Zelda Totk lore and story thread

She traveled 1000 of years to the past??

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Yes to give me a blowjob

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>>637547586To play the shitty games that suck ass

>>637547662best game ever madebotw GOTY 2010stotk GOTY 2020s



>>637547648How do you identify AI art?

>>637547586>zelda’s pants clearly show her ass in both games>yet for some reason this shot in particular makes people think it’s biggerwhat

>>637547662She'd rather have... A Korok..

>>637549586Not that dude, but look at the fingers.

>>637549586You can tell with one glance

>>637549676I only look at toes and feet


>>637549586>>637549586Passive consumer spotted.Generic, plastic, lifeless,

>>637547586>ai SHITdie

>>637547586To fuck a goat.

>>637549586Its devoid of imperfections, creativity, involves sterile poses, is often anime inspired because generic anime aesthetics are often associated with a lack of soul. Its like asking someone to identity the difference between a rubberhose cartoon and some FOTM shounen.

>>637547586to play the shitty games that suck ass

>>637549586It always has 10 replies from angry deviantart trannies

>>637549936Kys pajeet>>637549586>shit hands/eyes>backgrounds mesh into itself and like the patterns of a character’s clothing doesn’t really make anything >characters shape and shading are fuzzy

>>637547586is this outfit actually in the game?

>>637549803no you, mentally ill tranny

>>637549936It's funny because it's true

>>637549586In this case it was just obvious because that screenshot had already been going around.

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>>637549667take a big seedy dump on her chestshe'd rather eat...

>>637554296the gloomy asshole... of Ganon's corpse and down it with miiiilk


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>>637549586Her ass looks like it was designed by Tamers12345.

>>637554543Don't forget the ass crack. It shouldn't be visible there lol


>>637554543People who generate art will look at this and go "huh" before saving 30 more alts with similar flaws and making sure they upload every single one to any booru who hasn't banned it yet.

>>637554510She's the teariest Zelda you've ever heardshe's the old Hyrule ruins nerdshe's the teary Hylian-Zonai nerdshe's the teary Zelda... nerd


>>637554543Also she seems to have a dick.

>>637549802Have you consumed any modern media?I use the word consumed because enjoyed is a stretch

>>637555284Not very often. The last manga I read was Wolfsmund.

>guy tries to invade your kingdom>defend yourself>he comes in to plead fealty and you let him under the guise of keeping an eye on him>he somehow kills Sonia despite Sonia and Zelda seemingly luring him into this position with Rauru nowhere nearby to helpShit makes no sense, they did the OoT Ganondorf but then made the people around him fucking stupid. Also Zelda using fast travel in a cutscene is wild.


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>>637555553Calamity ganon… Ganondorf… Hmmmm…

>>637554756Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content Content

>>637554543Kill your worthless self

>>637555617that may be so, critic-samabut post your own work


>>637555617Delete this now

>>637547846You are the newest of fags.

>>637555782What kind, user-kun?

>>637547586Urbosa > Zelda

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>>637555782anything a human makes is better than AI-slop

>>637554543It's funny how AI is able to make pretty accurate copies of hair and outfits but the single thing every human has always gets fucked up, like hands.

>what if we bought back Ganondorf but he's not actually Ganondorf he's another Gerudo king with the same name and look and motive meaning le ancient demonic evil curse keeps taking the exact same form and the Gerudo keep giving their king the same name and he keeps turning out to be evil.

>>637556129It's called a reboot.

>>637556120almost like its trained on shit like other peoples art, which are notoriously the worst at hands, because it's machine learning and not itself intelligent.

>>637549586Hands and butt looks weird

>>637556129Ganondorf wasn't popularized until OOT. Everything beyond that was the same dude / reincarnated dude / an other-worldly enti---WAIT----IT'S THE SAME DUDE! It's almost like the hero is also either the same dude, or not, but is yet not really, every fucking time. I accept a measure of the timeline bullshit but also know Nintendo is gonna make it up as they go and we just have to hope they don't alter the deal further in a way we don't like; by we meaning "each of us" and not "Holla Forums is not one person"

>>637556129Hyrule keeps calling the heir to the throne Zelda, and the guy who saves the day is always called Link.

