Not gonna lie, she makes a really good point

Not gonna lie, she makes a really good point.

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the lesson is no woke shit unless its comicallike the gay carpenter freak

>>637548150>she >matthew

>>637548150Is the lesson that you can literally copy-paste your sequel if your company name is Nintendo?

A "really good point" which we won't talk about here, because it's not in the image or the OP. Go back to sleep gaming, there's nothing to learn here.

>>637548150what? that people want to play physics based sandboxes? good luck not having it be a glitchy mess, western devs can make regular ass games

>>637548278yes, because sony totally isn't doing that, anondoesn't seem to be working as well though

>>637548150>Less about the nameThe game is good but let’s please not delude ourselves, here.

>>637548234>>637548241>>637548278>>637548316>>637548407>>637548519I read the article, the answer is blonde giilrs with thicc asses


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What's the lesson? I can't be arsed to read an article from modern journalist.

ignoring the fact that games have been doing the weird crafting/survival-lite loop for about 10 years now, he makes a decent point. devs are going to look at the success of totk and want a piece of the here's to another 10 years of this shit

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>>637548407>good luck not having it be a glitchy messIf Japan can do it the west can too

the lesson is that brand is everything and nintendo are very protective of it

>>637548150The lesson is good story and fun gameplay is King. Probably why the indie scene is thriving so much but big AAA games continue to be hit and miss.

>>637548150is the lesson how to compress file sizes and optimize games?

>>637548705Unrelated but on-topic, I really liked his take, do anyone know a youtube making content like this? Talking about the industry from a big-picture perspective instead of just how "x game is good, here is why"

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>>637548884Jeff Gerstmann's probably who you're looking for, doesn't really do structured content rather just rambles about whatever is on his mind but he probably has more experience and knowledge of the industry than any other pundit.

>>637548851There are many lessons to be learned, some even as basic as pic related >>637548705Western devs routinely collapse making much simpler games in terms of gameplay and physics systems because they've become a gigantic mass of people of wildly different skill levels and little communication, wasting most of the time on graphics. I laugh thinking how Bethesda or Ubisoft would fare trying to make TotK. It would be the jank to end all jank.

>>637548884maybe Sakurai's channel too. it's more game dev related, but he often has anecdotes from his time working on Smash and Kirby, which tend to focus on how devs viewed the certain topic, or how players might perceive it.

>> link

>>637548407Just cause 2

>>637548150It's almost like people want video games with gameplay in them, ones that you can interact with.Not hybrid interactive TV show "emotional narrative experiences"

>>637548705>ignoring the fact that games have been doing the weird crafting/survival-lite loop for about 10 years nowThose games don't do "crafting", they do "get X amount of Y to generate Z". No experimentation or adding to the recipe, it's grinding with extra steps. The crafting in this game is actually putting shit together in inventive ways, which is a whole different thing from "find Sturdy Stick, three Turnscrew Penis Duck Feathers and a Bomb to make Bomb Arrow".

>>637548705Fuck jason schreier

>>637549193Western devs don't just waste time on graphics but also huge money on advertising. Hell, the game devs can receive less money than advert bloat does for a game.

>>637548618Its wild how poor the Wii games did whats that all about?

>>637549106TY, this might be what I'm looking for.>>637549249TY. But I'm subscribed to his channel, he does focus on more dev-related stuff though and his videos are pretty brief. I'm looking for something more current, talking about the latest trends in the industry, company bureaucracy, this kind of stuff. Kinda like news but with an in-depth look.

>>637549454>I'm looking for something more current, talking about the latest trends in the industry,Ah I see! All good. Looks like you got what you're after anyway

>>637549193>I laugh thinking how Bethesda or Ubisoft would fare trying to make TotK. It would be the jank to end all jank.Ubisoft games tend to be polished tofu. Little jank, but there not a drop of creativity or player freedom anywhere.Bethesda, though. Yeah.

>>637548575I’m going to need an image of what you’re referring to.

>>637548150For anyone who's not going to answer like a disingenuous faggot, why do you care so much about a franchise that you obviously have no intent on consuming? What even drives people to make these threads?

>>637549593>Ubisoft games tend to be polished tofu. Little jank, but there not a drop of creativity or player freedom anywhere.That's why I wonder how they'd tackle a game like TotK. They're not used to making such complex systems. People complain that BotW/TotK have Ubisoft towers but I don't think they truly understand what they'd be like if they were Ubisoft games. Map filled with markers, no physics and freedom to tackle things differently and thus immensely heightened sense of repetition. I don't think they'd be able to break away from that development mindset successfully.

>>637549740Because if that game sells well enough, the entire industry will take notice and try to copy it. Some people don't want their favorite franchises to turn into Zelda clones.

>>637549740it's sad seeing a game you grew up playing try something new (good thing) only for that new thing to be a boring and flawed open world game with tacked on survival crafting.and then after 6 years, they release the same thing, but with a handful of other features and an even bigger world with more things to survival craft.I appreciate the goofy attempts at new things they do (fusion, contraption building, verticality to areas and dungeons), but botw didn't grab me, and totk doesn't look like it fixes much if anything that i had an issue with from the first game

>>637548705ok jason is correct this time, except the rocket thing is cringe.

>>637548705While Jason Schreier is a humongous Sonyroach faggot, he has a point. Western gamedevs of the skilled variety who are usually the head devs aren't willing to put in the extra work their codemonkeys are doing do make sure their game is polished, compressed, and technically marvelous.>ignoring the fact that games have been doing the weird crafting/survival-lite loop for about 10 years nowWhat TOTK does isn't crafting. It's something else. If it was your standard crafting shit I don't think TOTK would have this reaction from the entire gaming industry.

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>>637550049>Western gamedevswhat you actually meant to say was >non-nintendo

>>637548150Are UX pajeets seething or yet or does the Nintendo name make them think twice

>>637549313>The crafting in this game is actually putting shit together in inventive ways>>637550049>What TOTK does isn't crafting. It's something elsethis is a fair point, especially compared to the standard crafting affair. as was said above, standard "crafting" is more grinding than anything

I just hope TOTK stops AAA developers from making every single fucking one of their games destiny-lite, holy fuck this is worse than the scourge of cod clones in the 2010s. Anything else they take from it is a bonus.

>>637548150>steal other games>pay some autistic writer to claim they invented everything as usualNiᥒtend𐐬 is the Israel of video gamesno identity or originality, just fake history supported by biased journalism

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>>637550049>>637548705totk is trash, gaming is turning in another bad direction

>>637550252Nuts and Bolts is way more streamlined and fun than BOTW in terms of building.

>>637550252I can't imagine how sad and angry you'd have to be to make this post, let alone to think anyone would actually take it seriously. Two image of playing either BotW or TotK disproves the entire image.

>>637548150Yes, because people are tired of everything being about social politics, this is even happening with movies now too. The burn out had to come at some point

>>637548150>less about the zelda nameBullfuckingshit.

>>637549426SS released when the Wii was dead and the casuals had moved on. People who liked video games hated the gimmicks and the Wii at the time and were also sick of it at that point.

>>637548150Yes, $70 games are a norm now.

>>637550623People loved the wii.

>>637548150the lesson to learn is that games should be all about gameplay

>>637549426dead console

>>637549426A lot of people bought the console but it didn’t have many “core” gamers. Most of the most sold games on the wii are wii sports titles

>>637548705Agreed, crafting is a dime a dozen on PC. It infests tons of games, particularly base building. We do not need more crafting sandboxes or open world survival games, they're everywhere and Nintendo is just chasing that trend. I fucking hate that people act like shit didn't exist until Nintendo does it.

>>637550680At first. Which is why TP sold by far the best in the series at the time and SS sold meh. It dropped off hard over the years, especially when the soccer moms were only really interested in wii sports and mario kart.

>>637550079>what you actually meant to say was non-nintendoAside from Squareenix shitting the bed with every release, Japanese studios had a solid output in the last few years. Capcom, Nintendo, Fromsoftware.

>>637550806It's not a case of "shit didn't exist until Nintendo does it". It's a case of "these mechanics other devs said "eh good enough" to were refined and enhanced to allow for even more player freedom while running in a fully functioning Adventure game that isn't early access with the other mechanics being dog shit trash.Time Rewind, Using whatever you find and editing your vehicle on the fly, the diving through terrain all of it's been done before by other games, but none of those games have the other's mechanics plus the stuff from BOTW.It's not "Nintendo invented it"It's "Holy shit Nintendo took ALL of these mechanics and got them working in a properly made Adventure game and enhanced many of those mechanics as well."That's what's impressive.

>>637550962Capcom has had plenty of fuck ups, nintendo and from software are just two companies. Has nothing to with japan.

>>637551092>Capcom has had plenty of fuck upsUnless you are a Street Fighter fan, they have been releasing greatness after greatness.>nintendo and from software are just two companies.SEGA is doing alright, Bandai is doing alright. Konami is the only one that is out of the picture because of Pachinko and snorting coke. >Has nothing to with japan.Japanese devs have nothing to do with japan. For real? Proof that the japs are doing something different is that Square is fucking up by following the steps of western devs.

>>637551370remaking resident evil and fucking up license games isn't success user.Ok well western companies are also doing well, heh, checkmate.

>>637548150The lesson is to make more open world games and the developers will deliver. Lord have mercy.

>>637551370>Unless you are a Street Fighter fanBut user, we're so fucking back right now.

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>>637551092Ofcourse it does. They are Japanese companies with lifelong positions for employment.

Nintendo follows last gen's trends and are hailed as innovators. It's abysmally fucking stupid.

