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Requesting Dia from World Flipper in a black tape bikini.>Image Referenceslitter.catbox.moe/wsa4ld.png>Video Examplesyoutu.be/L0zNJwBJ_IIhttps://youtu.be/B_YIhRQuY9khttps://youtu.be/hje9uvUXKQU

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Draw Gullveig throwing Kiran into a ravineLike what I drew, but not as bad as mine.

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Requesting Judgement from Helltaker wearing a sexy dress with a lot of thick thighs and hips focus thanks in advance

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>>637488464Posting this dumb witch again, because she won't stop screaming.

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Requesting my dwarves from Deep Rock Galactic drinking and dancing while Mission Control is seething and screaming at them all to get to work.

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what is the "doodle rule"

Requesting Banjo dressed as a priest while Game Over Gruntilda dressed as a sexy nun.

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Requesting trainer beating his Sylveon. No need to draw the human itself, just some offscreen stick or hand, indicating intent, is enough, main focus on the pokemon. You can use some references from the animal/dog videos on how they react to raised hand, basically lowering themselves to the ground, trying to avoid . Artistic take and appropriation to the context applicable of course. Expressions and body language is the most important thing here.To make it clear: no gore, blood, explicit physical damage or torture. It does not have to be colored, sketch/lineart is fine as long as illustrates idea well.

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>>637488746You see how >>637488516 has both a doodle and even an attempt at drawing the request?It means it's more likely to be someone that actually cares about the request.

Requesting Grimm from Black Souls with his anchor and a Runescape player character in full rune armor and wielding the barrelchest anchor complimenting each other's anchors.

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Requesting the Axel in Harlem meme with Wario as Axel and the rest of characters with 5-Volt, Mona and Jimmy T.

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Requesting Aisha dressed as a hula girl with the bikini barely able to cover her big titties.

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Requesting Raccoon Ami from Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled smoking a cigar like this

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Requesting the my own clone meme with the Tarnished and his Mimic Tear summon.

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Requesting Nyakuza Hat Kid feeding a bunch of stray cats with some stolen milk

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Requesting Carnifex from Underrail beating the shit out of the last vidya boss you fought.

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Requesting Sunny Emmerich wearing the dress in the reference image on the right with an emphasis on her thick thighs and hips.

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where's the josha porn?>>637488426i knew this would happen when i saw her heels and boob window

>>637488809You already got this retard.

Requesting the Dryad from Terraria as a modern day green eco environmentalist, no vegan stuff though since she's supposed to believe eating meat is natural, just from organically raised farms of course though.

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Requesting Jeanne D'Arc lifting her robes to flash her cross shaped pubic hair peaking through her semitransparent thong

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Requesting Alisa giving the GE1 protagonist a nursing handjob.

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Requesting Ly enjoying Rayman's endowed packagefiles.catbox.moe/68jdzt.png

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Requesting Prez from Project Wingman having sex with Monarch in their cockpit.

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Requesting my MMO character from the game "Mabinogi" wearing her maid outfit, doing a pose like shes rushing and about to punch the camera/viewer, she can either be showing a sinister smile, a souless stare or be super angry, up to you.Non-ingame reference: imgur.com/GGhgzaoNothing lewd, please.

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Requesting this comic parodied with Daisy and Rosalina. Have Rosalina thinking about Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi in the penultimate panel. Alternatively Ganondorf, Ridley, King K Rool and King Dedede.

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Requesting these Koopa Girls shamelessly flaunting their assets

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Requesting the delete this meme with the Taken from Grim Dawn.

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Requesting Shinobu as a futuristic cyber ninja.

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Requesting clothed sex with Sekibanki from 2hu

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requesting to change Riju with the new purah design while Josha watching and filming link getting railed by dom purahref picture NSFWfiles.catbox.moe/xeview.jpg (embed)ref Purah/Josha pic related

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Requesting Rivet being princess carried by an user.

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Requesting The Weapon in a extremely tiny micro bikini that barely covers her teratits. Have The Weapon asking Master Chief if that swimsuit suits her. Cut to John's raging boner popping through his metallic crotch.

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Requesting this meme with Malin and Momoko from The King of Fighters

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Requesting Isabelle with her off model body wearing a tight fitting cocktail dress that shows off and emphasizes her big breasts and hips.

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Requesting Cody trying on different handcuffs and making a tier list of them

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Requesting yamashiro takane and a enclave soldier sitting at a campfire togetherTakane reference: files.catbox.moe/avubc0.pngEnclave soldier reference: files.catbox.moe/1c0989.png

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Requesting Vyrn from Granblue Fantasy but female and busty (attached image is just for reference).

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Requesting Drow Ranger from DOTA 2 big sweaty tits, a point of view from below showing her underboob and her sweatdrops going from her face down to her tits directly to her crotch

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Requesting Candace (Genshin Impact) doing a topless belly dance.

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Requesting Ashelin wearing a tank top and dolphin shorts.

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Requesting Diomedes from Ogre Battle 64 doing the Jojo Dio pose and wrry scream.

