I'm going to shoplift again today, Holla Forums

I'm going to shoplift again today, Holla Forums

I had sworn it off but I squandered my allowance already and I'm out of food. I'm a bit nervous since I haven't done it in awhile and I'ts gonna be a big haul.

I already made a shopping list, it's almost 2pm here, I'm still deciding whether to do it right now or towards closing time when there are more people inside the store

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aw shit, just came back and I already deed it

I will go to another one tomorrow for booze and record everything, but how do I do that? I can't walk around with my phone filming everything

Could you post some tips? I really can't imagine getting away with this much shoplifting.

You fucking piece of shit. Get a job and make yourself better. You're either a nigger being a nigger or a sodomite trying to emulate a nigger, either way, your nigger methods of dealing with issues are fucking embarrassing. Earn your food, you sack of shit. What example are you going to set to your offspring? What self-respect remain in your 'soul' for lack of a better word. Return the food and look for a second/third job, you motherfucking coon nigger bloated sack of shit.


Leave your wallet and phone at home, comb your hair and shave. Dress like a decent, well-educated middle class boy with a good upbringing. So, a clean shirt and casual pants. Put on some cologne.

I make a shopping list. It helps me remember what I need and it looks super legit to others if you walk around with one. Surely no thief would use a shopping list?

I use my backpack to collect all the goods. Most people just look at me and think I'm a regular college student using his backpack to shop.(which isn't entirely untrue, haha)

Before entering the store, walk around the surrounding area and plan an escape route. An escape route should have a lot of short streets and corners so in case someone is following you you can quickly shake them off. So no long streets where they can still spot you when you're out of breath.

I've only been chased twice though and that was years ago, most employees will not chase you but having an escape route planned is:
a. Just common sense
b. Good for courage/confidence inside the store. Being prepared feels good.

When you enter the store, take out your shopping list.

Now comes the crucial part. Shoplifting is all about ignoring your dominant impulses.You must repress the urge to look around you like a paranoid peter. I've seen plenty of people get caught because they behave all jittery and scared, which of course is a natural way to behave when you're aware that you're taking a risk, and doing something illegal.

But nevertheless. The majority of shoplifters get caught because they're behaving suspiciously. Only a small percentage actually gets caught red handed.

Take the item, look at the price, just take off your backpack, open it, and put it in. ACT LIKE YOU ARE JUST SHOPPING. Act like the rest of the customers.

Repeat this, walk around the store with your shopping list, and act natural. When you want some meat, compare different meats, take some time, but not too much.

When you have your goods, take something small to buy. I bought two sandwiches. They cost me 90 cents. Go to the cash till, and if there are multiple, seek out the youngest female cashier. Older, experienced ones are more likely to ask you to open your backpack.

I sometimes do a little smalltalk with the girl at the cash till, I actually did so today. It works charms. Standing there, look around with a bored look and make sure no employee is hurrying towards you. If you're being paranoid, try to stay cool and make sure the employee hurrying towards you is actually after YOU. If so, walk calmly past the cashier, head in a hurried pace towards the exit and once you're out, run like a nigger.

This is as much as I can tell you, the rest of the act you will learn from experience. I was vey anxious my first few times, I believe I was 15 at the time.

can i roleplay with you guys too?

Fuck you. Chain stores overprice everything as it is. I don't steal from people directly, e.g. if I see someone drop his wallet on the street I notify them of it.

Shops are entities, they overcompensate production and are generally extremely wasteful. It doesn't matter if I don't pay, the employees still get their paychecks and the CEOs still get their fat bonuses.

I see nothing unethical about shoplifting.

Kill yourself. You're a worthless parasite.
Its not everyone elses fault you are an alchoholic with zero responsibility.

Where is Rodrigo Duterte when we need him?


I'm actually looking for one!

So you see no problem in you getting food for free, while others work shitty jobs to get their food? You have no trouble whatsoever when you steal just because 'le company needs not my money'? Whatever the enterprises do with their money is none of your business, your issue is in your fucked up head that thinks you shouldn't pay for this because X. And X is bullshit in this case. Stop being a nigger and get a job, nigger.


