Wait a minute that shape

Wait a minute that shape...

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>this gets the tendie brain firing on all cylinders

>>637546029these are among the FIRST 4-5 shrines you are likely to visit out of how many? 150? Dishonest.

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>>637546343>redditjakkill yourself


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>>637546029The point isn't "wow this shape matching is so hard", the point is "learn to move and flip things with ultrahand"

>>637546521No the point is to give the tendie easy gratification so he can feel like a big boy.

>>63754602910/10 creative masterpiece

There's just no satisfying you people

It goes into the square hole

Since this is a TOTK thread: How do I get the Lizalfos mask? It's not showing up in the Monster shop so far...

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>>637546601The point is to make you seethe at a tutorial puzzle in the very beginning of the game.

>>637546601Just like how the point of this thread is provide something for you to entertain yourself while you wait for the first PS5 exclusive

>>637546029zoomies be growing up so fast

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>>637546768You have to collect the glowing snowflakes in caves and trade it to kilton's albino brotherI assume, as that's how i got the bokoblin mask

>>637546029>TOTK has an early puzzle to help kids with figuring out how rotation works with ultrahand>mindfucks Holla Forumsok

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How do you open this door?

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>>637547002This place is filled with the grossest brownest Brazilians you could possibly imagine and they’re all Sony fans. What did you expect?

For anyone wondering, this is one of the first shrines you'll encounter outside of the tutorial area. It's meant to familiarize you with the 3 dimensional rotation controls

>>637547080You get a riddle from this from two other treasure hunting adventurers north of the stable at the foot of Goron Mountain. "In West Necluda stand twins poised to duel. Each contains a cavern that faces the other. Show the little twin’s sign to the big twin to open the door to my treasure." Very easy to solve.

have you guise never played a fucking nintendo game?they are always at least 50% tutorials

>>637547226not an argument

>>637547283riddle for*

>>637547283Ah, ok. I tried moving stones around but nothing helped lel

>>637546029I challenge any Snoy ITT to post a webm of a more difficult puzzle from a snoy exclusive game


>>637546768>>637546865You have to give the monster guy enough of those gems until the lizalfos mask appears in his shop.

>>637547127>This place is filled with the grossest brownest Brazilians you could possibly imagine and they’re all Sony fans. What did you expect?Welcome to the browning of the internet. Millions of low IQ browns infest every corner of the web. There is no going back. I have the misfortune of working with a few Brazilians and they’re the most dramatic retards you can imagine, every day there’s new drama at work thanks to these fuckheads, it’s like a soap opera.


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>>637548184>snoy out of nowherewarped

>>637547389>one of the first shrines the player encounters serves as a tutorial for a new mechanic>this is not an argument


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>game has a tutorial to familiarize new players with a game mechanic>this completely mindfucks Holla ForumsHope none of you guys get into game design.

i genuinly struggled on that one, my brain really turned to crap holy shit

>>637546029I actually saw someone get stuck on that last hole for like 15 minutes. I believe he only used the D-pad for rotation and never read the the button legend at the bottom, so it never quite lined up.

Here's a real challenge: How do I defeat these hands?

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>>637546343put a nintendo hat on him


>>637548887fire, i would advise using bomb arrows to kill them all at the same time.

>>637546343Yep first thing I thought off, was expecting this


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this is the 5th dungeon entrance.Same puzzle as the tutorial islandfucking kill me

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>>637546029How are you supposed to figure that out? Geez..

>tendlets keep posting webms of nothing happeningWhy?

Wait a minute... that rocket...

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>>637546343>This is considered 10/10 in 2023Fucking kill me

>>637548887once you kill them be prepared

>>637548887Ice arrow and bomb spam.If you find a big ledge stand there, they can't get up.


>>637548887There's one that spawns in a cave that's really easy to kill since it can't reach you if you climb onto the ledge above it.

>>637546029finally a smart game for smart gamers

>>637546343That'll be 70 bucks

>>637549225Fuck, you weren't lying.

Wait a minute... that stun...

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>>637546029>tutorial sections are... le bad

>>637548184Uhhhhh sonysisters????

>>637549515They all play like that you disingenuous faggot

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>>637546343Edit the hand to look like Link's gross goatman arm

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>>637549515Shrines can be done in any order, I lierally did a bunch of Sky Islands before I found generic "wait a minute... that fan..." shrines.


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>>637549745for completion

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>>637549709Doesn’t change the fact that it’s one of the first shrines the player encounters.

>>637549562No they don't. Some deal with momentum and timing in a fairly challenging way. Some require very specific builds. And some require an understanding the game's mechanics that aren't intuitive.

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>>637549709Let me remember the sky shrines that i've solved>build a plane>build a plane with a senpai>build a plane with a fan and a slide cart>archery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do not let your aim falter hero!!!>Build a rafter>Build a rafter WITH A FAN>BUild that hot air ballon (wooooow!!)And my favorite one, Rarus Blessing (literally no 1 minute time wasting irrelevant puzzle, just grab the orb. GOD BLESS)>>637549853Nope, sorry, literally the same thing.

