Midna Thread

You havent forgotten about her, have you?

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I want them to make a life size, correction proportion 40lb of pussy and ass Midna sex doll

Twilight Princess is the greatest video game of all time.

>>637508379>user makes midna thread >people start posting>thread gets noticed by voretranny who posts about it on their general in /trash/>can post their retarded fetish for an entire day >check to see if its actually vore fags from /trash/>its real>post proof in thread>thread gets autosaged immediately

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Midna 3x Pleasure was an integral part of my childhood

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>>637508485Comission one for several thousand dollars from Real Doll. One is put there somewhere.

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>>637508619Fuck jannies

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luv me midna, simple as

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>>637508619>>637508710And fuck mods, too. Just make an announcement that Holla Forums is now /trash/.

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>>637508379I wear her helmet in TotK

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>>637508819>>637508710>>637508619Anon shut up and post midna.

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imagine deep piston fucking her real fast like full nelson style balls deep with sloppy sounds and in a rythm while she just keeps cumming and shit it'd be real funny

>>637508920ha ha

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Twilight Princess is underrated. Best ending I've seen in a game next to FF7

>>637508619>>637508710>>637508819Absolutely grim, no wonder Midna threads were absolute garbage in recent times

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Is this the thread for pedophiles psychopaths who fantasize about raping and killing toddlers ? Why do you keep living? Why do you keep suffering? You have no attachment. Are you masochistic? Do some philosophy to become normal or leave this world that you might be at peace.

>>637508636Made for oral…

Any thoughts on the Twilight Princess manga?

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>>637509337Damn straight.

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I wish I was Midna's ass

built for belly inflation

>>637509396>he doesn't know about Twili shadow clothes

>>637509396She makes me feel really good…

>>637508619>>637508710>>637508819this, but fuck voreniggers toomidna is one of my favorite characters in LOZ and they ruin every thread

>>637509457I choose to ignore it when it is advantageous.

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>all these niggers screeching about whatever rather than posting minda

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>>637509954God she is so smug…

>>637508619>>637508710>>637508819Didnt expect to see this when I made this thread lmao, wtf did I miss?

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What kind of vidya would Midna play?

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>>637509359which one?

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>>637508916No, fuck off. Whats the point in Midna threads if every fucking one of them gets taken over by /trash/ rejects not even 50 posts in, where they can spam their garbage fetish literally until it hits bump limit, or like in the last one, gets autosaged the moment someone points out that this is just another raid from their containment board? Fatfags, vorefags, who cares, they know they can just post their trash in here while the mods turn an eye.

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>>637510931This image makes me feel old.

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Made to pump up until she goes nuclear, being smug and teasing all the while

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>>637511070What SHOULD be posted instead? What undoubtedly videogame related discussion should go on in Midna threads?

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>>637511281She is from a video game therefore it is video game related to post her with a huge ass and talk about fapping to her

>>637511281>What SHOULD be posted insteadMidna stuff, especially not the kind that straight belongs on /trash/?

Just bulging, rumbling, giggling as she prepares to fucking b l o w

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>>637510212Vore and fatniggers ruined the thread before this one, not for the first time

>>637511281post midna with a huge swollen belly

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>>637510931This was my first exposure to NTR. I remember getting unreasonably angry that Midna was fucking Colin instead of Link.

>>637512184I don't have any of those, apologies.

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>>637508379Is she a green shark girl? Is she a cute shota birb? No? Then fuck off Midna, you've been dethroned by two new characters you dumb midget!

Giant megaplump MidnaMassive and fullHeating up, bubbling, rumblingBeing squeezed between her massive, taut thighs, kissing and biting and frotting against her mass as she creaks and groans ominously, a ticking timebomb

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>>637512448that's not even ntr, they had barely any relationship and its not like Midna hooks up with Link in the game either



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>>637512861I thought this was the thread for posting images of Midna and our fantasies involving her

>>637511281Tributes to her

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>>637513571Got any other… tributes… of her?

