Cereal bread

Cereal bread.

Post your fav


Extra Milky Bites

Artificial sugar laden cereal causes autism. (And probably obesity too).


nothing but empty carbs. no wonder you people are so fat

try a proper breakfast like pic related sometime


Nothing wrong with a proper breakfast but if you're eating bacon and sausage every single day that's not healthy either.

And a bowl of cereal in the morning is not bad in terms of carbs, you're gonna burn all that off throughout the day and the vitamins are good for you.


At least one isn't so fucking gay

Why is avgn on the box of cucky charms? Nothing could cuck that guy


Pic related

The only thing that tops fruity pebbles is fruity pebbles with marshmallows tbh

cocoa pebbles are superior to fruity pebbles

also honey bunches of oats


and Cocoa Krispies are superior to Cocoa Pebbles.

I like how soggy pebbles get though, I've always been someone who waits for their cereal to do that before eating.

Enjoy your cavities and autism.

Smart ones here

Fruity pebbles masterrace here, but

Can I be part of your club if I dig these too?


only one of those guys is smart

protip: it's not the one eating from walmart


Happens to be almost the same as yours. Just rings. Fruit loops master race.



the cereal for kangs

Even Saddam Hussein knew Froot Loops were better.

That's fucking gross.


false dichotomy

I'm the Lucky Charms goy but Trix is my #2.

Captain Crunch Berries
Recess puffs/Cookie crips/Cocoa Pebbles
Fruity Pebbles

Let that shit soak in milk till it liquifies an drink it.

and regular corn flakes are tasty too

If you like Cheerios you might like Lucky Charms, it's literally the same cereal in a different shape with marshmallows. They're both made by General Mills.


Those leave me with tongue-bite would not buy again


Best cereal

I know this thread is dead, but I felt compelled to tell you goys that Lucky Charms makes a great beer snack dry.

i rarely say anything good about micks but goddamn do they know how to breakfast

Oatmeal is horse food. Go back to Scotland.


This is pretty standard fare across the Germanic countries.

… I wish I was a knight in service of King Vitaman…

…I wish I was King Vitaman's bastard son…

I don't drink beer so all and all what a totally pointless post, uninspired comment, and general waste of text.

how did you know i was LMAO

Check the back of the box.
pic related


Even hippies' cereal portrays them as cucks.

Jesus christ,

Looks like she's pegging him.

Pleasure and pain.


Honey a best