Megaman Battle Network Collection just released!So Holla Forums gets to enjoy a brief period of time...

Megaman Battle Network Collection just released!So Holla Forums gets to enjoy a brief period of time, in which BN threads actually have some sort of traction. Dont waste your opportunity, and do post in this thread!

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>>637473828just beat alpha. Beat up Chud and now the fag wont battle me again. How far do you have to progress in secret area before he will fight me again?

>>637473828>just releasedanon, it's been like a month

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>>637473996Luna anal

royal butt

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Just post some Mayl.Also where the fuck did rommie go?

>>637474445Pride anal

>>637476267Literally made for arm breaking anal correction

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>>637476649sal anal

The undergarments of one Mayl Sakurai.

I love this series so much, I streamed some last night and I was able to talk for almost 4 hours straight non-stop about then and the MegaMan series in general. I'm crazy hopeful that we'll get BN7 in a few years...

>>637477736MML3 says hi.


>>637478684To be fair, BN has always sold better than Legends and the collection sold insanely well and quick, which should show Capcom that there's still demand.

bn7 imminent

6 is so much worse than I remember, holy shit. Absolutely nothing worth a damn about this game aside from PVP.

>>637479048White with a slight pink hue.

What's a good wood folder for BN4? Is WhitWeb the only reliable chip for decent damage?

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>>637483618he said wood



>>637479153I think Capcom actually hates Megaman

>>637484452Airhoc is nice and all but I wanna find some utility for souls as well. Aqua works great with Geddon strats, Junk can recycle your best chips+fullcust and Metal is a no-brainer. Wood as far as I've seen can barely do anything and the typical whiteweb pull/push is too situational to work most of the time.

Should I import the collection or just emulate them on my phone?

>>637473964Beat Yamatoman for v2Then beat Darkman for v3Or whatever. Maybe those are switched.

>>637485659Just get it digital.

Lan and Mega Man head into a Discord server...

>>637485969>buying a game licenseew ew ew

>>637486147Gaming on a phone is way more disgusting.

>>637486926Enjoy your license bro

>>637480282I bought it on gmg so probably not

Does anybody know how great were the sales for this Legacy Collection?Were the sales great enough to influence the company?

>>637485659If you have a peripheral for your phone and don't mind not playing online, phone is totally fine. Playing with touch controls is awful and will be the reason you die often

>>637487130I don't remember specifics but I do think this was one of the best selling Mega Man Collections.Probably not good enough to revive the series but good enough that online servers won't shut down in a week or two

>>637480695>bnfags realizing that their childhood games are just backtracking and fetchquests you love to see it

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what is the worst chip reward you've ever gotten

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>>637487926The last time i played SF3 i kept getting a bunch of Madfire3 cards while trying to complete my library

I was completely disinterested with the Battle Network series and ignored it when it came out. However, recently I discovered that Megaman Legend's character designer worked on it also, and so while I was waiting for Megaman Legends 3 to come out like a fool I could have been ogling Battle Network and Star Force's cuties. Better late than never I suppose.

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>>637488603We welcome you, brother.

>>637488603piss off filthy fucking secondary

>>637486147The cops in my town don't understand the concept of one. You'd have to sit down and explain it to them.Laws without enforcement are merely suggestions."Please don't break the law, user-kun!" *wink*

>>637488704>>637488760The duality of man.

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>>637482014have you looked at the sidebamboo chips yet?

>>637489516Very low damage and a single hit atk.Unless there's a combo that I'm not seeing doesn't look like it'd benefit from the atk-absorb passive.


>>637490578fuck off

>>637488603Where's my male fanservice Capcom??

>>637488603I need some webms of the redhead rolling down

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>>637490356guess that's true, and all the videos I've found they use white web and sometimes a boomer 3, sorry

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can someone post lan on the couch, i dont have it on this computer. if i was more prepared, id post it with>30,000 zenny?>just to catch a virus?


>>637479153>and the collection sold insanely well and quickMonster Hunter and Resident Evil are very thankful for the additional funds BN accrued

>og character artist for bn draws smutt>toilet/bondage smutt>of characters he made, some of them being just 9 years old>capcom: bro, stop>"okay">still draws nudes of the misty card he made from pokemonid like to transfer all the accounts and anything they hold of the based department to this man. yes. effective immediately. thank you, have a nice day.

>>637492916new hunt where you fight gospel/gregar/falzar when


>>637473828If there are any normies here I would like to make you remember where you are.THIS BOARD IS FOR UNDERNET DWELLERS ONLY! UNDERSTAND?

>>637492916To be fair BNLC costs less than 10% of the budget used to produce RE and MonHun

>>637487130the mm twitter celebrated both volumes' combined sales being over a million somewhat recently so they're seemingly pleased with it

i like this semen demon. i will not apologize.

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>>637493103Custom modded jailbroken copybot

>>637491282It's around

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>>637493531lans the kinda neet who goes to a new school, decides hes gonna romance the prettiest girl of the school and and finds out its a guy and does it anyway. holy shit that doujin was so good

>>637487490I like 1, 2 and 3 in spite of the backtracking.4-6 have far worse padding and no actual dungeon/story content.

>>637482014I just made a folder with ElemWood. It's multi hit, extends across the entire row and lasts for a long time. You can also get it in D-code, which I has CircGun2 for a nice 100 damage boost. It is dual code, however because you'll need the Woodpwr chips as well to set the grass stage. I bet there are better combos but I just started my third playthrough It's pretty strong but requires some setup. I assume it isn't as much setup as WhiteWeb, which I was never able to get working for me.

>>637494134What doujin

so my volume 2 just had a 2.2 gig update, do we have a changelog?

>>637495587faltzer version replaced with dolphin porn

>>637495404i might have to ask /y/, i cannot remember.its the authors only work. he released it and fucking died

>>637495587I don't think there's one but if SteamDB is any indicator they are actually cooking up a patch and its in the quality check branch

>>637494421Sounds pretty good actually. I'll give it a try.

>>637496090just happened for me a few minutes ago

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>>637474384LUNA ASS SEARCH

>>637496276I'm guessing its just your Steam doing something, I haven't gotten anything

>>637495745Based god killing the degenerates.

