Looking back, who were you hoping would show up but didn't ?

looking back, who were you hoping would show up but didn't ?

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Ray Mk 2

Unironically Geno, he's pretty much the last "never ever" character.


All of the Indie love in Ultimate and Cave Story couldn't even get a mention. It feels wrong.

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Crash, Waluigi, Dante, Doomguy or King Hippo should've been in instead of Piranha Plant, Byleth, Min Min or Pyra/Mythra (Byleth and Pyra/Mythra should've been in the next game, not Ultimate; Min Min should've been Spring Man and in the base roster; as much as I like the plant he should not have been a character)

>>637522829I was hoping for a new Zelda character, or more retro picks like Balloon Fighter or Excitebike. Would've been nice to have more echo fighters too. Characters like Alph, Shadow, Knuckles, Octoling, Blood Falcon, etc would make for easy additions and would be nice nods to those series.


The only character I want anymore is Waluigi, but I'm content with having gotten the NEVER EVER trinity in one game, even if they're all bottom tier garbage.

My most wanteds got in. Everyone worth adding is currently in Smash. These threads always fill up with the most random, scraping-the-bottom-of-the-barrel character picks. Nobody has anyone good to suggest anymore.>"I do! I want Bob McGuiness from the NES classic Torque Thunder!"Fuck off.

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>>637522829Maybe next time

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>>637524061I'm still gonna say that Gilgamesh should have gotten in over Sephiroth. The rest of FF fans already have to watch VII get all Squeenix's attention; least they could have done was give us a rep that everyone knew and loved.

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>>637522829would've been fun to have at least 2 quadruped fighter

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kill smash fags. behead smash fags...

>>637522829Midna/wolf link

I wanted Mystery Nigga

>kill smash fags. behead smash fags...

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Zero (became an assist trophy T-T),Shadow or Eggman,Geno,Hades,Chun li,Earthworm Jim,Dixie Kong.

>>637524375Brainlet take. If not Seph it should be Garland with a Chaos gimmick.

>>637522829Still peeved that Sephiroth killed any chance of Geno.>hurr durr he had no chance anywayI know, but it really drove it home.

>>637522829Arle from Puyo Puyo and Tako from Parodius.Funny how both of them are MSX debuts, actually.

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>>637524061An in an alternate timeline where Snake, Ridley, etc. didn't get in you'd be saying that they weren't worth it and that Geno's inclusion was based so your definition of "bottom of the barrel" means nothing.

After I got Banjo, 2B became my most wanted. Unfortunately she probably has zero chance for Smash 6.

>>637522829>Reimu Hakurei>Rayman>Crono>Several more im too lazy to writeIm fairly satified with the fighters that got in and Reimu doesn't seem that impossible anymore with all those indies that got recognition as spirits and costumesAlso my new impossible pick is Linne from UNIB, fairly niche and not the protagonist from her series

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>>637522829Crashnot even a spirit, shame.

>>637523601>Missed the boat with Brawl>Didn't even get considered for Four despite Tropical Freeze being relevant at the time of its release>Ultimate adds echo fighters, perfect time for Dixie Kong to sneak in the roster>LOL NOPE, it was just an excuse to add Chrom who still hangs out in Robin's Final Smash and victory screen, the concept ultimately goes to wasteHonorable mention to Crash Bandicoot.

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I won actually

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>>637522829Been wanting Krystal since brawl.

>>637522829Honestly surprised Master Chief never showed up in any form/fashion. He’s the last of Microsoft’s trinity of iconic characters, probably THE most iconic. Halo isn’t any more violent than Metal gear or Bayonetta either. An arbiter echo fighter would have been awesome too.

Arle Nadja was my most wanted with Bomberman in 2nd place.Also Anything new from Sonic and Mega Man franchise would been cool, like Knuckles and Roll>>637523531Now i need this too

>>637522829That fucking scumbad Masterhero Soccerguy tricked me twice. First, i thought either Demi-Fiend or Nahobino were gonna show up in the Minecraft one, because of the red eyes in the background, but it was faggot Steve, and then in the Sora one i thought it was gonna be Dark Souls guy, because the fucking Keyblade on fire looked like a Bonfire

>>637522829Banjo got in so i don't really care who gets in anymore. Eggman would have been cool tho

>>637529663Came to say this, Banjobros won

Eggman would have been fun but I’m happy with the roster

I would appreciate any character that isn't a semi-realistically proportioned human


>>637522829If anybody was going to represent Ass Creed, it should've been him. Altair's weird to go for as the costume.

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>>637531249Is Sephiroth like Shadow? What i mean is that he is an outclassed character. For example: Knuckles is a better friendly rival, Metal is a better Sonic doppelganger and Gamma is a better redeemed villain.Is the same true for Sephiroth?

i for sure thought a monster hunter rep was gonna make it


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>>637531425best female kong

2B, Mai Shiranui, Terra, Chun-Li, Jill Valentine, KOS-MOS, Lip, Adeleine, Dixie Kong, Saki Amamiya, and Ring Fit Trainee should've be playable. Smash needs more female characters and sex appeal. Plus, they need more porn and I'm sure their inclusions will prevent boys from becoming homosexuals.How would you have felt about them?

>>637531249I think Sephiroth was a requirement for Cloud to be back in the base game. Notice all the SE wank and how he has a mode exclusive to him only? Granted, Sora and Hero are different entities altogether in terms of copyright but Sephiroth screams "If you want more FF in Smash, buy this DLC".Again, why is he hogging boss rush all to himself?

>>637523601>>637529532Dixie is a way more important character for being in the Mario Movie, same with Cranky who should be in Smash Toadette was just on a poster lol

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>>637522829a bunch of little girls

>>637532106>People are still using this tired-ass argument in 2023

>>637527418>In my headcanon, your argument becomes useless!!Wow, what a fantastic retort. Thanks for the tip about alternate universes, Thawne.

>>637524460How would that even work? Maybe they get a bonus when they attack on the beat of the music playing? That would be pretty cool actually.

>>637529532>Chrom who still hangs out in Robin's Final Smash and victory screenA lot of people won’t admit it but I have a feeling the whole Echo Fighter Concept was just an excuse to get Chrom to be playable, there’s evidence that shows he was rushed, when picking up certain items he does the generic Marth idle animation, at one point he had the basic FE victory theme and not the Awakening one and still being in Robin’s Final Smash.

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>>637529740Same here KrystalBro

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>>637522829A second fighter from F-Zero, I knew it was never gonna happen, but I was hopeful.

>>637529748Maybe if Mineshitcraft didn’t exist

>>637529934Dang I thought I was the only one that wanted Arle, after shocking reveal of Terry who many people didn’t know of until he got in, I was hoping Sakurai would pull another Terry with Arle, but alas…

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non-zoom Raiden

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>>637531249>Sephiroth does not deserve to be the first third party villain ever added to Smash.Same fucking shit with Bayonetta, Devil May Cry was the First Hack n Slash, I mean it would’ve been cool to have both, I already aware of the Mii Costume which did not come with a Music Track

>>637531249I love Sephiroth and Hero in the JRPGfest of DLC we’ve gotten, I think it would’ve been great to have both Sephy and Eggman, kinda crazy that Sephiroth would be our last Villainyoutu.be/CjLdvVY1VSw

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>>637532356Wouldn't be surprised considering Sakurai's boner for FE. I really hope he doesn't direct the next game

seriously why isnt he in

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>>637533248Based Grox

>>637531883>All Female Smash RosterI sometimes post this in Smash Threads but it doesn’t do too hot, I think its decent, it’s my own personal picks, but people on here will always find something minor to complain about so complain away.

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>>637532026Would be funny if Smash went back to being Nintendo only, we’d probably see more longtime requests like Waluigi, Isaac and Krystal

>>637532026It’s even brought up in this video that the logo for Cloud and Sephy should be the FF7 Meteor and not just “FF” when the content is just from FF7youtu.be/MRkYzIiFW7I

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>>637527418Hell if Banjo didn’t get in people would be shitting all over him too, your point?

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>>637532443In an alternate reality F-Zero would be the Fire Emblem of Smash

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>>637522829Doomslayer, or Bill Rizer, or Marco. Actual character didn't matter (they could've picked fuckin' Vectorman for all I cared), I just wanted someone to represent a classic "dude with a gun" shooter character. 2D source preferred but optional.

>>637533980Honestly a really good comparasion. Since you chose similar looking characters instead of the amny unique and wacky characters F-Zero has


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>>637533980I'm trans btw

>>637534094This one never made sense to me since Banjo is probably more popular to the masses than K. Rool (not that any of them is super popular but still)

>>637523891It's hilarious Zelda will has never got a true newcomer since 2001, The next Smash is many years off and it’ll be over 25 years by then since the last Zelda newcomer.What did Zelda do to Sakurai?

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>>637532356Why do people fixate on the Final Smash/victory thing like we don't have 2 Samus or 2 Marios in the game?

>>637534724That one is showcasing the faggotry of shitposters; the minute Banjo was confirmed, that image got edited into Geno groveling on the ground. Look at Banjo in the other image, he was originally taken from a screenshot and some faggot drew over it, hence that stupid look he has.

Dante and Doomguy.

>>637522829I wanted a mainline SMT rep (preferably the SMT1 Hero or Aleph), and I would have loved more SNK characters. I also wanted Doomguy but I had a feeling that wasn't happening. Getting four DQ heroes and Terry was fucking awesome though, I can't be too mad. >>637523531Quote would have been great, I'd of been happy to see that. Curly Brace echo or costume would be great too.