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Requesting the Courier and Red Lucy out hunting mutated wildlife together and the occasional legion assassin squad.

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taking requests of her

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>>637495093Draw her wearing a black tape bikini

>>637495093There was this funny pose people were drawing characters in last year, draw her doing that

Requesting Blood Omen Kain running a fake blood donation scam for easy free blood.

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>>637495227huh.... interesting

>>637495093Flashing her underboob litter.catbox.moe/yw2hxo.png

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Requesting Mia Fey reading this book while taking a dump.

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Requesting Yukie from Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines having wild heated sex with the male gangrel MC.

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>>637495880desuarchive.org/trash/search/image/NS_uS9a1Vewv4IU2FqyhFQ/https://arch.b4k.co/_/search/filename/1671667330457943/https://vidya.pics/post/list/curly_brace furry/1

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Requesting Adrasteia from Runescape getting fucked in the full Nelson position by a light skinned male, also preferably vaginal.

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Requesting Kimberly does twerk grinding on Luke Sullivan's crotch

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>>637495093Spreading her ass cheeks and showcasing a puffy donut asshole, without tearing her suit

Requesting Elphelt Valentine sunbathing in a fancy bikini

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>>637495880They deleted it for a reason, take the hint.

Requesting a big titty Yukiko walking out of her Inn's hotspring in a small towel that can barely cover herself.

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Requesting this short dance sequence with Din from The Legend of Zelda; Oracle of Seasons

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Requesting Angela wearing Samus' zero suit.

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Requesting the Darkstalkes female cast as different styles of Japanese schoolgirl stereotypes. Asking for Sukeban and Kogal to be keep it simple but anything works, thanks.

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Just asking for a doodle of Sticks the Badger making fun of Whisper the Wolf because technically Sticks first canonical appearance was in the Sonic Boom comics. The first online issue that got posted by Archie Comics weeks before the game's release to preview the content of the new comic series and promote the show as well.

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Requesting Dante selling his old devil arms at a pawn shop.

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Requesting Fado wearing a deku scrub themed onesie.

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Requesting Artemis strapped on the Artemis 1 and launched to the fucking Moon

Attached: Artemis Program.jpg (6072x4984, 3.97M)

Requesting Devil Mom from Jack Box Party Pack 7 in some sexy workout clothes

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That's a lot of spam requests reminder >>637353732

Requesting Wii Fit and Ring Fit Trainer relaxing on the beach sunbathing in extremely suggestive bikinis that barely cover their naughty bits pubic hair is more than welcome>Some extra referencesfiles.catbox.moe/95ucqi.png

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Requesting anthro mouse Ashley having sex with human Leon.

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Requesting Isidora from Blasphemous and Friede from Dark Souls back to back with Isidora's side having a bunch of flames in the background as she uses fire magic while Friede's side has a bunch of ice since that's her element.

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>>637488426I'm requesting the Great Elemental Lightning Queen from Atelier Ryza stepping on user's face, or dick, like a dominatrix. If you can have her talking down to him at how pathetic he is that would be good too. There is literally no fan art of her that I can find.

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Requesting hairdown LC Angela fist pumping or V-signing over comatose Ayin

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>>637488793>No one goes to user's shit helltaker threadLOL

Requesting Solar Flare from Plants vs Zombies crushing a zombie's head with her thick thighs

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>>637502408Source of the cute Asian girl please?

Requesting Mii Gunner in this outfit flashing her underboobfiles.catbox.moe/zd0iwh.png

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>>637487098Sorry you're uneducated.

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Requesting pov sex with Seong Mina from Soul Calibur with her big butt being grabbed.

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Requesting Black Souls Dorothy giving Grimm some magic lessons but then gets angry because Grimm keeps staring at her cleavage instead of paying attention to her lessons.

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>>637502691No idea brother, twitter.com/Inker_comics/status/1656492732750221312 here is the tweet if its any help

Requesting Lillia and Neeko making an ahegao face with a double peace sign80

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Requesting Tamako from Mega Man Battle Network having sex in a hot springReference: files.catbox.moe/hkagjb.jpg

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Requesting ryumimi princess zelda

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Requesting Makoto from Persona 5 modeling for one of Yusukes paintings in either a towel or swimsuit. She is annoyed at how long it's taking him to finish. Keep it tasteful.

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Requesting Helena aka the hex maniac tripping on a yellow, shiny Drifloon with a white P on its face. It pops. The Gengar cries.

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Requesting Vyce omega strikers in one of the swimsuits on the right.

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Snap her choker. And give her big tits.

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requesting her getting fucked in the butt

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Requesting the MC from Sid Meier's Pirates looting a cargo ship carrying video games literally pirating vidya.

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Requesting Nemissa from SMT Devil Summoner giving a titjob while Nagi is sucking on the cock between Nemissa's tits.

Attached: 472842523.jpg (1274x728, 237.47K)

Requesting Sylvie Paula Paula (Classic or New, your choice) without her dress, showing the viewer her ass through her stripe stockings.