>>637496542the sweet release of death

>>637496479you might be right, I was really hoping it was the virus battler fix but it's not that at least

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>>637495404also, fucking faggot, read "the summer hikaru died". god DAMN thats some fucking gaybait. i hope he fucks the demon and goes full pyscho. its the only way it ends dick literally cant contain itself

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>>637488603Man, Anetta looks real cute at times, its like she got the Yai effect in game

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>>637496878>are you hard yet

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>>637497341what the fuck is happening here

>>637497747>your not hikaru...

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>>637494421Forgot to mention, WoodPowder comes in * code in Game3 so that folder is quite good.

>>637497747>>637498075when the elderitch, pyschotic demon absorbs your best dead friends memories and it turns out he was a little yandere for you, well, consequences.

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>>637498901del wit it. and fast.

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>>637498684N I C E ! Thanks for the info


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which game do you think has the best squares visually? 2 has my favorite, simple but each still has it's own style, 3's are way too simple and samey in comparison

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Still in the Freezeman part

>>637489168sal is so pretty

>>637501556Did you unlock the shortcuts?

>>637500318Yeah I like the way the dencity area looks in 2

>>637501556which part are you in, hopefully near the end?

>>637473828I'm a bad program!!! Got a problem?

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I will not use varsword today.I will not use varsword today.I will not use varsword today.

I maxed out Aqua Custom in BN 3 Blue, should I go for Team Style or Bug Style? I'm currently aiming for Bug for BugStop while keeping a Navi chip on hand and seeing if I get Team before bug.

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>>637495404boy meets maria/y/ delivered.

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>>637504646bugstop isn't worth it imo, it's a big L shaped program and using it doesn't stop the bugs from using bugstyle, and that movement bug is the worst

>>637504343Bad programs get deleted.

i would do unspeakable things

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>>637504469what about neovarsword

>>637504343I always imagine these guys speaking in Toad's

>>637504723Sure but you can just reroll the encounter/boss until you get one of the hp drain ones or the buster one. Getting a shield and/or invis or more crucially 10 chips right out the gate without having to dedicate custom+ parts is pretty sweet.

>>637504646How far in are you? Do you have the chips necessary to get all the v4 Navi's?Bug style is cool and totally worth it, imo. But if you've just got completion in mind, then you'll want Team instead. Bug style takes the longest out of all the styles to master, so that + getting Team style is quite the grind.

Anyone up for BN5 pvp?

>>637505481he wasn't born wheelchair bound you know

>>637498075>>637498901>>637499213I cried during certain sections of that comic.

>>637473828>just released!Literal shill postMMBN deserved better than this shit

>>637506361well you are right in that seemingly the netcode could've been better

>>637506301fagi dont see how it ends well, it just cant. the disgust part in that last chapter, the fuck is this story gonna do

>>637506774From what I've heard, the best online is on Switch (assuming wired), and apparently, it uses Nintendo's servers, while PS4 and PC are p2p connections.

>>637506774unless it's a problem for hosts I didn't encounter any issues with it

>>637506774i have extremely, esoteric tastes and this fits like a glove. i will not apologize, and i have no regrets.

>>637506126I'm doing the undernet rank battle so close to the end. I might go for team but then again, I don't know what I need to get all the lvl4 Navis.

>>637506158some day, still working on the story rn tho

>>637507335How many here play on switch, I swear I feel most are just waiting to finish the games before doing any online.

>>637507580>>637506126huh, sorry. wrong post. im part of the coomerposters so just ignore me

>>637507872>>637507580what the fuck is going on, i didnt quote either of these

>>637504646Bugstyle, find someone with 100% library completion to compare with you and you dont need to get the v4s yourself

>>637508645i also literally just got into and out of the shower between these postsget outta my fucking HEAD

>>637508136he could just try and get them from the bugfrag trader

Picked up Shanghai recently. Is there a way to quit requests? Carrie's kicking my ass.


>>637510459You were warned about the job requests, bro.

>>637510459Time to gitgudscrub

>>637510016>BugfragWhat's the best way to grind for it, beat up Gustman when Dex comes back?


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One of the most annoying things about the series >Reach new area>Want to check things out>Cutscene starts playing>I'll just check it out after the cutscene>Cutscenes ends with "alright, jack out MegaMan">MegaMan jacks out automatically without us being able to look around at all

>>637480695>Nothing worthwhile about this gameThere is one 30 minutes section in the game that is very good and memorable, and we all know what it is. Everything else is

>>637511412seems like that happens more in the last 3 games compared to the first 3

>>637511817In retrospect>Colonel without an operator, without battlechips, without much of anything was able to rip gregar in half >MegaMan to accomplish the same thing needed gregars power, lan, double souls, and full backup, and he still fucked it up>And even worn out killing one cybeast, colonel and iris still have enough power to kill the other one as well after MegaMan fucks if up>Rips the heart of the cybeasts out of megaman's chest before crushing itGame tries to wank the cybeasts the entire game, but the real beast all along was Colonel.

>bn2 title theme>bn3 title theme>bn5 title theme>bn6 title theme

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>>637512608Colonel needs a good footjob

>>637510820This should have said "guess I'll get deleted"

Does it include battlechip challenge?

>>637513848thankfully it does not.It also does not have 4.5 or Network Transmission

>>637514027would you pay $10 for network transmission dlc

Hey I have an ideaNetnavi sexbot

>>637513627>bn6 title theme

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>>637513627>you can't go back>final transmission>a total war>two of braves>final battleground>meteor server (which has a lame name compared to the others but still)

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>>637513627>SF2 title theme > BN title

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>>637514842>and you will know the truth

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>>637514510Would never sell


>>637514516They'd all just be BSDM Roll though. It not worth the hassle.

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>>637514027>>637514510>>637515302How would you feel about getting BN5 Double Team DS ported? Zero/ZX proved that duel screen is possible.

>>637515754double team and oss should be free add-ons, paying anything more then 5 dollars would be insane

>>637515903Maybe with how successful the collection is, a add on would be a first, but I doubt we'll get oss since it lacks any official translations to it.

>>637516336>but I doubt we'll get oss since it lacks any official translations to itthey translated 6's japanese only postgame, how much new dialogue is there between 1 og and oss

>>637516513I guess it's possible then, guess it all depends on if Capcom wants to do it.

>>637505481Delete this and delete yourself.

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>>637512608Even in an alternate universe, Wily was in the end still the superior scientist.

>>637517085What did Dr.Light create>Soulnet>Alpha>Lan's dad>Maybe Gregar

how the fuck do you get cheeto dust out of that tiny PET keyboard, god forbid it gets on the metal end of battlechips

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how did that bn6 scientist asshole even lose control of falzar wtf

>>637517450The PET too.