>>637534894Smash roasterfagging sure is retarded

>>637524059It’s very plausible that someone from Camelot fucked Sakurai's wife and poisoned his tea, that man outright has a vendetta with Waluigi>always deconfirmed early>"just because you try hard doesn't mean you can make it in smash">look you can now kill Waluigi and get points for it At least Waluigi Fans didn’t have to wait to get their hopes crushed like Shadow and Issac fans in that November 2018 Direct

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>>637534808Not enough edgy anime twinks

>>637524061>Everyone worth adding are already inOkay so I got a question for you and other anonsWho was the LEAST deserving character that got in?Who was the MOST deserving character that didn't get in?

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>>637534948It was rough in 2014 but it reached new lows with Ultimate.

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>>637535243What a sperg

>>637535005>doesn't consider him worth adding as a full fighter>this means he has a grudgeWhy do rosterfags always take everything so personally?

>>637523042I'm happy he never made it in, would have been such a waste of a slot. He's so irrelevant to video games at large. Even a joke character like Duck Hunt and ROB have more relevance to gaming history, Geno is a side character from a single game that only sold 2 million copies.Anyways, Master Chief and Dixie, but K Rool was an even better DK character to add.

>>637522829There were so many characters I have never heard of it was all disappointing. I only played smash bros ultimate after all the characters were out, and I definitely didn't know any of the anime characters. T'was disappointing as fuck for all the hype I heard

>>637524375>>637525035>>637532026Bartz and Terra were discussed among Sakurai and Nomura but then it was decided it should be Cloud because lol FF7 was RevolutionaryAnd I’m a big FF6 fan too

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>>637535504at this point geno's legacy isn't even being a pretty cool party member in an SNES RPG, its solely "never ever been in smash" and that is beyond sad.

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>>637522829Phoenix Wright. All the Capcom stuff that Ultimate had and no Ace Attorney at all. Not even a spirit event to tie in with TGAA's international release.

>>637528596Nope only XB2 Sluts allowedIf we were to ever get another SNK Rep whether it’s in official Smash or not, I’d want Mai Shiranui ||and totally not for coomer reasons, she’s actually really fun to play in KOFXV and I main her||

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>>637535626>TWEWY is getting a new anime and game>Crash is also back>Halo is still a big seriesIf only he knew


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>>637522829Hat Kid, though I knew there was no chance.

>>637535825yeah not everything on this aged well lol.

>>637534894Holy shit no wonder Banjo looks so out place and doesn’t naturally fit with the meme, people hate Geno huh…

>>637522829almost all the new characters were trash. so.

They were perfect for this whole "celebration of gaming" diatribe that Sakurai and Smash fans regurgitated.Oh well, at least we got Sora, Steve and Banjo-Kazooie.

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I wanted Crono. I don't care that he would've been yet another anime swordsman, I still wanted him in.

Always wanted paper mario. I feel like he could have such an interesting moveset with partners and the hammer.

>>637523531nicalis is definitely to blame for this

>>637535243>The Waluigi Drama after he was the first Assist Trophy to be shown and using him to demonstrate that you can KO them and with an FE Character of all characters (it was probably foreshadowing but what do I know?)>Grinch Leak Drama where everyone lost their minds when the leak turned out to be a fake, probably the best fake ever. People probably believe it due to certain characters like Chrom who was leaked during the Smash 4 days (along with the Chorus Kids) but didn’t get in until Ultimate.>Hoes Mad.>Banjo and Steve Civil War Drama, it was so dumb back then but it’s faded away now that they’re both in.>Byleth and Fire Emblem Drama, that’s all I’m gonna say.>Pro Players being accused and Pedo Jokes.>Pythra Boob and Nude Mods.>Scrimblo Bimblo Vs Swordguy McJRPG.WHEW! That was a mouthful! Hope I didn’t miss anything

>>637522829girahim obviously

The Sora trailer made me cum and continues to make me cum to this day. A year ago when I first saw the trailer I knew this was going to be a gold mine.The moment when the light faded and I saw the awed fighters turn to plastic, their textures beautifully changing from more natural lighting of skin and fabric to an artificial plastic sheen, it was one of the hottest things I've ever seen in a long time. The shots of Zelda and Palutena especially are my favorites. No more thoughts, no more voice, no more life left. Just an empty, sexy husk of what once was.Imagine if it was a slower burn. They all know that the flame will die out, they dread it so. They try to run, to cower in fear, even the happiest ones fail to keep the facade going. Some start to cry, some start to shiver, as it gets colder. It's so cold, it hurts. The warriors, once fierce and powerful on the battlefield, scream in pain as they start to lose feeling. They try to keep talking with each other, reminding each other that they're OK, but in the end their voices and shouts are muffled and stopped as they think their last thoughts and take their last breaths.They are not alive, and yet they are not dead. Their consciousness has faded, sure, but their bodies are still intact, almost frozen in a state of despair. Mario, the only one left in the group still barely clinging on, tries to walk further and further to the last spark of life. He can feel the numbness hit his legs, his torso, soon it will hit his arms. He grabs onto the flame, his heart still shining in the cold. He uses the strange blade to summon one last Hail Mary - and then he freezes up. Mario, for all intents and purposes, is no more.

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>>637536218Steve and Banjo civil war was fun when it was shitpost banter. But then people who actually had strong opinions on the matter got involved and ruined it


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>>637536237Someone answers the call, though. Someone who has saved countless worlds from the brink of death. He knows this feeling all to well, he, too, had been trapped in a state of perpetual nothingness not too long ago, stuck inside a cold, icy vessel. He knows all too well about the abject terror and horror of it all, so he tries using his Cure spells on them. It doesn't work. He tries to summon whoever to cure them. The most context he gets is seeing Genie look at the state and tell him he can't fix it. Looking upon the final embers, he realizes what he must do. Downing whatever Ethers he has left, he summons the strongest fire spell he can. It works. The flame is lit once more. The warmth seemingly starts to melt away the plastic, as everyone starts to inhale sharply, continuously blinking their eyes. Several of them clutch their heads as the sharp pain of being alive happens, unanimously chanting "What happened?" as is typical with reversals like this.Of course, it could have a typical fairy-tale ending with everyone celebrating and continuing their journeys. But all good things come to an end somehow. Days, months pass. Everyone has moved on. The magic is starting to fade again.Sora starts to worry. He can't let them give up. Everyone uses their powers to re-ignite the flame. It's no use. The cold, dark feeling runs up their feet. Sora tries to run, but his shoes, and his entire form up to his ankles for that matter, are bolted to a golden stand. Everyone starts to panic again, but it only speeds up the process. Trying to find solace in this grim finale, they just stop what they're doing and smile to the ones who always played them, even if their message falls unto deaf ears.They have lost all consciousness, all sense of being. In terms of worth they are all interchangeable. However for the foreseeable future they will remain. Forever trapped in a moment in time. Until the next game, that is.

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>>637535825still, more people cherish all three of those series than people cherish SMRPG

>>637535546Joker was my Literal Who, like wtf is a Persona?Oh it’s just another Weeb Dating Sim franchise like Fiery Emblem

>>637536273>make a joke for a throwaway daily post>this is a targeted attack against waluigi and his fansGet real

>>637536218Don't forget the fiasco with the Cacodemon and Mallow mii costumes.

An SMT character and Reimu were my definite most wanteds. I'm still surprised SMT didn't get so much as a spirit event, seeing as Joker didn't even have a Jack Frost spirit with him. Greedy Pursowner man...As for secondary wanted characters, Nicalis shat up Quote's appeal to me, but I think I'd have still been happy to see him. Also anyone from Megaman.

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>>637535243>K. Rool fans acting strangeOnly when Ashley is brought up, I wanted her in Smash but also K. Rool as well, would’ve been wicked to them both, I mean Banjo and Steve fans were at each other’s throats but both got in anyway

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>>637536510Man, imagine if Sho/Futsuo had demon AI partners in Smash like it was the Raidou games. He would have been fun.

>>637535243>our influence>>>>>>>influencethe absolute delusion

>>637523042>tfw SMRPG is my favorite game of all time>can no longer talk about it without Smash Rosterfags shitting up every threadI hate this

>>637535243In alternate timeline, Golden Sun is respected franchise

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>>637533980Let me guess the Melee Opening made you want that 2nd F-Zero Rep? (whispers) He’s already an Assist Trophy

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>>637523042Forget Smash, Perhaps the inclusion of Geno in a possible SMRPG2 would require its own legal team? But I just hate that Square is so hellbent about holding on to geno but they don't even do anything with him. What's the point of holding onto the rights of a character you have zero intention of ever using again? Square crossed over with Mario in three spinoff games they developed and didn't even bother to bring him back. But there is a SMRPG remixyoutu.be/jE4v_6nU8r8

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>>637524395Technically we do have two with Duck and Ivysaur.

>>637537127Man what a way to ruin such a cool design

>>637537127Stupid fucking opinion. It's Sora, not Mickey Mouse.

>>637537127Man what a way to improve such a cool design

Itll be later my friend

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always wanted an fps rep and the monkey from rhythm heaven (or absolutely fucking anything from RH, it wouldve been perfect)

>>637522829i asked for terry, erdrick and heihachi. i got pretty much what i wanted. im a huge ff7 fag so i was genuinely surprised and happy to see sephiroth suddenly invade smashbanjo was a solid grab and i didn't mind steve, joker or sora.

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>>637522829Ray of Man

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>>637522829>not a single reference in the entire gameI'm still pissed.

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>>637522829Mii costumes don’t count, and never will count.