>>637552353Because Niᥒtend𐐬 literally owns every gaming news website.

>>637552353If it was so easy why can't anybody else do it earlier than them?

>>637551864Top 3 Resident Evil.Sorry you got filtered little buddy.I'm not in this thread.

>>637552419Everyone basically did do it earlier than them, but Nintendo exists on it's brand recognition alone. "The Nintendo bump," didn't come from nothing.

>>637552419PhysicsOpen WorldBuildingCustomizationall existed since PS1/PS2tendies don't play anything so these stuff are new to them

>>637551045The problem is totk isn't that, and botw certainly wasn't. All they did was slam the two together in a really mediocre way that kneecapped story, music, progression and purpose. You have your generic middling open world that only excelled at traversal, which came with its own caveats that wouldn't work in any game with proper level design, and then you have your largely self contained little puzzle rooms that nobody actually likes. Combat is also still total garbage, but to be fair Zelda has always had garbage combat, but these games managed to still introduce terrible design into that too with durability, carrying tons of food, flurry rush and slowmo cheese, a backwards difficulty curve, etc.What exactly did nintendo exceed at here? And I mean beyond slapping zelda on the cover of the box and everyone praising it largely for that alone like they always do for the big mainline titles where even games like skyward sword saw massive critical acclaim.

>>637548705>retaining your staff is vitalOF COURSE EXCEPT IF ITS HECKIN WHITE MALESi hate this fucking kike so much

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>>637548618>was a literal who franchise until BlackRock bought shares off Nintend𐐬 around the Switch releasedamn

>>When i think of other games i could play, i don't like playing this game. It is not pleasurable for me to look at it, the framerate is poor, the graphics are not that good. Uh, for a company of this size, the fact that it's not like you know, fully voice acted is a huge... like, we give Nintendo a lot of passes. We give them a lot of passes. And frankly, i know a lot of those passes are fine with you, i'm not really on board with all of them. I think when you have this many resources and you're this big of a company, i think you can do a lot better than this. A LOT better than this. So this, in my opinion... i mean yea, the mechanics are cool and things like that, but this is kinda phoning it in, in my opinion. It's just not up to quality standards, of most games.

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>>'re right

>>637548150>Less about the Zelda nameNo, it's entirely about the Zelda game. If any of game released a sequel 6 years later that reused everything but added a single gameplay feature it would have been ripped to shreds.

>>637553970Maybe if it was a shitty buggy launch full of false advertising and ltierally not working properly on a last gen consoles like Cyberpunk it would be "up to quality standards".What a dishonest fucking shill.

>>637550006I wouldn’t mind more Zelda clones, but actual Zelda clones, not BotW/TotK clones

>>637554000>ad tracking botnet cancer is totally legitimate interestevery single fucking time

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why does Holla Forums pretends to be anti-woke/white trad when there's so much hate about a game with:-MC a white blond knight fighting for his white blond gf-MC is fighting against brown evil dude-MC is exploring and surviving on his own in a "wild" world -each race of people in the game live in their own territory and according to their own beliefs

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>>637553392He thinks liking big tits makes you a pedophile and I'll never stop reminding you people of it

>>637554506and can you name one(1) big western game with all that in the last 5 years?

>>637552591None of them existed in one single polished game before

>>637549264But just cause 4 was an absolute abomination

>>637553970Why do Americans constantly ask for (bad) voice acting? Are they that averse to reading?

>>637554812you are talking about an audience that literally cannot watch anime without dub

>>637548705Broken clock, twice a day, etcBut even then it's not totally correct

>>637554506>-MC a white blond knight fighting for his white blond gftendies jerk on him

>>637549313So you can do this in totk then?

>>637548407No. The point is the most AAA games overpromise and underdeliver. Tears of the Kingdom does neither and excels at delivering a product that works on launch.

>>637551370Gacha says you're wrong.

>>637554892looks like someone is projecting a bit too much there friend.

>>637551045So totk can do this too then?

>>637548618Zelda games have always been some of, if not the, best selling games on any Nintendo console. I mean look at Ocarina of time - N64 sold like a quarter as much consoles than switch yet the game half as much as BOTW. The install base for Zelda games has always been huge and has sold not on brand name alone, sure, but has been massively boosted by it.

>>637554506>elves are whitegood morning, sir

>>637554919>>637555034can you have fun in those game without being autistic?

>basedboys spend $100's on cheap shitty plastic with no games>a new game that finally works is released on it>holy fuck a new game literally anything is good at this point thank lord master nintendoNintendo has not been relevant since the Wii. Only fat balding American losers who are too technically inept to buy new consoles/PC are still playing nintendo goyslop.

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>>637549193Because they're bad devs? The just cause series has been doing this stuff since ps360. This is just another case of its OK / magically special when nintendo does it.

>MC a white blond knight fighting for his white blond gfYour point?>MC is fighting against brown evil dudeHe's green>MC is exploring and surviving on his own in a "wild" worldAgain, your point?>each race of people in the game live in their own territory and according to their own beliefsThere's numerous examples of racemixing in the game and every race travels to the other regions. The Gerudo even abandon their belief of not letting men into their city in TotK.

>>637555153>hasnt been relevant since the wiithen why is the switch on track to being the top selling console while TOTK sold 10 mil in 3 days? Sounds like you are having a meltdown and are just creating false realities for your mindbroken head

>>637549426Reread the actual numbers. These aren't poor sales, it's BotW sales that are straight up insane.

>>637548278Shouldnt you be paying $70 for a your third remake of tlou?

>>637548150This game wouldn't have even sold 5 millions if it wasn't made by Nintendo and didn't have the Zelda brand on it. Like you think that garbage Mario movie would have made a billion if it wasn't because it's called Mario?

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>>637555074-blond-blue/green eyes-white/pale skin-architecture similar to european architecture-weapons and clothes are clearly euro weapons and clotheswhat are they then Cletus? american mutts like you?

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>>637548150What is the lesson?What a pointless thread.....

How much do you wanna bet that despite zelda never being a RPG series, FFXVI will have less RPG mechanics than TOTK? Because all FFXVI has is a fucking skill tree

>>637555071>Zelda games have always been some of, if not the, best selling games on any Nintendo consoleThis is such a fucking lie, like, wow. Holla Forums is truly unhinged.

>>637555130>he can't into actual engineering>this is the only thing tendies can muster to createLolLmao even

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>>637555439Link can wear women clothes and gear in this gameLink is transcope

>>637548150Tears Of The Kingdom is one of thr greatest video games ever made and I love how mad Holla Forums is about this fact.

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>>637555643>he didn't answer my questionpro-tip my autistic friend: Zelda is made for kids and people who want to have fun... not just freaks.. sorry autists like you.

Yet another thread of Holla Forums seething about Zelda

>>637548705World's Adrift Sisters, our time is returning!

>>637548150Yes, all the game devs should take note of what the same demographic is into that also bought millions of copies of the trash that is the recent Pokemon games... or really anything that releases by Nintendo no matter how shit it is. Then again, there isn't much more downhill the gaming industry can go, so if mayor devs/publishers are retarded enough to bring back shit mechanics like weapon breaking and stamina based exploration, be my guest, I wonder how that will work out for games if they don't have a fanbase that defends every bad design choice like you personally attacked them, because it was already pointed out by a lot of anons on release, Zelda as apparently 10/10 game strangely gets away with a lot that other games would've had points deducted for by those same journalist/critics/players.

>>637555678>Link can wear women clothes and gear in this gameso? are you that insecure? is it because you never touched a woman before?

>>637555561What RPG mechanics does TotK have? Just gear stats?

>>637548150Yeah fucking RIGHT. 70% of the sales are on Nintendo brand alone, the other 20% on the Zelda name.

>>637555868>brags about game being anti-woke>gets exposed lying>"umm zomg are you insecure? we trannies are valid you know?"kek the absolute state of tendie shills

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>>637555282Uh, nigger people loved just cause 2 what the fuck are you blathering aboutJust cause 3 and especially 4 were hot garbage games, despite their sandbox system.Its not a conspiracy, its just good game vs bad game.

>>637555942bye autist. go play lego in your club

>>637550561Then why wasnt SS a massive hit, it had the zelda name, marketing, Nintendo brand, and was on one of the most successful consoles of all time: the wii.faggot.

>>637555939>>"umm zomg are you insecure? we trannies are valid you know?"wearing girl clothes for a mission of infiltration makes you a tranny???let me guess Cletus, you don't have many friends either right?

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>>637550623Another armchair analysis making shit up to explain the weapons grade cope theyre under/v/ is unhinged, deranged even.

>>637556137>tiktok shill didn't play tiktokyou can wear the women gear even outside missions at will, troon

>>637548150The lesson is to make everything nostalgiabait on underpowered hardware and to make sequels basically a copy of the first game

>>63755609380% of wii buyers were literal baby boomers who only played wii fit on it.

>>637556196>even outside missions at will, troonyes it's almost if it was YOUR choice Cletus.See, I didn't wear those clothes outside of the mission.. maybe you did and now you have doubt about yourself?

>>637554812>Americans >averse to reading?Yes.

>>637556317every normal game restricts clothes to genders.Modern Jewtindo games don't

>>637555426Nuts and Bolts sucked, keep coping

TOTK literally starts off Link wearing nothing but a miniskirt.

>>637553970based brotherman

>>637556368damn how insecure are you Cletus? you know those girl clothes are not even upgradable or anything right... they are just there for a joke/fun moment. .. and it's not even required to finish the game.>>637556502no way!

