.

>>637597493>>637597613All fags deserve to 'drown', but it's funny and effective to drive a schism between them. Troons are that schism.

>>637597976>a decade>oldfag shitI rest my case

>>637597668They're hacks, that's why they can't imagine smaller scale entities being good.

>>637598052Anon, I...

>>637598085If i were to write an scp, then ir would be something small, like a stapler that makes the holder convinced they can walk through walls. The largest possible outcome of it existing is a few broken noses

What's a good SCP experience in year actual?

The only one I ever really liked was the expedition through the mirror to the world with Faithful OS, whichever one that was.>>637598665This. How do we read the non-pozzed versions?

>>637549140There was a big shitfest over the admins leaving gay flags all over the site even after pride month ended that resulted in a bunch of splinter sites popping up. I think rpc was the biggest. Some of the older authors took down their articles too

>>637599118ehrm b-b-based?

>>637599118>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >.>....>

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>>637549204fpbp, put me in the screencap.

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>>637598665Garrys mod has some text only serious rp servers for the scp universeCrucible is the most popular right nowPic related

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>>637574728that game was a lot of fun once you installed some essential mods (Infinite flight, higher flight, jesse face fix, etc)

>>637598665the lobotomy corp ss13 server

>>637599298I think a lot of the copyright shit wasn't even from the original authors too

>>637549140pokemon for trannies

>>637576323>step down from Alan WakeNo. There is no excuse for that light/gun thing and exactly one type of enemy. The story was interesting but the gameplay was awful. Beautiful game though, at least the OG version I have.

>>637599343The SCP SS13 server was okay for a few days unironically, but it was so poorly handled it died in a month when it started with 200 players. The retard staff couldn't decide between serious roleplay or a TDM between D-Class and the rest of the staff.The worst bits were clueless players taking the high level clearance slots (If you're going to play a shitter character it's really annoying that your superior is an actual shitter OOC) and the whole D-Class stalag situation.(PS: Writing this after I finished my post and I'm not going back to correct myself:)>>637599576Is it really still alive or is it handled by different people? What's the situation like?

>>637598085Pretentious big fish in a little pond situation and trying to up end or ape someone else, yeah. I like the very spookily antedilluvian and esoteric, but it always goes for too big for its britches instead of something more humble. I'm not saying go utterly mundane, but like:>An ancient flesh-crafter goblet which will turn whatever fluids you put into it into strange flesh of various consistencies/origins. DNA that was unknown at the time, but when tested at a later date turns out to be that of some joe-blow random IRS accountant without a lick of occult about him.As opposed to yet another sarkist uberdoom existential monstrosity. You know what one of my favorite SCPs was? The other dimension with the giant faceless sineaters dragging them along the world. It had aliens, it had an entire alternate world, it had giant existential threats - to that world. To ours it was immaterial. No risk of it unless you went over there. But it was a glimpse into a way our world could have gone with the terrifying unsaid portent that the aliens that visited that world could visit ours.

>>637549140it's a relic from when the internet was still an intimidating rabbit hole for pop-culture. creepypastas in general are a dead, time-locked art.

>>637549140I want to go back, I want to believe

>>637599576Oh nevermind I'm tired and retarded, lobotomy corp is that other tranny game.


>>637586996Trannies taking over moderation of everything has more evidence to back it up than most racial stereotypes, and no one has made a serious effort to explain it. It's long past the point of being clinically significant

>>637579554P O Z W A V E BEGINS


>>637551625>pulled the image from the siteqrd?

>>637600142its because all trannies share the same power hungery narcissistic victim mindset. I dont doubt an overwhelming majority of them went trans because its trendy and gives massive amounts of power irl and online.


>>637550384this >>637571745 One of the things that also made SCP appealing was the mystery and how serious it was. Tranny lorefags spammed shit ton of fanfics and "lol wacky" characters and made it completely boring, the same shit happened to the backrooms.

>>637600336the artist is russian and russians are le bad

>>637576989I was just curious about it and I looked it up. I can't believe pic related. It absolutely destroys any trace of eeriness and creepiness when you have to agree to a "THIS MIGHT TRIGGER YOU" consent. I don't remember these being there before.

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>>637571390Why the fuck are you posting here?


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>>637580657>the site logo changes to tranny colors on this page alone

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>>637595707fucking based Guilliman

>>637600641The artist is japanese, dishonest retard.The image was pulled off for some bullshit copyright™ violation

>>637592729>It stood for "degenerate" this whole timedeepest lore

It's long past the point of saving anything, but I'm realizing now the only way to stop trannies was to have conversations with your hobby collaborators to not never give power to likely tyranny sympathizers, years ago. You would sound insane, but it was totally necessary. Why did their subculture become so powerful? Imagine furries or libertarians doing this, it sounds impossible. Maybe it wasn't. Not even feminists were so successful.