See, that's the black/white thinking that allows me to do what I do. Most people reason like you do: Stealing is WRONG.

But reality is much more nuanced. Is stealing truly immoral if no one is hurt by it?

Let's say your little special case doesn't hurt anybody or anything, it's still immoral. The immorality in it bases in the fact that you're not content with how the world works; no, you're above it. You don't need to work hard and money, you can just get the five fingers discount. Everyone should behave in a way that if everyone behaved the same, we're ensured chaos won't occur. Not only you're breaking the premise societies are built on, you're weakening yourself. You don't think "shit i got to save money to put food on my table" like a real man, you think "dammm yoo i ain' gotzz no $$ fam, betta run 2 da stoo nd lyft dat gooodz n sheeeeit fam". The Gibsmedat way of thought is fucking disgusting. You are fucking disgusting.

What logic? You are just co-opting comunist and socialist ideology to try and justify leeching off of everyone else. If you were simply claiming the fruit of your labor through action your argument might have held water, but you just gave a wordy excuse for why you are entitled to the fruits of OTHER peoples labor. You contribute nothing so you deserve nothing. If you had a job and took responsibility for your life instead of being an actual child, you wouldn't have to steal.

What about the mid or shift manager that might be trying to support a family that makes a little over minimum wage that's trying to send his kids to school or buy a house or whatever? Have you ever worked in retail?
They do audits to evaluate how much 'shrinkage' there is or how much stuff gets stolen and a lot of people keep or lose their jobs based on these numbers. The corporate execs don't just say "there are niggers taking our profits oh well I'll live with it because I already make enough" they're constantly squeezing the little guys. Shrinkage rates are the difference between keeping a job with benefits and being unemployed to many people.

get a job

I wish all the moralcucks on their high horses itt would simply fall down a deep hole and never be heard of again.
what the fuck are you trying to argue? shoplifting is wrong? the hole can't be deep enough for you, pontificating like an outraged magistrate because some kid steals food and wine.
you make it sound like a serious crime against the people and the state, a sort of soviet era ideological anathema. it isn't. it's a bit of shoplifting.
fuck off down the hole and have your horse on top.

not against the state, but it is a serious crime against the owners of the shop

There might be crusaders itt but what op is doing is completely different from someone making whatever thread about how killing everyone is great. There are plenty of things posted where moralsodomitery is clearly just not relevant, it shouldn't be part of the conversation, but op is clearly deluding himself into thinking that what he does isn't hurting anyone and lying to himself in such a way that suggests he's not only a moralfag but delusional.


No, OP made a post detailing how he did it, in which he made no mention of moralfaging. The posts where he mentioned it were those that could not contain anything anyway.

Was this not op then?

Because it kind of sounds like he's trying to justify it using a normative moral stance rather than rejecting the relevance of morals. The former being delusional and the latter being respectable in my opinion.

I'm not above society. I help people whenever I can, I'm never violent and I wouldn't dare to hurt someone else.

That's the argument explaining why morals exist without religion. Nice one.

In this case though, I'm sure most people follow their usual 9-5 schedule, not because they're inherently good people, but more so because they don't know any better.
Given the chance, you know just as well as I that people would abandon that principle in a heartbeat if it meant having a nice life for them and their family.
This is entirely subjective. I look at it as theft from a company which does not in the least care about its customers, but rather about revenue. If you find that disgusting, so be it.

I'd argue that the stores I lift from in any case WASTE the fruits of labor. By overcompensating production. Again, no one is hurt by my theft. No one gets payed less.

Now this is an interesting response.
However, where I live shrinkage only applies to media stores. I worked in retail, yes, and thefts just get added to the yearly balance. It's normal. The company makes a fraction less, the employees still get payed what they get payed.

So no, me lifting food and booze doesn't cause little Eric to be hungry, or little Erica to cry at night. It just takes a minimal, ridiculously small fraction of revenue away from the company.

