videocardz.com/newz/nvidia-announces-geforce-rtx-4060-ti-at-399-rtx-4060-to-launch-in-julyNVIDIA WONTHANK YOU NVIDIA

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>>637543458>128 bitwhat a joke


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Why do people even like Nvidia cards?They require a proprietary third-party kernel module and userland driver to work with full functionality, even if there has been some work in open-sourcing the kernel portion of it.It causes incompatibilities with newer kernel or Xorg versions on a regular basis. Whenever bugs happen, you are at the mercy of Nvidia to fix them because with proprietary software you have no freedom.Overall AMD drivers are just better. RADV+ACO makes shader compilation incredibly fast to the point where it's irrelevant, it's faster than on Windows+NvidiaNvidia also doesn't support Wayland.Also AMD cards support CUDA on Linux through ROCm. if I need want to run AI models or whatever the fuck you pretend you need an Nvidia card for I can.

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they will actually sell a 128 bit 8gb card for 400 dollars what the fuck haha

>>637543458115W for the 4060 is pretty impressive if it hits 3060ti performance levels.

>>637543458>Still playing all older games and most newer games on minimum High graphical settings with a 1660SSuck it techbros. You're bringing a Ford F350 to a job that only needs a 1999 3.0L Ford Ranger.

>RTX 3070>only worthwhile upgrade is a 4080.

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>>637543458>same chip as 4060 >8GB vram on 128 bit bus >$400 Roflmao

All I want is to upgrade my 1080 ti without spending $1200

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>>637543458>half the pcie lanes as the 3060ti>half the bus width>2 years later when games have gotten harder to run and only 17% faster, that is until you run into bandwidth problems in which case it'll shit itselfTrash card. Trash series. Trash company.

>>637549152It has more bandwidth than AmpereYou so dumb, your momma so fat

The only gpu that even seems worthwhile might be the 4060 ti with 16gb but it depends if its still somehow gonna be 128-bit. This series is a mess overall, nvidia needs to stop branching their shit with the Ti versions and just make some proper ones.

>>637544041>They require a proprietary third-party kernel module and use-No one cares retardIt just works and is usable for more than seething on /g/ and Holla Forums

yawn, I'm sticking with the 2080 Ti i've had for five years

>>637543458Shit's so DOA it's not even funny.

>>637544535How is this impressive?The RTX 4000 SFF Ada Generation is a 70W card with performance like a 3070Ti in single percision and it's twice as fast as the 3070Ti in double percision.Like always gaming branded cards are absolute trash compared to the worksation variants.

>>637551095Interesting, and what framerate does it get in Cyberpunk at max settings?

>554 GB/s effectiveWhat fucking cope/lie is this again?

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>>637544041>LinuxNo one uses that shit

>>637551170Here you go. It was surprisingly difficult to find a gaming benchmark for that card.jisakuhibi.jp/review/nvidia-rtx-4000-sff-ada

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Just fucking add more ram to the 4070/80 nvidiaMaybe then I'd buy them. The 4070ti should still get the 4080 die at least. Holy fuck I can't believe this company

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>>63754375916gb if you go for the 499$ version

>>637544256people will buy them because once again everybody fell for the vram meme and have absolutely zero clue what bus width is

>>637551619*when DLSS3 is enabled :)

>>637543458>entry modern card>no one needs beefy GPUs to play foreskin and redfail. >it is sufficient for VR>AI can be ran on any browseropinion disregarded

>>637551892Wow, sub-3060ti performance for $1200, what a deal

>>6375434588 Gigs of vram?You can't even turn textures up on games released BEFORE the 4060 comes out, let alone games released next year,

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>>6375528274060 is the 3050 of this series4060ti 8GB is the 3060 8GB of this series And 4060ti 16GB may be decent but that will only be seen in the benchmarks, probably it will just be the 3060 12GB of the series

>>637547015Same here, I'm waiting for the 5000 series next year.

>>637551619It's 3.5 all over again.

>>637553150>5000 series next year.>next yearAnon I...

>>637543458>xx50s should be 250>xx60s should be 300>xx70s should be 350-400>xx70Tis should be 450>xx80s should be 550-650>xx80Tis should be 750-800thank you, all the fucktards that don't mind paying scalpers 3x MSRP and fuck you nvidia for exclusively catering to those people.

The 3060 won't ever get a price cut, will it?

What about 4080ti? What I'm holding out for.

>>637553591Why would you want one at this point?

>>637553150At least 2 years away, they said next series is delayed.

>>637553661Because I want a budget card for 1080p gaming that will last me the next 5 years?


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>>637543458Daily reminder: 4090.

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>>637553836The 4060 is likely to be equal or lower price than the 3060, and a lot more powerful.

>>637553591Nvidia won't let any of their partners cut prices on the 3000 series, one of the reasons EVGA left.Apparently moores law being "dead" means you can't lower prices on outdated stock lol

>>637553836>last me the next 5 yearsNvidia has no VRAM as part of Nvidia's planned obsolescence program.Consider an Arc 770 with 16GB instead.

>>637554002But it has 4 less VRam and the same bus width So how can it be better?


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>>637554557>100$ +tip>for 8 gb more VRAMfuck me

the 4090 is the only card worth getting this gen

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Also watch AMD not contest the 4060/Ti with a card that has more vram and costs less because consumer GPUs are a cartel.

