The Young Right in Switzerland is Mainstream

Europe's youth will vote right out of frustration. Conservative values appeal to young Swiss as well - but for different reasons.

Would Europe's youth go to the polls today, there would be in several European countries a right election winner: In France, the National Front of Marine Le Pen came to 19 percent share of the vote, the Austrian Freedom Party would be elected by 21 percent of the youth. In Hungary, the far-right party Jobbik would even come to 53 percent of the vote. This emerges from a survey that was conducted among more than 10,000 young people aged between 15 and 34 years in eleven European countries, such as the "NZZ am Sonntag" reported.

"Switzerland takes in Europe a sort of leading role, because here the trend of youth toward more conservative values already exist for several years, it is already mainstream," says political scientist and Youth Barometer author Lukas Golder.

That the youth is not set primarily left as in the parent generation, may also have to do with the standard of living. "Many young people in Switzerland have grown well protected and have a lot of freedom enjoyed. These are not the circumstances in which form the left-revolutionary movements. "In contrast to Europe, the popularity right parties can not be explained with a mood of protest, but with self-protection.

Many young people are afraid of deteriorating living standards, and are therefore very conservative. Therefore a strong opposition of the youth to the EU integration has to be expected in future. The issue of safety is at the center of political debate, and not international solidarity. [fuck yeah, eat shit SP!]

Even the "Young SVP" realizes the interest of the young men. "We have many young people who are in school or job and experience the impact of migration and the lack of integration of foreigners directly, and therefore want to engage with us," says JSVP President Benjamin Fischer. Also the "loss of sovereignty" and worries about the future topics, which would employ the new members SVP of boys.

"Leftist topics must be sexier"

According to Juso Chef Fabian Molina, the trend is toward right-wing parties is not so clear. "In Spain, Portugal and Greece left-wing protest parties have massive inflow of young people. In the UK, the left Jeremy Corbyn many boy convinced. "Nevertheless, Molina is self-critical. The boys have nowadays perhaps more existence and fear of the future, which are the left do not always manage to communicate the answers. "Traditional Left concerns need to be made sexier."

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Just a few days ago the Swiss government officially told the EU to fuck off OP.

This is why they're so desperate to bring more Muslims in before it's too late
The youth of Europe and even America is waking up to the threat of leftism, but given that the last generation barely had any children, it is all too easy for the native youth to be crowded out by the massive amount of children migrants have

Nationalist movements have always been lead by young men who have been betrayed by the generation that came before. Nationalism is a doctrine of strength, and naturally appeals most to young men, who admire strength rather than being intimidated by it.
Pic very much related. I would recommend that anyone who is interested in youth-centered nationalist movements to read this book. It's truly striking just how many parallels there are.

That feel when the only way I'll become a citizen of such a based country is if I marry a cute Swiss girl and preserve by ancestry, but I live in burger land and am a debt slave until Like I'm 35 ;_;
I have always loved the fact that the Swiss just tell everyone to fuck off, and it has worked.


Wait is SIG Swiss or German? I forgot. I got no sleep.

Switzerland is like the least Cucked nation in all of Europe. As a proud but confused Mystery Meat™ across the sea I envy the Swiss. It must be the Lederhosen?

SIG is swiss.
SIG-Sauer is a Swiss-german operation.

But now they have become mainly american due to the shit laws in Germany.


Compared to Germany, they're okay.

But only 75% of the people living in Switzerland have the citizenship.

Sure, some of them are ethnic Europeans like Germans or Italians.

But it's not homogenous.

From what I heard, the Swiss treat foreigners like outcasts even if you're white. Also there are a billion ridiculous laws that would make a freedom loving Burger go absolutely insane, and the sun never ever shines.

I respect them though.

So basically right-mindedness sprouts from happiness, security and freedom, and wanting to keep those things for yourswlf and your family?

Sounds reasonable to me. Seems like all the leftist talking points in politics around here are always about "the others", we have to help "the others", whoever they may be, they never talk about "us" any more.

Depends on the region, but "outcasts" is really extrapolation here. Swiss are very friendly people, but don't want you necessarily to overstay your welcome. As a mongol I got along fine with this attitude and respect it.

Fun fact: The President and CEO of Swissarms (SIG's parent company) is IDF officer Ron Cohen.

I feel that there is a cuckhold joke in waiting after hearing this.
Bullshit, leftists are mostly ugly and disgusting. The Right is where it's at, bitches.

Cohen is the president of Sig Sauer.

Swiss Arms is owned by 2 guys.

Swisscucks can't buy ammo and they're proud of it

Normally I'd deride such news, since short of an absolute majority, our numbers are always insufficient during the present regimes, but since Switzerland is highly decentralised and each vote is directly valuable, this is not half bad.


Dude, you're a burger, you're going to have a based nationalist president of your own soon. Focus on that.

get out shill, everyone knows only slavs can be right wing and everyone else is a cuck (even Holla Forums cucks for eastern europeans and would rather have their countries full of slavs than their own people)

I don't think that makes it any better

Don't be mistaking real germs with jews now.

Don't you have a parking lot where you need to be squatting and drinking a 40 Ivan?

bro, we even treat other swiss like outsiders if they're from a different canton…
hell, we even treat people from the same canton like outsiders if we don't know them!

we are mountain people.

We need to meme this!
the shady, sneaky, heinous leftist always trying to squander tax payer money vs. the average joe

Lederhosen are German and Austrian not Swiss.