>>637518145>good job, you made something that can hold it's own against gregar, how do you control it?>control?

when i say "stupid BN moment", what's the first thing that comes to mind?

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>>637518764>why does mr match need MY help installing data>oh well

>>637518764it's stupid in retrospect but the leader of Gospel being on the plane Gospel was trying to crash, with no survivors

>>637518764the repair man is here and he and he's trapped these school girls in exploding bubbles by hacking our washing machine!

BN6 wastes your time so much>Mick has a penguin, we have to help him>Go check with the teacher what penguins eat>Go check with the teachers aid for a fish>teachers aid didn't have a fish, go ask someone else>Ask old man for fish>Jack into old man's lunchbox>Get fish>Go back to mick to feed the penguin>Lets check the BBS to see if anyone lost a penguin>Looks like the seaworld lost a penguin, no shit>Go to seaworld>Oh, its closed today>Come back tomorrow instead>Why did we even come to seaworld today without checking whether they were openThat's in the span of ten minutes, 90% of that is entirely pointless. Let the penguin eat fucking cheetos, leave that shit to Mick. Just have Lan go straight to the BBS to see if they lost a penguin, then have Megaman look up whether they're open today.

>>637518764We have become masters of science

>>637519040Don't you know? The world is incompetent and only Lan and Megaman can get anything done.

>>637519040how could you forget the part where you have to fix the toilet

i wish I could go back to when I was playing these games on my gba

>>637519224>Lan I don't want to do this>Battle routine, set>Lan no>Execute

>>637518145He's the BN counterpart of the X series' Dr. Cain, hence his descendant Mayor Cain

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>>637518145Dr. Cain is not very smart.

People don't like it, but I can entirely see SF4 turing out the way it does>But I don't like Geo getting his happy end and it instantly being taken awayGame is clearly set like five or six years later, Geo is clearly olderIf you share your secret identity as a hero with the government, it always ends the same way. Eventually you become a liability, or they don't like you having that kinda power, they want to get rid of you. It was fine when Ace was in charge, but what happens when someone else gets in charge, and they tell Geo to obey an order he doesn't want to obeyThere's a reason super heroes keep their identity a secret. It would probably be some Regal type story where someone evil gets in charge of the government and decides to purge the people who can use EM wave change. Geo goes on the run with Lan's grandchild, since they're both wanted by the government. By the end of the game Lan's grandson proves the guy who got in charge of the government is corrupt, so they flip the script on him, he reveals that he just wanted all the power for himself, he's really an evil space monster, he EM wave fuses with some space criminal, Geo has to take him down. The story sounds jaded but people around the world help Geo run from the cops or stop the cops from chasing him at times, can easily show that people still appreciate Geo for saving the world. Also you can finally play out the joke with Heiji Goyouda being a Lupin reference all along, with him chasing Geo across the country while geo and Kazuma drive across the country in a stolen van. Kazuma decides to jump a cliff with the van, as Dukes of Hazard music starts playing.

>>637518854something neat about this scenario is that when you're doing all that for mr match there are no scientists around at scilab so no there's no one to tell Lan he's a gullible retard.

>>637517450>>637517085So, Light create thing, and Willy improve thing?

>>637519817I don't mind it but who's to say if Capcom would've kept it or make it more kid friendly.

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>>637518764Lan and Sean exposed to 1000x safe radiation levels for extended periods of time and had no consequences>>637520008That just makes it weirder that Match needed Lan's help to do this, if no one was even around to get suspicious of him if he did it himself.

>>637520161Wily created Colonel, the ultimate Net Navi. So strong that Wily during a fit of rage ripped Colonel in half, and put a bomb in Colonel where if he ever fused back together it would activate a bomb and Colonel would explode. Wily ripped Colonel in half and removed Colonel's kindness program because Wily wanted to rip in half his own greatest creation to prove that he killed his own kindness, so that he could go full evil mastermind and try destroying the world. He had to hurt Colonel to show he could be a bad guy to himselfWily also created copybots, which can allow net navis to do shit in the real world directly. You send the net navi into the robot, the navi can act freely in the real world. You can basically take over the world with a hundred copybots, and a hundred copies of Protoman.Wily also created half of soulnet; Wily and Dr.Light created it back when they were both on good terms and both wanted to save the world. They couldn't complete it within their lifetimes so they left the remainder of the job to their sons.

>>637520280Match really needed Megaman more so than Lan since the programs wouldn't have trusted FlameMan to install the heat data.

>>637520210Sonia looking like Kairi there

>>637521060fitting since they're both useless

>>637519817Didn't SF3 ended properly where Geo reuinites with his father? Epilogue shows Geo with both his parents.

>>637521289Read up on SF4, it was in development after SF3, but it was cancelled due to poor sales from OSS.>Mega Man Star Force 4 was the canceled sequel to Mega Man Star Force 3. It entered production between 2009-2010, however it was cancelled midway through due to the underwhelming sales of Star Force 3 and Rockman.EXE Operate Shooting Star.>The game would have taken the series into a more mature tone and featured an older teenaged Geo Stelar with a new character, Kazuma, a descendant of Lan Hikari (and by extension his wife Mayl and their son Patch), becoming outlaw hackers who are sought after by the Satella Police for 8,000,000 Zenny a piece. Hacking was to become a large part of the plot or gameplay, akin to the Noise from Star Force 3. Other details are unknown. It was discovered on June 14, 2019.

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>>637521445Sounds like total fujobait. I'm glad it was cancelled.

>>637521149Luna is even more useless, at least Sonia can defend herself as Harp Note.

Honestly the fact that we got SIX of these fucking games (8 if you count Battle Chip Challenge and Network Transmission) is incredible to me. We were fucking spoiled man.Looking back the 2000s might have been the best era for MM fans. BN, Zero, ZX, they even brought back the original series with MM9. Shit was so cash man.

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>>637518764>tfw you nearly destroy the world with a climate catastrophe because you refuse to take off your jacket in a warm environment

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>>637518764>Lan, walk Megaman to the homepage of this fucking-who to deliver some note for me.

>>637522217why did they use the worst version of the PET for this

>>637522217Holy shit Lan's got a shank

>>637522217And people was bitching about that, yes?

>>637522254>ivanMake sense

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>>637523307>ivan backwards is navi


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>>637521149You lost the Geobowl, Luna. Get over it.