Attached: ada2934af953755beb814e898e009cbc_101967.jpg (1845x1758, 453.62K)

Requesting a bimbo Aigis complaining on the internet about how she's not a bimbo.

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>>637502923Either pay attention to what the replies were about, or show me a link me somewhere ryumimi is a term.

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Requesting Daisy posing like the reference on the right showing of her abs.

Attached: 2472rhyf.jpg (5370x1650, 1.01M)

Requesting Gum and Mew as sexy mermaids

Attached: 2876ECEB-5335-4040-91AD-3106D8D9A1FE.jpg (2362x2362, 813.22K)

Requesting Daena and the male protagonist from Legend of Mana getting married.

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>>637491893At least tell me what you didn’t like about my delivery so I can change it

>>637510102Honestly? The part about Master Chief. Seems dumb, but I like that kind of scenes, same with old Cortana. The Weapon naïveness to lewdness and most stuff outside her original mission seems to be a nice idea for lewds, that and Master Chief repressed feelings and hornyness thanks to the indoctrination that all Spartans went through. I would really appreciate if you were to add those to the idea beyond just The Weapon being slutty.

Attached: dumb and dumber.jpg (2222x1250, 2.37M)

Requesting Fleet from Dungeons of Aether in a virgin killer sweater

Attached: 1684012820339007.jpg (1522x1584, 169.23K)


Attached: imagen_2023-05-17_193423690.png (2000x2000, 275.96K)

>>637488426Requesting eleven as a sexy catgirl cutely meowing lovingly

Attached: sexycatgirlno.11.jpg (1733x996, 930.26K)

>>637488426Requesting little Mark surrounded by 10 Lyns in pic related.

Attached: 925837893256.png (1200x784, 740.22K)

/r/equesting this scene recreated with Legate Lanius and Courier 6 (default male face)Monofonto is the font used in the FNV dialog box.

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Requesting something like the comic on the right with Werehog Sonic from Sonic Unleashed and Lah from its movie, Night of the Werehog.youtube.com/watch?v=TLKSLCdNyU8Basically Lah looking scary with some black sclera eyes glowing bright purple and menacing and some ectoplasmic flames around her while trying to scare Werehog Sonic who is going through a corridor. Turns of that did not work because he actually finds her quite cute and attractive. Which makes her blush because she actually likes him quite a lot and loves werewolves

Attached: comic_diea.jpg (2250x1135, 728.69K)

Requesting that you draw a Gyaru Jas

Requesting Muelsyse happily on a date with a faceless male intern/coworker yeah that can also mean doing lab work

Attached: Muelsyse the Science Elf.png (1080x1000, 1.52M)

Requesting Na'el from Xenoblade Chronicles 3 in a vintage house dress.

Attached: Tradcat.jpg (2374x4381, 1.67M)

>>637488426Requesting Aether nursing a cigar while letting time fast forward just like VS in MGSV

Attached: aether phantom cigar.jpg (2572x2044, 1.05M)

>>637502923>gives autistic name for something that's not really a term>"Sorry you're uneducated"sure, that's totally a sign of someone not being educated and not a sign of you being autistic.


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Requesting Gene in a fancy and cute kimono, either fully done up or loose off the shoulders and with her cleavage exposed. i.imgur.com/zrDpI06.png Her wearing bunny ears is optional.

Attached: 96de04c5c5651898b946f91d3fa5d066.jpg (1718x2400, 526.94K)

Requesting Garrett committing grand theft carriage that is ran by burricks instead of horses.

Attached: 83538538458y3495.jpg (2504x1300, 248.45K)

Requesting Miriam in a French maid outfit.

Attached: 1641264223038.jpg (986x1502, 1.58M)

Requesting Lilly taking a bath with Justin

Attached: 55D91581-0410-4A89-A13A-A1AF544E9B6E.jpg (849x750, 127.42K)

Requesting Monkey Shantae working at a juice stand or beach bar, bending over the counter with a sign over her head that says "ask about our new strawberry banana slam!" I'd like this to be a coincidentally lewd candid pic, not her posing and showing off her ass. Maybe just have her talking to Rottytops or dealing with a customer.

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Draw Link wearing what you're currently equipped with in gameif you're playing the new zilda game

2023 is the Year of the Rabbit, requesting Miss Forge wearing a cute mix of traditional Eastern and Western bunny costume like this

Attached: forge.jpg (1574x701, 294.73K)

>>637514718Imagine if someone draw him holding a giant dildo lmao

Requesting Vivian from Underrail having sex with the protagonist with them both hiding behind one of the lockers so they don't get caught by the other JKK agents.

Attached: 1677185246183173.jpg (2134x1110, 469.81K)

>>637514718No because i put him in the twink outfit

>>637515891Is it the frostbite one? did you know it has an open back and paint his nails blue?

Requesting Charlie from Dont Starve in some elegant outfit like these

Attached: charliepinup.png (1587x712, 1.24M)

>>637514115Didn't you draw this yourself long ago?


Requesting this meme with Lammy and Rammy

Attached: GoApeShit.png (2936x937, 2.9M)

Requesting the Elite Beat Agents trying to help the modern video game industry but decide to nope the fuck out seeing that its unsalvageable.

