OP I am disappoint


Hop on daddys lap

i'd fuck it. even more so if it gets a nosejob.

Jazz 'sodomite Boy' Jennings

it really looks like a female
that shnozz tho

So… how does his penis taste like?

So it's famous for being young and being pumped full of estrogen?

People are fucking disgusting.

Welcome to the real world.



I would breed her with or without hangdown

It would have been ugly as a man too.

Wait till CURRENT YEAR ends and it kills itself because it realizes it's just a freak.

Thats a nice girl I'd like to settle down and start a family with

enjoy your jewish kids :^)


let me guess - you are autistic, right?

Those hips would yield me several children

He is only a boy with a Large Hair and wearing a skirt, JUST IT

Isn't that enough? What more do you want?


Too manly. I'd fuck a sufficiently passable tranny (no homo), but these guys don't pass.

That twink is more feminine than a good portion of women.

That's true, but still, there are better looking women and men.

Yeah, but this one is either mentally ill or has been mind-broken by their parents.

Different fetish