>>637525845still don't know what battlechip challenge is

>>637527598It's Battle Network, stripped of everything but a very simplistic auto-battle free to watch a while and get an idea of how it works.

>>637528027>TASNigga what are you doing

>>637528027god its like I'm watching alpha footage for shit like dokkan battle

>>637528027>Roll beating Basshaha yeah right

>>637526227Imagine losing the Geobowl to a fucking shirt

>>637528697Geo's a good friend, he chose a guy friend over a pair of stupid girls.

Don't forget to post if you're going to be distracted watching that BCC run

>>637528363Playing bcc at maximum efficiency please understand

>>637528027the fuck do you TAS this shit?

>>637528363I know right, he should have posted the TAS everyone needs to

>>637530548That hardly would've demonstrated what BCC is, user.

>>637530442Luck manipulation and frame perfect dialogue advancement.

did it just stop working on the deck for anyone else overnight

>>637530829nvm a reboot fixed it

>>637530548Non-TAS speedruns of MMBN3 are fucking cool. They way they manipulate shit to draw the exact chips they need is some real "heart of the cards" shit.


Attached: 1682053303684655.png (694x625, 495.74K)

>>637528027It didn't strip anything from the combat, just make solely strategy focused. It's feel like playing card game with battle chips it's actually pretty fun once you understand how the system works Except the RNG part. That shit is fucking retarded but at least there is a mod to fix it

Post blonde girls

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>>637518948they weren't trying to crash it, they were using the apparent imminent crash as the distraction while magnetman grabbed the very important program that's on a random commercial airliner for some fucking reason


>>637531753You say that when original BN had one fourth of the life virus in Lan's oven.

>>637531863I just chalk that up to tadashi leaving bits of world rending programs all over the place


>>637531954Then why would they need to specifically break into Lan's oven network to steal the fire program? The elec program was housed below Scilab, The water program was in the public water works, I forget where the other one was, but the fire program was just in Lan's oven.

>>637531950Lan's dad probably can't take off his shoes around the house without stubbing a toe on one of Tadashi's convoluted potentially world-ending posthumous schemes.

I'm at the end of 2 and I'm at the Gospel fight and he's kicking my fucking ass. do I actually have to go and grind to beat this fuck?

Is the best way to get the special code chips from custom style in 3 to use rockblock + bolt?

>>637532039need I remind you that the key to acquiring soulnet docs involved going to a random place in ACDC net that exists as of few weeks ago and reading something scratched onto a doghouseusing the nuclear reactor program as a microwave is perfectly sensible compared to tadashi's other shit>>637532138>Lan's dad probably can't take off his shoes around the housethat would take up like half the time he spends home each week

>>637532397It depends on the encounter. Some will require really specific setups to get the S+ and S++ Ranks.

>>637519040I couldn't stand to play BN6 for more than half an hour at a time this time around. It might have been burnout from playing all 6 BN games in a row, but then a couple days later I played through all of Starforce 1 in two sittings, so I'm inclined to agree that BN6 has shit pacing.

>>637532486>need I remind you that the key to acquiring soulnet docs involved going to a random place in ACDC net that exists as of few weeks ago and reading something scratched onto a doghouse>It was Dr.Light's old house, his old doghouse, and his digital recreation of ACDC town which was hidden in the network for generationsJust be glad the family never moved, or else they'd never decipher Light's notes and figure out that you need to check the old doghouse. Also be glad they never destroyed the old doghouse either. So many elements of his plan are entirely coincidental. Also Dr.Light's navi having to sit entirely still on the internet for like 40 years straight waiting for someone to receive the key to a random cube for another digital recreation of another place from years ago. And the navi dies as soon as it hands over the data. Everything that happened needed to happen exactly as it did, if anything went wrong then the data wouldn't be recoverable.

>>637532524Fair enough

>>637532269your prism combo?

>>637518764Having appliances that worked perfectly fine pre-internet connect to said inter- Why is this an actual thing in real life now!?

Attached: netsafety.png (1139x759, 878.36K)

>>637473828give me a hacked MMBN game where you can rape the girls after you beat them in the netthen I will finally bother to deal with megaman in current year

>>637533062>doesn't like netbattlingYou don't deserve it.

>>637531540MADE for Electopian cock

Attached: 13567125371.png (720x1830, 898.7K)

>>637533062I however, love netbattling and totally deserve this

>>637536030I am not 12 anymore, I need my carnal reward for any battle I am to win.

>>637488603>>637489168Man this series had a lot of top tier girls in it.

is the even more armor of the boxer's unique FUB going to matter more than +1 movement

>>637489168For me it's Shuko.

Attached: 22730321_p0.jpg (606x720, 69.21K)

>>637504469Must master varsword combosMust master varsword combosMust master varsword combos

That's not fair...

Attached: 36234057_p0.png (400x500, 154.31K)

>>637507856I have been, I beat 5 and cant find a match, working on 6. It seems that yea me jumping to the PVP games might be why.

>>637532802lol I don't have one. should I be using prism? I did see a video and it looks OP

>>637473828In MMBN 4 there is an alpha code that is the most powerful and requires the most skill. VvvvvV.VvvvV..VvvV....VV.....V

Attached: skill_required.png (1200x660, 18.75K)


>>637538409For me it's T code

Attached: 3673.png (512x551, 221.82K)

>>637537521B B < V ^B B < V ^B B < V ^

>>637531950to be fair in the other timeline he left giant capsules buried in random basements and attics all over the place too

>>637538662I want to use all the combos, for style.

So is there such a thing as a Lan Light in some or another universe?

>>637521289>>637521445something something about radio waves messing with everyones head and turning people hostile

>>637539051lan and megaman.exe is basically megaman split into two

>>637538662Truuuuueeee. But in 4-6 you need to master hero sword too to not hit BMGD

>>637538409Any code with Varswrd in it is the alpha code. >Here is an unrelated pic of Protoman X

Attached: protoman_x_v_1_by_asashi_kami_d61iaoc-fullview.jpg (1024x576, 48.19K)


>>637541224the dream is dead, give it up

>>637533062Battle Network is basically the DBZ of Megaman games. Nobody but like two people gives a shit about the girls in it, we all just want to netbattle.

>>637533062there was one user making a mayl porn game. the last i heard from him was 3-4 days ago

>>637504343Begone, villain! For mine is a Soul of JUSTICE!