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>>637549853This particular shrine was harder than most puzzles in previous Zelda games, at least for me

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>>637546243>>637546771>>637549515>muh tutorialThe tutorial shrine was the shrine where they give you the Ultrahand ability 25 minutes into the game. You know, the mandetory first shrine where it even pops up controls for how to use it?How many tutorials do you simpletons need?You'll be on your 60th fucking shrine about rotating a basic shape and call it a tutorial.

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>>637549801They chould've fixed this dumb shit by having the shrines entrances disconnected from what's inside and have the first 10 shrines a player enters will always be the tutorial ones.Then just split them into 3 tiers: easy, medium, hard as you get one randomly from the pool each time you enter a shrine.

>>637549146imagine playing through one of these lame ass tedious puzzles more than once.

>>637548887rocket shield, spam bomb arrow during sicko mode. If you're having trouble with those you really should start working on getting the master sword

>>637549515>Holla Forums: I hate snoy movies>Also Holla Forums: I love snoy movies when they're labeled as tutorials

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>>637549929if you wanna play an actual good puzzle game play infinfactory or if you are really smart, spacechem

>>637549146i simply fired the rocket directly into the target

>>637546343Pure gaming kino

>>637550040>You really should start working on getting the master swordYOU FUCK THE MASTER SWORD QUEST LOCKS YOU IN A ROOM WITH HANDS

>>637546029Now post a puzzle from a SNOY game.Oh wait, there aren't because they are all linear corridor cinematic shit that is all scripted


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>>637546521Then the first one like that would be more that enough.

>>637550267that's not the only way to do it. I got like 7 dragons tears and then the tear at Rist Peninsula unlocks which makes the dragon fly low enough that you can reach it from a skyview tower.

>>637546029Implying most video game puzzles aren't kindergarden tier shit like this.Hell, Resident Evil franchise has baby tier puzzles exactly like this and you fags don't sperg about that shit every day. I don't even care about ToTK, I just hate seeing this same shit posted every day.

>>637549796you keep spaming this pic, but it's really every single AAA devs that are like that.

>>637548887Pull your cock out


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>>637546343tendies in absolute shambles

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>>637546343who thought this simple wojak would make so many nintrannies seethe.


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>>637546343kek I thought of this pic while doing the dungeon

Don't mind me, just trying to summon Second life's most autistic discord trannies.

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>>637546343>all the replies to this image who shows as "now a new IP"you guys really need help

>>637550998Most of the replies are people laughing?

>>637549929I knew what I need to do, but I didn't see the option to attach on that specific object. :/I still don't understand how do you "navigate" your jumps. I need to use the "trampoline" to jump and go forward to get to the next platform, but I have no fucking idea how do you "go" forward. Pressing forward with stick is not working??

>>637546343>not sure

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>vidya games are made for childrenholy shit is this the day when Holla Forums becomes self aware?

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>>637546029It's funny because most western games would have a chatty NPC with you who outright tells you you should rotate it until it fits in the hole. If they're the snarky type they'd probably even directly say "even preschoolers can do it MC, what's taking you so long"



>>637546414Good on ya for standing up for yourself user

I wish there was an ability / option to repair weapons, or maybe there is but I haven't unlock it yet. I got kitchen ladle and I want to mount it on spear and use during my whole game.Now add Faraam Set as DLC and I'm happy.

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>>637552571That's honestly embarrassing. That webm is double speed too, so nearly 4 minutes to fit 2 blocks through a hole.

>>637552835It's 4x speed

>>637552434The materials system would have been the perfect fix for durability if they just made the material durability and the weapon durability separate

>>637550142What's stopping the webm from doing that?

>>637552081>This is a GOTY in 2023?

>>637552891I feel like it does, sometimes the material I fused the weapon with breaks but nnot the weapon, I''m not sure what causes that

>>637552218it was close though. if he slips up he dies.


>>637552972I've only ever had that happen when I fused a weapon onto another weaponBut anyway what I meant was have the material take all the durability damage while it's fused on


>Holla Forums is STILL seething about TotK for some reason while people are having fun with their vidyasome things never change


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>>637546243It’s basically a tutorial for the rotation function i.e. good game design. Snoys don’t understand the concept of tutorial since their games is all one big tutorial with 75% of cutscenes.

>>637552571>average VTuber spatial awareness

>>637546029The challenge of this puzzle is getting the assbackward rotation controls to fucking work

>>637552571Is this the new cuckhead_tutorial.webm?

>>637546343XD put me in the screenity-shooty-doop!

that's rightit goes into the square hole

>>637546343WhatWhy are peopleOh whatever

>he doesn't like putting blocks in holesSAD!