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>JinAt least we got Kazuya.>CrashHe's Playstation's Mario. Seemed like a no brainer.>DoomguyI thought MS would pick him or Chief as the shooter rep.>M. BisonOne of vidya's most iconic villains. I'm still shocked they didn't add him.>ArthurStill mad about the costume.

>>637522829Adventure Mode

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>>637522829Bomberman. Pretty been on every fucking Ninty system to point he may as well be a nintendo mascot. And no, fuck those costume and muh moveset tards.

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GokuMistyScorpionJohn Madden

>>637522829I got my most wanted with K. Rool and Banjo, even if I'm disappointed by how the latter plays.A neat extra for the future would be the Black Knight but yeah, I know, another FE swordie.At this point I'm crossing my fingers for Falcondorf to be finally decloned for good.Villainbro btw

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>>637522829zero from mega man

>>637532356As a FE fan I can't express how much I loathe Chrom. How the fuck can anyone say Byleth is the worst Smash character when Chrom is a million times worse, at least Byleth has isn't another fucking Marth clone. We already had Lucina, we didn't need two blue-haired Marth clones from Awakening.>instead of adding an axe or lance unit, we got Chrom>instead of adding a villain character, we got Chrom>instead of adding Lyn, the most popular female FE character, we got ChromI would've genuinely preferred it if they added Alm to shill SoV rather than add Chrom.

>>637547550That'd be cool, Smash has no problem with 3 seperate Link so there should be no worries about lore implications with Ganondorf and Ganon seperate

>>637522829Geno, Isaac, Waluigi, LloydCan't complain too much though, we got a lot of nice additions

>>637547814As a FE fan, I never even played his game. FE stopped on Wii. 9 or 10 games are enough to be a fan of.

>>637547814>How the fuck can anyone say Byleth is the worst Smash character when Chrom is a million times worse, at least Byleth has isn't another fucking Marth clone.Exactly, he’s a clone so he didn’t actually take up much time or resources and people actually asked for him. Byleth is an ad sold as DLC.

One day, a Tales of playable character will be in the Smash. Just stay strong, guys.

>>637549172Didn't they also literally advertise his game's dlc after his smash reveal two?

>>637522829They will add him eventually.

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>>637529748>A character Japan doesn't care about>From a franchise Japan doesn't care about>In a genre Japan doesn't care about>Exclusive to a console Japan doesn't care aboutExpecting Master Chief is fucking retarded.

>>637532356Dark Samus also has some scenarios where you can make her do regular Samus animations.It's pretty clear that outside of Ken, Echoes were just thrown in.

>>637534808>What did Zelda do to Sakurai?Fall weirdly in his autistic way of deciding characters.


>>637550894God I hope not. They’ll add some Super shit.

nlab.itmedia.co.jp/research/articles/500071/91. Pyra/Mythra - 27762. Kirby - 23643. Joker - 20814. Sora - 18575. Byleth - 16166. Ganondorf - 15187. Min Min - 13498. Hero - 12349. Cloud - 110710. Sephiroth - 109511. Terry - 91712. Link - 80513. Ness - 77714. King K. Rool - 76315. Captain Falcon - 73516. Ike - 66917. Lucina - 64718. Kazuya - 64419. Snake - 63219. Jigglypuff - 63221. Yoshi - 61622. Zelda - 61123. Robin - 58224. Piranha Plant - 57625. King Dedede - 57126. Pikachu - 54827. Corrin - 54328. Mr. Game & Watch - 53629. Roy - 51930. Inkling - 51630. Greninja - 51632. R.O.B. - 51533. Lucas - 51234. Meta Knight - 49835. Marth - 49136. Ridley - 48337. Mario - 48138. Mewtwo - 47239. Banjo & Kazooie - 46140. Bowser - 45941. Bayonetta - 45642. Sonic - 44542. Incineroar - 43944. Donkey Kong - 43245. Dark Pit - 42646. Lucario - 41347. Shulk - 39948. Mii Swordfighter - 37149. Wii Fit Trainer - 36350. Wolf - 34951. Samus - 34552. Palutena - 34353. Pac-Man - 30754. Pit - 30355. Steve - 30256. Isabella - 29656. Villager - 29658. Little Mac - 29459. Zero Suit Samus - 29160. Falco - 28761. Fox - 27462. Pichu - 26863. Sheik - 25964. Ken - 25765. Bowser Jr. - 25266. Toon Link - 24066. Luigi - 24066. Mega Man - 24069. Duck Hunt - 22070. Ice Climbers - 21570. Ryu - 21572. Richter - 19673. Rosalina & Luma - 18574. Charizard - 18475. Young Link - 18076. Chrom - 17277. Dark Samus - 16978. Olimar - 16479. Dr. Mario - 15480. Mii Gunner - 13981. Wario - 13882. Daisy - 13483. Mii Brawler - 12984. Peach - 10885. Simon - 10686. Ivysaur - 10587. Squirtle - 10288. Diddy Kong - 100Discuss Japan's taste in characters.

I wanted Monster Hunter, but my copium is that Byleth is functionally similar enough to how I'd expect them to play and is pretty fun

>>637522829I got my most wanted dudes by the end. Especially in regards to first-party reps. At this point, it'a all third-party picks I'd like to see and some real bottom of the barrel first-party scrimblos. For me, it's Porky Minch, King Boo, Bandana Dee, Skull Kid, Doomguy, Dr. Eggman, Firebrand and Rayman.

>>637532249could've been a duo-character like ice climber. final smash, the whole taiko game UI appears and you play the current stage BGM on beat

>>637522829Probably Dixie or Bomberman are the ones I wanted most as far as realistic expectations go, but my more extreme hope was to have more bad guys to be frank. Literally anything so long as its a slew of villains; Gruntilda, Black Shadow, Eggman, DJ Octavio, Porky Minch, Pac-Man's ghost gang, Captain Syrup, Dr. Wily, hell even Dimentio. Just give me a bigger cavalcade of evil to play as.

Attached: Evil Dream Team.png (621x410, 402.89K)

>>637553120Also more obscure and lesser known characters to remind Nintendo that they have more IPs beyond the handful they constantly have to milk.

You niggers don't even play smash

>>637552865>Diddy is dead last>some Disney tie-in character is at #3Japs have shit taste.


>>637553214Devs also have to actually WANT to make them too.

I would've like to see a Mortal Kombat rep in Smash. Sub Zero, Scorpion, or Liu Kang would've been nice

Attached: image_2023-05-18_071143476.png (350x350, 175.93K)

>banjofag circlejerkYour character sucks and his games are trash

>>637553379Can't even legaly be sold in Japan.

>>637544805At least Black Knight is based on a class that isn't some damn royal and would actually serve as a villain rep for FE unlike the dozens of needless Marth echos/clones we got last time to satiate Sakurai and Japan's boner for that shitty medieval romance simulator.

>>637553316Bomberman was a fucking assist trophy and costume. That's not the same as having the character playable with an actual moveset.

>>637553379MK has zero relevance in Japan though.

Ryu HayabusaThe BattletoadsBill Rizer

>>637552865>Pythra in firstJapanese have shit taste


Attached: Believe .jpg (1280x720, 80.93K)

Adeleine and Ribbon but Sakurai is a fucking hack

Attached: 4651F34F-65F9-426C-BBF1-711B7E91933E.jpg (1162x1354, 171.35K)

>>637553627>cute>easy to use>Pyra is Ganon but not as screwed by the gameI don't really see the issue.

>>637553854I get wanting non-Sakurai Kirby characters, but they're not even the first choice for that.

>>637550037>Byleth is bad because he's le advertisementBy that logic Roy is the worst Smash character because he's a Marth clone and a blatant ad. Also pretty much every DLC character was an advert in disguise.

>>63755407690% of everything in Smash is an ad.

>>637535182>Who was the LEAST deserving character that got in?A tie between Banjo and Sora.Banjo was simply never good, and was only wanted at all because Jontron said Nuts & Bolts was bad, causing a huge snowball effect that gave him undeserved popularity.Sora barely counts as vidya. Sure he did debut in a video game, but when you take away the Disney shit that made him stand out, all you're left with is a generic anime swordsman, which is undeniably what Sora is in the context of Smash.>Who was the MOST deserving character that didn't get in?Arle. Even if it rode off the coattails of Tetris, Puyo Puyo has seen a newfound level of popularity thanks to Puyo Puyo Tetris, and due to how those games work, Sakurai could've easily gotten some ideas not just from said series, but maybe Madou Monogatari as well.

>>637553980They aren't from the Kumazaki-verse though, not that that magically makes it better. Sakurai is just a fag.>"But they aren't my beloved Kirby characters!">Says Sakurai as he adds Sora fromm the Kingdom Hearts series into a Nintendo game

>>637554196Dracula is cool, but he would probably be a super annoying zoner.

>>637554318Even in terms of Shimmomura, maybe you should bring up, you know, the villain the trilogy is named after and who had a massive influence on Kirby's lore?

>>637552865>kirby on second placeI refuse to believe this!

>>637547814Its ironic to complain about with how much character representation it has but FE in Smash gets increasingly worse the more you like the pre-Awakening games.Chrom I can give a pass on the basis that he's an easy to make character.Byleth was a horrible character in their home game, is exclusively liked for self insetrt purposes and shares still too many attributes with other FE characters in Smash (middle weight, shitty grab and throws, etc)

>>637522829I wanted the Doomguy as a fighter and was surprised he even got a Mii

>>637535182>Who was the LEAST deserving character that got in?Any of the Fire Emblem characters

>>637554685Is Sonic partially owned by Disney and was made for the sole purpose of having a reason for a crossover between Disney and Final Fantasy, losing half of his identity in the process of getting into Smash because Sakurai rightfully didn't want to put non-vidya shit in Smash prior to his reveal? No. That's all Sora.>>637552865>4. Sora - 1857>39. Banjo & Kazooie - 461>sora and banjo anywhere but tying for dead lastJapan has shit taste.