Attached: EliteBeatAgents_DSBOX_US.jpg (1000x900, 651.36K)

A family portrait of these three characters together.

Attached: Family.png (2176x3036, 3.59M)

Requesting King Harlus from Mount & Blade Warband hosting a grand butter feast.

Attached: 1631425307701554.png (1868x850, 547.21K)

Requesting Fairy Leviathan in a wedding dress

Attached: 1661327191838.jpg (1000x650, 218.18K)

>>637512769Deviantart where even fanfic stuff get a tag, a instagram user, and fucking reddit, ryumimi means nothing because dragon's ear doesn't describe anything, I don't know why you want to argue this, just accept it isn't a term other than a handful of Reddit spergs are trying to force.

Requesting Barbara and Elysia smothering Rayman between their breasts

Attached: smooth.webm (1810x510, 89.71K)

Requesting Caitlyn dressed as the right pic.

Attached: Untitled-1.jpg (2065x1500, 396.6K)

>>637495093draw her having a loving family

Requesting Double sticking her tits or ass out in front of the confessional booth window while an user recounts his sins.

Attached: ✝️.jpg (2079x1477, 202.55K)

Requesting Lunastra as a cute little loli.

Attached: lunastra.jpg (960x540, 144.43K)

Requesting Mohg being held in court with the Tarnished as the prosecutor asking Miquella where on the doll that Mohg touched him, also maybe as a joke have the doll be a miniature cocoon.

Attached: Elden Court.jpg (3410x2542, 1.94M)

requesting your waifu in a flapper outfit

Attached: flapper.jpg (500x500, 43.45K)

>>637519810>give examples>no i dont like those examplesSorry that people in uniform understand the term ryumimi to mean dragon girl and you for sone rrason cant handle that.

Requesting Goldmary from FE Engage wearing gold bikini

Attached: goldmary gold bikini.jpg (1797x1180, 870.24K)

Requesting Miss Pauling flashing her tits... except that it's not Miss Pauling, but the Spy wearing a Miss Pauling mask (Like the ones he uses when he is disguised) and flashing his hairy male chest while acting as Miss Pauling.The joke here is pretty obvious, and yes, i want to put the image in my Conscientious Objector.And no, i'm not the bot, i just got an Objector in TF2 and i want to put something funny in it.

Attached: That miss Pauling is a Spy.png (955x721, 572.97K)

>>637515262And it would probably look like >>746017 or something lmao idk I'm not a drawfag

Requesting Painwheel having her ass spanked

Attached: Painwheel_Ref.jpg (1832x982, 145.49K)

>>637515262>>637522551And it would probably look like >>>/i/746017 I don't even know how to link shit either

Requesting Vanilla wearing only panties and fishnet stockings with pasties covering her nipples.

Attached: 183718414.png (888x1676, 1.08M)

Requesting the Yujiro post rape panel from Baki Dou with it being Demi-Fiend on the floor crying and Matador in the background walking away, alternately have it being Serph on the floor crying while Demi-Fiend is walking away based on the secret boss fight in Digital Devil Saga.

Attached: 7568563867385.jpg (1940x1100, 269.49K)

Requesting Rebel from Fortnite having her ass spanked causing sparks to pop-up from her hips

Attached: rebelref.jpg (3176x1112, 648.36K)

f..ry b..bs.....

Attached: 1673351596897347.jpg (763x798, 126.76K)


Totk Purah dressed as 2b.

Requesting Lilith and Kid Dracula kissing behind a book (a Bible for comedy sake).

Attached: kss.png (1297x398, 896.62K)

Requesting Rocky from Rocky Rodent eating a huge hamburger

Attached: Rocky Eating Huge Burger.jpg (1711x2493, 942.4K)

>>637522179>9 results on pixivNot that guy and just chimming in, but if pixiv isn't using it - it's probably not a real tag or word. Considering the word is based on japanese and the largest japanese art community isn't using it. It appears to be a made up western weaboo word.

Attached: ryumimi.png (1407x813, 905.79K)

Requesting Talim dressed as a native American warrior with dual tomahawks.

Attached: talim-sc2fix.jpg (800x1200, 326.69K)

>>637524419>>637523769Nah, I'm gonna keep using it because its understood.

Requesting the CD-i Zelda scene with Turok and Adon.

Attached: i wonder what the primagen is up to.jpg (2152x1000, 274.65K)

>>637488426requesting seth using the kinniku buster against kinnikumanyoutube.com/watch?v=LRcjjsI8jMQ

Attached: seth-bustier.jpg (1425x1262, 439.46K)

>>637525206Have you even played the game botfag or are you just riding whatever is trending like usual? Wait don't bother answering that we already know the answer you pathetic loser.

Requesting an 'evil' Zilyana that's redesigned to look more like a devil, maybe also try to make her look genuinely menacing instead of a generic sexy succubus as well.