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>>637554506>the MC doesn't violently bitch smack the princess for being overtly emotional and crying>MC doesn't kill the gerudo for not immediately helping him last game>MC needs crutches like magic instead of just surviving on his own wits>MC doesn't conquer and destroy every territory and is instead a submissive cuck to their whimsI dunno, this seems pretty woke to me.

>>637555678No he can't they took it out

>>637548150The lesson is to have a captive platform with no competition.

>Devs do exactly what Nintendo does >They receive 70s and get called derivative all across the board I'm so ready for the future.

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>>637556872funny you are calling him insecure when you are using a random name just to pretend you are doxxing him

>>637553970>proceeds to take sponsorships to play games that are literally broken on arrival and acts like that isn't shameful>isn't getting paid to play TOTKtime to get opinionated and put my foot down :)

>>637556368use your brain why restrictions exist.modeling clothes for tits & no tits is more work.Thats why unisex gear is either things like full plate armor where its believable that men&women look same or restricts it to one gender. Its a technical limitation and nothing else.

>>637549426Nintendo was lowkey trying to handicap Skyward Sword sales as much as possible>It can filter you because of heavy use of motion controls which the average gamer neckbeard never liked and the normies were also getting tired of them at this point>It can filter you because you needed a bullshit 30$ device (Sold separately btw) to play the game. >It WILL filter you if you are left handed which was my case since the controls are gonna blow fat cock, even Miyamoto struggle to play it on the E3 demostration.If you can get past that then its a good Zelda game.

>>637557258Genshin and Elden Ring are critical darling. Even buggy piece of shit Craftopia have decent success

>>637548575That would definitely affect my buying decision but I doubt she says that in her little article about a video game

Western games are a product made by a committee of suits designed solely to make money, nothing more. Japanese games are a bit like that too, with the additional qualifier of they try really hard to make it great. That's the difference.

>>637557361no, because trannism was a taboo in the past

>>637551809Street fighter (and Tekken) looks like shit bro

>>637557773trannism wasnt even a topic in the past. So nobody thought tranny. It was a gag to have a dude in womens clothes.

>>637548150Bet this person said the same thing for Dark Souls

>>637557829it did. pic rel is from a 2006 game.trannies used to be mocked, now they are encouraged and pushed in children media like legend of israel

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>>637556368>every normal game restricts clothes to genders.Dead Rising series and GTAV call you a disingenuous faggot

>>637548705>Minecraft started/popularized the open world crafting survival genre>Just when this shit was about to die Nintendo revives itWe can never catch a break can we?

There will never again be a AAA game release ever again that isn't from an established IP. It's already happened to movies.

>>637557740Bullshit most nintendo games must be first approved by Miyamoto who will come in and change whatever he likes no matter what the devs say. This is the definition of a committee meddling. Best example of that are the Paper Mario games.

>>637548705Didnt this fucker complain about dev studios being too white and needing diversity? Fuck that retarded ugly jew who thinks you are a pedophile for liking tits.

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>>637557829>trannism wasnt even a topic in the pastIt was a major topic in the 1930s.

>>637558249literally every first party game is like that.

>>637558249>Paper Mario games.Miyamoto only said that SPM went too far with OC and told Tanabe to use more characters from Mario games instead. Then Tanabe went full retard and turn all noc into Toads

>>637550006>western AAA devs try to copy TOTK instead of making movie gamesOh no the horror.

>>637558470Another example - Starfox on WiiU

>>637558526You retards called Ghost of Tsushima a movie despite it having less movies than BotW.

>>637558674Maybe these devs should take lessons from Nintendo.

>>637556093Wii was dead in the water at that point and people were sick of the motion control gimmick while core fans felt Nintendo had betrayed them. And while SS didn't have the sales as a result, it still had overwhelming critical acclaim despite how people act towards it now.

>>637556145It's called being alive during that time period, something you'd know nothing about.

>>637548705Immortals Fenyx is getting a sequel, right? I wonder if the devs are trying to copy Totk as we speak lol.

>>637548150If the lessons are "How to send 4chan into faggot-raping fits of screaming frothing hysteria", I eagerly wait for the entire gaming industry to emulate Nintendo's success.

>>637548575I'm sold

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there's a couple lessons.1. make a standout game at the beginning of a generation.2. make a sequel to this game, make it take a long time to come out, allow fermentation of excitement.3. release cheeky trailers for a bit to get people questioning the game4. release a very good trailer shortly before launch to reignite interest, couple this with an art book leak that leads to conclusions that the game is more substantive than the initial trailers have us believebazinga. you're done. that's all you need to have a guaranteed sales success. sales are always a product of marketing + feelings about the predecessor from the average player.avengers endgame is not as good a movie as infinity war, but it made gangbusters because infinity war was good. same principal here.imagine if totk has poor reception long term. the sequel therefore cannot do as well as this entry.

>>637554638>big tits>pedophile?

>>637558825imagine the amount of people crying in that office right now

>>637548150>only Nintendo gets away with itBut everyone is already aware?I'm not even trying to be rude.

>>637554643Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary edition

>>637548150>not about zeldaWhat?if this did NOT have zelda title in it people would not have cared one iota and sales would not have even hit 1 million.How many open world flops do people need to realize this?

>>637548150I played 40 hours of BotW a few weeks ago and I swear if it were an original IP people would have thought it middling and forgettable. The title on the box absolutely has to do with how successful these games are.I honestly wish I could have a face-to-face with someone who could explain to me what the fuck they see in these fucking games, because I do not understand.

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>>637561291You never played botw

>>637561459But I have.

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>>637561154>>637561291Cope >>637548618It's sad how Holla Forums always needs to come with fake narrative just to justify their shit taste in video games

>>637549193>How Ubisoft would fare trying to make TotKThey tried to make a BoTW with Fenyx Rising. It was godawful.

>>637552943>then you have your largely self contained little puzzle rooms that nobody actually likes.lmao, fuck off.

>>637559674isnt this what GTA does?

>>637561660>zelda isnt popular at all guys just look at this chart

>>637561601>baby's emulatorDoesn't count. You haven't played botw

>>637548150The actual lesson is sequel to wildly successful game is going to do well. I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of people who bought didn't give two shits about the "crafting" but because they liked BoTW so they assumed they'd like the sequel. We have to wait to see how well it actually does. If it actually has the same legs as BoTW (it probably wont). Game journos are fucking retarded, more at 11

Attached: 1598913552672.png (231x181, 66.96K)

>>637548618>No one buy Wii UI hate normies so much

>>637550680The sort of people who play games like zelda were sick of motion controls by then. Hell I was sick of them within a few days, though I did finish TP anyway. But when SS came out with all-waggle all the time, I passed. I should pick up the switch port at some point, I've heard that the waggle controls can be reduced or turned off. I think botw got it right, the best use for motion control is aiming the bow. It isn't sexy, but it's the one place it works like a champ.

>>637554201An actual Zelda clone would look like BotW/TotK. They are Zelda now.

>>637562043It was literally outsold by worst selling monster hunter on same console

>>637554506>MC is a femboy twink with child bearing hips and wears cloths that would normally be sexually appealing on womenDamn, how very anti-woke.

>>637561898it is. that's why every single GTA sells gangbusters. though i don't understand why most people like it, it is what it is.

>>637555790/v/ will never stop seething about Zelda.

>>637559674Skyward Sword was a failure though.

>>637548618This is pretty cool, is there a version of this for the main Mario releases?

>>637562656a few other factors matter.>review scores need to meet or exceed average expectations for the game>word of mouth both before and after release needs to be good (what are the press saying about the demos they played?)i don't think either of these factors were golden for skyward sword. there was a lot of questioning about the control scheme and by the time of its release people were saying 'i've had enough of the OoT formula, something new please' but nintendo wouldn't be able to prepare that until short, over time, everyone adopted jeff gerstmann's 8.8 review viewpoint. he was right at tp's release, he's right so many years later.

>>637562260Wii U fucking sucks, of course no one wanted it.

>>637555426>"It would have been received differently if it had been something other than what it is"

>>637563048>i don't think either of these factors were golden for skyward swordReview scores were amazing for ss, what the fuck you are talking about

>>637550252>Shadow of the Colossus did riding horses and saving the princess before zelda despite ocming out several years AFTER ocarina of time>aesthetic of green world from cold steel, again AFTER ocarina already did itStop posting this ridiculous snoy cope meme, it's pathetic and sad

>>637558251Bro, you should see what he used to post on LUE and LUElinks.It became a meme for a while to say, "shut up [his username]" every time he posted because he was just a machine gun of bad takes. There was an anonymous forum on LL and you could tell when the anonymous user was him based purely on how bad-but-sincere the take was.

>>637555439"American mutts" are as white as any white European. They're all half anglo and half german, some of us like myself are half sicilian and half anglo-german.IF we aren't white than neither is any european person.

>>637548618>tfw the only person who wants more spirit trackslife is suffering

>>637548705>graphics fidelty arms race blah blahYeah nah fuck off gay nigger, this is a game that only runs half decent on the switch because the company who made this game literally made the switch. This ia not reasonable and the Switch is piece of shit and the game would have been significantly better on literally any other console


>>637561734I don't think I've ever seen a anyone actually talk about it. What was so awful about it?

>>637548618>>637561660You niggers reek of newfag. These are absolutely great sales. I implore you to look at the sales of "best-sellers" in the 90's and early 00's and you'll see most are around the 3-4 million range. The only stuff that went past that were the megahits like GTA, Mario, Pac-Man, etc. You idiots take every game selling 10m units in the modern day as if that was always the case you casual faggots.