>>637549929You've never played a pinball game in your life, I take it? With your brain turned on, I mean.

>>637553908You use the rotation function a shit ton prior to this. How do you even attach a fan or hook properly without understanding it?

>>637546343Lmao, it's funny because it's true. What a lame ass game.

>>637549934The tutorial is a check up if the player understands the controls for more advanced rotating. Not to check if the player knows how shapes work

>>637552835Vtuber and a woman, what do you expect?Women are notoriously bad at spacial awareness and thats before the vtuber debuff too.

>>637546029>Missed the hidden chest>>637546343At least the game doesn't tell you where to put it like Ragnarok.

Why are nintenyearoIds like this?

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>>637552571>>637552835And that's exactly why this tutorial was needed

>>637555825>tutorialThat shrine is in the open world, completely outside of the tutorial area.


>>637555894Its one of two or thee that are near the first area you're in when you exit the tutorial area

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>>637555894It's likely one of the first shrines you go to once getting to the main world. It's not a fixed tutorial its a soft tutorial where the game encourages you to learn a mechanic yourself rather than just force feed exposition onto you. Stop pretending to be a fucking retard. Just because some faggot npc isnt telling you exactly how to do something doesn't mean its not designed to be a tutorial.

>>637556025>>637556035in before that retard says it doesn't count

>>637555720Nostalgia. Safety. Reduced anxiety in the familiar/on the easy road. It appeals to the arrested-developed man babies that society has produced.

>>637556025An npc in town tells you to go check out the big hole right next to the shrine too as soon as you arrive.It's a borderline impossible to miss shrine.

>>637556035>encourages you to learn a mechanicThat you already know?


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>>637553908>Sky tutorial island has an Ultrahand tutorial>Game literally shows a visual aid on the sky island of how to rotate objects>Multiple ways to get around sky tutorial island involved using and rotating objects with ultrahand>Despite all that there needs to be ANOTHER tutorial after the tutorial and this is somehow "good" game design

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>>637548887I found them in a cave, hid on a ledge and shot bombs at them, thought "that was easy" as I hopped down to collect my rewards and proceeded to panic as a new healthbar appeared. I was out of arrows and my weapons were low

>>637556290let me guess you need more

>>637556334Everyone expected more.Not really, everyone assumed it would be like a dlc for botw and it was.

If I don't get banned for this, I'm not happy.

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>>637552081>elden ring player browsing Holla Forums after tiktok release

>>637556227Nigga its the first shrine most people do after completing tutorial island and you are told to check out the chasm right next to it as one of the very first quests.Yeah I guess they should have put a fucking lynel in there or something that you can only beat by creating some complex rube goldberg machine.Its absolutely ludicrous to complain about this kind of early game tutorial shrine when any other game would have a npc following you around teaching you how to wipe your ass for 3 god damn hours, mixed with 2 more hours of unskippable cut scenes.Fuck off you disingenuous sack of shit.

>>637555720Only Americans hate EA and nominate it for the 'worst company of the year' in the same year when few banks filed for bankruptcy.EA is good.CD Project Red, Bethesda, Sony (PlatStation division), and Activision Blizzard are far, far worse.

Wait a minute... that eye...

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>>637556495You're the disingenous sack of shit for saying a game failing at introducing it's core mechanic to the point it needs a second tutorial is good game design. Nobody asked for a lynel stop making up retarded strawmen.

>>637556657What's the powah of that weapon?

>>637546343don't put me in the screencap

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>>637556495>when any other game would have a npc following you around teaching you how to wipe your ass for 3 god damn hoursBut that's what is happening here. Rotation is required to even get off the tutorial island and they're still "teaching" you how to do it afterwards.

>>637556681>it's core mechanic*its, user, itsitsJebo ti Isus mater nepismenu.

>>63755675030 something


>>637546029Horrible gameplay. Where is the companion NPC telling me the solution to the puzzle instantly?!


>>637556830It's stupid that you have to focus on a grammatical mistake because you have no argument. Why not fix your fucking mistakes first you retard.>>637556495>Nigga its the first shrine>itsIt's "it's", user, it's


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>>637557127Noted. Will do - one day.

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>>637556681Holy fucking shit my dude. Do you even know what you want?How can you even have a problem with a shrine intentionally designed and located to be one of the very first you visit taking a concept that the main tutorial introduced and changing it up slightly. It prepares people for the kind of puzzles they will encounter in later shrines. The fact late you left out me saying that they should have made you build something complex instead tells me you know you are just shit stirring.>Hurr the very first shrines are easy and they reinforce basic concepts, It's fucking shit. Gimme a tutorial where and npc treats me like a complete fucking retard for 4 hours instead and then another 30 minutes everytime the game has to introduce something new

>>637552571YepMost intelligent woman earning millions on youtube

>>637546343oh no no no

>>637546343There is no recovery

>>637546029Fisher price puzzle for fisher price tablet


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>>637556779Compare TotK tutorial to Twilight Princess and try and tell me that TotK's is designed worse with a straight face. Or hell just about any other tutorial in an other open world game.This shrine takes like 2 minutes, and is literally designed to be one of the first you go to. How are you not understanding this? Like if you have a real problem with this design why are you even playing the game? None of the other shrines are going to be any more enjoyable for you.