Attached: 8497258257825.png (1270x882, 945.42K)

>>637525524i'm fine with this too by+the+way>>637438858

>>637525567>botfagNope>have you even played?Yea i just finished getting thr band to the great fairies and am just gathering clothes

>>637524419Is literally a reddit-normalfag term, and a very niche one, but I just realized I'm the biggest dumbass, replying to botfag.

Brendan O'Brie is dead. In memory of him requesting the original Crash and Aku Aku finally reunited in the afterlife as Crash hugs the original Aku Aku tightly as they both rest under a Wumpa fruit tree with two tiny handmade tombstones next to each other.

Attached: h1fnig.png (3027x1247, 3.74M)

>>637525567That is fishfag He is just an asshole that spams Puyo Puyo and Mermaids

>miss playing wildstar>screw around on a barebones private server for an hour>urge to draw risingHere you go Holla Forums, for a thread bump if nothing else.

Attached: aurinpinsmol.png (1000x1000, 346.8K)

Requesting Lucas from MOTHER 3 getting ah autograph from Tintin

Attached: mvtg.png (942x777, 1.13M)

>>637331895alice from bloody roar wearing this playboy bikini in this pose

Attached: havethebandeausayplaybunny.jpg (1330x694, 213K)

Requesting the Cheshire Cat from Black Souls wearing the Egyptian outfit in the reference.

Attached: 2439789789.jpg (3780x1784, 889.58K)

Requesting Orphea painting a Dickbutt graffiti behind the school

Attached: Orphean.jpg (3110x1412, 490.71K)

>>637506458BDF here, on it

>>637495093draw her as a bimbo

Requesting Hate-Sex with Pirate Master and Risky Boots

Attached: ayeayemate.png (1289x552, 725.62K)

>>637526494Nice one

Requesting a pair of Jet Set Radio girls sandwiching Beat between their butt

Attached: JST.jpg (2350x1748, 333.25K)

i want a picture of a sylveon face fucking its trainerit shows that the trainer is a zoophile which implies animal abuse

Requesting a very poorly drawn but detailed Pharah from Overwatch in the style of Jay Jay the Jetplane.

Attached: jayjay.jpg (800x450, 49.12K)

>>637526342This! We need Ryu-hime fish Zelda!

Attached: __otohime_monster_girl_encyclopedia_drawn_by_kenkou_cross__sample-4a48ba0d15d8386dae019e6f95f3d1d2.jpg (850x402, 158.36K)

Requesting lewds of Faltoga having sex with Mana Tank from the Sequel series, despite being from a hentai game and that she wants Mana Tank to be her husband she has never gotten any CGs in any of the games since she's treated as a joke character.

Attached: 345647867969324.png (2018x1728, 1.57M)


Requesting Anahita giving Nahobino a titjob with blowjob

Attached: 1641787940229.webm (1280x720, 2.95M)

Requesting Ranamon smugly facesitting an user

Attached: r_a_n_a_m_o_n-1.jpg (2302x1131, 489.68K)

Requesting the Battletoads using their Gamestop profits to start their own PC gaming platform called Gamehop.

Attached: 1642840201533.png (566x340, 160.5K)

Requesting Alisa Bosconovitch from Tekken as a cute or sexy lumberjack with her chainsaws out

Attached: Chainsaws.jpg (903x831, 104.75K)

Requesting the miqote doing matsuoka shuzo's "NEVER GIVE UP!!" speech.Also taking coloring requests

Attached: archer.jpg (640x873, 152.14K)

>>637527034>BDF hereNo cuck shit please

Requesting Sue stringing her bow.

Attached: Sue page.jpg (1150x1700, 1.7M)

>>637531145Blacked, gotcha.

>>637531145I don't think anyone will blame you for having to rerequest because we all know that's not going to happen.

>>637510515So tell me that next time. Ignoring me and rerequesting was just rude.


Requesting the helpful meme tip from the image to the right with Cereza, I've included some weapons from the game for reference.

Attached: cerezadvice-1.jpg (2744x1708, 1.47M)

>>637531482You first replied to a random pic from /aco/ then a second time to a random catbox image. Instincts say trolling otherwise I would have gladly thanked. This secretism is suspicious and frankly I am not going to play games. You wanted feedback to fix it I gave it. I do not seek to discuss this any further.

>>637522656Based user thanks for doing my meme suggestion.

Requesting Penny losing her cold and venting because Ashley is way too much popular compared to herfiles.catbox.moe/4qka5e.png

Attached: ced.jpg (3873x1459, 1.04M)


>>637505901I got concept art for both of her outfits so I'll be doing both of them. I'll post a rough sketch of the pose sometime tomorrow

>>637531791I saw someone did that and, to spite them and any of the people perpetuating drama still, drew it. You need to be better about communication. You correctly are ignoring drama losers. Be a better requester at least, including giving feedback in future instead of just ignoring people. Then if the people warring with you still want to be “seen” as better they would have to do the same. And guess what that makes this place immediately better for artists. Don’t respond to this but please consider my words.