>>637564518not the retard you were replying to who thinks "cletus" is a mutt (he isn't), but america is only 40% white europeans and that percent drops every year. when people say amerimutts they're generally referring to the 60% hispanic, black, mulatto, asian, mixed and "self identified white" non-white populations of your nation.

>>637565048t. retarded video game executive

>>637553970Phoning it in is the Nintendo way.

Reminder that if Zelda were a playstation exclusive series all the snoys would praise it to high heaven and call it the greatest video game series ever made.Snoys don't care about video games, they just love snoy and hate nintendo. They like movies as well, it seems, but not good ones.

>>637548705He's not wrong but he's a filthy kike so he's wrong anyway


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>>637557825Nah dawg I got into the closed betas it's as fun as SF4

>>637555781>its a kids gameGreat, this is a literal Fisher-Price toy, it makes sense for a child to be amazed by this game, but if you 15+ years old you should not find these mechanics impressive knowing there are other games who did it better.If you think this game is revolutionary in any way or form, you are a manchild or live in a bubble.

Attached: 1653415550089274.jpg (566x562, 39.55K)

>>637549426are you blind?TP has the third highest single platform sales close to OoT

>>637548150>sales are less about the Zelda nameAbsolutely fucking delusional. It's like shovelware from 1999.

>>637566616What If I don't like any of the 8 characters who will be in the base game for $70?

>>637564669Great soundtrack and a likeable cast but I found the dungeons bland.

TotK's success critically and commercially was almost entirely from brand recognition alone.If ubisoft or guerilla games made a similar sandbox game for the switch only with similar mechanics it would be called derivative, unoriginal and boring with intetesting ideas and not even sell half as well.It's already broken a million in Japan. Non nintendo games never break a million this fast no matter how good they are.The lesson is to not give a fuck because you aren't nintendo and just make a good game.Every fucking game since farcry 3 had crafting and open worlds already and tears brings nothing new to the open world sandbox, so nothing is gonna fucking change and no lessons will be learned.

>>637554705yes they did, tendie.

>>637550561Zelda games sold pretty poorly up to BoTW. SS barely sold at all. The Wii U was total flop. Nintendo fans aren't like Sony fans. They aren't going to just buy the new console and games even if they're garbage.

>>637548618>salesI dont care about a corporations money. All you're showing is that you're part of the normie horde thats ruined the series for money. COD sells a lot too, you gonna call that good?

>>637563135now you can play wii u games on the switch but you pay to play online

>>637552943Complete cope.

>>637548150>some lessons the rest of the industry should be paying attention toMake amazing products decades ago, that result in a cult-like following of your brand forming, that will now buy literally anything you produce, regardless of its quality? They copied that from Blizzard.

Attached: cirno.jpg (512x512, 82.48K)

>>637555153>Nintendo has not been relevant since the're fucking delusional and coping. the switch is the third highest selling console of all time and has passed the wii by 25 million units. it also has more exclusives than every other console over the last 10 years combined. it's literally the most relevant and mainstream video game console since the ps2, and beloved by normies everywhere.

>>637548150The lesson is that you need to cultivate a strong brand and marketing presence for 40 years. Then the brainwashed masses consoom your slop with no questions asked. Sony has some characters like Kratos that can fill that role

>>637548278t.drone waiting to drop $70 on the latest Datk Souls copy paste by From Slopware


>>637568834>muh sonyIf we’re talking about brand marketing, wouldn’t Nintendo library be chock full of 20+ year old mascot games still coming out?

>>637555071Lol. You can really tell which anons specifically have been completely broken by BotW/ToTK. It's so bad that it completely changed history itself for them. Their broken brains entered a whole new timeline.

>>637548705Basically he will want to use Nintendo, a traditional Japanese company, as an example that you should not send your staff away en masse, as Western companies full of useless positions, unqualified people, women who got in because they sucked cocks and wokeists, do.

>>637555034>user specifically says that they borrowed from such games>Holla Forums autist screeches about such games anyway

>>637555153>t. Mindbroken Snoy

>>637555643>Builds flying machine to combat specific boss>Holla Forums autust insists it can't possibly be funLol. Pathetic.

>>637563876>LUELife Universe Everything on GameFAQs?

>>637555678Kratos is bisexual. He sucks dicks. Alloy is a dyke.

>>637568606> third highest selling consoleHighest selling handheld you little nonce case.It's sold only slightly more than the fucking gameboy.> OGB Units sold: 118.69 million.> Switch Units sold: 125.62 million.

>>637555939>May>Might>Could be>Crowned by fansKraros is bisexual. Alloy is a dyke.

>>637548150Unironically yes there are lessons1. Graphics don't fucking matter2. Voice acting & star power doesn't matter3. Narrative doesn't matterFUN and PRICE POINT are kingBut user you screech, totk is 70 fucking dollars, same as any aaa Sony shit. And yes that's true. But it's also on the switch, the cheapest home console made out of potatoes and cell phones.But the thing is, Sony and Microsoft don't make consoles to play games. They make consoles to push ecosystems. Sony uses consoles to drive its fucking TVs sales, which is why there's such a hard push for graphical fidelity to justify having a 4k wide screen phallic symbol staples to your wall. Microsoft uses consoles to drive PC and windows, which is why they lean so hard into cross play and most recently game pass. In either case, both make consoles to generate games not for the purpose of selling consoles or games but for using those things as a market driver for their real product.Nintendo, in all its kiddie shit outdated gimmicky glory, makes its little turd box JUST to play games, games which Nintendo then makes. And they do it all at a PROFIT from box to disk. And that is why they can get away with selling an ancient meme tablet as a handheld, why they can make games with none of the big bells and whistles and still sell 10 million in a week. Because they're cheap, and the games are made to be games. Not market drivers.

Attached: 1682852823454097.png (594x574, 180.35K)

>>637556368>Every normal gameWhat kind of ultra copout phrase is this? You know that every single game of past 2-3 years is forcing in the Body Type A/B. Right? In Elden Ring, I can literally make a man with boobs wearing a skirt.

>>637554638Which one was he? The one bitching about Uzaki-chan or that Vanillaware game?Either way, lol. I thought I remembered this guy being a faggot for some reason

>>637569673>reeee it doesn't count because it's a hybrid consolesneedthe and cope harder snoygger lmao

>>637570083>I remembered this guy being a faggot for some reasonone look at him triggers most people's jewdars and a subsequent instinctive warning feeling of subversive dishonesty

Attached: jason cryberg.jpg (474x403, 33.21K)

>>637563590It's the climbing gameplay you mong

>>637570125>reeee it doesn't count because it's a hybrid consoleWtf are you talking about retard?Those are the legit sales numbers as of March this fucking year.It isn't hard to be the "third highest selling" when your competitor came out in the fucking 90's.

>>637570623He didn't bother me until I heard his speaking voice on a podcast and had to Nope out.

>>637570650>ps5 was released in 90sRetard

>>637570125>>637570650I think you're underestimating both how insanely successful the game boy was and how long it was on the market for the switch to have even slightly surpassed it.

>>637548150what point, exactly?

>>637553970He actually said something negative about a game?

>>637570820>He didn't bother me untilthat's how it is with most people when it comes to the jews. you don't think about them at all until you actually pay attention to them and realize what they've been doing repeatedly over the entire course of human history.

>>637561154But, I was reliably informed that this game had no hype, and it would be a huge flop by Holla Forums.

>>637570908Never mentioned the PS5 you loon.I said the Switch ISN'T the 3rd best selling console of all time (because it isn't) it's the 3rd best selling handheld. It's competitors are literally from the fucking 90's. We get you want to suck off Nintendos tiny Jap cocks because you're "Brand loyal" but you don't need to pull things out your ass all the time.

>>637548618You might as well say you love sucking apples cock with posts like these. What is with Zoomers not understanding scale or time whatsoever? Those zelda games are all comparatively successful besides the wiiu era for the state of the industry at those times. This tells me nothing about how a game plays or feels. Only that it became wildly mainstream and popular with the latest entry, the one that I thoroughly did not enjoy my time completing.

>>637554439>that grey text word salad that could mean anything or nothingChrist, you could autogenerate a more human sounding explanation.

>>637561291>Hi guys. I'm a Holla Forums autist that's been shitting on a game I never played for 6 years. I tried a few months ago, and I have to say, I didn't like it. I know, huge shock. I can't believe I didn't like a game I spent 6 years in Holla Forums screeching and seething about before I even played it. Well, that proves that Nintendo games just aren't that good. This was the final nail in the coffin.

>>637548705this is all predicated on TOTK being a total masterpiece. He forgot to mention brand loyalty

>>637562246It's already sold over 10 million.

>>637571258RetardSwitch isn't handheld, no matter how much you seethe

>>637565136NTA its not bad if you want something different with AC/Zelda gameplay, the women chars are mildly attractive and it received 2 fucking huge expansions set in 2 different other mythologies that nobody asked for. Im playing it on gamepass for free and its worth checking out if you have quick internet and know that its ubishit going into it.

>>637548278more like make a open world game with zero ugly dykes or trannies.Genshin being not only alive and popular but earning a shit ton of cash is proof of that

>>637571258>IT'S NOT A CONSOLE IT'S A HANDHELD IT'S ONLY COMPETING WITH HANDHELDS REEEEEEEit's a "hybrd" console that can be used like any other home console and was marketed as such, and that's completely irrelevant either way you coping, mindbroken incel.

