Come on you fucking sodomites let's see what you got


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Your music sucks op

does it?

anyone got columbine bad apple? didn't saved

dunno what you mean fam



/r/ing Eliott Rodger's trailer .webm


These guys would make Harris and Klebold proud .

probably considering how mediocre Eric and Dylan were

Tbh they will never amount to Omar Mateen's or Anders Behring Breivik


cokeman2423 is an immediate threat to society. I fear he and Sam Hyde are up to no good and might start some trouble in our neighborhood.


does anyone have some undoctored or unmemified clips?

So we all agree it was a false flag so the clintons could go gun grabbing, right?

I'm so sorry fellow fgt I can only give you these

Oh look that one autistic sodomite is posting is favorite edgy retard failures.


Why didn't they go to some jewish convention and had a party there instead?

>tfw they faked their deaths, adopted new identities, and now have a show on Adult Swim

The one in the white looks like his head's been taken clean off at the ear, lol. Must have put the shotgun in his mouth.

We could probably get some retards to believe that if a ton of police officers didn't see them dead and photos werent taken of their dead bodies.

For sure, can't be like the idiots over at /suicide/ who fail more than half the time and killing themselves.

Always have a plan B when doing suicide, even if possible a plan C. Shoot yourself in the head, if some fucking how you live, you'll bleed out; plan C would be do it on the edge of a bridge so the fall will kill you if everything else doesnt.

what is the proper method then if not putting it in your mouth?


Has anyone found the 3 tapes that weren't released? I heard that the Sheriff destroyed the ones he had in his collection, but didn't they say they sent them out to like 4 news companies as well? Is there any chance to see them or are they gone forever?

They wont have destroyed evidence. But it could be locked up deep in some evidence locker. Im pretty sure its just a video guide on how they got the shit ready for the faithful day.

R.I.P Reb & Vodka, your legend lives on exactly as you wanted, now to get Quentin Tarantino to make their life movie (fuck zero hour)

It's kind of crazy how those two kids' legacy still hasn't died out- 17 years later. The survivors are constantly haunted by what happened. The killers bragged about coming back as ghosts to haunt shit.


apparently they will release it in 3 years

cant remember where i saw it