>>637556171The point of a reboot is to allow them to explore stories without being bogged down by lore, but the very first thing they establish is that the exact same cycle has been happening for 10,000 years.

>>637555617There's more but I'm not on my PC to make an edit + it's pointless. AI will never put artists out of a job.

>>637557148>the point of a reboot is headcanon

>>637557043It makes sense that princesses and knights are encouraged to inherit the roles of their heroic ancestors and are named after them. It's dumb that the cryptic evil supernatural curse would take the exact same form and background every time. There's nothing special about the Gerudo that should have them birth the demon king over and over other than the fact that Nintendo wants to have their bad guy look the same.

So what happened to Link's slate and old abilities?Where did the Divine Beasts go?Why did all the items I already had in the previous game end up back inside chests?

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>>637557894Slate stopped working, Beasts stopped working, Link distributed them out and they were all put away

>>637557529Link isn't always a knightBut yeah, considering the rarity of a male Gerudo, calling him Ganondorf should at least be considered bad luck. It is pretty retarded.

>>637557172HOW FAR DO YOU WANT TO TAKE THIS, user?

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>>637549586Mediocre as fuck base that no one in their right mind would render to this degree is pretty much the absolute dead giveaway currently.

>>637557959>Stopped workingSo how did they move them? Where are they now?

>>637557981you should see some of the artists I'm following on pixiv...


>>637558112They really don't explain it at all? That sucks.

>>637558096Usually when you zoom in you see that they worked sloppy and used shortcuts, or you see the strokes of the brushes. Ai art even when you zoom in it looks clean as fuck at every single part.

>>637554543Imagine being this fucking retarded.

>>637558574You mean imagine being retarded enough to post AI art? Yes, it’s crazy.

In the scene where the old wind sage is telling Tulin that he's the new wind sage, and it's a flashback where zelda walks up to the old wind sage, her ass is actually really fat you get a really good shot of it, her hips are big and her butt is quite big and squishy. It looked larger than normal, like nintendo made her butt bigger in this game than the last one.

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>Hides the champions tunic in the throne room, and not just anywhere in the throne room but on the very throne itself.What did the lizard princess mean by this?

>lorewho cares nerd lol

>>637557976Thanks you user, much better than "lol hands".

Does link still own his house in TotK?The one you buy in BotW?

>>637549936kek, this

>>637554543Incredible how good AI got with in a couple of months.Ive even seen images of AI getting hands and feet correctly already.God I cannot wait until I can have my own content machine at home without having to rely on drawtrannies to do the things I like.


>>637558813Her body is screaming to procreate

>>637557172>AI will never put artists out of a job.It's already happening and the tech is still primitive as fuck.

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>>637557976>>637555617>>637554543Its funny because half of the things, like the buttcheek being visible would be of absolutely no concern to you, if this was made by a person.You'd be creaming yourself over this image if the same image was made by a person, instead of criticising it.Once again Holla Forums shows they're so unintelligent, they jsut shout at the "who". Just like you cry everytime you find out a black person is involved in the game you like.

>>637549586It's too good to be made by human hands.

>>637559213AI doesn’t get hands correctly, it has to be corrected by the operator through controlnet or img2img or whatever. And that’s just hands. There’s a million things AI can’t do right. Most importantly, it can’t give soul to anything.

>>637558968It was an engagement present

>>637559352cope ai fagyour model is shit and you literally have no talent, you shitskinned hack

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>>637549795what do hyrulean farts smell like Holla Forumsros ??



>>637559352If no one cared, then they wouldn’t be pointing it out. And if a human drew it, you can be certain it would get ripped apart for having the same issues.

>>637559609What? Okay, I’m redeeming them now.

>>637549936basedfuck artfags, they deserve what's coming for them

>>637559918>fuck artfagsYeah, sure thing mang. Keep playing video games and watching animu.

>>637559918Think about what you said here for a minute.

>>637559314This.Hers is a body literally built for procreation with the entire purpose of its existence to be ruined by multiple pregnancies via Link.

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>>637560189It makes sense to me. What do you think he said?