>>637565136Tried it on gamepassZeus was literally the only redeeming quality of game, despite being bottom homosexualGameplay relies on taking control out of you to teach you mechanic, and combat suckedOtherwise it's just mediocre, with little more effort it could have been great though

>>637571481do you think brand loyalty manifests out of thin air? it's built up over years and years of releasing good games without self-subverting and destroying your own franchises Blizzard/Druckmann-style

>>637568251COD doesn't live rent free in my mind all day. I don't care about COD, because I have never been interested in COD. You were almost certainly saying ToTK would flop for the last 6 months. If a flop isn't determined by sales, what metric do you use? I'd say you definitely care about sales. At least when it comes to Zelda.

>>637552943\>What exactly did nintendo exceed at here?they made a great fantasy open world.Name a fucking videogame with a better fantasy world, i fucking dare you.>inb4 genshin impactdaily reminder gachas are not games but slot machines

>>637548150With 120 something MILLION switches confirmed sold by nigrendo and after 6 years of dev time, i kinda find that to be a low number.

>>637548241So what you're saying is that OP is full of beans

Attached: 1682799203567208.png (902x889, 102.83K)

>>637571258It's definitely the 3rd best selling console of all time. And none of your mental gymnastics will change that.

>>637548150What lessons? No combat?

>>637572483if anything totk's sales are being held back by its outrageous price tag, and it will continue to sell gangbusters as time passes and it has a few sales at the $60 and $50 pricepoints.though what other games have captured ~10% of their entire marketbase, let alone within a week of launch? the only games that come to mind were either packaged with a console itself or had been out for years before reaching that kind of saturation.

>>637548618>only 13.82 million sales Zelda was such a niche and underground franchise before BotW!


>>637548564zelda games sold very well but botw and now totk are absolutely the pinnacle in terms of sales>>637571297>>637573157the point still stands. it's not all on the franchise's name if they are the most popular>>637573157that's with the 3DS ramake

>>637548705Schreier is a shitter, but broken clocks are correct twice a day.I'm tired of newer games costing more and being releasing basically unfinished because they invested most their development time into making things look good.

>Holla Forums shits on lazy open world crafting games>the newest nintendoslop releases>FRFR BRUH EVERY GAME NEEDS TO BE AN OPEN WORLD CRAFTING GAME!!!kek

>>637548705He is right about the graphical fidelity, instead of ray tracing i'd like to see more details, like physics, weather effects and just a better overall simulated world, games sure look pretty these days, but are often very static.

>>637570125>it's a hybrid consoleThe lite is factored into sales and can't plug into a TV. It's not a hybrid console. It's a handheld sold with a special stand for connecting to your TV.

>>637548150what is the point, you just posted the article title which doesn't show the point

>>637548150>TOTK sales are less about Zelda nameIt's entirely about that. Zelda is a nintedo exclusive. The only people who care about it are nintendo and zelda fanboys. It's also the only major Switch release since, what, Animal Crossing in 2020? There's also Pokeshit, but that comes out every year now and tendies just buy it on autopilot. Switchfags are clearly hungry for some big games, which might fuel TOTK's sales. Although, I am not convinced it will outsell BOTW. There's just no point in buying it unless you're a huge zelda fanboy or nintendo cultist.

>>637567851>the 8 charactersGuess what user, there's more than teice as many! Yes, a total of 18You'd know this had you looked at any of the promo material or looked anything about the game up.When they said the World Fighters were back they meant all of themSurely you know who the World Fighters are, right? You're not some cock-gobbling shitposter, right?

Attached: ryona.webm (800x450, 2.65M)

>>637553970>needs full voice actingfuck off

>>637548150If it wasnt called Zelda it wouldn't sell nearly as much. There is a reason why Nintendo is reluctant to making new franchises. Do you remember Ninjala or Arms?

>ubisoft is the laughing stock of games industry for their comically aggressive monetization in singleplayer games>meanwhile nintendo has reputation of making games for the gameplay even though totk still has a permanent amiibo ad on the fucking ability wheeltoddlers are beyond saving

>>637548150>bears of the kingdom's sales are less about the legend of zelda nameWrong straight off the first line. IT would have sold 1/100th the copies if it wasn't a zelda game but identical in every other way and still made by nintendo. This has been proven time and time again.By the fact natsumi still makes sales with their fake harvest moon games.

>>637574773it's a guarantee that if botw came out in a new ip skin it would still be beloved by most everyone. it's the mechanics that count more than the ip.arms was a good idea but the mechanics didn't resonate with most people. neither do pikmins mechanics resonate with most people but they're making a 4th one and i'm delighted

>>637574773Do you remember splatoonWhich was made for dead console on top of that

>>637548618Looking at this just angers me. I should be happy for Zelda's newfound success, but instead I'm filled with vitriol as now I no longer see Zelda as a series made for the old fans. Aonuma saying to expect more BotW type games adds even more insult. The Zelda I grew up with is gone and now its corpse is being used as a mask for a different series.

Attached: 1675703572631529.jpg (2404x1260, 826.51K)

>>637574773BotW/ToTk barely have any zelda flavor to them.You could remove everything it has relating to Zelda as a franchise without changing the game at all.

>>637575051Botw was literally love letter for the original zelda

>>637575051>I no longer see Zelda as a series made for the old fansYou're joking, right? It's still the same old trash. Same characters, same names, same gameplay loops, concepts, visuals...It's not like the ill-fated DmC reboot. It's still Zelda, for better or worse.

>less about the Zelda nameIt's COMPLETELY about the Zelda name.

>>637574971I guess we'll never know because Nintendo dont have the guts to taje that risk. They make a ton of money off the nane brand like Pokemon does. Or will you now say that Pokemon is a stellar product without flaws too?

>>637574289>it's not a console, it just connects to your TV!no shit? you are mega retarded lmao

>>637575013And they are milking it. Nintendo occasionally make new IP and if they take off they make 30 sequels. I expect to see Splatoon 12 in 2 decades.

>>637575283pokemon is the exception to the rule, it releases in a downtrodden unacceptable state by the standards of most industry releases yet it always sells a fuckload because it's the most powerful media franchise brand name in the world. that power makes the developer complacent.meanwhile botw was coming out after skyward sword did horrifically compared to what they wanted internally, they couldn't be complacent, they had to try hard, and they had to associate it with a known, trusted brand. when nintendo is feeling comfy and secure they do new IPs like arms, when they're not feeling that way they have no choice but to my opinion nintendo is in a dominant enough spot right now that they could justify another new pikmin level production value IP just to flex creative muscles. i agree with you they rely too much on their existing IP.

>>637574971It might have had the chance, but nintendo know that the most rabid fanbase they have are zelda fans and those will slurp up literal dogshit for a million sales.So for somethign they are experimenting with slapping zelda on it works. The only fanbases more psychotic are pokemon fans and honkai chinks.

>>637575414psp also could connect to tv via cable. so psp was a hybrid console. neat.

>>637574897>This has been proven time and time again.feel free to give one (1) example then.

>>637575653just want to say that the total number of 'zelda fans' before botw released wasn't that high. skyward sword sold 3 million copies. does that sound like a lot of fans? that's lower than say, the average ff's sales. did final fantasy have more fans than zelda before botw? the answer is yes. botw created millions upon millions of new fans who have no frame of reference by which to say 'i wish they would've put this on a new ip and kept the old formula'. the old formula had a much lower sales cap than this new one, there's really no choice going forward.

>>637548618>grouping remake sales with originalstrash

>>637548278Probably. There was more effort put into the TMNT beat ups in the 90’s.

>>637575206where are the dungeons you fucking japs. bring back large, interesting unique dungeons. how can nintendo not have learned this already from the mistakes of bethesda? computer generated copy-paste mini-dungeons are shit and you need unique hand-crafted locations to explore and delve into.

>>637569995kinda this

>>637548618Statistical fallacy to think it sold more because it’s better when the switch has the 2nd highest install base behind the Wii + the highest marketing in the series combined. Add that with gmod & large empty map pandering & you get the largest sold game in its series

>>637548618>BotW original release selling barely as much as TP did on the gamecubekek.

>>637575642Nintendo know they have powerhouse IP and are making use of it. No issue with that but lets not pretend this is purely about the gameplay when Nintendo is doing the same thing Gamefreak has been abusing for 2 decades. This game might has been as popular as Imortals Phoenix Rising but we'll never know because it was released as a Zelda game.

>>637575414The Switch doesn't have an HDMI or A/V port. The dock is not the Switch. Switches are sold without TV connection features ergo the Lite. Switch is a handheld.

>>637575184BotW is a sandbox physics game. Zelda 1 is an action adventure game. The only similarities outside of namesake is the fact both are open ended. But even so, Zelda 1 still requires you to go through the dungeons to complete. BotW just has you dicking around, and like all open world games "creating your own fun." To add, every "scene" in Zelda 1 was created with purpose. The same cannot be said for BotW's largely empty world. >>637575206Re-read my last sentence of that post. If you can't tell the difference between the classic 3D style of Zelda games (OoT, WW, TP, SS) and BotW, then you're part of the new franchise that doesn't care. Even with BotW's success, if these new fans truly cared about Zelda then Link's Awakening and Skyward Sword remasters would have seen a larger intake of sales. The truth is that BotW fans are not Zelda fans

>>637576239>classic 3D style of Zelda games (OoT, WW, TP, SS)>WW>classic 3D style of Zelda gameRetard

>>637576239>you can't tell the difference between the classic 3D style of Zelda games (OoT, WW, TP, SS)Just call this what it is nu-zelda

>>637575712psp is indeed on the list of consoles, yes. handheld consoles are still consoles, as it turns out. trying to split hairs between handheld and "home" consoles is pure cope.

