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Are business people back in 9/11 stupid or something why couldn't they just go on top of the tower, waited for it to fall then jump at the last minute when it was low enough? see the pic for illustration.

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Hey, stay on the edge. To prevent burning at the bottom just jump when the building is at a survivable altitude.


this is like trying to jump in the air just before a freefalling elevator is going to hit the ground, assuming your body isn't moving at the exact same speed as the elevator and won't hit the ground with a force strong enough to snap both your limbs and kill you instantly.

You would have to have mega quads to jump off of the falling building.

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I have a Ph.D in science and I discussed with my peers for quite some time and we've concluded that it can be done. It is what any of us could've done. A safer stance would've been going on top of a table and surf through the rublbe.

What if the table is not of wood. Jumping vs Plastic table?


but the building cant even fall down fast, because it's being blocked by the building below it which is being blocked by the building below it which is being blocked by the ground,

you could easily jump to safety at that speed. See pic related to reset your velocity.


I think it could be done, but you'd have had to be in the part of the building above where the plane hit otherwise you'd get crushed by rubble anyway, and you'd have to run to the top and start jumping before it started to collapse.

Why didn't they jut jump off of the debris from the crumbling towers?

See the columns on the towers you could literally put yourself between those and slide down safely.

why didnt everyone just grab a magnet and just fly down the safety?

I highly doubt there were any magnets available in wtc


Can confirm my Uncle survived by doing this and suffered only mentally from the experience, not physically.

Physicsfag here

Theoretically the elevator shaft should've been lined with copper wire.
If you were to cover yourself in a magnetic suit, jumping down the elevator shaft should've slowed your fall safely do to opposing eddy currents

I understand what you meme

that's how the safety breaks on amusement park attractions work. Even if the power went out the breaks always works

You could easily do this as long as you can jump high enough and have strong enough leg muslces to cancel out the forces of gravity, the timing is the hard part.

t. scientist

Why didn't all the offices just give employees some parachutes

Why didn't the employees just use their pants as parachutes?

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You idiot. They would also have to roll upon landing.

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True, parkour practitioners do that to rduce the force.

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