>>637535182>Least deserving Roy or Corrin and I love FE>Most deserving that didn't get inTough one, maybe Midna? Zelda's character rep feels so much worse than it should be, especially considering the absolute tribe of Ganondorf

>>637522829Dante, Doomguy, Master Chief, Travis, Heihachi

>>637554209Fair point

>>637522829Phoenix Wright, or any other Capcom character for that matter.

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I kind of can’t believe Rayman hasn’t been playable in smash by this point

>deleted posts

>>637554516NTA, but why prioritize the villainous sword wielder for Shimomura, of all things? That director's style doesn't exactly focus on the enemy the way Sakurai does, it would kinda miss the point.Summoners are at least pretty rare in Smash, and nobody on the roster really simulates being a life-granting painter.

Attached: 16011801191512.png (632x756, 688.51K)

>>637555164Are you the "Soira and Banjoke are troon magnets" guy? Lmao.>>637558139I would have loved to have seen Phoenix, yeah sure he's in Mahvel (along with most of the Capcom characters people were wanting in Smash) but I'm bad at that game.In fact I'm really surprised we didn't get any Capcom fighters as DLC this time around. There was a fair bit developed for the main game (Ken, Rathalos boss, Zero/Guile Assist Trophies...) so I was sure we'd get something down the line other than just mii costumes.

Attached: DvB.png (1683x947, 1004.83K)

>>637555219Also, Sakurai claimed that Corrin was chosen since he wanted a character from a then "recent or upcoming" Nintendo game.>not Xenoblade Chronicles X, a series that could've used momentum and a game that could've provided a decently unique spin on a swordfighter>not Chibi Robo to help a series that was being put on final notice>not Star Fox Zero to allow for a revamped Wolf>not Codename STEAM, an IntSys game that actually had an interesting non-medievalish setting and style>but fucking Fire Emblem, pushing it above every Nintendo series besides Mario and PokémonAnd then Nintendo chimping the fuck out hard over Fire Emblem so soon after, in 2017, just felt like salt in the wound. I'm glad they've at least calmed down with FE now and we got a bit on an Advance Wars Renaissance with Reboot Camp.

Attached: IMG_0652.jpg (635x374, 79.24K)

>>637558938Smash doesn’t even have an Insectoid and people complain about no Axe Wielder but what if Kleavor was in Smash?youtu.be/eYY0cz67fiw

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>>637560208speaking of advance wars>infantry and tanks assist trophy removed in ultimateand here was me hoping they'd add some of the music

>>637537097i've never seen anyone talk about smrpg on this site even before smash ultimate


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>>637523042Unlike other "never ever" characters, Geno just seems like a bizarre/disproportionate request to me. It was daft they didn't give him a proper head for his costume.

>>637553120>Volga>No YugaShit team

Attached: Yuga.png (514x600, 395.27K)

>>637522829Crash and Chief

>>637537385Square Enix owns so much shit they never use, in the off-chance someone asks to use the IPThey own SMRPG, Mischief Makers, every single weird Enix game released in the SNES and PS1, Xenogears, Wonder Project J...They own so much shit, it's insane.

>>637550894Holy shit, I just realized that my dream last night involved Goku getting in smash. What the hell.

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>>637566545Another thing about SE; their financial troubles are so bad they completely took over the video game parodies Pop Team Epic did in the second season of the adaption and they were all Final Fantasy-related.

>>637531816I am still fucking livid that Steve and Sora got in earlier than Dante.

>>637523891Who would Knuckles be an echo fighter of? Seems too distinct to be Sonic.

>no Raichu echo>no Dixie echo>no Dry Bowser echo>No Melee Link echoReally felt like they missed the boat here

>>637567561Idk if that did anything for their finances but I do know Square Enix publishes the manga

>>637522829Rayman.Even a Mii costume would'Ve been fine

Attached: 1541217976523.jpg (1920x1080, 688.89K)

>>637552865>Wario and Pac-Man aren't even in the top 50Factually shit taste

>>637568497Fuck, that explains it.

Geno.I still don't give two shits what anyone thinks, I love SMRPG and I want it to be loved and acknowledged.I want Geno to be a fighter with Mallow showing up in taunts and a Final SmashI want a full on travelling stage going around the SMRPG mapI want 20 remixes of SMRPG music all done by ShimomuraI want Smithy to be a boss and have a kickass remix

Attached: FtsV7dKaUAEOEYf.jpg (1093x858, 174.46K)

>>637534817Dark Samus was a requested character that got Blundered because for some reason they decide to not use a Single attack from their almost Complete Assist trophy Moveset.Dr mario is protected class because he premiered in Melee.

>>637533980>No Samurai GorohI dunno why people sleep over the guy who’s been featured on the cover of every F-Zero game (except MV), the only rival from the Melee opening not playable, had the honor of being a fully modeled AT, and is part of the SNES original 4.Fuck Black Shadow, Goroh should the definitive 2nd F-Zero rep, he’s been established as Falcon’s true rival since the beginning.

Attached: 225BBDB7-BBE2-4F4C-AF85-82B717F79366.png (500x565, 471.85K)

The lack of move customisation really fucked up Palutena. You'd think that was something they can expand on, not drop

>>637522829DanteCrashWaluigiPhoenixAnother Sonic characterIsaac

melee fox

>>637536218>that one discord sperg who would show up and spam 100+ posts in every thread for several weeks about Frisk/Chara

>>637536063Geno haters are so fucking annoying, they constantly shit on his supporters and always use them as the scrapegoat for “stinky ungrateful smash fans” shit even thought it was their precious lord and savior Sakurai who came up with the idea of Geno in Smash to begin with because of a mention in a Brawl interview, double standard BS. >>637535504You know damn well that people would be saying this same shit for characters like Lucas and Roy if they never got in.>B-BUT ATLEAST THEYRE MAIN CHARACTERSIt doesn’t fucking matter, they’re irrelevant nobodies from GBA games that never even got localized and nobody would even give a shit about or request if Sakurai’s autism didn’t include them, atleast Geno is from a game released worldwide and has the novelty of being a Mario character, the only reason anyone still likes Lucas or Roy is because of nostalgia, it’s easy to hate Geno now because we’ve grown up and are jaded as hell thanks to social media.

>>637570752>genosexual is still seethingPlay another game

>>637522829Wonder red.Amaterasu.Solaire.Hollow knight.

>>637570752If Geno got in Brawl and was removed people would be bawling for him to get back in like they did the Ice Climbers

>>637570969I don’t give fuck about Geno or his fans, I just want his detractors to shut the fuck up and quit being hypocrites.You’d be shitting and gloating on Banjocels if he didn’t happen.

>One of the most iconic video game villains from an extremely well known franchise>Ultimate heavily emphasized villains like K.Rool and Ridley>Ken and Richter paved the way for 2nd reps in 3rd party franchises>FUCKING Sephiroth got in before himWhy the fuck did Eggman not get in? Does Japan hate Sonic THAT much?

Attached: 62B9A269-5E90-48CE-A189-BB1BB0841A83.jpg (828x1296, 413.7K)

>>637571138It's just rosterfagging and schadenfreude, pure and simple>>637533850Hell, I've seen this exact same image with Isaac and Shadow

This guy

Attached: Bandana dee.png (1050x862, 784.4K)

>>637533548Brawl was the last game to truly feel like an Nintendo crossover and I felt that charm vanished ever the Smash team left Hal Laboratory and is currently working with Bandai Namco/Sora Ltd instead.It sucks that longtime wanted characters like Dixie or even Lyn are gonna get skimmed over for more bigger 3rd party requests since it’s a great competition then ever.Nowadays, the only new Nintendo characters we’re guaranteed to get are Pokémon shillshit or modern Fire Emblem/Xenoblade weebshit



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>>637524778retard, zoomies love smash

>>637524375Not nearly recognizable enough. I don't play final fantasy at all and I still knew who sephiroth was. If you had told me gilgamesh was the next rep I would have said, what like from civ?

>In the Melee/Brawl days, B & C tier Nintendo characters like Skull Kid, Krystal or Samurai Goroh would’ve had a legitimate 70% shot of getting in the roster.>In the current Bamco developed Smash 4/Ultimate days, those characters would lucky to even get a Mii Costume in favor of Nu-Nintendo characters like Noah and Alear or highly anticipated 3rd party big names like Dante and Master Chief.Smash lost it’s soul.

Attached: C271DCBB-0300-4363-BA48-94DCBF1B6AA9.jpg (677x386, 196.7K)

>>637522829my smash 6 main

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>>637522829Spring Man

Attached: springman.png (961x580, 780.39K)

>>637573565I hate how the series has gone from being about nintendo’s history, with it not mattering how big or small each addition was, to being a video game hall of fame, with each new addition having to be this big event

>>637573565>We're never getting a Sin & Punishment character>The assist trophy we got was even removed in favor of a fucking Thwomp

Attached: Sad dong.jpg (504x567, 46.5K)

>>637573565Smash 4 started off fine, but then broke all of its momentum. It's never been the same since.