>>637559625The fundamental issue why there's less criticism towards people making actual art is because there's effort and skill that have gone into a real drawing. Unless it's a complete shit post, someone spent time drawing something.With AI, you click a button, run a model, and select the anime girl with the biggest tits or ass. There isn't any thought behind them which is why you see so many AI images where the tits or ass are the ONLY thing in the entire image done correctly.

>>637547586>Ai shit


>>637549586I can spot ai shit at glance. It got either sloppy quality or uncanny valley.



>>637560282Sure, I’d say AI deserves to be bashed more overtly because the people celebrating it are useless shitlods thinking they’re gonna get a free ride for trying to corrupt a human endeavor as sacred as art.


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>>637560580>medium has bad thing therefore entire medium is badAbsolutely retarded take.

>>637560189self-righteous pompous cunts who had a monopoly no longer have ultimate control, it's amazing really

>>637560676>he says while whining about AIpeak irony

>>637554756Seriously why do they fucking spam itI wouldn't care about AI art if they didn't spam their garbage everywhere

>>637560676I didn't say that.

>>637547586why is her left butt cheek bigger than the right

>>637560781AI is not a medium. It is a form of art. Art is the medium.All AI art is bad.Just like all art made with literal human feces is bad.

>>637561031You'll have to get a real job soonor funnily enough, you'll have to learn to cope and use AI to do your job for you, if you lack talent outside of arts (which you probably do)

>>637558656That is pretty bad on its own, but criticizing AI art is on another level of retardation. Everyone is aware of those flaws, nigger.

>>637561186Oh I'm not an artist. I'm simply an art enjoyer who commissions a lot. I work fully remote and have amazing job security due to the industry I'm in which will never be automated.I just find it hilarious there's people dumb enough to pay for AI "art". Keep coping though.

>>637561031>All AI art is bad.why?

>>637561428Yeah, no. If that were true, people wouldn’t be cumming their pants thinking they just created a masterpiece and spamming it on any platform that will accept it.

>>637561563It is void of soul and art without soul is not art.

>>637561845absolute non-answer

>>637561462>"art enjoyer"moreso artist boot enjoyer from the sound of it

>>637562017Just like AI "art" is absolute non-art. A fitting end for you.

>>637562180devoid of reason

>>637561186No one wants to read comics/graphic novels/manga made by AI. The most popular genre, shounen, is based on the ethos of youthful human idealism and fiery spirit. No one wants to pay money for something art related that didn’t involve sacrifice and mastery of craft. I wouldn’t pay money to watch a machine slice up bamboo, but I’d definitely pay money to watch some wizard-assed samurai keeping his tradition alive demonstrate his commitment to the sword. That applies to a lot of crafts. NO one gives a fuck what a machine can do in the arts, it only impresses us if other humans do it. When we see a machine do something uncanny, we go, “oh neat.” Take those Boston Dynamics robots for example. When they perform acrobatics, you’re not inspired to envy or anything. You simply expect the machine to do something effortless in a highly predictable, programmed sort of way. If you hate art, it’s because you hate what you don’t possess the ability to create. That’s your problem. And you’ll never be respected for prompts or models created to replicate another artist. You’ll always be a poser. You’ll never be able to proudly say to someone, “my AI model made this,” because that will never be a proud thing to admit to another person, and certainly not with the intention of gaining respect. No woman is going to drop her panties because you told a machine to make a soulless image. You want artists to be rockstars? Keep bolstering AI art. Even virtual idols have their songs written by people. The idols themselves are created by humans. If you think MSG is going to sell out seats for people wanting to attend a concert to hear songs generated by prompts and played by machines, you must be praying for a dystopian future where all humans are as miserable and lifeless as you.

>>637563031As someone who works with engineers, the most interesting part of machines has always been what humans are able to do with them and not what the machines are doing themselves.

>>637554543>look away from her tits, ass and face for amomentno, faggot, fuck off

It’s weird seeing tons of threads use my edit in some form, whether it be the actual edit or the edit but ran through some ai filters

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>>637563295And if humans are using machines to try and replicate what human artists do without the direction of machines, what kind of interest does that generate in you? What is the reduction of that?

>>637549586there's a pimple on her butt

>>637563446Can someone post the original?

>>637559319Oh no, instead of bug men stealing art, they have ai steal art.