The employees still get their wages, no one gets hurt.

Pic is from months ago ;)

It is of little consequence if OP justifies it one way or the other, certainly shoplifting this time, in the past, or in the future, were not significantly impacted by these anywhere as much as his demand for food and skills.

Unless you have info about the specific store I find this hard to believe (or it could be a european thing). In the US if it has insurance it gets audited. You also have yet to clarify whether the store you're talking about has a local owner or whether it's corporately operated which would make a difference.

I never lift from family owned stores, only from big chain stores. And I do live in Europe.

I specifically never steal from small stores because I know that the owner'd livelihood depends on it.

Big stores? Fuck'em. They'll do just fine without my money.

This is why europe is terrible, your assumption that society has the obligation to provide for you. In the US an owner or group of owners has an unaliable, ethical right to the goods in their store.

chains stores =/= not having a local owner

In that case, the big supermarkets I take from make more than enough money to afford a fraction of loss.

You don't own a store of +12 employees when you're poor.

But I agree that is more ethically questionable.

pretty much this. can't wait to leave this hellhole and move to Thailand or Namibia or some other reasonable country

Don't worry about the moralsodomites, OP. They're just upset because they are too fat to run further than the distance of their basements.
Cry moar sodomites.

It's also a completely different argument than the one you were making in the first place.

That aside profit margins are slim in the grocery business and it takes a huge loan to get one up and running. Best case scenario once the loan is paid back someone makes 75k a year in the US. More than likely everything that the guy has in life is owned by a bank.

But regardless I'm going to stop arguing, my point is that the world being complicated isn't an excuse to do whatever you want.

I specifically said that the moral dimension is not relevant in decision-making.

well ok, the victims of his crime are other customers who pay an infintessimal amount more on their shopping to cover the cost of theft. op manages to socialize his misdemeanor among other clients of the shop, much like the shop socializes the cost of unsold fresh food.
i don't give a fuck. not one. on the other hand i wonder if i'm on Holla Forums when i see fags lecturing about the ethics of petty theft.
also, be honest about this. would you adopt the same moralfag posture if user was robbing banks or sticking up diamond dealers in Antwerp? Would you?

how the fuck do you know I live in antwerp

you just told me and 10 others. remember opiatefag? otherwise i chose Anvers because that's where the diamonds is at.


Well, consider me busted then. I live in Antwerp. European capital of coke.

I doubt that. I do think they're bitter about not having the guts to do what I do, and expect everyone to a the law-abiding coward like them because of it.

cooking yesterday's ripped chicken now, drinking free whiskey and looking forward to monday when my mate is coming over with 2cb and I'mma have some more illegal OC to share with you guys

I would even record everything but I don't know how.

I find it hard to believe that the coke capital of europe isn't somewhere in spain (or portugal). That said coke prices anywhere in europe are laughable in my experience.

is that a stolen dog?

40% of cocaine in Europe comes through the harbor of Antwerp. In most of Europe you pay 80-100 euros for a gram of coke. In Belgium you pay 50 euros. We have the best quality, and the lowest prices in all of Europe.

I didn't steal it. It stole my heart



The two most relevant English articles I could find, one of which reports 25%.

I'm certain I saw an article a year ago stating it was between 35-40% of European cocaine coming through Antwerp.

Either way, Antwerp is Europe's gateway for Coke, and Belgium is tied with Holland for Amphetamine production. The Dutch excell in MDMA.

Multiple sources state that Belgium is the cheapest country to buy cocaine.

Does it feel good being a parasite sucking away at the life of society?

Do you expect me to reply in an equally sentimental manner?

Get a job you lazy Eurocuck.


a nigger

Well I won't try to refute statistics with an analogy, but I've found coke consistently cheaper in Spain than anywhere else in Europe. It was almost us east-coast prices for a given quality, and better than some wealthy areas.

In belgium and netherlands I found most dealers were fairly expensive for everything, but they also didn't seem to expect Americans to give them a hard time haggling. Could've been that the street-level dealers in touristy areas are just shit, but I payed about 50 euros for par coke. Everything I found in europe was stepped on though and the heroin was (barring Turkey) hot garbage.