>>637601015japs are pedos and pedos are le bad

>>637601195>Why did their subculture become so powerful?Because the medical sector has a vested interest in spreading trannyism far and wide.

>>637599794>>637599118>The other dimension with the giant faceless sineaters dragging them along the world.web.archive.org/web/20080817054935/http://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/scp-004?

The doorknob SCP was the real SCP-001 all along. It started the degeneration and the downfall of the SCP Foundation. It's the most powerful SCP. This is now canon, fuck you if you disagree.

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>>637601195>Why did their subculture become so powerful?The entire 'subculture' is jewish to its core. Do the math, dipshit.

>>637601195its because pretty much everyone in the first world is a "good person". Like imagine if I went up to you and said "there is this minority who are being prosecuted and literally killed and have no rights yada yada." If you were a normalfag you would probably buy what I was saying and support me in as lazy of a way as possible. Its this combo of pressuring people's empathy on a group they have likely never seen and will never interact with that the average normalfag can be pushed into supporting literally anything. Trannies and tranny enablers took this strategy and ran with it for 5 years.Problem is trannies are incredibly toxic and repugnant people, and despite having media and vast swathes of defenders online and irl have managed to tank their public image. A lack of self policing by trannies + bad optics by scummy people have started turning normalfags away from supporting them. I think a lot of people are getting sick of these people nowadays as the iron grip they have on public discourse is being lessened.

>>637599252Surely it's a coincidence and it's just a black version of the theme supremacy with a stupid name right? right?

>>637602038>bad optics by scummy people have started turning normalfags away from supporting themOh no, not the scum turning people away from supporting transsexuals! Do you listen yourself, you braindead fucking tranny?

>>637600551How do we point it out?

>>637549140Because Project Moon made a much better universe.

>>637602326nigger I hate trannies I just couldnt be bothered to list: pedophiles/abusers/drug addicts/fetishists/porn addicts

for me its the very strong lizard


>>637577763>backrooms/analog horror content is a thousand times more garbage than SCP will ever, ever getWrong.

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>>637602489>>637602549He worded the sentence poorly.

>>637602038>bad optics by scummy peopleTranssexuals ARE the scummy people you retard. They're mentally ill, they should be institutionalised. They can ruin their public image without any outside help.

I wanted to make a SCP entry that I had in the back of my head for years but I'm afraid the idea might be too stupid or worse, boring.


okay, I thought you were all exaggerating but, wtf happened to this shit kek

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>>637549140If there is one thing that gets old fast, it is horror. Why? I don't know.I just know that things that are interesting and slightly scary today, will be boring and comical 4 months from now.I remember when that horn-headed monster became famous, people genuinely thought it was scary, and when I saw a video after the fad wore off it looked like unintentional comedy. A fucking emergency horn on his head, holy shit.

>>637602789So did I. The whole idea is that it was about a guy who possessed actual powers, but use of them was genuinely killing him. And not in a roundabout lifespan way, I mean "Literally causing his body to destroy itself from within."And his rampant paranoia about something made the foundation lock him up for his own safety

>>637602845Someone else took issue with it here >>637602694 you stupid sack of shit. Fuck off.

>>637602953this just sounds like the main character from my hero academia

>>637602928That's funny

>>637602953Mine was a "Failure cube" where an object has an area of effect of the surrounding area causing anything that's alive to fail at everything eventually leading to death, but hell this idea has probably even been done before anyways

>>637602976Retard in good company

>>637602694no shit nigger. The point of the post was trannies fucked up their spearhead shove into the public conciousness>want degenerate behavior not only normalized but protected, especially good if its somehow constitutional>also want privledges as rights (free shit so they can indulge in a hedonistic lifestyle)>have both massive political and media support>overwhelming power to censor and manipulate discussion irl and online>literally all they have to do is keep good optics so normalfag chattle tow their line>fuck this up: start shooting up schools, fucking with people unsolicited, having public freakouts be recorded, start going after children, etc>normalfags wake from their media induced stupor and push back>movement is crumbling and they fumbled the ball at the peak of their powertranny shit has peaked and now we are watching the decline in real time as normalfags get fed up with it.

>>637603162Kill yourself with this pointless D&C. Ultimately we all agree on Total Troon Death, and that's all that matters.