>>6375547367700xt will get 12gb of RAM and perform like a 6800 LOL

>>637554736RX7600 8GB at $280 will be better than the 4060 8GB but consoomers will buy the 4060 at $350>>637554783I didnt see any word of a 7700

>>637554001Lol this retard spent over $1000 on a graphics card

>>637554783The 7700XT was never mentioned by leakers. For all we know, AMD cancelled all Navi 32 products.The RX 7600 could be a good card at $250. At $300 it's kinda garbage but still worth buying if you're desperate for an upgrade: same price/performance as current RDNA2 cards. Any more than that, and I'd rather get a 6700XT.The 4060 at $400 is laughably bad.Man, this generation is so shit.

A... Arc A770?

>>637555687still having toothing pains>>637554783>>637555035>>637555481i want that 7700xt

>>637555353Always. What would I have spent that money on otherwise? I'll wait.


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>>637554375If you're this clueless you shouldn't be posting in these threads.

>>637544041>Why do people even like Nvidia cards?I think they are Windows users.>They require a proprietary third-party kernel module and userland driver to work with full functionalityI think this is standard on Windows.

>>637555035Why would you buy a 8GB card in 2023? What are you paying for?

>>637544041>Why do people even like Nvidia cards?You get higher fps, you can use ray tracing, you get lots of driver updates for all major new releases.You listed a bunch of things nobody cares about and I have never even heard about. Nobody gives a shit about AMD, people are all yee-yee for it because they are poor>"AHA! I get almost as much performance for less money..n-no! It crashed again...damn nvidia making my AMD drivers crash!

>>637543458>8GBliterally dead on arrival

>>637556391>>637554002>The 4060 is likely to be equal or lower price than the 3060, and a lot more powerful.It will be a $350 card >and a lot more powerful.ROFLLess cores, 128 bit bus, less vram and smaller TDP. So considering some architectural advances and maybe higher clocks it will be like at best 10% faster in games that do not require more than 8GB of vram (or at setting that dont require more than 8GB of vram). Those settings usually being low texture quality that looks like shit in new games.

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>>637556676I wouldn't. I had a RX 570 and now I have a 3060 12GB. My next gpu will have 16GB or more.

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>>637556680I have never had my drivers crash with my 6800xt. Sounds like user error

What's AMD's lineup looking like? So fucking tired of NVIDIA.

>>637543458$500 for the non-obsolete 16GB version. Fuck off.

>>637557294amd's lineup doesn't exist lmao.

>>637556391Well considering everyone is "oh no no"-ing at this I don't think my reaction is off the mark

>>637557475>one other retard is as dumb as me (or is participating in the same astroturf as me) therefore i'm rightno

>>637557689Then explain how the 4060 is more powerful then the 3060.If you can't then I'll automatically assume you are a shill

>>637554736>Also watch AMD not contest the 4060/Ti with a card that has more vramoh no no novideocardz.com/newz/custom-radeon-rx-7600-graphics-cards-listed-in-canada-at-444-cad

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>>637557761It's not necessary to explain it, when it releases there will be ample benchmarking footage showing that it substantially outperforms the 3060. All of the effort you're putting in to this campaign to persuade people that VRAM is the only thing that matters about GPUs is completely pointless when the performance numbers will be easily available to everyone.

>>637557689You literally pulled the >a lot more powerful Out of you ass. And you've been called out on it.

what an absolutely terrible gen of cards this is

>>637557878>amd>450$ they're joking right?

>>637558070>t-there us no need to explain>just watch our shilled benchmark videos that are totally not manipulated, goy!This right here is a grade A Nvidia pajeet shill

>>637558471that's in leaf bucks

>>637557294they will match nvidia with a $50 discount 3-6 months later

>>6375536613060 is the best deal since 8GB is useless.

Someone explain to me why the 6700 XT is not the only card worth buying right now.

>>637558874It's AMD

>>637558874AI requires nvidia cards.

>>637558660>don't watch benchmark footage, listen to shills on 4chan instead!lol>>637558720another shill on autopilot, building a fake consensus by spamming these mindless posts

3070 performance for 3070 MSRPhHAHAHHAHAHHA

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>>637559041>gets called shill>on response is "nn-no youre the shill"you lost lol

>>637556680>nvidia>higher fpsthis isn't even true. amd gets better frames per dollar

>>637559061With build in planned obsolescence


>>637554001>asux>Incel>4090What a meme

>>637557294they're fine. they don't have all the productivity features of nvidia, but the price reflects that. if you're primary interest is vidya you're not losing anything unless you really wanted raytracing in cyberpunk.

>>637559028blender does also. amd is shit at both and it the reason why nvidia can set those prices

>>637558874for mid-range vidya there is literally no other choice right now. nvidia is fully on-board with shafting their mid-range customers

>>637553719kek cuz nobody's buying their fucking cardsthis is a good thing anyway, devs that make good optimised PC games will still be aiming for 8GB VRAM and my shitty 3070 will last me longer

>>637554696not at that price it's notnjudea can go fuck themselves

>>6375540014090 has a 200% markup and people blowing $1,600 on it are completely out of touch with reality.

>>637559041How can I be a shill when I'm advocating against getting a product? What am I shilling for exactly, pajeet sir?

>>637559556>a job is a meme>money is a meme>steak is a meme>a car is a meme>living somewhere other than mom's house is a meme>sex is a meme

I hope the usual benchmarkers put these cards against the current slew of AAA games so we can all have a hearty laugh at how hard it struggles with unoptimized Unreal Engine AAA shitware.

>>637553836then you should be getting an amd card dumbass, nvidia's current mid-range options are terrible

>4060 should be a 4050>4060 ti should be a 4060>those prices>that vram>that bus-widthholy kek im so glad i went with an 6800xt instead of waiting(tm)

>>637556215What are you even playing that requires a 4090

>2080 starting to get cucked by 8GB>nothing good to upgrade toI hate this

>>637560132>What am I shilling for exactly, pajeet sir?AMD cards

>>637561320But I was saying that I should get a RTX 3060??????You are a retarded shill

>>637553115yeah, but for liek 600 bucks in real prices



>>637561486>i'm not a shill, i really am a genuine retard!okay

>>637561860Why did you quote yourself?