I'm sure it gets better if you've lived somewhere a while but overall I was unimpressed. Southeast US definitely trumps europe value/currency in coke, heroin and meth.

op is confirmed for being a injun.

I realise that European dope is mostly cut with a bunch of shit. But we do with what we get :/ Of course Southern US has better quality.

I had German coke, and it sucked, French coke multiple times and it sucked, and Dutch coke which was okay but nothing like here in Belgium. I've had amazing cocaine here, so in my experience nothing tops that. Of course my experience is very limited.

As you said, being a local makes a difference. It's probably like that anywhere in the world. But boy do I want to visit Texas :D

The alcohol was on impuls. I meant to only take food.

I mean, why not take it when I have the chance?


because that makes you a nigger, nigger

In what sense

Does taking what I want

Without hurting anyone

Make me a nigger

Niggers beat, rape and kill. I just steal from large corporations. You're a fucking kike aren't ya

As much as I love to make fun of texas you could probably get a 3-4k sqft mcmansion in texas for the price of a 1bedroom apartment in Brussels and commute in a full-size suv for the price of public transportation. And must drugs are cheap.

It's great if you've got a trade job or something.

My bottle of viskary is up

You guys have tons of space. Belgians are cramped as it is.
Fuck a trade job. I'm doing my bachelor-after-bachelor in forensic psychology.
Talk about combining life experience with education, eh


Nice trips. We usually call that post-bac, but I haven't heard of it in much other than pre-med or pre-lad type things. What types of jobs does that qualify you for? Is it specific to a certain country?

nice spacing sodomite

fucking fags

Forensic Psych paves the way to jobs in which you examine both criminals and victims of crimes.

Often you have to determine if a person is criminally responsible, so not insane, so like differentiate between a serial killer who is a total psychopath who kills for pleasure and a person who killed his wife in a moment of passion.

Needless to say I have an advantage in this area, having lived the life that I have, being the way that I am, and I have good grades so I will be able to use my wrongdoings for good.

Since I live in Europe I'll be qualified to work in Belgium, France, Holland, and very maybe Germany since I speak those languages. I would be able to add the UK to that list as well, but they left the EU…

I can also speak Russian but fuck going there.

Okay sodomites. Check this post out. This is how you spot cuckchan garbage.

Nice one dysnomia.
leddit spacing
;^)) this is what happens when you bully a mod.

I have no idea what you're talking about. I just write like I do. If you were around at earlier Eurothief threads you should know that.
If not, fucking lurk more you fucking sack of shit.

It's actually kinda scary that you attribute otherwise meaningless stuff to your paranoid idea of me being a shill. Of course you're a mod so you take offense at everything. But still.

I'm Eurothief, a long time contributor, posting on Holla Forums because cuckchan is overrun wit fucking sodomites, and you're ruining it by turning paranoid on your own people.

Sage and Dys, if that's really you, you're fucking pathetic. You're fucking up the place you're trying to save. Stop being so fucking desperate and try differentiating between halfcucks and real posters you utterly dumb doubtlessly cripple pieces of shit.

That's clearly not sage and dys you retard. You call them paranoid and then believe some random shitpost about who's shitposting.

Okay :( I got le epicly rused coz I drank

You're a fucking sodomite tho

He was a good boy.

They have to let criminals get away with crimes because it's europe.

I'm not a bad guy like the morroccans and turks here, I dont beat up old ladies. I just steal from big bad shops.

Theft is more nuanced than 'stealing is bad hurr durr'

the world isn't black and white

If you're not white then you're a nigger and that gets you shot.

What are you a nigger or something?

How are you not a nigger? The only thing preventing you from raping and killing is probably the fact that you're a weak pussy and fear the consequences if you get caught.