>>637513571>>637514204Yeah have you cummed on anything with her picture on, do you have pics of your cum on her

Anons will have to make their own tributes it seems.

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>>637514682Don’t think I can post that here

>>637509359Well for Midnafags in particular it's an absolute godsend. In general it's a very good treatment that expands on a lot of TP storylines without getting too ridiculous. I'm actually surprised Nintendo approved it given how conservative they are with their IPs

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>>637514753What did he mean?

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>>637514753BasedAnal so hard she explodes

Midna turned me into a premature ejaculator.

>>637514753>>637515364Anal is gross and it makes God sad

>>637515682not if its with a hot girl

>>637515682OK grandma

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>>637508379>You havent forgotten about her, have you?How can I forgot about her? she's a cute loli.

>>637518189Midna is a very cute loli indeed!

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>>637512054to shit herself?


>>637513571holy based user

>>637508379>Never. I will never forget. NEVER FORGET

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so is this the vore thread or what

>>637517554>>637519795How did they get away with this?

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Any other anons close

>>637520073i just cummed big globs of semen

>>637520802Can’t stop thinking of Midna and her smug smile… fuck…

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>>637508379No, and I want the game on the switch finally.I'm not buying a fucking wiiu to play the latest version of it.They ported literally everything else worth playing from it over to the switch except this and wind waker.

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youtu.be/zLmz_xfBLR0Stop watching porn.


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>>637521740I only watch hentai

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>>637512257the perfect amount of juicy

>>637515682god's not real pablo

>>637522482He's watching you right now and he's disappointed.

>>637508379Queen of Holla Forums

Threadly reminder that Twili Midna is the true patrician choice, but you kids ain't ready for this discussion.

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So is the black part of her body the clothes?

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>>637522316i never really understood these onahole product placements. midna is right there.

>>637523878 Right!?, I swear I know BD could get off their ass and develop hip molds. That or someone on Etsy finally doing what many won't.

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>>637523084No, no. I agree with you 100%. But shortstacks are also based.>>637523436Kinda? iirc it's implied that Twili cover themselves with shadow magic.

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>>637509032That whole block of text feels like something I could have randomly posted on 4chan in a Midna thread 8 years ago or something while super horny and feeling kind of tongue in cheek at the same time.

>>637514445My semen is for Midna's eyes and butt, and back, and vagina, and belly, and feet, and hands, and thighs, and arms, and face, and cereal alone, sorry


>>637508379Mr. Jones has not forgotten.

>>637513179he's talking about ilia

>>637526289Glazing midna milky translucent white

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>>637508379>>637509396Midna loli cunny

>>637527751Loli? What do you mean?

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>>637527884this one is traced from rl

>>637528437I know. I was the imp.

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>>637515682God isn't real.

>>637524608>CSRBased, also>posting the REAL midnaExtra based>>637526546Kill yourself tourist.

>>637528918Then how did we end up in the reality where actual perfection exists?

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>>637529103>actual perfection>posts off-model artDumb coomer faggot.

>>637529298My badNot like this is much different

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>>637529054>tourist>by a normiefag that likes CSRYou're not gonna make it, coomfag

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>>637529397Go back already newshit

>>637530116>go backWell, looks like the newfag is you

>>637529397>normieyou have to go back

CSRfags always have to shit up cool threads with their garbage """art"""

Midna is my wife.

>>637509359Like some things, don’t like some things.

>>637530201You're still here newshit?

>>637531164You can say "fag", newfag, there's no penalty like in twitter

>>637529384her ass is gigantic.

>>637524656It was originally posted by Shigeru Miyamoto and translated into English.

>>637531246>tourist is still at itWhy are you still here newshit?

I'll come back to this thread tomorrow and I expect more midna material


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>>637532871ok fren

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big steppy

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>>637508379does it ever say how old she is? I feel kind of weird with all the rule 34 around her.

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fat assed retard

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>>637509359where can i read the rest of it? i can only find up to chapter 28 and it apparently goes further

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>>637534467>>637534673>>637534745>>637534831Thank twilight these are all censored!