>>637561724>buying a $1,600 gpu to play an interior remake of an old as shit game

>>637561297your fault for falling for the nvidia jew. they haven't released a genuinely good card since the 1080ti

>$400 for a fucking 8 GB GPUNvidiafags will eat this shit up too and praise lord Jensen for offering them 3070 performance for 3070 prices almost 3 years after release.


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after upgrading from my 2070 to a 6950xt I don't think ill be going back to nvidia for a hot minute, simply not worth the price. hard to believe theyre charging the same price for an 8gb card as my 16gb

>>637562010>your fault for falling for the nvidia jewMy previous GPU died, 1080Tis were going for over 1000 at the time and AMD sucked shit back thenThere were no alternatives

>>637561924Superior remake. You see the zero g. I use it for all games, though. 4k165 in most shit is nice. Even Diablo 4 was running great.

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>>637562416>dead space demake>diablo 4sounds like you have shit taste in vidya user

>>637562515As is the case with all 4090 owners.

>>637562515>t. never played either>grapes are sour anyway>>637562609>MUCHO AGRIO, SEÑOR

i dont really follow computer parts shit, it all just sort of flies over my headim used to just going to micro center and buying a prebuilt based on the graphics cardhowever, my rig shit the bed due to unknown causes and i figure it was time to upgrade since ive been working on a laptop for monthsis now a good time to build or should i wait? what should i budget for a "midrange" build? i almost never play the newest, most demanding shit but i like to aim for 60 fps with decent settings/not having to lower settings and i want to be able to edit/render videos/artwork in a timely manner

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>>637543458yep guess I wait for the 50s the year 2050 that is

>>637562870Check out logicalincrements.com

>>637547324>>8GB vram on 128 bit busSo it should had been 4GB vram because 128 bus can't really use 8GB vram?

>>637563118Does it mean that 3060 will be cheaper now?


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>>637554002youtube.com/watch?v=ocAi9y4n1UQ>and a lot more powerful.OH NO NO NO NOAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAAAHHAHAAA

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>>637563170thanks bud

>>637554001>>637554696Lol, imagine getting literally buttfucked by a corporation paying more for a GPU than what most people spend on an entire system and then bragging about it on 4chan. It really is the consoomer era isn't it? KEK

>>637544041>he fell for the linux meme

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>>637543458nigga, you high

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>>637564359Nobody can answer this: what would I have spent that money I got "buttfucked" on if I didn't buy it? Take your time.

>>637564359These are the same type of faggots who bought NFTs. Losers with no family but a lot of disposable income buying shit just to brag on the internet

>>637554375The bus width is what keeps getting me. Bus width is clearly a big factor in performance, since high end old cards would always have the best bus possible. And this card, which is stronger than a 1070, has a bus smaller than a 1070. This means that it can carry less data per cycle than a 1070. It's basically throttled. Why would you pay for performance you literally cannot use?


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>>637564520>he wants people to jump through mental gymnastics so he can feel validated about his insanely overpriced purchasecan't make this shit up. you spent at a bare minimum $1740 on a GPU. just a GPU. you got fucking reamed dude. end of story.

>>637552259>$30 more of VRAM chips>25% increase in pricekek

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>>637553976It's 8 GB and 16 GB


>>637547015>same boat>but really want more RAM for AIshitDamn.

>>637564520This is the dumbest shit I have seen all day. It's like "Well, I spent 3,000 dollars on a 1 dollar sneakers bar, but what else was I gonna spend 5,000 dollars on?

No thanks nvidia, I'm gonna keep on waiting for something actually good.

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>>637563170that website has good gpu advice but it doesn't even have the 5800x3d listed in any of the builds.



>>637543458>128 bit>$500fuck off

>>637544041>They require a proprietary third-party kernel module and userland driver to work with full functionality, even if there has been some work in open-sourcing the kernel portion of it.I use Windows so this does not matter>It causes incompatibilities with newer kernel or Xorg versions on a regular basis.Ditto>Whenever bugs happen, you are at the mercy of Nvidia to fix them because with proprietary software you have no freedom.Same applies for AMD and Intel>Overall AMD drivers are just better. RADV+ACO makes shader compilation incredibly fast to the point where it's irrelevant, it's faster than on Windows+NvidiaIt's a tossup between the two at this point. I'll give you that Nvidia is terrible on Linux but not relevant to me>Nvidia also doesn't support Wayland.Windows>Also AMD cards support CUDA on Linux through ROCm. if I need want to run AI models or whatever the fuck you pretend you need an Nvidia card for I can.ROCm is a joke and once again, not relevant to Windows.It's not that I like Nvidia, but that you're picking between whatever you think is the lesser of two evils, as Intel lacks a high enough performance GPU for my likings right now.

>>637564972>>637565262So you can't answer it. I have the money for a nice GPU. It didn't require sacrificing anything. Should I just be (((you))) and hoard my money?

>>637566974RDNA3 is obviously broken cause there's no sign of the 7700 and 7800

Nintendo had 64 bits back in 1996What is Nvidia's problem?

>>637567919No, AMD is just moving at a snails pace as usual. Their recent driver commits confirm Navi32 GPUs are in the works

>>637544041>ROCm>amdamd does not have a tensor core equivalent and as long as they don't they will not be on par with nvidia in compute ever. funnily enough alchemist does have it and its performance is already better than amds in ai and blender.