I feel bad for ninfants.

>>637557176fucking kek / 10 user


>>637546029woah did your favorite youtube just reach that part, cute


>>637557629In a way, OP (and everyone else in this thread) are actually watching a video walkthrough.It's always easy when someone else does it.

>>637557629You have a favorite youtuber?

>>637556035>>637556025>w-well yeah, it's not a tutorial... it's a SOFT tutorial!Holy fuck, nintendronism really is inoperable.


>>637546343tendie sisters....

>>637558002Spoken like somebody who has no idea what they are talking about. I don't believe you have even played the game, because if you did this one off early game shrine would be completely inconsequential to you.

>>637556601He posted this with a straight face

>>637557230>Randomly decided my reply was the only one in the thread his autism had to correctNot sure if better or worse, but you do you.>>637557252>Do you even know what you want?I do. Do you? You're the one who said you didn't want games teaching you how to wipe your ass for 3 hours then wheeling around to say another tutorial after extensive sky island tutorial (that could take a new player 1-2 hours) is good game design.>It prepares people for the kind of puzzles they will encounter in later shrinesSpoiler alert: It never gets anymore difficult than the already present sky tutorial doesn't prepare you for.>The fact late you left out me saying that they should have made you build something complex instead tells me you know you are just shit stirring.Why would I mention it when it's just the same strawman crap you were peddling with the lynel comment? >they reinforce basic conceptsSomething you do ad nauseam in the sky island. Either the sky island is flawed in its introduction of the mechanic or the extra "tutorial" is superfluous. Both options aren't hallmarks of good game design like you claim they are.

>>637557176It's over

>>637558167I played it a week before release, fag.

A lot of crying in this thread about easy puzzles and crappy tutorials, but not a single mention of a game that has done these kinds of puzzles/tutorials better.I'm not saying such a game doesn't exist, but the fact it isn't being brought up just screams>"I want to shitpost about zelda because it's popular right now"

>>637557315the best part is that she ends up brute forcing the puzzle, lmao.

>>637558356BOTWAt least that game doesn't have a fucking tutorial shrine explaining a basic mechanic 100 hours into the game

>>637558356>t. hasn't played Lore: Curse of the Elemental

>>637558356Most shrines are pretty bad and not even playtested.

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>>637558171You are free to correct me if yout think I'm wrong. Or post some pepe instead, because you have no valid reply.

Where I find Hestu for the first time?

>>637558179>This shrine is easy!Thats because its one of the first you do after leaving the tutorial and its reinforcing concepts and expanding them slightlyThere is nothing else to say. There is 150 of these fucking things and you are crying that about 10 of them are a tutorial, or expanding on the tutorial in the early game.>I had to rotate a block in the tutorial shrine, if I have to rotate anything else in the rest of the game its shit because I already know how to do that. God I wish some npc was here telling me how good I am at rotating blocks in an unskippable cutscene though.

>>637558514Just did this srhine actually, the doors were closed before I hit the button with the ball

>>637558652>More strawmenMost disingenuous fag ITT


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>>637558739Prove me wrong. Your argument has never progressed past a vague statement of >thing bad.You've literally spent more time crying in this thread about this one shrine than you would have completing it. It's almost on the level of complaining that 1-2 in Mario bros is a shit waste of time because the first level taught you how to jump already.Early game shrine shouldn't be easy is the hill you want to fight on?

>>637546343ohnonono tendiebros...

>>637552571>>637552835 >>637553265 >>637554074 >>637554616 >>637555825 >>637557315i checked her vod, she made very sexy panting sounds and moans during this part

>>637559146>Prove me wrongAlready did>>637553908Your claim>It’s basically a tutorial for the rotation function i.e. good game design>>637558179My claim>Either the sky island is flawed in its introduction of the mechanic or the extra "tutorial" is superfluous. Both options aren't hallmarks of good game design like you claim they areNow instead of ignoring this to post another strawman of how I want shrines to make you build Shagohod or some shit, explain why 2 tutorials, possibly hours apart, are necessary for a single aspect of a mechanic that players have presumably used with numerous aids in the 1st tutorial is good game design. As I said either this is a failing of the original tutorial or the 2nd is completely unnecessary and should be replaced with a puzzle that combines ultrahand usage with another ability like recall or ascend as that is the more logical step after the tutorial sky island. Not teaching you how to use ultrahand again like a toddler learning math.


>>637546029It's a tutorial puzzle by the wayBut of course they won't mention that.