I can't tell if you retards are serious or not, but if you truly are getting buttdestroyed over someone shoplifting you're just fucking pathetic.

what kind of miserable fucking sodomites are you that you get so triggered by this shit? this is ultra normie tier kind of sodomitery, just kill yourselves.

you remind me of some retarded americans screaming at me "STEALING IS STEALING AND IT"S WRONG" over a torrenting discussions, yeah go ahead and pay 60$ for that PC game I'm gonna get off pirate bay, you dumb sodomites.

Have you ever been caught, how often have you done it?

No one cares, Tyrone.

You need food?

Make rat traps sodomite. Rat meat is good in stews, and decent if just by itself. You could even raise meat rats, giving you access to their milk too.

You either fucked up by posting this, or a complete retard/bum. Get a job you fuck. You get a fucking allowance for fucks sake.
Underage post detected

Nah my dad gives me 50 euros every two weeks until I get a student job.

I live by myself.

Ah the lasagna was bought, the rest was from carrefour lel

I also got a chicken from colruyt but that was the day before.

oh I rest my case, grade-A reasoning there pal

I got caught and tried twice, both as a minor. I've shoplifted daily from my 15-17 years old and more sporadically from 18-21 years old, which I am now. I've done it thousands of times no doubt.

You're either an illiterate, or didn't take the time to read the thread you're posting in.

nice mental gymnastics sodomite
you're still a waste of fucking oxygen though


like the other user said nice mental gymnastics sodomite
Be a man, don't lie to yourself like a woman
Just fucking steal shit you sodomite, in fact stealing from people on the streets is much much easier since they aren't very likely to have a team of guards watching them and if you aren't a retard and don't get caught they will never know where it happened since there will be a whole route during their daily routine.
It's so easy in fact i have stolen shit from people as we walked on a red light and showcased the stolen goods to parked drivers



Also I think Imma hit the stores again. It's sunday so my options are limited, and I have no money to even buy something cheap so I'll just have to walk out

If enough people motivate me within the next 30 minutes I will record it. This means I'm incriminating myself

Do it.

Okay I'm heading out. Wish me luck you fucking fags

Actually I think "theft" can be justified. My problem with you is that you are taking from others to support your drug habbits. Maybe if you used your stolen wealth in a productive way then it would be justified, but what you are doing with it is even worse than what those companies would do with the profits.

come on you faggart

I didn't record it. Out of a lack of anons motivating me.

I do, however, have pics.
I couldn't find the wine. But the shop was easy as fuck, I just walked in and out without blinking an eye.

So you expect me to steal food and give it to the homeless?
I steal to eat, and yes I support my addiction through theft. The employees don't suffer. The companies don't suffer. I'm not hurting anyone, so what I do is not unethical.


Belgian ghetto. Filled with muslims and drug dealers

Is that what you calla ghetto in Europe? There aren't even any niggers brandishing firearms.

I'm white. My parents are Russian.

Our ghettos are like the London ends, but with much more muslims. Our amount of niggers are relative but we're overflowing with morroccans, turks, and other north-african scum.

They rape and beat people, they rob and hurt. At least I only take from stores. I would never hurt a person.

Do you speak russian as well? You could make some money teaching it I guess.

Yes I speak Russian. My parents taught me and I grew up in a Russian household. Think salo, borsch, and vodka :p

But I won't become a translator it doesn't earn well. My mother is a translator and she depends on my dad too much.

I am also one of the few Russians who have the guts to speak out about Putin. He's a clinical psychopath.

a few years back, I took a few lessons to try learning that clusterfuck of a language.

The girl (she was Ukrainian I think) asked €25 for each hour. She probably earned like €150 just sitting there trying to teach me basic stuff.

… Well she was an university teacher though. You wouldn't be able to ask for so much.

But you know, there is always weirdos like me with too much money. Think about it.

Good luck with your shoplifting. Everytime I shop in a Colruyt, they check my bag, you won't be able to do that forever.

Yeah I know, it's a difficult language. Respect for trying though.

That's because there are no cameras there. They teach the employees to check the customer's bags.
You just gotta have the balls to run as soon as you get caught.