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built for bbc

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>>637535280>>637535360my face pillow

>>637535209>meruhaha which version is it

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midna should have died during TwiPri

>>637535589I don't know so just assume it's the diaper version.

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Literally everything about Midna is perfectionHer ass, belly, stature, proportions, cute little fang and feet. Every aspect of her body is methodically designed to be appealing to men. Her attitude is teasing and tsundere, easily dominated under the right circumstances. She's exotic and animalistic, even the color palette of her body with the white highlight from her face to belly and right leg is like a primal fertility goddess, not even human, just a being of pure sex and eroticism.

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>>637508379I want the improved version

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>>637514753Anon makes a good point.

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>>637528895>ethereal echoes of "we're the rats" reverberate around the room

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>>637537238Go back, tourist.

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>>637536192Imagine creating a figurine/statue/idol or something of a sexualized Midna and airdropping it over North Sentinel Island. The uncontacted tribe would find the statue in the sand and think it a god sent from the heavens. They create a little shrine for Midna and worship it everyday by offering it all kinds of fruit and fish and stuff. They eventually dress themselves in the likeness of Midna and fashion headdresses for themselves whilst painting their bodies black and teal and white (using berries or some natural shit). They start prancing around the beach shaking their spears at any pajeets who come too close in their boats, all seemingly cosplaying as fucking Midna. One day some missionary livestreams himself visiting the islands to convert the savages and gets turned into a fucking pincushion by a bunch of fat-assed Sentinelese women dressed up as Midna. This news story is broadcast worldwide. It would be a great marketing campaign to promote a Twilight Princess sequel.

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What colour is Midna's poopoo? I'm thinking a greyish green-blue

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Would you even be able to get your dick inside her? Or would it be no different from a midget?

>>637537238sex with wolf midna

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>>637538454look at the gap between her legs. That pussy is full sized.

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Midna made me so horny as a teen when this game first came out. I can't tell if I've always liked shortstacks and she's the first real one I ever saw or if she's the reason I'm into this body type.

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>>637521740That comment section is a goldmine.

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>>637513223>that mii

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>>637537794>fag that fails 2d/3d distinction >calling anyone a tourist

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>>637540586christcucks are a deranged people

>>637544143POV: youre Link and you just uncover the mystery thing in the hidden temple place. Suddenly you feel something wet and squishy grinding and poking your arm. "Wh..what is that?", you look down and see Midna's sopping wet snatch and fully erect trembling clit.

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Attached: midna 100%.png (800x600, 97.05K)

Attached: midna butt.png (669x800, 212.32K)

>>637508485I would take even a small chibi one. Or just something like that. Every "doll" I've seen looks like shit. I can't settle for a torso and a flashlight is plain boring. Why the fuck has NOBODY made a simple yet appealing looking silicone fucktoy that has a head and limbs? I'd buy the shit out of it.

Ridiculously large Midna.

Attached: Midna_Hourglass.png (3300x5100, 1.65M)

This is what Midna looks like now...

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>>637535824Give me this Midna.

>>637550856As you wish.

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I want Midna back...I want her back god damn itI just want her back

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Attached: 1454520931691.gif (320x288, 13.9K)

I wanna BE Midna!

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>>637508379Is her helmet in TOTK?

>>637551219But user your womb and stomach would be pumped full of cum within hours.

>>637551167>>637551167I want midna so bad bros that smug brat needs to be on my penis at all times

>>637551439Thought it'd be within minutes, oh well.

Attached: 1683707145022271.png (1500x1500, 1.33M)

>>637551527That'd be a lot of quickshots user...

>>637551657Trading quality for quantity.

Attached: 1666546930558774.png (850x810, 248.66K)

Was in like 1 game and never seen again PLUS she got turned into an old hag in the end, how do Midnafags cope

>>637553593I think her real form was still beautiful, but I prefer her imp form

haha Midnafags want to fuck this

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Attached: thighs.png (960x720, 1.04M)


Attached: midna sexo.webm (1280x720, 667.5K)

>>637519795It's crazy how you can tell when a manga is written by women because it'll actually be sexy

>>637508379I'll never forget

Attached: Fv5-dZtXwAENGQd.jpg (1200x1200, 163.94K)

>>637551527I love this. Always makes me want to breed that sexy imp.