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Attached: scout.jpg (386x402, 27.3K)

>>637573565I remember when Skull Kid, Isaac, King Hippo, Little Mac, Krystal and Samurai Goroh were common picks around 2005/6 and no one bitched or cried about relevancy. At worst it was X has no moveset which got blown out the water quickly with ROB and G&W years before. Takamaru and Lip were also Japan-only picks that made the rounds too. The exact moment Assist Trophies got revealed, at least 80% of the Nintendo pool dried up and this was more explicit with Smash Four.>>637573994Another thing that pisses me off is that stupid invitation Sakurai keeps pushing. It worked for the Villager because of the nature of Animal Crossing and even Isabelle. After that, it became this self-important dick stroking contest where if you don't have that dumb letter, you're not considered important enough to be a fighter in Sakurai's game.Riddle me this: If every important character that supposedly matter is already in, how are they going to continue the series? They'll have to start digging in that assist and spirit pile unless they want to keep on shelling out money for 3rd parties. Less than 100 playable characters and people say they can't do better than that? Come the fuck on.

Attached: 1426565585876.png (287x347, 155.28K)

>>637573994I blame those CGI trailers we’ve gotten since, as cool as they are in presentation, they come at the price of setting even higher expectations for characters and it’ll all depend on whatever the inclusion.Imagine watching a high-budget trailer anticipating your most wanted only to be disappointed it wasn’t who you wanted or worst case scenario, someone incredibly stupid.Sometimes a simple “X is confirmed” peg like the Smash Dojo did is more efficient and less stingy.

>>637576941Absolute soul and kino…

Attached: 081F4772-F4DA-4094-989A-5F671DE774D3.jpg (1024x559, 175.73K)

>>637573565In hindsight, I find myself wondering, if Sakurai knew that "celebration of gaming" line would lead to every roster fag on the internet trying to fuck him with a cactus, all desperate to get some weird "Smash validated" seal of approval on their favorite franchises, would he have said it?

>>637550894What a fucking retard

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>>637567734I see Knuckles as a mix of Sonic and Little Mac, basically a Little Mac that has good Aerials

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>>637568765My only issue with SMRPG is that it’s too easy and if it’s ever remade it needs a hard mode and maybe add more mechanics now that lots of RPGs innovatedyoutu.be/8aUCWsDQa-4

Attached: IMG_5796.jpg (750x573, 460.07K)

>>637569241Couldn’t even get Dark Samus’ theme but we needed shit like “Gear up for…” from fucking FEHeroes, the only mobile Game representation youtu.be/HE0ExiN0P_ghttps://youtu.be/UArv-g-Ghrs

>>637569313The funny thing about Goroh is has a sword and would appeal to Sakurai’s Sword Fetish but not even Sakurai thought to upgrade him, only Little Mac, Dark Samus and Isabelle. It would be extremely hilarious if we did get Goroh and then TOTK Ganondorf as a Gorohdorf, I Never thought I would ever say that

Attached: IMG_5797.png (1616x1528, 802.45K)

I don't care about characters. I'm disappointed at games which didn't get Spirits, Music, or Stages. Brawl treated us well with Golden Sun getting an AT and a remix. Why the absolute fuck did Etrian/SQ get nothing? Not even PQ got a mention.This not being a song choice on Pirate Ship will always be a fucking sin, especially since Yuzo Koshiro composed a bunch for Smash in generalyoutube.com/watch?v=UEsgRhIhHf8

>>637569606You never know what you had until it’s gone…

Attached: IMG_5799.jpg (864x486, 159.46K)

>>637570752>Sakurai who came up with the idea of Geno in Smash to begin with because of a mention in a Brawl interview, double standard BS.Even Smash Kingdom was pushing for Genoyoutu.be/mrfjOafksUQ

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>>637581721It’s because he actually looks like a cool and interesting character that comes from a lowly repped series.But since he’s not a teenage JRPG pretty boy twink, Saky says no-no.

Attached: C352DEEF-6941-49C3-98AF-24DD43ECE303.jpg (828x591, 337.24K)

>>637522829I was really hoping we would get Travis from No More Heroes

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>>637570752>B-BUT ATLEAST THEYRE MAIN CHARACTERSFucking Isaac is a main character who started on GBA but is still not playableWe don’t have many DS Reps eitherI couldn’t find the updated list of this but yeah just fill out the blanks missing

Attached: IMG_5801.jpg (1600x1088, 245.19K)

>>637569606>Ultimate built off of Smash Four (Sakurai admits to this)>Reuses assets as far back as Brawl>Doesn't think of reusing custom moves for a concept which said element could flourish in>Had the opportunity to give some characters a little time in the spotlight and fumbled it completelyProto Man, Paula, Blood Falcon, Dixie Kong and Hilda (Zelda) were prime candidates for repurposed custom moves. Hell, Medusa could have been THE pick for that.

>>637570752In regards to Roy and Lucas you have to understand that they kind got in by accident.It's well documented Sakurai actually originally wanted to expunge Marth and Roy from all non-JP versions of Melee BECAUSE of their obscurity elsewhere. Likewise it's been said that Lucas only got in Brawl because Sakurai was at the time unaware of the fact that Mother 3 wasn't supposed to be localized and wouldn't have included him otherwise.

>>637536316This.At the very least, all of those series are at least remembered outside the Smash circlejerk.

Attached: 1476655508775.png (532x582, 410.3K)

>>637570752>novelty of being a Mario character

>>637552865>Pyra and Mythra have a chance of staying in the next Smash over Shulk if the roster was cutfucking Japan

>>637582623>Snake as Other>not in NESis because they consider him from MGS?

>>637523531>>637523601>>637524065>>637524460>>637527070>>637529532>>637532424>>637533183>>637535838>>637536510>>637536827>>637543059>>637550894>>637553379>>637558938>>637571912>>637581721>>637581983Awful choices, here is the real one:>Franchise over 20 years old and still going strong, with one new game releasing soon>Characters, story, gameplay, graphics and music made almost by just one person, the peak of indie/doujin game scenario>Has a strong fanbase that still works from fan-made art, merchandise and manga to full animations and games>Fanbase so big/popular that it has its own separate annual convention>Had games realeased in Nintendo consoles, not mentioning the countless fangames over there>Literally has influenced Japanese internet culture and memes towards the 00s and todayIf there's one franchise worth of being, it's not anyone that you choose, It's Touhou.

Attached: nlv0n7vqk3181.png (557x381, 199.59K)

>>637571609It’s funny I’d love to see if Japan even has a list or poll of favorite Sonic Characrers in generalKinda like this >>637552865

>>637584285Nah, probably going by the MSX release of Metal Gear. The NES version was a port handled by a different team at Konami

>>637584907never ever


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>>637570752I’ll admit I wouldn’t care nor have even known about Lucas, Roy and even Captain Falcon if they never got in Smash and I wouldn’t think to request them either but it isn’t just Geno, the fact that Ayumi got snubbed for FE in Melee because Famicom Detective Club wasn’t popular or something still upsets me especially with how FE has snowballed into 8 Reps.

Attached: IMG_5804.jpg (1237x1017, 151.68K)

>>637573565>Posts Nu-SW >Has the balls to say anyhthing about soul

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I was hoping to get updated codecs but only the guidances got updatedand then they were too cheap to do them for DLC

Attached: 1530717895257.png (873x800, 587.6K)

It was never gonna happen, but Viewtiful Joe deserved a lot. 2D brawler, meta comedy, his games were Gamecube and DS.We were robbed.

>>637586320jp colonel voice actor is dead, prease undastand

>>637586978like he was the only codec characters, god damn

>>637572061>Fire Emblem Starter Pokémon Xenoblade shillsWe just can’t win

>>637587928>>637572061yeah smash needs more c and d tier nintendo franchises like dillons rolling west or chibi robo

>>637573565Also the 64 Veterans are VERY outshined by the DLC with all the new toys they bring to smash

Attached: IMG_9026.jpg (2048x1364, 329.34K)

>>637555219Ever notice how series that debuted with 2 characters end up getting the most fighter representation, Mario and Pokémon for obvious reasons, Fire Emblem just happened to get stupidly lucky, it even happened again in Smash 4 where they revealed both Robin and Lucina (while cucking Chrom at the time) for the Base Roster, then when DLC became a thing they always got their recent shill picks.

Attached: IMG_2809.jpg (750x517, 244.97K)

>>637573565She would be cool and neat but the sad thing is its too late and there’s already fatigue with this series constantly getting new characters which most of them are only there to sell you their game which doesn’t make them feel like genuine fan requested additions.

Attached: 35AB768C-640B-4B03-83BA-F8092CD93EBF.jpg (750x974, 499.96K)

>>637576941>Stupid InvitationNot every trailer uses that invitation but when some trailers do, get ready for a Cringefest Byleth and Pythra specifically

Attached: IMG_5813.jpg (680x1148, 125.93K)

>Tfw you realize Roy was the only FE character to ever get cut and miss a Smash Game>His Game is still not localized after 20 yearsRoy is when Intelligent and Sakurai realized they could add any character to shill and they would automatically become a favorite simply because of smash, literally nobody would care about Roy if it wasn't for melee. Roy set the precedent for Smash to be an FE shill game. It’s hilarious how people only give Roy the light of day because of Smash and not even in his own series.