Requesting Marie Wentz from Astral Chain in a black tape bikini

Attached: mm.jpg (850x626, 422.13K)

>>637522656Do you think he will be able pass the tip? That's probably Ganondorf's size

Requesting Zegreus casually fingering Persephone's ass while they talk to someone in public

Attached: Greek.jpg (916x836, 915.97K)

>>637532294Feedback isn't needed I wrote what I am looking for not less no more. If the very first reply I get is a random link from a /aco/ and then another with a catbox with two different styles I will be suspicious. Trolls are abundant here. I gave you my feedback. I'll gladly swallow my words if you were honest about fixing it. Otherwise I already know I am being played like a fool. This is my last reply.

Requesting shantae transforming into your favorite animal

Attached: 1665884687773417.jpg (2815x4096, 844.86K)

Requesting Lily giving a clothed thighjob or buttjob

Attached: 1683256159493407.webm (498x720, 3.54M)

>>637488464files.catbox.moe/79s4uc.pngLine art is finished. This is a more complex picture than normal for sure.

Attached: blowjobtonguejob1.png (2785x1698, 856.26K)

Requesting Candice wearing a cute and sexy glaceon themed outfit

Attached: 1634673682203.png (800x1184, 468.28K)

>>637488426This but totk Link and instead of actual words its his usual HAAs and HYAAs

Attached: EpQYXrqXYAEw9nH.png (355x408, 200.43K)

Requesting Hilda from Under Night boob-mogging Linne, Hilda smug and Linne ticked off.To add a little extra flavour, the scenario has the GRD Meter that is filled fully and has Hilda in Vorpal over Linne having none (Reference here: static.wikia.nocookie.net/in-birth/images/6/60/Sys_grid.png/revision/latest?cb=20140122121919).

Attached: !!!linnehilda.png (2289x1940, 1.92M)

>>637534329here you i changed it so the ring hand is the one there.

Attached: hya.png (355x408, 214.67K)

>>637488426Requesting ibuki from sf squatting like a ninja except she forgot wearing a skirt. Shes either completely oblivious or embarassed when she realizes

Attached: Screenshot 2023-05-10 042054.png (887x872, 484.54K)

>>637532719Thats his mother big dog

Requesting the Valkyries from Clash of Clans symmetrical docking with a nice view of their cleavage or underboob

Attached: image-29.png (572x300, 211.72K)

>>637537547It's okay they are Greek Gods

Requesting Carol wearing Red Hood's outfit but with a bunny ear hood instead of wolf ears.

Attached: 343t4hth.jpg (1684x1856, 384.95K)

Draw this meme with Era

Attached: era.jpg (1920x1790, 570.66K)

>>637532102Okay. Just in case, I want her to be in leggings, not stockings. I messed up.

Requesting Spark Dance Shantae illuminating a rave party

Attached: eel.png (1000x563, 450.28K)

Requesting Grea wearing either of i.imgur.com/A5bwEn2.png, or like i.imgur.com/l5Eu6YP.jpg. A kimono or yukata doesn't sound bad, like danbooru.donmai.us/posts/5945898?q=kimono even if you combine the yukata and a bunnygirl costume together.

Attached: Grea2.png (960x800, 120.13K)

>>637538359No worries, I figured you meant that.

Requesting Nelia wearing something akin to this while she talks to an off screen Champion(CoC 2's MC) in her Shop.Outfit ref: files.catbox.moe/ywxdjd.jpg

Attached: Nelia_DCL_Bust.png (900x900, 385.74K)

Requesting the farmer kicking his door in while bridal carrying Jas in a wedding dress.

Attached: 536645757568678.jpg (2096x1316, 545.19K)

Taking futa/pailoli requests

>>637488426Requesting little green one-eyed parakeet on top of a steering wheel desperately trying to steer a ship

Attached: pirakeet.png (1456x788, 1.1M)

Fuck it’s boring here

>>637541254Mycale as a hung futa but still flat.

Attached: Mycale.png (644x933, 282.84K)

Tons of free "How to draw" books for free:e-hentai.org/?f_cats=767&f_search=draw, language:englishThis link could be included in the OP.

Attached: 000.jpg (1360x1920, 331.6K)

Requesting Alice from Blue Archive in a simple style messily eating spaghetti

Attached: Alice_Sprite.png (454x452, 102.21K)

Requesting Callie taking a picture of Marie and Three after she found them asleep on the couch because she thought it was cute, and then uploading it to the Squid Sisters official social media.Bonus: It causes a PR shitstorm.

Attached: Agents.jpg (5223x2525, 1.37M)

/r/ an unconscious Pauline laid on a bed like a sleeping princess inside a dark room. She could be wearing her torn dress from Donkey Kong '94 or the long one from the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series.

Attached: Pauline_somnophilia.png (1241x1225, 1.03M)

Requesting Zanik having wholesome sex with the World Guardian with them hugging and kissing.