>>637568371the shareholder-based corporate model demands year-over-year gains to profit margins. this is a situation where a few years of abnormally high growth can completely fuck a market as the shareholders now demand that companies chase the dragon and recapture those highs long after the bubble has popped.

>>637543458pc gaming is a meme at this point, it's like handbags for women

>>637568901Samantha, did you SEE her GPU? Last season's model, oh my god.

>>637568901only the high-end shit. nobody will tell you this but you can still get 60fps for the same price you could get 60fps 10 years ago, if not cheaper. high-end is a money sink for idiots chasing 4k@144fps.

>>637568901ThisSo many faggots looking for the shinier new thing.Who needs trannies anymore when the average PC gamer already acts like a woman?

>>637568569>in the worksmeaning we got those next year or what?

>>637569245>idiots who want higher fidelity and better performance buy more powerful hardwareThat's some big brain shit right there.

>>637548473Same here. They just don't make them as good as they used to anymore

>>637564972>>637565262>want a powerful gpu>have disposable incomeIt's as simple as that really, but you niggers can't help but kvetch about it

>>637570309>but I can't afford one with my NEETbux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>637569245what they also don't tell you is that 4k144 is achievable with midrange hardware if you dont play shitty games lol

>>637570621TAKE THE PILL

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>>637570309And what can you play with it that you couldn't with a less expensive card?

>>637544041>Why do people even like Nvidia cards?the drivers work on release

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>>637571558You act like "playing the game" is the same experience when you have to dial down the settings. It's like saying "I saw the movie on VHS. Why should I watch this UHD version?" If you can't tell how much different it is, you should an hero.

>>637571705It turns out that in most games frame rate and low input lag come before resolution. While in movies higher detail is god, in games frame rate is god.

>>637571705>I saw the movie on VHS. Why should I watch this UHD versionAbsolute valid response, faggot.The only reason to upgrade is when you can't play new games anymore

>>637572238Why not have both?>>637572335imgsli.com/MTc5NDg3

>>637572401Looks the same in motion. You are buying expensive items solely to feel superior. No different than NFTfags

>>637572612It definitely doesn't look the same in motion. I can read signs while moving and see enemies in the distance that you can't when you dial down the settings. This is an old shot with 3 enemies visible that you'd never see at low settings and resolution, but seeing them is important to playing the game well. Any multiplayer shooter benefits as well. It's not to feel superior, but to have the superior experience. Games are more fun when they run smoothly and you don't have to decipher a mess of pixels to figure out what it is.

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graphicsfags at it again

>>637572401>Why not have both?Because it's impossible. There are no limits to how much you can expand a game's details. It's always a matter of balancing visuals with frame rate. Even if you hit the artificial limits imposed by the devs, you can always go further, like playing 1998 Quake with path tracing, or Assetto Corsa with reshade and 3 x 4K monitors.There is always a trade off and frame rate 99% of the time takes precedence over graphics. Except in artistic games or something.

>>637543458>$399 for 8gb of ramDoA

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>>637573130Unless you are 1 meter away from a 40 inch screen you still won't be able to see shit.And if you are, I'm sorry for your eyesight in a few years...

>>637573525I'm 3-4 feet from a 55" screen. But I also sit about 9 feet from an 83" screen.>>637573402Quake with path tracing

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Is a 4070 worth it if I'm upgrading from literally no PC at all (besides a shitty "gaming" laptop)

>>637543458is 8 gigs good enough for 720p medium on modern titles?

>>6375734503060 12g chads, we are still eating

>>637574628This whole generation is overpriced, so none are really worth it if you think it that way4070 is the "best value" for that level of performance if you don't count used cards

>>637574628No. Cheaper to pick up a ps5 if your laptop can't run new things anymore.

>>637575346Why would you buy a PS5? It has no games.

>>637575220Your performance is substantially worse than a 3060ti in every single game when playing at settings that allow your card to exceed 30fps, so what the fuck are you talking about?

>>637544041>They require a proprietary third-party kernel module and userland driver to work with full functionalityno they don't, you just install the driver and it has everything you needthere's no way someone would install Linux and be so absolutely retarded that they somehow missed that you have to do twice as much effort and time as you would on a conventional OS to get anything to work....please don't tell me you fell for the fucking meme?

>128 bit bus

>>637563436>So it should had been 4GB vram because 128 bus can't really use 8GB vram?no retard, it should have been a 192-bit bus at bare minimum in this day and age

>>637544041too based for this board

>>637567573>Same applies for AMDnot true on linux

>>637543458>gpu>2023You have to be retarded to buy that

>>637575346I do Blender a lot so a PS5 is completely out of the questionplus it has no games

>>637576002>get used gpu>dies and kills whole systemnow what

Bros, I plan to buy a new CPU and a new motherboard this Christmas? What do you recommend?

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>>637576109Why would you get it in the first place? New games are trashy consoleports that are better played on console. Old games can run on the old gpu or even modern day integrated graphics. Why would you even attempt to purchase a gpu now?

>>637574301wow how nice of them to polish the floor and the walls

>>637543458I'll watch the PS5 showcase next week and based on what they show (hoping for mgs3 remake) I'll probably buy a console instead of upgrading PC.

>>637574301>Quake with path tracingThat image is a good example of the trade off I'm talking about. See how the path tracing looks like absolute shit, and that's the only reason you get a high frame rate. Ray tracing is also something that has no limits, you can use 4000 iterations without setting a limit to how much light rays will bounce, simulating a lot of physical properties of each material, but in this case you will need a rendering station $30k to play Quake at 10 frames per second.

