Western civilization


And just like that you lost me.

While it's fucking retarded it's far from common and is hated by normalfags. This fad of faggótry will pass and we will still have modern medicine, electricity, planes, computers and space flight so all in all I still see western civilization as the best.

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The boy in first pic related is a mtf tranny.
That is a bad thing. He is not a real girl. Some of the mods like men like "feminine" penises though.

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Hebe males will be the next generation of men. Does your societies' reproductive success matter at all to you guys?
Please no funny answer.

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What is funny is that, even as children who didn't hit puberty yet, you can already see they are males, even if they try as hard as they can to *appear* like a female.
Because deep down, there's something off about their face, they lack the essence of femininity and only play with the surface. Your brain knows it, it's beyond anything.
(Most) trans are a disgrace.

I didn't recognize shim at first. If you think that shit is strictly Western Culture you couldn't be more wrong. Middle Eastern and Asian men been fucking young boys long before a white man ever set foot in North America.

that last picture. oh god that's horrible.


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I hope that there is God, and this guy dies quickly.


Not until you post nudes with timestamp and until than i am "straight"

It's only a excuse to post these pics here, muslims are by far worse.

You're right, this thread is only a excuse to post these pics.

You're not making a good case of yourself by posting these perfectly appropriate and not at all lewd pictures here, then backing it up with such shitty arguments.

If anything, you're making the opposite case. This is what humanity can achieve when it gates its shit together. God or nature or whatever imposes its will on us, cucks us with disease and static shit. And we say FUCK YOU and come up with a way to make life better for humans, way better. You're using one of the goddless middle fingers of mankind to nature right now, and you didn't even have to invent it for yourself. But you are implicit in the act by cooperating, you endorse this delicious blasphemy.

But man, I'd love to take her out for a soda pop when she's 18. She looks fun.

Normalfag detected


Fucking white people.

Wait, is the star quarterback white or black?

Don't push your luck friendo. Let's all just stay calm, yeah?

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In that case my crossdressing teenage son is getting disowned – probably dissolved too.

Liking them double dubs though.

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Fuck off weeb, your argument in the other thread already has been dismantled to show you do nothing but use strawmanning tactics.

More pls, or sause

kek I think you have just proved me right

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Look at muslims who are real pedophiles and seems to be accepted, meanwhile only white leftists and cuckolds like yourselves or others who in general support democrats and Hillary Clinton think that this is good.

I give attention for cuckold samefag.

Thanks OP.
Now I'm a homo.

I forgot it is >current year.

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how are traps so convincing?

Keep using cuck to describe everything you dislike, it will surely pan out.

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Hormones and surgery. We're still the same fucking species bro

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