SIG is a swiss company which once produced weapons like the SIG 550 or the SIG P220 (now it's called Sig Sauer P220). But SIG wanted to get to bigger markets so the weapons division of SIG fusioned with J.P Sauer & Sohn a german weapons manufacturer. The fusion is called SIG Sauer and they produce mostly handguns. Swiss arms on the other hand is a daughter company of SIG which was founded to keep the SIG 550 production, because SIG's weapons divison is now part of SIG Sauer. SIG Sauer has nothing to do with the SIG 550.
Michael Lüke and Thomas Ortmeier aren't jews. They are very far from it.

t. swissfag

before I forget it, Michael Lüke owns SIG SAUER with another guy, but Lüke and Ortmeier are also the owners of the holding company of SIG SAUER.

It's an alpine german thing correct?

Also SIG stands for Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft, literally Swiss industry society. The nationality is already in the name.

Pretty much yeah, Bavarians Austrians South Tyroleans all have them.

Swiss traditional clothes look different and, simply put, every canton has a different one.

god, for a leftist cuck to bring such a statement, what irony. Small side info: Molina is the son of Chilean immigrants who came to Switzerland and as you have already guessed right, he is a student and he never had any real job so far in his life.

While it is true that Switzerland is the least cucked cuntry of Yurop it still is very cucked. Our media is leftists just like anywhere else, our educational systems are infiltrated by leftists and our politicians always join forces whenever they need to sabotage anything that SVP (the nationalist party) wants to do. The SVP founder Christoph Blocher is presented as Satan himself in most of our leftist media and without him today we would be in the EUSSR and pay the greek bills along with Michel.

For ethnicity I can tell you that most foreigners in Switzerland are from Germany, Italy, Iberian Peninsula, Eastern Yurop, Balkans region or Turkey. There are not that many Niggers in the German parts but the French ones do have them. Sandniggers started coming after the Iraq and Afghanistan wars but there are not that many of them.

It is correct that the Swiss are xenophobe and they don't even get along with the Germans even if they practically share their language and culture with them. In Switzerland you have around 25% foreigners officially but if you count in the ones who took the swiss citizenship you will come to around 33%. This really is too much, even if it is mostly fellow yuropeans who migrated. Many people from former yugoslavia or turkey/albania took the swiss citizenship just for travelling reasons or for paying less car insurrance and they have otherwise no loyalty towards switzerland. Also our football team is made of a majority of foreigners (mostly albanaians)

this is actually true. There is no use for your assault rifle you have at home if the ammo is illegal to buy.
meanwhile on the black market, serbians, albanians and turks are selling everything for criminals.

that's a german / bavarian tradition

slavs do have one big pro and this is their primitivity and ferioucity. take a look at the russian football hooligans for example. they formulated it pretty correctly. They see themselves as real men who will not lose against the brittish lacoste-wearing faggot hooligans
also even a russian invasion would be better than to look how we go under with femikikes and 3rd world invasions.

Feels bad man

Holy shit, we need to shut this down, and import more brown people! These goyim people don't even know how to vote properly!

my friend has a trans girlfriend who shoots with him.

not sure if degenerate or moral.


Idk man, weaponized trannies sounds pretty degenerate

i don't know if she's lopped it off or if they have gay sex or anything.

he's redpilled her pretty well by the sound of it.

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Eh, isn't Switzerland literally the jews' money stash?

not anymore
politically correct cucks made us get out of the black money business. Now Singapore and Hong Kong are earning our black money sheckels instead



Pure coincidence.

The Red Cross:

Jew Cross? More like "Christian Dhimmi and Muslim Cross".

the SVP is the ruling cuckservative party you idiots

Baby steps. Look at the UK. First Cuckservative, then UKIP…

alt-right cancer

they're happy together, so get over it.


That wouldnt be hard to meme in amurica especially after all the ugly ass feminists that came out of the woodwork to protest trump

That's not the original.

They are far from being cuckservative.

maybe not cuckservative, but Blochers recent comment on the rise of nationalism in Europe was just low energy.

The refused the EU they might not be full 1488 but they are not the establishment

Swiss 1488 = PNOS (which is more or less defunct I think).

Cuckservatives = CVP and BDP.

Stormfags = PNOS
Cuckservatives = CVP, BDP, FDP
TrumpTrain = SVP
14/88 = yet to come.

Proud of you swiss.

Did your country have a mandatory viewing of With Open Gates or something?

How do other countries imitate you?

What did you snowniggers do right?

It existed during WW2: the whole Frontenbewegung etc.

Interesting military history fact: some Swiss volunteered for the Wehrmacht/SS and some even won Knight's Crosses.
Franz von Werra from Leuk VS or Emil Seibold from Basel for example.

i wish…
maybe it's because of the education system. most leftist get infected with leftism during the edgy high school years. In switzerland, after 9 yrs mandatory school you can choose whether you want to go to highschool or become an apprentice. Every job can be learned by becoming an apprentice in a normal company. High school is your choice if you want to go directly to university for STEM science or bullshit like sociology once your 18.
tl;dr: not many leftist are actually working, but a lot of leftists are in highschol/uni… hence less subversion when making an apprenticeship.

usually our language (Swiss German)

direct democracy, neutrality, and doing business with both Hitler and the Allies.

You can trust me… I'm==NEUTRAL!!==

But that's fucking awful, they poll twice that in the overall population. What are you cheering for?

Stay strong you jewish money swindlers