Look at her go!

Look at her go!

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>when you see olivia at the poolhoo mama i get it now

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>>637543310>>637543536she has a nice pair

>>637543580Of wheels? Yeah I'd say so

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Goodbye Volcano High already got a sequel?

>>637543648you now have my attention

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>>637543648GATOR SEXO

I want Sam to be my Blow Buddy

s-she's fast!

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>>637543961What the fuck is Goodbye Volcano High

>>637548132Some shitty VN made to scam the Canadian government out of funding-handouts. Supposed to be a PS5 exclusive years ago or something.

Human men.

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>>637543310>a shitpost vn has this good animationHoly shitI'm impressed

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I haven't played snoot game. Was it edgy or did people just draw edgy fanart of it?

Bring back the chub.

>>637543648oh my

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Freeze frame...E N H A N C E

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What do you call the -ussy of alligator?"A meal on wheels!"

>>637543648Wait if she's a cripple shouldn't her legs be stick thin

>>637551391it's just her lower legs that are paralyzed>>637550701not very edgy at all except for the worst ending but you'd have to be trying to get it

>A meal on wheels!>A meal on wheels!>A meal on wheels!The scaly green gates of the gator garden will never be opened to your kind.

>>637543648fug ...


>>637551326What the fuck kind of animal is that supposed to be? A smilodon?

>>637554123Looks like one of those early rodent mammals.


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>>637543310What the absolute fuck is that camerawork and orientation?

>>637543310>fan vn has better animations than the actual gameyou cant make this shit up lmao

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>>637551326I was gonna point it out, what the hell is that?It sticks out like a sore thumb.

>>637543648Can you romance her?

Nope, still not gonna play it

>>637554961The game is about that

>>637554898>a bunch of neet weebs make better art than a bunch of game devs who got subsidized by the canadian governmentI'm not surprised, but I am sad.

>>637543648What does gator milk taste like?


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Olivia cute?

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>>637555390Yes.She's very chubby and indie music.

>>637543648plump gator belly...

>>637543648>had a crush on a coworker>summer party at the office>someone brought an inflatable pool>got to see her in bikiniShe wasn't an alligator or crippled but she was surprisingly stacked. I had to sit down for a bit lest anyone saw the tent IO pitched in my shorts. Goddamn.

>>637555827You should've shown her, maybe it would've worked?

>>637557734Nah she had a boyfriend, that's the only reason why I didn't make a move. She seemed to be just my type but I'm not a homewrecker.At least I still got thick alligators.

i liked it

>>637543310let me guess it's one of those "i can fix her" vn?

>>637559248I don't think you can fix her fucking legs, bro

>another vn where I want side character rather than "main chick"cruel

>>637559376that's why they have a mods option in the menu, mods of different characters are coming too.

>>637554123>>637554950its a homage to a particular dev poster that lurked around snoot threads.He's making a skateboard game right now. One of the skins (I'm assuming) is a snoot skin.

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>>637560460One of the playable characters is Fang, yes.

>>637554123>>637560460Looks like a sabertooth cat version of Morgan

>>637555232salty bags of swamp water

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>>637560954I thought Susie was just a kid, did she grew up?

>>637560715yeah just looked it up. That's the game/character. I'll note that >>637560460 is probably an older build so it probably looks slightly different now.

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>There are people ITT who would fuck a crippleI guess the bar is this low, huh?

>>637543310>make a parody game thank to 4chan threads>gets popular>they create discord>then create a new game>disavows 4chan and act they never been into 4chan despite them originating from there as their firsr game

>>637561178Bro you're posting on 4chan about a visual novel featuring anthro dinosaur girls.A cripple might be slightly above your station, really.

>>637561178Katawa Shoujo exists you know

>>637561508I didn't until I looked it up just now.

>>637561080Maybe she's just swole as fuck under her jacket

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Clown goddesses

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>>637561251>>>disavows 4chan and act they never been into 4chan despite them originating from there as their firsr gamedidnt happen

You don't get a (You). That shit's been spammed for months and it's fucking retarded. You just want them to make the same content forever and ever, and act like a little bitch when it doesn't happen. Fuck off.

>>637543310Holy shit, are they actually making a new game?


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>>637551423>it's just her lower legs that are paralyzedSo just below the knees? Didn't know that this was possible. At least she doesn't have to wear diapers.

>>637561861demo is outplay it

>>6375615084chan Cripple VN but dinosaur girl!

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>>637562119Same website as snoot game?


>>637543310Apparently, this is from the same devs as Snoot Game. Does anyone know how many people are in that studio?

>>637543648holy moly

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>>637555390character design wise its a huge downgrade from fang

>>63756211899% sure she was supposed to be paralyzed from the waist down so I'm wondering why they changed it, I guess for the swimming scene?Figured you could swim with a tail/arms so it's a weird change.

>>637562320Thank you user

>>637562327Not many. Like 3-4 people?

>>637562327>>637562595Their old dev streams had at least 4, but I think there's more than that because iirc they mentioned other writers/artists/coders than who came on the stream.

>>637562701They have streams? Where?

>>637562778Kek they purged the shit from their Twitch, there's just a single remaining one on their Youtube youtube.com/watch?v=IJd0UqDQAls&ab_channel=CavemanonStudiosThey used to do them every month, I think. They showed off some promotional pieces in the run-up to the game and then just went radio silent.

>>637555270I’ll be honest, the way this particular guy draws faces is oft putting to me. I’ve seen it to on a few human characters he’s drawn to.Can’t put my finger on it

>>637543648I will now hug your gator


>>637562320Reading the comments on this demo and remembering what people here say about Snoot Game gives me the same kind of contrarian feeling I had before trying Outer Wilds - "there is no way that this is as good as people say it is". Outer Wilds proved me wrong despite high expectations, and I couldn't be happier that it did. I'll be playing Snoot Game in the coming weeks, let's see if it can do the same.