Attached: JUSTICE.png (959x2158, 2.29M)

>>637542946>Thinks you can be a Rider AND Ultraman at the same time.Silly Mr. Prog.

Attached: 1656452070184.png (240x160, 13.67K)

finished bn2. While it had it's ups and downs I had an amazing time. Having only played 6 and 1 this gives me hope for the upcoming games. 1 was such a pain to play I did not give it an encore with the release of the collection and went straight to 2. I have previously started 2 and 3 and the beginning of these games really don't stick but I was high off nostalgia I just kept wanting to play it. I will come around later after I finish bootcamp and go for 100% completion. I liked how challenging base gospel is. I almost thought I had to go grind and get better chips and more HP to face him but I managed with what I had.

Attached: bn2 credits - 6483441.jpg (1280x720, 178.13K)

Attached: 7poXbTNvYi.png (1501x341, 141.9K)

>>637543104stfu moose

Just ordered my copy on play-asia, cannot wait to play them comfy in bed on sunny weekend mornings

>>637544441fuck maybe I should get a japanese version too. I've been playing on my CFW switch because by the time I stopped in the store to get a physical they were all out. It's reasonably priced on playasia too. sucks that the FF remasters are fucking $80

>>637544441>>637544956They've been reprinting them in the US if you're from here. Gamestops were completely out of them like a weekish ago and are now stocked with two or three copies again. Same with Best Buy.

>>637545121I'll have to check my local gamestop. I see they're back on sale on amazon but it just arrives way too late. online says its out but maybe a visit would go differently.

Just finished Starforce 3, the card selection system sucks and ruined it from being the best starforce for me, but it had a good story and a nice ending.

Attached: R-Style Vol.0800015.jpg (1000x1391, 518.38K)


Attached: the implication.jpg (1280x720, 319.25K)

>>637544956>sucks that the FF remasters are fucking $80Well I did pay 64€ in the end, given shipping and VAT. Play-asia copies ARE reasonably priced, but the shipping and VAT always adds up.In the best case you'd be buying several things at once to make most of the prices.

>>637546612just saw that they carry physicals for Romancing saga 2 and 3 which I will definitely want to get my hands on at some point. so whenever the time comes I'll have a handful of stuff to order.

>>637543104You underestimate him.

Attached: Tiger of Netopia.jpg (1280x720, 281.48K)

>>637547272He was the Chosen Prog, how could I have been so blind?

Attached: 1652835805965.png (720x480, 25.12K)

anons of Holla Forums please, can anyone help me get the purple star on BN2 on the switch?

What’s the best game in this series to try and see if I’ll like it, as a newcomer? I’ve always been interested and I just home brewed my 3ds to play gba games.

>>6375475763 or 6 for the best experience or 1 but only if you wanna see how the series developed since the first one otherwise skip to 2.

>>637547576Start with 1, if you don't it will be even more difficult to get through it after playing a later entry

>>637547576I can't in good faith recommend 1. it just has so many issues and so little going for it. If you want to play it play the DS version. I would play 2 or 3. you can't go wrong with either.

>>637547576>>637547782This. There's no reason not to start with the first. Its not the peak of the franchise, but its not the worst either. And they all share the same blueprint, so its easy to see if you like it or not.

>>637547401stfu moose

you know after all these years and checking out every npc dialogue I never realized they gave you hints for all the navi encounters (at least after you beat their ghost for the first time). Even bubbleman's low hp requirement is toldto you outright.

good heavens, just look at the time

Attached: varsword_time.png (544x472, 49.24K)

>>637473828I recall the MMX port being trash, how is this one?

>>637473828I never played this game before, started with the first one and I am having a great time, hope it get a little bit challenging though.

Attached: SharkEXE.jpg (1142x952, 431.87K)

>>637550131Best way to play every game except BN1.

>>637550651cool, but no issues with performance or anything?

>>637550852None whatsoever, that said, the online for Switch is apparently the best because it uses Nintendo's servers, while PS4 and PC are both P2P.

>>637550907Thank you, that's good to know but doesn't that mean in 10 years there will be no support for it on switch?

>>637550975Idk, I can't see the future, I'm not Clockman.exe

>>637550907that doesn't make any sense. In a 1v1 game, P2P is better than a dedicated server.

>>637534820 Your terminal faggotry aside, I liked her baggy eyes more.

>>637551297¯\_(ツ)_/¯I'm just saying what I've seen other people over here say.

>>637473828The games look like shit with the filter. Is there any reason to play the port over the gba game?

>>637552629Yes, and you can just turn off the filter.

>>637552725Can I keep my chips from one game to another or what is the reason?

>>637552629Best official way to play the main GBA games.You can turn the filters off, comes with content exclusive to JP releases, and online trading and battling.If your looking to the best unofficial way, look for mods + DS releases of 1 and 5, and Tango for rollback online.

I really just removed a fire only to run into flashman. what the fuck.

>>637552791Each game has its own chip collection and story. You start fresh for each game.

>>637552791>>637552889that level of grind is what made me lose interest when I binged the series and stopped around the start of 4, to grindy, and I wasn't even beating the secret bosses

>>637553032You know you don't have to grind every chip every game unless you want to, right? Or are you saying starting fresh and treating every game like a new game is too much grinding?

Attached: shrimpy.jpg (690x816, 105.78K)

>>637555017Yeah the starting fresh is probably it.At this point I would rather cheat to get 10x exp gain in SNES JRPGs now than play them the way they released.

>>637555640just turn on buster max lol

>>637555819probably will, didn't want to cheat before but at this point I will.

>>637555640You can kinda do the same thing with emulator cheats or buster max, but I feel that the fresh start is useful for making you improvise and adapt new strategies each game as stuff stops being available to you, and that's a good part of the fun. Might I suggest a break between games if you try again? It can certainly make the restart less jarring.

Attached: Boomer_virus.png (628x575, 494.47K)

>>637555949Yeah I remember some mechanics changed enough to warrant a restart, and I'll probably have breaks between games next time with emulator cheats.But I tend to play games in bursts so who knows how it will go. Will probably skip 1 and 2 since I definitely played those even though the tied up in the bathroom scene from MMBN1 is top tier

>>637552821>look for mods + DS releases of 1 and 5,Honestly, I'd say the patch cards make up for the DS features in 5. You're only missing out on DS Remixes for the music (which are hit or miss anyway), party cust (which is kind of pointless), SolCross, TP Chip switches, and a few extra Numberman codes (pic related).