B-but shoplifting is /unkind/, friend! I-it increases the prices for other shoppers!



oh well, that's op v& for sure. the fbi will send a snatch squad all the way to belgium.

That's so sad. He will end up in a US prison and probably be sentenced to death.

dasvidaniya rusbro.

see it as value

What do you think will happen if you continue to steal shit?


you ignorant fuck, gas yourself

is there really so much wrong with wanting things and not wanting to pay for them? some shit costs too fucking much, and its easier to just swipe it

Most of the shit retailers like walmart are multibillion dollar companies. Most of the theft committed in those locations are by employees. If op steals, who cares. Prices are increased because the good goyim are willing to pay

I hate to repeat myself, but my actions are not unethical. Fuck the chain stores and the CEOs making millions of dollars.

Me stealing a steak and a couple of beers won't hurt anyone.

I ate all my food already so I will have to go back today and steal more

I think Imma go in with my rucksack, and a big shopping bag, load up and just walk out



Wow, good job sticking it to the man by stealing a couple bottles of booze, Jamal. Like I needed more proof Europeans are lazy entitled cunts.

shoplifting is merely taking some of the goods that would end in the trash anyways

you seem to have no fucking idea about the current state of economy but there's massive overproduction, scarcity is a lie, prices are held high superficially

Look you retarded waffle muncher I will explain why your theft is unethical. No it doesn't hurt anyone, cooporations don't really care if some vodkanigger makes off with goods and it rarely affects employees. What you're doing is unethical because you don't have to steal. You are just a lazy gopnik who refuses to manage his budget and steals because it gives him a rush.

You are a parasite, don't act like you're some rebel sticking it to the big bad cooporate Jew because you're too much of a bum to pay for your booze while people work their ass off to feed their families.

You are living proof slavs are white niggers and unfit to live in a civilized society. I'm sure if there were no consequences you'd give into the savage aspects of your blood and rape and murder as you pleased.

you still didn't explain why it's unethical
all you did is whine and throw cheap insults nobody gives a fuck over

Yet you are bend the rules for your own comfort at the cost of others.

I saw a video about birds that steals from other birds of its kind. Basically it is 'natural' that there are a small number if thieves. Cant find the video, google it.
While it may be 'natural', it is still looked down upon.

I see stealing as unethical, whatever the case. Mandatory tax is unethical from my point of view. That said, there isn't anything I can do about it, and since our society is built on this oppressive system, it is better to follow it than cause chaos (and go to jail). If there is enough people, there may be a revolt, but governments are too smart these days to allow it to happen.

Right here, nigger. I couldn't give a fuck if you steal. Like I already said it doesn't really affect anyone. Stealing purely because you're a lazy fuck is very clearly unethical. If it wasn't unethical you wouldn't spend so much time trying to justify it. You would simply shrug and continue your niggertry.

right there you merely claim it to be unethical and go on calling him gopnik, stating the obvious: he doesn't want to pay

there is no explanation, you spastic whiner

Okay OP

double dubs of truth

I'm not hurting anyone, ergo what I do is not immoral.

oh pardon
i just assumed their gender :(

I'm an androgender demisexual cisnormative androginous wo(man)


alright I will break this down for you
the definition of ethical and moral is

so your argument is basically, some you deem are too rich you are allowed to steal from, simply because it won't affect them (too much).
And this is a correct human behaviour.
There are 2 flaws:
These are too easily stretched and is very easy to lie to yourself because it makes life a little bit easier for you.

Explains a lot actually

Holy shit, return to reddit or whatever cesspool you crawled out of.

an example for clarification
imagine a ghetto Nigger. Nigger has no money and is starving. Nigger goes to rich neighbourhood and robs a rich guy in an alley.
Nigger justifies this because the rich guy was clearly too rich for his own good, I mean did you look at his car!?
He just lost a little pocket change!

What the Nigger's tiny brain justifies it because the rich guy was deemed rich compared to the Nigger.
and the fact that the robbery has more consequences than he could think of, mental trauma and significant financial loss.