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>>637565095Take these comments with a MASSIVE grain of salt that most people here are supremely lonely people, so any VN that provides a simulation of social interaction with a cute girl is going to make them cream their pants. Yes the writing is good, but it's good for a shitpost. Don't go in expecting the level of writing that on display in most mainline well-written games.

>>637561080It's strongly implied that the characters of deltarune is at least at the end of high school


>>637565724Imagine the neckjobs.

>>637566428>Don't go in expecting the level of writing that on display in most mainline well-written gamesLet's be honest, the bar in this industry is piss low. Most games have dreadful writing.Snoot Game manages to have a combination of good pacing, memorable characters and plenty of jokes that will resonate with 4chan spergs. Of course people here would like it. That and sexy dinosaurs.


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>>637561096She doesn't look like a cat.


>koop finall releases their gamee>it bombs so hard they go bankrupt>someone buys the right to gvh and gives it to cavemanon>a snoot webseries is made in full animationwishful thinking or maybe there's a chance?

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>>637543648Good lord

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>>637566997Koop will not go bankrupt because they haven't spend a single dollar of their own on GVH, the Canadian government paid them

>>637543648what game is all this from?

>>637566748Yeah it's not to say that Snoot Game doesn't have a decently structured story, I just don't think it's as great as people say it is. It really shines in the multiple endings I would say, and the 4chan jokes are good for a chuckle. I think overall there's a little too much dunking on things the dev's don't like, but again as a shitpost it far and away exceeds any expectations I had.




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>>637551326probably just the animators waifu

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>>637568089k but will this have actual lewd scenes

>>637543648Why is she in the pool if her legs don’t work.

>>637568476there is an option to turn off lewd scenes so I assume so yes


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>>637565095"glowing reviews" on VNs are always bullshit. I've read multiple VNs who turned out to be just alright, and then I read the reviews and there's a hundred autists claiming this was the most important piece of media ever made. Especially when it's non-weebs or ironic weebs who just read their first VN, they'll always oversell the crap out of it.

>>637561251I would absolutely disvow 4chan the first second I could if I ever made.This place is shit.

>>637568809>when it's non-weebs or ironic weebs who just read their first VNweebs are the ones giving the worst reviews "oh my God Caca-chan is such a cutie I love when she goes Kyyaaah in the scene I stole her panties and when she goes UUEEEEHH!? BAKAAA haha this VN is a 10/10 I wish there were more 5 year old girls like her!"


>>637565095It's an alright romp pandering to 4chan users with cute art and wholesome themes. It's nothing groundbreaking.

>>637567949damn.....i wanna see user boop fang's snoot in high quality animation..........



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>>637568713god those t i t t i esmoar

they eating ice cream

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>>637569774inco just looks like hes doing the :D face

I love them a lot.

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>>637569774I wanna curbstomp the fish guy so badly

>>637543648I will now buy your game

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>>637543580>>637543648>a nice pair>ignores the thick thighs and fat assyou niggas are patrician

>>637570264nobody said of what that nice pair was!a nice pair of butt cheeks and a nice pair of thick thighs!


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can someone link me to the booru?


Are furfags even capable of not being cringe?

>>637570264>the thick thighs and fat ass

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>>637543310Wait, is this that snoot game thing or something new?

>>637572160new VN by group who made Snoot.

>>637572160Something new, it's made by the same guys who made Snoot Game. Theirs a demo out for it store.steampowered.com/app/1895350/I_Wani_Hug_that_Gator/

>>637572198Have they officially gone indie cause that is surprisingly good animation?

>>637572372yeah, you can check it out here >>637568089


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>>637543648>Fat tits>Thick thighs>Fat ass>Big tummy

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>>637543648>>637543310>>637572298They are so fucking smart.

>>637572298No lewd, no buy. Simple as.

>>637573567what buy, you don't need to buy anything, the demo is free and it's like 3 hours long

>>637573567>No lewdSee >>637543648

Does she have green or pink nipples?

>>637574072lime green

And then user called her pussy a meal on wheels!Funniest shit I've ever read I tell ya.

>>637574072Lizards don't have nipples.

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>>637543310Is this that Volcano High game that was supposed to come out recently?

>>637543648>make a game about a crippled girl>she can do basically anything just fine>she's also hot as fuckI mean I did like the demo too but what the fuck.

>>637562476same reason she isn't fat or actually happy anymore, they took the design and changed it to fit the perfect "depressed emo broken scaly girl You™ can fix" because snoot game showed them who's the most obsessive type of fan

What do you guys think ending 1will be?

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>>637572932That isn't a big tummy. That's lumbar lordosis.

>>637575596Olivia becomes completely paralyzed, can't paint anymore

>>637575596olivia gets rejected from art school and becomes dino hitler

>>637575596Olivia does a sick Ollie with wheelchairthat's it


>>637565095Kinda like what the other fags said: It's fine. It did what it needed for the audience for which it was aimed. And yes, probably by and large, that audience doesn't play ALOT of VN because for most, VN aren't games.Snoot has its megafans, then other fags just like it because they have their feelings about Ko_op in mind and project it hard onto snoot (for or against).I think a similar experience is going to happen to Wani, in that snootfags are (predictably) going to demonize it for NOT being THEIR snoot or not being as overtly 4chan-addled with jokes and references and will deem that they are 'turning back on their roots' which if you play the demo, you'd know that's really not the casewhen probably just want to move away from that fiasco. They'll give their OWN dino romance game, then move on to their other game, think its called 'Route 88'Growth is just going to happen because it's a quintessential high school story with young individuals that don't know 100% of the world around them, and part of storytelling, in general, is character growth. Part of it is just seeing what direction these characters grow and seeing if what you say and do influence them.Characters have their flaws and we'll see if they fix them. With the number of characters already presented though, I don't think all of them will, some fags state that it was a third of the game that we demo and I'm curious about how accurate that is.WOULD be interesting if the better ending is just focusing on school and taking advantage of opportunities there and recognizing that if you keep on chasing gator, then you'll be no better than Damiem who is just 'there' kuz its nearby and along for the ride.I don't need any of the endings to be edgy or school shooter, because if it is, then i'll just eat my shoe just say 'yeah, its just snoot without the alphabet soup drama'But really, its fine if it is. Just have this be a simple love story, it doesn't need to make a statement.