>>637556430suck my nuts and bolt

>>637576594Fuck off, switch obviously had only gameboy as competition

>>637576127>the switch has the 2nd highest install base behind the Wiithe switch has a significantly larger install base than the wii did

>>637548705Yes, retaining your core dev staff is vital - so long as they actually produce. Western studios are infected with a scourge of do nothing diversity hires that weren't productive to begin with, which means actual performers end up getting flushed after a major release along with the metric ton of garbage. It's a sad state. Administrative waste needs to be taken far more seriously.

>>637555643>make defensive fortification>can break it apart and turn it into an offensive vehicle in seconds with the same partsthats actually really good design. space engineers is so vastly different I dont see why youd even try to make a comparison. there's a reason engineering autism game(good) is vastly less popular than a more casual action/adventure game with building(also good)

>give Nintendo a (expected) perfect score>people call you hacks but keep the hand that feeds you>give Nintendo a truthful review that it’s mediocre>get ad revenue removed, early access removed, earl copies removed, no media coverage, and no responses to emails>fans respect you but at what costThis isn’t exclusive to Nintendo but the entire industry. You just cant win so you’d be better off lie to keep the pockets lined up and the lights on

>>637576470>upset over nomenclatureFaggot. Don't you have a crossdressing link to masturbate to? Or did your precious sequel remove it?>>637576580I'm not an Adderall addicted zoomer. I'm not using this nu shit

>>637557486Elden Ring is not really a copy of BotW in any way. It just plays like an open word Souls game.

>>637576835>the switch has a significantly larger install base than the wii didIt surpassed it? Well that seals the deal even more

>>637548705Hopefully Monster Hunter can be back to his original roots and be a hunter simulator again

>>637577105>>give Nintendo a truthful review that it’s mediocre>>get ad revenue removed, early access removed, earl copies removed, no media coverage, and no responses to emailsIt's Nintendo, not Sony.If they cared about reviews like 90% of all journalists would have been blacklisted by them already.

>>637548840>good storyI think you mean simple, not bad story that isnt intrusive to being able to just play the game. I didnt really care about the story in botw, but it served its purpose; a clearly defined goal and a reason for what is going on in the game. the most important part imo being that cutscenes were pretty rare and only a few minutes at a time

>>637577402It did.

>>637577457Nintendo banned Kotaku. They can be pretty petty at times.

>Zelda integrates skydiving and crafting from Fortnite>massive salesGod I hope the next Zelda game is a battle royale shooter with seasonal events and dancing.

>>637576234none of that is relevant at all, not least of all because handheld consoles are still consoles and included in the all-time console sales list. did you know the PS1 had a portable version with an LCD screen that could be hooked into a car and played on the go? does that mean the playstation is now no longer considered a home console? you're arguing semantics in bad faith.

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>>637577457>If they cared about reviews like 90% of all journalists would have been blacklisted by them already.There were yt’ers that got channels striked because of reviews and journalists blueballed for years because they kept giving Nintendo games average reviews. Channels got fucked and journalists kept courting them for years to get trust back>>637577653>kotakuBad example, that was because of emulator promotion

>>637576735>switch obviously had only gameboy as competitionshitpost smarter, not harder, tard-kun

>>637548150The sales are quite literally carried by the name and tendies having nothing else to buy The game is shit

>>637570626thats not what the image says at all

>>637577894paging dr. sneed, we've got another copium overdose emergency

>>637550252Shadow of the Colossus was inspired by Zelda, and then later BotW was inspired by Shadow of the Colossus its like ceramic it rhymes

>>637577653So has square and Ubisoft, what's your point?

>>637577760>There were yt’ers that got channels striked because of reviews and journalists blueballed for years because they kept giving Nintendo games average reviewsNo there weren't.

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>>637577737>none of that is relevant at allIt is because people with functioning brains understand that handheld and home consoles have different markets.>did you know the PS1 had a portable version with an LCD screen that could be hooked into a car and played on the go?No, but that doesn't make the Switch any more a home console than the PSX is a handheld. Looking it up it seemed to be an add-on anyways and not sold as a console itself.

>>637551735if that was the case then Asscreed wouldnt be on a downward spiral. Despite the simple combat and other issues, the game is fun because of how interactive it can be.

>>637575184A love letter with the text "Fuck you" written in shit.

>>637554115thank god then that TOTK added more than one thing then>ultrahand>reversing time>fusion>infiltration>all of the spirits>arrow fusion>zonnan artifactsand these are just gameplay additions that are available 99% of the time

>10 year old software in Switch has nothing else>finally a decent game>everyone buys it>"this is a lesson for the gaming industry"

>>637574626now tell us about how you've clocked in 40+ hours on an emulator already

>>637578251Just pointing out a recent example of Nintendo actively stopping a well known reviewing publication based on them breaking Nintendo's rules. Which rules? Dunno they haven't made a public statement.

>>637548150>game fun>game sell>game not cost 400 gorillion dollars developis simple

Attached: 6d7561db2d9e154b0670f0fdaf3337fb.jpg (1039x772, 169.38K)

People purchasing this title are doing nothing but enabling Nintendo's indifference to upgrading their hardware.

>>637574661No I just remember my SFV basic edition starting roster. It's smaller than my dick and I got a tiny dick.

>>637548618Meanwhile tokt already outsold ocarina and twilight princess in just 3 days

>>637548705Stop giving that jew any attention

>>637580585Taking over 5 years to make means it cost 50 million minimum. Its a AAA game based on its budget and marketing.

>>637569137This is the same prick that was offended that a new gamedev company was composed of white nerdy men.

>>637558825really now? Fenyx was decent so I'm willing to give it a chance

>>637550049Its redstone minecraft crafting. Its not a new concept

>>637557967comparing Minecraft's crafting to ToTK's is like comparing turn based combat to real time combat. Both may have numbers for attack, defense, hp, mp and so on but the feel is entirely different

>>637562271This is false, Twilight Princess was waggle no doubt but motion plus gave a much higher degree of control which is why it worked well in SS. I'm pretty sure most of you just fucking sucked at it.

>>637548150>Societies are decaying and full of manchildren and mentally stunted idiots everywhere>Kid's game is bestseller No surprise there

>>637565048>the game would have been significantly better on literally any other consoleno it wouldnt. There'd be pressure for 4K assets which would take a long time and consume time that was spent in actual gameplay and mechanics

>>637550006>Zelda has been around since the 80s>No real clones outside of Beyond Oasis and Okami, both are dead franchises, and I guess Eldin Ring.Vidya needs more swashbuckling adventuring in vast open worlds. Ironically despite botw and totk are only the tip of the iceberg of what the "genre" can truly be. Fire Emoji "I play Zelda to cut the grass" Aonuma and let someone who fucking actually likes Zelda be in charge.

>>637581921>Ironically despite botw and totkBeing huge and taking years to make*Jesus I'm tripping over my thoughts

>>637548884zero punctuation and extra punctuationliterally the last bastion of good games journalism

>>637569995>Nintendo, in all its kiddie shit outdated gimmicky glory, makes its little turd box JUST to play games, games which Nintendo then makes. And they do it all at a PROFIT from box to disk. And that is why they can get away with selling an ancient meme tablet as a handheld, why they can make games with none of the big bells and whistles and still sell 10 million in a week. Because they're cheap, and the games are made to be games. Not market drivers.Tale as old as time.

Attached: Game-Boy-FL.jpg (2820x3420, 2.29M)

>>637548150So does this mean the industry should take lessons from pokemon too?>>637572246>Name a fucking videogame with a better fantasy world, i fucking dare you.Elden RingDragons Dogma

>playable zelda fags btfo>wholesome redemption arc ganon fags btfoTOTK aint all that bad

>>637582769>industry should take lessons from pokemon too?Making games that people want to play instead of listening loud twitter and Holla Forums minorities who don't even play video games?Sure, actually all developers should do THAT

>>637583012>he doesnt know

>>637578963>that handheld and home consoles have different marketsWhich they don't anymore. They're no longer making handheld only games, that died with the 3ds.

>>637580425>Which rules? DunnoAnon it was because they told everyone to pirate Metroid Dread

>>637583012People don't want to play games tho, they just want to consume brand.

>>637583557Both times gamefreak released lazy ass gens, people weren't happy and pokemon brand didn't helpedLike 10m sales less from previous release on same console

>>637548618It's not BOTW, it's Switch. Every Nintendo first-party franchise is selling gangbusters on Switch and breaking records, not just BOTW. Why are they selling so well? It's because of the hybrid nature of the Switch. It used to be the norm to have a single home console per household until Switch came around. Now families are buying Switches for all their kids, sometimes even multiple of them, because kids tend to break everything, and parents buy some for themselves too if they're also gamers. This is the secret behind Switch's massive sales numbers. It's not that this console is super popular, Nintendo is selling multiple Switches and games to a smaller audience. That's why you don't see much hype, buzz or interest in Switch games outside of Holla Forumstendo and other nintendo echo chambers. Some of the biggest, most popular, most recognizable, most iconic, most talked about games of the past 15 years have been outsold by Mario Kart 8, Animal Crossing, BOTW, Super Mario Odyssey, Pokemon Sword and Shield. Does anyone seriously believe this shit is more popular than Skyrim, Witcher 3, Red Dead Redemption 2, Diablo 3, Elden Ring, Cyberpunk 2077, Modern Warfare, Black Ops, or even Hogwarts Legacy in the general public? Elden Ring was everywhere. I've seen people talk about it in spaces and communities that have nothing to do with gaming. Even Elon tweeted about his Elden Ring build. That game was the most talked about topic in the world for a good few weeks and it will never get anywhere close to MK8 sales. It probably won't even outsell Animal Crossing. Have you ever seen anyone talk about Mario Kart 8? It sells something like 10m copies every single year but I see more discussion around low budget indie games with 1/20th of its sales.