>>637576093>is serious blender user>needs to ask a gaming board if his work expenditure is worth itCool story bro.

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Gaming is not the target audience.It's over. They only make them to train LLM models now.

>>637575670You're not answering. Any reason to use 16gb 128 bus over 8gb 128 bus? How bad will the 128 bus bottleneck? Will it make all games stutter like shit even with 16gb?

>>637577202I don't use it for work I just make furry porn

>>637576093If you're going to use Blender (and I assume, render 3D stuff later) then the most important thing is the amount of VRAM on your GPU and not whether or not it's good for gaming. For games you can just lower the resolution of shadows or reflections and play the same way, it makes no practical difference.I think that for 3D rendering, 12GB is the minimum acceptable if you're not going to do anything complex, but if I were to work with that I would buy a 3090 or 4090 with 24GB right away so I don't have to worry too much about optimization when rendering.220ph

>>637543458>4050 and 4050ti being called 4060/4060ti>Nvidia wonRetard, this is why the prices are going to stay that way

>>637544041you made the wintards mad, great work

>>637577893>use linux>you fucking retards, stay on windows>why won't you use linux?

>>637577991stay mad wintard

When should I upgrade if I'm a 3080 chad? I got mine on launch week for MSRP. Am I safe until the 5K series?

I'm fine with my 6700XT

>>637578082>use linux, please

>>637578085I already upgraded to 4090

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>>637578085when a good game you cant run releasesso 2028 or something maybe

>>637578085either get a 4090 or wait for the 50 series since thats the only remotely worthwhile card this gen

>>637557878>8gb>no RTXWow what a shit

>>637543458I fucking hate this joke of a generation. This is nothing more than a 3070 with the 16GB it should have originally had at the exact same price and 128bit instead of 256bit. I'm sick of every card getting fucked over in some way.

>>637544041>3090Just werks.I have never made a thread screeching about GPUs because I never have to think about it.It just werks.

>>637581353Used 3090s are $700 and perfect. Bought mine off a miner 2 years ago and it's been perfect ever since.I love the thing. I get an erection every time I hear poor people complain about performance issues. The steam deck release has been so fucking hilarious to me with people playing at 40FPS and 720p

Shown in the diagram below, NVIDIA engineers tested the RTX 4060 Ti with its 32 MB L2 cache against a special test version of RTX 4060 Ti using only a 2 MB L2, which represents the L2 cache size of previous generation 128-bit GPUs (where 512 KB of L2 cache was tied to each 32-bit memory controller).In testing with a variety of games and synthetic benchmarks, the 32 MB L2 cache reduced memory bus traffic by just over 50% on average compared to the performance of a 2 MB L2 cache. See the reduced VRAM accesses in the Ada Memory Subsystem diagram above.This 50% traffic reduction allows the GPU to use its memory bandwidth 2X more efficiently. As a result, in this scenario, isolating for memory performance, an Ada GPU with 288 GB/sec of peak memory bandwidth would perform similarly to an Ampere GPU with 554 GB/sec of peak memory bandwidth. Across an array of games and synthetic tests, the greatly increased hit rates improve frame rates by up to 34%.tl;dr Holla Forums doesn't know shit about what they're talking about when they bash the memory bus on this specific card

Attached: file.png (3840x2160, 200.29K)

>>637543458>No comparison to current AMD cards in the same price rangeAll I need to see to know that the 6750 is going to wipe the floor with these.

>>637582445>tl;dr Holla Forums doesn't know shit about what they're talking abouttale as old as time

>>637543458>400$ for 8gbWhy don't you post RESULTS FOR FUCKING 1080p? IT CAN'T EVEN HOLD 144FPS IN 1080p WITH DLSS.

Attached: bgvfdsfdes.jpg (1920x1080, 301.34K)

>>637582445One of the graphs basically tell us the 8 GB cards can't run A Plague Tale: Requiem and RE4R in RT in 1080p lol ...

>>637582894Nothing's wrong with DLSS.

>>637583184>Let me sell you fake resolution

I'm just waiting for a RTX 5090.Expecting Nvidia will realize their mistake after the huge gpu sale plummet numbers. Nvidia will probably then fix their pricing of their GPUs. I'm expecting RTX 5090 to be maybe $1.2k - $1.5k.

>>637543458>look at flop performance>22tflops, looking nice>look at memeory buss>128bit, 288gb/sayyyy lmaothey had to gimp ot somewhere, cant have a good cheap cardentire 40xx series is a fucking scam, every card intentionally has shit vram so the cards dont last more than 2 yearsliterally 4090 despite its insane price is the only card that will be future proof for years, and years in advance, will probably peform great in 10 years, rest wont run 60fps this gen

>>637568901Yep and they're not even good handbags. These cards are already obsolete due to only having 8 gb of vram whereas modern consoles have access to about 12-13 gb equivalent.

>>637583184At 4kAt 1440p or lower DLSS looks like shit in motion.Same with FSR.If you buy a GPU to play at 1080p with DLSS, you are a retard.

>>637547015>>637553150I'm in the same position except none of these new cards are appealing to me in the slightest. I feel legitimate pity for anyone who decides to buy into this awful pool of cards. If the 5000 series does a full 180 and becomes good again i'll probably do a new build as my case barely fits a 3070, so no chance in hell it'll handle the behemoth cards coming out now. I'm also still running a Ryzen 3600, so it just makes a lot of sense to wait and do a new build in the future.

Attached: 1655015123442350.png (480x580, 359.36K)

>>637543458nvidia needs to give it a rest with all those fucking versions of their gpu's, seriously. the vast majority of them are just a tiny tiny bit better, like maybe 10 percent better, no more. it's completely ridiculous. why have so many versions of these gpu's? just do three or four tiers and get it over with, god damn....