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>>637574383Do they shoot out green milk?


>>637577176>Just have this be a simple love story, it doesn't need to make a statement.I'm sure it'll have some point at the end of it, if only just that most stories do in one way or another. There were definitely themes in Snoot Game and I feel like Wani will have just as many, just wrapped up in a romance plot.They're not suddenly going to churn out waifu simulators where the only point of the story is to get with the girl as much as their fans would want them to.

>>637575596Oliva moves to Japan and you have no contact with herAnd feel no particular way about it. Inco focuses on school and photography and accomplishes one of the goals you stated you'd do to Long neck.Slowly over time, you forget about each other and live completely separate lives. Memories of high school in general become a distant memory.

>>637568506when was the last time you saw a croc swim? they use their tails

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>>637578436True, but crocs aren’t bipedal.

>>637543310Nice gator tits

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>>637578990and neither is she

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>>637577828I agree. If fags had their way: Snootgame would be a practical 'GaaS' deal and would be churning out extra by the creators themselves with more 'content' or different routes with different girls. Even some side girls that nobody even thought nothing about.I think if they stop at Wani, it would be more than enough and lets them do their own games and projects from there on out IF that's what they decide to do. The game still fills the hmofa niche that fags say that they want more of Now instead of one cake, they have 2.Think that's the mindset more fags should carry when looking at this new game

>>637579250You cheeky bastard.

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>>637543648>imagine the underwater death roll sexsigh, a man can dream

Imagine if cavemanon finished snootgame and a spiritual successor to snootgame before KO_OP can even finish one game they've already been working on for years, wouldn't that be funny haha


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>>637579397Maybe not sex, but with the pool aspect in mind, at the very MOST, I can imagine we get an underwater kiss cg

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>>637543648imagine her doing the gator death roll on your cock

post you're drawings

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>>637580480>she gives you kiss and air at the bottom of the pool

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>>637581870damn its better than mine

>>637543310>>637543648>These guys have made TWO games>Goodbye Volcano High STILL isn't out yetImagine getting mogged this fucking hard.

>>637582347I'm pretty sure they're game has more frames of anomation than the entirety of gbh.

I'm curious as to how heartbreaking the 'bad' endings will be considering endings 1 and 2 of snoot were emotional rollercoasters.

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>>637581493i didnt save it so i recreated it in ms paint just for you. only took 12 yearscute olivia user

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>>637582958Inco seems like a pretty cool guy who doesn't afraid of anything, I hope he doesn't get hurt too bad in endings 1 and 2

>>637561561>Being this much of a newfag

>>637583004you really captured her spirit



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>>637568506isn't swimming really good for paraplegics?

>>637583218Just because I don't know about every single game or VN openly made by 4chan users doesn't mean I'm newfag.

>>637583578you really captured her spirit

>>637581493it was the first thing that came to mind

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>>637583578oh fuck i just remembered they did make one for that

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>>637577176Honestly yeah. I wouldn't mind seeing them move on to their other project, "Exit 665." Snoot game is good and Wani will keep people occupied for awhile, but yeah I do want to see cavemanon grow and move on to other thngs.

>>637583946send me your power third reich



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>>637584660Fucking kek


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Sex with anthro femalesImpregnating anthro femalesRaising anthro children

>>637586317>Raising anthro children

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>>637586317as if a single female anthro would even look your wayfurry and scalie women are still women, you know?the three sixes rule still applies, sorry, champbetter luck next time

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>>637586317>Being forced to cum inside as their tail wraps around your waist and forcefully pulls you in

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>>637554898Is that actually in the game? I'd love to play a VN with actual animations like that

>>637586903you will never be a furry

>>637587164Yeah, it's genuinely surprising how badly it fucking mogs GVH

>>637559309I wouldn't be surprised if she learns how to walk in the good ending. Gotta pander as hard as possible.

>>637587164there's a surprising amount of animation in the game, and a lot of careful thought was put into making even all the scenes with just portraits and shit feel lively. its presentation is super polished and probably one of its best parts, honestly

>>637587164there are some animations, its not all as intricate as OP's but they are there.honestly, i'd even say delay the game to add more of it.

>>637586903They can't beat the human cock.

>>637587164not only there's animations but several frames of expression even for characters that appear for like one scene

>>637587825Even if it's a few, that's still higher quality than like 99% of VNs. Seriously I've never respected the VN genre because they all look cheap and lazy. Adding some transitional animation and blinking would go a long way. One of the few games that did that for me was Hotel Dusk

Attached: 1670428951233019.gif (220x277, 385.64K)

>>637588339I love Hotel Dusk but it was a very expensive game to make and they didn't even release the sequel in the US. A fucking crime I tell you.

>>637543648wew lad

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>>637589627no projecting your insecurities on mister anonymous, sweetie


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>>637568476No, Cavemanon openly refused to make porn. CGs like the pool scene are the most you're getting.

meteor dodgers the lot of You

I fucking hate skinnies so much it's unreal

>>637543648As an actual furry, this design does nothing for me

>>637568089How long have they been working on this? Last time I kept up with them was like late 2021.

