Do you like opiates?

Do you like opiates?

No tripfags



Most pedophiles like Carbon Phosphate.

No, I'm on day 3 of withdrawal.

Went on 2 1/2 month binge. Stopping before it gets too bad.

That's probably enough for a couple days with no sleep if you're not using benzos.

bad restless legs and diarrhea.

benzos and gabapentin has helped with sleep.

You got some immodium?

The tripfag is alright. I've never tried the actual drug, prescription or otherwise. Thought about getting myself some on le deepwebz and using a test kit before giving it a go for myself.

Just get some hydrocodone or something. You'll have a bad time with no tolerance.

Nah you just need to start with really tiny amounts. Get some china white from a reputable dealer and take small bumps until you feel how you want to feel.

That's the problem- I have no connections nor friends to verify any dealer as being reputable. Isn't China White supposedly the most high-end? It feels like it would be rare to encounter a dealer with that anyway.

China is more refined, yeah, but because it's more concentrated it's more economic to smuggle long distances. On the east coast of the united states it's a lot more prevalent than anything else.

Honestly reddit is really good if you don't have any connections. If that's not a dealer advertising in your area you can probably at least find a middle-man that's willing to get you stuff for some cash (there are monthly threads for each state and some other western countries on /r/opiaterollcall). Or us DNM.

I'll just use a DNM. Hopefully they have China and not exclusively tar. Have you tried morphine?

Forget it, that was a fucking stupid question I already know.

Just do heroin. In your body, it quickly metabolizes into morphine anyway.

I don't like straight up morphine. Gives me a bad histamine rush.

Will do. Thanks for the info.

I prefer barbiturates

No money for that.

Yeah morphine is alright but it's really just not economical to buy. My fond memories of it are from being in a hospital with an iv and having a drip/button where insurance is paying for a retarded amount of it.

I'm sure you can find china on dnms somewhere. Within people who sell china there are even snobs about getting afghani vs pakistani or thai china-white. I'm not convinced it matters, but read reviews.



Almost as much as I like smashing wet teen pussy every weekend!

I do very much. But they can get a bit addicting at times. I like benzos more though.


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I just got some dope and it's the purest stuff I've done in a while, I don't think there's any fet in it whatsoever. Wew.

anyone ever had poppy seed tea?
Just come off that after the most blissful year of my life.
Essentially The poppy seeds you can buy at the store often still have opium latex on them.

Also don't do that shit daily, its horrible going through withdrawals and you will consider heroin just to make it better





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I here some sodium hypochlotite should help.
I'm a chemical engineer student, trust me.