When ur neighbor gets u banned

I'm using an xfinity hotspot (every comcast router is now a hotspot for every other comcast user who pays for it) and my neighbor whom I've never met just got me banned from halfchan.

He's probably on 8ch now too, so come out. Which one of you fags was it? you got us banned asshole

We don't want you here.


Post more of that ass pls

sure once my sodomite neighbor gets here

Go away


good plaease hack my fag neighbor for getting me banned for a month

>being this new

Top notch bait sodomite.


both of you go the fuck back

No one cares



Consider yourself lucky. I have an entire apartment complex permabanned.





What kind of braindead drooling retard pays for something like this?



Comcast customers


You cant sage immigrants away. holy fuck this board is chan is cucked.
Fuvcking betas everywhere.
Stop masturbating.
The only good thing of this slow ass chan is /nofap.

It is your own fault for not having a stronger less libertarian culture.

4chan doesnt even lets me post any more, it doesnt says banned but i have the captcha correct and it keeps saying its not.
i just started a nigger hate thread and it was successful and running now its 404.

Fuck off retard. I don't think you really understand fully but
Go the fuck back to halfchan, we don't care if you're banned. Learn to ban evade.

Chirst kill yourself.


No, it will be suicide by cop robot.

The fun thing is i am not even banned any more. just had a good old get rekt, which isnt the same on this chan because of them ulti post.
there is no tension build up.
but i like these threads as they stay up longer, my files are uploadable and i can now have even bigger files with sound.
the embedding is a bit lesser as you cant t stamp or multi lik embed.

But im here to stay you browny mouth breather.

Why are you choosing to be upset? Stop it now! Instead do what I do: not worry. “(´∀`)ψ~*for example*

OP I don't think he's here. I think you're s.o.l. It seems you don't get unbanned by coming here. I don't know wwhat you want me to do with this info. I am done.

Nigger, do you have any idea where you are? Who posts here? Some of us are globally designated terrorists living in third world shitholes because the government of our homeland became liberal beyond belief and decided to stump us. We have to hide, never go outside during the day, always on the edge in fear of getting busted for something we did not do. You're fucking pathetic.

i am confused as to which side this post is leaning.



I know right?

Have you voted for trump yet sodomite? Florida is a swing state you know, and every vote is needed to Make America Great Again.

Some of my neigbors (i dont realy know who) got me and entire cable TV subnet (aka 1 town and 3 villages) permabaned from halfchan like 2,5 years ago with CP - and i dont really care about it anymore..


That was years ago. Anyone who has waited this long to leave the sinking ship that is 4chan is not someone we want here with us.
They couldn't read the writing on the wall, and now you want those illiterate fucks in our community?

use a proxy you dip

Damn this is why isp routers go in the trash.

in the trash it goes.jpg

you are literally fine after this. fuck comcast making money off you.