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>>637590183>Cavemanon openly refused to make porn>download snoot artbook>has porn in it>drawn by Jingo>a guy who draws sonic anal pornI don't see the consistency here...

Attached: 1660003686550840.jpg (319x342, 13.22K)

was coach Solly supposed to be soldier from TF2?It flew over my head for a bit, Miss Pauling was rather obvious

>>637590565Well duh, she doesn't have fur

>>637591357>was coach Solly supposed to be soldier from TF2?yes you maggot

>>637543310>>637543648Oh yes olivia!Scalie time!

>>637591347The main writer for Snoot and this game is a devout Mormon I wish I was making it up who hates porn. The Snoot artbook doesn't represent the actual game that has no NSFW whatsoever. Wani will obviously be the same.

>>637591784I thought Mormon's were notorious groomers?

>>637591784of course this game had to have some weirdo shit tied up into it, nu-4chan is so fucking lame

>>637589627IMAGINE the kissing

>>637591923What does that have to do with being pro or anti porn

>>637591784>MormonGenuine respect for him to not autistically shut it down like A.I. Dungeon

>>637591982if only you knew

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>>637590470Shut up and kiss me, Trish

>>637589627this guys best stuff is his snoot stuff and he doens't even show that stuff off

>>637543648wtf I'm a scalie now

wish it was Rosa or Liz instead

>>637591982>>637592175like, when i heard about snoot game and this shit its like wow okay so theyre doing the typical "make fun of it but then it turns out they actually like it" thing but i guess that isnt the case, its more cringe than that because its not just "lets make our own game with blackjack and hookers", its "lets make our own game (and i will insert my own personal agenda and beliefs)"im 100% gonna boot up snoot game and theres gonna be some gay shit where they bring up the nonbinary thing in the original game (instead of not mentioning it at all) and you can turn her into a tradwife christian meme and she goes "wow user thanks for leading me away from the path to sjw hell and on the righteous path to raptor jesus!" tell me im wrong

>>637591461I think some of the other dino girls are way hotter. She's kinda bottom-tier

>>637591982Snoot Game was made to stick it to trannies, it was built on weirdo Holla Forums shit. No one normal would give enough of a fuck to make something like that.

>>637592550That's actually exactly what happens in the third ending.

>>637592627Post them, Shittaste-kun

>>637592550that kinda happens in the third ending except she isn't happy at all with how her life turned out because she was so dependent on user for her happiness that, when he left, she didn't know what to do with herself. it's more of a tale about learning to become an independent person than CONVERTING QUEERS INTO MUH TRADWIFE, really.

>>637592550you sound mad>>637592724this, and that's a good thing>>637592883this is exactly the opposite of what happens in the ending, play it again

>>637551326It's that girl from that skating game!

>>637592883It's also showing that, now that the big and muscular user is back, all will be fine. They just couldn't help themselves, even when /lit/ told them that the ending is pandering bullshit.


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>>637592550What's wrong with anti-gay messages in games?

>>637593219She tells him she's broken

>>637593728>this is what Liz's wet dream looks likeB-but human bros... Wh-what about HMOFA?...


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>>637562118Nueropathy from diabetes. She keeps off her feet because she wants to at least keep them passed 30, not that she can feel them anyway.

>>637593756Yes, and he's gonna fix her again, as evident from the half of that entire ending.

>>637593728fr fr dinos where bussin

>>637593951No, he's going to try to make the best of a disastrous circumstance

>>637593917Damn look at these qt 3.14s

>internet culture has deteriorated so bad at peoples "dream girls" arent even traditionally desirable women but rather the absolute dregs of society (autists, cripples, literal monsters) because your self-esteem is lower than dinosaur bones and you've decided that's the best you could do, even in fantasyWe really need to start rounding up incels in camps and killing them. This is fucking sad.

Attached: 1679291714879.png (310x344, 257.52K)

>>637593917I refuse to believe these aren't some discordfags dinosonas. Did Cavemanon take "donations" or something?

Attached: 1673726154487383.png (972x552, 65.59K)

>>637592550That was 100% their early intention; the golden ending was Fang rejecting all the nonbinary stuff (aka all the stuff the writers don't like) and embracing trad values (aka delete your personality and become a slave to your husband). The actual golden ending in the game is none of those.

>>637594204I wish, I'd have donated for that shit immediately

>>637594204they do have donations but you cannot influence development, that said im sure they started hiring actual furry artists

>>637593924>Type 1 diabetesYikes. Wouldn't want to have children with someone with such a condition.

>>637593917I only agree with the top left

>>637594217I think they handled the trad ending pretty tastefully. It's bitter sweet as Fang and user end up having a ton of ground to make up after sidelining their respective lives for so long.

>>637567949They dont make any money either. Also each and everyone of them is a backstabbing retard so I wouldnt be surprised if they all are managing to steal company funds.

>>637592550The game treats the SJW aspects of the OG game pretty tastefully. Sure as fuck gives it more respect than it deserves.

>>637593917Middle one looks like a bully.

>>637568691God she needs a glowing womb tatoo.

>>637593917i like top left and rightbottom left looks a bit too sparkledog for me and middle is straight up someones porn OC

>>637594826funny because the oc is the one on the right

>>637594896i figured but i dont care because i want to touch the fluffy tail

>>637590762You are thinking on Goodbye Volcano High, a Game by canadian trannies. This one was announced late 2022 and it's being made by anons

>>637593917Orange velocistacy is mine

>>637575596Shotgun wheelchair massacre.

>>637594204hey i drew that!

>>637579250That gotta a kek out of me.


Attached: file.png (1024x576, 809.42K)

>>637594826I like sparkledogs so i'll put a human-dino miscegenation baby into her uterus.thank you caveGODmanon for letting me live out my human domination race-mixing fantasies I didn't even know I had.

