How the fuck do you let yourself get reduced to a tiny island after being the largest Empire in the history of the...

How the fuck do you let yourself get reduced to a tiny island after being the largest Empire in the history of the world?

Now half the population probably isn't even white
Is there any country that became more cucked than Britain?

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You might have a point

The ((Rothschilds)) do have a history of financing territorial purchases against Britain like the Alaskan Purchase from Russia in hopes America would be able to prevent British Annexation of Alaska. In additional to numerous wars against Britain

Britain is so cucked they actually lost an island directly next to them to a bunch of drunkard leprechauns


say that to my face, boyo

We released the majority of the empire after WW1 and WW2, mainly out of respect for the great nations that fought alongside us as brothers, not serfs.

Please confine yourself to speaking on subjects you actually know about

Calm down, it's not mulatto America. Britain is 87% white.

The definition of cucked my sad Brit
Churchill was a mistake

This isn't a fucking colony, its your homeland, 13 percent is too much

What do you want me to say? That I will lead a war against the people that have made the place their home? The politicians need to be put up against a wall but the population are too scared to do anything but fight below their weight.



that's just the kind of thing a cuck would say

ITT: Americans lashing out because they're not white. Projecting their issues onto other countries, again.

you could say we got rid of our niggers before they got uppity, much like we sent our criminals to australia and then freed australia.

It's funny because Americans are pretty much tyrannised by their federal government, they go on retarded expansionist wars, and they're full of immigrants. Then they throw a tantrum and start shitposting about how Britain has completely cucked itself by becoming smaller. The cognitive dissonance is astounding.

America actually did give just that. The result is Liberia, one of Americas oldest allies
We then optained Pacific Islander territory that we keep to this very day

You Brits have no excuse, you just gave away everything you had and today none of them give a fuck about you. Definition of cucked.

You know what cognitive dissonance is astounding?
You Brits are tyrannised by your clueless Parliament and useless figurehead of a monarch. You waged the largest expansionist wars in history, then gave all your territory away and wonder why America is now your bitch

This is true. Please bully Brits relentlessly about this because they deserve it.
As part of an agreement Queeny isn't allowed to throw her weight around, we'll have to see what happens with that when she dies.
It wasn't about making territory old boy, it was about making a stinking load of dosh.
I know this isn't what you meant to type, but everyone is still pretty sore about Tony Blair. I think if Clinton gets in and starts peddling for war with Russia if Britain starts getting dragged into it there will be rioting in the streets this time round.

That fucking poster. "Hey, all this stuff we're doing is pretty 1984" "1984! I loved that movie! The one with Terry Gilliam where he saves the girl? Let's make a poster like that!"

Where's all that dosh now m8?

The tiny island that currently leads the world in scientific and technological advancement.



I'm not even a proud Brit, this place is going to shit, but still find that despite that, nobody is managing to keep up. We're all going to hell together.

I'll put the kettle on…

You're a funny guy.

Good job we've all decided we don't need experts anymore and bravely made the decision to throw our science funding in the trash.


9/10 at best. Eyes are too close together.

Her chin's also too… chinny. Her nose also points down instead of up.
Call me a perfectionist, but she's a 4/10 for me

Patents and nobel prizes mean nothing. Nobel prizes are NOT given out for advancing science, but rather for advancing science in a way that benefits humanity. Also, no major company in the U.S. patents their discoveries. The patent database is so easily hacked in to, that the chinese do it literally daily. Not to mention the fact that most major tech companies in the U.S. work directly, and in tandem with the united states government, creating technology that will NEVER see the light of day. If you really think the UK puts out more tech than the united states, you're mentally soft. There's a reason our country costs so much to operate.

Whats not to say that's what they meant? Surely that's better in the grand scheme of things? I'd rather help humanity along rather than make a slightly nicer looking smartphone.


they don't though. you can literally win a Nobel prize just for being black

What are you, some kind of racist?

I don't think there's anything wrong with giving them Nobel prizes if they've done something to deserve them

if a black man invented a nanobot that can destroy all cancer cells in your body without harming any other cells, damn right he should get the Nobel Prize for Medicine

however, giving someone the Peace Prize just because they're black is retarded


That's nothing. Ever hear of the Roman Empire?

I love Britain and love being English, socks related

There are parts of this great nation that I find ridiculous, obese retardonigger related

However I'm still comfortable knowing it's the greatest country on Earth

TFL, for all its failings, must be the most forward thinking of any public service in the world when it comes to design and illustration. From the new double decker to the tube map to the typeface everything is beautifully designed.

For all its failings, our government are really good with graphic design.

Come to Britain, we have the best motorway signs in the world!

at least they lasted for almost 2000 years

Great design lasts forever tbh fam
…and Teresa May aint the one sat there with the pen and paper. We should be proud of our design heritage. It literally is the best in the world not to quote pub landlord cunt

When we started out we didnt even have all of our tiny island.
So we are still doing better than what we had initially.

But the truth is we realised our empire was full of niggers and pakis so we fucked them off.

as a foreigner that visited ur country
i am of the opinion that it is sweden-lite
the political correctness you have over there is insane
not sweden insane but close

Which part did you visit?


your mom's bedroom

Theres your problem.

My mums bedroom is a no go area for non muslims.

Ha, I like pub landlord. He's like The Sun with how he takes the piss, except he doesn't pretend he's not taking the piss.

Stop calling everyone niggers you stupid fat burger.

This makes no sense you stupid fuck.

I liked him until he cost Nigel a seat in Parliament.
But Nigel changed the world anyway even without a seat so I guess hes forgiven.

Visit somewhere other than London or Brighton m8