How would you respond if your daughter told you this?

How would you respond if your daughter told you this?

bitch… do u even know what r u saying?
and equating blacks to primitive jungle societies isnt racist

Yeah, i can totally see a dad with a pipe in his hand and big ass glasses saying to his daughter BITCH, DO U EVEN KNOW

Considering I'm black, she wouldn't because she grew up with a man in the house as opposed to you fucking millenial faggots pumping yourselves full of hormones and pretending to be women.

PROTIP: Women like black guys because they want real men, not little bitches. Fucking get your shit together white people.

What the fuck is this oxymoron.
You ran away when she was still in the womb.

i'm shizzle datz Why the fuck biatch likes black people such as yo' n' mah dirty ass.


Welp, I need to have another child. You're going to grow up to be a single mother that doesn't amount to anything, if I'm lucky enough for you to even move out.


Just wait until your daughter asks you to cum inside her… now THAT'S a game-changer!

the only way I would have children is if some 3DPD raped me, and even if that happen I wouldn't be around to be a father for the womb shit

There's gotta be a KKK program for that, right? Like a racist "pray the gay away" sort of thing but for nigger lovers? Then again, if you want to learn to hate black people, just spend time with them. The problem should sort itself out if she's not completely fucking retarded.

Racist cunt blacks people don't come from the jungle

Women everyone.

Wez be man and sheit. Wez no monkeyz




Enjoying your welfare? Gonna suck when the government runs out of other people's money, isn't it?

Wrong, women are ultimately self-serving and their ultimate goal is to find a creature willing to provide for them and their children. That is why when a woman is stupid enough to get impregnated by a nog she finds some rich beta.
That and niggers have an insanely high rate of murdering women.

Slap the shit out of her for being retarded.

Everyone is ultimately self-serving, white people just keep cucking themselves for god knows what reason.

Women like Black men because they are not logical thinkers and emulate role models and fads put out by the jews who control the media.

Would be like wanting to date a Mongolian
She a skank

People are not indiscriminate in the features they like. Some people like traits that are generally only found in certain races

i'd question her mothers intelligence. because no child of mine would be that overtly stupid by her age.

Double dubs!
obligatory THIS!

Also you can tell the dad no longer cares nor even entertains the idea; he playfully calls it a sickness. He knows she wants to fuck niggers and he doesn't care. She was looking for validation and she got shut the fuck down and ignored. Go fuck some niggers behind your families back then bitch but you know you'll never bring one home.

Alas, i wish her good luck on her coal burning endeavors my family won't be impacted by it so i don't give a fuck.

I had a classmate much like her and she spawned 2 half breeds from 2 different niggers. Both bailed on her. The first nigger who bailed on her got locked up for 30 years. One halfbreed nignog child killed himself during his teens years and the other one got locked up in juvenile detention. I chuckled hard when someone updated me on this train wreck of a white woman. She was warned by plenty of people and didn't listen, she let her sexual fetish lead her life and got dealt with hard.

Were closing in on the end, nigga.


What daughter?



I saw an infographic about how to make hot women. What's your point?

Black people don't have dads

No matter how many white people act like fags this will remain true


I would be incredibly supportive and proud.

fuck you white boy
you wont genocide us

You are completely right lad. The faggots at /cuteboys/ are getting really butthurt in this thread, ha.

why did i laugh at this

I'm half black. My daughter would be 1/4 black. She'd never be allowed to date a nigger. ever.

Well yeah, they are.
That's sort of the point of the entire board, the desired end result is to get butthurt.

You'll be a terrible parent and she'll be sure to date black guys just to piss you off.

Die in a ditch nigger.

that rich beta being the government taxes