Holla Forums's Unteralterbach, pls help make

So /loli/ wants to make a Holla Forums equivalent of krautchan's Unteralterbach >>>/loli/50447

We need ideas. What should the setting be? We are thinking either 1950's, retrofuturism, The Warriors but with lolis, Heavy Rain but with lolis, or Fight Club but with lolis.

Got something better?

alien lolis

1950s. put some russian spy girl in there.

What was wrong with time travelers fucking loli versions of politicians?

Guys… Come on.

Would revelance soon as election ends


All that wasted potential. Should have started it soon as primaries started

Why were 80s women such sluts? The 70s and 90s were saints in comparison

If you thought women in the ’80s were sluts…

Oh. My good old Atari.

Fucking whores

I will never get the fascination of russian girls

Drinks vodka, likes sausage.

lel I tried to warn them about Val who would totally want to take over an Holla Forums project involving loli and the BO edited my post into something else


Honestly, this is more amusing than baffling. Good luck I guess. Also archive.is doesn't work on /loli/

8/loli/ mod here. I just didnt want the thread getting off topic. Sorry about deleting your long post on him but I'll keep an eye out.

I don't really mind. Like I said I'm more amused.

Thanks for understanding, cute loli

Wow, so much reason to admire someone

what did Norman Rockwell mean by this?

Girls are legally enfranchised to beat the hell out of anyone they please, and get away with it - happily.

"A school of hard knocks gets them ready for hard cocks." - Franklin Delano Roosevelt


Social commentary on agriculture

Better than what they are now.

russiaboos pls go



"Semen is more valuable inside a woman than on a woman" - Dr Seuss, 1953.




What am i zoobapitty lookinaty?



bampu from the last place on the last page

There needs to be a shotacon version of Unteralterbach. Same formula, same style, only with boy models instead of girls.

Now if this is a /loli/ effort, this idea would depend upon whether there are enough bipedos, or GLs sympathetic to the idea. But that's just my two cents.

my dick can cut diamonds now

Everlasting Summer
- but with lolis

like, a parody game
it's some time-travel alternative universe thing going on
not gonna spoil to much, just play the game on steam, it's for free, has amazing art and music and a really intruiging plot

it'd work really well with GETchans and Holla Forumss mascots having cameo appearances
so can christ-chan, vivian, that blonde /cuteboy/ (pioneer camps were mixed), even a Holla Forumsack can fit in - maybe as intruders on the camp messing with it, with some age-regression and the camp being close to the GDR and FRG

Maybe we should aim lower and make a trap mod for UAB?

That is the most retarded thing I've read all day
Go weird cyberpunk, not just the Matrix with lolis, rip off SE Lain if need be

Dont listen to this fag OP i think itll be a good idea if done right.