>>637594519Can't wait to hear one guy made off with all the Steam profits the game made a few weeks/months after rekease

>>637543648>>637555390>>637570169>plump gator gfsmash


So far I'm enjoying this, feels nice playing as someone who can have a conversation. Also the animations are really good and eye-catching.

>>637594519>The game treats the SJW aspects of the OG game pretty tastefullyThe second user misgenders Fang for the first time, she descends upon him with the fury of a thousand Sarkeesians, in the most "Holla Forums greentext" fashion imaginable. They don't have any respect for the tranny stuff, and they never pretend to.

>>637594356>Type1Nope, good old type 2. They told her not to swallow those bags of sugar whole but her being a croco she has to swallow whatever gets in her mouth. Then she just kept doing that over and over.

literally me broshow do we feel about Inco

>>637596004i like that hes more positive than user. makes him a good foil for olivia

>>637593835HMOFA is a lie. Humans only get the mentally ill and/or crippled rejects of society, actual stable sexy girls are for Big Dino Dick only.

Attached: 1679733821439601.png (604x1080, 360.7K)

>>637596330holy reddit

>>637596330Dino bros...The Meteor has fallen....

>>637596330thanks for the entertainment clown, but we all know 90% of furry males are gay as fuck

Attached: clown license.jpg (559x549, 31.87K)

>>637596004He's pretty cool, I want to be more literally him frfr

>>637596749this lolthe new zelda came out and everyone wants to fuck the male goat instead of his sis

Attached: mineru.png (2000x3069, 2.2M)

>>637596749Imagine coping this hard. Liz will marry the jock and Mia will marry the nerd. (You) will marry the cripple.

>>637597072>blah blah blah copeIt's true in general not just in your precious VN you goofy ass BITCH

Attached: sanic sez.jpg (479x351, 15.22K)

Just finished the demo.Really good, I enjoyed everything; just wish there were more dialog options.

Attached: 1673871802740845.png (800x1068, 397.49K)

>>637597072>waaah waaaaaah I don't wanna marry a woman who can stay at home and cook me a good meal every day and won't leave mego fuck a trash can whore already, i'll take my wife who can make a damn good burger

>>637597245>and won't leave methe average Wani player mindset

>>637592630Maybe that's why I tolerated gator moreI'm not trying to 'stick it' to anyoneWani can just be Wani and have its own breathing space for that.>>637591784I don't need it to be porn. I just need it to be good.

>>637597072>>637597245Stop the warfare. There will be no more fighting today. From now on we are men of peace. If you disagree, I shall fight you to the death.

Attached: esteban, man of peace.png (1067x619, 534.05K)

>>637597072>implying the first mod won't be a Mia/Liz route mod

>>637597245>and won't leave melmaoDon't be so fucking insecure.

>>637597218I have a feeling that the later parts of the full game will be heavier on the dialogue options

>>637597396>hurr durr i want my woman to cheat on me 50 times over because she's a 6/10Olivia has a hot ass mom bod, can cook a good burger, could home school my kids, and has a passion. I just need to know if she's fertile or not. If she is then i'll take her over any furaffinity stank hoe.

>>637543310Every time I think about snoot mogging the fuck out of GVH I laugh. Now he drops a demo after the GVH demo was poorly received I just can't stop cracking up at these guy's lighthearted war.

>>637597727cavemanon is a group of people

>>637597727This. A bunch of anons somehow made something better than government funded devs lmao

Attached: 1678424722007309.png (510x546, 36.9K)

>>637596004He's a dweeb, but I dont hate him.

Can't wait for the tunnel of love scene in Wani!

Attached: Inky_Bravo_Gets_the_Gator.png (847x701, 178.28K)

>>637597918I wonder what the sad scene will be?I need my crying dino gfs.No I'm not weird shut up.

>>637543310>rotoscoping>those shades>the outfitIs it supposed to be a reference to American Pop? Did they say anything about it? I love it. I haven't played the demo, I'm just waiting for the full game, but I liked how the MC in snoot knew how to actually conversate unlike in Japanese VNs and think it fits the personality.

Attached: american-pop-4-fr-1623866101.jpg (1200x914, 154.96K)

>>637598037>Inco gets hit by a bus>is also put into a wheelchair for life

>>637598037Probably her explaining how her family died.I just want Inco to hug her.

Attached: 1674525520090746.jpg (1152x1100, 355.78K)


Attached: CAVEMANOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON DO IT.png (1700x1824, 1.12M)


Attached: homer from window.jpg (480x351, 14.03K)

>>637595975And? It's in tune with her shrill personality, and he still acquiesces and tries his best to keep things civil between them and doesn't try to call her out all the time.

>>637598481>not even a qt dino sparkledog girl

Attached: 1655161055859.jpg (499x536, 58.23K)

>>637598697Of course he doesn't.

Attached: 1653833368740309.png (810x800, 66.27K)

>>637595975It treats it maturely by not just calling them cancer but it also accurately shows it's just a cry for attention and it's usually being groomed onto them by some friend of theirs. I've know 4 or 5 girls like that. There's always a Trish somewhere in their life that's trying to isolate them for themselves with all the SJW shit.

>>637595975Ending 2 (the worst ending that doesn't involve literal murder) kicks off because user reveals he doesn't understand Fang nor respect her decision to be non-binary. The game punishes you outright for not being empathetic to the idea, or at least someone who decides that idea has merit.

I wanna fuck Damien.

>>637599057>Ben almost completely forgottenAlso why does he remind me so much of Kenji

Attached: file.png (196x360, 68.69K)

>>637593728He still falls into shitty OC territory, therefore he deserves only suffering

>>637598982Did you miss the part where she's also pissed off teen lashing out at everything that mildly inconveniences her? Assuming you've even played the game.

