So I have a raspberry pi, I don't know what to do with it, any ideas? inb4 noob

so I have a raspberry pi, I don't know what to do with it, any ideas? inb4 noob

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install gentoo

Throw it away.

it was a gift

Is it better than rasbian for this

thanks for the link

run i2p on it and host a personal site

that actually sounds pretty awesome

Sell it for $10 and give some normalfag $10 for their old android phone that recyclers won't take. Now you have hardware that is much faster, has an optional LCD in high res, has dozens of sensors, GPS with no daughter boards, multiple high res cameras, has an optional battery, and is light and compact. You'd spend hundreds for all this on a pi and it'd be low quality and bulky.

The pi is a scam.

Every raspi, user ever.

it was a gift

Piratebox or nothing
If you really can't find a use for it then try using as a OS tester, like just installing retarded OSs for fun

this tbh

Hell yes. Mine is constantly on.

Any idea on how to get it to redirect from any URL??

ill probably do the pirate box, any idea the range of these things, like how close do I have to be to the nearest box to join a net work?

Make it a network wide ad blocker. Install Pihole on it

Piratebox also sounds practical though.

What are raspberry pis for?

What's that?

It's a decentralised chan:

All these websites have almost the same posts because they communicate to each other to sync posts so if one node goes down or tries to censor posts all the other nodes still have the post.

where do I get more info on that, it sounds cool

I am a noob, you gotta start somewhere ,,,

Remember not to fall into security narcissism, make sure you take measures to stay safe.

Install RISC OS and use it like an old school home computer. Write ur leet BBC BASIC + asm codes.
I guess it's not as cool as TempleOS, but it's something to do besides yet another Linux box.

To be honest the most fun I have had using the rasperry pi has bee for server stuff not for daily usage

I mean it's a cheap computer that barely uses any power, do something you wouldn't be able to do without your regular computer increasing your electricity bill

Find a way to power it 24/7 maybe connect it to a ups or multiple powerbanks or power by solar energy

Host a website, stream video, use it as a torrent client, use it for sms/call forwarding with a 3g dongle, mine bitcoins for fun, use it as a router or physical firewall, dns/dhcp server, host voip server, host a minecraft server or any game that support arm processors, run a script on it to find cheap shit on ebay/aliexpress, etc

This is all I am planning to do with mine, right now I am at the physical firewall part, I started not knowing shit but I am having great fun learning even if some things are useless in general

Sell it on eBay.

i plugged mine into a TV and just use it to play films/videos

Use a hammer.

Throw it away.

I thought Raspberry Pi was SJW Anti-Gamergate filth?

Use it to remotely lock your house door.

I have a pi lying around and like this idea a lot, will try this.

Yes my go-guy! Just install these new cutting edge Cloud™ based, Bluetooth™ enabled, Facebook compatible SmartLocks™ in your home right now as a matter of fact!

Well done, you have just given directly, or indirectly, money to a company run by SJWs that is dominating the SBC scene.

Every time you use this board, even if you don't pay for it, you end up empowering them even more to the detriment of their competition.

RPi is cancer.

Install openelec, then put quasar, live mix and ultimate white cream on it. Make a nice little media center for your self that does movie/tv torrent streaming live tv and porno.

I have a beaglebone black, and was planning using it as a VPN server. Could it handle more than that? Like maybe also double as a file/media server or even a seedbox?

Shove it up your ass, but lube up first.

Ask the nutcase for the source code and port TempleOS to ARM.

How much does a use RPI cost?
I'm guessing there must be tons of these things laying around that nobody knows wtf to do with, so they should be cheap?
I may need to buy one for a class I'm taking in the near future. Don't have all the details yet.

Fucking MIT dumbass nigger

Try to write an OS for it.


Would he do it if he was asked?

Install Lakka on it

it's a cheap linux computer for

How easy is it to use a pi to make a VPN?
One that hides your IP or whatever to be safer

If u mean put a vpn on the raspberry pi that should be easy enough and there are plenty of tutorials for openvpn. If you mean something like a tor router there should be tutorials on that to but i dont know as much about that

what's the best sbc for a desktop replacement and why?

and, when will the beaglebone have on board wifi?

Amiga 500, or other old 80's thing like that.
Because it's simpler and more fun and has its own personality, not just another Unix appliance.

Lattapanda also seems cool, except that it's linux support seems weak


So what's the scoop on Alliwinner boards like the Olimex A20? I hear they're some of the most open

Also, I have a Beaglebone Black, and I've heard it's shit as a desktop replacement and multimedia player. Is this true?

You and everyone else that got duped into buying one.

Other people got them for me so I set up a lil' cluster.

Why are all SBCs such shit?

Why can't a single one be librebooted? Why are they all closed source? I know some get close to being open, I own a beaglebone black after all, but holy shit.

and is minnowboard just like the rest?

so now you have a cluster of them. what have you achieved? more cores for you to do nothing with

I wasn't sure at first as well so here's a few things I use it for now or have used it for in the past:
>run a reddit bot
The firmware, bios, graphics, everything is open.

The most interesting things about the RPi are the things it can do that a regular PC could not.

First is I/O. It has a lot of interesting I/O peripherals including i2c, PCM, PWM, ttl. There is a lot more than GPIO.

The second is bare metal programming. You have to work with the proprietary bootloader, but it is possible to write bare metal code. There are tutorials out there for that.

Note that lack of complete documentation can make bare metal programming more hassle than it should be. However you can learn a lot from the Linux kernel code for the RPi.

Today I had a good idea: when waking up, it could use a little motor to open the curtains.

no it's not, the chipset is intel proprietary madness. I was looking into that exact thing but it's not completely open, BBB is more open

But supposedly it has coreboot support

you could always set up a kodi box with it and sell it on craigslist

that is what ive been doing with mine

ive also been trying to sell retropie boxes

all the channels actually work and fast!

how did you discover this addon and why does it actually work compared to others user?

i dunno lol. Must just have a dev team that can be arsed to keep streams up to date or have a lot of people that submit links to them. Might also want to think (since you seem to be in the US) your ISP might block streaming sites, since most the channels on live mix are UK ones your ISP might not have them blocked. Might wanna check out ivue, though I've never got it to work, it's a channel guide is apparently really good.

Can you show me where you can't get source? It runs Seabios and Coreboot, and requires no magic blobs (which the beaglebone still needs for video output), so this seems more free.

Actually looking into it, I was wrong, they require firmware injections, I thought they didn't due to SageBios + Tiano, Intel have just done some magic to modify firmware without source.

yeah, some bs, and I think there's a workaround for beaglebone video..