How do I teach an AI what a Midna is?

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Attached: Midna enjoying 3DS.gif (368x480, 885.18K)

>>637555907You have to be more specific. The AI knows what Midna looks like in general; her face, the helmet, her hair, colors, etc. It's not going to know she's supposed to be a short, fat-assed imp with wide hips because those aren't all consistent. You need to tell the AI how to sculpt the body otherwise you're just get generic exaggerated anime tits and ass.

>>637514753Good post

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Attached: 1681848417378474.webm (1280x720, 3.8M)

>>637508379what's the appeal? she's literally from one game and spinoffs nobody talks about anymore


>>637521740No. It feels good to coom.

Attached: coomer.jpg (1545x869, 91.62K)

>>637557454Have you played her game? If not, you wouldn't get it.

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Attached: 8148315102886358-3.jpg (1350x592, 127.38K)

used to be

Attached: 8148315102886358-1.png (501x643, 279.4K)

really lucky

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Attached: Zant's a shithead.png (725x945, 507.55K)


Attached: Link vs Zant.jpg (623x930, 145.74K)

>>637535040Do my eyes deceive me, or does Midna have balls in this animation?

Can anyone link the mega?

>>637551296Answer me, you coomers

>>637560887nigga we ain't google

>that user who lost his family because he had pictures of midna saved in his computerRemember kids, don't share your fetish with a woman.

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>>637560887Yeah, retard

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>>637508619Midna makes a great pred. Seethe, mald and dilate.

Attached: Twilight Princess 2873646.png (1148x1600, 1.36M)

Would you be with her if it meant you had to turn into a dog?Okay you can keep your human form if you want but you still have to crawl everywhere on all fours

Attached: 1669755898532367.jpg (2344x3000, 1.6M)

hear me outwhat if midna was like, really hungryhungry enough to eat someone in this thread

>>637509359It has some good parts, some bad parts, and some extremely stupid "edgy for the sake of edgy" bullshitPretty much what you'd expect from a Twilight Princess manga

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how uhh how old is this thing?

>>637563149Midna? I don't believe her age is ever mentioned. We have no way of knowing how her race ages either.

>>637561768Assuming I receive Wolf Link aesthetics, this is literally a win in all ways>Free from all major responsibilities>Get to live a short but incredibly fulfilling life (because you don't know any better)>Attractive white women all want to have sex with you>Midna wants to have sex with you>Apex predator with the power to maim Twili shock troops and kaiju-tier monstersA hard hell no if I become some shitty mutant turdling like a chihuahua or a pug.


Attached: 1614535659648.gif (200x200, 268.06K)

>>637563769Well, you definitely have your priorities. I have to imagine losing aposable thumbs would suck though.

Attached: sit (2).jpg (698x700, 80.62K)

>>637563823When you see the imp butt

Attached: IMG_0845.jpg (1280x1811, 301.87K)

Imp Midna is unironically 40 pounds of pussy and ass. She's just floating drumsticks with a smug single fang grin. That's not even artists exaggerating it, her body mass is actually 80% in her cheeks, thighs, and pot belly. She's not a pear, she's a lightbulb. They had to know exactly what the fuck they were doing. I refuse to believe otherwise. People being creepy fuckers and sexualizing the Inklings and the bird girl from Wind Waker and all that shit, sure, that's on the fans. But Midna being a forty pound pussy that grinds on top of Link's head and bosses him around is 100% on Nintendo. Her imp form was actually MORE sexualized than her true form, which is astonishing since her true form is literally a completely naked woman in harem silks with black bodypaint covering over her bits.

Attached: 1656816651026.jpg (1000x1000, 157.65K)

Attached: 1681860628783776.webm (1280x720, 3.89M)

>>637564969thumbnail looks like two armless torsos with tiddies


Attached: 1517383829.webm (720x480, 245.63K)

>>637565171I'm not seeing it.