>1060 6GBWhat the fuck do I upgrade to if I want to keep playing at 1080p/60fps for the foreseeable future?

>>637576190the best money could buy, I've been telling myself that I will get a new pc for the past 2 years, perhaps I will get a new pc this Christmas too

>>637584634>"Just get the 4090"

Attached: decoy.png (523x309, 253.94K)

>>637583184it's wrong due to the insidious intention of obsoleting old cards, "the game runs fine with dlss lol" same shit with the new frame gen, they are making games heavier to offer new solutions that obsolete old cards faster, it's pretty fucked up

>>637553525what? there's not gonna be a next year? is the world gonna end or something soon?

>>6375846903060 12GB

>>6375846904090 or wait for next gen.

>>637584775i vaguely remember reading something about this. there's some kind of psychological trick to the popcorn, isn't there? the middle one is the one no one should get because they lose money on it, right? it's more cost-effective to either get the small one or the large one, isn't that how it went?

>>637585064>4090Nigger, he said he just wants to play 1080/60

>>637585126He also said>for the foreseeable future

>>637585126so? don't you have any idea how fucking demanding games get over time?? in only four-five years from now, a 4090 won't even be able to play the newest games past 50 frames in 1080p! so yeah, i'd say it makes sense to go with a 4090 for 1080p, since it offers a ton of future-proofing.

Fuck the chink kikes from ngreedya and ayymd


So a $400 3070ti with less vram.Dumb

>>637543458low end cards release at $100 to $150why do they have this typothis is a low end card

>2060S to 3060Ti>2.3x improvement>3060Ti to 4060Ti>1.4x improvement>still the same amount of VRAM>$400Fucking abysmal. Have to be a complete retard to buy this shit.

>>637585440no, it's real. not my fault you're a fucking retard who knows nothing about psychology.

so many crybabbies ITTIt will run your games fine.

>>637585079If there was just the small and large most people would buy the small. The medium is there at a terrible deal to make the large seem like a steal - for just a little more money you get a lot more. Essentially create a sacrificial SKU to upsell the most expensive SKU.

>>637584142This is the same as what I've found, it's because the internal res on DLSS is too low below 4k.1440p on quality renders 960p or some shit, whereas 4k on quality renders at 1440p (even performance mode 4k is better than 1440p quality)DLSS at 1080p must look horrible.

>>637585828Like all electronics have gone up in price. The point here is that at least now we have stock (hopefully).

>>637584690If you want to play at 1080p for the rest of the gen, I'd say go for a 6700 XT, a 3060, or a 6800.

>>637585828>>2.3x improvementin raster?

>>637584690But user you can't be playing in 1080p60fps. You are wasting your life. Bigger numbers are objectively better.

it's so funny to me how they marketed the 3060 ti as 1440p-capable, but now the 4060 ti a 1080p card. what a joke.

>>637544041the truely worst shit is that nvidia experience programm.>game doesnt start>need to 'optimize' with nvidia experience for whatever reason to make it start>shitty programm needs a login with email even when it absolutely did not need it before and has no added value for you>scans your whole computer>basically collect all your data even when you payed for the graphics cardthat and them skyrocketing prices. fuck them. i take 10% performance cut as long as i dont pay a nano% of that assholes leather jacket.

>>637544041My monitor has nvidia sticker so I buy nvidia monitor.

>>637586463>Like all electronics have gone up in price.Stop spouting this lie, RAM, storage, cooling, PSUs, and most motherboards have gone down in price over the last few years.You can get an entire build with 32 GB of fast DDR5, 2 TB of fast NVME storage, and a decent mobo, sans the CPU and GPU for like $500 nowadays, and a decent CPU+GPU will cost more than the entire rest of the build combined.Even (Intel) CPUs are pretty cheap now, though AMD is over-charging for the 7000 series.Only GPU prices are still this fucking retarded.

ANYONE who buys is enabling nVidia to make the pricing strategy the new normal.

>>637551619The bandwidth is 554GB/s until the cache fills up.

Truly Nvidia is my greatest ally.

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>>637586463>at least now we have stockThere have only been GPU stock issues 1, at most 2 years if you also count 2017 crypto run out of the past 25. And midrange cards didnt cost $800

>>637584690If you want something cheap you might be able to find the 6700 non-XT for as low price as this (your equivalent). They seem to be running out of stock, though, so you need to be fast.The 7700 series *should* be close.

Attached: file.png (601x335, 28.91K)

>>637588425AMD GPUs have no support for AI though, can't use Stable Diffusion.

4070 should be $400. $500 at most. Amazing that Ti adds $200 to the price in what used to be the mid range.

>>637588594Except that is wrong - one look at the a.i thread on /g/ would tell you that.

>>637588594Yes you can.github.com/nod-ai/SHARK/Ever since AMD dropped the 23.x drivers, AI performance has increased siginificantly. At least on RDNA3.

>>637544041DLSS + Ray Tracing + was essentially the standard for a while so work well with everything no matter what ENB you're using for your modded enderal playthrough

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>>637560181>being an unironic wagecuck

>>637549152>>637549375So which is it? It has much less bus width so why would it have more bandwidth?

Price cut on RTX4080 when? I would buy if it's under $1k

>>637589021Give it a year lol

>>637589021>nvidia>price cutthey'd sooner send them to a landfill

>>637568901damn, most accurate exampleeven down to the "what are you, poor?" argument

>>637553719well, I'm definitely not buying a 4000 series card, they seem to struggle with raytracing a lot, not really worth it at this point.