Attached: Screenshot_20230518_070037_Adblock Browser.jpg (1080x1972, 364.9K)

>>637487926Every fucking game contains this chip. Nobody uses this shit.

>>637556370It's the GOAT in Network Transmission, though.

>>637555640use the download chips/buster max until you get a half decent folder normally.

>>6375003182 has the best internet. So comfy.

>>637556594alright I'll keep that in mind>>637556626wasn't this one of the series where there was a drop in quality for the middle games and then the later ones it got gud again?

>>637538409D code all the way

>>637519040Emulatorchads just keep on winningEnjoy not being able to fast forward those retarded sections

huh, you still get an email from Lan's dad for a new style change even if it occurs during flame man's scenario. that's kind a funny. I just image Lan's dad desperately typing out the details for the style change to send to lan as the lab burns down around him.

>>637556913Fast Forward is the only reason I can still play pokemon at all

the collection making me able to buster max to grind bugfrags in 3 way easier than in base game makes it worth it

>>637557287if only you got bugfrags from counters in 4-6

>>637557287Just open cheat engine you tard

for those that want to cheat at gambling in 3, I found

>>637555640Kinda same feeling to be honest. It's not the game's fault because they released with sufficient time between the games but if you get a collection and then you have 5 games where the early game is 5-10 hours each and the interesting part always start after that it becomes very tedious to play.

are gaiasword and gaiablade the same? does gaiablade do anything more?

>>637558173Also backlogs, this is my position on old games in general. If I go back and play Morrowind for instance I'm going to just set the level up to always give 3 points for every stat except luck so I'm not constantly min maxing and wasting time that way. Or for stuff like Legend of mana, if I replay it I'll probably just jack up the EXP gain. I'm so tired of grind I can't believe I felt uncomfortable about Ragnarock private servers having #x xp boost

>>637558756One has wideswrd range and the other longswrd, forgot which one does each though.

would it have made more sense in 3 for mr famous/his apprentice to have the navi that's in the other version for you to fight, so in white his apprentice would have bowlman and in blue famous would use mistman instead of punk

>>637556745>wasn't this one of the series where there was a drop in quality for the middle games and then the later ones it got gud again?Basically, on a first playthrough, you probably want to skip 4. If you get to BN5 and don't like Liberation missions, skip to 6. If you finish BN6 and want more, try 4 (or 5 if you skipped it, too).


>>637473828Gba killed megaman. This isnt megaman. This is megatranWhere the fuck is classic chad mega man and chad mega man x

>>637560142>waahhh violence is wrong

>Hey dude, go get 50 points>ok, how do I get it?>Lan, I think you need to go get 50 points>FUCCCCKKKAnd then, you need to go every fucking where talking to random people/things to get the fucking points. Also, all the points you can get is random too.

>>637560142DESU you need to try Megaman Zero and Megaman ZX, they are very much like Megaman X but with some open world elements.

>>637560249Zero looked faggy and wears a diapy in it. Gba megatran is cancer. Play megachad on nes and snes.

>>637560248The Heel Navi in the Dracky comp and the Navi in the ice cream machine comp always give a good amount of points.

>>637560346I liked the X series and MMZ is close but skipable, but I really want to advocate for MMZX and MMZXA

>>637560375I already got the 50 points needed.It's just that the level design is shit. There's nothing fun about running around pressing random things.This is worse than find a navi in net area 3.

>>637560596maybe you'll find it fun the second or third time you do it :)

>>637510820areagrab her into a corner

>637560346>637560142posts like these makes me wonder if they talk like that in person

Attached: MMBN_LC2_efFw3whXEH.png (1600x900, 607.83K)

>>637561995someone I knew in college thought one of megaman's alt colors in ultimate made him look like he was wearing a diaper, so it's not a new opinion, just a dumb one

>>637562704i mean saying tranny or chad in every sentence like a toddler learning about swears for the first time

Attached: WhGNiKT0svM.webm (656x446, 2.81M)

Near the end of BN1 after a lot of procrastinating and frankly, fighting it.Was rough at the start, like a slog to play, but its actually one of ‘it gets better after 10 hours’ kinda games.How are you supposed to build your deck? Just strong attacks, or trying to max out moves with the same codes?

>>637563171max out moves with same codes is the better way to go

why do people dislike z zero's panties so much but is perfectly fine with X zero's green nipples, 'cause I'm the opposite

>>637565082Old good new bad mindset. The vast design changes to the series made by Zero didn't sit well with people at the time.

>>637565454all 4 games are plagued by screen crunch to a comical degree (guess they couldn't use smaller sprites? idunno), doesn't help that z1 and 2 are chock full of retarded decisions (1's life/retry system, 2's EX skills, weapon leveling, the elves, etc)

>>637566015>screen sizeI am not going to act like there are no times where this is an issue but I seriously can't see the whole game is like that unless you're constantly dashing without expecting to be punished1's life system is indeed stupidex skills I think are fine as a reward to getting good but if you're good enough to get them you mostly don't need them, you can do a couple cool things thoughBut yeah I do wish 3's elf system was the case since the beginning and that 4 didn't abandon it

>>637487490Watch the public opinion on StarForce make a 180 after people actually play the games and compare it to BN. sfGODS our time will come

>>637547562I also need this one, do you want to try battling each other for those chips?

I beat Freezeman

>>637572026Good job, now the game goes back to normal and you can freely explore the net

>>637473828PLEASE HELP!I've fought over 100 battles without my style (which was at level3) in mmbn3 and I did not unlock a new style. 1. Why did I waste 90 minutes fighting dudes in acdc12. WHY THE FUCK DID IT NOT WORK?!?3. How do I quick delete bubbleman without elecstyle?

>>637572914Icestage>Flashmanpanelgrab>panelgrab>Plasma3Depending on which style you have, some of them have 4 or 5 level ups.

>>637572026I can feel the pain behind this post

>>637575019I beat him first try

>>637473828Just fully completed 2 and now I get to play 3! So fucking excited!

Anyway to retrieve the money stolen by the bandits in Castle Comp 4? The previous Castle Comps have a chest area that spawns your stolen money but not this Comp...

Attached: 1462112237707.png (886x1389, 2.55M)

>>637576543That comp has two segments, anything stolen in any of them ends up in the chest of the second area.

>>637560142Battle Network is better than any other iteration of megaman. Imagine making something so good you patent it and no one makes any copies.