Attached: IMG_7538.jpg (480x320, 16.35K)

>>637522829Alucard, imagine the shitstorm if Sakurai made him true to his game

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>>637578858Let’s discuss incredibly stupid trailersI’ll start:

Attached: IMG_5814.jpg (749x539, 122.04K)

>>637522829switchsoku.com/soft/smashbros/70576>スマブラのアカン所は自分が嫌いなキャラに対してヘイト溜まりまくって、そのキャラが出てる原作まで嫌いになってしまう奴が一定数いること。>エアプやのに原作まで嫌いになって欲しくないわ。The problem with Smash. is that there are a certain number of people who build up so much hate for a character they don't like that they end up hating the original game in which that character appearsDon't hate me if you haven't even played it>スマブラキッズはスマブラのイメージだけでキャラやシリーズそのものを叩くからな>ほんと害悪Smash kids criticize the characters and the series itself just based on their impressions of Smash.It's very harmful>普通に原作楽しんでる人らの所にまで絡んで叩くからな>もうspで終わって欲しいThey even get involved with people who normally enjoy the original game and criticize it.I want the series to end with sp(Ultimate)

Attached: FAnzLj8VkAc3hZ-.jpg (1601x2048, 333.99K)

>>637522829I was hoping actual characters would show up rather than emotionless self-inserts yet we still got Corrin, Blyat, Miis, Villager, Hero, Robin, and Joker. If there is ever another game this should be the only restriction for picking fighters. They have to be fucking characters, not some sad salaryman garbage

I still laugh at the Steve shitposting

Attached: 1559965250808.webm (960x540, 1.12M)

>>637535182>Who was the LEAST deserving character that got in?Palutena>Who was the MOST deserving character that didn't get in?Dr. Eggman

>>637589648Banjo and Sora's trailers didn't have the invitation and they were the worst trailers of their respective pass?

>>637590656>Smash kids criticize the characters and the series itself just based on their impressions of Smash.why yes, making a terrible first impression with your series/game will drive away potential fans, what a shitshocker

>>637590726Oh, also Steve and Inkling. Seriously how many of these fuckers exist is just absolutely sad. Actually fuck the Mii shitpost these are the kinds of characters Miis should wear the skins of

>>637535182>Least deserving that got in is probably Bayonetta. The games are fun but don't have a big fan base compared to the other 3rd parties in Smash who are mostly big names in gaming.

>>637581930Advance Wars got fucking nothing, not even music to make up for the cut AT, just spirit PNGs

Attached: IMG_5818.jpg (1280x720, 197.43K)

>>637555219I feel horrible for Zelda fans; BOTW came and they couldve been inspired by it to really change Link's moveset, but all they did was add the deployable bomb, or even a new character from it, but they were too lazy for that

>>637590726I'd say Villager shouldn't really count since the main draw for their inclusion was the novelty of a character from a nonviolent series being a fighter, not that they're a self-insert avatar character.

>>637582642>Reuses assets as far back as Brawl>REUSES SAME FUCKING VICTORY THEMES FROM BRAWL AND BUTCHERS LOTS OF THEMI put it in all caps because that’s very overlooked, I miss when each new Smash game had new victory themes for each series represented, it made them feel special and unique.

Attached: IMG_5819.jpg (1600x1200, 280.69K)

>>637588717Seriously. Always representing the popular franchise while scrapping the least know ones is so saddening.

>>637591523Brawl was the point where alot of assets were getting reused.

>>637591523I can't believe they butchered so hard the victory themes in Ultimate by making so short. Especially the Ice Climbers one.

>>637582642Paula is in Ness’s damn Final Smash same with Kumatora in Lucas’But they’re not from Fire Emblem so they can’t make the exception for them

Attached: IMG_5820.jpg (1280x720, 171.23K)

>>637584131>90% of Japan with their Pre-Nut Mindset

>>637584907Sakurai probably would’ve made her a Mii Costume and given a Music Track, otherwise I don’t care for her and rather have Lip

Attached: IMG_5821.png (1616x1528, 822.77K)

>>637590656Oh it’s this dumb copypasta again

Attached: IMG_5822.gif (498x420, 1.26M)

>>637522829Phoenix Wright

>>637590848>New Unrepped Series>Overrepped/Weeb SeriesChoose one

>>637591075I hated how during Byleth’s Presentation Sakurai took a jab at BOTW and Zelda fans saying “No we couldn’t make BOTW Zelda playable” when mentioning he had to play an early build of 3H for Byleth, he also kinda took a jab at Famicom/Advance Wars since it has the same strategy gameplay as FE when explaining FE.

Attached: IMG_4613.jpg (1024x1019, 120.36K)

>>637591075All we got was that new Stage that nobody really talks about because let’s face it, Characters have more longevity to them then Stages, Items, Assists and Spirits and characters are all what people care about.

>>637585801It’s just the first reaction image I googled dumbass.

>>637591523>>637591929>>637591935Brawl was always the best Smash Gameyoutu.be/0_fHMrn7EIo

Attached: IMG_5824.jpg (1280x720, 162.14K)

>Shitty moveset>No Tails, Knuckles or Shadow or even EggmanIt's sad because a plenty of people bought Brawl solely because Sonic was in it.It was completely a miracle Sonic got in Brawl when 06 killed his image. And even SEGA knew this, that's why Sonic was literally last second for this very reason as they feared Sonic's image would sour the relation with Nintendo only until it was clear as day fans wanted Sonic in Smash so they backpadeled and let Sakurai add him in. Seriously, SEGA is weird to this day so I don't expect anything less from them.Sakurai must hold a grudge against Sonic for making him delay Brawl because damn Sonic's had the same shitty moveset for over a decade

Attached: IMG_7088.jpg (2048x1536, 554.1K)

>>637554279>Calls Sora generic anime swordsmanWhat the fuck is with the Smash fanbase and their hatred of any character that looks animeish and has a sword? Swords are like one of the most common weapons in fiction? Also, he was literally the winner of the Smash poll, he does deserve it

>>637522829Dante and SMT rep, also maybe Raiden from Metal Gear also >>637523042 because I genuinely like SMRPG and think it'd be cool if a dead character got brought back through sheer campaign, I'm all for that stuff and Geno seems to be a particularly hard one to put into stuff, even when Square and Nintendo teamed up for a Mario crossover there wasn't any SMRPG stuff. They could've given his Mii a proper head too, literally nothing stopping them other than laziness I guess. It sucks to see

>>637522829they're in...

Attached: THEYREIN.jpg (1920x1080, 318.49K)

>>637560208Most of the franchises you listed aren't even that relevant anymore apart from Xenoblade. It's hilarious how much Fire Emblem makes Smash fans Seethe with rage over characters from it getting priority over dead franchises like Chibi Robo

>>637584907>all those pointsuh literally the same thing could be said by Goku the only counterpoint he has is that he originated from a manga instead of a videogame but still dragon ball games are as old as any NES originated IP, so there is that.

>>637523073the only correct answer

>>637585756How the fuck would she have worked as a fighter compared to Marth/Roy?

>>637590797lmao that was a bizarre time, all those grotesque animations

It would been nice to have Ninten, even if he probably would've been a Ness echo.

>>637529475could be worse. I'll never forgive them and always hate how Leon didn't become playable yet Resident Evil spirits made it in. if fucking SNAKE can double jump, so can Leon with all the shit he does in RE4


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>>637529976I remember getting pissed off as a grinchfag thinking Incineroar's eyes were Mach Rider's headlights on the bike.

>>637595385>its a 910 recommendation

>>637522829None of the characters I want will ever make it into Smash outside of mods, and I know that.

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>>637531816remembers the same shit happening with Skull Kid and Shadow, how they weren't EVER revealed to be assist trophies again until the bitter end with that garbage november direct.

>>637531883>Saki Amamiyathats a dude, play the game.

>>637594008Because the source is fucking shit. All Sonic does is roll up into a ball. Be thankful they actually took moves from Dogshit : The Fighters to fill in the blanks

>>637534001Contra's omission I'll never fucking understand. you get Konami back in the most legendary crossover game of all time, yet don't even acknowledge the fucking Konami code in some way?? the least we could've jad were spirits or mii outfits, but not even that. some fucking bullshit but such is life.

>>637536218>Pythra Boob and Nude Modsstill can't believe we're still missing FRobin, FCorrin, and Wii Fit Trainer nude mods. just about every other female character got one finally except them 3. shit like Alex and Nana too are missing if you wanna count them.

>>637529976Demi-fiend would've been fucking awesome, no SMT reps, HACKURAI CONFIRMED

>>637536208same bro...they did us dirty

>>637542990this. the game is boring as hell without sp content

>>637584131>The series icon is the Monaco>Shulk is the face of Xenoblade>appears through the trilogy>already made his mark in two Smash titles.>85% of Pyra & Mythra’s popularity is soley based off how many dicks they manage to harden>2’s sales were affected by the coomer/weeaboo crowd>Smash basically ignores them after the initial reveal trailer>didn’t show up in Future Redeemed without even a single mention by name.You’re delusional if you think those coomer swords are still gonna be relevant by the time XB4 comes out.

>>637536218>>Pythra Boob and Nude Mods.Where?

>>637594463>Lol Smash chuds are mad because they want underrepresented legacy franchises and characters playable instead of some gay ass anime series being bloated with sword protagonists because it’s supposed to be a celebration of Nintendo historyYou’re a fucking retard

>>637558139>>637560154>Dante>Phoenix Wright>Viewtiful Joe>Amaterasu>Leon or Jill>Monster Hunter>Arthur or Firebrandthere were far too many capcom icons that could've and should've been playable. but then it'd just turn into Smash Bros vs Capcom which I'd love

>>637594008Sakurai just thinks Sonic is lame

>>637598473Wow, a Japanese game has anime characters, what bullshit! Seriously, not many people are going to buy a game for Chibi Robo or whatever other non-relevant dead franchise Nintendo has like Golden Sun

>>637537097Same here. My last playthrough a couple months ago was sobering, though The game really peaks from Booster's Tower to when Peach formally joins the party after sneaking out of the castle. It's one of the only parts of the game where the party members feel like a united group and the only time they really interact with each other as a whole. It really loses something by not being like that for as much of the game as possible. The playable characters just don't talk enough. It's also just an effortless autopilot experience. It'll always be my favorite game, though, because it was my first RPG/story-based game in general, first look at a wider Mario world beyond platforming level architecture, and was very formative for me in general. I'd probably say the first two Paper Marios and Superstar Saga are better games now, but they just don't mean quite as much to me.