Attached: image001.jpg (1430x859, 198.35K)

>>637562515don't bother arguing with blizzdronesthey're the same who eat shit straight from nvidia's asshole

>>637575858I'm not using linux because I'm not a fag

>>637589601>#13absolutely truefuck modern, lazy and unoptimized games

>>637584142>>637586350DLSS isn't just upscaling; it's the name of a family of algorithms that Nvidia uses to enhance a game's performance. DLSS 3 involves frame generation and does not involve any upscaling at all.

>>637590057>frame generationaka fake framerate that increases input lag and looks even worse than DLSS 2 upscaling

>>637590015>devs need to downgrade textures so nvidia saves $5 on VRAMyeah nah

>>637567912not even him, but you're a dumb niggerI paid $800 for a round trip to Japan and $400 more on a wide variety of stuff (food, souvenirs, transport etc.). visited family, uni, saw Osaka.that's $1200 I didn't give to kikevidya and had a great time, but you have fun with your toy playing blizzshit and fuckin dead space remake of all things lmfao

>>637544041In Russia people love AMD cards because they're cheap and pretty good value for $

Attached: 1661049403467543.gif (100x100, 67.12K)

Question from techlet: an upgrade from a 3060ti(8GB) to a 4060ti (16GB) would be considered foolish? Or not so much?

>9 year old build finally dies>have to start planning a new one>absolutely everything seems terribleWhy couldn't you have kept trucking little buddy

Attached: 1678329142462996.jpg (442x785, 94.54K)

>>637590271>wtf we shouldn't have to use directstorage and sampler feedback!>I want to code like it's 2005!

>>637590857Very foolish unless you need the extra VRAM

You guys need to stop worshipping Jansen's tiny Taiwanese cock.Fuck nvidia

>>637588242yeah, but these events have been fantastic excuses to pump up the price on their shit. and the retard fucking gaymer addicts lap it all up anyways, so fuck it, right?

How many different GPUs are there now, how can you even tell which ones are best value for money?

Attached: 1497188396217.jpg (251x218, 7.5K)

>>637589339buy a cheap used card and wait for a crash

>>637592074Read reviews. If you don't understand computer hardware, spend time learning or stick to consoles. Don't expect to be spoonfed all the info because a lot of it is either subjective or incomplete.

>>637590857buying 40-series in general is foolish, downright retarded even. even when the card is good, it's still offensively overpriced.

>>637588150970 was still a great card despite the 3.5, and 1080p was still the only resolution that mattered back then.Also, note that this debacle was 8 years and 4 card generations ago preceding the next several nvidia controversies , and yet NVIDIA still takes the overwhelming majority of the market every year. AMD is that incompetent and their products that worthless.Continue your cope in your reply.

>1660 Super I paid $150 for>Ryzen 7 3800x3d I installed in February All my games rune like butter, why should I upgrade?

>>637592743Some of us like to play above 720p 30fps settings.

>>637558070>play total warhammer 3>need more than 8GB of vram just to load the campaign map.I got memed on with the 3060ti. Do not buy a 8GB card in 2023.

>>637591870anon most people aren't buying them, it's only a specific subset of spec-chasers and idiots buying modern cards. nvidia has some of the worst unsold stock levels in the world right now.pretty much everybody who isn't an idiot is buying old gen cards.

>>637592743>3800x3dnigger that's not a real part.

3060 12GB bros, we're gonna make it.

>>637593139Given reports of 4070 production basically being halted temporarily there is some hope but I realistically expect Holla Forums to praise it as the best gpu. At least the 7900xtx, 4080 and 4090 make sense as they offer performance that can't be reached by older generations.

>>637576402because the games i want to play do not run on my igpu. because i do not have a gpu right now and need one to play those games

>>637593361nvidia halted 4070 specifically so they wouldn't have to lower prices.

>>637593361they need to halt because of issues or because they're not selling?

>>637543458>128 bits bus >8 GB Vram Remember when the xx60 series was a lower mainstream card instead of masquerading as a xx50 series card? I remember.

>>637594441they halted to thin out overstock because every reviewer on the internet is calling them overpriced and telling people to buy something else.

>>637543458should i get a 4080 build, or just wait for 5000 series? i'm on a 1070

>>6375950845000 has been delayed a year.

>>637543458The 4060 16GB seems like the only actual option but i wish it was a 100$ less.

>B b but you need a nvidia card for blender99,9% of the retards buying Nvidia card will never touch blender>B b but, you need a Nvidia card for AI99,9% of the retards buying Nvidia cards will never ever touch AI or develop AI shit

>>637583184go back to your kitchen jensen, I think blackwell is overheating in your oven

>>637595084Just Wait™

>>637595667Whatever AMD can't do that is what you NEED nvidia for.

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Attached: Never forget fermi.webm (1664x932, 2.41M)

>need to upgrade my old as fuck rig with a 2012 i5 and a 1060 6GB>my options are: buying a rebadged 4050ti for 500 bucks, a rebadged 4060 for 600, or a rebadged 4070 for 900, or buying an AMD card that's barely cheaper with worse driversI'm tired bros. I think I'll just buy a fucking PS5 and be done with it. How's a jobless hikineet supposed to fucking keep up with this?

>>637553719>throwing a pissbaby tantrum and taking your ball home because nobody's buying their cardscool look, jensen.

>>637593139lol there's no fucking proof of this. everything points to the normies buying this shit in the hundreds of millions. where's the fucking proof that the 40 series gpus are "just sitting in a warehouse somewhere"? there is no proof, because it's not happening. just face it, the gaymers are pathetic fucking cockslurping addicts who will buy their gpus at literally any fucking price!

