Flu fetish



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Not sure about 10/10 but i got e coli sometimes in muh dick.

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I can feel a cold starting on work right now. Most likely because i spent friday evening and a good portion of saturday with a 9/10 girl that had almost recovered from a cold. She orally transfered germs to me and probably a lot while we were sleeping.
No regrets.

1) For me and a lot of other guys, face doesn't matter. It's more about body. For the goodlooking 7/10 to 10/10 guys we give importance on body too. It's why Taylor Swift is only a 4 in my books. I would only go for a girl with a nice body and I don't mean a six pack when I say that, I mean a curvy body, we don't want a rock hard body or a skinny body, we want a body which had some fat on it and has a nice bottom + breasts.

2) Girls who get into relationships yet don't want any sex? Seriously I have found that a relationship can never last if there's not enough physical contact. I've had a few shy girls in the past who didn't want action and it annoyed the hell outta me, I mean seriously? The relationships obviously didn't last very long. And so therefore in my books sex is the most important thing. Oh and I don't see why men have to make the first move when it comes to sex, girls should make an effort too.



I'm not into getting sick, but I'd be super in to taking immaculate care of a close friend who had fallen ill, then let her wake up tied spread-eagle to her bed with bonds that shouldn't be able to hold a healthy person but she's just too weak to fight.

Follow with a protracted treatment involving a prescription for protein shots and internal massages, full body checkups, cathartic therapy sessions focusing on climactic stimulation, and doctor's orders that she's not to leave bed until he says it's okay. Of course, I'd keep treating her like spun gold all the while, never hurting her, but making sure she takes all of her medicine to the last drop while she's under my care and with saccharine bedside manner.

If she behaves herself she gets headpets and told she's a good girl.


What marks did I miss, Prof?

Enjoy your blisters