>>637598473What underrepresented legacy franchises from Nintendo needs fighters?

>>637555089Even if nobody else from FE, Marth is reasonable to get in.

>>637555089It deserves it more than fucking Golden Sun

>>637522829As a shameless weeb there are many characters I'm still hoping for next time>i wanted another xenoblade character, which we got, but it deserves a third one. they could do some interesting stuff with a blade 3 rep>i was hoping for reimu touhou every reveal. it didnt happen but touhou is too legendary to not be in smash>its never happening but i wanted some kind of etrian odyssey representation, i love that series and it was nintendo exclusive for so long>famicom detective club is localized now so theres zero reason for ayumi tachibana to not be in smash as was originally planned>i wanted some kind of visual novel rep, maybe shirou or saber from fate. ace attorney would also be cool>my ultimate never ever is senran kagura but maybe it somehow happened in a better timeline

>>637544805K. Rool was my most wanted since the Melee days. His reveal was probably the happiest a video game has made me since I was a child, and getting Banjo (plus a love letter to Rare in the cleverly rehashed trailer) on top of that truly was like a dream. It just makes it sting all the more that the uncertainty towards Rool's future has come creeping back in as year after year passes with no new Donkey Kong game announcement. He's gotten his own fucking roller coaster and a prominent role in a feature film before a simple fucking video game announcement. There are Lego sets (and, of course, K. Rool is nowhere to be found). DK is getting everything in the world except a video game, and the Kremlings are conspicuously excluded from all of it. It's hard not to believe Smash will be his tomb.

>>637578858>Smash Dojo daysglad to know I'm not the only oldfag. I remember believing Knuckle Joe was playable for about a week until I realized what Assist Trophies meant. good times being a kid

>>637599328Advance WarsChibi RoboPanel De PonGolden SunSin and Punishment StarfyStarTropicsMysterious Murame CastlePlay more Nintendo games you fucking zoomer

>>637589648>pic related notice how the invitation is stupidly used just for the 3 shitty nintendo 1st parties. while for 3rd parties, its only used for Terry and Joker which actually makes sense with their source material

>>637579776I miss these soulful kino fanarts from back in the day....there's still one I can't find for the life of me that had the Brawl cast celebrating in some cabin while Banjo was staring through the window all sad, being escorted away by Microsoft in a suit.

>>637579776>Geno in the backAnd yet people like to say that he was never asked for before Sakurai said he wanted him

>>637582238that interview mention along with Smash Kingdom and other NG animation parodies is what made people even want Geno to begin with. people often forget a ton about Smash's history with character inclusions and how they're usually influenced at the time.

>>637600446All of those series haven't had a new game in years except Advance Wars, and even that's just a remake. Why would they waste resources on characters from franchises most people won't remember/recognize? StarTropics wasn't even released in Japan.I also find it hilarious you want Golden Sun and Muramase Castle even though they also have anime swordsmen

>>637594189At least Pokémon can be anything as long as they have types while FE are stories about (mostly) humans who (mostly) wield swords because swords are the default heroic weapon.

Attached: IMG_7171.jpg (2048x2239, 1.28M)

>>637601001>MUH RELEVANCYJesus shut the fuck up, Smash is supposed celebrating history of games, not a VIP club for the latest shit,

>>637594463Funny you mention dead Franchises when at some point Fire Emblem and Xenoblade were near their deathbed before getting saved by Smash

Bomberman. He's pretty much Pac/Mega Man, but without the cultural/industry impact, but I've been holding out for him probably since the Melee days. I've made peace with the fact that he'll never be playable anyways since he's in a better standing than most wanteds on top of the fact that he's still getting games at all.

Attached: bomberman sonic pose.png (509x470, 26.82K)

>>637595385We are still missing the Trio of Earthbound Protagonists, in an alternate timeline, Mother/Earthbound would be Nintendo’s Final Fantasy

Attached: IMG_5755.jpg (2539x1680, 367.2K)

>>637601338Adding characters from those franchises you mentioned aren't going to sell people on a new Smash. People would want characters from franchises that are/were relevant when a new Dmash is in development. They want a new Zelda rep, not fucking Sky Skipper

>>637601470Awakening and XB2 saved them, not Smash.Smash has never actually managed to 'save' a series.

>>637586742as much as it pains me to say, Smash has truly turned into a giant promotional ad...so any niche retro picks that aren't prominently in your face today won't be making it in, especially not as sellable standalone dlc.

Attached: 8c273fed26124c5e55e1432e290437d9--legend-of-zelda-seasons.jpg (236x314, 18.29K)

>>637601470What? Fire Emblem was still popular in Japan when Marth and Roy debuted in Melee, and there was only one Xenoblade game when Smash 4 came out while still being a hit

>>637601730It was always a big ad for Nintendo dude

>>637599047Yeah but if the tables were turned you’d be shitting on FE if it were dead too

>>637602106If it was a dead franchise, yes I wouldn't think adding a fighter from it would make any sense, but that's not the case now is it

>>637599047Japanese game my ass, How the fuck did Smash go from a game about Mario schozzing Kirby in the face to adding weeaboo shit like Corrin and the XB2 coomer girls? It’s even worse when anyone dares express how tired they are of anime swordies because they’re always hit with “UH, IT’S A JAPANESE GAME SWEATY”.Like who the actually cares? Am I supposed to shut up and be a good boy as Daddy Sakurai adds Hajime Tontaro, the half naked twink blade user from the JP only RPG FairyBoobs XIIIIX instead of Crash because Smash happens to be made in the East?It’s a retarded argument, you wouldn’t want me requesting shit like Abby from TLOU2 if Smash was western-created would you? I wonder how different Smash would look if it were developed in the west.

>>637601730I mean Joe made it into MvC3 and that game was just a promotional ad for Mahvel.

>>637602296>They shouldn't add sword scrimblos they should add MY favorite scrimblos!

>>637594463>>637599047>>637599328>>637599507>”Oh no, someone made a joke about getting rid of the Fire Emblem characters from Smash. That's super rough, to have people out there with different opinions that don't line up with yours! Your FE series is doing great and Nintendo gives a damn about it, you can put up with jokes! Boohoo. Your series gets a lot of things. It shouldn’t be void of criticism.”It’s like when celebrities want you to feel bad for them for their lack of privacy.

Attached: IMG_5828.jpg (640x480, 44.03K)

>>637602296That's a dumb take. Smash Bros was developed in Japan, and the vast majority of the characters in it come from Japaneae developers. Why wouldn't some of them be animeseque? Should all the character just look like Saturday morning cartoon characters?Also they already have a Western Smash: PSASBR, and it's awful with all of the characters clashing horribly with each other

Who is the smash character that you think is gay?

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>>637599684>visual novel rep>not phoenix wright I’ll give you Ayumi Tachibana though

>>637602695Because the character replacements people have for the FE characters are always nonsensical and mostly come from dead Nintendo franchises no one gives a shit about anymore

>>6376004603rd parties can usually stand on their own and have a big effect of bumping into a Nintendo game.

>>637602904Barely anyone in the West even knew about the FDC remakes, let alone what FDC is.

>>637600045I really want to see what Illumination could do for K. Rool after they perfected Bowser's design and portrayal but I really can't shake the feeling Nintendo adamantly wants nothing to do with him outside of his begrudged role in Smash since they didn’t create K. Rool and yeah you could argue “but they used the other Kongs in the Mario Movie”youtu.be/1eggzBAzCZg

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>>637602904Phoenix would get in. He's the actual protagonist with a lot to pull from and not just the assistant that got a assist trophy because the player doesn't have a name.

>>637589860literally fucking this and I wish the masses would get this. dumbass people think Roy is Mario's player 2, he's not Luigi

>>637528596I also wanted 2B but it would've been stupid with the series never being on a Nintendo system. Now that there's a Nier Automata port it seems reasonable. They'd just have to hide her ass.

>>637578858>>637600085Apparently the Smash Dojo site has vanished but it lasted a great while

Attached: IMG_5830.png (640x549, 479.27K)

>>637603343>He's an actual protagonistfixed that. got me thinking of a AA x FDC crossover though.

>>637600460I would’ve loved to see how a Phoenix Wright reveal trailer would make use of the Smash Invitation

>>637601939no shit. my point is if it's not some fresh new hip thing or something that's attracting the mainstream over it's niche, then Nintendo wants it in.>>637602453that's the difference: MvC3. of course capcom will pick anything retro from their vast libraries of IPs, they have plenty of icons. it's too bad Nintendo won't do it for their game, since those are 3rd parties.

>>637599328>>637601001I would trade half of the FE roster and about half of the Pokemon roster for characters from smaller franchises. Golden Sun, Rhythm Heaven, Advance Wars, etc. I understand that it makes little sense to remove characters from those two huge franchises, but I wish smaller ones got the chance. Look at what Smash did for Kid Icarus.

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i accept my fate

Attached: its.actually.hot.png (634x634, 241.01K)

>>637576941The dumbest thing about the invitations is how it's been established they aren't actually addressed to anyone in particular and are really just Golden Tickets that anyone can use as long as they nab it.

>>637601710>>637601845Well Smash made them not so niche anymore

>>637595634absolutely bro.........