Where are people getting the 1000 years number? The original calamity was 10.000 years before BOTW so that wouldn't make any sense

>>637549586Personally, I notice the way shapes "melt" one into another. If you glance at pic, yeah, it seems fine. But look closer, and finer details all flow into each other in weird, clearly "wrong" way. One way to say what I see is that picture is both detailed and not so much. Look at golden armlets, they clearly have some fancy relief, but it's actually just a bunch of lines that fuse in a nonsensical way. It's not artist doodling "something", like "uh, fuck, what should be here, let's draw a small triforce maybe because it's zelda?", it's "this place should have lines and relief, so there you go, lines and relief. What do you mean it needs sense?"The reason why AI is able to draw naked anime women is because naked anime woman is a fairly simple thing. The skin tone is same, minus shading. There are not many details generally (details start happening when you get to hands and feet and eyes, and that's when most AI-art starts shitting the bed to various degrees).I'd also say that many AI-arts have a certain colored glow to them, but I think this is mostly because of the way models were trained and art used, I think I saw numerous pics that lack this same "glow". Or maybe guy who promted them actually knows his way around photoshop, and did some editing afterwards. It's not like you HAVE to dump your AI pics for everyone to see right as they come out of oven.

>>637563516You aren't understanding.What I find interesting is the changes people have made to AI that generates art so far. Like how they've resolved some of the issues that AI had a while back with hands. It is handling hands a lot better now due to a variety of factors and that is interesting.However the art that it shits out? I couldn't care less.I'm interested in the mechanics of a factory that creates candy or something but I'm not going to sit and marvel at a bag of skittles.

>>637563687>I'm interested in the mechanics of a factory that creates candy or something but I'm not going to sit and marvel at a bag of skittles.SameI also enjoy watching "How it's made"

>>637564125i watched "how erections are made" and it showed a pic of ur mom lmao

Seriously though, why is her brapper so fucking big?

>>637556129>>637556171Four Swords Adventures already did this first.


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>>637564125That's because designing the AI itself is an art, what it produces isn't.

>>637549586it looks good

>>637558918me on the left

>>637560703>monopolyJesus, I can feel the seethe from here.

>>637554543At this point AI shit should just be banned.

>>637559213>I'm glad I can get instant gratification without the pleasure of developing an useful skillThis is why request begging exists. Stop being lazy, nigger.

>>637559352If you train yourself to notice technical details like the ones people pointed out, you will 100% notice the mistakes. It's more so that most people never bother with this and end up being easily pleased. It's the reason why even mediocre artists can still make money in the first place, because the average person doesn't give a damn as long as it looks superficially good.Since AIfags aren't artists, they will keep generating until they find something that looks good in their eyes, leading to situations like this one. They shoot themselves in the foot due to their own laziness.

>>637568523>because the average person doesn't give a damn as long as it looks superficially good.It's more so that the vast majority of people really only look at very specific areas and do so for every piece of AI art that they claim to be good. You can go in any of those threads and it's always the same thing in every single one of the images. If you look outside these areas, it's very clear to tell that it's AI but most ONLY care about these areas so they love to claim it looks just as good as real art.

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>>637568904Yeah, usually the eyes, face, tits and ass. As long as those look nice they will overlook nonsensical lightning, lack of perspective, tentacle hands, etc. Faulty linework is not noticed as long as you add some gradients and shiny lights.

>>637570056For me it's always the backgrounds. Zero definition and random nonsensical shapes / colors

It's sad how people get fooled by AI....

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>>637571030DELTE THIS


>>637571030>would not bang memes are back we are coming full circle

>>637571030Anon, you clearly don’t know what you’re doing. This is definitely made by a human.

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I'm trans.

>>637547586I dont get how people dont realize how fucking far she went back She travelled to BEFORE Skyward sword. Before Skyloft was created.

>>637575541>I dont get how people dont realize how fucking far she went back She travelled to BEFORE Skyward sword. Before Skyloft was created.Is the goddess ever shown or mentioned in the flashbacks?

>637556129>Timeline autismLol

>>637559352This post generated by ChatGPT.