>>637559814you can't say that without sharing


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>>637558514You can bruteforce pretty much any shrine in the game by shooting an arrow with wood on it in the air, attach anything you can stand on to it, and rewind the wood.That doesn't mean it's not playtested, the game is open-ended on purpose

>>637546243you know what else is dishonest? raising a faggot like you for 19 years and pretending they love you. like your fucking fat mom.

>>637546343OH NONONO

>>637557490You are being dishonest. You've had to rotate things for the past four hours on the Great Sky island, and already understand the concept of rotation. So you are not being taught anything that you don't know. It's also in an entirely optional shrine, and not part of any official tutorial. You labelling it as a tutorial is speculation. It's just an easy puzzle. Now, that being said it is actually harder than it looks, but like I said, easy.

>>637546343there's no recovery from that

>>637549146I made a big mallet with all the wood and launched it with the rocket.

>>637546243It doesn't matter. Nintendo needs to include a difficulty setting in their games at this point, most of their players are not seven year olds. They can create all of these systems and mechanics but they're never used to their full potential or to do anything. At least the Mario team has figured this out to some extent with the advent of the 3D World style of handling it, but Zelda has yet to catch on.

game is fun and that's all that mattersI also got it for free lol

>>637552571>average vtuber intelligenceSomeone post the parrot and stick problem solving skills for comparison

>>637552571They do it on purpose for content you giant smooth brains cucks.

>>637561498>hurr jokes on them, i was just pretending to be retarded!

>>637561982Yes, but unironically. People send superchats trying to explain how to do it or making jokes. It gets clipped and send into everyone's feed because "lololol look how dum this vtuber is" and some percentage of those will start watching her, netting her more reach and money.

>>637560608>they're all retarded on purpose you don't understand

>>637546029How is this a 10/10??


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>>637546343Literally cherry pick the post. Never mind all of the other shrines that require creativity and that make use of multiple abilities. No let's just use the very first surface shrine as an example of the overall experience. God you Fromfaggots and Snoys are so desperate for an actual amazing experience that you can't stand the idea of another game stealing your thunder.

>>637546167>>637546237Keep seething, erictranny

>>637559146Been almost an hour and the faggot still never replied to this >>637559960. Figures.

>>637555681>>Missed the hidden chestyeah he's really missing out on that bundle of arrows or opal

>>637563304It's the perfect difficulty for the bloggers giving it a 10/10

>>637546029Valve did it 20 years ago.

>>637552926low iq

>>637546343>average nintendo player

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>>637564710...and what are they doing now?

>>637557176I think i'm dying

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>>637546343>>637557176Tendies eternally btfo

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>>637557176simple and funny

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>>637552571that was literally me when I got there too, I knew how I had to position the blocks but was still having a hard time rotating it the correct way since I wasn't exactly used to the controlsnot a hard puzzle but since you get this shrine quite early you're still figuring how things work

>>637560175It's not by the way. That's why he didn't mention it.

>>637546343tendies fucking destroyed

>>637546343>Another unfunny mass-samefagged post that will inevitably end up in a "best of Holla Forums" threadDon't we have enough of these fucking things?

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>>637567482Let him have his fun, user. Pirated game was out 2 weeks before the official release, and he only now saw this puzzle.

>>637548887>First of these gaylords I find can't reach me thanks to a ledge in a cave>"Heh, retards">Find out that they all need to be killed at the same time so they stay dead>Bomb arrows>SHADOW NIGGA pops up >Still not too worried since he can't get up to where I am at>He shoots an arrow at me>Then he teleports to my locationFuck that. Fuck these hands. I'm never gonna get near one ever.

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>>637567482all me btw

>>637549440>Multiple hits didn't actually stun the enemy, but Link used another attack that knocked the enemy down before they attacked while not stunned post hitThere's the explanation for why you didn't get any (You)s on this post. Might wanna retire this webm

>>637563568Can you name a shrine that you thought was difficult? I seem to be able to solve nearly all of them in under four minutes. The last one I was stuck on was the one with the central rotating spinner where you have to attach two fans strategically to blow all the switches. I didn't really "get" that you had to place the fans opposing each other but in two opposite directions instead of the same direction, so tried all kinds of other combinations that just didn't work.

>>637568659And most shrines I can solve in under a minute. Some are just more intensive though.

>>637568659I got a bit stuck at the "Courage to Fall"how the fuck was I supposed to know that I needed to touch the lasers to have me fall through the trapdoors?They're LASERS. Their glowing red color kinda gives off the vibe that you don't want to touch them. Honestly I think that was the worst designed one and it's one of the earlier ones you encounter.

>>637547002So an E rating just means it should be a baby game instead of actually offering shit for everyone?

>>637568659I got filtered by this one. Not sure what the intended solution is so I just made a bridge which took fucking forever

Attached: FwaxMqXaUAY5Gkg.jpg (1280x720, 140.09K)

>>637546343fucking kek look at all the seethe

>>637546842I'm pretty sure I almost got filtered by this desu. I only saw them due to blind luck while idling in the menu.In my defense, I don't believe the inspection feature is used for any other puzzle in the game except for the dragon claw doors. Kind of a shame desu.