I'm going out.

wish me luck, sodomites

Work in supermarket, in UK, way more corruption at top managers CEO etc, their behaviour is just as gypsy as these dudes shop lifting, google sir Philip green.

I got back a while ago. Stole half a dozen of steaks, bread, chicklen curry, tuna salad, chips, a chicken, two cordon bleus, 5 packets of soups, a can of tomato soup, a bottle of whisky and three bottles of wine.

I just loaded up my shopping bag and then my rucksack and walked out through the entrance. The alarm went off. No one stopped me. kek

>tfw stole a condom once
I deserve death penalty tbh

You seem like a pretty good guy, you piece of shit. Shame your music taste is subhuman though.

Your a gigantic homo, OP. No one gives a shit that you shoplift in the most cucked continent on earth. What the fuck are they going to do? Make you pay for it and tell not to do it again? The only people who brag about shoplifting are fat landwhales on Tumblr. Go to 4chan if you want people to jerk you off for lifting some booze.

Most sucked continent.. parts of France and London yeah, but tbh unless you're of /pol beliefs you'll know there isn't much kebab.

nothing wrong with namefagging in this specific thread.
And if you don't like the thread, there's a hide button too. It's the one that looks like this: [–]
You can even hide posts with that specific name! Can you believe what wondrous times we live in!
Oh, and I'm not even finished; entering "sage" in the email field (or clicking on "[▶ Show post options & limits]" and then checking the "Do not bump" box) will allows you to keep this thread from being bumped by your angry condemnation of this subject!
Now please do use this knowledge to its full potential, and don't let the door hit you on your way out!

Classic sign of a normalfag. No real chan user uses those.

Do you go to the same shops? In which case surely they know your face?

Surely you can't go to a different shop each time if you've done it thousands of times, presumably you must return to the scenes of your crimes quite often?

Modern supermarkets have cameras don't they? So even if they don't catch you on the day that you're doing it, I would have thought they would record your appearance and then actively keep a look out for you?


you are heading for the v&, user.
you need to calm down a bit.

Except there's no reason to when everybody can tell who the fuck OP is.
You can even hide posts with that specific name! Can you believe what wondrous times we live in!
Wow, thanks user. Rather than call you out on being part of the halfchan invasion we're experiencing I should just hide this thread and leave you to your sad hugbox.
I'm not the one who should be heading out, m80.

Don't inform halfniggers on how they can blend in better.

I'm sorry, if you really are the kind of masochist that likes to hang around in threads he doesn't like, that's your choice.
And why would you think I'm halfchan?

Sometimes I'm glad Holla Forums is basically Holla Forumschan. 4chan probably would have congragulated him for being an /r9k/ tier loser who gets an allowance from Daddy.


Usually I try to differentiate between shops. But I got busted as a minor because I frequented the same ones, yeah. In a little town there aren't many choices you know.

Now I live in the big city so there are plenty of shops to choose from. I do visit the same stores quite often, but I leave out time inbetween my visits. I go to the same shop like once every two weeks.

Supermarkets are lazy, dude. Yes they have cameras, and yes they have those gates which turn bright red and make an alarm go off if someone passes throuh without paying.
But half the time the 'cameras' are just empty boxes, and the alarm gate thingies don't even work.
They're just supposed to scare off potential thieves. And almost no store is going to take the time and effort to catch a shoplifter through camera. The latter is just useful as evidence if you do get caught by the cops.

I remember I used to fill grocery carts to the brim with anything I could find, and then just walk right out the fucking front door. S&S, silly niggers designed their store so badly XD.
That was a long time ago tho…

that must be an amasing feeling. There are still stores where you can do that, no doubt, it's just hard to find them.

I have a friend coming over tomorrow and he's gonna have some 2cb

this means I will have to do a BIG fucking haul
If trips I will record the entire thing and upload it for you fags


about to head out in half an hour

wish me luck

Ever stole from a CVS? Got tips to get away with stealing pills/medicine from there?

what's a CVS?