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>>637575541no game is canon to TOTK except BOTW, there is no zelda timeline it's all just reimaginings 1 or 2 games long

>>637568904This shit is scary because the AI made an ass crack. Meaning the AI likes ass so much it included the ass crack in an image where it shouldn't be visible. But, why exactly did the AI chose to do that?

>>637577240See >>637557976

>>637560676Nah fuck you art has been subverted and perverted for over 2 centuries you can take your sanctimonious shit and shove it right up that gaping asshole little buddy.

She's gonna take you back to the past

>>637547586Sooner or later, someone is going to edit this pic with Zelda having a boner.


>>637547586>>637554543>random AI image I made being used as OP image in random threadReply with a vidya BABE image and I'll AI her

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>>637558918me on the right


>>637549586identified the target audience

>>637577914I've got a babe for ya.

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>>637578205The AI wont UNDERSTAND it my friend!!!!!!! It is quite funny how people have spent the time to pick apart all the issues with the image when it was literally one of 6 generated images straight up with no touch ups.

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>>637572515>didn't address the fucked up handsCurious!


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>>637578459>huge ass tag>has just a normal sized buttAI sucks


>>637578516Probably because they’re just amateur looking as opposed to looking like nightmare fuel.

>>637547586What waterfall is the king behindI can't seem to find it

>>637578459It’s quite funny how we already know it can iterate indefinitely and still create the same problems over and over again.

>>637574738We know, AI shilling pajeet.

>>637547586Tiara thing is also blending in with her eyebrows

>>637555419>Wolfsmund>tryhard westaboo slopGeneric, plastic, lifeless.

>>637579076Except not a valid or logical criticism.

>>637549586The lack of any soul.

>>637559352this is a fucking bot. wow i sure love ai where people can make bait posts on the fucking fly.

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>>637554650>>637555617>AI cant decide 3/4 or profileto be fair, this is a staple of coomer art made by people as well. all the time you see impossible poses that show off as much of the tits and ass at the same time as they can possibly muster

>>637579671Or because the image it’s referencing (>>637563446) has two different shades on the ass and since the AI doesn’t have intention or a brain it makes stupid looking shit.

>>637579187Concession accepted.

POSTING a vidya BABE for me to put into the KINO machine sirs!!! reply immediately!!

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>>637579925that doesnt disprove what I said. its obviously AI art, but that alone doesnt distinguish it

>>637559437Bags of sand

>>637559352I'm surprised Holla Forums is anti-Ai desu, weirdly left-learning for a site filled with incels

>>637577914do jill ?

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>>637582935because AI art is and will always be soulless.If you are a genuine human being with a soul, you will always notice it and it's uncanny. Even behind a garbage drawing there is intent.

>>637583241>If you are a genuine human being with a soul, you will always notice it and it's uncanny100% agree, just like I agree respecing someones pronouns is a basic act of dignity and kindness which is why I'm amazed you're all against AIDon't you all hate people?

why is Holla Forums such a bastion of inkcels? really is it all underage faggot console niggers without gpus or whatnot?

they really phoned in the water temple in this game. small area with only 4 faucets to unlock. way shittier than the goron and rito temples

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>>637582935>>637583442>trying to somehow turn hatred of AI into a political issueyou people really are completely empty up there, huh

>>637547648>Arttranny seethes because he doesn't get to be special anymoreI love to see it.

>>637584457How is that a political issue? lol

>>637583130I prefer more cartoony and booba to work with but yes

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>>637584164I skipped all the minecart shit with wood and pinecones. The rito dungeon was disappointing but the lead up to it was the best part. Honestly the only semi-interesting one was the lightning temple, and that's just the first part that was linear.



>>637549586Shape looks 3d. It doesn't have its own style. Give it a year and you won't recognize it.

>>637580521>boobs bursting at the seamswhy are big boobs like this?

>>637547586>10,000 years ago she becomes a mindless immortal dragon >But she's also around for the events of BotWStupid twist that doesn't make sense

>>637549586fingersclothingshininesssoftnesseyeshairThere are a lot of tells

>>637549882I'd travel back in time to fuck Rauru too.

>>637582935Interesting tactic, pajeet.

>>637578713>i-it doesn't count!