>>637569531lelThere was one shrine whose name I forgot (I'm still early in the game, but that was east of Hyrule Castle me think) where one shrine is on a small floating island, and there's a root (?) goding from the island down. I tired to climbt it, but I didn't have enought stamina. So instead of coming back after stamina update I grabbed wood from and crates from other place, made some sort of ladder, brought it here, used ''godhand'' to bring it all the way to this hill, then climbed this ladder and then root to get to the shrine. The whole segment of me bringing this monstrosity to the top of the hill took forever, but hey, a job well done in the end.

>>637546343I dont know why this made me laugh as hard as it did

>>637546029if you don't like TOTK you are not white it's that simple

>>637570146everyone who played resident evil knew what to do


A lot of these puzzles(?) can be brute forced pretty easily. They don't feel well thought out.

Attached: Ryujinx 1.1.800 - The Legend of Zelda_ Tears of the Kingdom v1.0.0 (0100F2C0115B6000) (64-bit) 2023-05-15 23-54-14.webm (1280x768, 2.36M)

>>637574684not every games can be Portal.

>>637550471and a fucking retard like you doesnt understand it's important to remember who started this shit

>>637576559you see retarded people >>637576559 don't know how retarded they are

>>637577115>and a fucking retard like you doesnt understand it's important to remember who started this shitValve?Bwahahahaha.Not to defend them but braindead playtesters were a thing way before half life ep2.

>>637556657What an asswhoopin

>>637546029am I the only one that had trouble with this shrine

Attached: mahiro_ueh.png (768x1080, 556.21K)

>>637546029>>637546343>>637557176tendies exposed as literal retarded toddlers holy shit

Attached: 1656153208931856.png (555x500, 170.11K)

>>637569068It does offer things for everyone. That also includes beginners and little kids.


Attached: 1737052150046221.jpg (2048x1536, 152.71K)

>>637546029Zelda’s bioshock infinite moment how will they ever recover from this? (They won’t)

>game gives you all sorts of tools>Gives you an intended approach>Can also circumvent it using your other tools>Instead of seeing it as a neat alternative solution, just get mad at the game for being too easyIt's people like you that got Levitation removed from Elder Scrolls games because Levitation could break the game.

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>>637547002OoT had pretty retarded esoteric puzzles and I figured them out fine as a 7 yr old, let alone a 10 yr old.Hell I was playing GTA by age 8/9.

>>637556489>>elden ring playerCommit canadian healthcare, fromdrone.

>>637581104It also had the deku shrubs that needed to be defeated in the order of 2 3 1. It was an early part of the game.Same is true for the basic rotation dungeon.

>>637560689This is so dumb I keked, user btfo

>>637546029>we want the God of War audience

>>637581471The forest temple?Nah that shit's still confusing. You have to remember the layout of the entire dungeon in your head or just guess and check.Makes botw's equivalent look easy 2bh because you can jump everywhere in botw.Stone Tower was pretty confusing first play through too.

>>637581703I played 1 hour of GoW before I realised it was a zelda with shitter puzzles and nothing but linearity.

>>637581816not gonna find me disagreeing on the dungeons part for TOTK/BOTW.I do however have to say that for the floating dungeons(rito and zora) i really enjoyed the platforming parts before reaching the dungeon

>>637567482>retard posts kojmiaWow, what are the odds.

>>637582030Rito yes, zora hell no.Zora dungeon was cancer.>yeah let's put literal shit everywhere that slows down the player and is annoying as fuckThat water temple made OoT's look fun.

>>637558514I like the game but I gotta agree, I feel like the shrines are too easy, while I never struggled in Botw, I had to put some effort into them

>>637546343It's over...

>>637565773If you watched her and heard her thought process as she was doing it, that’s exactly what she was struggling with. She understood the principle, but had trouble with the details. Mumei generally has a bad case of streamerbrain, then second-guesses herself when she happens to be right.

>>637552571Anons have no idea how women work. They do this helpless routine on purpose. It triggers in capable men the desire to intervene and help, showing value. Instant attention for the woman.

>>637557176>>637546343Blessed thread

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>>637546243They're all about the same, and you still get combat tutorial shrines towards the edge of the world map.

>>637549146You really over complicated that second one. Also you can just slap the log with your sword. It'll turn on any zonai device attached to it or other attached objects.

>>637573848I was too zoomer for Resident Evil. My earliest gaming memories are DK 64 and Medal of Honor: Frontline

>>637585471>Playing for 20+ hours>Enter shrine>LINK, USE HEADSHOTS FROM THE BOW. THEY DO MORE DAMAGE.

>>637549853That shrine was about the only one I felt was cleverly designed.