Attached: 1636403317519.jpg (1004x862, 243.85K)

Requesting Sun Shang Xiang of Dynasty Warriors as a naked monkey-girl with ears and a tail, showing off her fighting technique with three ring-swords (two in her hands and one with her tail)

Attached: ssx.jpg (1755x1000, 338.48K)


>draw thread>post what im drawing>people give me shit because nobody requested itMaybe should rename it 'draw request'

Attached: 1682413704299270.png (456x481, 209.52K)

I need feedback on the nut. Any pixel artists can help me tell what's wrong with it? I can't seem to get it right. Both with border and borderless it doesn't fit in with the rest of the art style.

Attached: NewUI-1.png_3.png (3200x1800, 187.32K)

>>637553047maybe make the color darker and more uniform like everything else is>>637554906thread is still 90% spam regardless

>>637555352You know, I've been trying to make it lighter, perhaps I was wrong all along. I'll give it a try after a short nap

Requesting something like pic related except its Riju and Link

Attached: 1683680086788892.jpg (432x600, 312.14K)

Requesting Kumatora airing her sweaty tits

Attached: Kumatora.png (1190x760, 7.49K)

Requesting Sakura Sonic eating a box of pocky chocolate sticks

Attached: Afterschool_Sakura.png (520x520, 295.49K)

>>637558916Speaking of non-coomer art and related to the game's story? She grows with Lucas through her adventures without the need for them to become a couple, but rather a genuine platonic relationship and mutual trust, which causes her to put aside many of her unfavorable qualities - named being so abrasive and impolite most of the time - among other things. Also, her backstory is endearing. Everyone likes an orphan girl who grows up to be a badass, especially if she's a pretty-faced tomboy.Now technically speaking and with this I mean gameplay-wise? Kumatora had the most clearly defined character in my honest opinion. She also has the benefit of not being weak as hell when you first get her in your party unlike Ana and Paula from previous games.Now coomer-speaking? Tomboy tiddies, nice pink hair.

Attached: kuma-tora.jpg (850x638, 116.52K)

>>637560308Yeah. Plus age difference, and canonically they took a bath together. Well sort of, it is a bit more complicated, but you get the idea.

Attached: kuma-kuma.jpg (850x1188, 210.9K)

>>637558916>>637559823I haven't played Mother3 yet, only Earthbound on VirtualConsole, which I loved, but Kumatora seems like a very cute character and I can't wait to meet her when I play the gamealsoTomboy tiddies

I suppose I don't need to spoiler this anymore so requesting Tears of the Kingdom Purah giving Link a blowjob leaving black or red lipstick marks on his cock

Attached: shegotlegs.jpg (4116x1568, 1.67M)

>>637559823Nice tomboy tits indeed. Requesting her giving a titjob with blowjob.

>>637504513>>637488464Decided to give it a try. Tried to give her claws instead of hands but it never looked right.

Attached: Zoldo drago.png (648x756, 63.54K)

>>637562710she doesn't look like that


Attached: makato nanaya.png (2400x2200, 78.82K)

>>637567425I know she doesn't, but when I've played the game, I will at least know a bit more about her character and personality when looking at the exaggerated, off model fan art

Requesting clawroline doing warsman's screwdriver technique

Attached: 100000000powa.jpg (4087x1509, 3.42M)

Requesting wardrobe malfunction with Shamir's (Fire Emblem) big titties, she can wear her usual outfit or some casual clothes that you chooseEven better if you can add some wholesome teasing to it

Attached: ShamirFERef.png (2464x1078, 2.36M)

I am hereby requesting fictional female characters of videogame origin depicted with breasts that are much larger in size compared to how they appear in the games they originate from

Requesting Muse Cromwell from Grand Knights History Petrified after looking into the Medusa's eyes with her tits spilled out her dress.Petrify ref: files.catbox.moe/e4hdip.jpg

Attached: Muse Cromwell.jpg (2425x2200, 1.3M)

Requesting Rottytops in a slutty schoolgirl outfit

Attached: Rottytops.png (2200x1136, 1.4M)

>>637551626Please understand one drawfag really did a number on this place

>>637579329I don't visit these threads, what'd he do

Requesting Lulu wearing an eyepatch bikiniMake her thicc or on-model

Attached: Lulu_0.jpg (1215x717, 191.19K)

>>637566521oh wow this is really fucking cuteamazing job, love the face

Requesting Manon in a eye patch bikini

Attached: M a n o n.jpg (3446x1554, 469.1K)

>>637583770wtf does that even mean

>>637511329That's a very nice claw, always very happy seeing your stuff here!

Requesting Hekate wearing: only Gran's blue hoodie; naked and covered by a bath towel; a cowprint bikini.

Attached: hekateget.png (488x698, 810.07K)

>>637583963These dumb bikinis are a certain someone's current obsession


>>637566521Tiny wings.

Requesting Saki from Grandia held up by a Machop

Attached: D639D9A6-AF3A-46C9-A8B2-C77D0A429682.jpg (299x640, 29.87K)


Attached: alice.jpg (866x782, 214.66K)

>>637586418lmao that's awesomethank you so much for this

>>637533223i'll work on yours after i finish kimberly

>>637586418so cute, so preciousamazing work, if u have any socials, please share them

Requesting lewds of this female Rogue from Dofus


Requesting lewds of this female Rogue from Dofus.