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>>637586631>fingersFixed.>clothingFixed.>shininessFixed.>softnessFixed.>eyesFixed.>hairFixed.The problems you see are only in old reposted images or new images on default settings and old models because the turdworlders don't have hardware powerful enough to run the good stuff. Artfags are over.

>>637587036that has more soul than any AI slop.

>>637587168that's AI

>>637549586Looks bad but also clean, if that makes any sense. Epitome of soulless.

>>637586572It's a basic Causal Loop. Her actions in the past end up establishing the hope for a Hero and the princess which eventually lead to her birth which eventually leads to the events that sent her to the past in the first place. You can't change the past, you can only fulfill it because history has already dictated it to be so.Now what I will say is that this should not work. We already know that predestination should not be a thing in the Zelda universe. Link time traveled and ended up creating three separate timelines. Why does Link end up breaking causality with his time traveling but Zelda doesn't? Also 10,000 years is way too fucking long of a gap. All of human history clocks in at about 5,000 years and we can't even explain everything about the 5,000 year period. And yet these people in Hyrule have encyclopedic knowledge about everything that happened 10,000 years ago?

>>637579671Absolutely. Makes me wonder if the ai is also a coomer and will turns us all into sex slaves in the future.

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>>637585041looks good, img2img ? I've only used txt2img for now. What can you do with some soulless art ?

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>>637587398>5000 yearsThis is just semantics but the pyramids were built 4500 years ago. You do really think that we went from being a languageless, cultureless collection of animals to a society capable of building massive structures such as those in 500 years?

>>637549586put your glasses on

>>637560703>drawing>monopolyAre you retarded? Honest question.

>>637571030>Anatomy isn't perfectIT'S AI

>>637587856It's an odd outfit that has lots of weird details and is asymetrical so the output would never be very faithful, not to mention the weird blue effect. Came out okay anyway

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>>637589016What the actual fuck. Nightmare fuel.

>>637554543based noticeeryour noticeer skills are unparalleledyou should be hired as a professional noticeer

>>637588308He shills AI """art""", what the fuck do you think?

Why doesn't Ganon just chill out

where do i find the zelda tears

>>637549586I generally look at hands and hair on people, for the background i usually look for nonsensical patterns.

>>637556129Ganondorf was Ganon's human name before becoming the Demon King in A Link to the Past. What bothers me is that they are calling the Demon King Ganondorf when his name is Ganon. Also Zelda not knowing that Ganondorf is Ganon is really fucking stupid.

>>637590923He is literally a nigger

Anyone else get the feeling that Zelda was having a much more interesting adventure than Link was?

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>>637591925Bitch cries every 5 minutes; just hang around her long enough.

>>637592282I think what bothers me more is the fact that Calamity Ganon's last appearance was 10,000 years ago and yet he was supposed to be a recurring disaster. Enough to justify building an army of robots to gun him down the moment he reappears. So how long ago did Zelda's meeting with Rauru take place?

Only shitskins seethe this badly when people criticize AI art.

>>637592282BTW his name was Ganondorf Dragmire with his royal title after becoming Demon King was Mandrag Ganon or Ganon of the Enchanted Thieves. Ganondorf was the King of Thieves in AltP during the Imprisonment Wars which was the backstory for ALttP. In said war Ganondorf and his thieves fought against the 7 Sages and the Hero of the Master Sword and was sealed away in Golden Land which Ganon in his banishment turned into the Dark World. Centuries later after said seal started to weaken, Ganon sent his bunshin (can be translated as clone, phantom, alter ego) into the Light World in the form of the Wizard Aghanim who started sending the descendants of the 7 sages into the Dark World in order to open the seal and escape the Dark World.

>>637549586Even with AI art getting better, it's all sort of the same style.You can tell that not only is it all digital, there's basically no human input whatsoeverThere's a couple details here that make it clear it's not real art:>left ass-cheek is noticeably more visible than it should be given the angle (because this coomer AI doesn't know better)>fingers, index finger is too long and separating along the hand>filligree on the gold armor is incoherent, no symmetry or patternAI can never care about the details because it doesn't know what those are, it just recognizes broad patterns and re-creates them

>>637592282>Zelda not knowing that Ganondorf is Ganon is really fucking stupidI am going to strangle Fujibayashi.>don't worry zelda i know ganon is evil but i'll keep a close eye on him so he can't do anything>two flashbacks later, ganon kills sonia with almost no effortGood fucking lord.

why the anger at AI ? Most artists are far from being blameless, tracing being the first thing coming to mind

>>637596068Tracing still requires a degree of effort. Tracing could still theoretically turn the person who did it into a better artist. AI is just pressing a button

>>637547586LoRA where?

