Am I fucked?

Am I fucked?
Sent user tip that was false to school district not anywhere near here about teacher.
Will anything happen?

Enjoy getting ass raped in prison.

Please give actual advice man

Don't drop the soap

U think I would get in any trouble ? Be serious user.

Sounds like some pretty solid advice to me.

fucking hell that grammar

About the situation.
Don't be a dick.

The fuck are you talking about dude.

The original post…

oh yea dude you're going to prison

You probably didn't even do shit to try to hide, so you'd might as well plead guilty, there is going to be so much evidence even if you plead innocent you're fucked.

Yeah man, as long as you don't drop the soap you'll be fine

I'd assume at least 5 years. Anything over a year gets you to prison.

They probably wont go looking for you. You're fine!


If your serious, thanks

You should be fine. The cops have bigger problems than your memes

I disagree. Cops are sick and tired of kids online messing with them, and wasting police resources so whenever they get the chance to go after someone like that they usually do

did you at least use a VPN/tor while posting the tip OP?

sorry op, but you now have aids

Get used to having your nutsack fondled in the shower

Did you use your own phone?

I messaged a school said teacher was bully.
No vpn

How did you message them?

Also if you posted this thread without a VPN you're 50% fucked.

seems like that poster with the soap-tip was right after all



You're gonna ge.g. raped so fucking hard.