Attached: 6421c54e572.jpg (450x564, 68.91K)

Midna could kick your ass

Attached: 1676234093296124.webm (1280x720, 3.86M)

>>637558910Midna needs to pull a Zant on Midna

>>637566887what did he mean by this

>>637566820That's part of why she's so hot. She's tiny but she could pin any user here down easily if she wanted to.

>>637566820As if the giant hair-hand alone wouldn't be enough to just slap or pin anons to the ground

Attached: Vulgar.jpg (900x1163, 254.55K)

>>637550920This is a step in the right direction

>>637567065god I miss Shad

>>637567403Iirc, most of his Midna stuff was futa

Attached: 1569940324643.jpg (1012x1024, 91.9K)

Attached: EtWVLzlXUAAJxjI.webm (500x382, 593.48K)

Midna only wants sex from 10/10 ottermode men and dogs.It's unironically over for the average Holla Forums poster

>>637568341Fool that you are that you assumed I've ever felt any hope at all.

>>637568341works on my machine


>>637568341What about adventurous shotas?

Attached: 92982768_p35.jpg (1181x971, 350.58K)

What is she looking at?

Attached: 1672246734414405.webm (1280x720, 3.83M)

>>637569597Anons that prefer Imp Form

>>637569597>inb4 my dick

>>637569597zant :)


Attached: 1444755130066.png (331x352, 211.42K)

Attached: 1681864701177279.webm (1280x720, 3.87M)

>>637567669which is ok in my book

>>637570302An old screenshot, user’s wife discovered him when he told her about this fetish.Not only that, he went under supervision program because she accused him of being a pedo.

>>637561028She's worth it.

Attached: 1543979964394.jpg (583x600, 470.06K)

>>637515682God does works in mysterious ways, but the fact that he doesn't want me to fuck my wife in the butt makes me upset.

>>637514682god, imagining potent anons blowing their pent-up loads all over this fat-assed imp gets me starry-eyed...

>>637571284Great taste then

Attached: IMG_20200624_214335.jpg (4096x2573, 773.07K)

>>637564253>moans when riding Link gets a little bumpyThey knew

>>637571776That's gay

Attached: E7UFikcVIAA82G2.jpg (768x768, 89.18K)

>>637572110It's 2023, nobody cares about being gay anymore.

Attached: FMnZdMMaMAM6R-b.jpg (2048x2048, 214.4K)

i remember every time I open the menu

Attached: 1682516507159052.png (516x446, 248.79K)

>>637554989All three holes are ready user.

Attached: 1681055350744588.png (900x1532, 1.11M)

>>637573292One of the few artworks that seems to portray her being white as naked.Midna always has her "clothes" (shadows) on in this sort of stuff.

>>637537238D O W N G R A D E

>>637573414the pattern is still there it's just mutedand she'd look awful as solid white


>>637573591>the pattern is still thereSure, but her ass is mostly pure white, she's 'naked' where it matters


Attached: 1681829737632003.webm (1280x720, 3.9M)

>>637537794oops looks like you posted in the same board as rampant pedophiles, you're a pedo now as well

>>637573292This picture is so baffling>Ass is great>Lighting is great>Neck is bent an insane angle that doesn't line up with her head at all>Head is a travesty

Dress up your Midnas, you guys; this is a blue board.

Attached: ExaB1N9VEAMm0CI.png (720x900, 188.68K)


Attached: Fuck Me.jpg (612x1000, 195.41K)

>>637576403Poor imp can't read English, giving her this shirt is bullying.

>>637571878thanks fren

Attached: 1598012551225.jpg (1912x1080, 129.07K)


Attached: aaaf03686b2f93b1a160378bbc0b9b9b.png (808x1200, 907.82K)

There. The overall lewdness ITT has decreased. A job well done.

Attached: Ey3PsnEVoAIKLE3.jpg (720x1150, 156.53K)

>>637576208>>637576403Man, she really likes these type of shirts doesn't she?