>>637603021Nah, this is far more grotesque. It's ambiguous as to if he even HAS powers when the drawbacks far outweigh them. Like the last time he did it he reduced himself to a cripple for months

>>637603273But what if I misread this post and don't own up to it, then ask for a truce because I'm the reasonable one

Everyone is saying trannys but i don't believe it, i haven't looked up this shit in a minute, did it really get mogged by troons? wheres the proof

>>637603540It was poorly worded and another user became confused by it for the same reasons. It's that simple. If you can't read that sentence and admit that it might cause confusion, you're the one being unreasonable.

>>637603587DON'T ASK

>>637552426>>637578320It's because Secret Lab is terrible and was spammed everyday for 2 years by one singular person, not because its shit but because the fans are shit

>>637603587just look up the lgbscp video

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>>637603587I was curious too, but not curious enough to go check it out.But my bet is that the thing has actually fallen into the taste of the most dysfunctional autistics and they can almost never write anything good because they don't understand the subtleties of human beings.These autistics are usually the ones who turn into trannies, so actually the trannification is just the result of the environment being dominated by dysfunctional autistics.

>>637603670The confusion was caused in the womb


>>637602928>if the power ever goes out it'll doom the world in a few minutes>>>>>safeHow did they contain this nigger to begin with? What about the box metaphor.

>>637549140Sane Clown Posse just doesn't flow off the tongue

>>637570482Wait they fucking changed that one? I fucking loved it, for fuck sake.

Went to shit the same time everything does: when it stopped being a neat thing people did for fun and started being a potential source of income.

>>637596983>djNiggerOf fucking course.

>>637603957>the old guard of writers that are from 4chan love this pride thingsomething seems off here...

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>>637549140Because you didn't gatekeep hard enough.

>>637549140Too many layers and hours of bullshit. And you got to constantly be caught up in some lore type shit before you even read new files or whatever they were called

>>637604073>he thinks the site still cares about its origins.

>>637549140because of this

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>>637603451Like he bends a spoon with his mind, and his teeth fall out?

>>637595707Wasn't guilliman one of the original posters on the wiki?

>>637605097We don't even know what his powers are other than "It's really bright and it can do lots"

>>637598085Honestly only 001 should be world ending and should be kept to a very very VERY small amount of entries and never should there be a "canon" 001


>>637604556The Venerable 4chan Old Guard

>>637603223Most of these apply to the entire faggot alphabet brigade. Trannies just went too hard and too fast, they're also the most perverted and the most repugnant in that rainbow clown show. They're a protected class, they're still going to enter the mainstream, the die has been cast long ago. Before half of this board was even swimming in their fathers nutsack.

>>637604995i dont get it? tf is this about?>>637602953>>637602789My idea was an entity realted to pareidolia that could control anything that was considered "human", the scary stuff was the scientists researching when subjects stopped being human.

>>637602789Just write it. The bar is so low that anything you write will be better than the predditor tranny pandering newer entries.

>>637549204Mhmm. Also Lobotomy Corporation picked up the slack, and is just better.

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I am once again asking for a date I can punch into the wayback machine and get the complete first series without the "extended universe" call-forward edits.

Attached: scp.jpg (388x791, 79.09K)

>>637600142the only people who are capable of performing the labor of moderating a website for free are terminally online weirdos, which leaves only schizos and trannies as potential candidates. plus becoming a tranny means you get sympathy which means people are more likely to side with the mod team if they come across as victims of twansphobia.

>>637549140>>637549204Came here to say this. SCP was in a huge trough when the stories were being written about OCs and their precious baby SCPs. The website had to literally excise all of that shit and even then it's not any better than when it was just the original few.

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>>637604851They practically worship the ground 173 shits/scrapes on. Big (b)old The Original next to it in the archive, there's a tale where the fucker keeps multiplying and overruns the earth, 173 planet in a tale, and if a scp or tale features other scps (not for any good reason just to have them there) it'll probably be crammed in somewhere. scp-wiki.wikidot.com/scp-7070/offset/2 (ctrl+f 173) >>637569259 (ctrl+f the statue).

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>>637607746the redesign for 173 is the dumbest shit ever too

>>637607149I feel like there is some sort of irony in having the SCP foundation of all things be pride focused. Maybe it just feels similar to when the FBI talk about pride. It fits perfectly with the organization completely not giving a fuck about it but doing it just to fit in. As if anyone mentally ill would be allowed to work at SCP

>>637603957>4chan was originally super progressive, it was those hecking trump chuds that changed the site>trust me I'm an oldF-wordthey lie as easily as they breathe

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