My ISP is cutting off my internet and (((they))) might press charges and fine me for pirating.

Wat do

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Did they just give you a warning?
If not you probably need a lawyer.

Move somewhere they can only fine you for the price of pirated goods + $1,000.

lube that bumbum up

Far too poor for a lawyer.

You have right to public attorney fam

Seriously where are you? The US? If so you are going to want to lawyer up even if it's just a public defender, you could be looking at prison time and a permanent record in the land of corporate sponsored courts.


Don't worry, I'm sure the film industry has no influence on Californian law.
But seriously talk to your defender about any way you can have it heard in another sate

My isp (Time Warner at the time) had turned off our internet as well 3-4 years ago for pirating V for Vendetta(Warner Brothers film).

But the message was basically a warning. I'm guessing if they were charging you they would send a letter.


Run you Idiot!

Start life anew somewhere else!

If you are already poor do you think you are going to be able to bounce back from a criminal record and the fines they are going to push on you?

Fucking RUN! Right goddamn now! Pack up what you can take, drain your account ASAP, terminate your lease/sell your house and just fucking run!


I'm sick of the normalfags that are invading this site. First of all, that little paper OP received in the mail about his ISP threatening to cut of his service is bullshit. It came from some corporation with a network that you happened to connect to while downloading a torrent.

Oh Really?


this tbqh fam.
Every second you waste shitposting here, is time lost. Hit the road!

Okay then, how did she get caught? Maybe it was because she was using her bare IP on a p2p site like a retard and happened to tread into territory that the people she was stealing from didn't like.

I'm sure you're aware they're actually sent as a warning straight from the ISP, who was either pressured or (like most in the US) willingly bent over.

I've known a fuckwit or two get their ISP to drop them, but it's never more than that.

You're an idiot. That was from Kazaa, which had literally nothing to hide your identity. Further, those cases only existed to scare other idiots into not pirating.

thats not the actually message we got, I just got the image from Jewgle.

I mean a physical letter.

which VPN do you use? The FBI is just curious :')

but where too exactly?

Could be true could be false, but damn thats cray


So? It is just a preliminary paper to keep them from being sued. They don't actually do anything about it. I remember getting about 3 of those papers in the mail 10 years ago and then I got scared, then nothing happened. It's all just a scare tactic. Your ISP doesn't want to lose your service, even if you steal pirated material. They are just sending those letters to scare you. Ever since I started using a VPN ages ago, I stopped receiving those letters.

Well then I guess the question is "Do you feel lucky OP?"

Only a small amount of pirates ever get sued but when they do they lose big. So the question you better ask yourself is "do I feel lucky?"

Well do ya? Punkā€¦

I've gotten an email a year ago saying I was caught and could be charged with $15,000 for downloading movies from piratebay. Fucking honeypot trackers.
I decided to ignore it and so far nothing bad has happened. I use i2p now instead.

You are fucked. Stealing from (((them))) right in the middle of one of their hives.



The participating Internet service providers (ISPs) are AT&T, Cablevision, Time Warner Cable, Verizon and Comcast.


Use a vpn or a non cucked isp.

vpnbook is free.

I have nowhere to fucking go. And I'm not a normalsodomite, just incredibly poor- hence why I pirated a tv show in the first place. They literally sent an alert to my phone while I was torrenting.

Fucking christ, I hate this state.

I'm aware they're used for scare tactics. Nearly any ISP won't give a fuck.
If I recall correctly, Suddenlink is the only ISP I've known of to drop a customer for this.

I use three.
Aim for something in Europe. scandinavia

Would you rather go nowhere or to fucking JAIL?


just move to a nigger infested city like Detroit and sell drugs.

Good luck.

wait, OP, so you DID receive a letter from your ISP?

OP here at the local starbucks. Realized I'm very productive without internet; Went to my local Navy recruiter and was hardly surprised when they told me I'm not that eligible.

So how's homelessness without a car, guys?

Well if you live in California you should probably be fine as long as it doesn't snow.

That doesn't really apply in this case as the same parent company own both his ISP and the content he pirated.

Why weren't you eligible? I was under the impression they were always looking for fresh meat.

why not just be a homeless guy near a popular beach? you literally can just enjoy nice weather on most days, bum money and get stuff from a local gas station.

or go to mexico, couch surf and try to find someone you know to give you a ride and find some way in to the country.

Downloading is a civil issue in America, not a criminal act. You can't be arrested and imprisoned for it. You can be sued by copyright holders though I haven't heard of a new case of this in years. ISP's have the right to cut service to anyone for any reason they wish but that doesn't happen very often.

Remember the six month rule. If something has been out on DVD for six months it's usually safe to download. It costs companies a load to monitor so they usually don't do it after six months.

Apply to Iceland as a political refugee if the Pirate Party gets in.

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My tattoo is apparently gang-related even though I said otherwise. Also because I dropped out of child prison, don't have my transcripts, don't have my social security card, don't have the math smarts, and also because I called them an adult daycare who will likely be bombed to shit by Russia once Cunton is erected president.

Also, update:
Attempted to buy a Mullvad subscription for 6 months using a onevanilla visa debit card and (((paypal))).
Why the fuck can't I get a break

Bump. I only have so much battery before I have to go recharge at home.

fucking hate that. on the bright side, we're suffering in times where cash isn't illegal yet. make the most of it

I'm a broke NEET, nigger. I put most of my cash on this fucking gift card to get a VPN.

Destroy harddrives with magnets. Deny everything. Blame malware and viruses and hackers taking control of your computer. Claim that you thought that your other computers might have gotten infected so you destroyed the one that was infected before it could do it to the others

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They cant prove that you were the one who did it even if the ip came from your house.

you are a fucking mess user. take control.
but there was a ruling recently where they can't do shit because anyone could be hijacking your net. in the meantime just stream shit. no one gives a shit about streaming and you only lose quality for the first minute

Battery nearly ded, have to go homo and recharge.

If anyone knows of a VPN that allows prepaid gift cards for subscription, let me know. See ya goys and wish me fuck.


With that attitude I'm glad you got rejected, I can imagine few things worse than being stuck in a desert with a fucktard like you.

try cyber ghost

cyber ghost*

is this a new wordfilter

Find another ISP.

Sue your old one for libel and invasion of privacy.

What are you trying to type?

I wasn't that user, but he corrected himself and changed nothing and cyberghost is meme shit

CG is alright for torrenting. its all i used it for, its like 34 bucks a year. i never got another copyright notice after that