Attached: 65659587f730056648c5a4588744a827.jpg (864x1000, 108.99K)

>>637576624What if she knows what it says?

Attached: 3730108383.png (1936x1936, 2.03M)

>>637576208So shall it be.

Attached: 62c129330eb89c2c92044cf6a699be7f.jpg (1750x2500, 330.63K)

Attached: 1604425902304.jpg (2048x1536, 359.24K)

>>637576208I know just the thing

Attached: Midna Wedding Dress.jpg (900x906, 526.13K)

nothing lewd here

Attached: D9W69NkWsAA8tzy.jpg (903x1200, 139.82K)


Attached: Midna fetish.jpg (558x558, 64.65K)

Attached: Stare.png (600x828, 290.74K)

Attached: 1b212263b54959e2e1c2ab808007563e.png (842x1215, 654.56K)

Attached: 145822c95bd102e1b92733c49a2f016e.jpg (2200x2400, 542.87K)

Attached: ETae2DhWoAEh7JP.jpg (1000x1200, 145.05K)

Attached: ElCy-SNU0AAoHdc.jpg (1280x1024, 206.14K)

>>637576208OH NO IT'S HOTTER

Attached: midna93.jpg (1675x1908, 246.73K)

Attached: ClnQ4zOXIAAmGuV.jpg (800x1200, 92.33K)

My midna pillow smells like hyssop and myrrh

Attached: 20230417_203147.jpg (2513x2658, 1.46M)

Attached: 1571348365376.png (900x1229, 772.84K)

Attached: EzBg7BRVoAME15n.jpg (720x1100, 100.7K)

Attached: 3116a71c03b2101e6129b7dfa3cddcda.jpg (2500x4000, 1.14M)

Attached: 1626463359228.png (726x1592, 814.14K)

Attached: 1657924528415.jpg (937x897, 72.24K)

>she will NEVER return in any Zelda game

Attached: 1658037152290.png (798x798, 192.07K)

Attached: FuOz2XrXgAkG7CT.jpg (530x950, 83.44K)

Attached: 15072248743333.png (498x900, 167.71K)

>>637578669The perfect body type.

Attached: midna74.png (418x604, 274.48K)

>>637578985Amen. Thanks for the lifelong preference, Midna.

Attached: Eg65RdHVoAEfBUS.jpg (1920x1080, 128.07K)

>>637576832>Midna will never use her giant hair-hand to grip your body like an onahole and slide you up and down her cock

Attached: 20230322_092848.jpg (2000x2000, 374.09K)


Attached: 249802995980374624.png (800x1275, 859.14K)

>>637508379i dislike her greatly

>>637514753A convincing argument, to be sure.

>>637580203>I dislike her greatly

Attached: Zant on the computer.png (1136x748, 65.16K)

Imp belly!

Attached: 1594928350732.png (612x836, 416.7K)

Attached: 69c01f88f58e07304cff488dac9d1bcb.jpg (1930x2494, 1.11M)

Attached: 1609481177294.png (2000x2000, 511.05K)

>>637577431>being attracted to a short, thick adult lady = pedoDidn't Australia ban women with small breasts from appearing in pornography for that exact sort of reason? Flat enjoyers can't catch a break.

>>637578460I'm so proud of her

>>637577431I would tell that wife that if she can find a single child that looks like Midna, she would get a billion dollars and then watch her try and fail for years.

Moral of the story: Marry Midna instead

Attached: 1611869671512.jpg (894x623, 166.25K)

>>637523084>>637524608>>637529054My brothers

Attached: FNEivuOakAIvKk1.jpg (1448x2048, 401.23K)

>>637583042The "I got there first, bitch" grin.

Attached: FBbY-i3WQAER2a5.png (1238x1354, 693.78K)


Attached: Eska7tzUcAEghtn.jpg (1011x1348, 184.03K)

The contrast between tiny imp and blimped imp is what makes it hot

Attached: Ft6_IzIXoAE3B5X.jpg (2048x1885, 264.85K)

>>637519885>canon Midna is cute and innocent>fan Midna is a mega cock-whoreWhy are gamers like this?