>>637598371>he doesn't know

>>637602453Fucking Jedah from Darkstalkers made it in the MCUfest that is Marvel Infinite

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Attached: 0k65ljcgn8231.jpg (1280x720, 165.67K)

I just want my indigo fur baby…

Attached: 5BC9C1F3-046C-42DC-9DBF-19F26B50913D.jpg (500x700, 107.42K)

>>637529740Apparently she was supposed to be in brawl but got cut due to time constraints

>>637602618There actually exists a Sword ScrimbloAlso Arthur from Ghosts and Goblins

Attached: IMG_5834.jpg (300x381, 50.1K)

>>637552865Japans taste is complete shit, shit shit shit.

>>637604431same bro..

>>637602943Think about it, if no one truly cared then they wouldn’t mention them in this here thread, you don’t speak for others, mate

>>637598941All you need is Phoenix Wright and Dante. They are the ones that matter. Everyone else in capcom besides streetfighter characters are just literal whos.

I am glad ultimate dlc is over so I don’t have to see any more of this dumb autism

>>637522829At one point I could swear Leon or a RE rep would make it.Also NOT having Toad playable at this pont is incredible, I wasn't rooting for these two, mind you, but I did expect them.

>No Kirby game stages that Sakurai was not involved in will appear>Only third party characters respect the original game, and most first party characters do not respect the original game>Especially Ganondorf, Wario, Dark Samus, Roy and Ike are far removed from the original gametwitter.com/MrMockRock/status/1436464944300498945Why is Smashfags praising this Sakurai's Masturbatory game?

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Adventure mode

>>637522829Doomguy, Crash Bandicoot, and Hakurei ReimuMy biggest NEVER EVER is Pious Augustus though

>>637522829Doomguy, or at least a classic 1993 based Mii Costume. I got neither.

Attached: 1627957111536.png (392x396, 177.89K)

>>637601483I'll forever hate the excuse Sakurai made that "it'd be difficult to make a moveset for him". motherfucker, bullshit- you made a moveset for a fucking plant, you're creative as fuck, and Bomberman has tons of potential you could pull off his games.

>>637523042You were ALWAYS delusional.>Side 3rd party character from a 25+ year old spinoff.Did you really think SQUEX, the company that has a grip so tight on their IPs that sometimes they don't even bother for these kind of cameos WITHIN the company would say yes to Geno before shilling any other of their more relevant OCs?

>>637522829>no goku>no spongebob>no geno>no builder man This is not ultimate. this is mediocre.

Attached: builder man.png (373x521, 207.93K)

>>637604889>calling Resident Evil and MonHun characters literal whoskek and cringepilled

>>637582623Was really shocked to not see Springman in the base game. I really though they would want the switch rep.

>>637603279I feel the same way, even though nothing else they do with him could be as perfect as that short was. A refined design is all I could ask for. He has a great design, but it's really hard to get right, as evidenced by most of his fanart looking horrible despite being made by good artists who understand the character. It's just too tricky to capture in 2D and without texturing. Only Steve Mayles himself and a couple of diehard Japanese fanartists have cracked it. His Ultimate design is pretty much perfect, I'd just make the tail its original length and probably do something about his really awkward legs.

Attached: DQ7l6GPX4AA88Bi.jpg (1200x1200, 180.44K)

>>637524375It should've been WoL from the start.>Can switch jobs with down B>Goes Warrior, Dragoon , Black Mage>Mostly same moveset but power and tange of moves varies>Dragoon is faster but a lot lighter, good for recovery>Black mage is slow as shit but hits from afar, shit recovery>Warior is average, similar to Hero in terms of melee range but ia heavier.

>>637594706>Still using this argument

>>637588414Honestly i hate this. It's the reason i loved Banjo so much

>>637603923We should have gotten Medusa as a Palutena clone/echo over Dark Pit as a Pit clone/echo.

>>637605429Springman is too plain and basic, it would be like asking for Andy instead of Sami from Advance Wars

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Asian girl

Attached: 1680498457312653.png (507x760, 684.78K)

>>637590848Zoomers will truly never recover

>>637601483The Bomberman AT being revealed the day after his creator fucking died was some savage shit.

>>637588126This but unironically. I'm dreading the moment FEfags do a 180 on Alear and pretend to love her just because it heckin owns the Smashies.

>>637599000And he's right for once

>>637605915people would cry about spring man even more than min min for one thinghis gimmick is that he gets permanent charged arms when his health is lowso he basically had a comeback mechanic

>trailer starts>shows footage of an entirely different game with characters are shown>after a few minutes, there’s a small build up>”I JUST GOT AN INVITATION TO JOIN SMASH!”>smash bros footage of the new character>new characters’ friends talk from the background to give commentary >”Wow, look at those legendary seasoned fighters, I sure hope he/she got what it takes to beat them all!”>new character starts losing to the smash cast>”Oh crud, I’m getting totally owned!”>gets KO’d by a character’s forward smash “AAAAAAAHHH!!”>character shown beaten up>”N-no, I won’t give up”>Character gets stronger by awakening their superpower>”All right, time for round 2!”>”TAKE THIS”>”TAKE THAT”>”SUUUUUUUPER ATTACK!”>”Wow, X character is greater then I thought!”>Final Smash>”ULTIMATE ATTAAAAAAAACK!”>Trailer ends with one last clip>”Heh, I guess Smash Bros is a greater destiny then I could ever ask for!”

Attached: BF468415-1615-46B2-94F1-1A3F5C3F5900.jpg (352x308, 96.85K)

>>637594606>the only counterpoint he has is that he originated from a manga instead of a videogameWhile also being the only counterpoint you need to invalidate him.

>one single game, fully polished, with all its content forever permeated into its cartridgevs>a live service game that continuously updates with much more content, but less polished and a ticking end dateChoose, Holla Forums

Attached: RVB.jpg (800x532, 29.8K)

>>637569313But if we don't have Black Shadow, how else will we get to play as Melonpan?

>>637606387every jrpg trailer


>>637606387It's always the shitty anime fags who get these trailers, which makes sense since they have to overcompensate with praise and constant franchise recognition in exchange for no one giving a fuck about them.

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>>637533217>Fire Emblem bias>Sakurai-era Kirby bias (just watch, if he's directing Smash 6 then Forgotten Land will amazingly get no in-game content beyond maybe a couple OST rips)>can't design swordfighter movesets anymore, they're samey bullshit and often incredibly braindead>refuses to meaningfully address veterans who are in desperate need of serious moveset overhauls because LITTLE BILLY WILL CRY IF HE DOESN'T GET FALCONDORF AGAIN>characters stuck with Smash-specific references instead of shit that's perfectly usable from their games (e.g. Giga Bowser, Yoshi Stampede, etc)>some animal characters still have generic animal/kaiju sounds instead of their canon voices, which is inconsistentYeah he needs to go, or at least get a co-director.

>>637589648Really didn't like Sora's trailer. Wanted him to be invited given mystery letters is something that happens to him a chunk of times in Kingdom Hearts games. Either that or take advantage of Sora's character and have him befriending the Nintendo characters. The way the trailer ultimately played out was kind of bland. Didn't really play up Sora's characterization the way say K Rool's trailer stayed true to his personality.

>>637589648>first picWere you paying attention during the trailer? The invitation was stolen.

>>637606387This is why the Smash letter ended up being a stupid idea, not only does it lead to the most obnoxious reveal trailers ever but it further cements the idea that Smash is some elitist VIP club where only the best can join and be truly “validated” as a gaming IP, if you’re not playable then you’re worthless.It only worked with Villager because it went along with the theme of Animal Crossing (and then they repeated it with Isabelle) or Min Min and Terry’s case where you the whole-ass cast fighting for a roster spot.

>>637606049>Shoving a new FE rep in Smash is cringe>Asking for an FE Fighting Game is basedPic unrelated but what’s a Smash Bros again?

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>>637607382pythra's and byleth's were still stupid as fuck, you can't refute this

>>637595634This isn't the anthro girls dominates human men thread you be a man and make a new thread.

>>637607250Sakurai is basically another Miyamoto but no one ever wants to admit it BECAUSE HES OUR BLESSED LORD AND SAVIOR WHO WORKS SO SO VEWY HARD ;_;We definitely need a new director but I wouldn’t mind Saks staying around to supervise, Smash is still his baby to watch.

>>637599000>>637606092Funny thing is he actually played Sonic Frontiers so maybe Sonic will see some changes next time?

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>>637607195>It's always the shitty anime fags who get these trailersIsabelle kinda had that too. Her trailer kept mentioning the Mayor being away at Smash and climaxed into a A-WUHHHHH I'M IN SMAAAAASSH!?!?!?!? letter moment too.

>>637607690You responded to the wrong post.

>>637607443Sakurai is not directing anymore so....they may drop the Smash letter thing.

>>637606660Basically Smash Vs MultiverSUSOh yeah guys remember Multiversus?

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>>637607769it honestly shouldn't be that hard to direct the next Smash game, with the right talent.>literal toybox fantasy of vidya characters duking it out>represent them faithfully with gameplay gimmicks, attacks, and elements within their movesets + animations>appease fanservice by following step 2 aboveit's literally that simple.just, again, need the right talent to avoid a disaster like psabr.

>>637600460Joker's was kinda good because it wasn't even clear at first that his trailer WAS a Smash thing. Terry's was great because it was done in the style of various SNK sprite art, played off the KoF94 intro, and had minor suspense in making you wonder who'd get it. Christ I'm so glad we didn't get Kyo or Nakoruru as the first SNK rep.