>>637552571dumb women, my favorite. I will now watch your stream.

>>637550070What makes me sad is that this was one of the remaster changes. Which means Nintendo either received a lot of questions on this room, or the testers were retarded


>>637547002yet only manchildren buy it and go spend days on streets to buy it instantly

Am I missing something or does Mineru's mech just plain suck at everything? It's slow as fuck, unwieldy and does no damage

>>637546029>>637546343can someone make a webm merging these together?

>>637552571>vtubers. are retarded?

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>>637552571most intelligent nintendie


Attached: 1470141078832.png (180x179, 42.52K)

>>637587648You can't say the hard R word here.

>>637546343Lmaoi was thinking this


Attached: 1644842796656.gif (330x330, 153.91K)

>>637546029Because previous games had memorable and clever puzzles, right? It's a Zelda game, it's not supposed to be a good game.

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>>637588418ok retard

>>637546343but it was okay when half life and portal did it because.....well it just was okay????

>>637576559portal was uniroincally easier

>>637546029MY NOGGIN' IS, WITHOUT DOUBT OR POSSIBLE MISCONCEPTION, JOGGIN'>The Legend of Zelda has never had great puzzles>The Legend of Zelda has never had great combat>The Legend of Zelda briefly had great graphics>The Legend of Zelda has never had a great story or charactersRealistically, do (You) think the franchise dies with its low standard-having fanbase? What relevance beyond nostalgia does the series have in the 21st century? I'm trying to think of shit to compliment the series on, I.E. music, but I can't even do that.

Attached: 1668814463322753.jpg (395x450, 50.68K)

>>637590293It's funny you say this because Pokemon is the exact same fucking way. No one cares. "Low standards" is the norm for vidya, even outside of nintenbro

>>637568538I think the point being is that the enemy has no counter. Take for example; The Witcher 3. By no means a great action game, but it has some highlights here and there. Regardless, enemies will adjust to your attacks. In other words, you can't just endlessly fast attack stunlock a ghoul, or drowner. They'll eventually override or dodge and counterattack.Long story short, the enemy in BotW/TotK seem to have no AI at all. They have a defined moveset and make no adjustment to the player. It's like they're not designed at all to actually kill the player. Worst example is the Hinox on Eventide Island. What an embarrassing fight.

>>637550267lmao i fucking forgot. for that room don't land on the bottom so you can set up either a frost auto turret or auto cart to help you freeze the hands during the fight

>>637590396>mfw I actually bought and returned Pokémon VioletNevermind that the game in concept lacks any ingenuity or creativity, but holy fuck the framerate and bugs, and it looks worse than mobile gacha games people play on phones. How Gamefreak is still alive baffles me.In my opinion, Nintendo's in-house teams are nearing that level of laziness if not borderline incompetence. It's like they don't even have any vision or want to design vidya anymore, but they keep doing it because it's all they know.

Attached: 1681677107348690.png (919x720, 1.06M)

>>637590293>do (You) think the franchise diesIt is literally more successful now than it has ever been in it's entire existence what are you fucking talking about lmao

>>637546029why would you post this as an own when the guy's clearly struggling with the second piece

>>637549048>>637549146>>637549440>>637549562>>637546029how did Israel forced Americunts to give this shit show a 10/10 my fucking sides it's literally a game for babies

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>>637548887They should have made it so killing the phantoms that spawn from these get removed from the Phantom Ganondorf fight in Hyrule Castle, and then upped the difficulty for all the fights. Make it worth killing these.

>>637574684I guess it's not a bad thing that you can get through it multiple ways

>>637589710damn, femcels look like THIS?!

>>637548184People play Sony Games for cinematic quality. They achieve this so well that they're called Movie Games.People play Zelda Games for Puzzles and Exploration. ToTK uses the same puzzles and map from it's previous game. Zelda has failed to accomplish the only thing it was good at.

>>637546368SEETHING tendie...


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>>637592660tendie troons kept calling every non-Nintend𐐬 game a goyslop until they got their own $70 goyslop

>>637589710How long until she has to close her account because she tried to sexually assault underage boys? It's always the same pattern.


>>637574684>you have to do some complex shit with this blockyeah or i could just drop it and use recall

>>637581104>OoT had pretty retarded esoteric puzzlesYes, pushing a single block, and lighting torch in the Deku Tree filtered billions.

>>637582784>see zora domain in the distance>oh wow, i guess I'll be using the zora clothes to scoot up waterfalls>get closer>nvmglad i was right that splashfruit opens the tower doors. got my map segment and fucked off outta there for now. maybe in another 12 hours i'll go back

gamestop.com/zelda-trade2You guys did do this right?


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>>637548887>real challengelol?Even the strongest bosses are a joke if you make a good weapon

>>637552571>women have never once been dumb, it's all according to keikakudon't tell me some anons actually believe this

>>637581396seething tiktoker

>>637549929That one was easyThe one that got me was the forward momentum shrine, making a paddle boat completely eluded me.

this game is praised because it's simple enough for women to play

Does anyone have that Webm of the girl freaking out because people keep putting the wrong shapes into a hole?