>>637599004The devs stated on their Discord that he would've never agreed with Fang's mental illness, alcohol only sped things up. Snoot doesn't support trannies in any way.

>>637599327Yeah well the devs told me on Discord that user accepts Fang for who she is and that in Ending 4 they own a themepark.

>>637599419Guys you don't understand.I'm literally user

>>637599464wtf it's John user!

>>637543648Fang bros...We're being mogged...

>>637590565not surprising since actual furries are faggots

Is the gator girl able to feel anything down there? This is important.

Attached: 1673039028655465.jpg (456x367, 30.52K)

>>637599264She's a parody of an enby, because they don't lash out at people like that unless they're legitimately psychotic and dangerous. And considering that Fang shoots up the damn school in ending 1, she is. You have to be either misinformed or simply stupid to think that Snoot devs would give an inch to the idea of enbies being valid, the early draft was all about denouncing the idea in no uncertain terms.

>>637599669It would unironically be hotter if she couldn't even feel it. Be like fucking a deadbody


>>637596882Hate to see it... Leave it to fags to ruin everything and send companies the wrong message.She's genuinely cute and surprisingly NOT a girl with goat ears (Fuck you, I know you, Japan. I don't have to be a high IQ genius to know that was on the sketch board of some artist there)

>Holla Forums unironically celebrates and enjoys furry visual novels now

>>637599669She is, they specified that she's only paralyzed from the knees down for that reason.

>>637599824This.She should be chubby.Caveman is a hack

>>637599847snoot game and everything involved with it is just a long running shitpost

>>637599682But enbies aren't right in the head and the whole thing's made up cry for attention, it's the fact that user tries to meet her halfway that makes it more respectful. A Holla Forums power fantasy would've just had her destroyed with facts and logic until she's shivering and holding onto user's leg for confort and a snootful of cock.

>>637599907Yes of course, all the fanart and porn, very ironic and shitposty haha

why the fuck did this feel so sensual? is one of the creators a barafag?

Attached: file.png (1058x1080, 666.52K)

>>637597072>(You) will marry the cripple.I fail to see the problem.

Attached: 1668601845091880.webm (1920x1080, 2.81M)

>>637599682To this day I marvel at the stupidity of some of these people I share a general with. You could try to question or critique any part of the story or characters and they will, without fail, tell you that it makes sense because it makes sense within the story. Just how they can't wrap their heads around the fact that the story was written that way by actual people deliberately never ceases to amaze me. As if they truly believed that the characters are real people, and not made up by someone to be this way.

>>637599958That's the thing, user doesn't meet her halfway. She doesn't get to be happy if she doesn't renounce the non-binary thing.

>>637600004uuh user i'm not seeing shit herei think this says more about you

Attached: 1663962345425899.gif (446x469, 1.46M)

>>637600080>She doesn't get to be happy unless she gives up an unhealthy habitGee, I wonder why. Ironically enough user doesn't get to be happy if he doesn't stop being an autistic shut-in who's incapable of understanding differing worldviews.Really makes you think, hm?


Attached: file.png (2009x1629, 1.39M)

>>637598712since you scalies are so fucking picky, then behold: fang improved by 2000%. just squint your eyes a bit since im not a good artist.CAVEMANON THE WORLD FUCKING NEEDS THIS

Attached: fixed.png (1412x1500, 436.23K)

what's a gator doing among dinosaurs?

>>637600308I will now play your VN.

Attached: 1649980157369.jpg (750x734, 70.18K)

>>637600325what's a human doing among dinosaurs? that's the entire point they are both different

>>637599682>She's a parody of an enby, because they don't lash out at people like that unless they're legitimately psychotic and dangerous. And considering that Fang shoots up the damn school in ending 1, she is. You have to be either misinformed or simply stupid to think that Snoot devs would give an inch to the idea of enbies being valid, the early draft was all about denouncing the idea in no uncertain terms.

Attached: 1671866514348128.jpg (366x742, 62.52K)

>>637600216That's the point I'm telling you. Fang's enby routine is not shown to be valid in any way ever, the game doesn't "respect" her, it shows that she's a mentally ill clown that needs to be fixed. You don't get to pretend like this game is impartial on the issue, it takes a clear stand.

any salt over this yet? that's all i care about. that kotaku article last year was delicious.



Attached: 1593300983970.jpg (1270x616, 121.68K)

>>637600430I never claimed the game was impartial, I said that it treats the subject matter with a whole lot more respect than it deserves, IE: zero. >it shows that she's a mentally ill clown that needs to be fixedThe game shows her to be a perfectly normal girl warped by unhealthy company and trends, a pretty accurate depiction of 99% of enbies IRL.

>>637600308>boots aren't fuzzy with neon green furwtf

>>637600308Give her these then I will play your game

Attached: DBA931CB-A345-4B36-8156-448BD9533006.jpg (513x655, 53.19K)


Attached: Capture7.png (897x553, 55.39K)

So that's why Holla Forums hates furries so much!You guys are all SCALIES!

Attached: d89d09d026.jpg (736x1200, 138.84K)

>>637600594And I'm saying that it doesn't treat the subject matter with any respect, because no one involved had any. The enby thing is wholeheartedly a joke and a mental illness to be cured, nothing more.

>>637600746I still can't believe my boy Melodon lost to this.

>>637600717>inventedwhy is this making me laugh so much


Attached: 1592250177561.jpg (1073x1137, 115.14K)

>>637600746I prefer the term "Snoot enthusiast" myself

Attached: file.png (1247x687, 494.32K)

>>637600308>>637583578Shit like these are why I still come here. As bad as Holla Forums gets, at least there is genuine fun OC being made, not only Red Naomi #23545 and hyperdick gayshit.

>>637600827And I'm telling you that as someone who has zero respect for the subject matter I felt like they were being quite generous, so frankly I think my opinion on the matter has more weight than yours.


