The truth about Holla Forums

At least half the fags here are actually just paid shills putin is lending out to trump. I know some of you fags are legitimate alt right but most are to over the top to take seriously. Come on comrades you can do better.


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Holla Forums is mostly comprised of the anons with autism levels that were too severe for 4chan – that's right, congratulations, you sodomites are basically the most autistic people on the internet.

You act like a bunch of self-entitled children who throw temper-tantrums when mommy says "no". And btw, it's LITERALLY a symptom of autism when you find repetitive behavior appealing (see: catalog, any given time of day)

There's a reason why you're some of the biggest fucking losers on the planet, and guess what, it's not because of "normies" – it's because you're petulant children who cannot relate to other people in an effective manner.

The more that I frequent this site, the more I sympathize with fascism and the less I sympathize with the callow notion of liberty that you imbeciles espouse.

That said, some of you are pretty cool

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I'm gonna let you in on a secret reality (you're probably only pretending to be aware of) that I've been dealing with since the exodus.

Holla Forums is full of the internet equivalent to political refugees. Think Casablanca but with more Nazis.

Before GamerGate there were all manner of other groups of posters deemed "too extreme" for halfchan. Much of the alt. right in the case of Holla Forums, various people banned for hundreds of reasons from Holla Forums, people who want to discuss lolcows when discussion of them became forbidden on halfchan, the most annoying elements from various fandoms. All the people who made the most autistic threads on halfchan eventually found their way here after a ban.

Now, half/tv/ had a particularly antagonistic relationship with the group of people you're chatting with now. They've variously described themselves as "Actress enthusiasts" but they're responsible for every creepy thing attributed to half/tv/ over the years. Whenever an underage or underage-looking actress got creeped the fuck out by being tweeted pictures of some dude's cum all over a picture of them, or a shrine to them in someone's home, it was someone from this group.

They'd post endless threads, day in day out about various Disney and Nickelodeon shows, and insist they were intentionally sexual. "Look, some kind of goop hit this girl's face! PRETEND IT'S CUM!" "Look! This girl looked at a tub of popcorn she was eating from! SHE'S PRETENDING THIS VENTRILOQUIST DUMMY HAS A PENIS IN IT AND SHE LIKES IT!"

Endless stories about various actresses with giant misshapen heads and flat chests and how they wondered what their armpits smelled like, how they harassed them on a livestream about showing them their fucking feet, exaggerated recitations on the qualities of their menstruation blood. Pictures of small girls and references to giving out candyphilia, perhaps discussing their desire to have a daughter, who they totally wouldn't molest, oh no no no, they'd just sleep with her. Naked. But totally innocently, they could restrain themselves. Unless, you know, she got curious.

Needless to say an endless cycle of banning, people who didn't like giving out candys complaining, the giving out candys stomping their feet and asserting they "just wanted to discuss actresses" while getting increasingly vile and crass. This constant back and forth (as these people would spam the board all day, every day and demand their own board, and ban evade constantly) likely encouraged the moderation there towards it's current draconian state.

One day they created their own imageboard, several in fact. I can't remember the url, but they had a "/celeb/" board. There they could shitpost and spam their individual giving out candyphilic waifus to their hearts content… but then they realized quickly… This was boring without a audience. You see, giving out candyphiles hate eachother. The only way they can stop hating eachother for any period of time is if people are actively telling them they're shit forcing them to band together against everyone else. Their threads would get repetitive and they'd go through their disturbing folders with hundreds of still frames of each actress very quickly.

They came here, they created various boards notably /waifuist/ and /got/ but the same thing happened again and again, no one wanted to talk to them and their behavior chased all posters away from their respective boards.

So now they're here. They've been here for weeks, largely contained in their /got/ threads. People still hate them and regularly tell them they're annoying, but they persist. You know, autism and all. But people eventually hide the threads. They're being ignored again. So they've started popping up in other threads more now. Started making threads about feet, started posting threads about nickelodeon shows, started replying to threads with the same gifs and images of young-looking actresses they do everywhere.

Because of the lax moderation on this Holla Forums, I suspect over the course of several months since they aren't getting banned, they'll eventually chase all the traffic away and be confused as to why Holla Forums died "all of a sudden". Without an ounce of self-awareness they won't look back at /got/ and /waifuist/ and /celeb/ and /who/ and every other stillborn board they've created and killed by association, because to do so would require admitting that the way they behave is fucking annoying to everyone else.

What I find hilarious about Holla Forums is any time an user mentions he has a gf or wife, everyone in the thread claims that he is a cuck. If the user is naive enough to try to clearify, they just persist to call him a cuck. For example, if an user says he lets his gf go out alone something, she must be banging other men. Its like, you're either a cuck or you just keep your gf from having a social life. The ironic thing is, that behavior will drive your gf away. The term cuck wasn't throw around this much a year ago. seriously, how do you justify using the word "cuck" ironically? You're only saying it because everyone else is. Do you just accept your a sheep?

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Ok CTR, go back to 4chan where people take bait

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Remember, people moved to 7chan over a decade ago for similar reasons people moved to Holla Forums horribly shitty moderation and wanting quality control. The reason 4chan gets so much traffic while places like 7chan, Holla Forums, 420chan, operatorchan, touhnochan and others is not only the history associated with all the raids and general fuckery that 4chan has done over the years meaning the site's name was spread around everywhere as a den for trolls and other shitposters, but how the old userbase of 4chan has slowly been replaced by people looking to be on a site because of how "cool" they think it is.

I wish I had something to post here. I wish I could still give enough of a fuck to go off on some retarded flight of fancy and write some bullshit that sounds good but means nothing. But I am dead inside. There is nothing more I can scrape together to describe the sky queen. Even when I was arguing with myself I could come up with some pithy phrase to keep things going for years. For years and years and years I talked about her. There is nothing left in me. I talked with her friends. I talked with her family. I even once called Blockbuster Video CRAAAAWLEEEEEEEEEEEE ROAD and hung up. I can't even remember the names of most of the players. I can't remember which of the ones I remember were my sockpuppets. All I remember is that for a good part of ten years I loved you Olivia. Not the you you, but my image of you. You were alway 15 and perfect forever. Now you are old, broken, bitter, and very likely not attractive. It's funny you know. Even now as I profess to not care a still have a little day dream where I save you from yourself and all your bad decisions. I know that would never happen. You are too jewy and will always fuck your own shit up and blame the men around you. Still I can have that day dream. After all there is no cracky, only the collective dream we have all been blessed enough to share. Well this was fun. This is the first time I have though about you in two years.

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I wish I believed this as it would mean the average user is much smarter than they seem but I just don't think that is the case.

While many here think Trump is infallible I think they are genuinely that stupid. Now before you get your collective panties in a twist I think Trump is the best option but given his opposition that isn't saying much.


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