Pedophile migrant

What's wrong with arab people ?

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semites are trash


Hormone imbalances and violent barbaric origination of moral ethics.

The kid try to save his mother.


She's aroused by the violence, little four-eyed whore

Must suck to rely on public transportation surrounded by animals

In group bias let the emotionally unstable nigger get away free

I love how the mother just walks away.

I love how the mother just walks away.

Under their laws it's fine to rape if she is showing a little skin, they come into the west and think that shit is still fine.
Much effort has been spent trying to teach them our ways but they don't give a fuck so it's easier just to not let them into the west in the first place.

WTF? They released the nigger!

What happened here?

nigga what the fuck is wrong with you

islam happened.

This doesn’t make any sense at all. What does a white hebephile getting smacked around by a black guy on a bus and a bomb blast in some Arab country have to do with being a pedophile?


Mainly Violent Barbaric Origination of moral ethics. Confirmed by your friendly-neighbourhood Sandnigger from Saudi Niggerabia

He's doing gods work.

10/10 would make BV


I see that.

kek. this is the type of humanity these sub humans show to their young. Who fucking thought they would respect our laws?


Who the fuck lets their daughter ride a bus full of niggers and muslim men anyway?

God I hate multiculturalism.

Wake me up inside.

These are polygamys leftovers.

I like the guy who comes skidding in at the end.

It's all the olive oil

... Nope its their african admixture and they are inbred.

Holy fuck that makes me so angry

Checkem, if you dont like that i bet you wont like this either.


Kind of feel sorry for those two white girls. They'll have been stoned to death in a pit by now.

Nothing of value was lost.

Why do they keep calling them asian gangs? those men clearly arent oriental at all.