>>637585704Because the former personality doesn't lend itself well to sexual fantasies involving her being stretched out by multiple dicks or filled with cum or whatever the anons want to fantasize about her doing. They want a slutty smug shortstack and don't care about her canon attitude.


Attached: ImagineManhandlingHerTinyBody.jpg (750x537, 121.26K)


Attached: I'm all Wet.gif (500x263, 530.05K)

>>637585704I could fap to the former but you know why I choose the latter

>>637585704she's a mischevious little retard but I wouldn't call her innocent

Attached: 1682126622142602.webm (1280x720, 3.92M)

>>637585970Yeah, you're right, being smug or sassy definitely means she wants to be gangbanged by randoms.


Attached: 1681862837708660.webm (1280x720, 3.92M)


Attached: ENTER.webm (1280x720, 2.99M)

>>637586209she wants to be gangbanged (by me)

>>637586453She's planning something DEVIOUS

Any Yordle enjoyers here too?I wish Vex was more Midna like.

>>637579129what is she saying?

>>637587407"Twilight-colored uniform"

>>637587296they're nice but i would rather evaporate than play league of legends

>>637586209I'd rather get dominated by several Midnas.

>>637561768I don't care if dogs only live 10-20 years. I'd take that without hesitation so long as I belong to a female who loves being mounted. If it's Midna specially and she's down to take the knot? Absolutely.

>>637587605>playing league heh. I have never touched League, but my yordle collection is massive. Maybe we'll get a Yordle centric game eventually with all the game outsourcing they do nowadays. Not holding my breath though


>>637587854Fucking based.Imagine being buried in pile of true and imp midnas; all mind-melded and feeling what every other midna is feelingall of them getting increasingly turned on just from rubbing against each other, a slowly increasing feedback loop of pleasureuntil you bury yourself in the nearest midna and start thrusting, all the midnas gasping and moaning as it reverberates through them alla mound of twitching, sweating, imps and twiliithe pleasure building and buildingall of them beginning to cum, the pleasure skyrocketing, midnas all beginning to creak and bulge from the overload of pleasure

Attached: df292051fb08797d59ddc9e713fb4029.png (1871x2000, 2.2M)

>>637587605Who cares about League nigga, I just want to sex the funny magical gremlins


now that the dust has settled, why did she do it?

Attached: 1616895254380.jpg (1050x993, 110.4K)

>>637587854>I'd rather get dominated by several Midnas.One Midna would be enough for me. But its hot to imagine having like 9 plus gremlim-ish girls climbing on top of you like a mountain and bullying the shit out of you with their collective might.

Attached: IMG_20201230_014033.jpg (1136x2033, 977.74K)

>>637590890what was the connection here there were multiple art pieces of this concept

>>637508710>>637508619/trash/ has vore threads? why the fuck am I still posting here instead

Attached: 1684286390396526.jpg (2219x3169, 1.28M)

>>637587296My cosplays as vex and hogs the midna pillow at night

Midna eating everyone in this thread!>>637591134it's all furshit

>>637591474yea I had a look its complete dogshit in there

I want Midna to call me obedient before sitting that 40 pounds right on my face.

>>637590967It was nothing but a short-term art meme. There was no reasoning for it beyond "hey this stupid fat boat blocked the canal. Haha lets draw girls blocking the canal to show how fat their asses are." That's literally it. That is the extent of it.

>>637578669Little Shits

>>637592509i meant with midna specifically but if there were other girls then i guess that explains it

>>637592509YeahGood times


>>637587296fuck off

Don't forgetimp.vote/

Attached: 1657864652057829.webm (1280x720, 3.94M)

>>637508379All coom posters need a 48 hour ban to think about their lives.

>>637592578>Why does [shitpost involving shortstack character specifically] exist?Odds are good the answer is "Boogie".

Attached: CarlMidna.jpg (1080x608, 146.3K)


>>637590890I want to see a midna that bigA colossal midnaA titanic, gigantic midnaand then she begins to rumble

>>637593423Do tell, what happens next?