Attached: mmbn.gif (498x414, 1.69M)

>>637576543You will see it before the ending

>>637576543Just don't get your stuff stolen bro

Someone library compare with me on BN3 (Steam)I have MistMan chips

Attached: medic-gunner.png (200x200, 33.25K)

>>637572914Get the master style P.A. from the number trader. Multihit with 900 base damage

>>637505481built for hugs and headpats

just got level 4 (max) on a style in mmbn3.what do I do now? can I keep the style equipped to find a new one?

>>637580332Yes you can. Having a style equipped doesn't prevent you from getting a new one.

>>637491510she had no panties :O

Poor girls look like THIS??

Attached: 98c111c1916804fdd6065212cb38537d.png (2276x2888, 3.59M)

Rich girls look like THIS??

Attached: 0207a1eedf6324bceec4c2abf1318fc7.jpg (1417x2006, 1.59M)

>>637499213is this a doujin or a manga?

Give it to me straight bros, is Starforce 4 ever going to be released?

>>637582309Doubt it. Capcom's all about making AAA games these days, and I don't know how Megaman would fit that structure without a huge overhaul.

>>637579516You still there? I'm hosting

>>6375835461 moment

>>637473828Been playing classic Mega Man NES games lately but never tried Battle Network, is it just card game stuff?

>>637583993It's an rpg where you battle on a 3x3 grid against the opponent's 3x3 grid with your buster and cards

>>637582309>SF3 was 14 years agoBruh

Give it to me straight bros, is Battle Network 7 ever going to be released?


>>637585582[gacha joke]

>>637582309Probably not

>>637583993Just look at literally any gameplay footage. You chose battle chips, and then you enter into a real time fighting arena where you see if the battle chips you chose handle the job. Each enemy acts differently, but there are set patterns. You see if the weapons you chose can properly counter the enemies patterns. It is a real time game

>>637473828Nice filters fag.

Just beat BN1 after like 3 weeks because I was fighting it the whole time (felt clunky as fuck), although I actually quite grew into it when I sat down and gave it a proper go.That said, I'm taking a little break before 2 and beyond, and I know these threads won't last forever, so lemme ask now.Are any of the later game versions relevant, or is it like pokemon where its just a touch of exclusives? I played blue moon and colonel as a kid, but don't remember shit. I don't see myself actually doing every version.Which ones are superior?

Attached: mega_man_battle_network_collection_games.jpg (1460x821, 305.02K)

>>637589839Colonel version is necessaryFalzer version is the most accurate to colonel version as wellThe other versions don't matter as much, just the last two games.

>>637589839look up the souls/crosses and pick whichever you find cooler

>>637589839Gregar has HEAVY MACHINE GUN.

Attached: HEAVY MACHINE GUN.gif (200x200, 2.33K)

>>637590167well by off chance those were probably the ones I'd pick so that works.

>>637589839The version differences are significant in volume 2 as 4-6 all have different navis that come with different transformations that can alter how you folderbuild. As for the superior versions>3 Blue has an extra boss fight that isn't in White. It also has folderback which is the most broken chip in the entire series>5 Colonel is the "canon" version due to extra cutscenes and the plot of 6 more or less assumes you played Colonel>4 and 6 don't matter, however for timeline autism if you go with Red Sun, play Gregar, and Blue Moon and Falzar.

>>637585582do you really trust capcom, of all developers, to make a good BN in this day and age? shanghai already exists and it manages to be better than every single game in the series, go play it>>6375898393: both versions have the same content for the most part, blue has an extra boss and an obnoxiously overpowered chip that some of the faggots here just can't live without, i recommend white for that fact alone4: more or less the same shit, look up the souls available on each version and choose from there5: same as above, people will tell you to play colonel because it makes more sense in 6's story but baryl's story makes no fucking sense in that game anyway6: same here too, version also changes the final boss but neither of them are gimmicky/obnoxious (unlike the rest of the series' final bosses), so it's no big

Attached: BNcompare.jpg (4096x2232, 2.1M)

>>637589839There's no explicit continuity between versions but the ones that share some characters areRed Sun>Protoman>Gregar and Blue Moon>Colonel>Falzar.Aside from Colonel having one extra line of dialogue you can dismiss any post talking about muh canon so just play the versions with the things that you like.Somebody else post that chart with version differences because I don't have it.

Attached: Mega Man Battle Network Sprites.png (1940x1321, 161.09K)

>>637589839BN6 entire storyline revolves around a character that doesn't make sense at all if you didn't play Colonel version, but if you played colonel version then it's a really good character arc and storyline.

oh, so she DOES have a crush on Geo himself

Attached: cool typo.png (900x683, 40.72K)

>>637590842nice pic.what's the op chip do?just wondering, doubt I'm 100%ing anything but idk.Leaning white>BM>col>falz I think.

>>637591175No shitDon't listen to shitposters who are biased in the threads She also saved the day a few times in SF series, despite people claiming she didn't do anything.

>>637591175What, it wasn't obvious?


Attached: duo.jpg (320x180, 14.99K)

>>637591403restores your entire folder (including the chip itself) and fills up the custom

>>637590842>Dark chip>Holy power to frontI don't understand. Is it dark or holy

>>637592419bn3 darkchips =/= bn4/5 darkchipsalso look at his skin color

>>637592654Yes, I get that, but it's described as a dark chip. Yet it's holy.

there's been like 4 typos in the last 2 minutes

Attached: let's go that cafe.png (910x682, 48.23K)

>>637593225Still somehow not as bad as BN4

>>637591175No, that was Pat

>>637593225Genuine Capcom quality.

>coolest character design never makes an onscreen appearance

Attached: BugRiseSwordArt.png (512x432, 251.92K)

>>637593067Because you need a hole to summon him.

>>637593067might be because of the secret area, a white, clean area located in the deepest part of the undernet, a place holy, yet full of darkness (and bullshit)

Imagine the amount of seething in this thread when SF Legacy collection is more successful than BN because normies love SF's simplistic gameplay.

Attached: 1657144931345.png (297x178, 4.53K)

>>637594227>normiesthey don't give a single fuck about anything megaman related

>>637594227Normies don't even know SF exists

>>637594227There won't be any seething in this thread, because it won't exist anywhere but archive sites. No one will be able to post.Are you retarded or something?

it sickens me and saddens me to see bnfags and sffags cannibalizing each other

Attached: maru sad.png (686x700, 364.75K)

Edenfags won...

