Men make for cuter women than actual women

Men make for cuter women than actual women.

Prove me wrong, hetero-cucks

go be gay somewhere else

I'm not gay, I don't like guys. I just like traps.

If your evidence is strategically angled selfies, then every bitch online is hot.

Can confirm.

I'm gay and OP's pic does nothing for me.

Men Boys make cuter women than actual women.

FTFY faggot.

Obviously just sexy girls. I should know, I'm a mod.


Closeted faggots are still faggots.

They're feminine, in fact, more feminine than women, and we like them. Hell, that just makes us straighter than you woman-worshipping fags.

Mods aren't necessarily faggots




I like tomboys
Kill yourself OP

(Absolutely Checked)
You're doing God's work, my friend. Keep it up.

bad joke/10

This is true, but you won't get AIDS from a woman so it balances out.


Mod was desperate. Desperate people will try anything. Some of them are still only half way out of the closet.


go back to 4chan

For the wages of sin is death.

You have been fooled by illusion, traps going stealth. In real life trannies do not compare to real women. Just because you have liked something so long your perception is now altered doesn't mean other people also see the world the way you do.

That song is pretty funny, too bad.


How bout I just leave this hereā€¦



there are ugly chicks
and feminine good looking guys
and the other way around

Not usually into traps but i reckon i'd fuck Kim Petras.

Then you meet them in person and notice the bumpy chins and broad shoulders and manly mannerisms and boy pockets where hips should be. yuck

Not on my Kim m8.

You know up close her chin isn't smooth and her soft spots are man firm. don't play me nigga

Forgot "her"

We know what to do with him

How does this Kim oetra fag feel on the inside though? Since its not a real vagina and just an inside out penis you have to lube up how would it be?

I don't know like a fleshlight ?

Are there sissy's in the Netherlands or do I have to dream on and be a sodomite somewhere else?

There's only one way to find out.

Go on /cuteboys/ and use the map finder dingus

Probably dry loose penis skin, like a really bad fap.

Don't say that

There is no proving a sodomite wrong. If you're more attracted to males, no matter how prissy, you're fucking gay.

Please Dubs don't say that

It's true

? Dubs again ?
What the fuck

The power of Bateman compels you

When men shit, it is disgusting. When women shit, it is delicious and you will want to rub it all over your face and body.

I like fapping to traps, but I'm not sure if I would be attracted to them in person.

I'm gay and I'm not even really attracted to traps. I find femenine men attractive though.

Can you upload an archive of your collection of her?

I need a new teen trap.

who /bigdickfemboys/ here?

We live in a deeply fucked world where traps have prettier faces than normal chicks..