>>637596068coping drawfags mad theyll have to get a real job soon

>>637549586It's super easy

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>>637558221There might be an explanation somewhere, I just haven't found it yet. Almost all the entrances to down below are suspiciously where the shrines use to be


>>637549586Easy. It's how aggressively people defend critique of it. The more aggressive, the higher chance it is AI generated.

>>637547586It's over they banned it

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>AIslopGood morning sir.


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>>637557976>>637555617damn I love this picture. zelda is so hot bros. can you post the version without your drawings on it?

>>637597638Based blind user

>>637549586Use an AI spotter tool. They're in the works now.

>>637577914Wow user... you made the meme... that's crazy...

>>637549586Things to look for:Mangled handsLack of symmetry (hair, jewelry)Out of place details (Weird piece of clothing hanging off of zelda's front side)

>>637559352Low test detected.

I absolutely love the seethe AI art brings to artistsJust imagine, it's only going to get better from here too lol

>>637560703I guarantee you're a third worlder who thinks telling an ai to make shitty uncanny anime coomer art with 15 fingers and weird proportions is the bee's knees

the real thing is superior

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>>637598679Holy fuck

>>637597490this is just going to make people lie about their art, the ones that can retouch art or make better gens will be the ones to survive. As it should be, because fuck casuals spamming shitty gens.

>>637549621Her ass has always looked bigger in a dress than in her skin-tight pants, her dresses are bulky and bunch up at the waist creating the image of a larger ass.

>>637599374>doesn't post sketches>account and art was made after SD got popular>doesn't post full process>shitty resolutions>run of the mill pinups>stylistically jumping all over the place>suspiciously lora likeA lot of actual artists will get questioned too but at least they can back it up unlike AIfags

zelda culo

>>637560324Southwest after jumping in the chasm in central Hyrule, you should eventually find a huge set of ruins called the abandoned central factory or something. Complete the quest there.

>>637598679Ok, here's the actual REAL one.This is what peak female body looks like.

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>>637601529I want to sex her so bad...she won't even look at me unless im link though fuck

>>637601529>small boobies>nice assyes, peak performance

>>637601908>>637601717Stop thinking lascivious thoughts about the Princess of Hyrule and reincarnation of the goddess

>>637602671Only SS Zelda was the reincarnation of Hylia, the rest have her blood but aren't Hylia, that was the whole point of her giving up her immortality to be able to use the triforce, if she could just keep reincarnating then it'd be a massive loophole.

>>637602671we are here now>>637601823

>>637602792So because she gave up her divinity she's now subject to everyone's lewd thoughts?

>>637547652is this the infamous "zelda as a horse"?

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>>637602981Exactly, she's just a normal woman now and like all women she should be treated like property.

>>637603071She took the house, Robbie... I got to keep the horses, but still.

>>637547586Even if this is AI and it sucks the more you look at it, as an artist I'm still scared. What will happen once AI realizes object permanence in combination to realizing humans have 5 fingers?

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haven't played yet since i'm still finishing up botw. do the zora women still lust over hylian men?

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>>637604570isn't everybody lusting over hylian men ?

>>637553758Kill yourself you ai tranny obsessed faggot

>>637579187>Generic, lifelessyeah it is.

>>637547652zelda if she ashei

>>637603735Even if the AI figures those stuff out, you have the one thing it doesn't. Your creativity. You can draw what YOU want, it can't take it from you.That and people tend to be softer on other humans than AI.

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>>637606743>it can't take it from you.Unless someone feeds it into the dataset...but yeah I agree with everything else.

Listen to kpop

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>>637606881That is fair. Atleast you can prove its your work unlike the AI.

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>>637601529I heard there's another cutscene with her ass on display but I can't find it. do you have it?