Hi Holla Forums I self-harm (not for attention for sexual pleasure) through cutting and my cuts are thin and shallow...

Hi Holla Forums I self-harm (not for attention for sexual pleasure) through cutting and my cuts are thin and shallow yet I see all these wide, bloody and sexy cuts on other people, how do I achieve this

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Is it the pain or the blood that gives you sexual pleasure?

Both, when I was younger anger used to cause me to have erections but as a grew up I became desensitized from a few emotions so the searing hot pain of the blade sliding across my skin turns me on.

Will this make the cuts wider

I check girls for self-harm scars.
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Try multiple shallow cut/scratches. You get lots of pain, blood everywhere but no serious damage.

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if you wiggle the blade around a bit you can

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Cut the same area more than once (effectively run your razor over a cut over and over, digging deeper)
Cut deeper

You're a moron if you're cutting your arms though, do your thigh

t. former self harmer

why my thigh?

People will see your wrists/most other parts
thigh is thicker, meaning you can actually cut deeper without fucking yourself up, allows you to cut more in a smaller area by as I said, digging deeper.
The only person that has to know is you and any sexual partners you have.

Any place on my thigh should avoid

Inner thigh (towards your genitals) it's thinner and likely to chafe, which isn't a good pain, not like a cut.

The front is the best place, and the outside is more difficult to cut logistically than it's worth, but it's just as good as the front.

I only ever did it on one leg, and now it's mostly scar tissue up to the point where shorts would cover, even the weak cuts are still visible 4-5 years after they've been made, consider that this is a decision for life, that you will have to put up with for as long as you live

Okay, how can I clean my blade?

I used alcohol based hand sanitiser, more reliable than water, and less likely to rust.

Depending on the type of blade you're using, you might have a high turnover, pencil sharpener blades last two weeks at best before becomming too blunt to cut effectively, and snagging. Ironically, blunt razors are the best at cutting wide, and hurt the most.

Like the small bottles of hand sanitiser?

Yeah. Also use it on your wounds to be safe.

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Double edge shaver here to offer some advice *tip*

Pic related is less than ten bucks. Be safe and be sterile kids! Reusing a dirty blade is like reusing needles. These also have two sides, so realistically you can double the amount in the package(they can be snapped lengthwise relatively easily)

I get sexual pleasure from cutting or just any wounds in general. But I only get it from seeing the blood and sliced skin. Whats the best way to feel as little pain as possible? I use box knife blades if that matters.

Cut very shallow in very vascular areas. You could also experiment using drugs that thin your blood.

just get a proper razor, remember, cut in line with the veins, not across them.


it's actually the best cut. don't listen to these safety faggots.

for wide cuts ive had the most success with upper arms and thighs, judging by that a meaty area is to be recommended. just push on the razor as hard as you can tolerate, the harder you push it into yourself as you drag it the wider it will end up. they scar very noticeably and it doesnt go away (been over half a decade now)