>>637560248>Also, all the points you can get is random too.No, the points are set. I've played through 4 more times than I'd like to admit, it's always the same.

>>637595161the only time star force was fun was when geo was playable in bn1

>>637595161maybe star force fags should stop pretending its a good series then

Mick should have been a cute brown girl>>637594227Id 100% love another megaman title doing well so capcom notices, zero seethe

>>637595161It's literally trolls just trying to start shit. Id bet that almost nobody is a SF fan without being a BN fan, while there are definitely plenty of BN fans who don't also like SF.

>>637595161its just one attention whore ignore him

>>637595161>cannibalizing each otherThat's not true at all. We argue sometimes but our bond is unbreakable.

Attached: unite.jpg (400x450, 31.57K)

>sffags almost constantly trying to take over bn threads>sffags also wonder why bnfags hate them

>>637594227The only seething here will be from the autistic ramblings of shipping schizos.I'll just be in my own corner forming brotherbands with anons and fapping to sonia and luna porn

There's not a single Megaman series i consider bad. Legends is my least favorite and even then it's still kino

Attached: FqH_NMzaEAAzfJO.jpg (1536x2048, 1.07M)

>>637596000I don't think there's anything wrong with talking about SF in BN threads. It's hard to give my input on some gameplay stuff since I've never played it, but I don't really see a problem otherwise. Shanghai's fine too since its gameplay is just BN and even the most casul BNfag can help folder build by looking at the chips.


>>637595161I respect sffags. Just make your own thread and stay there.

>>637595552>i'd bet that almost nobody is a SF fan without being a BN fanaight beti really don't like chip codes, they kill variety by forcing you to run monocode to get the best results (until you get fastgauge, then maybe you can afford to run dualcode), and additionally make the grind in every single game take exponentially longer>b-but * codeyeah, it says a lot that half of every single folder ever made is codeless chipsthey should have experimented with a different set of restriction for selecting chips but i really doubt they even had the time for that, given the development windows for each gamestyles are boringsouls are alright i guess?crosses are nice in theory but gregar crosses are boring stat increases and falzar crosses are mostly suited for very specific cases (also both games have duplicate element crosses, no idea why)(also groundcross fucking sucks)the ranking system is retarded and noise rewards are much more funthe noise gauge is the most interesting mechanic in the entire series and the only transformation mechanic that doesn't make the base form completely uselessarea eater > area grab

>>637596189I don't like Legends

>paying for roms

Attached: I'm going to start implying.jpg (251x201, 9.51K)

>>637596189>There's not a single Megaman series i consider badEven this trash?

Attached: Screen Shot.png (640x359, 347.64K)

Attached: Mega Man - Fully Charged 003-023.jpg (1988x3056, 2.47M)

those filters look god awful. should've went with the ai upscale

>>637598192it's not like you have to use them

>>637598489it does have an awful filter you can't disable

>>637598606Anon you can turn it off.

>>637598784no not that, there's a bilinear or whatever it's called filter that smears edgesit isn't visible during normal gameplay but zoom in on any screenshot just a little and it looks awful

>>637599097oh, damn that's terrible.

>>637593497Surprised they went for a manga reference

>>637597812that isn't even real

>>637597812I miss when man of action was good

he did this on roller skates

Attached: 1684308565810268.gif (1280x780, 585.18K)

>>637601084They're retractable.They're also real and have been for years.

>>637597812>Hypno Woman>Literal Guts Man

>>637601503They're detachable, actually.

Attached: Lan_Hikari_concept_art.png (1296x1260, 2.45M)

>>637601084you figure this is the moment wily would've realized lan isn't to be fucked with

>>637493061Now that would be an awesome crossover. Also include Mecha Dragon from MM2.

Plz keep these threads alive while I play zelda ok

Attached: Mamoru.jpg (360x360, 30.36K)

>>637602597how about an iceball m instead

>>637602597Quick /mmbn/! Get rid of all the ramps

>>637602597I just realized that they probably made the wheelchairs normal and not electronic/motorized so they wouldn't have to worry about viruses fucking with patients, but then that same hospital decided to have a tree of life that can be hacked to cause emp vines to spread across the hospital, but at least the wheelchairs are safe

>>637602597Cute onahole.

mamoru probably died before the end of exe6 btw

>>637603948Mary's pacemaker is internet enabled.

>>637602597I can only offer low quality stuff.

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>>637604227Why is everything internet enabled in the BN world?

>>637604662pacemakers in the real world are internet enabled

>>637604662Because Dr.Light created the internet, the entire society is based on everything being connected to the internet, they are an internet society.

>>637604493what even is that image

>>637604662>>637604923I'm starting to think Wily was in the right after all.

>>637604227>"hey Mary I gotta go check your pacemaker brb">"and now to sign Mary up for a netbattling tournament">"pacemaker? oh, right it's fine don't worry about it"


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These chips make the game a blast. Setgreen and copy damage are fun as shit. Wish volcano didn't get axed>>637591175Cute, I miss Luna. I never played 2 so I think I'll just start there

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>>637605471SF2 is the hated one, just play SF3

>>637605471>I never played 2 so I think I'll just start theredon't

>>637605471what's the difference between Volcano and LavaCannon? Both absorb lava panels to attack

>>637488603Mega ZAMN

>>637605527>>637605528I know but since I've 100%'d 1 and 3 like 3 times now I'd figure I'd give it a try now. Mostly because I saw a patch that fixed the encounter rates. Plus I want more Luna>>637605845Volcano hits the entire field while LavaCannon only hits a single row forward I think. Makes S-ranking a breeze

>>637604662cause its an accurate portrayal of the futurei cant fucking turn on my lights without logging into my light turn on app

>>637606319I can't believe that exists, as an option maybe but no physical light switch?

>>637602014I love hate that little fucker Gar

>>637606319>>637606584Eventually they don't want cars to even have steering wheels. They want to turn everything into smart cities were everyone except the rulling class is less than cattle- true "robots" origin of the word robot is "slave",

Why is it that at 1000hp, I can't run from a Mettaur, an Eleball, and a Bunny in BN3?

>>637607481For some reason you can't run from Navi viruses or whatever. There's a pool that spawn whenever a ghost navi is in the area

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>>637607481Every location a beta/v2 navi can spawn comes with its own pool of viruses you can't sneakrun/1 turn escape from.