>>637593857Probably thisrule34.xxx/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=6477408

>>637592982Thats my boy right thereNot a harder working man on the planet

Attached: 1587999481169.png (600x600, 222.45K)


>>637593857Lots of rumbling, groaning, creaking as she begins to overload - lewd moans from Midna as she approaches critical mass, flesh becoming taut and firm, sweat turning to steamme right at ground zero, stood in the valley between her two massive thighs and cheeks, basking in the heat radiating off her as she creaks and squeaks, at her very limitskaboom

I'm in love with Midna. Just needed to get that out there

>>637594172Right answer.

Attached: sucy-inhale.gif (498x280, 1.51M)

i have a fucking NEED for a giantess midna to smother me beneath her fat ass

How did this Princess remain so popular over the years?

>>637594983anal only princess

>>637594983Literally the Queen of Shortstacks>inb4 she isn't oneDoesn't matter.

>>637594894Get in line buddy

>got vored by midna last thread

Attached: file.png (286x323, 134.88K)

>>637595823If she's big enough there won't be any need for a line.

>>637595929link it


Attached: Nope-695107-Midna_stuffing_cmrh3k.png (4000x1677, 1.2M)

Attached: EvaPNI5XcAAu7W2.jpg (1051x667, 80.84K)

>>637596460just search b4k for midna


Attached: midna sausage.jpg (1133x1764, 131.86K)

>>637596557theboogie has given me brain damage in the sense that i want to be swallowed by smug women with pointy ears

Attached: file.png (1029x320, 355.66K)

Attached: 1646165332889.jpg (850x587, 109.49K)

>>637508619>>637508710>>637508819Based, fuck /trash/cucksFuck jannies too

Attached: Gigachad with mirror.png (853x1000, 521.53K)

Attached: Eqf-xadXcAEGLpc.jpg (1336x1747, 625.22K)

Attached: FBrcaN9XMAUeNag.jpg (2048x1170, 416.07K)

Anyone got any twilight princess art from 2006?


Attached: 1682116835684894.jpg (880x1240, 486.54K)

>>637597796I'm trying to get him to draw more cute boys and twinks but he clings to his nicheGod damnit

Attached: 1650246665253.png (931x853, 441.66K)

>>637601230When you're known for one fetish, might as well stick with what you know

Attached: EwakQMGXAAIYj8T.jpg (2048x2048, 358.12K)

>>637591574You mean you don't want to discuss getting vored by pachinko machines, vacuum cleaners, and syrup bottles?

>>637602003god i wish i were wolf link

>>637600214i remember there was barely any art of her when the game first came out, and even then she was drawn with normalized proportions. the mid 2000's were hell for zelda coomers in general.

Attached: 1656858938846.jpg (1009x504, 447.12K)

>>637602569That maybe, but you got any from that time?

Attached: midna normal sex.jpg (1612x886, 232.36K)

>22 hour thread>422 posts, 227 imagesBased Midna enjoyers still thriving after all these years. Jannies are strangely lenient when it comes to Midna threads.

>>637603789Based Jannies.

Attached: Midna Tears of the Kingdom.jpg (1706x2048, 337.88K)

>>637508379I like to think TP Link fucked her.

Attached: 1681849213215877.webm (1280x720, 3.92M)

Attached: 1592452513882.jpg (635x450, 75.06K)


Attached: 1684443675229.png (3000x2000, 887.33K)

anyone have "good" sfm midna clips?

>>637603789It's proper decency. Don't give them credit. I haven't been 3dayed in months and am comfy.

Attached: midna fi.jpg (600x800, 89.76K)

Watch kpop!

Attached: 1678533586527742.png (496x700, 671.9K)

Attached: FvNKSvHXsAEajvk.jpg (2048x1365, 353.88K)

>>637606506What character is Midna dressed up as? I recognize the outfit from somewhere

>>637606863Joseph from jojo

>>637607263Thanks, that was driving me crazy

Attached: retro.png (900x700, 1.26M)