>>637594939So all 3D Zeldas? Especially OoT?

They have should called the game Ultrahand of wild or some shit. That's all you do in this game. Use that stupid thing from start to finish

>>637557176Now give him links hat and its 10/10

Fire Temple with max stamina was one of the most dungeons I've done, I don't think I got through any of the puzzles the intended way. It was fun to climb around the whole temple and try to find ways to the gongs

>>637587648>this memeUr. A Faggot?

>>637595925Literally same, I had no idea how to get to the third floor so I just climbed

>>637595525zoomer nincultists always go>OOT OOT OOT!like niggers ooking any time their bandwagon zoomer zelda is criticizedevery zelda before BotW/TotK has more soul than the zoomerslop open world shit you're consuming now

>>637596158>OoT good BotW BAD!Wrong.

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>>637596275That's not what was saidAnswer this and stop closing and running away from threadsDo you have a job?

>>637546521A E-T series game teaches players mechanics? REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


>day 12 of Holla Forums seething over a tutorial dungeon Keep seething

>>637552571>>637552835Imagine being so clueless and bad at videogames you make DSP look like the greatest gamer of all time and not getting even a fraction of the hate he gets.

Attached: 1665369410651004.png (1075x712, 570.96K)

>>637596158Wind waker TP and SS were all terrible and blatantly unfinished and unloved by the devs who just shat them out years before they were ready.

>>637592801I wish she'd sexually assault me 2bh.



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This was a good thread.

all the footage i've seen of this game and BOTW leaves me wondering what the hell any of this has to do with zelda

>>637546343Tendies absolutely SEETHING lmao

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>literal schizothread

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>>637546343Average totk fag

>>637557176The only image that needed to be posted.Thanks user-sama, I can finally rest.

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>all these retards crying about building the same thing to get past puzzles>90% of them can just be done with rewind scam.

>>637546029>literal baby puzzles, fit triangle into triangle holethe shrines seem worse.

>>637552571This is funny, but I just brute forced it through because I couldn't find the right angle. The rotating is not my favorite, its easy to get shit stuck at odd angles and have to flip it back to standing to start over. Like rubbing against something can get you trapped in an odd angle and rotating it doesn't take it out, it controls like garbage.

>>637546029>>637546343surely we've had this thread multiple times, the game's been out for like a week? Why reply so many times to a copy pasted thread?

>>637546029>Zelda Tiktok how Portal Puzzles with block shapes>>637546343Yes.

>>637557176nincels we got too cocky

>the puzzles are complex... you just have to invent the complexity yourselfwoah...

>>637557176I giggled

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>>637603082>you can find ways to solve puzzles and there isn't a single waybasedfuck games forcing me into a single way to solve puzzles or open doors

>>637548184Couple of puzzles from Spider-Man were pretty tough, the ones with finding the correct chemical compound

>>637603386its lazy and sloppy design>objective: hit the button>you can either shoot the button with a bomb arrow>or waste time making some autistic button hitting contraption so you can suck yourself off over how convoluted and complex your gay little doohickey isif the puzzle doesnt force you to invent a complex solution then its fucking dogshit. i cant believe tendies are impressed by this slop.

>>637603831My favorite shrine was the one where I can literally walk in, shoot two bombs and abuse godhand+rewind to ignore all the puzzles.



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>>637548887you don't, you run away

Attached: doo doo doo- AAAAAAAAAH2.webm (1920x1080, 3.98M)

>>637546029zelda games are literally about fitting cubes in peg holes. Truly intelligent gameplay.


Attached: tv poster.jpg (1921x1044, 189.11K)

>>6375488875 bomb arrowsthen kill phantom ganon by flurry rushing his attacks with a 30+ damage weapon 2 times.ez pz, you guys struggle with this shit? I've killed that fucker at least 15 times around the map already. Don't even know what to do with the bullshit he drops.

>>637557176My sides

>>637604516>daughter playing>barely get her confident enough to attack basic enemiesI think the moment she runs into these, she's done

>>637546029What the fuck is this.. is this what Zelda is now?

>>637549929>snoy pretending to be a zelda oldfag can't even handle the baseball minigame

>>637557176There we go

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>Someone starts a shitpost thread with my webmFeels good Holla Forums, feels good.

>>637546029its a game for children, and its the tutorial shrine to get you to understand the rotation controls. do you guys go to the toy aisles of stores and seethe this hard too?

>>637546029>>637546343This but unironically>>637546243>4-5 shrines>not one room in one shrine everThat's not a good look.

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>faggot kpop spammerwhy do they do this? why do they simp for ugly bug women?

>>637603831>having choices its badok

>>637606784Is that a new silksong character?