Attached: 1444926700086.png (900x1265, 1.78M)

>>637600746kemono is NOT furryscalies are NOT furryhmofa is NOT furryi am NOT a furry

Attached: 1561952742009.png (1016x729, 779.5K)

>>637600717anon you cant invent an animal

shark girls in vidya when?


Attached: 1682802757150708.jpg (843x607, 155.01K)

>>637600927>as someone who has zero respect for the subject matter>I think my opinion on the matter has more weight than yoursYou're a goodamn retard.

>>637600967Anon, we INVENTED dogs

>>637600717>when were alligators invented

Attached: 1681841269600142.jpg (827x832, 59.7K)

>>637600927>And I'm telling you that as someone who has zero respect for the subject matter I felt like they were being quite generous, so frankly I think my opinion on the matter has more weight than yours.

Attached: i raff.gif (300x334, 1.76M)

>>637601000Hopefully very soon

Attached: A21DD4C1-5B4B-47EC-84A8-31D084C312EF.jpg (1125x1303, 703.66K)

>>637601057>dogs are mankind's wolf OC

Attached: 1683890390960483.jpg (1472x864, 66.72K)


Attached: 1673189596320617.png (127x154, 25.54K)

>>637601056It's easier to tell when someone's being charitable to a stance from a state of complete apathy than when you're supportive or hateful.

>>637601056>LITERALLY going on since the start of the thread

Attached: file.png (896x614, 81.92K)

>>637600070>>637599958>>637600080>>637600216>>637600430>>637600594god all this fucking bullshit RIGHT HERE?! is why I already Like Wani more.There is NOTHING for these ANY of these faggots to go on about with some political gender bullshit one way or the other. No fucking baggage.Just a cripple gator and a dork who likes her. The more fags say 'its not like snoot' or 'its no snoot', the better in my eyes.Just a straight story about a dude and a gator girl. That's all i fucking want.

Attached: 1672097198659280.jpg (300x250, 9.4K)


>>637543310yeah Ben is a qt desu

Attached: file.png (1038x911, 241.37K)

>>637601519nice try, you wont get me to post my foreskin

>>637600717technically god did invent them

>>637600070>I share a generalgood fuck off back there then lmfao

Attached: 1673805921540334.png (1156x1133, 2.27M)

>>637600717>when were alligators invented>dolphin - e621shit I'm laughing too much at this

Attached: 1661443617020455.gif (500x280, 180.88K)


>>637600965Sir, this is a Krusty Krabs

>>637600717>dolphinrude.... fang isnt a dolphin

Attached: buff fang.png (480x632, 212.52K)

>>637543310Can we take a moment to consider the fact that another "parody" game is going to be out while volcano high still isn't close to its release date?The absolute state of woke devs.

>>637600308Now she's sexo

>>637600308>>637600382>>637600589>>637600559FUCK IT, if you don't wanna make a dinosaur game or whatever thats fine, just IMPROVE THE AQUATIC GIRL TO BE PERFECTtrust me cavemanon, this idea will make you FUCKING MILLIONS, BILLIONS even, and HALF OF THAT SWEET DOUGH WILL BE MERCH SALES FROM ME ALONECAVEMANON YOU BASTARDS, IF YOU WANNA MAKE IT BIG YOU GOTTA GIVE US A CRINGE SCENE GIRL GF RIGHT FUCKING NOW

Attached: CAVEMANOOOON TRUST ME.png (1920x1080, 1.23M)

>>637601586OH FUCK YEAH

Attached: +_1565dbcf18843d0.webm (512x252, 16.38K)


Attached: 1652020906561.jpg (295x352, 5.37K)

>>637601771When he takes a full screenshot like that and we see everything, yes.

Attached: 1652888497573.jpg (849x849, 103.67K)

>>637602129anon i think its a joke

>>637602274Well I'm laughing, so good joke.

>>637601334Just to prove you wrong, first user you quoted here. And I have the same bone to pick with the writing in Wani. The characters are very obviously written to be a certain way and retards like you eat it up without question. Olivia is disabled, a recluse, and a weirdo. She barely has any friends, not someone you date. So obviously her and the player character get along well from the getgo and she's also hot as fuck. But it makes sense, right? It's not like putting her in a wheelchair was pointless because of [thing that justifies it three chapters later] so it's totally understandable why she has fat fucking tits and why she's only paralyzed below the knees. It doesn't matter that it totally undermines the point of a character like this, just click the button and watch her be cute and happy.

>>637602412>The characters are very obviously written to be a certain wayThat is writing 101, yeah.

>>637602596That's my point. I'm amazed how people don't get this and even get upset when others bring it up.

>>637577839This could be ending 2 but I don't see it being depressing enough to be ending 1


Attached: 1673780621787145.jpg (1120x662, 68.77K)


Attached: 1666642284705998.jpg (418x389, 53.42K)

>>637602813I want her to get healthy and ripped like bill dauterive from that one wheelchair episode

there's some great stuff in the soundtrack


Attached: 1683491300203.jpg (1079x1060, 97.73K)

>>637602813>sucking on her milkers for a refreshing snack while you towel off her sweaty body>sitting on your naked lap in the shower while your hands get into every nook and cranny

Attached: doggy is ready.jpg (400x400, 11.83K)

>>637596004I like that he's not just user 2.0 but rather his own character

i want it to be fang friday already

Attached: CRYgeta.jpg (1280x720, 151.97K)

are you a big fan of olivia? because im a fan of big olivia.files.catbox.moe/3ikmae.mp4

Attached: ourgirl.png (418x354, 114.04K)

static1.e621.net/data/8c/ad/8cadbf52d42beda6c23f5f0e85be7430.jpgThick jiggly milf belly


Attached: Fucking longnecks.jpg (741x1144, 291.4K)

>>637543310What the fuck was that?That's so dumb, it's funny.