>>637580907$50M is pretty meager as far as AAA budget.

>>637548150>we just got done with the crafting meme infecting every mainstream game>now every mainstream game will have a Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts tribute baked into the core design as executives force their teams to chase the zeldabux

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>>637548150I can promise you no one was buying the game because of the gameplay shown its entirely for story and just because its Zelda. So yes you can strongly argue the name is because of the sales

>More open world collectathon shit with tacked-on gimmicks is what gaming needs.Y-yay...

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>>637548150>what jew bought woke game companies need to learn from this...Doubt they'll change their tune and keep doubling down with woke gaming

>>637584023>It's not BOTW, it's SwitchNintendo systems have historically never sold on their own merits. It's purely the games.

>>637550049>If it was your standard crafting shit I don't think TOTK would have this reaction from the entire gaming industry.It's not getting any reaction at all. Some journos are jerking over it because they're huge nintendo fanboys, that's about it.

>>637580907>Taking over 5 years to make means it cost 50 million minimumIt only took 4 years to make. The extra 2 years came from the years when they were mulling over botw dlc ideas.

>>637548705I hate to agree with something this shill says, but he has a point whit graphic fidelity is a waste of time and money. How are we even still having this discussion when the most influential and iconic games of the last 15 years have been fucking Minecraft and Undertale?

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>>637548150Was the lesson that with enough money everyone will sell you a 10/10 review?

>>637580907>Taking over 5 years to make means it cost 50 million minimumIt only took 4 years to make. The extra 2 years came from the years when they were mulling over botw dlc ideas. >>637584608>journos >nintendo fanboys

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>>637584464Did you even read my post? Parents aren't buying 5 Switches because Mario Odyssey and Luigi's Mansion is just that awesome.

TotK really made Elden Ring’s crafting system look like a joke>run around the map picking up boring mushrooms and leafs to craft a useless consumable that you don’t even know what it does until you look it up and found out it gives you +5% stamina regeneration for 10 seconds

>>637581293Obviously, but suits inevitably take the most surface level features and say "this is what the kids want, put it in."At no point do they stop to think WHY it worked for the winning examples, what they did differently, or how the rest of the game was designed around those things.

>>637584745those 2 years were not a bunch of designers having meetings every day talking about what could or couldn't work, they were also accompanied by prototyping art and mechanics. the dev team was working during the 'pre-production' phase.

>>637550680Yeah senior citizens and 5 year olds

>>637585154What prompted you to make this post, user?

>>637575051>>637576239You should've moved on a long time ago whiteboi

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>>637549193>I laugh thinking how Bethesda or Ubisoft would fare trying to make TotK. It would be the jank to end all jank.You mean when Nintendo literally said Skyrim was a massive inspiration? Bethesda already makes better games with actual quests and stories and interesting locations.Why are you grouping Bethesda games with Ubisoft checklists? Tick Tock Tendie

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>>637585265>At no point do they stop to think WHY it worked for the winning examplesYou clearly don't know how companies and projects work>>637585154To be honest every game did crafting better than ERIt literally has crafting only because Miyazaki couldn't imagine open world without it, but shit was absolutely pointless compared to just buying arrows in previous games

>>637577653Bethesda, Square and countless others blacklisted Kotaku because they do shit like give in-depth instructions on how to emulate games that just came out user.

>>637577737I still have mine and it works great

>>637575051Fuck you cunt you have no idea what you're talking about. AUNUMA is a retard who mismanages the series harder than George Lucas with star wars. He keeps forcing shitty mobile games that bomb and only makes mainline games when he needs to. Notice how windwaker is considered a flop, so they work on twilight princess "to give fans what they want" but despite being the biggest success he tells his staff to stop working on a sequel and go back to windwaker shit? He's a fucking cunt who hates Zelda and wishes he was working on pokemon.

>>637568114Name the games

>>637548150Does this article actually mention anything specific or is is just all buzzwords?>>637548705Every open world game has crafting already, what is this moron talking about?Graphics are important when you don't have journalists making excuse after excuse of running on a fucking tablet. Any big open world game would get shit on if it didn't have top tier graphics on next gen consolesWhat staff? It is the same fucking game. Nintendo could have fired 90% of their Zelda devs and the game would come out the sameAll this confirms to me is that journalists are just using Zelda to push some "big bad corp exec" narrative

>>637585625If they actually did think about why things worked for the winners, we wouldn’t get the million braindead "collect 500 leaves to make 20 poultices so you can get +3 defense on your armor" dreck that every AAA assembly-line-made game thinks is what people want out of crafting.So either they’re not examining why, or they ARE and are ignoring it.

>>637586617>Every open world game has crafting already, what is this moron talking about?He’s saying companies will misinterpret what made the game a success.

>>637586617>All this confirms to me is that journalists are just using Zelda to push some "big bad corp exec" narrativewhere's the lie though?I wouldn't trust corpo execs. keep licking the boot

>>637587028Why are you replying to the retard?

>>637583482Prove it, tendie.

>>637581440way to miss the point.

>>637584745Every game journo is a SNES and n64 fanboy. The new crop of millennial and older zoomer journos (20-35) might be more into modern Sonyslop, but the older journos were all rabid nintendo cultists. You're probably too young to remember the insane nintendo circlejerk in the 00s. We had games like Stalker, San Adreas/Vice City, Crysis, Diablo II, HOMM III, Baldurs Gate 2, Warcraft 3, Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, Fallout, KOTOR, C&C: Generals, Age of Empires II, Half-Life 1/2, but every journo thought they were nothing in comparison to unrivaled masterpieces such as OOT, A Link to the Past, Mario 64, Goldeneye, Donkey Kong 64, Smash Brawl, Banjo Kazoole, Mother 3, Super Mario Bros.

>>637581921I never played darksiders but I've seen people call it a zelda clone a lot.

BotW and TotK don't really say anything except that the Switch has a huge install base thirsty for games. Nintendo releases live in their own bubble. If the next console is another GameCube or Wii U flop, Zelda goes back to being irrelevant again like it was pre-Switch.

>>637548618Would be interesting to see the numbers adjuststed to account for households that own multiple switch consoles. Nintendo has mastered jewry by making console quality games on handheld that mom, dad, brother, and sister each have their own copy of

>>637588918>You're probably too young to remember the insane nintendo circlejerk in the 00s.By wii era game journos borderline hated Nintendo, and 3ds with wiiu had shitton of examples when genuinely good first party games got shit scores. Outside of zelda which should have gotten shit scores back then, but didn'tAnd situation didn't changed much with switch

>>637548150We've learned that new gen gamers like empty open world games with "make your own fun" aspects. The kind of game I'll never be able to enjoy.

>>637562246It sold 10 million in 3 days you sperg

>>637555643ok, but tell me this, you really think this stuff (untrahand, and fusing) will be in the next zelda? it wont cause they always change up the gimmick

>>637569995Don't forget the voucher program effectively makes it 50 dollars for anyone willing to buy digitally

>>637557486hey, anyday now were getting the BIG craftopia patch!

>>637589789Maybe in your bizarro world that's the case, but in the real world nintendo has always been the journo darling. Nintendo bonus isn't just meme, it's an actual thing and nintendo games get ridiculously overrated. Mario Kart 8 and Bloodborne have the same score. In what world Mario 8 is even remotely in the same league as Bloodborne? Games on Switch have higher scores than same games on PS4 and Xbox One, despite significantly worse performance and visuals. Get the fuck out of here, you pathetic cultist.

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>>637573157Half of those sales are from the 3DS, user.

>>637575051Lmao you're so fucking full of shit>I as a longtime fanYou were never a fan and you're fooling nobody

>>637588918You lying nigger, non Nintendo games like Soul Calibur, Doom, HL1-2, and SA were absolutely held in high esteem. Games that established genres or had huge influence on the industry were held in high regard near universally and used a benchmark to judge the quality of other games. During the 00s journos shit on contemporary Nintendo releases to get clicks with subversive opinions. 8.8 became a meme for a reason, it was the crescendo to half a decade of bad faith. That review never would have blown up in a vacuum.

>>637548705He's right about graphical fidelity, truly an asine waste of money, time and resources.

>>637548150wow no way the lesson is to make fun games and not interject liberal politics and wanna be hollywood movie bullshit? WOW

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>>637591591>Mario Kart 8 and Bloodborne have the same score. In what world Mario 8 is even remotely in the same league as BloodborneMario kart was 88 for wiiuWhy wouldn't both great games have a high score? Are you delusional or just hate Mario kart?Donkey Kong tropical freeze for wiiu was 80(with game stop just giving 6/10)despite being god tier game, before reviewers caught on that people love it and score slowly went upYou clearly underage who never saw how game journos treated Nintendo exclusives

>>637584023This is some massive cope


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>>637591591>worse performance and visualsThey were on par with PS4 and Xbox one games. Are you actually underaged?

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>>637591939The fuck are you talking about? Twilight Princess has 95 on metacritic. One reviewer gave it 8.8/10 and tendies lost their mind over it. IGN gave it 95/100 and called it the greatest Zelda game ever made. Gamespy gave it 100/100. You're a fucking cultist revisionist living in a bubble where Nintendo, the media darling, is somehow oppressed. >>637592560Learn to read, you absolute fucking retard.