I never stole from pharmacies before because that is next level shit

loans which he used for productive purposes and paid back.

I used to steal cough syrup until I got caught, luckily the guy let me go. Been afraid to do it again since, I feel like they know my face now. At least in that one, but I did it all over.

Pshh that's lightweight shit. I've stolen/have done literally 20 to 30 thousand dollars worth of money grabs from all of San Diego's local businesses to support my heroin habit for the past 4 years. I look exceedingly normal too. Well educated middle class white Boi is perfect disguise, I use it every time.

he also had the taxpayer reimburse 900 million dollars in business losses he incurred one year. it took him a few years to wring the last lost dollar back out of joe average via tax credits, but he got it all back in the end. what an hero. he should be pope too.

what's a money grab?

That's a funny question because it's a term I recently started using. A "money grab" is when you pick receipts up that aren't yours, go into the appropriate retail store and then acquire the requisite items and return them for cash. Quite easy if you know what you are doing. I always called them "returns" but last time I was at a Wal-Mart and I heard loss prevention talking about how there was people doing "money grabs" and how they should keep on point. Well I was with 2 other individuals attempting the same thing, and they bugged out because of it, but I got my money. I always do. Afterword I started calling it a money grab too cuz it sounds better haha

Hope you're behind 7 proxies brah.

I'm not, and honestly I don't care. I've changed my life for the better, and haven't done fraud OR heroin for the past almost year. There are a lot of kids who do that sort of thing with varying degrees of success here. I always took amounts less then 50 and always was smart about it. I'm not scared and have changed my life for the better lel

so you scour the carpark for till receipts, steal an item to match a payment and then return it for cash. that's not bad, but what sort of item makes this worthwhile?
your till receipt is often your guarantee for mid priced articles, so you ain't gonna find many and reimbursement on a receipt payed for by card is reimbursed electronically.
Seems a bit risk overload to me anyway. You get filmed in the carpark, have to do the whole shoplifting thing next and then go back and claim a discount.

You wish. Once a junkie always a junkie.

I entered a night shop, notified the morroccan behind the till that I would take 5 bottles and asked how much it would cost

32 euros, he said

I said 'okay' loaded up my backpack super casually and walked out. I ran like a nigger.

Sitting at home now. Succesful haul!

I'd shoplift, but corporate cuck americans will actually play hero and chase you out of the door. Anxiety makes me fucking sweat bullets too, so I'm too fucking pussy to do this after all. Not to mention a lot of places actually make you take off your backpack, where I then tell them to go fuck themselves and leave.

the trick is to stop giving a fuck

I am ready to hit anyone who tries to stop me in the face. I will use violence to ge away.

Once you reach this level of 'fuck it' you will understand how easy it is to steal.

Do you only do groceries?


I used to rip clothes from Zara but that has become too risky now.

I steal expensive food now.

I don't think it's immoral if I feel everyone is above this terrible & rigged system but them choosing not to steal is their prerogative. I agree with OP to an extent. (An extent only because I'm assuming certain character traits.)
*You're an immoral waste!*~ “ψ(`∆´)ψ\(¬_¬)~*Please, I would steal in a heartbeat if I needed to.*


Shop lifters stopped doing that here because metro cops tend to shoot you the minute they get violent. They have a pretty impressive killcount over petty crime now.

I work at a supermarket in UK, I've stolen stuff from my shop before its easy, but just small shit like energy drinks, batteries, I don't bother 99% of time Coz I have my own money and not many bills right now.. Security are quite dumb especially at big stores

so not only is he a nigger, he's also a basically a communist


i hope you get shot in the face and bleed out after assaulting someone because they rightfully defended their property. i don't mean it in an edgy way.

yesterday, I went to a nightshop.

told the morroccan running it I would take 5 bottles.
He did the math.
32 euros he said

I put the bottles in my rucksack and ran
like a fucking nigger

wew lad

tfw crime actually does pay
tfw I stole from an african

hope harder, fag.

I do what I want. I take what I want. Try and stop me then.