Attached: 1664245895920230.gif (200x200, 639.93K)


>>637602813>muscular but musculature is not defined because of body fat, not skinny but also not fat because the musculature keeps everything together so she isnt saggy, letting her be curvy so goodwhy so rarefuck this gay earth

Attached: methonium.png (2000x1500, 1.92M)

>>637603879wani friday, you mean

Attached: wan.jpg (1050x1200, 70.25K)

>first user you quote hereHonestly don't fucking care which user you are, my point was that its not fucking snoot drama bullshitIf you don't like Olivia/Wani and think its not for you, that's fine.

>>637604018>gay tf2 pornanon...?

>>637598238>Ending 1 is them committing suicide together by rolling their wheelchairs into traffic Kino

>>637604223Oh man, is that the fat elf manga? My favorite girl is VOMIT-KUN

Attached: 1484747397678.jpg (188x282, 21.32K)

>>637598712Someone's gotta make a version of this but with Olivia

this is not cultural phenomenon...abib, do yo thang sister...

>>637604420>fat no they are not fat

>>637603879I just hope that they'll accept Wani and NOT go on a complete sperg and demonize them to make their own thread.Who am I kidding, that's EXACTLY what's going to happen. Alots of spergging and autism ahead

>>637604018Where's the full image? All you've given us is Engineer nipples.

>>637604228no i dont

Attached: 1671850952579433.png (699x550, 29.69K)


Attached: 1663209314555607.jpg (1013x1066, 46.84K)

>>637604475you talking about this Olivia?

Attached: 1684443121283394.png (1200x1920, 576.29K)


>>637604793Nevermind, fixed it.

>>637600717>Alligators >InventedK E K

Attached: 1664838851712540.jpg (597x532, 51.75K)


Attached: 1683483332297093.gif (427x240, 15.31K)




Attached: 1663552363110510.gif (413x233, 2.62M)

>>637602813>the fattiesgod damn


Attached: 1642312694029.jpg (849x835, 75.42K)


Attached: 1664775172588530.jpg (1100x712, 97.63K)

>>637600967God can, and he did.


>>637602813>files.catbox.moe/ij63s3.pngnow post the second part

>>637604950>not a redraw of the Zombieman death framesOne job.

>>637605375why is she fat


>>637604706Come on. If Japan and fags here consider Ryza 'thick', then half the cast of Plus-Sized Elf is probably considered obese in their eyes.That being said: I would Oga and the vast majority of them.

Attached: 1681338318204245.jpg (1920x1440, 629.26K)

Best girl!

Attached: 1667188754178399.png (512x800, 679.28K)

>>637543310>bunch of furfag horny volunteer anons pivoting off making a fangame to an actual gamehonestly I'm impressed

>>637586903>the three sixes rule still applies

Attached: hanson.png (426x609, 425.67K)


Attached: 1664040149154500.jpg (136x148, 8.76K)

>>637605886look man, the stuff you see in elf-san is just not at all like the shit you see in actual fat fetish threads and youre only compounding the point with the use of that architect meme that has since been co-opted by actual fat, immobility, and blob fetishistsi dont want to get into a whole thing about what things are and arent relative to cultural norms, but there's a reason why im asking for the one thing and not the other>oh yeah, you like a lot of butter on toast? then why arent you putting an entire stick of butter on your toast? curious!

>>637606634yeah you're thinking WAY too hard on this shit.I'm just trying to sign that I like them.

Attached: 1640805365666.png (730x895, 549.15K)

this board is literally just tumblr but racist

>>637600717>Missing "gay sex with hats on" and "how to take a screenshot" tabs5/10, best I can do


>>637562320Demo? You got me all excited over a demo? How long is it?

>>637606847fair enoughcarry on, based oga-lover

>>637607089For some fags, 2-3 hours-ish.its ALOT longer than i thought it was going to be.

>>637607089Depending on your reading speed, it can take from 2 to 4 hours

>>637607089it's pretty generous, didn't really pay attention to time but it was around 3-4 hourish

>>637607210>>637607235>>637607260Alright, that's acceptable. I liked the snoot game but I didn't get hooked on it like everyone else so I'll try this out.

Attached: 1682823158222351.png (1800x1350, 978.52K)

what does she watch on rocktube?

Attached: snubby.jpg (1585x1246, 135.5K)


>>637607483>I wani hug that tranny

>>637607421I wani hug that cutie

Attached: 1660799518224134.png (850x1048, 355.13K)

>>637607483>>637607565i refer you to both to >>637597495

>>637605886Ryza is the upper limit of healthy thickness. Anything more than that is fat, simple as.t. a normal person

Attached: 1677748656840203.jpg (2558x4096, 1.19M)

>>637607421Advanced Painting techniques with Grug Ross.

Attached: 1622902568432.jpg (1600x1066, 1.06M)

>>637607725Based no more brother wars


Attached: 1673730169403210.webm (708x456, 327.41K)

>>637607421she exclusively watches those terrible animation meme videos

Attached: babes.gif (498x230, 1.96M)

>>637607818a cat is fine tootherefore not furry

>>637606907>Implying Tumblr isn't racistI've been there for a decade there is functionally no difference between here and there 4chumblr when

>>637607421Instruction guides on how to tie a noose

>>637607818>they censored the scene in the actual movieWeaklings.

Attached: 1659088217756861.jpg (1024x576, 106.8K)

>>637608006>4chumbler whenLiterally Holla Forums is that

>>637607725Fuck you and keep your Deltashit to yourself.

caveman studios is a phenomenonalso very huggable gatori'll wait for full game tho

Attached: 1658952201793016.png (1920x1080, 731.04K)

>>637608173built for bbc