>>637596453i bought a ps5 and still don't touch it, just don't bother until shits cheaper or theres a decent deal

>>637585079price anchoring

>>637595084buy a used 1080ti. modern gpu market is hot shit and only retards are buying into it.

>>637543458>last gen prices for last gen performance but years laterBASEDI FUCKING LOVE NVIDIA

>>637595084The 4xxx series is kinda fucked, especially price-wise. Unless you are trying to push 4k w/ raytracing, I'd honestly rec a 4070ti instead and save 400 burgers. It's just the least bad option right now, discounting shelling out for a 90

>>637544041Linux is for literal homosexuals like yourself

>all these seething poorfags

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>>6375434584060Ti 8GB is actually pretty good deal for budget multiplayer fps machine. Seriously considering building a desktop pc again.

Attached: 1635551847494.jpg (2311x1884, 1.02M)

>>637596834>everything points to the normies buying this shit in the hundreds of millions.normies don't buy computer parts, they buy prebuilts, and prebuilts are usually 1660 for low-end, 3060 for "mid-end", and some 4080/4090 for "xxxtreme gayming" builds>where's the fucking proof that the 40 series gpus are "just sitting in a warehouse somewhere"?nvidia has one of the highest inventory values right now, not even the gpu industry, the stock market in general.

>>637597529>budget multiplayer fps machinenot sure this thing will be able to run next iterations of battlefield or even cod.

>>637597921no proof. nvidia always end up selling their shit eventually. sure, it goes up and down on a yearly basis, but it always get sold eventually. you said it yourself, the normies buy their prebuilt pcs with the last gen gpus in them, thereby clearing the gpu stocks over time. but that still doesn't mean that the gpus all sit in warehouses and are just waiting to be sold, they're always selling, just not as much as in the "good" years. it's still selling well and that's my entire point. nvidia literally get billions every single quarter, that is, every third month, which is more than a lot of smaller countries get in a whole year!

>>637597529>4060Ti 8GB is actually pretty good deal for budget >multiplayer fps machine.No it's not.

>>637582894Well you can always turn down some of the high-impact settings which don't actually make much visual difference but cost a lot of FPS>Nvidia actually did that for 2 of those games, dropping from ULTRA Preset to HIGH Presetwheeze...

>>637592743You NEED ray tracing goy! Look, it's what all the youtube influencers are pushing!

>>637598398>the two games which show how worthless the 8GB VRAM isof course

>Nvidia had to release an article doing damage control for the VRAM amounts the SAME DAY they announced the actual cards Holy shit, when you have to do that you should realize you fucked up somewhere. These things aren't even in our hands yet and they're already in full damage control mode.

>>637602628link? I'm le lazy

>>637602628Preemptive damage control means the benchmarks will atrocious and the bullshit with cache is just bullshit. And I wouldnt be surprised come July that the 4060ti 16GB is just a paper launch or like really small quantity no where to be found even at $500.

>>637544041AMD drivers are shit, what planet are you freetards living on?

>>637602793nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/news/rtx-40-series-vram-video-memory-explained/>we added cache so you shouldn't care about the main memory!

>>637592074CHeck performance per dollars. It's easy

>>637590857Extremely stupid

>>637559028Purely a windows issue.

I might just make do with the 4070 honestly. Gonna wait until the end of the year max and just buy it if there's no refresh with more ram.

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Name a more forgotten 2000 series card, you can't.

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Cute asian girl

Attached: 1682656153106608.png (462x800, 625.6K)

>>637606005the 2000 series was a complete and utter meme

>>637606572Shut the fuck up and buy the 2070 super ti ko ultra and ask no questions faggot

>6700xt is $350, trades blows with the 3070 (same performance as the 4060ti), and has 12gb vram

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>>637589021i was able to buy a 4080 slightly under msrp in australia, idk about amerikkka

>>637606683You can even find them cheaper than $350

Attached: 6700.png (1178x538, 186.57K)

>>637592074The higher the number means the more betterer it is

>>637606683I love amd>Can't play vr>Can't use blender>Can't use AI>Crash every five minutes>VRam is slower

>>637595921to be fair he's not entirely wrongin dx11 the driver handles building shaders and 99% of the time it works perfectly without a hint of stuttersin dx12 the developer has to write all this shit from scratch and make sure it works fine and in most cases it doesn'tin theory dx12 is superior and there are games where it shows but these are rare because most devs don't give a shit

>>6375434583070 performance for 3070 prices 3 years lateryou retards.

>>637607373>>Can't play vrWhy not? I keep seeing this mentioned on Holla Forums yet I was checking youtube performance videos of vr on some of the 6800s and 6950s and they seem to work fine.

>>637607373don't forget about the AMDiptheir cards STILL have problems with aggressive downclocking especially in dx11 games despite it being the 4th gen of cards that feature boost clocksfor comparison, nvidia had the same problem with gtx 900 but fixed it completely with gtx 10, one generation later

>>637607680it's a memeI've played steamVR games perfectly fine on a 6900 XTI've since switched to nvidia because AMD is shit for other reasons but radeons work perfectly fine in VR

>>637544041>Buy 4090>Install drivers>Runs every game at 1440p 240hz>Best RT tech >DLSS looks better than native in 80% games and is only getting better

Attached: Daco_380572.png (800x774, 229.27K)

>>637607680>>637607892Its a 7000 series issue. amd.com/en/support/kb/release-notes/rn-rad-win-23-3-1>Some virtual reality games or apps may experience lower-than-expected performance on Radeon™ RX 7000 series GPUs.