>>637593604Why did you ignore this one? :) >>637592464

I can't find the right thread for this, but what now? Am I softlocked?

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>>637594195Just fast travel or jump in the water

>>637594357I mean, where am I supposed to go? The cutscene does not trigger

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>>637594195Yes. You might as well uninstall the game now

>>637594537Have you gone into the temple? You're supposed to get Rewind from the temple, then try to open the back door and Rauru will tell you to get to the last temple so you can get a health upgrade.

>>637591591Mario Kart 8 is easily the best in its genre, Bloodborne isn't even the best Souls game


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>>637571724This is true. Imagine if all those races in Zelda looked good, the game would be much more popular than it already is

>>637548618>WW lower than skyward sword and twilight princesssad

>>637574709>>637554812If the game already has fucking voice acting implemented, but only for a couple characters and scenes, then it just makes it look fucking cheap, like they didn't know what direction to pull in.Either go full voice acting, or don't use it at all. You have to absolutely commit to a thematic decision.

>>637570083Vanillaware, I still love that one response he got from that photographer that BTFO'ed him so hard he left in tears

>>637591939>During the 00s journos shit on contemporary Nintendo releases to get clicks with subversive opinions.Super Mario Galaxy - 97Twilight Princess - 95Metroid Prime 3 - 90Punch-Out!! - 86Metroid Prime Trilogy - 91New Super Mario Bros. Wii - 87Super Mario Galaxy 2 (WII) - 97Donkey Kong Country Returns (WII) - 87Kirby's Epic Yarn (WII) - 86Mario Kart Wii (WII) - 82Pikmin (GC) - 89F-Zero GX (GC) - 89The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (GC) - 96Metroid Prime (GC) - 97Animal Crossing (GC) - 87Super Mario Sunshine (GC) - 92Super Smash Bros. Melee (GC) - 92Pikmin 2 (GC) - 90The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures (GC) - 86Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (GC) - 87Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (GC) - 92Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (GC) - 87Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (GC) - 85What games did they shit on? All the major nintendo releases got raving reviews as usual, even if the games were shit. Are you complaining that journos didn't give all the thousands of literal shovelware games on wii and nds 10/10s?

>>637548705Why WOULDN'T someone get the idea that all games need crafting? All people talk, rave, wank and shit themselves about is muh crafting.

>>637548150I knew for a fact Holla Forums would get assbroken by the new zelda game but even I didn't forsee this level of seethingdon't you ever get tired of being an angry jaded faggot?

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>>637595913Forgot alsoXenoblade Chronicles (WII) - 92The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (WII) - 93Albeit they're not 00s.


>>637595176That's not an argument. It doesn't mean anything. Mario Kart 8 is a simple game that does a simple thing well. That's it. That's no reason why it should be put up on a pedestal and praised for it. Just the same as Dr Mario doesn't deserve 10/10 for being a good Tetris style game. Is Mario Kart actually a 9/10 game and deserves to stand shoulder to shoulder with the best video games of all time, or is it just a good kart game?


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>>637594670I've gone through the entire island again but I can't find the last shrine. Do I have to kill the cube boss to get it?

>>637593845What does that have to do with my post? I don't know what you expect me to say.

>>637597160No, once you've done the first three shrined, you can then open the front door of the Temple of Time, which will give you the Recall ability. After that, you try to open the back door of the temple and Rauru tells you where the last shrine is.

>>637548618minish sisters.........

>>637595913>>637596287Don't know why that faggot is pretending Nintendo is some scrappy underdog that everyone counted out especially during the 00's. Unironic moment. Perhaps he's thinking of the WiiU era where some of them dipped into the 70's area, but if you couple that with the 3DS that was still a critical darling it'd probably still average around the 80's area.

>>637596973Blah blah blah nigger, nobody cares, cope, seethe, dilate

>>637553970Voice acting is over rated. Graphics and terra flips are hurting game play. If these things are so important why is the only fun game not made by Nintendo Elden Rong? I really feel bad for the people that don’t get it. The rest of us are having fun and playing with toys that actually feel good to play with.

>>637596973>Mario kart doesn't deserve to stand at top, together with others influential and great gamesState of Nintendo haters

>>637555426>>Star Wars wouldn’t make a a billion dollars if it didn’t have lightsabers, the millennium falcon, and space cowboys mixing it up with space samurai. No shit Brainlet. The things that make a franchise identifiable are the things people like about it.

>>637555426No one wants to play in banjo kazoos world or spend time with those characters so the game play is irrelevant. It’s fun to do it in hyrule with the Kokiri and Gorons since that’s where I wanted to hangout.

my pronounce are feed/sneed

>>637556279Nostalgia is fake and gay cope for people who don’t want to admit the past was better. Do you like everything that is old? No. Do you still like everything you used to like? No. Than nostalgia isn’t the reason you like some old things you used to like.

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>>637575051>zelda fans bitch and whine since Twilight Princess about zelda games holding your hand too much and being too linear>Skyward Sword also sells like hot fucking garbage>Aonuma thinks "Huh, maybe we should listen to that criticism and try a more open Zelda">Becomes the best selling Zelda game of all time>make a sequel>it becomes the fastest selling Zelda of all time >Aonuma reasonably wants to make more like thisIf you wanted Zelda to stay the same forever you should've bought Skyward Sword.

>>637566269True and Nintendo fans would still like it unless it became a visual novel with a bunch of cut scenes

>>637548150And these lessons are?

>>637549426TP was on GameCube, unless you got a Wii at launch, there was no reason to buy the Wii version since it's backwards compatible, unlike BOTW and the Switch/Wii U.Skyward Sword was just shit.

>>637600270That graphicsfagging is a losing game and that a shit game with beautiful visuals will still be shit but a great game with shit visuals can be the fastest selling game of a franchise

>>637548705Well look at that Even a broken clock is right twice a day

>>637549426Twilight Princess was super disappointing It felt like just OoT but insanely handholdy, and also brown. Also anyone that says they liked the midna stuff is the equivalent of someone telling you they liked the werehog stuff in sonic unleashed. Yea maybe you didn't "mind" it, but you wanted to get back to the main gameplay asap.Skyward Sword meanwhile was just bad. The only thing it had going for it was a neat combat system, otherwise it's the most linear and uninspired Zelda game yet.The team the entire time clearly wanted to be doing something like wind waker but felt obligated to do linear zelda after people complained about the ocean sailing so much.

>>637548618conveniently forgetting that amount of people that played games in 2007 was half of what it is now

>>637551370After 2017 sureDid you forget DmC and RE6?

>>637553494This meme is getting so tiring. Blackrock already sold the shares they bought.Also they were preferred shares, they didn't get any voting rights

>>637600528Twilight Princess unironically saved Zelda though If it wasn't for that game and how well it did (For a Zelda game at the time), Zelda would've gone the way of Star Fox. After the poor performance of Wind Waker and Four Swords Adventures the Zelda Team was ready to hang up the towel.

>>637548618>Gaming is popular and a normie-tier hobby now.

>>637548150Lol it's 100% about the name and the fact a Switch game hasn't come out in 10 months, Ubisoft released the same game last year with better graphics to mid review.

>>637600881The fact that you think the graphics are an important factor is exactly why the AAA market is so absolutely trash now. Games should be made with smaller teams with worse graphics.

>>637600881You haven't played either game.

>>637598965No, why would it?

>>637597516>Perhaps he's thinking of the WiiU era where some of them dipped into the 70's areaIt wasn't because journos conspired against Nintendo. There's a consensus among critics and fans that Wii U wasn't a good console and the games weren't that good either. They still got high scores despite that.

Attached: 1653459101530467.png (2077x10000, 1.99M)

>>637601608>consensus among critics and fans>and fansIt's literally ghost of tsushima case where user score was way higher for almost every single game compared to critic one

>>637548618Woah, I never thought minish cap sold that little. It's the only zelda game I like outside of the one on the super Nintendo.

>>637600270Kill graphicsfags

>>637601608That's legitimately the only Nintendo era where that narrative that journalists hated could have even occurred so I just threw it out there because I was not a WiiU owner so I have zero perspective on that. I owned a Gamecube, Wii, GBA, DS and 3DS so I was more aware of reviews for those consoles when looking to buy shit. Even looking at that list the only low stuff (by journo standards meaning below 80) is shit that some fans even acknowledge aren't that great like Color Splash, Star Fox Zero, Zelda Musou, And Yoshi and Kirby's game. The only one I'd say that probably got lower than it should've was W101, but I played the remaster so maybe it was worse somehow on the WiiU.

>>637548618man, I really liked the multiplayer Zeldas. guess that's the end of that.

>>637587140Because Nintendo is one of the worst "corp" shit retardZelda is being resold as a 70 dollar game when it is the same unoriginal shit and journalists are wanking themselves over it>>637587028He literally says execs will want every game to have crafting nowAll games have crafting now retard

>>637605307crafting in totk good crafting in everything else badstick + lightning stone is fun and cool and optional and intuitivecollect 4 wood scraps,10 iron filings and 12 ether essence is gay and stupid

>>637602797>Zelda Musou>aren't that greatAnd this is why no one takes your opinion seriously

>>637602797What about donkey kong?

>>637548150unfortunately no other publishers will look to Nintendo or BotW for inspiration, and everyone will continue buying that garbage.

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>>637571073It's in-vogue to hate Nintendo in game journo circles, again.

>>637548705Games already had crafting. Nintendo just made it fun because they know game design and western devs are retarded.