Attached: bef0c3a852995a6cd0b05cfa78cef72d.jpg (818x1200, 89.38K)

>>637583743>call it a drawthread>rage when drawings get entered

>>637588685>>637583743No one here hates unsolicited art. You just can't expect to be mindlessly praised.>>637526494This is a good example. No requested and all its replies were nice comments.

>>637590481People here can hate art that gets posted for a myriad of reasons, most often who the person posting it is, but it being just randomly posted is never one of them

Okay let's check shall we?>>637590481>>637511329Unsolicited, no insults.>>637526494Unsolicited, no insults.>>637522551This is seemly unsolicited because someone just memed a reply to the original post. No insults.>>637533286Unsolicited, no insults.That is all the current unsolicited art posted in this thread, seems pretty chill.Apologies for all the trouble to the people I quoted. You all posted some nice stuff, moving on.

>>637591225And rightfully so

Requesting Knuckles cosplaying as Don Vito Corleone from The Godfather

Attached: knuckles_the_echidna__2____transparent__by_speedcam_dfcwq1i-fullview.png (529x800, 584.61K)

>>637591225I'm quoting this thread I cannot change what happened before or after but so far seems to be pretty chill. I gave you proof you are free to ignore me.

>>637591225Only by the same guy, everyone else likes Scornfag.

>>637591225Because of the subject matter of his art is something most people don't find at all appealing, not because he posts art that isn't a delivery

Requesting Potemkin sipping on a comically small teacup (with his pinky extended like a proper dandy)

Attached: strive.png (2404x2668, 2.62M)

>>637537758>symmetrical dockingWhat's that mean?


Attached: 3456789.jpg (850x1192, 1022.4K)


>>637593241commer slang

>>637594561Oh god I'm commissioning

Requesting Vex in any of these poseslitter.catbox.moe/1gpxe9.png

Attached: vexpero.jpg (1775x878, 400.02K)

>>637587747Thanks for letting me know

>>637595045This with Midna instead.

>>637595593This with Poppy instead.

Requesting Raiden as a feudal era samurai or shinobi.

Attached: metal gear solid 2 sons of liberty raiden with pistol.jpg (803x1580, 121.86K)

Requesting a crossover between Laura Matsuda from Street Fighter, Isla from The King of Fighters and Josie Rizal from Tekken with the three ladies as street hookers looking for clients in a favela or a shady corner. Probably featuring a cameo of Chun-Li patrolling the area wearing her uniform: files.catbox.moe/wj1ua3.gif

Attached: Tag_Team_Crossover.jpg (5260x4806, 3.01M)

>>637591539>everyone else likes ScornfagNot necessarily, it's just that if you don't like something, you don't have to go on a rant seeking validation like a twitter troon, which is the problem with the shitters on these threads.

>>637591539>everybody likes scornfag.Yeah I don't. I wish I could filter him, but i can't.

Requesting Maid Akuma preparing dinner for her Master (user)

Attached: Maidkuma.png (2357x900, 2.66M)


>>637596803You WILL look at the art and you WILL like it.

>>637601827I will look at the thumbnail for 0.5 seconds and then immediately hide the post, and I will hate it

>>637533286>massage his dong through her throathardcore, reminder to not piss off eldritch horrors

Requesting pic related redraw with Amaterasu from Okami

Attached: 1681981419532521.jpg (638x638, 45.81K)

>>637489386seconding this

>>637488426looks like the new nsfw dump thread is >>>/i/746083

Draw Aradia in a surfer top and bikini bottom.

Attached: swimsuit witch.png (1116x1222, 2.07M)

>>637563142Not sure when I'll get started on this, but here's a concept of it. files.catbox.moe/7z6jsd.png

>>637602848Woooah! This concept looks fucking amazing already? That is better than my idea. Thanks for the sketch, drawanon. Should I anchor your WIP next thread?

Attached: eeeh.jpg (850x1063, 117.44K)

>>637602086A bit of like those snap my chocker memes, but with a twist. The choker squeezes back.

>>637488426Could some based chad deliver on: Pepe the frog as a truck in the usual profile pic style with a flannel shirt, trucker cap, and handlebar mustache I need it for Euro truck simulator

>>637602654Nice idea. Suggest a better girl for this.

Another videogame parody.>>637488464

Attached: lob35.png (800x600, 14.31K)

>>637603196Uh uh. I can find some time to work on it this month so just pretend you didn't get this until then.


>>637603853Aisha, she's perfect for it since her game is in a tropical island setting.

Attached: 1679499460593769.png (400x667, 304.87K)

>>637604128You misspelled "cool".

>>637604447No, she's a cutie!

>>637604025Understood. See you around.

Attached: weeeh.png (564x564, 410.84K)


Attached: 107769497_p0.png (2285x1710, 1.06M)


Attached: 1678196791904143.png (576x800, 710.3K)

Requesting naked apron Lorelei.

Attached: 67a7f302703418f59d214b7d352b58b2.jpg (900x1400, 924.93K)